So we’ve been back in Korea for a week now, after having spent three weeks in Canada. We used that time to Surprise our Families, do some shopping, and try to relax a bit (while still making videos). One of the biggest things we had planned, though, was a fan meet at University of Toronto, our Alma Mater!

We were lucky enough to be contacted by U of T’s East Asian Studies Student Union and The Korea Club. They asked us if we’d be willing to do a meet and greet at U of T. Hells yeah we said yes! We were really excited, but we didn’t know what to expect. We thought that it would just be maybe 20 people sitting around in a class, and all of us chatting about Korea informally. We’d be sitting in our chairs backwards and we’d have take out coffees, and the school would be empty because it would be after hours. Something quaint like that. Well, we were quite wrong.

Over 300 people showed up. Holy freaking smokes. There was a crowd of people outside of the door. When the doors opened up people were pouring in. We were flabbergasted and anxious and totally overwhelmed. Anyhow, we had planned for something simple. We were going to talk a bit about some stuff that we don’t get to mention in our videos, like our whole idea of why we make our videos the way we make them, why we review kpop the way that we do, such and such, and then we opened it up to Q&A. We talked for a couple of hours, and people laughed at our jokes. UNREAL! We thought that without the magic of postproduction we’d be screwed! We’re not used to speaking live!

Weirdest of all, after the show there was a line up for people who wanted to take pictures with us. The line up was massive, and it took us an hour to get through everyone. At first we were signing autographs as well as taking pictures, but then that wound up taking a long time, and so we had to cut autographs because we were gonna get kicked out of the room before everyone would get a chance to take a picture with us.

So that’s our story. We’d really like to thank those of you who came. You’ve not only made us really happy. Our parents were in attendance, and you’ve made them so freaking proud and given them such a special memory that, *HOLY CRAP MY EYES ARE GETTING ALL RUNNY*

Ahem. Thank you for coming. Here are the pics to the event, taken by Zoe Weber. Also, Arirang in Toronto is going to be airing this on the Omni network at 10:30 PM Sunday, Toronto time. We won’t be able to check it out. If you do see it, let us know how it turned out!

  1. I loved this !!! please consider coming to other schools in other Canadian cities in the future ! – calgary comes to mind :3 hehehehe pleeeeeeeease ~~~~~ & my fave part dudududududu …. “ALMOST PARADISE !!!!!!!” omg but i agree with SImon .. i still love K-dramas but at the end of Boys over Flowers i was like WHYYYYY !?? T-T uhuhu i will love jihoo forever ! 

  2. I loved this video!!  I was so happy for you when I saw all those students there waiting to meet you. You have a huge fanbase & I wish I could’ve seen you guys in person. Keep up the good work!! Fighting!!

  3. ~ can you do a fan meet in the states ~ :3


  5. Man… jealous in sooo many ways.  Curse being from Saskatchewan…the oft forgotten (and never visited) province ;)

  6. Awwww >< I wish I was there! (ignoring the fact I live on the other side of Canada…)
    Also, my friend got me into K-pop through Super Girl (the Korean version) by Super Junior-M.  Also Sorry Sorry

  7. Wow..”EYK” fans gathering, you guys are celebrities!!
    May be TV station in Canada should ask you both to host new program on K-Pop and K-wave!!

  8. I so envy all of those people! I want to be on your fanmeeting, too! I think Simon should come to Poland, to visit the homeland of his parents and bring Martina, too and you should make this kind of fanmeeting, too :-) We have Korean Culture Center in Warsaw, they would agree to make this kind of meeting for sure :-) Consider it, please :-)


  10. I am so excited for you guys. I was totally shocked by the outcome of the event. You guys are total celebrities. Know that you definitely have a support system in the states as well. I wish I was there but, exams are coming up and holiday is not until next week. I can’t wait for updates. 

  11. Next time you go to canada do a campus tour. How about it??

  12. why didn’t u say anything?? I would have come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. lililulukikikokodede, Don’t worry, I noticed him, too ;)

  14. I wanna be on fanmeeting like it too^.^ If you will be in Poland someday it would be great to meet you ♥

  15. It’s great a lot of people are taking K-pop seriously the other day I was watching “Despierta America” in “Univision” network and someone tweeted in … ” Por Favor apoyen al Pop Koreano”  (pleas support K-pop) it was very unexpected but it was great… You “guise” do a great job influencing this movement…

  16. waaaah this fanmeeting looked like a really big dose of fun xD damn hope u’ll make one next time too & i’ll just fly to kanada to mee u guys xD
    u deserved all the atention u recieved, cuz u gave us, ur fans, much more. moments of fun, joy & laughter (: and i thank u for that *hugs*

    keep up this awesome work~!! :D

  17. awesome!!!you guys deserved all this<3

    lililulukikikokodede: haha i was thinking the same thing….hm..

