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So, we were contacted by myISH, a channel on YouTube, to do a Kpop video countdown. You might know Michael Buckley of What The Buck doing a video on the Top 7 Kpop Songs You Should Know Right Now. We remember it, all right, because a bunch of people sent us the video asking if we agree with it, but most people were just happy to see someone not living in Korea talking about Kpop, especially considering how mega huge his channel is compared to ours and how many more people he could influence.

Anyhow, long story short: now WE just did a video for myISH on Kpop as well, to fill in for Michael Buckley while he…um…eats poutine? Actually, we don’t know where he is. We never actually spoke with him. We’d like, to though (Michael, if you’re reading this. Hi!) but we were more than happy to add some of our bizarre kpop knowledge to the list. We wanted to try something different, though, something more fun. Our list is called the 7 Most Bizarre Kpop Videos You Need to Watch Now and we wanted to pick music videos that showed off a more quirky and fun side of kpop, over just the impressive dances and super hot bodies and faces that Kpop is marketed for. So, we don’t want to spoil the list, but be sure to check it out here and let us know if you agree or disagree and what awesome videos we missed!

  1. I want to have Martina’s unicorn costume!!!

  2. i just read the comment before mine.. and i just realize rokkugo was totally ment to be in the ish list.. but wasnt :(

  3. DBSK’s Balloons will always be one of my favorites. What’s wrong with sexy guys being super cute?? After being in love with asian pop culture and music for so long, nothing surprises me or is weird anymore. lol

  4.  Balloon was amazing. Ayy Girl was meh cuz of the song. Tri-angle was awesome. :D

  5. interesting concept… 
    will be looking forward to more but this time around, i was a bit disappointed that you’ve already talked about ALL of these videos in the not so distant past so there was really nothing new and cooky for me to see this time… 

  6. totally threw me when you actually said Bilasa’s name correctly.

  7. If you’re talking about live action FF….have you seen T-ara’s Day by Day? :D

  8. WHOOOAAA….you guys are so famous ahahha

  9. i don’t know what “joom joom your heart like a locket” means but i would like to find out ;) especially if i get to see them in person hehe

  10. Oh guise, I was having a pretty crap-tastic day, but this tooootally made things feel so much better. Thanks for all your videos!

  11. i knew Balloons would be included!!! and then when Martina suddenly popped onto the screen with the unicorn pj i was like WWAAHHHH TVXQ time!!!! (yes, yes i did just steal from u-know time)

  12. I must admit when you said B-one-A-four I did not know who were you talking about. Never ever pronounce it like that again ……never T.T

  13. Absolutely loved it…HOWEVER my mind just couldn’t comprehend the spinning numbers ok its a seven spinning…now it should be a backwards seven coming ba…WAIT ITS A NORMAL SEVEN AGAIN!!! 
    Ahahaha but seriously i loved this video so much

  14. Or Suju-H’s Pajama Party (my personal fav)

    Or Suju’s Twins…

    Suju has some interesting videos lol

  15. OMG. I can’t believe you guys didn’t think about Dal Shabet’s “Pink Rocket” with that creepy gorilla. I think the MV is just plain weird. 

  16. Haha, love What the Buck, myISH, and EYK. 

    This is great!

    Now to watch!

  17. Epik High ~ Wannabe / High Technology < These are quite bizarre and also fun! =ㅂ=
    Anyway I think you did a good list! ^^

  18. Omg…Martina said that Gangnam Style could be a potential flash mob song and in Toronto…there’s going to be a flash mob TODAY because of this song. What a coinkidink…!! I totally agree with everything u guise said about these funky songs!!! I hope u guise can make this a category every year. Like Weirdest songs of 2012.

  19. Ahhhh this video was awesome :D seriously i loved it
    My mind couldn’t comprehend the spinning numbers though…its a spinning 7, ok now it should be a backwa…OMG ITS A NORMAL 7 AGAIN!!! Sleep deprivation is messing with my mind :D

  20. Omg…Martina said that Gangnam Style could be a potential flash mob song and in Toronto…there’s going to be a flash mob TODAY because of this song. What a coinkidink…!! I totally agree with everything u guise said about these funky songs!!! I hope u guise can make this a category every year. Like Weirdest songs of 2012.

  21. I, for one, am glad that you chose what you thought was the most bizarre, and not just blindly follow a poll strongly dominated by fangirls. Not that I disliked the videos at the top of the poll (I’d never seen Rokugo, and found it pretty funny) – but they were all….male? xD

    Just one (or two/three) more which I would also suggest watching:
    Epik High – Wannabe
    Epik High – Trot + High Technology
    Cheers!! ^^b

    • Tablo, from my memory is the one taking the photo right at the beginning of Wannabe – or the dude who was surrounded by all the ladies right at the end of Trot. All their MVs are really epik (cwidt) – I have very high expectations for their comeback next month (under YG)
      *dances around the room*

    •  The reason, why is someone who is a ‘girl’ because the song’s lyrics is about to turn things back, and say the words backwards, and the world is upside down… boy can turn into a girl. And the watermelons do clap (subak i baksu). There is grandpa and grandma (haraboji halmoni) So Heechul is dressed as a Girl, and addmit it he is way prettier than female idols <3 :D
      Along with Balloons these two are the most weird videos, in kpop of all the time!

      • …..I’ll just pretend that I understood that, and nod :D Yes!! I like watermelons too!! xD

        btw by saying ‘they were all male’, I was referring to the results in the poll that EYK posted a week ago – the top 10 were almost exclusively boy bands. EYK’s viewers are mainly female, so that was to be expected – but a bit uneven, imo. :)

  22. No mirotic??? D: that’s what brings most people over to kpop in the first place! 

  23. I think Balloons is the reason why Sm puts all their artists in oldly lit rooms now

  24. Rokkugo wasn’t in it ): ! I thought that video was pretty weird xD

  25. And people who know nothing about kpop brain’s just exploded from all the new information. 

  26. Surprised you didn’t include G.Na’s 2HOT……….I love her but that video…….the half-naked firemen……I just….what?….huh?……was that just me?

  27. MARTINA I LOVE YOUR UNICORN OUTFIT! I was dying of laughter when you randomly appeared like that! You should wear it more often!

  28. When I saw the title, I just knew Gangnam Style would be number one haha. I couldn’t agree more, that song is just awesome!

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