We feel like parents when we say this, but we have so much footage of Spudgy and Dr.Meemersworth on our phones we decided it was time to start sharing them with the rest of the EYK Family. That way, we can all reminisce together and be like, “Awww, Meemers has grown so much!”, “Look! This video is from when Meemers was still in Bucheon”, and “I remember when he was still a she!” Good times. So yeah, we are still calling Meemers a “she” in these videos because we didn’t know yet, but Spudgy was onto it the whole time. This video compilation shows two very opposite versions of Meemers, the sleepy sweet falling asleep anywhere on anything when tired kind, and the crazy I’M A KITTY I’M A KITTY I’M A KITTY kind.

Now, I know some people will wonder why we are putting a harness on Meemers, but if you do plan on taking your cats out for walks (yes, people do that) or teaching them to lounge in a harness and leash while say, in your backyard, you have to start training them at a young age. My Godfamily always had their cat in a harness and on a long looooong leash that allowed their cat to roam the backyard when they were outside together, but prevented him from terrorizing the birds and squirrels or from running up a tree and promptly getting stuck. And as he got older, he was like, “Whatever, harness me up, let’s do this thing! I wanna go outside!” My parents (Martina here) could certainty use a harness since their naughty cat tries to make secret breaks from the backyard into the front and then freaks out when it realizes where it is. BAD MUFFINS!!! Anyhoo, we’ll be sure to post a Spudgy compilation up soon, we’ve got some footage of him excitedly greeting us after a visit to the puppy hair salon! OoOooOoooOhhhh fabulous Spudgy! Oh and before I go, I’m so curious (yeaaaahhhh!!!) if anyone else puts a harness on their cat? Or do you think we’re crazy… o_____0 Well, I already know you think we’re CRAY CRAY but what about the CAT HARNESS!?

Anyhow, we put these videos in a playlist. If you can only view the first video rather than both, here’s the second one of Meemers in the harness. Cute!


  1. I put a harness on my kitty, Kupo too!! Only when take her outside. Now she knows when the harness is on, she gets to go outside. Meemers is sooo cute!!!

  2. I taught me cat to walk on a harness when he was younger. He never liked being on it when we were outside, though. But he loved it inside, like at the vet and pet stores.

  3. Where is SHE from? Although I dont’ like a cat very much but I have to admit that SHE is very cute and I wanna keep HER on my arms while sleeping on the bed:)

  4. i’ve put a harness on my cat ,chance since i first got him a year ago when he was still about 9 weeks, because he was an indoor cat and i wanted him to experence the great outdoors, when he was young he didn’t mind it (the harness) he even slept in it (still does) cause he loved to be out doors and thats was the only way we would let him out cause he runs. So your not alone

  5. We walk our cat–on a harness. You’re right, it’s easier to train them when they’re young. She loves going outside so much, though, that she’ll tolerate us putting the harness on. She won’t walk far (we’ve tried); she mostly likes to sit outside. She’s so used it it now that she’ll wear it around the house if we don’t take it off of her immediately.

  6. Nothing crazy about the harness!

    My Bear has a harness too. xD She’s all so relax about everything that it doesn’t even phase her when we put it on.

  7. We use a harness on our cat. We found him as a stray and adopted him (he was in a really really bad state when my stepdad brought him home – he’d found him in a nature reserve miles from anywhere). But we didn’t want him to run off so my mum bought a harness to allow him to go outside til he was used to living in a house. We let him out without a harness now and he comes back without any trouble, but it took a long time before my mum was brave enough to let him. She kept thinking he’d run off or get hit by a car or something.

  8. From a person who has cats, its better to just carry them in a purse or something like that, because they really do not train well like dogs, and tend to just reject being walked

  9. ‘Dr.Meemersworth on our phones we decided it was time to start sharing them with the rest of the EYK Family’ aww guys *___* group hug!!! >. . < (#+_+)

    Thank you for the upload guise!!

  10. hahahhaa Meemers is just so cute…

  11. I also used a leash for my cat a few weeks after i moved to the house i live in now. But it was just for him to get used to the garden. After a while he was allowed to walk around without a leash. But i can imagine in a bigger city that it’s necessary to keep your cat on a leash when it goes outside.

  12. When I had cats putting a harness on them would be playing with my life. They were big orange european short hair male cats and they were like “kitty don’t play dat”. Getting them into the carrier to take them to the vet usually ended in a bloody scratched arm so yeah.
    Plus the younger one was houdini, we’d often try a flea collar, he’d run outside after it was on, get back 10 minutes later minus the flea collar. No matter how tight that collar was.

  13. Oh my so cute :D
    Reminds me of my 4 furballs when they were little.
    I have a harness for one of my cats, too. (3 are Persian cats and one is a Maine Coon).
    The Maine Coon was supposed receive the harness, we even tried to train him to accept it when he was little but he got totally mad every time and still hates it and doesn’t move at all but just bite and staring at you with some really evil eyes.
    (He is now 3 years old and his name is Bruce Lee Fuzzy by the way :D but we only call him Fuzzy)
    Cat 1 – Harness 0.

