We have just re-signed our contracts to stay at our schools for another year! Assah! We’re staying at our schools in Bucheon for a third year, which means at least one more year of Eat Your Kimchi videos! To celebrate, kinda sorta, we made a video of us being silly on camera. It’s actually more like a compilation of all the bloopers that we couldn’t put on film, snippets of video projects that we are working on but haven’t posted yet, and the stuff of our everyday lives that we just film ourselves doing because we’re just always being silly. Thanks to all who have watched and continue to watch our movies!

  1. Did you come from Facebook? Someone just asked us that there today!

  2. You guys are great! Really made me laugh!

  3. You guys have definitely inspired me. After watching your videos, I realized I'd give ANYTHING to be in your shoes. I love Korea, and I already know how to speak it a little. My friend always told me to move to Korea and she'll help me become a teacher there. And after watching your videos, there is NO DOUBT in my mind that I want to do what you guys do. I would love to go to Korea and be able to teach English, ironically my best and favorite school subject.

    When I first started watching your videos, I had no idea you were a couple! Yeah, I know. Fail. But after I read your Youtube I realized you have to be the cutest couple in the world! And that's another reason I would love to be in your shoes. You seem to have an amazing life with each other, and I hope one day I'll be as lucky as you two to have someone that I get along with so well. :)

    Thank you guys so much! You've really helped me a lot! :D

  4. We plan on doing so: we’ve got video ideas for when we go to Canada for vacation for people planning on moving to Korea. Yeah!

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