Awesome! Our first kpop idol group in the Eatyourkimchi Nasty Studio! Huzzah! We almost had Boyfriend in here, but our schedules didn’t overlap at the right time. I tell you: these idols have such hectic schedules. When do they schedule in time to sleep? uBEAT, the day of this interview, supposedly flew in from another country, did a fan signing session, and then came to the Eatyourkimchi Nasty Studio. Yikes! We just go from home to work and within a few hours we’re like “pffft time to call it a day!”

Interesting facts about this interview:

1) They came an hour earlier than expected. You might have seen at the end of our last live chat how we scrambled to end the live chat. That’s because Soo Zee got the phone call that they were really early. Ah! We had garbage everywhere from all the package wrappings! We didn’t set up the lights or the food tables! YEEEP! It took a while for them to find a parking spot though (yay!) so we had enough time to prepare everything. But we were sweaty from panic. Fact: we stunk around uBEAT.

2) At the end of the interview, when we were talking about what foods are in uBEAT’s refrigerators, after Kevin talked about pizza, we recommended the pizza shop downstairs, Monster Pizza. We did a video about Korean pizza before. We don’t like it. Monster Pizza does New York style pizza, though, and it’s delicious. Point is, uBEAT went there afterwards to get pizza. So, if you’re ever in the Hongdae area, you can sit exactly where uBEAT sat and eat the same pizza. Booya! Side note, we’re not paid by Monster Pizza to say that. I’m not even sure they know we exist. They’re too busy making pizzas. They’re probably like “oh it’s those white people again that always come here and say they’re from upstairs or something.” Another fact, uBEAT were nice enough to buy a pizza for us and send it up. Isn’t that amazingly kind? These interviews take a couple of hours or so, and are a bit labor intensive, especially for B camera running around trying to get closeups, so for them to send up a pizza for us is really kind of them. AYY GURL CAN I BUY YOU A PIZZA. Yes, uBEAT, yes you can, and we like you so much more for it now :D

3) Another interesting fact: we saw the uBEAT video before they did. Ha! Their management sent us the video in advance, so we can prepare questions, and when we told uBEAT we were going to talk about their video they were like “you’ve seen it? WE haven’t seen it!” So we showed it to them. FYI, if you haven’t seen it yet yourself, check it out here, because we talk about it a lot in the interview:


4) We realized that we barely ever share the pictures from the sticker booth. What a waste! Here: take a look at some of the pics:

Martina was the only one in the booth this time, because I was busy preparing the camera for something else.

5) AJ’s allergic to dogs, and was itchy around Spudgy. OH GOD WE FEEL SO TERRIBLE ABOUT IT! We moved Spudgy into the other room when uBEAT was here, but we felt so guilty, because – even if we didn’t bring Spudgy that day – there’s still Spudgy dander around the studio, right? So AJ was rather itchy the whole time, but he still did a great job of being fun on camera. SORRY AJ OH GOD WE’RE SORRY!

Anyhow, that’s it for that. We had a great time with uBEAT and it didn’t feel like work whatsoever. Just…chatting! More importantly, you want one of these three CDs, don’t you? WE WANT TO GIVE THEM TO YOU! Here’s what you gotta do to win!

1) YouTube
Subscribe to our videos, and in the comment section to part 2 of the interview, let us know what song you’d want to sing with uBEAT in a Noraebang! We’d liek to know why, of course. Whatever answer we think is best suited, we’ll choose, and mail you your CD. SUH-WEET!

For you Eatyourkimchi Nasties, you can leave your comment here as well. Just leave your YouTube username while you’re at it so we can check if you’re subscribed :D

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Anyhow, we’ve also got some deleted scenes that didn’t make it in that we found funny. Check em out here. Will you see footage of Spudgy being tummy touched? Maybe yes…maybe no!


  1. I love this video so much. I love the light atmosphere. It really doesn’t seem like an interview at all, which makes the best interviews of all.

  2. I like this interview with Ubeat because they seem so relaxed :). And after this interview I startet to listen to their music and it turned out that I like them alot! :D Thank you EYK for interviewing them and thank you Ubeat for creating awesome music! :)

  3. I’m Proud Of UBEAT

    I Wish you the best, i will support you in whatever you do, that includes been honest when no one else wants to say, i will let you know when something is not good but i will nice about it because i would like to be told in a nice way NOT Rudely, But i will vote when i can and how much i can, i re-watch all your videos, and when I Need to cheer up l always listen to you and you make my day. I love all of you each of you have your own charisma that make the group happen

  4. UBeat is awesome they have great rapping skills and with kevin as featuring for their album was a great choice :D….uBeat Fighting!!!!!!!!

