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Top 7 Underrated Kpop Songs

October 1, 2013


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Since we stopped doing the KpopCharts Updates, we’ve got some emails from people asking us to do at least something like it from time to time, because there are a lot of videos that come out every month, and we only talk about 4 of them, if we do a Music Monday every week, and – considering our constant traveling over last month and this coming month, we’ve been missing out on a bunch. So here are a few videos from the summer that we didn’t get the chance to talk about that we think you should check out.

Royal Pirates “Shout Out”

We said in the video that we met James, the bassist, over the weekend. It was really interesting talking to him, because he said he was in a band, and we wouldn’t know what it was, and when he said Royal Pirates we told him that we were planning on talking about his video on Monday, which he didn’t believe. See James! SEE! You thought we were just being polite. Ha!

Anyhow, we like Royal Pirates. Have liked them for a while, so it’s really great to see them debuting in Korea with an original song. Hopefully we can do something with them soon! I know some people have been asking us on Twitter for it. Maybe soon. Just maybe…

Sunmi “24 Hours”

Dang it Sunmi, your name got butchered today! SUN-me, SUE-me, this is why I hate reading Korean names in English, it’s just better to read them in Korean which is what I did AFTER I filmed the video. GAH! Okay, so if you want to know what song I was talking about by Passion Pit, check it out here. Probably one of my favourite videos of the year. Yes, we watch lots of other music videos outside of Kpop! Also, some people that follow our last fm account notice that a lot of Kpop doesn’t show up and that’s because we have one of those portable plug your iphone in speakers that Martina uses when she’s getting ready. She plays music from her iphone music so that she can hear it and none of the 23847283782937r5982378 kpop songs register on last fm that way. Anyhoo, the point is, you see what I mean about this video being similar right? Yes, it’s undeniably similar, and, yes, JYP definitely got inspired by our tweet. That’s beyond the point. What I want to talk about is how we want to see videos be more creative. I want to see a video that accompanies a song. I don’t want to see a video that looks like a portfolio for models. Music Videos should be interesting and they should help you get into the music, not just a photography shoot with background music. Do something fun and interesting and relevant and new. Come on Kpop videos: you can do it! We’ve seen it happen!

GI “Booshit”

Okay, now I’m sure a lot of you are going to be on Simon’s side since he didn’t actually like this song and video. I actually really liked the song and I thought the simple beat mixing in with heavy guitar sound was pretty bad ass. I know the video is really really simple, and the outfits aren’t flashy, and the choreo isn’t mind-blowing, but none of that bothered me. This band debuted specifically saying they were sticking to a tomboy concept (the fact that they have a management team that gives them a concept is why I call them a kpop hip-hop group and not just a hip hop group) and thus far they have followed through with it. The plain unclustered concept of this video and song is what drew me to it and kept me watching it. I see so many rookie kpop videos cluster the screen in colours and accessories and props in, what I feel, is an attempt to cover up the newness and awkwardness of the band. GI are just clearly open in this video. Their choreo is not totally in sync, but at least I can watch their choreo. So many videos now are just quick flashy cuts and zoom ins that I have to watch the live performance to even see a bit of the dance, and even then the camera dudes do all these cheezy twisty zoom ins. Which, BTW, is another reason why I loved EXO’s dance version of “Growl”. I guess I’m really getting sick and tired of kpop groups debuting and being called “hip hop” when a lot of them aren’t actually good at rapping. That’s right, I said it! Just because you call someone a rapper doesn’t mean they’re actually good at it, and although GI has more growing to do, I think they’re giving the kpop hip hop title more veracity than a lot of current kpop groups.