  14. Wow… Simon has really sexy legs :o

  15. if you ask me, seeing Meemers in a ball like that reminds me of Mewtwo, so CUTE!!!!!

  16. Wooohooo!!!!! I’m from El Paso, Texas as well! ^_^!

  17. My mom and dad once put a harness on our cat when I was younger, so that they could go outside with her without having her running away.. But she managed to take it off when they got outside >-< Probably not a good idea to go outside the very first time putting that thing on her xD

  18. I used to take my cat for walks!!! then he started getting old and lazy and doesn’t enjoy it anymore ><

  19. I think a harness is completely fine…..at least with me. You see, my cousins had this lovely cat named Cookie and after 3 years one day he just went climbing some roofs as always. When it was time to come back he never did (he returned every single day for 2 years). Of course this cat was never trained to use a harness and my poor cousins never knew where he was. Eventually we found out (because of some neighbors) that he had a completely new life somewhere in a park 1 miles away with some “naaasty” Mrs. Kitty….(just kidding :D …. but he was having an affair I guess). He never came back…snif snif….

  20. I tried teaching my cats to wear harnesses, but anytime they have one on, they immediately sit down and refuse to move. My rabbit, on the other hand, quite enjoyed going out for walks with a harness on.

  21. We have put my cat in a harness and taken him for walks. The problem is that when we do take him for walks he just walks two feet then lies down for 10 minutes and this continues until we decide to pick him up and take him home. Also when we take him for walks we have had lots of people come up to us and say that my cat is their cat that they lost two years ago and they want it back but then we tell them that they have the wrong cat because we have owned my cat for nine years… AWKWARD TURTLE TIME!

  22. My cat goes on a harness. Also we have taken him for walks but he basically walks two feet then lies down for 20 minutes and repeats that a lot then strangers come up to us and say we have their cat that they lost two years ago then we tell them no we don’t because we have had our cat for nine years…

  23. My grandma uses a harness on her black cat Elvis (see what she did there?). It mostly keeps him from jumping over the fence in her backyard. Its cute seeing him lounge in her sunflower garden ^^

  24. We actually had an older cat we attempted this with (a long time ago) but she was not amused and promptly, we took it off because otherwise, she wouldn’t shut up. We then used the cat harness for our puppy who was little enough for it up until about three weeks ago. NIKKI Y U GETTING SO BIG?!

  25. Meems is so cute!! Good thing you are making him use the harness on a young age, later he won’t have any trouble putting it on and walking around on a leash :D

  26. I never thought of a harness for my cat. But it’s probably better this way anyway. I don’t have a yard, can’t really take her for walks, and also I have to keep a careful watch on what she gets into/eats since she has (thankfully benign) tumors that interfere with her digestive tract a bit. So she’s on a diet that’s very easy to digest. x.x

  27. one of my neighbours walks his cat every day! The cat mostly sits and stares at squirrels and stuff but at least its getting fresh air, which I think is awesome.

  28. SO… How is Meemers about the Harness now?

  29. We have harnesses for our kitties too! They were dumped on the streets as kittens and they showed up in our backyard soon after. So when we started keeping them indoors they were always trying to get out. It was at that point I was like,”Ok, put them in a harness. That way they can go out, but be safe.” Our boy, Poco, actually runs to sit in our lap when we grab his harness. He’s all like “YES! I CAN GO OUTSIDE!” *cue hallelujah music*

  30. yo tengo un perro parece gato xd muerde el trapiador jajjaja

  31. If you are crazy for cat harnesses than people are crazy for bird harnesses. (which means, no you’re not)

  32. I live on a fairly big plot of land and in the country so our cats just roam wherever they please. As I type this, I have two out of three grown kitties sleeping on top of me. Needless to say, I’m very warm and toasty. But I was wondering, are you planning on de-clawing Meemers or no?

  33. @_@ I died from adorableness overload! First all the super adorable mini-villains in the Don’t Hate Me Epik High video *cough go vote for it cough* and now Memmers cuteness!

  34. There’s a woman in my neighborhood who walks her child in a stroller and sitting on top of the stroller on the little part that covers the infant from the sun is her cat with a harness. The cat just sits there like the whole walk was for him.

  35. I had this one cat that would go on walks with my dog and me. I never put her on a leash because she would just follow us the whole way and if she got too far behind she would start meowing at us until she caught up.

  36. I feel a little guilty for trying to spot ‘her’ little furry balls the whole time…..

  37. We put our cats in a harness once…they got out. Two of our cats hated collars and harnesses, one we rescued from outside so she stays in her yard and we don’t have to worry if we are out front and two other of our cats hate leaving the house.

  38. We walk my cat on a harness as well, the funny thing is that he loves going for walks in the backyard but still bolts whenever he sees the harness, he puts up with it once it’s on though.
    Oh and I spin him around on the floor the same way too. xD

  39. Awwww, so cute! i love these videos as much as your other ones! :D

  40. Not crazy at all. I’ve always lived where my cat couldn’t roam free and he knows that the harness means he gets to go for a walk so he’s happy when it gets pulled out.

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