  5. Awesome. Wish I was there

  6. Am I ever get tired of watching this interview? >__< ♥

  7. What song you’d want to sing with uBEAT in a Noraebang? Bae Chi Gi – Shower of Tears! Because it’s my favorite song. Eli and AJ would sing the rap part, and Kevin and I would sing the Ailee part. I’m sure we’ll show you a very cool collaboration with this song! :D

    My YouTube username : Esha EunHae

  8. I know I’m late here but my cheeks are sore because I was smiling like a crazy person the whole time!!! >_<

  9. This interview never gets old. Thank you Simon and Martina for doing this! <3

  10. Dear Simon and Martina
    Hi I was wondering if I could somehow download this in anyway and the bloopers because I want to show my friends during lunch at school, I’m a 9th grader, that even if their a korean band they can still speak english well and to introduce them to uBeat. thank so much for all you videos by the way. i always laugh from them and i keep rewatching the interview with uKiss and Eric Nam. You guys are extrodinary(?) and i look up to you so much for moving to Korea and being able to show us how its like and actually meeting kpop idols.
    Cheering fan,

  11. You guys are the best! I love uBeat, I hope you guys ask them my question, it will mean a lot, Anni May Sweet, really loves Simon and Martina :3

  12. OMG! Simons and Martina! Thank you so much for doing this interview with uBeat,

  13. Hello
    I died when they where like Nasties~ hahaha

  14. Can’t you guys just release the whole filming for this interview?
    I wouldn’t even care if it was 3 hours long and a mess. I’d still love every second of it.

  15. [yingjae10/huiyingkissme on youtube] I think I would like to sing a ballad duet like Beautiful Day by G.NA and Sanchez with Kevin cause his melodious voice really melts me inside and we can sing together and stare at each other’s eyes brouhouhou :)
    I would then sing an english song, perhaps My Love by Westlife with all them since they are all english speakers!

    But of course, noraebang usually means upbeat songs that makes you jump up and down, so the song I would want to sing with uBEAT is their own song: PARTY ALL THE TIME! It’s a song that cheers me up every time i hear it, with the fact that Jaeseop actually composed it together with Eli for this special song ^____^ Meanwhile, Kevin can prance around and go crazy (:

  16. I wanna sing Shake that- Eminem with uBEAT xD I just think if would be hilarious and its a song that just get’s stuck in your head so we will always be singing it :)

  17. That was a fun interview and I liked having both you guys there speaking and seeing your faces. The boys were really adorable and seemed really comfortable!

  18. Best. Interview. Everrrrrrrrrrrr… <3 So cute, so cute! And the talk about chest hair was adorable and interesting! :O So random! XD I'm glad you guys are all so comfortable!! :D

  19. YT username: luluamu

    I would sung ‘YMCA’ by Village People with them.
    Reason: Because the letters (except Y, but let’s call it ‘Why’) are the initials to my full name, the song is fun (I want to sing this in a dorky way), AND we’d be four people, so we would have one letter each.
    That song is a MUST sing at a karaoke party.

  20. AJ’s reactions and facial expressions are freaking hilarious. XD

  21. Oh no. Kevin pointing out Simon’s shirt and saying he likes it becuase it shows his chest hair is definitely going to spark some of the people who believe Kevin is gay to make jokes. :/ Darn you stereotypers!

  22. Anything Bruno Mars and i would get my singing and dancing fever ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!! “ubeat makes me feel like I’ve been locked out of heaven”!!! sing it with me “i should’ve bought you flowers” IM GOING CRAZY WITH THE POSSIBILITY OF SINGING WITH THEM :D :P

  23. AWW feel sorry for AJ :( sludgy must of been lonely outside waiting for this mum and dad to finish the interview. but the interview looks fun i would love to sing bruno mar’s when i was your man with them or even locked out of heaven by bruno mars but my ultimate thing i want to do is that i would want to sing a massive duet with each of them :D BRUNO BRUNO MARS MARS

  24. AWW feel sorry for AJ :( sludgy must of been lonely outside waiting for this mum and dad to finish the interview. but the interview looks fun i would love to sing bruno mar’s when i was your man with them or even locked out of heaven by bruno mars but my ultimate thing i want to do is that i would want to sing a massive duet with each of them :D

  25. I’d like to sing Milkshake with uBEAT at a noraebang <3
    -Yessica Aguilar

  26. I made a silly comment before saying that it would be amazing if they would sing Justin Timberlake’s “SexyBack.” Obviously uBEAT loves beats and this is a very upbeat sexy song, so I feel this song is up their alley. I could also imagine any fangirl having fun and dance while swooning to the side a little while listening to them sing this song…

