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Top 7 Underrated Kpop Songs

October 1, 2013


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Since we stopped doing the KpopCharts Updates, we’ve got some emails from people asking us to do at least something like it from time to time, because there are a lot of videos that come out every month, and we only talk about 4 of them, if we do a Music Monday every week, and – considering our constant traveling over last month and this coming month, we’ve been missing out on a bunch. So here are a few videos from the summer that we didn’t get the chance to talk about that we think you should check out.

Royal Pirates “Shout Out”

We said in the video that we met James, the bassist, over the weekend. It was really interesting talking to him, because he said he was in a band, and we wouldn’t know what it was, and when he said Royal Pirates we told him that we were planning on talking about his video on Monday, which he didn’t believe. See James! SEE! You thought we were just being polite. Ha!

Anyhow, we like Royal Pirates. Have liked them for a while, so it’s really great to see them debuting in Korea with an original song. Hopefully we can do something with them soon! I know some people have been asking us on Twitter for it. Maybe soon. Just maybe…

Sunmi “24 Hours”

Dang it Sunmi, your name got butchered today! SUN-me, SUE-me, this is why I hate reading Korean names in English, it’s just better to read them in Korean which is what I did AFTER I filmed the video. GAH! Okay, so if you want to know what song I was talking about by Passion Pit, check it out here. Probably one of my favourite videos of the year. Yes, we watch lots of other music videos outside of Kpop! Also, some people that follow our last fm account notice that a lot of Kpop doesn’t show up and that’s because we have one of those portable plug your iphone in speakers that Martina uses when she’s getting ready. She plays music from her iphone music so that she can hear it and none of the 23847283782937r5982378 kpop songs register on last fm that way. Anyhoo, the point is, you see what I mean about this video being similar right? Yes, it’s undeniably similar, and, yes, JYP definitely got inspired by our tweet. That’s beyond the point. What I want to talk about is how we want to see videos be more creative. I want to see a video that accompanies a song. I don’t want to see a video that looks like a portfolio for models. Music Videos should be interesting and they should help you get into the music, not just a photography shoot with background music. Do something fun and interesting and relevant and new. Come on Kpop videos: you can do it! We’ve seen it happen!

GI “Booshit”

Okay, now I’m sure a lot of you are going to be on Simon’s side since he didn’t actually like this song and video. I actually really liked the song and I thought the simple beat mixing in with heavy guitar sound was pretty bad ass. I know the video is really really simple, and the outfits aren’t flashy, and the choreo isn’t mind-blowing, but none of that bothered me. This band debuted specifically saying they were sticking to a tomboy concept (the fact that they have a management team that gives them a concept is why I call them a kpop hip-hop group and not just a hip hop group) and thus far they have followed through with it. The plain unclustered concept of this video and song is what drew me to it and kept me watching it. I see so many rookie kpop videos cluster the screen in colours and accessories and props in, what I feel, is an attempt to cover up the newness and awkwardness of the band. GI are just clearly open in this video. Their choreo is not totally in sync, but at least I can watch their choreo. So many videos now are just quick flashy cuts and zoom ins that I have to watch the live performance to even see a bit of the dance, and even then the camera dudes do all these cheezy twisty zoom ins. Which, BTW, is another reason why I loved EXO’s dance version of “Growl”. I guess I’m really getting sick and tired of kpop groups debuting and being called “hip hop” when a lot of them aren’t actually good at rapping. That’s right, I said it! Just because you call someone a rapper doesn’t mean they’re actually good at it, and although GI has more growing to do, I think they’re giving the kpop hip hop title more veracity than a lot of current kpop groups.

Lee Jung Hyun “5”

Next to Sunmi’s “24 Hours” this is not that far behind Sunmi’s song for me (it’s Simon again). This is a lot more fun, even if it is a bit too reminiscent of Nicki Minaj’s “Starships” at times. Sunmi’s song is really serious, and not really great morning music, while this song is perfect for getting pumped for the day. It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea as it’s pretty quirky and weird. Yeah, it’s just straight up weird, but we like weird. That’s how BILASAAAA conquered our hearts. Anyhoo, the video is very creepy but still good at the same time. I’ve never seen a hot Korean chick make herself look so silly in a video before. She seriously rolls across the ground and it’s not sexy looking, but it totally matches the doll theme. Even the weird blue dress with diaper like underwear dance is…weird…but also so interesting at the same time. This was the first time for me to hear and see her videos but Soozee told us she often goes for this doll theme. Check it out and share it with your friends to creep them out.

BtoB “When I Was Your Man”

Okay, so Simon doesn’t really love this song but he doesn’t hate it or anything. I was just surprised to hear such an unusual song from a kpop group, because this is the sound of Korean Indie music. Seriously, you know how we review K-Indie on Sundays? Well a lot of the ballad we hear sound like this and if you snuck this into the request list with them under a different name I never ever would have called this out as kpop. Probably because this isn’t a kpop song. This has korean drama soundtrack written ALL over. I just recently started re-watching Boys Before Flowers and was reminded of just how terrible the soundtrack they used was. It really could have used this song. Like, really. So for any of out BToB fans, I’m curious if you like this song or if it strays too much from what you’re used to?

Spica “Tonight”

We met Spica back in Singapore a short while ago. We had heard a couple of their songs and talked about them in KpopCharts updates, but we haven’t really heard about them since. There are too many bands to keep up with now and it seems Spica themselves were feeling that too. The reality TV show I was talking about is called Lee Hyori XUnni, and although I didn’t see it myself Soozee (who is not really into kpop) had a lot to say about it. It seems likes an interesting show because it shows you what life is like for a struggling kpop band. Since we live in Korea, we do see the reality of which bands are popular and well known outside of all the music performance shows, and I gotta tell you, a lot of International fans are kindof in denial. We learned that when we saw the shock from Busker Busker beating BAP and EXO last year for Rookie of the Year during our EYK Awards. Truthfully, most Korean people won’t know any of the the newer bands that have come out, even if they have a huge internationally following. So Spica’s TV show with Lee Hyori really helped them become better known the a broader Korean audience. Anyhoo, the video is really pretty, the colours, costume changes, use of interesting editing, all makes for a very whimsical kindof video. I’m not sure I like it more than Sunmi’s video, but it’s still lovely.

5Dolls “Jjak 1 Ho 짝1호”

Okay, what the heck is the name of this song? I’ve heard people call it Soulmate, Soulmate #1, and other names, but 짝1호 is what they wrote in the title, so that’s what we’re going to call it. I hope we didn’t come across as rude when we talked about this video. The video was just…really boring which was surprising because it had a kindof seamless camera pan concept going on as well as many set changes. I think the girls might be a bit too new to handle how much acting was needed to pull of this kind of video, just like how Lee Hi’s has terrible acting abilities. And AoA. I said it. Their debut video had TERRRRIIIIIBBLLLEEE acting in it! But forget the video for now, the song is super fun and catchy, it has a light summertime feel to it and man, I wish there was a wicked addictive T-ara like dance to go a long with it. I feel like they ALMOST nailed it, but just something was off. Maybe a funnier video? Also, why didn’t you get someone to check that newspaper article?! The random lack of capitalization and weird awkward spacing is KILLING ME! KILLLLINNGG MEEEEEE!!!!!

Okay, so final thought on everything! I’m loving browsing the Kpop Charts. Yes, I know we designed them, but our awesome EYK mods help to keep the chart up-to-date and it’s awesome to read all your comments and opinions on the videos. I haven’t had the chance to really browse the kpop charts since we stopped doing the Saturday updates but I’ll get back to browsing them because I was missing out on some awesome stuff. It’s kindof cool that we have this little internationally community which is creating a ranking of our own feelz on kpop. Onto the GD winners!

GD “Coup d’Etat” Contest Winners!

We had a looooooot of entries to choose from, but we could only pick three. Congrats to everyone who won! Send us an email and we’ll get to confirming that it’s actually you!

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Top 7 Underrated Kpop Songs


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  1. hey, is that a certain dothraki man warrior in a wig on the decks in the backround? XD

    3 years ago
  2. Was that a Hunny senpai cup I saw, Simon?

    3 years ago
  3. Yeah!! I loved Hole in Your Face, I still play it in the car :)

    And the one before that. 19 Song.

    3 years ago
  4. In BtoB’s When I was Your Man’s description, what terrible BoF soundtrack are you referring to? I guess that’s not SS501’s songs coz’ I definitely won’t agree with you.

    3 years ago
  5. In BtoB’s When I was Your Man’s description, what terrible BoF soundtrack are you referring to? I guess that’s not SS501’s songs coz’ I definitely won;t agree with it.

    3 years ago
  6. This may be somewhat irrelevant but I want to say this: I still have this aching part of me about these underrated stars like my fave group U-Kiss, they really do exert well enough effort and passion to do amazing things yet they don’t get the things that they should be getting now. I’ve been following most of those in the list for a quite a time now, esp. Royal Pirates even before their debut recently and also Lee Jung Hyun, I just hope that they got all the recognition and awards that they really deserve and people will appreciate them even more. Good luck to U-KISS for their comeback this month and to all those stars, KEEP FIGHTING! ^^

    3 years ago
  7. I love Royal Pirates! They’re like a way cooler Korean version of Hanson. Thanks for turning me on to them!

    3 years ago
  8. Well said (or wrote actually) !

    3 years ago
  9. LUNAFLY is pretty underrated… ;( idk y but they have AMAZING VOCALS (their covers are amazing too)! Double A is underrated too. THEIR SONGS ARE AMAZING. Such smooth vocals. Ledapple, CCLOWN are pretty awesome too. But I’m so glad ledapple is starting to recognition~ thanks to their wonderful music notes. Hanbyul is awesome! But the other members are pretty awesome too~ AND AKLFJDJFLAJFLA CHECK OUT SPICA! THAT TONIGHT MV WAS SIMPLY AMAZING. I LOVED THE ARTSY FEEL.
    check some of their songs:

    DoubleA- Midnight Taxi (Check out ‘So Crazy’ too, Hoik’s voice sounds inhumane)

    Ledapple-Someone Met by Chance (this isn’t their most recent song but I love this song the most)

    CCLOWN-Shaking Heart

    SPICA- Russian Roulette

    ~and OH! 15& is pretty underrated too, overshadowed by LeeHI… they only have 1mill views on their ‘I Dream’ song. WHY?! THEIR VOCALS WERE AMAZING IN THEM! IT SHOULD GET LOTS MORE VIEWS.

    3 years ago
  10. i heard they’re preparing for their comeback soon and they’re working out cuz rumor has it that their next concept is gonna show a lot of ABS! heehee *Q*

    3 years ago
  11. OMFG. I LOVE C-CLOWN. THEIR SONGS ARE AMAZING. I’ve been following them ever since their debut~ I agree. They’re too awesome to be this underrated. and like hell! all the members are SUPER DUPER HANDSOME TOO AND THEY CAN ALL DANCE WONDERFULLY TOO! i have no idea why they aren’t more famous.

    3 years ago
  12. You guys always mention times you’ve met certain artists and groups and you usually mention it very casually so who else have you met besides who youve already mentioned and how popular are you among kpop artists? Do they sometimes already know who you are or do you tell them and how do you even get the opportunities?

    3 years ago
  13. Don’t worry guise…it’s impossible to please everybody.

    3 years ago
  14. For me, Nu’est is probably the most underrated. Every time they are about to get reviewed, something comes up ( ._____.)

    3 years ago
  15. Underrated (under viewed) of the summer:
    Chocolat – Black Tinkerbell
    Wassup – Hotter Than a Summer
    A-Jax – Insane
    Bestie – Pitapat
    Nell – Ocean of Light
    Wonderboyz – Open the Door
    Rania – Up
    Shu-I – Don’t Be Down
    I know some of these ones are pretty old, but i don’t think they ever got the popularity they deserved:
    LC9 ft Gain – Mama Beat
    Akdong Musucian – I Love You
    Geeks ft Ailee – Wash Away
    15& – Somebody
    Supreme Team ft Crush – Stay Still
    Kang Min Hee – It’s You
    Tasty – You Know Me
    Chaos – Racer
    2Bic ft Ailee – Love Again
    Mighty Mouth – Bad Man
    Phantom – Hole in Your Face
    Tasha ft Tiger JK – Get It In

    3 years ago
  16. Slightly off topic, but what do you think the right size is for a group? I’m at the 4-6 members. Anything larger seems to stifle individuals. I think it pushed TTS to do Twinkle and Tara N4’s Jeonwon Diary, which I liked both. However, the large groups have had issues. I think SSND’s members are becoming more independent and are growing in different directions, which is why I feel that “I Got a Boy” felt to me like a train wreck with the song, video and choreography going multiple directions and did not feel like cohesive unit. And we all know T♔ARA’s member issues.

    3 years ago
  17. Nell “Ocean of Light” I love Nell they are friggin awesome and no one ever votes for them!!!! Kim Hyun Joong “Unbreakable” And I don’t really care if its older than this summer BOOMs “Leave it to play” was so fun and dancable. Heo Young Sang ‘The art of Seduction’ was insanely good!

    3 years ago
    • Do I detect a TripleS? If so Hyung Jun’s song with Kota from Sunny Hill was also really good – not quite as catchy as Unbreakable or Art of Seduction (I love that song and video!). And I’d have to say I prefer ‘Perfect’ over ‘Ocean of Light’ – but that whole album is brilliant!!

