Awesome! Our first kpop idol group in the Eatyourkimchi Nasty Studio! Huzzah! We almost had Boyfriend in here, but our schedules didn’t overlap at the right time. I tell you: these idols have such hectic schedules. When do they schedule in time to sleep? uBEAT, the day of this interview, supposedly flew in from another country, did a fan signing session, and then came to the Eatyourkimchi Nasty Studio. Yikes! We just go from home to work and within a few hours we’re like “pffft time to call it a day!”

Interesting facts about this interview:

1) They came an hour earlier than expected. You might have seen at the end of our last live chat how we scrambled to end the live chat. That’s because Soo Zee got the phone call that they were really early. Ah! We had garbage everywhere from all the package wrappings! We didn’t set up the lights or the food tables! YEEEP! It took a while for them to find a parking spot though (yay!) so we had enough time to prepare everything. But we were sweaty from panic. Fact: we stunk around uBEAT.

2) At the end of the interview, when we were talking about what foods are in uBEAT’s refrigerators, after Kevin talked about pizza, we recommended the pizza shop downstairs, Monster Pizza. We did a video about Korean pizza before. We don’t like it. Monster Pizza does New York style pizza, though, and it’s delicious. Point is, uBEAT went there afterwards to get pizza. So, if you’re ever in the Hongdae area, you can sit exactly where uBEAT sat and eat the same pizza. Booya! Side note, we’re not paid by Monster Pizza to say that. I’m not even sure they know we exist. They’re too busy making pizzas. They’re probably like “oh it’s those white people again that always come here and say they’re from upstairs or something.” Another fact, uBEAT were nice enough to buy a pizza for us and send it up. Isn’t that amazingly kind? These interviews take a couple of hours or so, and are a bit labor intensive, especially for B camera running around trying to get closeups, so for them to send up a pizza for us is really kind of them. AYY GURL CAN I BUY YOU A PIZZA. Yes, uBEAT, yes you can, and we like you so much more for it now :D

3) Another interesting fact: we saw the uBEAT video before they did. Ha! Their management sent us the video in advance, so we can prepare questions, and when we told uBEAT we were going to talk about their video they were like “you’ve seen it? WE haven’t seen it!” So we showed it to them. FYI, if you haven’t seen it yet yourself, check it out here, because we talk about it a lot in the interview:


4) We realized that we barely ever share the pictures from the sticker booth. What a waste! Here: take a look at some of the pics:

Martina was the only one in the booth this time, because I was busy preparing the camera for something else.

5) AJ’s allergic to dogs, and was itchy around Spudgy. OH GOD WE FEEL SO TERRIBLE ABOUT IT! We moved Spudgy into the other room when uBEAT was here, but we felt so guilty, because – even if we didn’t bring Spudgy that day – there’s still Spudgy dander around the studio, right? So AJ was rather itchy the whole time, but he still did a great job of being fun on camera. SORRY AJ OH GOD WE’RE SORRY!

Anyhow, that’s it for that. We had a great time with uBEAT and it didn’t feel like work whatsoever. Just…chatting! More importantly, you want one of these three CDs, don’t you? WE WANT TO GIVE THEM TO YOU! Here’s what you gotta do to win!

1) YouTube
Subscribe to our videos, and in the comment section to part 2 of the interview, let us know what song you’d want to sing with uBEAT in a Noraebang! We’d liek to know why, of course. Whatever answer we think is best suited, we’ll choose, and mail you your CD. SUH-WEET!

For you Eatyourkimchi Nasties, you can leave your comment here as well. Just leave your YouTube username while you’re at it so we can check if you’re subscribed :D

2) Facebook
Like us on Facebook, find the contest thread and give it a like, then answer the same question. Booya!

3) Twitter
Follow us on Twitter, then retweet this link. Yay!

Anyhow, we’ve also got some deleted scenes that didn’t make it in that we found funny. Check em out here. Will you see footage of Spudgy being tummy touched? Maybe yes…maybe no!


  1. I love this video so much. I love the light atmosphere. It really doesn’t seem like an interview at all, which makes the best interviews of all.

