Ok guys, don’t lie. You didn’t read our FAQ. We know it. We can see the amount of pageviews that go there. Some of you read it, yes, it’s true, but considering the vast amount of emails we get containing questions we’ve already answered in the FAQ, we know that the majority of you don’t read it.

We don’t blame you though. It’s long. We tried to make it thorough, kinda. And as a result it’s just a looooong uninviting page. And so, instead of reading the FAQ, many people just email us questions that we’ve already answered in the FAQ. We’ve spent a lot of time answering those emails. In fact, we’ve answered over 15,000 emails since we started the site in 2008. Oh boy! Seriously, that’s serious shock, because we just looked at the number now. Didn’t know it was that much. We store all of our emails, in fact. Not sure why. We just keep backups of everything. Aaaanyhow, answering all those emails takes a long time, really long, when we could be spending that time making videos. And so, instead of answering the same questions over and over again, we’re going to answer them once and for all in video format.

So, here’s how it’s gonna work. We have two YouTube channels. Our main one is where we post most of our videos. We’ve been posting our other videos on our YouTube bonus channel, but we don’t have any dedicated segments for that page, apart from the occasional blooper reel and random Box Making video. So we’re going to put up our first regular segment there called TL;DR Thursdays. Words are too long to read, but videos aren’t! There’s no reading in videos! Unless there are subtitles. Then it could really be too long to read. Yeah. Err, what were we saying again?

Yeah! If you’ve got a question you’d like us to answer in these videos, or just want us to talk about something you’re interested in, or you want us to finally answer the question we’ve been asked a bagillion times (how did you two meet?) feel free to ask it there! If it gets enough votes, then we’ll make a video for it. Woohoo!

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