Eat Your Kimchi

Travel Tips for Japan You Must Know


Hello everyone! And welcome to a non-food related video. What’s this?! Yes, a video that we hope you find helpful for your trip to Japan, so here are some travel tips we want to share with you, in case you ever do fly to this side of the world.

So, in the video we taught you where to find bathrooms, chargers, and free wifi, along with the importance of Google Maps in Japan, and how you should approach Tokyo Station, which I really hope some people living in Japan agree with us on. I’ve never spoken with anyone about it, but we’ve both just always been flustered whenever we had to take a Shinkansen from Tokyo Station. Here are some more tips we’d like to share:

More Travel Tips for Japan

Luggage on Shinkansen – We usually like to buy our tickets for the back of the cart. Why? Because there’s usually a gap of space between the end seats and the wall, and that gap is big enough for the luggage we bring. Some of you might be annoyed with that seat because it’s by the door to exit the cart as well, so it might open and close a lot and disturb you, but it doesn’t bother us. Easy access to our luggage matters.

Reservations – if you’re planning a trip to Japan, and you have some places you know you want to go, try to reserve those many months in advance. If you’re looking for a high end sushi experience, it’s really tough to just walk in and get one. You can’t just go to the Ghibli Museum. Some themed cafes you can’t just walk up to either. Figure out what you want to do as soon as you book your flight, and then see if you can book seats for the things you would like to experience here in Japan.

Itinerary Planning – just from a personal recommendation, I gotta say, I don’t like the itineraries I see some people plan. Just, whoa, too overwhelming. I see people plan to visit six different places per day, to run to this place and then go to that place. Chill out. Tokyo is immensely rewarding for just wandering around. Plan some time to go to a random subway stop, and spend a few hours walking around. Go to a bar with a menu you can’t read, from a shop sign you don’t understand. Leave yourself open to exploring. It’s my favorite way to experience Japan.

Apple Maps Sucks – I’ve deleted it from my phone. I’ve entered addresses into it before and followed it and ended up half an hour away from where I needed to be. And the whole time Martina was like “are you sure” and I’m like “yeah it says so here in the app” and then we ended up in the middle of the suburbs far from where we’re supposed to go SCREW YOU APPLE MAPS. We’ve never had that issue with Google Maps.

Choose Your Airport Wisely – Narita and Haneda are the two major airports you can fly into, and both offer different benefits. We fly into Haneda mostly because it’s a lot closer to our house than Narita. So, if you know where you will be staying, choose the airport that’s closest to you. After a long international flight, sitting on a bus for an extra hour that you could have shaved off will be annoying. So, look into that.

And that’s it for now! If you’ve got other questions, we’d love to hear them, and maybe we can make a video out of it in the future. Otherwise, if you’re looking for something a little more silly, you can check out the bloopers below!

Side note, that Starbucks skit was filmed in the summer, which is why you don’t see any of my new tattoos on my arms. We’ve had that footage for a while. We just didn’t know what to do with it. We have a bunch of footage that we don’t know what to do with…