Ok, so hopefully we won’t get any comments about us overgeneralizing, or painting Koreans in a bad light, or painting Westerners in a bad light, or us doing something that gets some hypersensitive person butthurt. This was a difficult question for us to answer, and we tried to do so with trepidation.

If you’re new to this segment of ours, every Thursday we answer the top rated question from our Google Moderator page. Last week we were asked about our funniest stories in South Korea. This week Pinkpancakes18 asked the top-rated question which was “What are some of the weirdest things your students think about america/canada?”

Now, this wasn’t an easy question to answer. We wish there was something like “oh they think all Canadians/Americans like chicken and watermelon” or something clearly inaccurately stereotyping. But it wasn’t that straightforward. There were just some cultural differences that lead to some misperceptions. Again, allow us to say that not all of our students think this way. The three points that we go over are just the common reactions we got from our students. And so, on with our list!

1) North Americans have lots of guns:
This is an easy one for us to dispel. Martina’s never even seen a gun before in her life. Simon, for all his gangstaisms, has only seen one before, but never actually held one. In fact, it was his father’s hunting rifle. Anyhow, we don’t know anyone else who has guns, either. We see guns all the time on TV, though, and in video games, but never in real life, and we think this is the case for a lot of people. Moving on…

2) North Americans are rich:
This is an easy for one as well. We sure ain’t rich! We’re not poor, either, but we’re not wealthy. We would get this reaction from our students whenever we showed them pictures of our homes back in Canada, which are by no means large. Martina’s parents live in a nice bungalow, but it’s…just a nice bungalow. You’d probably drive by it and be like “oh, that’s a nice bungalow.” The reactions we’d get from students, though, would be far more extreme. Like “WOW TEACHER YOU ARE SO RICH!” and lots of oohs and aahhs. We’re assuming their reactions are so strong not because Korean people love bungalows, but just because houses aren’t really common in the Seoul and surrounding area. People mostly live in apartments and officetels. We haven’t seen anyone with a house in Bucheon or in Seoul. Korea doesn’t really have a lot of land mass, and since the population density is so high here, there isn’t a lot of room to build houses everywhere, while in Canada there’s oodles and oodles of land, and a smaller population than South Korea.

3) North Americans are…floozier?
This one’s a bit more difficult to explain. Students have asked us if we kiss or hold hands on a first date, and, well, yeah, we sometimes do. And that’s amazing to our students. Then they watch stuff like Gossip Girl and think that we’re skanks. Oh boy.

Anyhow, what’s interesting about this is the difference in propriety. Hugging between sexes isn’t common in Korean culture, while we – as Canadians – don’t really have much wrong with hugging someone goodbye. But that’s a big deal here! On the other hand, Korean people of the same gender can hold hands when they walk together and it not mean anything, while to us, it would mean that they’re dating. Hmmm.

So that’s it for this week. Woohoo! We almost answered the Love Story question that keeps on making it almost to the top of the question list. We’re glad that we didn’t answer it yet. Three Thursdays from now, though, will be our 4 Year Wedding Anniversary, so maybe then it’ll be appropriate? :D On a side note, this was the first video we ever shot in our new apartment! Yay! What you saw is a bit of our kitchen, which is what we did for our last TL;DR, so we thought we’d keep it kinda consistent :D

  1. Alabama woman here…Haha I’ve never owned a gun, my level of innocence is the object of many jokes among my friends & family, and I currently live with family though I have lived off on my own before just going through a rougher spell. I also watch Korean dramas too and I think those hug scenes are adorable.

    • Admittedly, I am a bit of an oddball in my family. Though, only my uncle is well-to-do but a good portion of my relatives do own guns. Also a good deal of them live in Texas. lol

  2. My question is that, do south Koreans find brown, white and black people attractive like normal people not celebrities?

  3. I was talking to a Japanese guy on Skype and he was under the impression that all American girls sleep with a guy before they date them. ….. When I told him this wasn’t true he was really shocked and I think he thought I was lying lol.

  4. What is your favorite Korean song and why? Also i love your eat your Kimchi youtube channel and i hope you come up with lots of F.A.P.F.A.P S,  WANKS, K-POP MUSIC MONDAYs, and lastly TL;DRs

  5. Wow. I’m like browsing through all your TLDR vids and this vids is so funny and so informative. You guys really know how to make it clean cut and not stereotypes ;) *thumbs up*

    I do not know about other United States’s states, but in North Carolina (near Washintong D.C.), we do not even see guns, not even kidding, very boring or the old people call it peaceful place here, so if you lucky to see a real gun then wow, big shocker. We do however see a lot of pepper spray lol So, watch out guys ;) Dont mess with the woman/ladies/girls now :P