Lee Jung Hyun “5”

Next to Sunmi’s “24 Hours” this is not that far behind Sunmi’s song for me (it’s Simon again). This is a lot more fun, even if it is a bit too reminiscent of Nicki Minaj’s “Starships” at times. Sunmi’s song is really serious, and not really great morning music, while this song is perfect for getting pumped for the day. It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea as it’s pretty quirky and weird. Yeah, it’s just straight up weird, but we like weird. That’s how BILASAAAA conquered our hearts. Anyhoo, the video is very creepy but still good at the same time. I’ve never seen a hot Korean chick make herself look so silly in a video before. She seriously rolls across the ground and it’s not sexy looking, but it totally matches the doll theme. Even the weird blue dress with diaper like underwear dance is…weird…but also so interesting at the same time. This was the first time for me to hear and see her videos but Soozee told us she often goes for this doll theme. Check it out and share it with your friends to creep them out.

BtoB “When I Was Your Man”

Okay, so Simon doesn’t really love this song but he doesn’t hate it or anything. I was just surprised to hear such an unusual song from a kpop group, because this is the sound of Korean Indie music. Seriously, you know how we review K-Indie on Sundays? Well a lot of the ballad we hear sound like this and if you snuck this into the request list with them under a different name I never ever would have called this out as kpop. Probably because this isn’t a kpop song. This has korean drama soundtrack written ALL over. I just recently started re-watching Boys Before Flowers and was reminded of just how terrible the soundtrack they used was. It really could have used this song. Like, really. So for any of out BToB fans, I’m curious if you like this song or if it strays too much from what you’re used to?

Spica “Tonight”

We met Spica back in Singapore a short while ago. We had heard a couple of their songs and talked about them in KpopCharts updates, but we haven’t really heard about them since. There are too many bands to keep up with now and it seems Spica themselves were feeling that too. The reality TV show I was talking about is called Lee Hyori XUnni, and although I didn’t see it myself Soozee (who is not really into kpop) had a lot to say about it. It seems likes an interesting show because it shows you what life is like for a struggling kpop band. Since we live in Korea, we do see the reality of which bands are popular and well known outside of all the music performance shows, and I gotta tell you, a lot of International fans are kindof in denial. We learned that when we saw the shock from Busker Busker beating BAP and EXO last year for Rookie of the Year during our EYK Awards. Truthfully, most Korean people won’t know any of the the newer bands that have come out, even if they have a huge internationally following. So Spica’s TV show with Lee Hyori really helped them become better known the a broader Korean audience. Anyhoo, the video is really pretty, the colours, costume changes, use of interesting editing, all makes for a very whimsical kindof video. I’m not sure I like it more than Sunmi’s video, but it’s still lovely.

5Dolls “Jjak 1 Ho 짝1호”

Okay, what the heck is the name of this song? I’ve heard people call it Soulmate, Soulmate #1, and other names, but 짝1호 is what they wrote in the title, so that’s what we’re going to call it. I hope we didn’t come across as rude when we talked about this video. The video was just…really boring which was surprising because it had a kindof seamless camera pan concept going on as well as many set changes. I think the girls might be a bit too new to handle how much acting was needed to pull of this kind of video, just like how Lee Hi’s has terrible acting abilities. And AoA. I said it. Their debut video had TERRRRIIIIIBBLLLEEE acting in it! But forget the video for now, the song is super fun and catchy, it has a light summertime feel to it and man, I wish there was a wicked addictive T-ara like dance to go a long with it. I feel like they ALMOST nailed it, but just something was off. Maybe a funnier video? Also, why didn’t you get someone to check that newspaper article?! The random lack of capitalization and weird awkward spacing is KILLING ME! KILLLLINNGG MEEEEEE!!!!!

Okay, so final thought on everything! I’m loving browsing the Kpop Charts. Yes, I know we designed them, but our awesome EYK mods help to keep the chart up-to-date and it’s awesome to read all your comments and opinions on the videos. I haven’t had the chance to really browse the kpop charts since we stopped doing the Saturday updates but I’ll get back to browsing them because I was missing out on some awesome stuff. It’s kindof cool that we have this little internationally community which is creating a ranking of our own feelz on kpop. Onto the GD winners!

GD “Coup d’Etat” Contest Winners!

We had a looooooot of entries to choose from, but we could only pick three. Congrats to everyone who won! Send us an email and we’ll get to confirming that it’s actually you!

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