Ok, so there’s not much about this video that’s really Open the Happy-ish. We just woke up this morning at 5AM (thank you, jetlag!) and saw that there was no power in the house. We stepped outside and saw that there was ice EVERYWHERE and no power on the street, either. We called my parents in Pickering and they, too, were out of power. We turned on the radio and heard that the ice storm and blackouts were widespread. We hopped on Twitter to ask some of you how things are going, and found out that a bunch of you were in the dark, too. Then we saw this Tweet from the official Toronto Hydro account:

In other words, WE’RE SCREWED!

Why are we screwed? Because we have to finish the EYKAs, that’s why! How can we edit or upload without electricity? Funny how we didn’t care much about food or safety. We’re more like “BUT OUR VIDEEEEOOOOO!!!!” Eep!

We stepped outside and did our best to get ice off the car, and it took a loooong time. We decided to venture out into the pitch blackness and see if the entire city was in the dark. Our hopes were that we’d find a Starbucks or something that was unaffected, and then we’d camp out there. So, out we ventured into the wild winter wasteland to look for a place to go. Traffic lights were unfunctional. Trees were snapped from the weight of the ice and in the middle of the roads, while other trees groaned and cracked under the weight and let us know that they were ready to snap, too.

Fortunately, we found that part of Etobicoke had power, so we stocked up on stuff at Walmart and Tim Hortons (yes, Tim Hortons in the face of an impending Apocalypse, of course!), and then drove back to Martina’s parents’ home to let them know what the status was.

Funny story: when we walked into Walmart, I had this dialogue with an attendant:

Me: “Excuse me, sir. Could you direct me to the aisle in which I can find Armageddon supplies?”
Him: “What kind?”
Me: “The Kind that will prepare me for the impending Apocalypse”
Him: “That’ll be down the hardware aisle, to the left”

He did let out a smile, though, so at least he knew I was joking.

Here’s an Instagram video we took as well, since we’re in the spirit of sharing just about everything we did today:

I’m sure some of you are wondering now, though, how this video is uploaded, if there’s a power outage. Fortunately, there are pockets of the city still with electricity. Martina’s sister’s house is in one of them. So we packed up all of our gear and drove over there. While we were in front of her house, though, a giant arm of a huge tree snapped off and landed right behind us. Any further back and we would have been hit. I didn’t get footage of that. I just said “STOP TALKING GTFO GOGOGO!” The wires were shaking from the tree falling. That’s how a lot of the power is out, I believe. Snapping trees are taking down power lines, and with them, our electricity.

So, we’re writing this now safely in Martina’s sister’s place and finishing up the EYKAs. If this place doesn’t black out, then we should start uploading it by tonight and should be ready to publish for tomorrow. BOOYA! Stay tuned to make sure you don’t miss out on any updates, just in case.

  1. that really was a really scary time….and i had to go to my exam still…
    it was so pretty to look at though xD

  2. California problem: We’re in a drought. It’s been called a state of emergency. -_-

  3. What is this strange thing called ice? Entire cities where I am from have been shutdown in the past if there has been even a small chance of snow or ice in their forecasts. It’s the first time I have ever seen ice covered trees before, and it is pretty amazing looking!

  4. I was like “NOOOOUUUUU” when Martina destroyed the ice panel cos it’s so cool to see a sheet of ice that just nicely fits a car window and obviously here in Singapore there’s no ice other than in the fridge XD

  5. //whispers
    it’s happening again :c
    -25 + wind chill tomorrow. someone hold me, i’m going to be an ice block.

  6. Hehe, I live in Maine (USA lol) and I TOTALLY understand these feels xD Luckily I live in Portland and on the Southern end of the state so we just got a &%*# ton of snow, probably bordering 3~4 feet in, like, 5 days. And now we have ice in top of it (e.e) Gotta love dem Nothern winters xD

  7. And I thought Minnesota was cold! Well we have a high of -15 ferinheight on Monday and a low of -30 ferinheight so yay! no school! It’s too cold to snow… now i kinda miss the rain

  8. What can I say…. welcome to Toronto guys xD haha I too was without electricity for 3 days and just got it back like 3 hours ago! Luckily the movies at Eglinton square were open so my family kinda camped out there! Hope better weather comes and have a Merry Christmas ^^

  9. hi! and help! is there a 1 stop shop, or app that we can use to see all your social media postings/comments. 1 site that houses all the posts/comments from twitter, facebook, flickr, and maybe tumbler? ….well, thinking the tumbler one is not really active..or shall I say, how do you follow all the comments/ is it better for a nasty to comment on FB, Twitter, or on the eatyourkimchi site?