    I’m a Thai-Viet-Chinese-Cambodia girl and can says stereotypes is so funny to me since I’m always laughing when they ask me if I can says something in Mandarin (Chinese) or start to speak Thai with me and I would put this face on like wth are you saying. *I only speak English and Vietnamese and a bit of Mandarin btw*

    Side Notes: For all Foreigners, please understand that when we speak and it may sound like fighting or fast but most of the time it’s really not it. So don’t think we are always fighting. Lots of people ask me that and I would goes um… no..? And not all Asian are smart >_<

  6. lol a lot of people in Washington and Oregon own guns because there’s forests to hunt in! :D 

  7. XDD lol you used the music from You’re beautiful XDDD But I get what they mean.. XD Just like on your other vid. how people think the Korean boys are girl.. It is kinda similar.. sorta XD

  8. My grandmother is Korean and she’s huge on the skinship thing. I think she believes you’ll be forever labeled as a slut if you come in contact with the opposite sex…I find it quite hilarious at times. Especially when she gives people the stink-eye for holding hands in walmart.

  9. About #3, a lot of people from Asia believe North Americans and Americans do act the same way as the characters do in the media. Went I went on vacation in Asia, the couples from some countries displayed a lot of public affection for each other.. a bit too much (to the point where you just want to scream, “get a room!”). When I asked some of my relatives about it (the ones living there), they said that the younger couples do whatever they do in public because they want to be “Americanized”, or they will say, “This is how people do it in America, so what is wrong with us doing it, too?” If only they knew that there is a limit to public affection and how annoying (and perhaps disturbing) it can be when you go a bit too far!

    • I do think that’s true; when you see complaints about an idol being too sexy or something, a lot of times, America gets pulled into it, about the idols becoming “too American”.

      The truth is that…people in France (or just Paris, from my experience), are like this a lot more…in the subways, on the streets, in restaurants, stores, whatever–couples just make-out. Like PASSIONATE I AM EATING YOUR FACE make-out. But people are just like eh, whatever, when they seem these couples, while it makes foreigners somewhat uncomfortable. Like honestly, I have never see so much public make-out sessions EVER.

    • Its not just Asia either. One of Spanish teachers was talking about how she lived in Mexico (I think) for a year, and when she first got down there she had people asking her if life in the US was really like it is in ‘American Pie’ haha.

  10. I live 45 minutes from El Paso ,TX and I have seen a lot of people with guns…My best friend and I always joked about her father taking his gun to kill the guys she used to date.  We even convinced our best friend Jesus that if her father saw him with us he was going to be a dead man jajajajajaja now he knows we were joking but he almost pee himself when one time we went to pick Noe up from her parents house and her dad was there looking at him with a “who is this punk” face jajajajajjajaja.

  11. LOL, Nice! I’m a Texan but I’ve never seen a gun in real-life before xD I’m from the city tho :O
    But yeah, the skinship thing is hilarious. I showed my sister Boys Over Flowers and there was one scene where Jun Pyo hugs Jan Di in slow motion from behind and there was sad/violin music playing in the background as if it were a big romantic scene or whatever. I turn to look at my sister and she was like, “Uh…I don’t get it.” xD

  12. goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood information!!! actually when I met one girl at first, we were just normal friend but when we leave after having a meal. she hugged me I was embarrased however I was happy and I’m gonna followe the rule of western!! haha

  13. Easy on the Texan stereotypes :P But I suppose they do permeate the world: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXJ-oAq2XZg

  14. My dad used to actually take out his gun when my sister brought home a new boyfriend and he’d be all, “See this nice bullet,” and he would let the boyfriend hold it and that boyfriend would always look like he was going to pee his pants. haha

  15. I spent a year and a half in Tokyo, back in 2003, and it’s interesting to me that all of the stereotypes you guys mentioned are things I was told by my Japanese friends/students about Americans. (We keep our guns in our bedside drawers, apparently.) I also had a very, very awkward hugging experience with one of my Japanese friends, who decided she wanted to give me a hug after I talked about how much I missed the casual hugs I was used to doing with my American friend. So awkward!! 
    That’s interesting to hear about Koreans and hand-holding, because the only person in Japan that I ever held hands with was a Korean girl who lived in my dorm. Now I know why! 

  16. There’s barely any one who owns guns where I live but maybe I never cared to know? o_o

  17. hmmm. . your house seems to be cool!!!

  18. I love the little Spudgy character.  So cute keke.  Lol at all North Americans owning guns. Yes, I think that’s only in Texas lol.  I have a high school mate who now lives there. I’ll have to ask him sometime if he now owns a gun lol.  I’d hate to know what they think of us southern people lmao.  Texas can be pretty scary though I do agree haha. 

  19. I’m a Texan and I agree that we almost all own guns haha. It’s ridiculous. I’ve never touched one myself, but my family has one in the living room in case of an emergency. It may be dependent on where you live in Texas, though, because some places aren’t as scary as others.