      3 years ago
      • SS501 was my first kpop group. I totally love them!!!

        3 years ago
        • Same – I love lots of kpop groups but they’re still the first group I got into!

          3 years ago
  18. Lee Jung Hyun seems like the Korean equivalent to (the earlier) Brittany Spears to me. Same kind of sound and that one artist you listened to when you were in middle school.

    3 years ago
  19. What about Drunken Tiger’s The Cure?!!! I have no idea how many views it has now, but its such an amazing song!! The first time I heard it, I was stunned, the music (even if I cant understand what its saying) just completely filled my soul with such a sense of Nirvana, of wholeness, just GOD. I cant describe it with words. I feel like they should be getting WAY more notoriety for making such awesome and artistic stuffs.

    3 years ago
  20. OMG Guys – You hit on so many of my favorites that have been totally underrated: Spica, Five Dolls, GI, Lee Jung Hyun and Sunmi. I would love to see this format once a season – Underrated Songs of Autumn, Winter and Spring so that lesser known groups/artists with great songs can get some more exposure.

    A few more underrated songs of Summer 2013:

    Moya – AOA
    Hollywood – KOYOTE
    Meeting a Girl like You – Sunny Days
    Love Sick – Tahiti
    Take on Me – Bikiny
    Black Tinkerbell – Chocolat
    Study – Stellar
    Pretty, Pretty – Ladies Code
    All Right – Lim Kim
    Hot & Cold – Jewelry
    Come back to me – N Train
    Halo – BBDe Girl

    3 years ago
  21. OMG SO GLAD YOU GUYS KNOW BTOB ^^ I LOVE THEMMM <3 btob are a bit underrated (or my friends are just too obsessed with exo… :( ) which make me really sad but i so happy you acknowledge them^^

    3 years ago
  22. This was a great change of pace. Some of my favorites got their due: SPICA, Lee Jung Hyun, Sunmi, and GI released great material.
    Since everyone’s chiming in with their own picks, I’ll throw my vote in for Ladies’ Code. They’re still my top 2013 rookie group, and have yet to release something I haven’t loved.

    3 years ago
  23. I love GI’s latest album. Your Kpop chart update of them is what got me listening to them in the first place. I, surprisingly to me, really like hip hop.

    For my underrated song, I’m going to have to go with AOA Black’s “Moya”
    I loved AOA when they first came out. Their female rapper is just like. *__*!!!! Amazing. (i’d love to see a duet with her and Zico of block B)
    Anyhoo. The song is great. AOA Black is the ‘band’ part of the group, I guess? They’re form the same company as FT Island and CNBlue. It’s a good song. ^^

    3 years ago
    Oh my goodness gracious, it was AMAZING!! That’s all I gotta say

    3 years ago
  25. I love SPICA’s Tonight! I also started following them after XUnni. They’re really awesome!

    3 years ago
  26. Firework by Katy Perry? that’s what it reminds me of a bit (at the beginning of the song anyway)

    3 years ago
    • Hmmmn. Not what I was thinking [I’m referring to the beginning too, the very beginning of the chorus] but I can see why you would think that. I think the song it reminds me of is Sistar’s Loving You. :)

      3 years ago
  27. A lot of the time, I’m not bothered what song you review.
    For me, YOU’RE the entertainment.
    Whatever you do I know it’s going to be funny and I know I’m going to enjoy it.
    People take the whole voting thing way too seriously.

    3 years ago
  28. okay… someone let me know if i’m completely off my rocker/ blind as a bat…. BUT

    JO from syfy’s FACE OFF season 1… resembles martina a bit. i started watching face off around season 3, but recently decided to start watching the 1st season and i keep seeing a resemblance. of course martina is way nicer and bubblier than jo, but face-wise i think jo looks like she could be related. anyone else?

    3 years ago
  29. Digging the Sailor Moon cups AND Lumi-L PoPoPo Was a very good song

    3 years ago
  30. I think most of the KPOP bands need to get more attention. I really like Never mind (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09Taj2mvSA4&feature=share&list=PLXjJGhIOc1arl-h-Eox0B2xVNkjUDQAOH) and Toxic, unless they’re considered Indie. I know LUNAFLY and Led apple are fairly popular, but I still think they deserve more attention.

    3 years ago
  31. Hi:)
    I have a few songs that I feel its under-rated. More like the entire group is. The group is ZE:A and their song ghost of the wind. I don’t whether it’s really summer for this song but its constantly hot in S’pore so heck it. f(x)’s Rum pa pa pum is i guess underrated too. They didn’t win anything and I don’t think it got reviewed, its sad, their songs are fantastic, in my opinion. Navi’s song too, 집에 안갈래, the song is good. I’m not sure about the video but the song IS good, it’s catchy:) That’s what I think:)

    Oh and during one of BTS’s N.o perf, the intro part i think, they had to rip their shirt and one of the members under shirt got ripped apart too!!! Exposed his entire upper body. wardrobe malfunction!!!!!! I feel so sorry for him, he still had to dance and cover his body up cause there’s the no two nipples at one go…. stupid rule… Anyways, that’s just extra:) BTS is underrated too, esp for their first song, no dream or something like that, see even I can’t remember… Sad..
    HAHA, I talk too much. SOrry:)

    3 years ago
  32. A-JAX’s Insane is really underrated. I think their release timing was a bit unfortunate because people were STILL getting over SHINee’s comeback, so the first thing people would say is “This reminds me of SHINee.” But it’s not SHINee, not even close. A-JAX has been really good from the beginning. I wish people would give them a chance.

    3 years ago
  33. I love Royal Pirates!! :D

    3 years ago
  34. I know that he’s really ig in Korea (or at least I think so) but I really deplore not seeing XIAH perform on any music show his new song… Because it was really good and I really wish I had seen it. That might not be what you meant by underrated because you talked about it…

    3 years ago
  35. I like Spica, and I really, really liked Tonight. Also I absolutely loved Tiger JK’s The Cure and Beautiful life. 2NE1’s Do You Love Me was another of my favorite summer songs.

    Thanks for covering the underrated songs, I like that we get to hear about the songs that didn’t quite make it to Music Monday.

    3 years ago
  36. I got a song!!!! I took me an entire day, but I finally figured out a song that I feel is majorly underrated. ZE:A’s Ghost of the Wind! I can’t say that I’ve ever been a fan of ZE:A’s music before, to be frank it just really wasn’t my cup of tea (Except Phoenix, that song is so catchy and the dance too! I’d find myself randomly humming it). This song though is PERFECTION! The mv isn’t too entertaining, but the song is SUPER catchy and gorgeous with it’s violin base, and the dance is beautiful not too complex, but still enough to catch your eye. Please check it out guys it only has a little over half a million views!!!!!!


    3 years ago
  37. Here are some of my favorite underrated songs of the 2013 (so far):
    MIB – Dash
    Double A – Come Back
    A Jax – Insane
    Lunafly – Fly To Love
    N Train – Come Back To Me
    GI – Booshit
    Defconn – N.G.
    Speed – Pain the Love of heart
    C-Clown – Shaking Heart
    M.Pire – Can’t Be Friend With You
    24K – U R So Cute
    TOXIC – Count Down
    Nell – Time Walking On Memory
    Geeks – Fly
    Kim Hyun Joong – Unbreakable
    Outsider – Sadly Crying Bird
    Broken Valentine – Aluminum
    GB9 – Going Crazy
    Roh Ji Hoon – Punishment
    Phantom – Come As You Are
    M4M – Sadness (okay, they may sing in Chinese, but they trained under CubeEntertainment)
    100% – Want You Back

    There are a lot more that I think need more attention, but these had to be my favorites. =P

    3 years ago
  38. I’m seeing a lot of Lukies around here. do all of you have tumblr? because i feel like we should be following each other so we can share the lunafly feels

    3 years ago
  39. simon i like your hair

    3 years ago
  40. *yey* Thank you for this video! :) love GI and Royal Pirates!

    Uhm I don’t think I have exactly 7 underrated kpop videos but here they are…

    Loco – Take care (feat. Park Narae from Spica).

    Kye Bum Zu – Something Special (feat. Dok2)

    Adamiro – Waiting (feat. Double K)

    임정희(Im CheongHwi… I think) – Luv is

    SoYou and Mad Clown – Stupid Love

    P.S: wow Simon…. Passion Pit…. has a really strong video(can’t say I enjoyed it though…it has a bitter taste to it)… the song was pretty cool… but as I was listening to it…I remembered James from Royal Pirates, saying he likes dubstep… he would like this song.

    Great work guise! :D


    3 years ago
  41. i LOVE btob’s song <3 <3 when i was your man really brings in the justin timberlake- r&b style and that's overall seriously my fav style <3

    3 years ago
  42. Amy

    Ailee, with U&I. She’s an AMAZING singer, and she’s still technically a rookie. Her vocals are incredible; you can also see them in her other songs.

    3 years ago
  43. Tasty – Mamama
    Roy Kim – Love Love Love
    Wassup – Hotter than Summer
    Vixx – GR8U
    Soyu & Mad Clown – Stupid in Love
    Kang Seung Yoon – Stealer

    3 years ago
  44. I’m really glad you guys did this video, I just got a ton more favorite summer songs! I really liked GI’s video, but I think Royal Pirates was my overall favorite. Now I need to go look up more of their stuff! Thanks guise!

    3 years ago
  45. 5dolls (F-ve Dolls) have been around since they were a part of Coed School in 2010 (before all of the member changes), so they know how to act on camera. But…you’re right, something about this video just seemed a tiny bit awkward. Still love you guys and F-ve Dolls!!!

    3 years ago
  46. I love Lee Jung Hyun! She has some amazing songs like Crazy, Suspicious Man, Einie Meenie Minie Moe , Dala Dala <3

    3 years ago
  47. to this day i still watch and listen to Kim Sori – Dual Life ever since you mentioned it on one of your updates. IT KILLS ME THAT THIS SONG ISNT ON ITUNES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont download music, because i dont want viruses and i like to support artists that i like so i am forced to listen to this song on youtube every time i have the urge to have a one person dance party in my room.

    3 years ago
  48. Personally, as a sort-of-dedicated BtoB fan, I love love LOVED When I Was Your Man. That could be partly due to the fact that I actually like (some) k-drama OST songs and many K-indie ballad songs. I soo wish that this song was better appreciated. :)

    3 years ago
  49. Glad you mentioned Royal Pirates! One of my fav songs this year :)

    3 years ago
  50. Who do you feel is the most underrated member(s) in the different idol groups? Or who do you feel don´t get the attention that they deserve (not as a band, but as a singer)?

    3 years ago
  51. I totally love V by Lee Junghyun. I totally love the circus style.

    3 years ago
  52. History’s Dreamer was my favorite debut and I think they deserve a lot more attention because the song and video were both amazing and unique and beautiful :D

    3 years ago
  53. You know Lee Jung Hyun if you ever DDRed, I mean, Bakkwo!!

    3 years ago
  54. I love this idea (I’ve been missing the kpop chart updates) but I don’t necessarily like it replacing an actual kmm….. :/

    3 years ago
  55. I agree with you! I love your Music Mondays no matter what group your review or format you do <3 Sometimes I get sad that you didn't do a particular group, but the video on the group you did review is still fun anyways. So I don't really mind. You guys are awesome!!

    3 years ago
  56. I also want to throw in Nell’s “Ocean of Light” and “Run,” Toxic’s “Countdown,” Blue Near Mother’s “Change,” and Airplane’s “Give Me a Chance.” Ze:A’s “Ghost of Wind” needed more love as did Kim Hyun Joong’s “Unbreakable” (which is, undeniably, my favorite song of the year so far), Vixx’s “G.R.8.U.”, and Yell.O.W.’s “This is My Story.” So many choices!

    3 years ago
  57. i think EXID is very underrated!! even their sub unit is amazing!!! specially the rapper L.E…

    and LC9 (mama beat was one badass debut) ….
    plus i love sunmi!! im so glad it was mentioned!!

    3 years ago
  58. This explains why there’s barely any kpop on their last.fm~
    I’ve been wondering about that.

    3 years ago
  59. “Give SooZee a call… SOOOOOZEEEEEE!!” hahaha

    3 years ago
  60. I am so glad I watched this video! Just bought the Royal Pirates CD on amazon, So Good!

    3 years ago
  61. Thanks for this interesting video, I love it when you introduce me to cool songs! I will definitely check out more from Royal Pirates and I can’t believe I missed the new song by G.I.
    I am happy that you mentioned BtoB’s “When I was your man”. It is the only song I already knew before watching your video and I so love it, I never get tired of listening to it! ^^ It’s definitely one of my favourite songs this year.
    As for underrated songs I really liked M.I.B’s “Nod Along” but it didn’t get that much attention.

    3 years ago
  62. Okay. Don’t kill me for saying this. Anyone else getting the Shadow f(x) vibe from Spica’s tonight? I know I’m not the only one right? But ultimately, I loved it. Still, have that feeling that I can’t get rid. *maybe because of my biasedness towards f(x)* But its painfully similar.

    My Summer jam is def Growl. Hey. Can’t deny it. A good song is a good song. GI!!! I loved Beatles and I’m happy to see you like them too. But on serious note, you guys had my attention to Royal Pirates. They’re good.