    • There’s no one-stop shop yet. We have an extension for the Chrome browser that gives you updates every time we post something on any social media channel, and that’s as close at it gets. Otherwise, we’ve been in negotiations to get things started on something, and we hope to get something up there one of these days!

  10. Well at least you got snow…

  11. I’m in Ohio and we had an ice/snow storm a few weeks back. I was the lucky person in my family who didn’t have school or work that day. It took my parents about 3 hours to get home from work because of the traffic from accidents and such the storm caused.
    I was kind of excited because I thought it meant we’d have a white Christmas this year…but no such luck it seems. We have rain though.

  12. York University and the Village had power the whole time, I guess because we have underground wires.
    Everything is totally iced over though and we have run out of salt.
    In other news people have been using the Yorku south parking lot as a makeshift ice rink lol.

  13. Stay safe! I just got power restored around 6:30 here in North York after over 40 hours without power and heat. So cold so miserable!! I hope it doesn’t affect your Christmas and wish you two and your families the best!

  14. We just got power back too! WE. HAVE. THE. POWER! W00t!

    Hope everyone turns on soon too.

    Cyber_3 – on the lookout for BattleCat

  15. i feel you there — hit NF too! QAQ

  16. And this is why I could never live in Canada. I live in the US in the Searrle area. We had barely any snow and even less ice and I still managed to fall and break my leg… I slipped on the only freaking patch of ice in the entire parking lot. Yes, I am talented. You guys stay safe!

  17. Wow. All of us here in Maine are having the same storm still, but it’s not anywhere near as bad your area or as bad as it was back in 1998. It’s just bad enough to be nasty, but no broken trees as far as I know.

    • Where in Maine are you, Jessica? Having some tree problems in L/A now… I spoke too soon in my last comment when I said I hadn’t lost power, just got mine back on after 13 hrs/overnight without. Was a big ol’ mess with a tree on our road, fire dept and city crews had to come out before CMP could even do anything. I bought the line crew some hot chocolate this morning :)

      • I live in Gray. ^_^ We actually lost power at 1am last night almost on the dot. I woke up to having power, so we weren’t without it for very long. Omg that’s so nice of you! :D I bet they really appreciated that.

        • Ah we are practically neighbors! Lucky you, and here’s hoping more in the state get their power back with as cold as it is today and with Christmas tomorrow! And the line crew seemed really surprised, but I think they wished it was coffee! Haha! :)

        • Haha yeah we are! :D I know, I hope everyone is ok. Hey, do you have a Twitter or Facebook account? I wanna follow you, if that’s ok. :)

        • Blah, I’m boring and old. Not exciting in the least. Haha.

          I deactivated my Twitter recently because I just don’t use it, posting or reading wise. https://www.facebook.com/schrlynn on fb tho, if you must, haha :) I haven’t exactly shared my fascinations with kpop etc on fb yet, so don’t be disappointed by lack of squeeee. Haha. :)

  18. have you tried to shovel the ice off the driveway yet? when i did that with my family the ice would just shatter after being tossed onto the snow piles from the previous snow shoveling. apparently the power outage will be longer than you and anyone expected. hope you stay warm :)

  19. So, my daughter & I were out all day shopping yesterday. (We live in
    Etobicoke too) We shopped at Costco, Cloverdale Mall and Walmart, Best
    Buy & Old Navy… I found the main roads (in South Etobicoke) to be pretty
    ice-free and the highways (Hwy427 & QEW) pretty ice-free as well.
    Traffic lights not working can be a bit dangerous though. Thankfully, we
    too have power at home. It makes me sad to hear of others’ not having
    electricity or heat. Everyone, stay safe.

  20. This is why we head down to the tropics every winter

  21. And then there’s little me…suffering from the HOT SUN oh god, I’ll melt e.e I hate summer AND drinking hot chocolate, why do I have to drink it in summer, wwhyyyy?? I want to touch snow for once :c

  22. I think it’s so weird but cool to see you two affected by the same weather I am (although here it was thankfully just rain) when you’re normally so far away!
    Also, Martina, we were super impressed by your violent ice-scraping skill…it’s super effective. ;)

  23. We JUST got our power back at 4:50 this morning in Oshawa D:
    It was brutal. the trees all along my street are broken. While it was happening you’d think you were hearing fireworks, nope. Tree branches breaking left and right. ohmahgawd. Be safe you guys! I heard from friends in Toronto they still don’t have power. :(

  24. Wow, the roads are so huge. I live in Ireland, and the roads aren’t as big as that unless it’s a motorway. But wow, that ice is crazy!!! A few years back( I think it was 2010 and 2011) we had a couple of really bad winters (black ice on all the roads, bitter cold, everything closed). It sucked. I was looking at the roads, and they don’t look very icy. Is that just me, or have they been cleared already? Hope you guys are ok!