  18. wish I could go there and be as frank about my obsession with kpop as the people there was… I still suffer from the situation where there is literally less than a handful of people with whom I can totally openly talk, discuss, think, feel and express bluntly about the things I see and read and hear in the world of kpop… But you two, I have to give hats off cause you two guise totally changed and provided me new ways to communicate with others about kpop and make me feel less weird than so called others who don’t know about this amazing genre of music! Love Eat Your Kimchi and Simon and Martina- LOVE YOU GUISE A LOT!

  19. I wonder if that guy stitting in the first row with the khaki pants is single….

  20. OMG i lovve you guysss soooooo mucccchhhh I am so happy for you guys and I hope that you never stop making videos!!!! Next time you come i’ll drive over from Montreal :D
    I love you twooo!!

  21. that’s really cool! you guys are famous now!!

    although i do think you guys are pretty funny, haha, you shouldn’t be so surprised ^_-

  22. D; Why did I only read this now? I totally missed the airing for this at Omni at 10:30 cause I was watching some of your older footage. Lol. But seriously, meeting you guys in person was one of the most inspiring things to have ever struck me in all university life as of yet. You guys may just have pushed me over to the direction I’ve contemplated on taking for a long time now. Thank you!

  23. Wow!! Thanks fantastic support from your fans in your hometown! I enjoyed hearing a bit about your philosophy for the website and the kpop music Mondays as well. You guys have an even greater future ahead of you, congrats!

  24. this is so not fair, why werent there like flyers or advertisements and if they were why werent they more noticible

  25. I am so glad that I am not alone in my delight of Japanese, Tiawanese and especially Korean culture. The variety show Family Outing is what initially got me hooked and then I found your website and discovered K Pop! My friends and family can’t understand my love of subbed Asian dramas or K Pop. I love that they’re are all these people out there that prove that I’m not just one of God’s odd little ducks. I would love to meet you two ’cause you seem like such a fun couple who are just as nuts as I am. Keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing more from you.

  26. Seriously? I’m from Germany, living in Toronto right now and I didn’t know you were coming :( WHYYYY? Best opportunity and I missed it xD damn it!!! I’m such a big fan of your videos … they’re amazing! I would’ve loved to see you guys!


  27. Fan meet in Montreal next year please? Prbly gonna be there fore university and I’m dying to meet you guise ><

  28. hahaha thats insane you guys became a Phenomenon!  

  29. you guys are awesome!! 

  30. I love you guise!!! Man, I wish I was there!!!

  31. Congrats on your success!!! XD

  32. yaah! how amazing! unfortunately i couldn’t be there! T.T even tough i’m a new fan i REALLY like Simon and Martina! they are so funny and trough them i got to knew a lot of new things!! ^^

  33. I wanted to see all the picture poses so I paused the video a ga-gillion times and my favorite one is the “SEXY HEEEEEY” one…..^^

  34. I should have gone there but I was so spent from my Chm Lab that I had to go home or else be so grumpy the entire time.. UGHHHH… I mean Lash Miller iwas LIKe 1 MIN AWAY from ES and I couldn’t .. I couldn’t… I made a terrible mistake I should have gone and endured the pain of standing for 3 hours and smelling all those stupid chemicals… UGHHH!!!!! 

    Anyway even though I wish I came its not possible. So when I go on vacation and maybe make a stop first at Korea that I might see you. :) Anyway guys your both so awesome my friend who went to meet and greet said your so nice and funny and also very freaking tall (Simon’s a baby giant) her words not mine. 

    Lastly, Thank you for bridging the gap I felt when I moved here to Toronto from the Philippines. I thought I was alone and I felt so distant. I’m very thankful that every week I have something to look forward to after a long day of lecture I could laugh and connect with my Asianess through your videos. :) I hope your AWESOMENESS continues… EAT YOUR KIMCHI~~~~ FIGHTING!!! :))

  35. this shows how awesome u guys are 
    we LOVE ya *big hug*

  36. So many people, that’s great!
    Your parents can be proud of you guys ^^

    But I have a question: Where is spudgy?!
    (not allowed there? :S)
    He has his fans too ;)

  37. That was great! I want to meet you too :’-(
    (on a side note, could you put captions on all your videos, because I’m not a native english speaker and sometimes I have a hard time understanding all of what you say :-)

  38. It would be totally awesome if you guys could do another meet up in Toronto! Your videos have taught me so many things about my own culture that I didn’t know about. Pretty pweeeesee do it!

  39. It’s because you two are great ^^

  40. This was so awesome to watch! It’s amazing that you have reached and educated so many people with your website. Your love for all things Korean is appreciated by a lot of really loyal fans who are tying to help spead the word, that asian culture, food, music and fashion are awesome. I used this website to introduce my closest friends to Kpop, watching your reviews of the videos after watching the videos made most of them really love the songs themselves. They realized it’s ok to not fully understand the videos or the fashion but to totally dig good music no matter what language it’s it or how much F.A.R.T. is in the videos. It’s wonderful to know you’re not alone in something, specially when that something is an intense love for all things asian. Thanks again, wish I could have been there to let you know how much I appreciate what you are doing! Thanks.

