Before we start talking about our adventure here, I think that this video served as a greater metaphor for…life and stuff. Seriously. Hear us out:

We actually didn’t have TONS of fun at the Trick Eye Museum. We found it to be very overpriced and underwhelming. We were expecting it to be a lot of optical illusions and different plays on depth of field and stuff like that. Instead, it was just a plethora of portraits to photobomb. Hold your hand here, take a picture, move on. It’s not enjoyable without a camera, really. And once you’ve seen the first 20 portraits, the next 120 are more or less the same thing. It might be super fun for a newly dating couple, because you get to take silly pictures and post them online or something, but considering how silly we are ALL THE TIME, nothing could phase us. Nipple tweaking a portrait? Been there, done that.

I dunno, we just kind of felt like the atmosphere was kind of…cheap? I don’t know how to explain it, but they had this one random fairground style balloon popping game (that you had to pay for) to win some cheap looking stuffed toys, and the ceiling is all unfinished and exposed, and the “costumes” you can try on in the totally random greek/roman history room are really just sheets of cheap looking fabric. It just felt like it was made to be enjoyed as a semi-permanent 3-day art project by some art students but then they just decided to never take it down. I guess for $13.00 a person (which is really expensive for Korea) I would expect some more upkeep. But really, it was just loaded with tourists in huge tour groups. And we heard that even if you are a baby/child/student, then you have to pay the cheaper price of $11.00. Whhhaaat? I’ve paid the same amount to go to an official museum or gallery, so in comparison I was just kind of surprised at the cost/value ratio. Also, Martina was really annoyed at the closed coffee shop and then extra $6.00 they tried to charge us for using our debit cards. Not cool.

Anyhow, after we finished filming this all, we thought that it was going to be hell to edit, because we didn’t really have that good of a time there. But, as the video started being pieced together, it actually didn’t look that bad. It looked like a lot of fun, we think, and our conclusion at the end of the video, where we complain about the Museum, really seems out of place considering how much fun the rest of the video was otherwise.

So, we’ve decided that there is a message behind this. CUE CHEESY WIN MUSIC!!! An unintended message, but one nonetheless, about making good out of a bad situation. About trying to have fun even if you don’t feel like you want to. It’s kind of one of the messages of our website as well: we know lots of foreigners who come to Korea and are in bad situations and just freaking hate it. And they complain about it incessantly, and then flock to the festering bungholes of internet forums and complain and get grumpier about it. We, though, try to make the best out of everything. Yes, we’ve gone through bad situations in Korea. Some are immensely frustrating and can really piss us off. But we don’t let that ruin our overall experience. It just seems like it’s much easier for people to remember the things that we don’t like, or the things that went wrong, rather than all the good stuff that happened throughout the day.

The best example we have of this is this video here:


I made that video right at the time that I quit teaching, right when I was at my worst with my school. But I made that video to show how much I loved my students and teaching, rather than how much I hated it, because I want to remember all the good things rather than the bad, and to also not let the bad things ruin my experiences of the good.

Ok that’s really cheesy, I know. I just felt like it was relevant. TL;DR: the Trick Eye Museum was disappointing, but we tried to have fun, and that’s representative of what we’ve always been like in Korea and just in life. Maaaan. If I was a druggy I’d say this while high. But I don’t do drugs. Actually, I’ve never done drugs in my life. I just imagine this is what druggies do when they try to be profound. Ok I’m gonna stop rambling now. TL;DR#2 – DRUGS ARE BAD!

Anyhow, we have some extra scenes left over from the whole event. Check ‘em out here!


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  1. Hey I think I heard some Neopets KeyQuest music in there! XD Awesome~! I wanna go here!

  2. Anthea Hui

    Right now I’m in HK and those egg balls are very famous and popular in Hong Kong. They are called Eggette aka “鷄蛋仔”HK $7- $17 there is even flavours like red bean,roasted duck, sesame, plain and chocolate as well!!

