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Interview with U-Kiss and Behind the Scenes of “Stop Girl”

September 23, 2012


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So, around a month and a half ago we announced that we were invited on the set of U-Kiss’ new music video. And then, after our announcement, we were pretty silent about the whole thing, not because we’re meanies, but because we had to wait for U-Kiss to release their song and video before we could release the behind the scenes footage. Couldn’t be spoiling the surprises from their music video, right? And now it’s finally out! If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here:

We were lucky enough not only to be able to interview U-Kiss at this time, but also to get a look at what shooting a music video is like. There are lots of things going on that we didn’t talk about in the interview or our little talk during the behind the scenes footage (which is embedded below and in the playlist above). So, we’d like to talk about some of those things here:

1) Kevin’s still as nice as ever: for starters, we were really surprised that we were invited to begin with, especially considering how thoroughly we ripped into “Believe.” I mean, we know that we weren’t being mean-spirited, and that we like U-Kiss’ music usually, but would U-Kiss and their management know that as well? So, when we actually got to the set, right before we walked into the building, which was in a pretty isolated part in Korea, the thought flickered in our minds: “is this the place that we are coming to die?” What if they’re all waiting with hacksaws? Hahaha! No! They wouldn’t do that, right? *gulp*

But they didn’t kill us! We walked in and saw everyone already busy at work. After a short while, Kevin came out of the change room and cheerfully waved and happily stood beside us and chatted with us for a while. We talked about how there are different sounding songs for different audiences, and this song here, “Stop Girl,” is made for more Western sensibilities. We totally agree, because it’s A LOOOOT better than their last song. In fact, I think it might be Simon’s favourite song of theirs since “Shut Up”. Martina is still loving “Neverland”.

Anyhow, Kevin bore us no animosity whatsoever. We had a good catch up on what everyone had been up to and how hard they have been working (seriously, we still think they need a vacation), and he also talked about the fact that they didn’t realize until they watched our Kpop Music Monday that, indeed, they looked homeless. And he had a good laugh about it. YAY! See angry kpop fans? Members of your favourite groups can understand when something is just a joke and they can even laugh along with it. That makes us really really happy. We remember how much respect we had for AJ when he first met us on Jeju Island for the Inkigayo concert and he called us out on making fun of his math lyrics. Yet, after that he hung around and chatted with us with a big smile on his face and no anger whatsoever. This time around we had a chance to chat more with Eli too, and he was also really fun and awesomely nice. Although there is a bit of a language barrier with the other members of U-Kiss, the U-Kiss boys are still one of the absolute nicest kpop groups we’ve had the chance to meet, so altogether we just want to group hug the whole lot of U-Kiss. GROUP HUG!!!! *Mordney sneaks into the hug* What the!?? GET OUT OF HERE MORDNEY!!!

We’re going to talk about the video more tomorrow for Kpop Music Monday, so we won’t give our opinions here, but we’re just happy that A) Kevin’s really nice, still, and B) They’ve gone beyond videos of homelessness. Huzzah!

2) How the hell does every group not hate their own music by now? Let me elaborate on this: yes, it’s an awesome song, and we don’t hate it at all. It’s still quite awesome to us. But, when we were there on set, the song was played non-stop, over and over again, as the scenes were shot, reshot, taken from different angles, and more angles, and even more angles. In between the takes, the makeup crew would rush over and furiously fan the sweat off their brows and touch up their makeup and then scurry out of the shot again before it started the cycle anew. I know for us, for Music Monday, when we’re editing our videos we almost HATE them by the time we’re done, because we’re looking at the same footage of ourselves for a few hours. Here, though, it’s the same song ALL DAY LONG. And I imagine when they practice the dance, it’s the same song all month long. That’s pretty intense. Anyhow, the point of this paragraph is less to say that U-Kiss should hate their song and more to say that we’re amazed at how much work goes into making a video and how often scenes are shot and reshot to get it just right.

3) The mass amount of people working behind the scenes is totally insane. The camera crew and the huge rig, the directors watching the scenes, the makeup artists, the stage hands cleaning the floor to prevent unwanted footprint dust, the people removing and re-building the set as soon as the shot is finally finished, the stage hands manually turning the lights to get the wanted effect…it’s crazy busy! Seriously: while they were shooting the video on one wall, the crew was dismantling the setup on the other wall and building a new one.

And in between the shots, the members that aren’t filming are either sleeping, or practicing with the choreographer, or getting their makeup touched up. Kevin was the only one to greet us when we first came onto set because he told us he filmed his solo shots very very early in the morning, and then went to sleep. So now the other members are just getting ready to film their shots, which is why we don’t have footage of all the members doing their solo shots. So they have to rotate between sleeping and filming, and then being well rested enough to do the final filming of them altogether as one group. Crazy beans!

This is why I really hate it when people say, “oh kpop is so easy and has no talent, anyone can do it.” WRONG. The members of all the kpop groups are insanely talented, not just for their dancing and singing abilities, but with their ability to discipline themselves and persevere through insane work schedules. They have to be able to sleep on cue, wake up on cue, and be bright eyed and bushy tailed whenever it requires, and that’s something a lot of us are unable to do. When people are cranky and tired, it’s like, WATCH OUT WORLD GARRHHHHH DINOSAUR SCREAM CRANKYPANTS MCGEE GIVE ME COFFEE OR I’LL RIP YOUR THROAT OUT ARGHHHH FASTER I SAID FASTER WHERE IS IT ARRRHHHHHH WHO IS MAKING THAT TICKING SOUND WITH THEIR PEN IN CLASS I’LL KILL YOU AND STOP BREATHING SO LOUDLY YOU LOUD BREATHER YOU ARHHHHHH BABY ON AN AIRPLANE AGHHRHHRHHRHHRHHRHR TURN OF THE RADIO I HATE THAT DJ TRAFFFIC JAMM NOOOOOOOOOO THE SUBWAY IS SO LATE ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEE *FLIPS A TABLE* !!!!! Not that we’re like that. *shifty eyes* I do love my coffee.

Anyhow, we divided the interview from the Behind the Scenes footage, and we added it all to the playlist above, so make sure you check it out!

Also, someone needs to get that Mordney off set. He’s a bit creepy.

Oh yes, and very importantly, U-Kiss were also nice enough to give us a bunch of signed copies of their new album! What are we gonna do with them all? We’re not gonna keep them for ourselves (maybe just one…) of course, but give them to you guise! If you want to win them, here’s what you gotta do:

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We’ll pick four answers and announce them in the bloopers of next week’s Music Monday! Well, not this one coming up on U-Kiss. The next one. So stay tuned!



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