  25. omg… please stay safe!!
    btw…i am not in christmas mood because in germany there will be a christmas with 15°C…. no snow no ice nothing… so sad.

  26. So sorry for you guys :( be safe!
    We’re getting the ice storm warnings every single day here in Moscow, Russia, and I really don’t want it to happen :(

  27. Omg! That ice looked really really cool! Scary…but cool! But stay safe you guys! Not sure about Canada but here in Chicago when the power is out people get stupid.

  28. Wow, this reminds me of what Walla Walla looked like after the windstorm in January 2008. We had snow on the ground at the time, so it was quite similar. Also, Spokane — 3 hours north of us — has ice storms like this every few years. It was always of special interest to my mother-in-law, who worked at the power company. You guys take care!

  29. I bet that made for some pretty pictures, though, as scary and cold as it is.

  30. When is the meet up :) hopefully before jan 6 (back to school). Be safe guyz! Crazy Canadian weather.. lol

  31. oh my goodness, this is like two weeks ago when my place got eight inches of snow in one day. you have to realize that I live in the north part of the Mojave desert (about an hour and a half drive from Las Vegas). Literally my entire community shut down and we were trapped in our houses for like two days. Also, I decided to hike through all the snow in the middle of the night, and I ended up catching the stomach flu (or my immune system broke down enough?? i have no idea how this works), so I had to stay home for three days anyway because I was dying.

    But ice sounds scary. Scarier than a bunch of desert people getting a half a foot plus of snow.

    • Neffy, that’s crazy… if you sort comments by newest so you can see my comment right under yours, I was talking about our ice storm in 1998 where I live, and after like 3 days in a freezing cold house, I ALSO got a stomach flu like thing going on… so weird! Hope you feel better, I remember it so not being super fun…

  32. Ah the memories, this is so reminiscent of the Ice Storm of 1998! I live in Maine (aka Little Canada, aka “Isn’t that part of Canada? Do you eat lobster every day? Do you have running water?” to people not from New England). Back then, my job was shut down for a week, we had no power in our house for two weeks (and then all the pipes burst) – and I got stomach flu on top of that, so that was fun… I went outside to empty out my stomach since we couldn’t flush the toilet (well/septic tank, plus the water in the toilet was you know, frozen).

    I got ready this time around….! We have a couple propane fireplace heaters in the house and whatnot now, I downloaded some games to play on my laptop etc, charged up my charger thing that charges electronics without being plugged in, etc…. AND I DIDN’T EVEN LOSE POWER. So disappoint!

    Stay safe, stay warm, and if you need a place to crash, drive on down to Maine! Totally practical, only you know, 10 hrs!

  33. haha the dialogue with the attendant at Walmart’s funny :). I’m glad you guys are safe. Despite fearing for your lives as well as the lack of food supplies etc.. on another note, the frozen icicles on the trees are actually really pretty

  34. Does this mean we can expect an EYK baby nine months from now? That baby would be totes magotes the coolest infant ever!!

    But in all seriousness, please be careful. We’ve had a couple of bad ice storms in the NJ/NY area in the past and I can just remember trees being turned into toothpicks and not having any solid, steady surface so the falls were brutal. So please be super careful.

    I will say Martina is a driving champ to brave driving on icy roads…she’s my hero…Danika Patrick, ain’t got nothing her.

  35. thank god the weather in Edmonton is not that bad although they are warning of freezing rain tonight. So keep warm guys and stay safe.

  36. So that is where all the snow went to. I am in Ohio, which is approximately right below Toronto-ish area. The weather here in Ohio was about 60 degrees Fahrenheit today and yesterday.

  37. Yeah, I’m from the NY side of the border, but I live really close to Niagara Falls. We got hit real hard by the ice storm too. Several trees and branches fell down, and one was this close to landing on our house! Luckily, nobody got hurt, but through the entire night we heard creaking and groaning and the sound of things falling. Everyone who lives in the area, please be safe!

  38. It’s only about 15C/59F where i live. it’s actually a little humid outside cause of all the rain.

  39. “I’m going to leave before I become a stupid white person that dies” <– this was the best. I couldn't stop laughing for a few minutes after the video ended.

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