  3. A lot of Korean girls are probably smoking a cigarette while they’re in the loo.

  4. Dishie Rai

    simon and Martine.. id like to see something about bi rain as well .. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. Dishie Rai

    i saw this museum first in a k drama…. awesome.. likes

  6. kpopfan123

    I actually think they should erase the “museum” word from the name of the place and change it to “Trick Eye Entertaining Place”. A

    museum should be something serious where you could culturalize yourself… this is just an amusement place

    “We, though, try to make the best out of everything. Yes, we’ve gone through bad situations in Korea. Some are immensely frustrating and can really piss us off. But we don’t let that ruin our overall experience. It just seems like it’s much easier for people to remember the things that we don’t like, or the things that went wrong, rather than all the good stuff that happened throughout the day.” I agree


  7. I actually went to the trick eye when I was in Korea… but I was lucky enough to find a coupon in the school paper for 3,000 won entrance It is much more fun when you don’t pay as much. When I went they also had a photo exhibit that was really great and a nice addition.

  8. Guise the next time you go WANKing can you please to a challenge and best Englrish and finding the biggest idol…I really missed it

  9. Aww you guys didn’t like it? Took my mom there last year when she was visiting me and we had a blast. Totally cheesy and yes, overpriced, but it was a fun outing that left us with a nice bunch of ‘mom-daughter’ photos to add to the family scrapbook.

  10. I want to know more about the egg balls? they look so interesting and tasty. Is it icecream inside? Never heard of them before

    • Jennifer Hernandez

      From what I understand it’s kind of like a waffle with different fillings in the balls. Found this article that mentions them (I saw the disco lights and was like “OMG it’s the same stand simon and martina went to! :o “) It talks a little about what they are and where that particular stand is located http://www.foodquesttv.com/blog/

  11. Two questions for you guys:
    Is there any way to vote for you without a Twitter account?
    What happened to wanking chellanges and finding idols and Engrish?

  12. … really appreciate that you two *keep it real*……if a WANK is not the fulfilling adventure you’d thought it would be, then you SHOULD be free to say so.

    I do completely *get* that you want to keep your vids/blog on the positive side. (it suits you)
    …and as someone who is seriously considering teaching ESL (if not Korea, then somewhere)….I ‘do’ frequent the Blogs where other foreigners vent their spleen (sometimes righteously, sometimes embarrassingly first-world-whiners) for all to see.

    The most important thing about failed adventures is …. who you’re with when they happen. Because a fun-companion on a loser-museum journey is MUCH better than a trip to Disneyland with a downer-loser-PERSON.

    p.s. tried to google – Korean Springtime Cherry Blossom Blooms – would LOVE to see you guise take a lover’s walk (wank) down a tree path. (The answer was March to late April….that’s quite a spread., huh?) guess you just have to be there when Spring happens…lol.

  13. kawaii_candie

    aww, it’s too bad you guys were disappointed cuz watching this video was pretty funny!

  14. I did think your video showed how you were trying to make the best of a very pissweak world experience! I was actually thinking what you wrote while I watched the video as I saw that first. I was like wow where’s the optical illusions?? they just seem like pictures to pose with and I thought I wonder how much that place costs? cos it actually did look cheap and pretty unsophisticated :P I think in those situations it’s best to take the “piss” out of stuff that’s pretty ordinary and a FAIL otherwise, that’s the Australian way anyway! I think every country has its Pissweak worlds and it’s what makes travelling fun. Australia has tons mainly in smaller towns where an attraction is described in a way that’s a lot better than reality, damn you tourist brochures!

    If anyone is travelling to Australia and drives through the Nullabor via Streaky Bay in South Australia, visit Eyre’s watering hole. Number 1 pissweak attraction I’ve ever seen and when my partner and I saw it (after quite a trek and laborious drive) we had to laugh because it was so pissweak! (It’s totally free too best to take a four wheel drive we drove a 2wd and learned the hard way) Attraction FAILs gotta love ‘em! XD

  15. hapagirl

    I was gonna see if the museum’s here were as much and only one is, with a discount for living here. But I can go to everything and there is always something going on. I’m going on Sunday for free. It looks really fun, but at the same time do I really want to just take a bunch of pictures and then get over charged?

  16. michael milardi

    Must go to korea. They have a lot of food stalls that selling food i never see before. Those egg balls look yummy and crunchy too :D i can heard the crunchy sound from your video lol really want to try that. I nominate EatYourKimchi to become South Korea Culinary Tourism Icons !!!!!!! :D South Korea government hear my plea lol

  17. Emilie

    Why don’t you do the little contests with the punishment die anymore? Oh, and when you see who can find the “worst” Engrish and the most popular idol? I really loved that part of the WANKS. :/

  18. irritablevowel

    There is some racy humor in that place! Is it supposed to be child friendly or do they suggest that is not really meant for the little ones? I mean, I don’t envy the parent trying to explain that bathroom door to their kid.