    3 years ago
  63. I really love this format!!! As a person who always craving for new things in kpop i’m really sad when you decided to drop K-pop charts update. I am really happy that you release this video and i hope you doing this regularly like once a month.

    3 years ago
  64. I watch music videos maybe once but then listen to the songs over and over. So the songs are much more important to me than the video (although if the video is fantastic I will watch it a few more times). But listening to the songs in the car and while working are much more important. Here are some of my favorites this past summer:
    F-ve Dolls – “Can You Love Me” (yea the video is too cutsie for me but the song became a favorite as it got stuck in my head)
    Navi ‘ “I Ain’t Going Home Tonight” (loved it!)
    Kim Sa Rang – “ICU” (didn’t care for the video so much but the song is absolutely awesome – what does “ICU” means?)
    Daejune – “N.G.” & “Cocktail” (love his deep voice – ah close my eyes and let his voice just surround me – ah ah – uhmm clears throat)
    Unchained – “Porcupine” (what else can I say but very much rock and roll – booya – last few seconds of the video cracks me up)
    Sunmi – “24 Hours” (as reviewed – fantastic song and video)
    AA – “Midnight Taxi” (Love this group – one of the singer’s voice really stands out to me – I can always pick out his voice – great group)
    A-Jax – “Insane” (great song)

    Simon & Martina – Thanks for talking about videos that didn’t make the top 3. You listed some of the ones I found I really liked this summer too! Loved it!!!

    3 years ago
  65. I’m really happy you recognized BTOB! As a Melody from the beginning, I really do know what you mean that it wasn’t really their original style, BUT, I’m not complaining at all! I really enjoy when groups try out new styles on occasion, and I think this really worked with their voices, particularly Sungjae’s (the blonde who sings the majority of the time.) I really enjoyed it and thought it was a good contrast to Thriller to give people a view of their range of performance and how much they’re capable of. BTOB fighting!

    3 years ago
  66. My underrated song is The Moon Swallows The Sun by Seo Moon Tak. It was great to discover her this summer. Love her voice.

    3 years ago
  67. I think Sunny Hill’s Darling Of All Hearts deserved far far far more views… it’s only has 650’000! It’s cute and fun and just really awesome to dance to! The music video’s really awesome! All it’s missing is Janghyun *cries*

    3 years ago
  68. I really loved Shout Out by royal pirates ~<3 it was ight up one of my manny music allies :P
    Spica is also quicklyu becomming one of my favore groups after i found them from Russian Roulette.

    Some of my favoorite less popular groups is Big Star run and run. And NC.A My Student teacher. and J Fla's Story.

    and i m with Martina, I liked GI's Booshit better than beatles, I am still not a huge fan of them, but they are growing on me.

    3 years ago
  69. Thanks guys, not been checking out KMM for a while, life took over. I also loved GI’s new song, thanks for the into to Royal Pirates and SPICA (who I was not interested in till now, its the odd name and luck of hype)

    3 years ago
  70. I’m surprised that I had noticed a few of those songs myself. I do love kpop but I only really listen to 2 or 3 groups regularly and a lot of stuff just flies past me totally unnoticed. Royal Pirates, Sunmi and SPICA all really surprised me with their songs when they came out, they deserve much more attention! When it comes to underrated kpop groups LEDapple always comes to my mind, unfortunately they haven’t really released any awesome “official” songs lately. Music Note, however, still great!

    3 years ago
  71. Hello this was my list this summer… all them except royal Pirates (which I will now check out– thanks dreamy James!)
    V was my fav and I happy you pointed it out, BTOB’s song -loved it and it is on a CD in my car! SPICA and Sunmi- really underrated! Finally they are getting some audience love! Thanks guys for covering them!

    3 years ago
  72. Thanks for listing these songs! I get stuck in the popular Kpop songs all the time so this is refreshing! I actually have watched Lee Jung Hyun’s song 5 super creepy but funny at the same time. I think an underrated song I like would be Lee Hyori’s Amor Mio. I really liked it! Of course the Spanish title totally caught my attention but I do like the whole feel of the song.

    3 years ago
  73. oh man, i missed Royal Pirates. i totally lost track of them after they released Disappear. very glad to see they’re still around.
    anyhow i know it got a decent amount of attention but i still feel like Icon’s Rockstar should have been a bigger deal than it was. sure it’s not what most people were expecting but it was catchy as all getout and the video was equal parts hilarious and awesome. it seriously looked like an episode of Rockman.EXE.
    AAAAAND! They’re not a super duper big deal yet but lunafly’s 2 summer songs Yeowooya and Stardust were ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!!! and i’m not just saying that because i’m a Lukie. Stardust was a really great song and i know i wasn’t the only one who played it on loop for a few days. there’s no official video yet but the song is still super amazing

    3 years ago
  74. I really liked M.I.B., Toxic, VIXX, Big Star, and CN Blue’s song from the Summer and they didn’t seem to get much love. I’d say BTS No More Dream and Bullet Proof 2 but they weren’t popular in here (N.O was in the top 5 last I looked), but every Kpopper I know has heard of them and their music. Current favorites are Block B and FT Island’s songs.

    3 years ago
  75. Is the european Nasty t-shirt gonna be avaible on the eyk store soon? :3

    3 years ago
    • I wish it will be, but I think it’s a limited edition they’re taking to the european tour. =

      3 years ago
  76. Dear Simon and Martina,

    I understand where you are coming from but with all the greatest respect and love in the world, I think that you are sending mixed signals and that is why you are getting this backlash. I am torn about whether to write this or not because I think that it will be helpful for everyone (including you) but I don’t really want to be the person doing this……sigh…….I guess I’m just not the type of person to put my fingers in my ears and lalalalalala until the problem goes away.

    1. Choosing a song for KMM/ kpop charts: Hey man, I don’t care what song you pick and I think that from what I see here only about 25%-50% of the Nasties here are _heavily_ invested in the choice but if you’re going to pick your song based on what you want to pick, don’t advertise the kpop charts are “vote your song to victory” or encourage people to vote on twitter and facebook. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. You want the hits generated for ad revenue and people expect something in return for their hits that _you_ are _encouraging_. If you really want to be honest, you don’t have to disclaimer up the whazoo, just put a statement at the top of the chart or in the voting for the charts FAQ that this is just a recommendation forum and that you will pick what you want and stop telling people to vote for certain songs. Seriously, seeing those “vote for xxx” tweets tee me the off the most. It’s a gimmick sure, but the community has come to expect that you are honest and not trying to just up your retweets or skew the charts. Support your friends, show your biases but make it clear that that’s what you’re doing and that it doesn’t meant that you will pick the song for KMM just because you asked people to vote for it.
    2. KMM cancelled/video list/horribly late: You know, I have absolutely NO IDEA why you don’t film KMM on Friday (or Saturday or Sunday if you’re working those days), especially in light of saying that the chart is just a guide. No one would know…..well, except now that I’ve said it. If things keep cropping up on Mondays, change the day, or change the day you film and edit. If I was the suspicious type I would almost think that you’re always late because of the extra hits of people checking for it all 24h. Personally, while I enjoy TL;DRs, WANKs, FAPFAPs, WTFs, K-Indies, Live Chats, vblogs, etc., they are just a tasty snack to tide me over while I wait for KMM. I don’t think that I am alone here and this is why people are more upset about missing a KMM. Also, I think that you’ve almost never missed TL;DR or your WANK/FAPFAP timeslot whereas you’ve missed over to 50% of KMMs this year and then another 15% were “alternate” videos. I found EYK through a KMM, I stayed because of KMM, I watch the other videos as a side-dish. It may be sad to say but if KMM is not there, all the rest (as wonderful as it is) just doesn’t feel satisfying enough to stay, especially when I am left waiting for the videos all the time. I can tell that you spent some time editing this video but honestly it’s so boring to watch 2 people behind a desk, no matter what you are saying. Even Livechats have become more boring with you behind a desk where we can’t see the packages as they’re opened and you move around less. Even standing up like in K-Indie is better.
    3. Industry vs. hobby: I think that you are caught in the middle here. You are definitely not part of the kpop industry (which is good) but it’s’ definitely more than a hobby. If you’re so grateful to your audience/Nasties, I wish that you would listen to what they are all saying, rather than just the ones you want to hear. I don’t mean any of that hateful b*tchy drivel that some put out, but if someone bothers to give you respectful criticism maybe it’s worth thinking about rather than dismissing it with a sarcastic comment. If you are making a living at monetizing your site, it’s no longer a hobby, it’s a job/career, which can still be enjoyable and have lots of freedom but……if you build an audience based on past behaviour, to keep them you have to deliver on time and at least in the same universe of product as they area expecting. You can’t expect everyone to love everything you do the way they do for some kpop groups no matter if it’s awful or not. Some will, but when you build your reputation on loving your community and being honest, people expect better and are disappointed when they don’t get it. If you really just want to put out videos when you feel like it about what you feel like, then scrap having a “schedule” and make it more clear….but don’t expect the same huge following.
    4. If KMMs have become so onerous (how many hours of editing?!!!!!!!), then just do improv, and then chop out what doesn’t work for you. I think that it’s become so heavy-hearted to make that you’re not that upset when you can’t do it. Leave off the special fx or what not for a week or two – I think that people really like the skits and you should focus on those. There is nothing stopping you from changing the day. Or kill KMM outright. Don’t promise it every Monday, let it be a surprise if one appears. If you don’t want to lose the potential revenue maybe you should just suck it up and give it more respect and stop complaining about it every week. I am totally tired of hearing you guise say “sorry” all the damned time, aren’t you tired of having to say it?
    5. Moving on: Yeah, we all know it’s going to happen, but when? how? It’s not really part of this discussion per se but I’m throwing it in since I’m here anyways. Don’t worry about it. It will be refreshing. I’m pretty sure that Spudgy is what is keeping you in Korea and you’re starting to chafe a bit at the restriction. Don’t worry about leaving a studio behind, that’s expensive and logistically extremely difficult. Your studio accomplished its task and the key money you get back is not required for a lot of countries so you will be on a great footing wherever you go. You can bring the Nasty names wherever you go if you choose and even have more crowdfunding events for new studios. Some may argue with me here but I think that you have accomplished at least what you promised to do with the funds so that you shouldn’t feel guilty about closing the studio at some point when you move on. I also think that you could greatly benefit from a fresh start to decide what you really want to do with the videos/schedule. You probably never intended to get into the whole kpop thing in the first place and while you like music you don’t have to follow that route in another country. Who knows, maybe you’ll be even better at other things but I would definitely find an outlet for those R-awesome skits. I would suggest Australia or France. Australia might be a nice break to not need an interpreter all the time……and you would always be the go-to for any kpop groups that are on tour, if you want to continue with that end of things. You could also get a VISA more easily and it’s close to the Pacific Rim action. Besides, I am French-Canadian where my parent company was in France and my sister lives and works in France too – great as a tourist – but it’s really all in WHO you know and people are really quite rude in general (Sorry French Nasties – it’s a cultural thing, I know that French people think that Canadians are boorish and lack subtlety – we’re just different). Germany/Belgium might be more your style, or even Scotland/Ireland or the Canary Islands or Iceland if you want to be more exotic. And everything is much closer together in Europe and accessible by train and less border-y with the EU now.

    So, yeah. Sorry for giving advice unasked but you seemed to be searching for answers. I couldn’t watch this video all the way through because I was bored. I also did a great big “AWWWW!” when it finally came. If you know that you are going to be late or not make it because of conflicts, just say so at the beginning of Monday. Tweet it or whatever and if you manage to pull it out of your butt, let people be pleasantly surprised. It’s the waiting and waiting and….wait for it…..waiting, then getting nothing or something you weren’t expecting that gets to people the most and feels disingenuous. Better luck next week <3

    3 years ago
  77. I won GD’s album , I just can’t believe it :”D Thank you guise so much . You just realized one of my dreams. I’m so happy. We can’t buy Kpop album here in my country so having one of BIGBANG’s album was just a dream for me T_T but it became possible thanks to you guise :D I’m so grateful

    3 years ago
  78. I so agree with you for most of the group you just talk. I kept (and keep) playing Sunmi’s and Spica’s song.
    Sunmi’s MV was really great. The dance was flowless with the music. I like the fact that she isn’t wearing shoes and just dance.
    Spica is so underated it’s quite pissed me off. The MV was really great especially the part when Boa is falling.
    My sister make me listen to royal pirates song but i couldn’t remember their name so thank you guys. I was looking for it
    I loved Five dolls song. It’s really funky and make you want to dance. However the MV’s story just sucks. The dance we can see in it is quite fun. It remind me a lot of t-ara’s style.
    I really like BTOB’s song but it wasn’t one of my favorite. The song is great but a little bit too flat.

    I didn’t know G.I song but after i listen to it i found myself agreed with Simon. I rather like “beatles”
    I’m a big fan of Lee jung hyun but i didn’t know she had released a new song. again thank you guys for the update. By the way, her MV are often creepy in my opinion

    It’s actually quite hard to stay up-to-date with all the band that appear out of nowhere. I like discovering new bands but it’s quite difficult especially when most popular group “monopolize” discussion and news.

    I also listen a lot to Kara’s “runaway”, Rania’s “up”, BTS, MIB and ladies’ code ‘s “HATE YOU”
    Anyway you should do this format more often.

