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Dr. Meemersworth: Asleep and Very Awake

October 27, 2012


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We feel like parents when we say this, but we have so much footage of Spudgy and Dr.Meemersworth on our phones we decided it was time to start sharing them with the rest of the EYK Family. That way, we can all reminisce together and be like, “Awww, Meemers has grown so much!”, “Look! This video is from when Meemers was still in Bucheon”, and “I remember when he was still a she!” Good times. So yeah, we are still calling Meemers a “she” in these videos because we didn’t know yet, but Spudgy was onto it the whole time. This video compilation shows two very opposite versions of Meemers, the sleepy sweet falling asleep anywhere on anything when tired kind, and the crazy I’M A KITTY I’M A KITTY I’M A KITTY kind.

Now, I know some people will wonder why we are putting a harness on Meemers, but if you do plan on taking your cats out for walks (yes, people do that) or teaching them to lounge in a harness and leash while say, in your backyard, you have to start training them at a young age. My Godfamily always had their cat in a harness and on a long looooong leash that allowed their cat to roam the backyard when they were outside together, but prevented him from terrorizing the birds and squirrels or from running up a tree and promptly getting stuck. And as he got older, he was like, “Whatever, harness me up, let’s do this thing! I wanna go outside!” My parents (Martina here) could certainty use a harness since their naughty cat tries to make secret breaks from the backyard into the front and then freaks out when it realizes where it is. BAD MUFFINS!!! Anyhoo, we’ll be sure to post a Spudgy compilation up soon, we’ve got some footage of him excitedly greeting us after a visit to the puppy hair salon! OoOooOoooOhhhh fabulous Spudgy! Oh and before I go, I’m so curious (yeaaaahhhh!!!) if anyone else puts a harness on their cat? Or do you think we’re crazy… o_____0 Well, I already know you think we’re CRAY CRAY but what about the CAT HARNESS!?

Anyhow, we put these videos in a playlist. If you can only view the first video rather than both, here’s the second one of Meemers in the harness. Cute!



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