  2. I like this interview with Ubeat because they seem so relaxed :). And after this interview I startet to listen to their music and it turned out that I like them alot! :D Thank you EYK for interviewing them and thank you Ubeat for creating awesome music! :)

  3. I’m Proud Of UBEAT

    I Wish you the best, i will support you in whatever you do, that includes been honest when no one else wants to say, i will let you know when something is not good but i will nice about it because i would like to be told in a nice way NOT Rudely, But i will vote when i can and how much i can, i re-watch all your videos, and when I Need to cheer up l always listen to you and you make my day. I love all of you each of you have your own charisma that make the group happen

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    My YouTube username : Esha EunHae

  8. I know I’m late here but my cheeks are sore because I was smiling like a crazy person the whole time!!! >_<

  9. This interview never gets old. Thank you Simon and Martina for doing this! <3

  10. Dear Simon and Martina
    Hi I was wondering if I could somehow download this in anyway and the bloopers because I want to show my friends during lunch at school, I’m a 9th grader, that even if their a korean band they can still speak english well and to introduce them to uBeat. thank so much for all you videos by the way. i always laugh from them and i keep rewatching the interview with uKiss and Eric Nam. You guys are extrodinary(?) and i look up to you so much for moving to Korea and being able to show us how its like and actually meeting kpop idols.
    Cheering fan,

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    I wouldn’t even care if it was 3 hours long and a mess. I’d still love every second of it.

  15. [yingjae10/huiyingkissme on youtube] I think I would like to sing a ballad duet like Beautiful Day by G.NA and Sanchez with Kevin cause his melodious voice really melts me inside and we can sing together and stare at each other’s eyes brouhouhou :)
    I would then sing an english song, perhaps My Love by Westlife with all them since they are all english speakers!

    But of course, noraebang usually means upbeat songs that makes you jump up and down, so the song I would want to sing with uBEAT is their own song: PARTY ALL THE TIME! It’s a song that cheers me up every time i hear it, with the fact that Jaeseop actually composed it together with Eli for this special song ^____^ Meanwhile, Kevin can prance around and go crazy (:

  16. I wanna sing Shake that- Eminem with uBEAT xD I just think if would be hilarious and its a song that just get’s stuck in your head so we will always be singing it :)

  17. That was a fun interview and I liked having both you guys there speaking and seeing your faces. The boys were really adorable and seemed really comfortable!

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  19. YT username: luluamu

    I would sung ‘YMCA’ by Village People with them.
    Reason: Because the letters (except Y, but let’s call it ‘Why’) are the initials to my full name, the song is fun (I want to sing this in a dorky way), AND we’d be four people, so we would have one letter each.
    That song is a MUST sing at a karaoke party.

  20. AJ’s reactions and facial expressions are freaking hilarious. XD

  21. Oh no. Kevin pointing out Simon’s shirt and saying he likes it becuase it shows his chest hair is definitely going to spark some of the people who believe Kevin is gay to make jokes. :/ Darn you stereotypers!

  22. Anything Bruno Mars and i would get my singing and dancing fever ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!! “ubeat makes me feel like I’ve been locked out of heaven”!!! sing it with me “i should’ve bought you flowers” IM GOING CRAZY WITH THE POSSIBILITY OF SINGING WITH THEM :D :P

  23. AWW feel sorry for AJ :( sludgy must of been lonely outside waiting for this mum and dad to finish the interview. but the interview looks fun i would love to sing bruno mar’s when i was your man with them or even locked out of heaven by bruno mars but my ultimate thing i want to do is that i would want to sing a massive duet with each of them :D BRUNO BRUNO MARS MARS

  24. AWW feel sorry for AJ :( sludgy must of been lonely outside waiting for this mum and dad to finish the interview. but the interview looks fun i would love to sing bruno mar’s when i was your man with them or even locked out of heaven by bruno mars but my ultimate thing i want to do is that i would want to sing a massive duet with each of them :D

  25. I’d like to sing Milkshake with uBEAT at a noraebang <3
    -Yessica Aguilar

  26. I made a silly comment before saying that it would be amazing if they would sing Justin Timberlake’s “SexyBack.” Obviously uBEAT loves beats and this is a very upbeat sexy song, so I feel this song is up their alley. I could also imagine any fangirl having fun and dance while swooning to the side a little while listening to them sing this song…

    Now that I thought about this for awhile, I think it would be FANTASTIC if they did their own rendition on Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight.” (If they kept Kevin for this song) Kevin would do amazing with this ballad and I think it would be cool to bring their beats to this classic song! I can already hear this and I’m totally wishing they would do this now! :)