    3 years ago
  79. I would not at all be surprised if Kpop companies were following S&M’s twitter feeds for ideas for new videos and songs.

    3 years ago
  80. From this summer (I suppose this can go into the K-pop genre though it’s a bit more…. K-hiphop?) I really liked Geeks’ Fly!!!

    PS. I really like this format, you guise always have something interesting to show that I’ve missed <3

    3 years ago
  81. you’ve absolutely read my mind! My favourite song of the whole summer is Sunmi- 24 Hours. It’s just too catchy and has been in my head since it came out. Also I loved Spica’s Tonight and Lee Junghyun’s V too I listen to them all the time!!

    My favourite rookie group is Ladies Code. Pretty Pretty was ok but their pre- release Hate You was really great. It had the same feel as Lee Hi’s Rose I thought. link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLjUBC4HpVQ
    Oh and also Queen B’z debut. However much I dislike the name of the band, their debut song was really different and their vocals are really strong and they REALLY need more attention. link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PzMIU4FVcg

    Not many rookie groups catch my attention nowadays but these two managed to.

    3 years ago
    • I agree with all of this, except I’d probably put “Tonight” slightly above “24 Hours.” SPICA was my top rookie group from 2012, and Ladies’ Code is easily my favorite 2013 group (so far, and they’re not likely to be dethroned at this point).
      I was sad that Queen B’z didn’t debut with more material; I’d love to hear more of them.

      3 years ago
    • sorry, everyone’s talking about boy groups so I thought I’d put in some girl group love <3

      3 years ago
  82. I really like these types of KMMs. I’ve been one of those ‘naggers’ that want K-crunch back (or something similar) because it opens us all up to new and different videos.

    Listening to your lists, I only heard Lee Jung Hyun’s V (My kitty requested it for Indie-update even though I knew it wasn’t technically indie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Af0vjcsTw1M ) and Sunmi’s 24 hours. I really liked the other songs too.

    I can’t really come up with a list of my favorite underrated songs of the summer but I agree with the other comments about Tasty’s Mamamamamamamamama. I also really liked JYP’s new song Had Enough Parties (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-GhkCWuihA).

    If anyone is interested, there are playlists of all videos that have been added to the charts. They were just updated (by the lovely mods) so they are pretty current.

    Playlist 1 – http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbm-2ZsKV3mpvMP4x57hlexEtgVOTWHsr
    Playlist 2 – http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbm-2ZsKV3mpuGvYgpW4_yc42P94FP1Rq
    Playlist 3 – http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbm-2ZsKV3mqMmaR6QWTPlRrhMV8V8jeo
    Playlist 4 – http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbm-2ZsKV3mpTKDTQ08l3t9p_Le7CvKlR

    3 years ago
  83. Mao

    Royal Pirates Shout out is pretty amazing. I’ve only heard of them like one/two weeks ago but I’m really into that song. I also really like Stardust by Lunafly a lot but I don’t really hear much about them from kpop fans which is pretty sad, they are really good and the members are so fun. ( Sam Carter especially, “we just ate pizza so we’re a little excited” greatest guys ever)

    3 years ago
    • i get the feeling that this coming year lunafly’s gonna pull a busker busker and just WHAM! total takeover. i’m trying to share them with a bunch of people and so far nobody hasn’t absolutely loved them.

      3 years ago
      • Mao

        they are brilliant! I really hope they get more recognized soon

        3 years ago
  84. One song I would add to this list is AOA’s “Moya.” It’s super cute and catchy.

    3 years ago
  85. I hear “24 Hours” ALL THE TIME here in Korea (dare I say: 24 hours a day?), I was really surprised to find out it has only 2,000,000 views. I’d guess that I hear it just as often as “Growl.” “Tonight” I’ve heard a few times walking down the street but the rest not at all. Thanks for making this list! I really like when lesser loved groups and songs get get the spotlight they deserve.

    3 years ago
  86. “Andamiro – Waiting” and “AA – Midnight taxi” were great songs that didn’t get much attention

    3 years ago
  87. I can see both sides to this. :) After the whole Lee Hi-gate I made the conscious effort to check out the Kpop Charts only for any new releases, and not do any [email protected] voting as I would do with favorite groups (my personal choice). I didn’t like how obsessive I was becoming when a race was close.

    On the other hand, those threads are amazing treasure troves of info on a group and just being happy with other like-minded people. It’s fun to squee with other people who love the same groups/artists I do.

    The way I see it, yes, go vote for your favorite groups/songs. Ask other people to get involved in discussion and drive up the votes (without spamming). But also, be aware of these possibilities: (1) S&M will review your group–hurrah! (2) S&M will review another group/artist from the Top Three; or (3) S&M will do a special KMM as they did this week. I think, just being aware of these options will help stem some disappointment (I hope).

    As for the “wasting their time,” I’m sorry you feel that way, and I’m sure others do too. :( But how sad to think that engaging in discussion and squeeing for your group constitutes “wasting time.” I would never want to think that way about the charts.

    3 years ago
    • I totally agree with your comment and good ideas in the suggestions, but I guess that I interpreted the original commenter’s “wasting time” as meaning that if S&M knew they weren’t going to put out a regular KMM, why didn’t they tell anyone in advance? Why did they make everyone wait all Monday, and most of Tuesday (in some parts of the world) to get a completely different video that they were not expecting and having absolutely nothing to do with any of the voting? Are they saying that they had a KMM all scripted and
      planned, and perhaps even filmed and then they get a call Monday at lunch that they have to do an interview and have to scape the whole thing and then came up with this video instead? While I a sure that their scripting/filming/editing speeds are legendary, this is still a little far-fetched. It would have been far more polite and honest to just tweet (or something) about changing up the video when they knew they were going to do something else and then, while people who voted like mad might be disappointed, they, and everyone else might have been more understanding and less shocked when this video came out. This video was clearly scripted, the songs selected, and some time was taken to edit it, it was not just cobbled together in 2 hours. Also, Martina mentioned researching Lee Hyori directing Spica’s video for another project (see the blog above) at the beginning of the Friday Live Chat, so I’m pretty sure that they knew before the weekend that this is the video they were putting out. I would like to give S&M the benefit of the doubt that they are not being deliberately deceitful in order to get more hits to their site but the outcome still lacks common courtesy for their viewers. It’s called “managing expectations”, it’s a thing, feel free to look it up.

      Cyber_3 – stepped away from the internet for a few days after that last comment……

      3 years ago
      • Once upon a time, I suggested that S&M propose 3 songs that they like to be voted on for the week and then KMM the winner, to me that was a win-win but I guess that they had their own ideas.

        But I agree that there really isn’t a “win” in this for anyone. I’m not so sure that either side’s point of view is “valid” – I think that it’s more that both sides are confused. Some of the expectations fans have of EYK were created by S&M, some by the format (youtube), and some frankly – in pure fantasyland. Some of S&M’s expectations of fans were created by……well, I really am not sure what they expect from fans, they always seem shocked no matter the reaction but perhaps that’s because the reactions vary so wildly. When it comes to fandom, I guess you should expect everything, including the kitchen sink. I think that the Nasty Community, especially from what I see in the blog threads and kpop chart threads are all pretty reasonable, fun-loving, generous, funky people who like to laugh, dance, eat well, and have fun. I’m only commenting on this stuff because of what I perceive as a legitimate miscommunication/misunderstanding between S&M and the Nasty Community, others can go be cray-cray on their own time. Maybe S&M would understanding of fan reactions if they could step back and look at their brand as a whole. At the way people view youtube as tv and the way that EYK isn’t really consistent throughout it’s communications with the world. I think also that this whole year of craziness has run away with them, they seem much more frenetic, impatient, out of touch with the community, and overtired than in the past. Maybe they need to stop riding the wave of popularity *so* high and get back to basics before it gets too far out of hand. I almost feel as if they are going crazy this year because it is their last year in Korea but I guess that we’ll see after the Euro-tour.

        3 years ago
  88. I’m a huge fan of BtoB but When I Was Your Man is probably my least favorite song on their mini-album. There’s are two songs on the mini, Why and Like a Crystal, that I think still have that jazzy R&B feel but feel a bit less cheesy than WIWYM in my opinion.

    As for other underrated releases I think BIGSTAR’s Run & Run was amazing. I wasn’t impressed with their debut a while ago but this song is a lot of fun. I’ve also been really into Lunafly lately and their song Yeowooya came out pretty recently. It’s a really summery song and it’s making me miss the sunshine!

    3 years ago
  89. I wish you guys would do Crayon Pop’s 빠빠빠! It’s been so popular here in Korea!

    3 years ago
  90. I honestly feel that Nine Muses have releassed steady songs troughout ever since the News era. Dolls was amazing and I’m a big fan of Wild aswell. I also think they have some really good looking girls and pretty voices.

    3 years ago
  91. You talk about Wonder Grils and Sunmi 24 hours in this video so I thought that I needed to post the following videos!

    At this year Chuseok special tv show, VIXX dressed up as Wonder Girls to perform So Hot and it was AMAAAZING! The leader even danced the 24 hours choreo at the end. MUST WATCH, just hilarious.



    3 years ago
    BtoB’s When I was your man <3

    3 years ago
  93. I first found out about EYK from a kpop tv program (Hello Pop) but I am definitely more of a Simon and Martina fan than a kpop fan. I love to watch all your videos because you guise are wonderful positive people and I really admire how much you are passionate about your work. :)

    3 years ago
  94. I really like Dancing Queen by Crayon Pop! It was before the Bar Bar Bar success. The song is fun and fresh with a saturday night fever feel to it. In the MV they are promoting themself in the streets of Seoul.


    3 years ago
  95. I LOVE THE CREEPY DOLL VIDEO SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks S&M!I guess we have somehow a similar taste for weird things!

    3 years ago
  96. Yay for BTOB being mentioned, they don’t seem to have the following internationally that they do in Korea

    3 years ago
  97. BIGSTAR “Run&Run”

    MIB”Men in Black”

    3 years ago
  98. Hah, for Me the most underrated song was Tarzan by Wonder Boyz, I think the MV was not really good but this song is so catchy and has perfect topic for summer :D love tat song so much :D

    3 years ago
    • i think it’s amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing song !!! but i think they mean this summer !!

      3 years ago
      • But it was released in may 2013 (if I’m not wrong) So technically it was the beginning of summer :P

        3 years ago

    3 years ago
  100. I’m just going to add the disclaimer that I absolutely loved the Royal Pirates song but was I the only one who found the intro and hook reminded me a lot of Lonely Boy by Andrew Gold (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kbgjmmr5vw)? Feel I should be embarrassed that I know 70s soft rock. On the other hand my music tastes know no shame…

    3 years ago
  101. I actually like Wa$$up – Hotter than a Summer. It gives me a kind of summer/bohemian/Jamaican feel because of the background beats/tunes. It is quite underrated because of the small backlash from their title track “Wassup” which many ppl seem to hate(I get if you dont like a song but some ppl are just too harsh by criticizing for NO reason whatsoever).

    3 years ago
  102. Hey :)
    you guys mistakenly wrote Lee Jung Hyun as Sunmi in the Blog post… also the song title ‘V’ to ‘5’ and ’24 hours’ ;)

    3 years ago
  103. VIXX !!! I really like all of their title songs since their debut and i think they really deserve some attention. Even the rest of the songs that they did not promote is pretty good too ^^

    3 years ago
  104. Amor Mio by Lee Hyori was a HUGE favorite of mine. She got lots of attention with Miss Korea, but this is the song that stood out for me when it came to Lee Hyori. And the music video was just GORGEOUS.

    3 years ago
  105. so…C-CLOWN’S SHAKING HEART ?!! plz s&m say something about it…hehehe (:

    3 years ago
  106. OMG! You guise listen to Passion Pit too? XD Awesome! Lee Jung Hyun is a really good singer. I love some of her songs. They’re all quirky and funky. :)

    3 years ago
  107. I really love Seo In Guk “Shake it up”!!! This song is a litlle old (2011), but still has the summer-party feel, sooo… Yeah :)

    3 years ago
  108. When listening to The Five Dolls song all I can hear is Funky Town by Lipps Inc and it ruins the song for me. I did enjoy The Royal Pirates and I loved the video for Lee Jung Hyuns song. I really enjoyed this format can you do it again in the future?

    3 years ago
  109. *throws confetti* I’ve been waiting for a video like this since you stopped doing the updates! *more confetti* Not because I wouldn’t know these songs otherwise (Kpop Charts, sort by date – that’s what keeps me more or less up to date with new releases) but because I just like watching you guys talk about less popular songs.

    My first thought when I read the header was “I hope they talked about V!” (btw, the title in your blog post says “5”), definitely one of th best videos this summer and I like the chorus.

    SPICA!!! I love love love Tonight, it’s probably my favorite song of this summer, also loved the video.

    Another song that I’m happy to see on your list is When I Was Your Man. I mentioned it in my comment to one of your Indie Palylists but didn’t really expect you to talk about it. I didn’t love the song at first but it’s really grown on me and I actually like it more than Thriller (which I wasn’t a fan of at first but then I’ve grown to like it as well).

    And I finally got to watch the video for 24 Hours thanks to you. I knew and liked the song, I enjoyed watching her live performances because the dance is pretty cool but I always forgot to check out the MV. It’s really well done!