  41. This is a great video.  To your point, the fact that Eat Your Kimchi exists to help start a discourse on KPop and Korean Culture in general really is a big boon to fans everywhere.  No wonder you guys are popular.  Thanks for taking the initiative and carrying it along for people like me who are only now picking up on it.  :)

  42. congratulations on your success!

  43. Heartbreaker, Lollipop nd Lollipop 2 were the songs that got me into K-pop too!

  44. Wow that was awesome and that was a lot of people! I wish i was there it looked like a lot of fun! Sadly my college doesn’t have any type of clubs like that bcuz not much ppl. kno about k-pop…yet…nd I could totally relate to Martina, when I was growing up i was obsessed with anime nd manga especially sailor moon lolz Altho, none of my friends or fam. is into k-pop so it is a bit lonely…but the whole k-pop scene is growing, so im sure i’ll meet someone who is as much into Asia as me haha XD



  46. Love y’all. That was awesome.

    Good question about which songs are best to get non-kpop-ers interested in the music. My white American friends have responded very well to SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong”, of all things. And I usually try to get people to /hear/ the music way before they /see/ it. Because some of the cultural differences are harder to process when you have an unexpected visual to go with the unfamiliar lyrics. *cough*TVXQ’s’Balloons’*cough*

  47. Sascha Wong

    I wish I was there! That meet and greet looked like so much fun! If only I lived in Toronto instead of Vancouver :(

  48. I’m seriously wondering why I didnt just take off work and make the 4 hour drive from Michigan so I could meet you two… Why Why WHY!!??!!??

  49. Your parents must’ve been so amazed~ xD
    Hahaha how did they feel having celebrities as their children?

  50. Yikes! That’s a lot of people.

  51. Thanks for saying that you felt alone with your interest in Asian Culture. (For some reason a lot of people think it’s weird – which can make one embarrassed.) That is definitely me! But I will keep on liking it!! :) —- Such a good turn out!!

  52. I see someone recording with a huge camera in one of the pictures. Is it going to be uploaded somewhere? Please say yes!

  53. very true, I love tvxq, like I have posters all over my room but whe my friends come to my house, they are like, are you serious?You are totally obsessed and they just leave. TVXQ, I will never stop being a fan but my friends say I should. so stressful

  54. I totally agree with Niema.  I totally feel the same way.  Everyone thinks I am so weird listening to K-pop and J-pop.  I’m just like “Whatever, your loss!” and crank the music up and sing it nice and loud!

  55. Martina! You’re not alone! You’re not the only one obsessed with Korea! At my school, I felt like such a loner (CNBlue Shout Out!) when I would tell people about Kpop anything! After watching this, I could totally relate! To me, that means a lot! You guise are sooo daebak! 

  56. I wish I were thereT^T ugh

  57. When you said that you felt alone in your love of anything Asia (paraphrasing here) I honestly almost cried. I feel the same way but seeing that there are others and I’m not a “weirdo” (thus branded that name by my family, no less) it makes me happy.

  58. Ugh .. I’m so old … look at all those young kpop fans!  I would have had to sit with mom and dad to fit in somewhere *sniff**sniff*.  Looked like a blast though :D  wish I coulda been there!  On a side note, I’ve always thought 2NE1′s video’s were a great intro for non kpop peeps.

  59. Martina I felt the same way about loving asia and having no one to share the love with but after finding you guys, I feel so much more confident in my obsession with asia! I’m actually starting a k-pop club at my school now!

  60. Where was Spudgy♥ again ? :’D

  61. I hope one day I get to meet you guys and thank you in person for everything you’re doing! Seriously, you’re videos are such a help in making me less nervous about trying to go to another country. I’m glad everyone at the meet had a great time!

  62. I beg of you to do this more often.

  63. Im so happy to know I’m not the only white person out there who is obsessed with kpop and all the good things that go with it. Thank you for making your videos and supporting my addiction (not to mention making me laugh so hard i cry sometimes, and on Monday mornings too! :D ) I really am a big fan of your videos and of you guys in general! Keep up the good work! This fan meet just shows how much you guys are loved! I will always support!

  64. Looks like this was a lot of fun! Wish I was still at UofT and could’ve stopped by.

  65. AWWW i wish i was there :(, I am so fan of you guide!!!!, i hope some day i can meet you.

  66. Ah I would’ve loved to have been there! I’m so glad so many people showed up :)

  67. You guys were so amazing, and engaging.  If my old profs were half as vibrant and enthusiastic as you two, I might have been more interested in things like the Canadian Electoral Process :P

    Thanks for an awesome fan meet, and a sweet gangsta picture :)

  68. I really want to meet you guys grr…. u guys to me are like celebrities if i see you guys like on the street id probably scream and get pictures and get an autograph!!!

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