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Toronto Fan Meet!

November 13, 2011


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So we’ve been back in Korea for a week now, after having spent three weeks in Canada. We used that time to Surprise our Families, do some shopping, and try to relax a bit (while still making videos). One of the biggest things we had planned, though, was a fan meet at University of Toronto, our Alma Mater!

We were lucky enough to be contacted by U of T’s East Asian Studies Student Union and The Korea Club. They asked us if we’d be willing to do a meet and greet at U of T. Hells yeah we said yes! We were really excited, but we didn’t know what to expect. We thought that it would just be maybe 20 people sitting around in a class, and all of us chatting about Korea informally. We’d be sitting in our chairs backwards and we’d have take out coffees, and the school would be empty because it would be after hours. Something quaint like that. Well, we were quite wrong.

Over 300 people showed up. Holy freaking smokes. There was a crowd of people outside of the door. When the doors opened up people were pouring in. We were flabbergasted and anxious and totally overwhelmed. Anyhow, we had planned for something simple. We were going to talk a bit about some stuff that we don’t get to mention in our videos, like our whole idea of why we make our videos the way we make them, why we review kpop the way that we do, such and such, and then we opened it up to Q&A. We talked for a couple of hours, and people laughed at our jokes. UNREAL! We thought that without the magic of postproduction we’d be screwed! We’re not used to speaking live!

Weirdest of all, after the show there was a line up for people who wanted to take pictures with us. The line up was massive, and it took us an hour to get through everyone. At first we were signing autographs as well as taking pictures, but then that wound up taking a long time, and so we had to cut autographs because we were gonna get kicked out of the room before everyone would get a chance to take a picture with us.

So that’s our story. We’d really like to thank those of you who came. You’ve not only made us really happy. Our parents were in attendance, and you’ve made them so freaking proud and given them such a special memory that, *HOLY CRAP MY EYES ARE GETTING ALL RUNNY*

Ahem. Thank you for coming. Here are the pics to the event, taken by Zoe Weber. Also, Arirang in Toronto is going to be airing this on the Omni network at 10:30 PM Sunday, Toronto time. We won’t be able to check it out. If you do see it, let us know how it turned out!



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