    Other not-so-big releases of the summer that I liked are:
    Tasty – MAMAMA
    Ladies’ Code – both Hate You and Pretty Pretty
    A-Jax – Insane
    MIB – Dash
    CN BLUE – Feel Good (ok, I know it’s a commercial for Samsung Galaxy but it has a more interesting video than many normal releases)

    Also I loved Henry’s 1-4-3 ft. Amber, maybe it’s not underrated in general but it’s less popular than Trap and I like it more than Trap.

    And the most cheesetastic video: Honey G – My Love :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Isy_WKH7a8

    3 years ago
    • I love that Honey G song and video!! The video’s just brilliant on it’s own, but the song always makes me smile (not sure whether that’s just me remembering Hyori whipping out a couple of pistols from who-knows-where and the general concpet). CNBlue also needs more love on here but I’m sure about them being underrated by the general public – so I didn’t mention them.

      3 years ago
  110. Easily the most UNDERRATED ROOKIES FOR 2013! History from Loen entertainment. I don’t understand how they’re not getting as much love as BTS is. They debuted with a classy image that focuses on their vocals, and they’re decent dancers too. I don’t understand how they’ve been neglected by kpop fans. Yes they’re currently trying to find their own image right now and their comeback “Tell Me Love” was a far cry from the quality that is presented to us in “DREAMER”, but hey, the potential is there, no one in their right mind can deny it.

    They’re really funny too and do really well in variety, Loen has uploaded a lot of other subtitled footage of behind the scenes and they’re currently doing their own variety show, produced by MBC but subbed by Loen. I strongly encourage people to try to give them a chance! Please, they’re really endearing people and extremely talented.

    History’s Dreamer (debut):

    3 years ago
    • I loved History in Dreamer, but when they came back with “Tell Me Love”, I watched the MV, one live performance, and decided I didn’t like the song/concept so I stopped checking up on them for this promotion cycle. I really hope they go back to their debut concept…I think K-Pop has enough dance groups, I like seeing some groups that can actually harmonize on stage. But if they can dance while harmonizing (well), that would be awesome too XD

      3 years ago
      • I agree that Tell me Love was not the right song for them to promote, if you listened to their other songs on their mini album though, those songs were more worthy to be the title track. However, they didn’t get as much reception as Loen would have liked when they debuted with Dreamer, so maybe their logic was to make something up beat and more generic to appeal to the masses? They’re described as being an “alternative music group” though so their concept would probably be that they take on different genres with each comeback. I’m completely ok with this, but yeah I agree and hope they can go back to something similar to their debut, or something that’s completely different, but not generic pop, their harmony is really wonderful and Loen needs to showcase their vocal talent better.

        I do encourage you to continue to check up on them on their non-musical activities that they’re doing right now though. They have a new variety show called Panda PR Show and it’s really entertaining. Loen has English subbed it via CC button soft subs. :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbJ_7x9prxs

        3 years ago
  111. Guyz – New Stage it’s not from this summer but I found them recently.
    Song Jieun – 희망고문 awesome, grown up solo from SECRET
    Young Jun (of Brown Eyed Soul) – Driving Road
    Veins – Moth K-indie with j-rock feel reminds mi of Anna Tsuchiya (anime NANA openings)
    Joo Young – Popstar
    1sagain – Fallin
    Piggy Dolls – Butterflies
    Lee Narae – raining in Amsterdam
    What women want – curious
    Most of this is K-indie and not older then a month but definitely worth watching/listening.
    Kpop summer songs… hmmm… hard to choose there were so many of them but I always feel sorry for MIB and hiphop groups in general. Seems like without dancing routine of some kind it’s hard to get into mainstream.
    And everybody should look forward to IU’s comeback!! Teasers look and sound AMAZING!

    3 years ago
  112. HOLLA Sunmi was soooooo underrated considering how awesome that song is. Oh an btw I just wanna say thank you guys for sometimes changing up the kpop music mondays format! I do prefer the original format the best BUT I think its really cool that you keep it fresh and don’t try and force kpop skits if the inspiration isn’t there.

    On a unrelated note I hope you guys have an awesome time in europe, travel safe and enjoy meeting all the european nasties~
    can’t wait for the European WANKS and FAPFAP’s :DDD

    3 years ago
  113. I like almost every song you guys mentioned! When I first heard BTOB’s (batooba’s??) song I also thought of Justin Timberlake’s Suit & Tie. But I reaaaally like that song so that’s a plus for me. (Also Glen Check has a cover of Suit &Tie which is absolutely perfect too).
    Sunmi’s song is pure perfection just like Royal Pirates’ song.

    I also really liked Ladies’ Code’s releases especially Pretty Pretty. Uhm…. so many songs I really liked but most of them weren’t singles so yeah…

    3 years ago
  114. i really like Henry’s trap it was very majestic in the beginning with the violin’s and piano. But he could of done the song by himself with taeMAN and kyuHyun

    3 years ago
  115. omg finally. Thats what I thought all along and it was so disheartening reading everyone elses comments.

    3 years ago
  116. I’m gonna throw 2 out there I didn’t see mentioned but weren’t that bad. Def on the cutesy side though.
    Skarf – Luv Virus which was in promotion in the beginning of the summer
    ChoColat – Black Tinkerbell which I really liked but seemed to have virtually 0 promotion

    3 years ago
  117. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS. Thank you.

    3 years ago
  118. please do so you x mad clown’s Stupid In Love.
    but i guess it’s hard because, the only official MV release was the short version.
    there is the full version, but starship hasn’t officially released it on their channel yet.

    but please. Stupid in Love is one of those kpop songs that defy the usual kpop music.
    the song has a great structure, the rap is nicely done and the singing is phenomenal.
    it can also be considered underrated since mad clown has only came out now,
    and sistar’s So You is sooo considered as an underrated singer. please. :)

    3 years ago
  119. Did you guyse knew that Lee Jung Hyun’s MV was directed by Park Chan-Wook (Oldboy, Thirst, Lady Vengeance)?

    On another note, here is my own Top 7 underrated Kpop Songs of this summer (in no particular order either, and some have a more KIndie vibe to them) :

    1. Andamiro – Waiting (feat. Double K)
    Probably the most underrated Kpop song of this year. The vocals are terribly gorgeous and the song is catchy. The video is artsy, a bit weird here and there. People should really try it at least once, it has like 3000 views or something so…
    2. Miss $ – You were not the… (Narr. Verbal Jint)
    I’m astonished that Miss $ is not more popular. The last few song they did (including solo song) are just almost perfect. They have a good rapper and a good vocalist. + the MV is really really cool.
    3. Navi – I Ain’t Going Home Tonight
    I know it was kinda popular for a while in Korea, it made the top 25 Melon Chart 2 or 3 times. I got into it lately and even though the MV is not that powerful, the song is extremely catchy.
    4. Air Plane – Give Me A Change
    SOOOOO underrated! I still listen to it now and love it as much as when I’ve discovered it. They make me think of CNBlue and FTIsland, but with a bit of ZEA or NUEST in them. The result is great. I really like the chorus. I don’t really remember the MV because it was instant love so I listen to it more than I watch it.
    5. J.Fla – Story
    The MV is kinda in between greatness and just a bit too akward. But the song is kinda fun and a great mix between something sorta bubbly and good, intensely felt vocals. I’ve liked her featuring in some other summer song too.
    6. Bebop, Humming Urban Stereo – Maem Maem
    This is maybe more KIndie, but I don’t know exactly. It has this dance kind of feeling to it. It took me some time to get around it, but now, I LOVE it. The MV is ok.
    7. Piggy Dolls – Ordinary Girl

    This one I’ve also grown to like it. The MV is sometimes awkward with the poses they do and stuff, but after the few first 30 second, the song comes to its full potential and I like it a lot. It’s not the greatest song out there, but it’s fun.

    I didn’t put Spica in it, but I couldn’t agree with you guyses more, I’m totally in love with their song!

    3 years ago
    • I’ve been listening to Navi’s “I Ain’t Going Home Tonight” on repeat. I’m not sure about her popularity in Korea, but she’s extremely underrated internationally. Her vocals are incredible! I’ve loved her since her “I Love You” and it saddens me that she’s not more well known. I think she’s more known for doing cover songs, which also saddens me since she’s an amazing singer and her songs are also great and worth listening to.

      3 years ago
  120. Off the top of my head, some of my possibly less well know favorites from this summer have been Sunny Hill’s Darling of All Hearts, Tasty’s MaMaMa, M.I.B.’s Dash/Men In Black (alikjdlakjsdhfkahsj I can’t figure out why I like it so much). Played them sooo many times. @_@ Counting is useless. And K-Hunter’s Marry Me was adorable. And Piggy Dolls’ Ordinary Girl was awesome. And WonderBoyz’ Tarzan really grew on me. And.. And…..

    3 years ago
  121. I think I actually prefer this format. I feel like sometimes there is other really good music out there but is lesser known or there are just too many videos/songs coming out at the same time so its really difficult to keep up. This gives S&M a chance to talk about more and introduce more or less known music. I really hope to see more KMMs like this!

    3 years ago
  122. I am so glad “V” made it on the list! Love the song; the video is hysterical! This is one of my favorite songs of the summer. :)

    3 years ago
  123. Can I just put it out there that more people need to know about LUNAFLY? They’re song “Fly To Love” is already 6 months old (according to youtube) IT’S FREAKING AMAZING but it has LESS THAN 500000 I WAS FREAKING SHOCKED LIKE barely 300000 views!! They’re amazing and should get more attention (maybe it’s cuz they’re more towards indie?)

    3 years ago
  124. I loved Lunafly’s Fly To Love. The song is so fun and upbeat, it makes people want to dance. Also the group is really underrated as well.


    3 years ago
  125. I was kind of disappointed ya’ll didn’t review After School’s First Love it was in the top 3 for selection for 3-4 weeks after its release. Well hopefully there comeback in November will be confirmed and maybe then use After School fans will get to see a review :)

    3 years ago
  126. I really-really glad that SPICA made it to this list, because yesssss their voices are awesome, pretty faces, but not enough recognition. Bcs of wrong-choice songs? idk.
    I find the video of “Tonight” is soooo lovely and a refreshment from the usual kpop mv, but I still feel it lacks something. Maybe….plot and flows? There are too many scenes that feel like a behind-the-scene of a photoshoot. Lovely set, doing fun things, but what are you doing there exactly? If they would add the plot, like doing slumber party or indian party, that would be perfecttt! But still, I LOOOOVE THE MV SO MUCH!!

    3 years ago
  127. I don’t think I know enough about K-pop to judge what is actually considered underrated, but when I came across Block B’s “Be the Light” (which I guess technically came out in “Fall” being Sep. 22), I just don’t know how that song has less than 300k views. The cinematography is amazing, and the song itself grabbed at me even before I knew what it meant.

    And I don’t know if it’s true or not, but there’s a pretty consistent story behind the concept of the song that is touching as well. : )

    3 years ago
  128. The line that people use saying you talked about something not on the kpop charts is absurd. There are 100 videos at all times on the charts, which currently all seven of these videos are still on the charts. That to me means, they are current and open to discussion by you guys. And honestly even the songs not on the charts are open to discussion. Via this method you opened my love up to Mirotic and Haru Haru. I’m just a Nasty that loves to see what you guys will do every video.

    3 years ago
  129. I love Spica since i watched their show with Lee Hyori and i really agree with you guys! Tonight mv is super cool and has that hipster vibe to it lol it’s a really really cool video and song and it needs more view seriously!

    3 years ago
  130. Haha, I LOVED BTOB’s “When I Was Your Man”. I feel like they are one of the best (vocally) groups out there – seriously, check out their acapella performances. Freaking amazing. Maybe their style isn’t for everyone, but they DO deserve more attention.
    Actually, I’m a bit suprised by this list, because I knew 5 out of 7 songs. Feeling proud of myself : D

    AND GREETINGS FROM POLAND we wait for you patiently : D

    3 years ago
    BTS – No Dream
    Son Seung Yeon – I’m Not Crazy
    Sori – B.I.K.I.N.I
    Kim Greem – Just the Two of Us
    Min G – Miss You Like Crazy
    Lush – Miserable
    Dio – the Story of You and I
    Kim Ji Soo – Please
    2Eyes – Don’t Mess With Me (their live performance surprised me)
    Alley Cat – 9 O’Clock

    that is all..

    3 years ago
  132. WOW, I really like Spica’s song and video!! The song was fantastic, and the video was SO DAMN DIFFERENT THAN MOST KPOP SONGS…. SO DAMN GOOD!! And might I say to Martina’s comment about international fans being in denial… AMEN SISTA, AMEN! I think the Kpop industry does so well in selling their groups that most of the time, people outside of Korea don’t actually realize that not all of Korea belongs to one fanclub or another. Okay, anyway…

    3 years ago
  133. I really feel like Chocolat is an underrated band in K-Pop for the wrong reasons and I was listening to their latest single, “Black Tinkerbell” non-stop this whole summer long to the point where it’s at my #2 most listened to song on itunes with more than 1300 listens. :/ I really really like this group and I wish to see a whole lot more of them in the new future after their long hiatus away and wish them the best of luck in the industry with their success! Fighting!! :)

    3 years ago
    • Absolutely – Black Tinkerbell made my list of underrated songs of Summer 2013. They are so great and I had such a hard time finding this song. Even now, the iTunes catalog only has their older stuff.

