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So, we were contacted by myISH, a channel on YouTube, to do a Kpop video countdown. You might know Michael Buckley of What The Buck doing a video on the Top 7 Kpop Songs You Should Know Right Now. We remember it, all right, because a bunch of people sent us the video asking if we agree with it, but most people were just happy to see someone not living in Korea talking about Kpop, especially considering how mega huge his channel is compared to ours and how many more people he could influence.

Anyhow, long story short: now WE just did a video for myISH on Kpop as well, to fill in for Michael Buckley while he…um…eats poutine? Actually, we don’t know where he is. We never actually spoke with him. We’d like, to though (Michael, if you’re reading this. Hi!) but we were more than happy to add some of our bizarre kpop knowledge to the list. We wanted to try something different, though, something more fun. Our list is called the 7 Most Bizarre Kpop Videos You Need to Watch Now and we wanted to pick music videos that showed off a more quirky and fun side of kpop, over just the impressive dances and super hot bodies and faces that Kpop is marketed for. So, we don’t want to spoil the list, but be sure to check it out here and let us know if you agree or disagree and what awesome videos we missed!

  1. haha.. I loved B2ST’s version of YAYAYA~

  2. I want to have Martina’s unicorn costume!!!

  3. but…what about Thumbs Up?!

  4. Definitely should have included ‘Norazo’ ^___^

  5. Balloons isn’t bizarre, is cute u.u really cute u.u one of the cutest MV ever!! 

  6. In Epik High’s “Fan”, the girl puts the boy through a washing machine to clean him up, and then later sends him off strapped onto a – wait for it – rocket.

    Simon, Martina, this video was way more bizarre than joom joom like a locket, and really ought to have made it to your list.


  7. Martina, you would make a super adorable unicorn~

  8. Mostly sad that Miryo’s Dirty wasn’t on the list. It';s definitely bizarre

  9. A few more MV’s come to mind. Although, I don’t know that I could kick any that you said off the list. And I’m pretty sure your top 3 were spot on! Great list!

  10. Buck is adorable but it’s been a while since I last watched his stuff. Didn’t know he did something for K-pop! Anyway, yeah, you guys do seem a bit toned down in this video… Still, it’s probably a good intro vid. Maybe next time there can be a Top 10 Epic K-Pop videos or something.

  11. i just read the comment before mine.. and i just realize rokkugo was totally ment to be in the ish list.. but wasnt :(

  12. OMG OMG I just went to watch Pajama Party and Rokkugo and Cooking Cooking
    I laughed like a mad woman in front of my very serious mum.

    Those are REALLY SUPER BIZZARE MUSIC VIDEOS that made me laugh over more than some of the videos there

  13. I felt that B1A4’s ‘baby goodnight’ deserved to make the list over ‘beautiful target’ but I honestly love them both ^_^

  14. I would have add thumbs up by Crispy Crunch because the ending is just epic and so unexpected >.<

  15. Micheal Buckley is really annoying, but his list is awesome!

  16. Where did Rokkugo go!? It was like third or second in the voting! And definitely crazier than most of those….

  17. Its Zoom Zoom like a Rocket not locket

  18. I am a bit disappointed because Gangnam Style isn’t “that” bizarre, and didn’t deserve first place in such a countdown. Wasn’t Epik High’s Wannabe way more bizarre than this? And Dirty Eyed girls! But I guess these videos aren’t as popular and weren’t voted for?

  19. huh…….. for some reason, this video doesn’t seem to be as ‘fun’ as i would have expected from the lovey EATYOURKIMCHI people… T_T… maybe its just me who thinks this.

    I actually got kind of bored by this,Something that’s almost NEVER happened, since I became a fan of EYK…

    Off to watch your other playlists’ now..

  20. I can’t believe you guys got to do an ISH list!! :DDD

  21. Um in “Yayaya”… P A R T Y = Party :P there’s just a pause before the Y lol!

  22. Psy Gangnam Style was played on Danish state radio yesterday! Denmark = tiny, cold country in Scandinavia with a total population 5.5 mio. That song is sooo awesome!

    • Wait…What?!? Seriøst!!! Hvorfor går jeg altid glip af de mest awesome momenter i dansk radio!!? Hvilken kanal??? Og jeg troede det var fedt at en af mine venner (som er kendt for han notorisk dårlige musik-smag) spillede Gangnam Style på skolens computer…

  23. I love when there is kpop in ish list, it make me happy^.^

  24. I thought DBSK did Balloons?

    • New to kpop? DB5K is TVXQ.. Dong Bang Shin Ki or DBSK is their Korean name and TVXQ is the abbreviation of their Chinese name Tong Vfang Xien Qi.. They’re also called THSK or ToHoShinKi which is their Japanese name.. 

  25. Ulala Session – Beautiful Night? ;-;

  26. DBSK’s Balloons will always be one of my favorites. What’s wrong with sexy guys being super cute?? After being in love with asian pop culture and music for so long, nothing surprises me or is weird anymore. lol

  27. Baloons is not bizarre!  u_ú

  28. My Korean ex used to call her once-a-month her “Girl’s day”. Now I can see where she got it from.

  29. Perhaps I’m too biased because I truly don’t understand being so weirded out by Balloons…. but perhaps not, because Ayy Girl or Tri-angle would be perfect xD

  30. funny hunny belongs on one of those DDR song tracks. 

  31. interesting concept… 
    will be looking forward to more but this time around, i was a bit disappointed that you’ve already talked about ALL of these videos in the not so distant past so there was really nothing new and cooky for me to see this time… 

  32. totally threw me when you actually said Bilasa’s name correctly.

  33. BILLLLASSSSAAA #2!!!! so happy :D Thank you Simon&Martina

  34. Psy’s Gangnam Style was legitimately played on the news in NZ ^-^ (given it WAS on a segment about a starcraft competition)
    It was also played twice during our school’s leaver’s ball O.o

  35. Gangnam Style is really cool, and random, and I like it. But if you’re going for bizarre, as in wtf, you should see Fresh Boyz’s King Kong Shower (킹콩샤워). It’s really out there, but funny.

  36. Have you SEEN Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Tri-angle? It’s like live action Final Fantasy. This was the first video I saw of them.^^

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