  20. Hahaha! Ya no, not all of us in Texas own guns. Sure, we love our 2nd amendment but not all of us own them. However i’m sure that everyone knows at least one person who owns a gun :) just like how we dont all wear cow boy hats and ride horses to school.

  21. Hahaha! Ya no, not all of us in Texas own guns. Sure, we love our 2nd amendment but not all of us own them. However i’m sure that everyone knows at least one person who owns a gun :) just like how we dont all wear cow boy hats and ride horses to school.

  22. Wow i can relate to Korea, where i live, it’s the same thing!!

  23. If all I knew about the US was American TV/Movies*, I’d think everyone was pretty much “SKANKee”! (to use your terminology) FYI- Owner of 2 old shotguns, neither in working order…not exactly “Deliverance-worthy” stuff.
    Tennessee, US

    *Does this mean I shouldn’t judge all of S.Korea by the K-Dramas I watch?

  24. If all I knew about the US was American TV/Movies*, I’d think everyone was pretty much “SKANKee”! (to use your terminology) FYI- Owner of 2 old shotguns, neither in working order…not exactly “Deliverance-worthy” stuff.
    Tennessee, US

    *Does this mean I shouldn’t judge all of S.Korea by the K-Dramas I watch?

  25. I think you haven’t seen guns because you lived in Canada. I’m in the United States and it’s guns galore here. Even in California, which is misconceived to be more on the democratic side of gun control debate, many people have them for fun. As a lawyer, I can also vouch that there is a ridiculously excessive amount gun-related accidents, injuries, and deaths here as well.


    If I laughed when you mentioned about Joey, Pacey & Dawson’s Creek, does that make me old? LOL!

    I friggin’ watched that and I ALMOST forgot I did! Damn…watched this cause I was curious & I always watch your VLOGS but this just made me nostalgic about those days I watched Dawson’s Creek, Party of Five, Edgemont, Popular, Wasteland, 7th Heaven and all those other ancient TV series haha!

    Anyway, LOL! BTW…Is that your cupboard beside Martina? Really cute! Love your new place :) 

    BTW…belated happy anniversary guys :)

  27. Love that you mentioned Dawson’s Creek… yes I watched it!

  28.  Well not everybody owns a gun but you got to be careful because maybe the crazy neighbor  does ,as well as my mom …LOL.. And about the houses in Korea  can of a shock at first and more if you are claustrophobic I always used to nag about our house having 2.5 bath  but when  I came back I was so grateful …

  29. happy 3rd anniversary and 4th anniversary of ur wedding. plz tell us ur love story cuz u guys were just made 4 each other.

  30. I do live in Texas and sadly do not own a gun….but I have had the opportunity to use them…to shoot targets of course. Interesting note..if I’m correct In Texas you can apply for a license to carry a gun around like say while your out running errands or to the mall. What can I say, it is Texas. 

  31. I live in Texas…my Dad owns like 6 guns haha. But we are all very friendly!

  32. Not all Americans are rich..do Koreans know about trailer parks and The Projects? Take them on a tour of some of those hollars in the West Virginia hills. Then they might think a little different.

  33. umm.. PinkPancakes18 is my bestest friend ever(: just so you know. 

  34. I watch both American TV shows and Kdrama. and to be honest I feel nothing when i watch the love scenes on American TV shows but somehow  with  kdrama a hug can flip me up i get million DOKIS  !! 

  35. i would like you guys to show us your new apartment :D i am curious about it :) thank you

  36. So…my Watermelon Chicken Smoothies kiosk is NOT gonna become the next national franchise chain? Dammit. Ok, where’s my Glock? I’ve gotta find me some new, ah, revenue streams.  

  37. did you guys move and get a new apartment if so could you make a video on it?

  38. It’s hard to imagine the whole generalizations about guns and stuff. I live in the Bay Area of California and the only guns I’ve ever seen are locked up in a case my uncle has for hunting and stuff (like a man). I was casually reading up on some misconceptions that British people have about Americans and the same thing came up, startlingly often actually. It seems like a lot of the misconceptions or stereotypes derived about Americans, in particular, are taken from stereotypes of the Southern lifestyle. The second most common one was that everyone is obese which is glaringly untrue (though many of us should probably change our habits).

    • I know that gun ownership is pretty common in the south eastern United States where I live. People still use them in this part of the country because they can’t afford to eat otherwise. Gun ownership in America started way back in the 17 hundreds when the British kept confiscating peoples firearms. Guess Americans have long memories.

  39. i thought all north americans are rich to when i was in korea. now i am living in canada and realized NOT ALL of them are rich but they are living in house :p

  40. PS loving the Texas answer~ as a Texan I approve |D


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