      3 years ago
  134. Definitely Vixx’s song here. This is such an awesome video, I think. >3<


    3 years ago
  135. Roo

    I think that Lunafly and the Piggy Dolls are two really underrated groups that deserve more recognition.

    Lunafly’s recent cover of “Wake Me Up” by Avicii: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PMIsfwG5Xc

    3 years ago
  136. D’oh I remembered something I was going to say earlier. While watching Lee Jung Hyun – 5, which I really liked btw thanks for the recommendation, I kept having Master’s Sun intro flashbacks. Wait is it still a flash back if it’s something still currently running? Well either way, the MV reminded me of the title sequence for Master’s Sun. Anyone else get that vibe or was it just me.

    Speaking of Master’s Sun I love Yoon Mi Rae’s OST “Touch Love” for the show. She’s so talented and blows me away. Singing with such beauty and then also rapping with such bad assed ness. Not sure you will like the song since it’s a ballad but here’s an audio video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExHl7Xozsmk

    3 years ago
  137. Is it really that serious?!?!? This is all meant for fun; a means to be introduced to new music and new realms of the K-pop culture. I don’t think that one’s life takes a dramatic hit or loss of purpose when a music video they may have liked does not get talked about….the sun will still rise, people will still go about their business, and music will still exist.

    I think it’s preposterous for any of us, no matter how big a fangirl/fanboy you might be, to expect that our devotion to a particular artist and their video MUST be acknowledged. Think about it: whether Simon and Martina are able to review the group or not, that music star has had their dollars and popularity augment each time someone watches the video, each time someone shares the youtube link, and each time people head to Yesasia or iTunes and download the song. Don’t get me wrong, I love KMMs and the work that EYK puts into entertaining us with their thoughts and opinions, but in the long run, their commentaries for one group or lack there of for another will not end the world of K-pop.
    EYK and all the segments they put out are merely for entertaining us and enlightening their fans from their perspective and experience, not to meet/answer all of our expectations. It might help to take that into consideration so that this disappointment that you feel might not affect you so much.

    3 years ago
  138. Btw Kim, I just want to thank you for expressing your thoughts here, where S&M can respond to it, rather than posting anonymous rants on tumblr like some people do.
    Also, don’t take the responses here as personal attacks; but rather as a general reaction to all the dissatisfied kpop fans over the years. ^^; I’ve seen identical comments to yours hundreds of times. So, um, it’s not just you in particular; rather the whole of kpop fans in general tend to overreact when they don’t get what they want.

    I think…if it wasn’t for the bizarre kpop environment, you wouldn’t feel like that :/

    3 years ago
    • Oh the good old days when I could search the simonandmartina tag on tumblr and just find cute gifs of their videos and fanart, and not reaching personal attacks on them because they didn’t review their oppas.

      3 years ago
  139. I loved this post! As much as I look forward to your hilarious take on trending K-Pop videos (which I have experienced uncontrollable laughter in a quiet room full of people trying to study), I also enjoy hearing about the underrated and unmentioned songs of K-Pop. Thank you Simon and Martina for a happy fun filled Monday:o)

    3 years ago
  140. i think the reason why people are more upset about KMMs is because they kinda see it as a popularity contest between kpop groups. They get upset if their fave groups “lose” to other groups or don’t get talked about…

    3 years ago
  141. I think Shaking Heart got really high on Korean charts no? (correct me if I’m wrong)
    I really loved that song+ video though :>

    3 years ago
  142. Duuude. Mamama was A-MAZ-ING, that song is so awesome!
    I actually really liked the video, it was clean, with a slight sm-box feel but also with some dashes of different stuff. (plus they looked darn cute hehe)

    3 years ago
  143. I agree with y’all for Sunmi’s song!!! It’s VERY addictive!! I freaking love that song!! It feels like it has a different vibe from other kpop songs so maybe that’s why I love it a lot!! And that dance is just WOW!!!!! It’s really creative especially that arm/hand thing was really cool.

    3 years ago
  144. 2EYES Don’t Mess With Me

    3 years ago
    • I laughed so hard during every rocket punch in the drama version…

      3 years ago
  145. I’m glad you made this. Ever since you scrapped the kpopchart update, I haven’t really been following any of the newer songs. So, thanks for doing something different!

    3 years ago
  146. I’d have to say Phantom’s “I Already Know” has to be one of the most underrated K-pop songs of this past summer, and its music video has less than 40K views.
    :( It was an instant favorite for me from the first time I listened to it, and that doesn’t happen often. There isn’t really much to their music video, but I’ve been a sucker for them since “Hole in Your Face” which is one of my all time favorite music videos. It makes me sad how little known they are, because they’re FANTASTIC!!!

    3 years ago
    • I wasnt that into the song, but I’ve loved all their other releases. (Did you listen to the song they did w/verbal Jint? So cute.)
      Hole In Your Face WAS SO GOOOOOD, UGHHH! They neeeed to release more music!
      (Listening to Hole In Your Face on repeat now <3)

      3 years ago
    • I love Phantom and I can’t believe I forgot to add them to my list D:

      3 years ago
  147. “If I tell my sister she should check watch Breaking Bad, and she doesn’t, do I say “SCREW YOU!””
    Well I feel like it’s the appropriate response…

    3 years ago
  148. I love when you guys switch it up! the skits are cute and funny, but i agree with some of the other comments that they take away time from your sharing more of your opinions. And it’s probably easy to edit these kind of videos too!!! Either way I will still be watching :)

    3 years ago
  149. Honestly, I feel the same way with you guise (S&M).
    You guys started EYK as something to do for fun and share the fun with people.
    Yes, now it grows some popularity, but that doesn’t mean the freedom and fun should be abandoned.
    Honestly, I knew EYK because of KMM because I can see myself in S&M, that is ranting and complimenting everything in an MV.
    But never, I repeat, I NEVER get upset if the video I voted for is not reviewed in KMM.
    I watch KMM for enjoying S&M making fun of themselves and poor out their heart feels,
    I’m not watching it to see how the competition in KPop groups,
    If that’s what I wanna see, music programs are the better option, they even allow me to see the real artist.

    Sorry for the long rant, but I feel annoyed by people complaining on how EYK should do KMM.
    Again, for me, KMM is for fun, and fun is resulted from the freedom of choosing the artist that S&M want to and the creativity they can pull from the video that they choose.
    Just because sometimes, (SOMETIMES => yes, please mark this and embrace it) they don’t do as the poll resulted, it doesn’t mean they don’t respect our opinion.
    There. I said it.
    Sorry for my bad English, it’s not my first language.

    3 years ago
  150. the passionate responses of fans regarding who you choose to review probably has to do with the incredible devotion people have to their favorite groups. by selecting a different group to review, i guess they see it as an “attack” on their favorite group and the fact that they feel the group is the best and should therefore be the one reviewed. all of this is probably not even consciously processed and it just bubbles up as intense disappoint.

    i know i for one have been disappointed before when you haven’t reviewed 2NE1 (my most favorite kpop group), but i push that disappointment aside and try to enjoy the video that was made, and i pretty much always do enjoy it!

    3 years ago
  151. say yes – feel good :)

    3 years ago
  152. YAY!^^ Royal Pirates!!! Their mini album is brilliant! And that Lee Jung Hyun song/video is just awesome.
    Others that I’ve fallen in love with are definitely:
    Lee Yu Rim ‘Call my name’
    Navi ‘I ain’t going home tonight’
    M.I.B ‘Men in Black’
    Kim Jin Pyo & Alice (Hello Venus) ‘사로잡아요’
    Garina Project ‘Otter song’

    Kim Ye Rim ‘Rain’
    Honey G ‘그대 My Love’
    Aprince ‘Mambo’ & ‘My Lady’
    Kang Seung Yoon ‘Stealer’

    Also, a fair few of BTOB’s songs are more like that one – just not their singles (such a shame really) – my favourite is ‘Lover Boy’.

    3 years ago
  153. No offense but comments like yours piss me off…I hate it when people complain when something doesn’t go their way. So they went out of the box a little this week, I actually like it because doing it this way means I get to check out new artists I haven’t heard of or those solo artists who don’t get enough recognition…get over it and get use to change. Sometimes, I honestly feel like every time S&M does something different, they get more negativity than positivism and it honest makes me feel sad. Like nothing’s good enough for people like you. I support S&M no matter what they do, so if you don’t wan to watch anymore EYK without saying something negative then don’t watch it. It’s as simple as that.

    3 years ago
    Ok I’m good now. Seriously though, do you even lift, bro?

    3 years ago
  155. Please where did you get that Sailor Moon mug?

    3 years ago
  156. There are those of us Nasties, who like me, love every video you guys make. because we love seeing your faces and hearing your opinions. EYK fighting!

    3 years ago
  157. What about Teen Top’s song Rocking that song and dance was AMAZING!!!

    3 years ago
  158. I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m a NASTY fan! And I watch your video for you guys, I even watch reviews you guys do even when I have no interest in the song you guys are reviewing just because I love to see you guys do what you do<3 You guys are awesome! And I'd love you even if you guys didn't concentrate on Korea! I can tell that you appreciate our Nasty community, and I'll be a Nasty forever!

    3 years ago
  159. Despite the fact that you guys have skit skills that can match the SNL crew…. I really like this format! I love hearing about different Korean music especially since not living in Korea makes it harder to finding out about groups that aren’t extremely popular.

    3 years ago
  160. Haha, I second that sentiment about the K-Indie charts. I put a lot of effort into making those request videos, but even if it’s not picked, I don’t consider it a waste of time, y’know? It was still fun making it. See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWFgzZdBN-Y

    Btw, Lee Jung Hyun’s V was actually requested in @unicorngalaxy’s K-Indie request video, which I saw a while back, so I’m glad you’re finally talking about it :D

    3 years ago
    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWsno6ZlNTw
      ^This was never added here was it? I hadn’t had much time/remembered to watch it til recently and wasn’t even sure if it had a real MV. Obviously it does but I don’t see that it was added on here ever.

      3 years ago
    • I have those Toy Story 3 green peas also!!! One I loved them from the movie but also well cause I’m a Triple S and well you know Green Peas (aka what they call their fans) sooooo I’ve named them Kyu Jong, Hyung Jun and Youngsaeng….*skips away gleefully

      3 years ago
    • LOL. now I may not be able to use it again. Oh well. Everyone enjoy my slightly evil kitty. *sigh* He’s gonna become SUCH a diva now!

      3 years ago
      • Speaking of which did you vid reply to the last indie? Idt I remembered to so I tried it last night and could not get the “video reply” part to show up. Does that mean I already did it? Idk I was confused but didn’t have enough time to try and figure out what was going on and gave up.

        3 years ago
        • That’s because YT is weird and the “video reply” option is no longer available. I think Simon mentioned this in their last Indie Playlist and told us to leave links to our request videos in the comments or send them via twitter.

          3 years ago
        • Whoops…
          I thought you couldn’t leave links in replies on YT?

          And I’m sure they get spammed with tweets… so that sucks…

          3 years ago
        • I guess he meant comments on EYK. And they’re more likely to notice your request here.

          3 years ago
        • Hopefully I remember when I get home.
          (Although it’s late enough since being posted that it might not even be seen.)

          3 years ago
        • I only vid replied once. I didn’t want to spam them and figure that they would probably go back through a lot of their vid replies from older videos. Doesn’t matter now cause they talked about it! ^^

          3 years ago
  161. BTOB’s song is really nice and different, but there are usually songs like that on many k-pop albums. Some people only listen to the title tracks but there is usually so much diversity in the rest of their album. If I love a group then usually I love every song they make :)

    3 years ago
  162. Although I completely agree with you I feel the need to add….

    ” If I tell my sister she should check watch Breaking Bad, and she doesn’t, do I say “SCREW YOU!” and never suggest anything again?”


    3 years ago
  163. Let me begin by saying.. THANKYOU THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR DOING THIS! I’ve been waiting for something like this. Some of the songs I’ve heard before and love, some not much but the greatest find today I would say is definitely Royal Pirates. The song Shout Out is so catchy and happy. It’s a great “let’s start the day” kind of song. ]

    3 years ago
  164. Just keep doing what you guys do. I think it is awesome just the way it is. :)

    3 years ago
  165. All I can say is thank you for this.. I’ve been meaning to click on Royal Pirates just because the name is so cool.. I wish I had sooner. And yay another Spica song to love!

    I super duper like this format. It would be sweet if more KMMs were like this.

    Groups I feel need more attention are C-Clown and VIXX There are others of course Lunafly maybe? I’ve been loving on some Geeks- Fly too this summer.

    3 years ago
  166. First, things first. Thank you so much for doing a review like this. While I never emailed you guys lol, I did say many times on various posts how I really missed the charts and always enjoyed hearing your opinions on songs not normally recognized. Very much was a lover of your monthly K Crunch back in the day. Any way, thank you for giving recognition to these underrated artists/songs.