    Now that I thought about this for awhile, I think it would be FANTASTIC if they did their own rendition on Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight.” (If they kept Kevin for this song) Kevin would do amazing with this ballad and I think it would be cool to bring their beats to this classic song! I can already hear this and I’m totally wishing they would do this now! :)

  27. Though it’s not a song in the charts, I’d like to sing “Nice Guys” or “Bromance” by Chester See (feat. NigaHiga and Kev Jumba) – because they’re both hilarious songs and I think they’d be up for it :)

    username: VN2L

  28. Ice CREAM by HyunA!! Oouuuh, well maybe that’s too nasty, ok then HyunA’s Bublle Pop, ouuuuhh that’s too nasty too! Well never mind I AM A NASTY! So yeahhhhhh!!!!! ^^

    youtube username: JadeC’estMoi

  29. why only one song though :c

    but hmmm… if I have to choose one of the song has gotta be secret’s madonna whoop whoop o/
    so i can see kevin being a diva, aj chillin’ and being kkab, and eli pouring us drinks but ends up lol-ing and ends up joining us for more songs o/

    we would probably hear aj’s psychotic laugh again just because xD

    and oh! youtube username : mintsouma11

  30. Lol! Just watched the bloopers! These boys are a treasure! So funny!

  31. I already saw the interview but I just saw your tweet about the contest, so I came here to read your post and and and..

    almost had BOYFRIEND in for an interview :OOOOOO ..just imagining how that would go, because i know that if they went they would have talked about I Yah maybe.. and we’d get more glimpses of the real Korean School life..and 3 of the members are still students.. and and and yea.. (I was really hoping for that I Yah/Korean School Life Style KMM xP )

  32. If I’d have the honor of going to a noraebang with uBEAT, I’d really like to sing Alone by Sistar with them. It seems really fun to do so. And I’d like to hear AJ and Eli singing for a change. Cause I always hear them rapping. But they could still rap Bora’s part. [And if Kevin is included] I’d like to hear Kevin hit the high notes (cause he’s that awesome of a singer) Oh! And then we’d do the sexy dance HAHA

  33. I would like to sing Eat Your Kimchi Like A Man with uBEAT in the noraebang, I am serious. And EYK Crew must all attend too. I just hope that the noraebang make that song into their list, if they reject, we can just play the original song and shout out loud the parody’s lyrics ! :D Ask me why? Well after watching the interview, I felt like uBEAT is actually a part of EYK Crew… HOW CAN THEY MISS THAT SONG !? XD

    Youtube Username : SoShiBias

  34. Honestly, I don’t get tired of this interview, especially the bloopers. I’ve seen this at least five times now and it still makes me laugh and smile brightly. If you didn’t know Eli, AJ and Kevin were idols, you would just think they were three friends hanging out having a great time together. Or actually a group of five friends hanging out, because Simon and Martina feel just as much as the group as they do. I really do love how down to Earth these guys are. Also, Kevin, I’m still so surprised he brought up Simon’s Dothraki man warrior chest and the AJ went with it. This never would have happened had you managed to wear the hypotenuse shirt like planned. It was fated that you were suppose to wear it Simon.

    PS Martina, I have such pink hair envy right now. Missing the days when I use to wear my hair various colors. Unfortuntely it doesn’t fit my companies dress casual, dress code. But I won’t knock it, I get to design packaging daily for a major global corporation so I’ll let the no pink hair slide.

  35. Thank you so much for the interview Simon and Martina >.<

    For the contest I would sing an awesome chinese song for noraebang :
    Xi Shua Shua from a group called The Flowers
    Here is a link if you want to check it out the video is pretty epic also :D :
    Youtube username : KawaiiKuroNekoSan

  36. A song I would sing with uBEAT in a Noraebang is Minimanimo by Tiny-G because It’s a cute song .. and see to Eli and AJ singing a cuuuute song would be really interesting since they are the rapers in U-Kiss ahahah Kevin can join us dancing too hahah xD

    Youtube name: KissmeDay

  37. I would sing be my baby from wonder girls and they would dance then they would dance to it :D *if they don’t run away before because I’m an awful singer ><" *

    YouTube username: kawaiipop7

  38. Can i just say how Eli and Kevin can now forever tease AJ about “chicken chest”. I love it. Kevin has already started by teasing him on twitter. *see the attached pic for the tweet*

  39. *simon and martina make a homestarrunner reference*
    *catherine cries from joy for three straight days*

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