  19. That’s a lot of NASTY nipples!

  20. Gotta love how you guys keep placing the censor bleep on penis too late XD

  21. omg if you actually look right at the end when you guys eat the choclate balls. there is a guy behind the disco ball and he just put on a mask then there are too girls that look scared. it’s kind off random lol

  22. TurnUptheAC

    Totally agree…traveling has taught me to make the best out of a bad situation, something I use in everyday life because just dwelling in the negative feelings just makes the situation so much worse. Humor is always the best medicine…which you guys provide in bucketloads…so thank you!

    • yeah totally agree and lets face it it’s not the worst thing that could happen travelling ever seen Banged up abroad? Now THAT’S a bad travel experience (granted some people are trafficking drugs in the show but not always) If FAIL blogs and videos have taught us anything is it’s best to laugh at our mistakes or others’!

  23. I went there with my friend last year. We actually got lost as it was quite a hard to find, i guess we were expecting a real museum building. I remember not enjoying the tour as I was tired with all the walk we’ve done for the day. Though I did like the pics we had taken. :)

  24. So.. I’ve never been to South Korea but this museum looks familiar. Either this is an old video or I saw this museum in a drama. lol

  25. They should make a Kpop museum in HongDae or tour or something so tourists can take pictures with Celebrities and in Video sets.

    • Actually, there was a KPop “Trick Art” exhibit earlier this year!! (Check it out here: http://bit.ly/13LJuFJ ) Also, if you go to the Korean Tourism Organization office in downtown Seoul, you can take pictures with cardboard cut-out kpop idols. Cheesy but fun!

  26. what’s funny is that you didn’t have fun, but this was one of my favourite WANKs.

  27. Lol if you ever go to Tokyo go to the trick art museum there. Tons better.

  28. cglyn

    Wanna see some serious optical illusions? Go, visit the Dali Museum in Figueres, Spain. It’s amazing.

  29. I would probably be able to entertain myself there, but not for that price. I’m too cheap and too easily bored to spend that kind of money for a place with bad-ish reviews :P

  30. Can you guys go and visit Haha’s Restaurant in Hongdae? A FAPFAP maybe? Pleaasee! I wanna hear a review about the food there cause we’re planning to eat there sometime when we visit Korea. Thank you! Oh, it’s called Palja Makjang, Gary has the same restaurant in Gangnam.

  31. Can you guys go and visit Haha’s Restaurant in Hongdae? A FAPFAP maybe? Pleaasee! I wanna hear a review about the food there cause we’re planning to eat there sometime when we visit Korea. Thank youu! Oh, it’s called Palja Makjang, Gary has the same restaurant in Gangnam.

  32. Oh.. I did see it in <3strings! Is this kind of like a convenient product placement for people to go and spend money just cause they saw it in a drama??

  33. I’ve been there before!!! in September 2011, brings back good memories. From what i see, they have some new stuff there, so maybe i’ll go check it out when i come to korea in summer :)

  34. Tried to look up egg ball bread on google but no luck so far. What is egg ball bread? is it an egg bread like a popover or is it some kind of breaded fried/baked egg? Either way it looked tasty.

  35. A really over-hyped hongdae location, 4 out of the 5 people I know who’ve been disliked it. Sadly it just seems like the main reason is price, ₩5,000 would be fine but currently its just a bit of a ripoff. It’s 3 times the cost of visiting Seoul Zoo (which has Tigers, Lions, Elephants etc).
    Thank you for sharing, the egg balls where the main highlight :)

  36. unicornsgalaxy

    Can’t wait to watch this when I get home! By the way, I found a suggestion on your next WANK… The Toilet museum! Tell me you wouldn’t have tons of fun cracking all those poop jokes!


  37. PunkyPrincess92

    haha so that’s the museum i’ve seen before!!
    and i was sorta shocked at some of the stuff in it when i first saw it and was totally wondering what on earth is this place?
    first time i saw it was when i saw some photos posted of Yoogeun (SHINee’s baby) at that museum….and seeing some of the photos with him besides some of those ‘questionable content’ stuff!! i didn’t feel it was appropriate for a little kid to be there…

    ooohh those egg balls seem nice!!!

  38. Soshiloveable

    lol me and my perverted mind will enjoy the museum..the nipples and the peek at the pants parts make me laugh,I can change a sentence into something dirty within a minute

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