    Now to the music. Yay! Spica and Royal Pirates songs were some of my favorite songs this summer. Others, that I count as underrated and really enjoy are:
    Tasty – Mamama (2 1/2 minutes of wonderful jazzyness)
    MIB – Men In Black
    ZE:A – The Ghost of Wind
    Ladies Code – Hate You

    These next to are more indie than kpop
    Bjorn – Empty Desire
    Unchained – Porcupine (this is Alice in Chains meets Folk Implosion)

    My Favorite underrated song though is Kang Seung Yoon – Stealer Yeah I know he’s a member of YG and now on the show WIN but I still see him as seriously underrated. Especially since this video was just tossed out with no fanfare. It was like oh look what we found. But personally I really love this song and Kang Seung Yoon’s voice and sound.

    3 years ago
  167. Not in any particular order…

    SPICA’s “Tonight”
    ODD EYE’s “Catch Me If You Can” and “Follow Me”
    Sunny Hill’s “Darling of all Hearts”
    VIXX’s “G.R.8.U.”
    Sunmi’s “24 hours”
    Davichi “Missing You Today” (They don’t really have a big following though they’re well-known in Korea I think)
    Ailee’s “U&I” (Does she count as underrated? She’s pretty well-known but doesn’t seem to have a ginormous following)
    Brown Eyed Girls’ “Kill Bill” (Also don’t really know if they’re underrated….They’re very well-known but they didn’t win anything on the shows, I think)

    3 years ago
  168. Suho (not EXO) I am not kidding. The rapping is good, but his focals, *slaps self. They are AMAAAAZING! The video is a bit weird, but the song is GORGEOUS!
    *Whisper: JYP’s Greatest of These featuring NamgungSongok, Gaeko of Dynamic Duo. The song is beautiful and the way they go in and out of each others verses is phenomenal.

    3 years ago
  169. I was kind of surprised you guys didn’t include VIXX G.R.8.U.!, but whateves. BTS N.O also I feel like didn’t get much attention, but it doesn’t quite have that summer time feel to it. It was more like a I’m-mad-school-is-about-to-start song, but it still needs to be watched.

    3 years ago
  170. Oh wait I also really liked Tasty’s MAMAMA

    3 years ago
  171. Wooo, now I have new songs and artis I need to get addicted to and play their songs way too many times ^^ A great list, I think my favs were Royal Pirates and Lee Jung Hyun!

    3 years ago
  172. Awesome picks. I also really liked Lim Kim’s “All Right” it was oddly hypnotic. I think I just really like the soft raspy voice. Brown Eyed Girls- Kill Bill…mm can’t think of many on the spot.

    3 years ago
  173. Oooh, I love when you guise do vids like this. Off to discover some awesome new songs :D

    3 years ago
  174. Ok, I really am going to check out Royal Priates. I’ve been looking for more korean bands that actually play instruments and sing.

    For me my summer jam in the kpop world was ZE:A’s Illusion album. It’s been over a year since they’ve produced a full album as a whole. Right before Aftermath was supposed come out Junyoung suffered a injury while filming one of those athletic shows and he seriously broke his leg that required surgery. That halted a lot of their promotions for Aftermath and the Phoenix mini album. The company ha to postpone the release date of the Aftermath album so they could quickly reconfigure the choreography from a 9 man routine to an 8. And the same went for Phonenix Junyoung has been recovering over the past year and in the meantime ZE:A was promoting sub-units in Japan and Korea. The sub-units were interesting. It was nice to see ZE:A members do other things that were closer to their own music styles and highlighted their composing and writing abilities and each definitely had their own sound.

    ZE:A 4U’s song Opps and ZE:A Five’s song Fiancee were pretty much my jams until Illusion debuted. It was so wonderful having all nine of them singing together again and I almost cried when I saw Junyoung on stage and dancing. The promoted track for this album was “Ghost of Wind”. The song was loosely based off Phantom of the Opera an featured Hyungshik’s operatic talents and a full orchestra. However the tracks Crazy and No. 1 were my absolute favorite songs on the album. No.1 heavily features Kevin’s vocals and is this super amazing 90’s hip hop throwback song. Crazy has a slightly more 80’s feel to it. Think of it like Infinite’s music (especially The Chaser and Destiny).

    Seriously, if any of you are interested please check out the links below and support ZE:A.

    http://youtu.be/RbQVGUvS58Y ZE:A 4U Oops

    This song has a total retro 40-50’s feel with an infectious melody an rhythm that makes you want to get on the floor and swing dance.

    http://youtu.be/HeUenyb-0sY ZE:A Five Fiancee

    This is your typical pop love ballad song. Technically this came out in the spring but I freaken love the song so I was still playing this in August.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82d7a2oCEvo Ghost of Wind

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoyQN-mne00 Crazy

    http://youtu.be/lf-3EoAAlXE No. 1

    3 years ago
  175. I liked KARA’s Damaged Lady. The song was nice and I felt that the video had some strength to it (they weren’t cutesy) even though it was pose-y.

    3 years ago
  176. Wow this whole video made me so happy! I have been a Nasty for years and I love S&M and am so happy for their success, especially in the last year or so. But now they are so popular and travel so much I feel like in a way some of their videos have changed. I love all their videos (WANK’s, FAPFAP’s, WTF’s) but I feel like lately (especially now that they don’t do KpopChart Updates anymore) like their focus on Kpop has kinda gone on the back burner. I sometimes miss the old style of KMM where it was just a simple video shot in one or two shots and it was just S&M talking about Kpop songs that they really loved. I am so glad they did this video that was really about introducing their fans to underrated songs of the year they may not have heard all ready.

    3 years ago
  177. You should have talked about Brown Eyed Girls with Kill Bill!!! On another note, thanks for introducing me to these songs.

    3 years ago
    • BEG’s Kill Bill was on our list but didn’t make the final cut because we felt like BEG is already very well known, while Sunmi is just starting out her solo career! ^^ But what a great video, right??

      3 years ago
      • I guess, but Kill Bill has less than 600k views which is just.. so sad for such a good video.

        3 years ago
      • I guess so. Both of them are great, but Sunmi’s music video threw me off despite the lyrics perfectly matching the plot of “24 Hours”. Those eyes remind of a certain someone… *cough cough Fangurilla*, but with a great hairstyle. On a different note, OMG THE SIMON AND MARTINA RESPONDED TO ME XD.

        3 years ago
      • Glad it was on your list, even if it didn’t make the final cut. I LOVE that song, partly because I’m a crazy Ga In fangirl, and also because it was really catchy with a bizarre, yet awesome music video.

        3 years ago
    • BEG – Kill Bill is an awesome song and video, I was going to comment about them as well, but her video’s got over 1million views, so idk if it’s that underrated.

      3 years ago
      • S&M said that Sunmi’s “24 Hours” is underrated since it has about 1.7 million views, so BEG should be in the same category as Sunmi.

        3 years ago
        • yeah you’re right, but maybe they didn’t remembered, or just didn’t liked it as much. I like more Kill Bill than Sunmi’s song but that’s just my opinion, oh Recipe from their album was really good as well. I love that song.

          3 years ago
  178. I’d have to say that K-Hunter’s “Be My Girl” is definitely underrated in both the music video and the song.

    3 years ago
  179. YUSSSS! so happy that you finally talked about Royal Pirates~~~ AND not to mention you finally met with James!!
    I smell a friendship and an interview in the future…. :P

    3 years ago
  180. i liked this but im really disappointed that they still have yet to make a single comment about bts, despite the fact that they have been in the top 3 twice. The didnt even mention them in the kpop chart updates while they were still doing them at the time. I’m honestly wondering whether they actually hate them and think they suck or they just arent impressed. Either way they deserve to at least be acknowledged.

    3 years ago
    • there has been roughly around almost 600 videos added to the charts this year (there are playlists on this channel http://www.youtube.com/user/TheEpikNasties) . Simon and Martina could not possibly talk about all of them. I understand the frustration because we all have videos that we would LOVE to hear them talk about even if it’s just a mention, unfortunately it’s just not possible. I wouldn’t say that S&M hate BTS. It’s just that there are sooo many videos that they can’t talk about all of them.

      3 years ago
    • I don’t think they hate them, I think its a little similar when they didn’t pick a kpop’s artists song ‘the art of seduction’ but on another video they told how much they loved it. I think they have their reasons for not commenting on it yet.

      3 years ago
    • I posted about this as well,(that I was disappointed that they’re not getting reviewed yet again..). I completely understand that S&M can’t possibly make all their viewers happy (it’s very much impossible with such a large audience), but at the same time the I thought part of the reason for starting the Top 3 was so there would be a diversity in the videos that got selected for KMM. I’m not hating on G-Dragon (because I absolutely love him, his new album, and almost everything he does) but as an example, he’s been reviewed a lot, and maybe that KMM spot could’ve gone to a different group. Again, using GD’s video is simple an example of my opinion. (EMPHASIS on opinion)

      3 years ago
      • You have a great mindset, but unfortunately the huge fanbases voting for big names would also be angry if their preference was ignored. I think in the end S&M are trying to pick the most interesting video to review, but also considering their larger audience. Not to say that the majority vote is right, but you must consider more than just the popularity of an artist and how often they’ve been reviewed. Your opinion does make sense though.

        3 years ago
    • Wow, there’s a lot of assumptions going on here. S&M were very busy over the past month, and aside from that this video was meant to showcase some smaller groups/songs. BTS has no trouble with views, because they’re well known already, and the song is popular. Even further, do you know just how many kpop groups there are? It’d be impossible for EYK to acknowledge all of them.

      3 years ago
  181. FUUUUUUUUUU lol i never win! lol but i loved this video! great job u guys ^^

    3 years ago
  182. i think u should continue this segment mayb at the end of every month…like recap for certain month

    3 years ago
  183. I really liked that you guys did this. You should do it more often. Every couple of months, or once a month even. To be honest, I rarely watch KMM, but I love hearing about new songs, and some of these ones were awesome.

    3 years ago
  184. Wa$$usp Hotter than a summer was amazing, way better than their first single.
    M.I.B men in black was so catching.
    And I’m not sure if this counts, but U-Beat Should have treated you better great.

    3 years ago
  185. Woah, I didn’t expect you guise to have the same taste with me…
    Almost all of the videos you mention are captivating for me, except for 5Dolls, which is not my cup of tea.
    And yes, I definitely, give a thumb up for Lee Jung Hyun for her weirdness, it’s really daring and I applaud her for that.
    And Sunmi, her song is really, really addicting, plus her dance moves are sexy, I keep watching her video performances XD
    Spica’s Tonight is awesome, I can tell that the girls are really having a good time, and it compliments the song really well.
    As for G.I., I’m not really into hip-hop, but I like their consistency in this genre, I hope their popularity can increase more.
    BTOB were really shocking, but I like the vibe that they give in this song. Smooth and relaxing.
    I have nothing to say about Royal Pirates because I just love boys playing music. The end.

    3 years ago
  186. I think you guys need to do things like this more often. It’s refreshing and it breaks up the monotony. I’ve also noticed that for the most part that I can kinda tell what songs you would maybe enjoy. God, I just saw that little clip Lee Jung Hyun’s song and I knew that I’d love it.

    I’d go with SPICA’s Tonight, it feels like summer nights when you’re a free spirit running around a bon fire or just with friends screaming at the top of your lungs. Junsu’s Incredible even though he’s fairly well-known, that song is also just feel good party music. I don’t know if Wonder Boyz counts with their song, but what the hell Tarzan was amaze~ I don’t listen to that much kpop songs that I don’t already know or if I want to watch a review so I’ll check it out so I know what’s going on.

    3 years ago
  187. Were you guise just “da da da da da da da”-ing Shanice’s “I love your smile?”

    *hides after revealing age*

    3 years ago
    • OMG, I pulled out my Shanice CD to replay it and see if that was the song they were humming. It looks like were all from the same era…lol, because that was so the tune. Hello 90’s kids ::awkward face at age reveal as well.::

      http://youtu.be/y-gz-yddE6Q …for those who have no idea what we’re talking about.

      3 years ago
  188. Favorite underrated title songs/singles of the summer (I have too many favorite B-sides I’m not even going to go there):

    1. Volcano- P-TYPE (P-TYPE is a rapper but the woman who sings in this is an indie singer who has worked a lot with YG artists and her voice is amazing)

    2. Whoo!- Fiestar (really great song that features Eric Benet)

    3. Fly- Geeks (catchy, I love it)

    4. Black Suit- Rphabet & San-E (it’s a fusion of electronic and hip hop, and San-E kills it)

    5. Men In Black- M.I.B (possibly the catchiest song of the summer)

    6. Pretty Pretty- Ladies’ Code (great vocals, fun video)

    7. Voice- Lim Kim (Love this girl, and there is not one song of hers I don’t like. I just feel this song was overlooked)

    8. MAMAMA- Tasty (love the beat)

    3 years ago
  189. Yay~! Sunmi, Spica and Lee Jung Hyun are on the list! :D
    For me… VIXX’s “You’re Impressive (G.R.8.U)”, Block B’s “Be The Light”, Rlphabet “Black Suit (ft. San E)”, Navi “I’m Not Going Home Tonight”, Airplane “Give Me a Chance”, MIB “Men In Black”, Fiestar “Whoo! (ft. Eric Benet)”, and Honey-G “Baboya” ^^

    3 years ago
  190. The summer song and video I couldn’t get enough of was Bigstar’s Run & Run. I probably replayed more times than I could count. It reminded me so much of the old school house parties circa the Kid & Play era. The clothing was fun and loud, and the dance moves were straight out of the 90’s….it felt like they even paid homage to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air episode when Carlton and Will get caught being exotic dancers [if you haven’t seen it, Hulu that business pronto to see the Tonto]. But the icing on the cake of that song was the chika, chika boom boom of it all. I don’t think it got a wideload of views and I probably counted for a chunk of those, but I thought it was a pretty fun-get you to move- song of the summer.

