This week we review the Twonkle Donkey. Don’t you want a Twonkle Donkey?

First, though, we review hand-drip coffee to go! Yes, we’re talking about coffee again, because we love Korean Coffee. Well, Martina loves it loves it. Simon just likes waking up as a result of drinking it. Anyhow, for our Coffee Shop reviews, most of the time those shops only serve espresso based beverages. The rare ones that serve actual coffee call it “hand-drop coffee,” which is a fancy way of just pouring water over ground up coffee. Ha! No, I’m sure there’s more to it than that.

Anyhow, we found these hand drip coffee bags that are quite cool. Put one in your mug and slowly pour coffee over it the way they do at the fancy pants coffee shops. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Problem is, the coffee’s really stale for being ground up so long ago, but that’s just coming from a coffee snob’s perspective.

But that’s not the real magic of our Wonderful Treasure Find of the week. Oh, no no no. It’s not the coffee, but the mug it’s in. The mug has a kid playing a red piano and singing “Twonkle Twonkle Little Star” to a donkey. Brilliant! Twonkle twonkle! Sure, it’s just bad Engrish on a cup, but the possibilities are endless! We could have gone on forever. It’s the way the Vikings trained their children to murder. It’s the name an evil genius gives to his ugly dog. “Here Twonkle! That’s a good dog! I mean bad dog! I mean good bad dog! Yes, that’s right! Now, sit. Siiit! Good. Here’s your dinner of pureed rat organs. Buahahaha!”

Ahh. We won’t go on. Anyhow, we mentioned for our first WTF episode that we’d be giving these wonderful goodies away at the end of the month. So, here’s your first chance to win them. If you’d like to win the first four week’s worth of goodies, head over to our Facebook page and let us know which of the items you like the most and why. What would you use the Jiahe nose plug for? Can you come up with a better use for the Swan Massager of Pain? Leave your answers in the thread on Facebook, and we’ll pick the most amusing/creative answer next week. Huzzah!

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