    3 years ago
  191. a MUST check out is Jewelry – Hot & Cold. it’s like Korea’s answer to Eurythmics kinda :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAdabIfmtgk

    3 years ago
    • Another Jewelry fan?? These guys totally get overlooked. Hot & Cold was awesome. And in my opinion, Baby J is probably one of the best female rappers in K Pop.

      3 years ago


    3 years ago
    • Glad you liked it!

      3 years ago
    • I actually really love it too, because that way S&M don’t have to waste time reviewing parts of videos that are otherwise boring, and I feel like they could even do skits that sort of weave into eachother if they do multiple songs. Also, I am wondering if it’s possible to do like… a THIS WEEK IN KPOP HISTORY video series, where S&M can review and introduce older songs? I’ve been hoping for that for awhile!

      3 years ago
      • TT_TT “THIS WEEK IN KPOP HISTORY” I love you! One of the things I loved about the K-crunch was that it introduced older songs too. There are some really awesome songs that are from the early – mid 2000’s and even the 90’s that I’m sure people would like but haven’t had the time to look into.

        EDIT: actually a few of us are creating a list of our personal favorites of pre-2010 songs/videos. I’m not sure when it will be done though. ^^;

        3 years ago
        • Lol how about they just call it THIS WEEK IN KPOP (T.W.I.N.K.) ^-~

          3 years ago
      • Agreed that Shadow is the best song from Pink Tape but Airplane is my second favorite so I’m not complaining :)

        3 years ago
  193. I’m a huge fan of Shout Out. That song is like.. my JAM right now, you know?

    3 years ago
  194. I think the same. they avoid talking about some groups.

    3 years ago
  195. omygad! that V MV. It creeped me out! I LOVE it now hahah :D

    3 years ago
  196. I really liked BTS’s No More Dream & We Are Bulletproof Pt2 (maybe they’re not that underrated though) as well as MBLAQ’s No Love, which deserves so many more views.

    3 years ago
  197. Kat

    Actually Lee Jung Hyun’s V was my summer song. I found it when looking around different kpop songs on youtube and found it and just fell in love with the song and video! So happy to see that you guys liked it too!

    3 years ago
  198. is “kindof” the canadian way to write “kind of”? lol
    yay SPICA! i’ve loved them since their debut and i’m so happy to hear that they’re finally gaining momentum in korea. tonight is a wonderful song, so far my favorite after russian roulette. you guys should def watch their performance on yoo hee yeol’s sketchbook, they’re flawless =]

    love 24 hours and agreed with some of the commenters here, i would’ve included tasty’s mamama.

    3 years ago
  199. Another one I like is the new rookie group BTS’s N.O

    3 years ago
    • I have been obsessed with their songs. especially this one! the lyrics to it are amazing. I also love everyones vocals :) very unique sounding to me.

      3 years ago
    • I was just judging purely off the youtube number. It’s hard for me to know who are more popular internationally ’cause I don’t really have any friends who listen to kpop with me. I don’t know or have the time to figure out the demographics of the bands’ fans. I’m sorry if I posted a non underrated band.

      3 years ago
    • I don’t think their singers are anywhere near the level of their rappers. Really kills my vibe.

      3 years ago
      • dudeee. no. Their singers are flawless, check out some of their youtube covers/mixtapes and other songs off their album (I would recommend ‘Coffee’ and ‘Luv In Skool’)(also I know the title of the second song is stupid but its good)

        3 years ago
    • guys look at the VIEWS for the song it’s under 1 million, no way that’s not “underrated” they barely make it to 700000 views… very disappointing for a “popular rookie group” if you ask me.

      3 years ago
      • Just because not every fan has seen the video (I haven’t) does not mean they are not popular, Idk about their popularity in korea, but almost every k-pop fan I know online or irl knows of them.
        (I really hope this doesn’t sound mean //sobs) (I just think that internationally at least they are very popular and don’t really need to be “promoted/shared” among i-fans as much)
        Sorta like how EXO was really popular among i-fans but literally noone cared about them in Korea before this year+ their album? (idk if Im getting my point across very well Its 2 AM where I am and Im really tired)

        3 years ago
        • Well… I don’t know, I mean they sort of mentioned views as a factor when they chose their songs, and from my own experience… nobody around me who’s a kpop fan ever even heard of BTS… well… if they’re not underrated, than I’m disappointed by the fans, because not even reaching 1 mil… :P
          btw you don’t sound mean ^^ I hope I don’t :P and you did get the point across! :))

          3 years ago
    • I don’t think they’re underrated…

      3 years ago
  200. I too feel like VIXX is underrated :( like they do well internationally but yeah, they deserve more attention. Especially their song hyde and G.R.8.U. I also feel like History was underrated with their songs Dreamer and Tell Me Love. And i love this type of video for EYK since Kpop updates is gone now :( THANKS FOR A GREAT MONDAY !

    3 years ago
  201. Agree! It’s so good! Tasty is an awesome duo.

    3 years ago
  202. I’m a big fan of Tasty’s Mamama too. It’s a great song. :)

    3 years ago
  203. I really like MIB’s Men in Black. It only has like 100 k hits.
    Side note: They’re from Jungle Entertainment which I think was founded by Tiger JK.

    3 years ago
  204. I love C-Clown! :3 Has S&M ever reviewed any of theirs? :0c

    3 years ago
    • :( Oh noooo, they need to put out something new so we can rush the charts and get them reviewed!

      3 years ago
  205. My top favorite underrated songs of the summer:
    (in no order)
    -Ladies Code “Pretty Pretty”
    -Wassup “Hotter Than A Summer” <
    -Basically ANY Lim Kim / Kim YeRim song. haha she's not that big to intl kpop fans… and she should be because her voice is SO BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE.
    -N-Train "Comeback To Me"
    -ODDEYE "Catch Me If You Can" & "Follow Me" !!! THIS GROUP PLAY VIOLINS/CELLO!!! IT'S AMAZING!
    -Queen B'Z "Bad"
    -Say Yes "느낌이 좋아" ((they're a new band kinda like Royal Pirates))
    -Z.Hera "Peacock"
    -BIGSTAR "Run&Run"
    -Sunny Hill "Darling of Hearts"
    -Double A "Okay About It" & "Midnight Taxi"
    -M.I.B "Men In Black"

    BOOM. THERE. Ya'll should check these out if you haven't!! XD
    I'm sooooo glad u added for this list! I honeslty LOOOOOOOVEEEEEE all the songs u mentioned!!! XD
    [EDIT: LOL looking at some other's suggestions, I REALLY went to the underrated of the underrated! haha

    3 years ago
    • CERTIFIED AWESOME TASTE. d-_-b Especially N-train, that song is seriously great.

      The only one I’d add is N.Sonic “Lie” – very good song, amazing video, especially considering their budget.

      3 years ago
    • Gosh… A-Jax I love them. I have been admiring them from afar since their debut, their songs are just so fun and wonderful. And I’m not ashamed to say that I spent an entire day this summer listening to Insane on repeat.

      3 years ago
    • I seriously love V so much.
      It reminds me of a combo of Ramalamabangbang by Rosin Murphy and Midnight Circus by Sunny Hill.

      3 years ago
    • Run & Run is freaking awesome and danceable and I love it so much!!! T_T …Baram… -floats away into daydreams-

      3 years ago
    • someone who agrees with me about Queen B’z! I can’t believe how few views they have! They’re awesome!!

      3 years ago
    • OH YEA! A-JAX & LUNAFLY TOO! I always forget they are “underrated” since i drown myself in them everyday haha
      LOVE UR LIST TOO *hi5*

      3 years ago
    • I agree with everything^
      Ladies Code is so fantastic gawd, hate you and pretty pretty are seriously the best things ever.
      And Im SOSOSOSOSO happy V was talked about! I loved that song AND video the minute it came out.
      Also, Geeks is always perfect, and yay! Sunny Hill are cuties <3 And Im glad you mentioned AA, they are WAY underrated.

      3 years ago
    • Come Back to Me by NTrain has been my JAM since it came out!!

      3 years ago
    • Hotter than a summer was the best.

      3 years ago
  206. Even though I really enjoy getting to see these types of videos, I’m disappointed that BTS has made it to the “Top 3” twice already (with No More Dream & N.O) and have yet to get a KMM…. T.T

    3 years ago
  207. I really really enjoy Double A – they just came out with a new one called, “Okay About It” about a month ago.
    Here’s a handy dandy link to check them out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qO3tqvnWtxc
    They’ve been around since 2011 and I def think they need a lot more recognition! Check them out!
    Here’s one more song of theirs that I really love:
    “Midnight Taxi” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1SSI-9C858

    Anyway, I would love this to be a regular installment since a lot of music videos don’t ever get reviewed!
    Maybe their could be like… classics version where much older videos could get mini-reviewed or something like that? Haha

    3 years ago
    • Omg! Another AA fan! And just when I thought I was the only one! :O I agree with Okay About It. It’s one of my favorite songs by them. <3 I still think Simon and Martina could make a TON of great jokes about Kimchi, the member. Hehe

      3 years ago
      • Another W!! ^5!!

        There’s so many great jokes Simon and Martina could make about the group lolol
        Plus they’re just really cool guys who happen to write their own music, construct their own choreography and even design their own costumes!
        What’s not to love??

        3 years ago
  208. I agree with Tasty’s “Mamama.” That video was pretty boring, but the choreo was awesome and the song had this really cool jazzy, 50s(?) beat to it that a lot of songs don’t do.

    3 years ago
    • I know right?! It was very refreshing to hear something that jazzy in all those electronic sounds in
      summer songs

      3 years ago
  209. I still feel like VIXX deserved more attention this summer with G.R.8.U.! BTS was also amazing this summer with No More Dream~ One of my favorite comebacks this summer was Sunny Hill, though.

    3 years ago
    • totally agree with you! i think VIXX and BTS are great groups. I wished that VIXX would have gotten reviewed for Hyde and one of BTS songs too. I love the meanings behind BTS’s songs
      especially for NO :)

      3 years ago
    • VIXX’s repackage is my favorite of the year. I had liked the songs on the Hyde album but “What To Do” is one of my favorite songs ever. It’s like a throwback to 80’s American synth pop that I’ve not seen any kpop artists besides Infinite try out. I honestly think it should have been their single instead of G.R.8.U.

      3 years ago
  210. Gahhh, you guys mentioned Royal Pirates~ <3 It's awesome you guys knew them beforehand. Whoo, hipster mode. I love their freaking awesome covers that are like filmed in a garage (I think it's filmed in a garage at least…).
    //leaves Disappear here for people who haven't heard it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tx3hNqKuYjc

    Sunmi's 24 Hours was an eh to me. There's certain parts where it's really catchy, but I got kind of bored half way through the video.

    BtoB… Hmmm… I wasn't too big of a fan of When I Was Your Man. I preferred Thriller more. Just my type of music. :3 Although, When I Was Your Man was still pretty awesome.

    G.I. eh…. didn't really like that song… o -o I liked Beatles to a decent amount. Not really this song. I totally understand trying to look them up back when Beatles came out. All those G.I. Joe articles… //awkward turtle swims away.

    Whoo, Spica! Totally love their vocals! They're beautiful and are totally underrated. I didn't actually watch the Lee Hyori show though. I didn't really want to watch it..

    *O* You guys mentioned Lee Junghyun's V. <3 Whoo! The video was so amusing, and who doesn't love creepy dolls? :D

    5Dolls… or is it F-ve Dolls… OTL Screw it, I'm still calling them half of Coed School.

    3 years ago
  211. Bigstar’s Run & Run has been my favourite underrated song this summer. Because somehow they’re allowed to get away with so much in their videos (cough abs and blatant drunken blackouts cough)…. and the song is hella catchy.

    3 years ago
  212. Oh I’ve been listening to Spica’s Tonight and I didn’t even know it was by them oops haha. Awesome picks guiseee! And yay for Sunmi! :D

    3 years ago
  213. OMG! You have NO idea how happy I am that Spica’s Tonight made the list. I am IN LOVE with that song. And that’s saying something since I /used to/ detest all girl groups in general. However, Spica was one of the very first girl groups I actually really really liked, and they made me SO PROUD with their song. It’s amazing. Seriously. I just can’t put it into words… It’s so good. :) Plus, the video is so original as well. Definitely something I could get used to in the Kpop scene.

    3 years ago
  214. kcw


    3 years ago
  215. L.o.v.e.d BTOB’s When I was your man . especially the lyricss.

    3 years ago
  216. I really like Spica’s Tonight. It’s such a free, airy song.

    3 years ago
  217. Love the inclusion of Lee Jung Hyun and Spica in this list, they were both great songs. I would have added “Darling of all Hearts” by Sunny Hill and “Be Ambitious” by Dal Shabet.

    3 years ago
  218. DUDE I FREAKING LOVE 24 HOURS – it’s just so amazing. One of my ultimate favs of the year!

    3 years ago
  219. So disappointed that I didn’t win :( oh well, maybe next time :D I still love you guys<3 Congrats to the awesome Nasties that won!!! :)

    3 years ago