  27. Though it’s not a song in the charts, I’d like to sing “Nice Guys” or “Bromance” by Chester See (feat. NigaHiga and Kev Jumba) – because they’re both hilarious songs and I think they’d be up for it :)

    username: VN2L

  28. Ice CREAM by HyunA!! Oouuuh, well maybe that’s too nasty, ok then HyunA’s Bublle Pop, ouuuuhh that’s too nasty too! Well never mind I AM A NASTY! So yeahhhhhh!!!!! ^^

    youtube username: JadeC’estMoi

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    but hmmm… if I have to choose one of the song has gotta be secret’s madonna whoop whoop o/
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    we would probably hear aj’s psychotic laugh again just because xD

    and oh! youtube username : mintsouma11

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    almost had BOYFRIEND in for an interview :OOOOOO ..just imagining how that would go, because i know that if they went they would have talked about I Yah maybe.. and we’d get more glimpses of the real Korean School life..and 3 of the members are still students.. and and and yea.. (I was really hoping for that I Yah/Korean School Life Style KMM xP )

  32. If I’d have the honor of going to a noraebang with uBEAT, I’d really like to sing Alone by Sistar with them. It seems really fun to do so. And I’d like to hear AJ and Eli singing for a change. Cause I always hear them rapping. But they could still rap Bora’s part. [And if Kevin is included] I’d like to hear Kevin hit the high notes (cause he’s that awesome of a singer) Oh! And then we’d do the sexy dance HAHA

  33. I would like to sing Eat Your Kimchi Like A Man with uBEAT in the noraebang, I am serious. And EYK Crew must all attend too. I just hope that the noraebang make that song into their list, if they reject, we can just play the original song and shout out loud the parody’s lyrics ! :D Ask me why? Well after watching the interview, I felt like uBEAT is actually a part of EYK Crew… HOW CAN THEY MISS THAT SONG !? XD

    Youtube Username : SoShiBias

  34. thisisjustforfunval

    Honestly, I don’t get tired of this interview, especially the bloopers. I’ve seen this at least five times now and it still makes me laugh and smile brightly. If you didn’t know Eli, AJ and Kevin were idols, you would just think they were three friends hanging out having a great time together. Or actually a group of five friends hanging out, because Simon and Martina feel just as much as the group as they do. I really do love how down to Earth these guys are. Also, Kevin, I’m still so surprised he brought up Simon’s Dothraki man warrior chest and the AJ went with it. This never would have happened had you managed to wear the hypotenuse shirt like planned. It was fated that you were suppose to wear it Simon.

    PS Martina, I have such pink hair envy right now. Missing the days when I use to wear my hair various colors. Unfortuntely it doesn’t fit my companies dress casual, dress code. But I won’t knock it, I get to design packaging daily for a major global corporation so I’ll let the no pink hair slide.

  35. Angelina Widener

    Thank you so much for the interview Simon and Martina >.<

    For the contest I would sing an awesome chinese song for noraebang :
    Xi Shua Shua from a group called The Flowers
    Here is a link if you want to check it out the video is pretty epic also :D :
    Youtube username : KawaiiKuroNekoSan

  36. A song I would sing with uBEAT in a Noraebang is Minimanimo by Tiny-G because It’s a cute song .. and see to Eli and AJ singing a cuuuute song would be really interesting since they are the rapers in U-Kiss ahahah Kevin can join us dancing too hahah xD

    Youtube name: KissmeDay

  37. I would sing be my baby from wonder girls and they would dance then they would dance to it :D *if they don’t run away before because I’m an awful singer ><" *

    YouTube username: kawaiipop7

  38. Can i just say how Eli and Kevin can now forever tease AJ about “chicken chest”. I love it. Kevin has already started by teasing him on twitter. *see the attached pic for the tweet*

  39. *simon and martina make a homestarrunner reference*
    *catherine cries from joy for three straight days*

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    YouTube username ~ ForeverAKissMe

  41. if in serious matter….. i would sing t-pain – let me buy you a drank…. but no! i would sing lillipop by 2ne1 and bigbang xD MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  42. TwistedSyn: FL: I would sing G.Na’s I’ll Back Off So You Can Live to them, because I’ve been practicing that song since I first heard it and would love to get their opinions on 1) my singing itself and 2) my Korean pronunciation. But I would also love to sing Finally and Above All with Kevin, and have him sing More Than Words to me. Then I would die. Happy. Very HAPPY! ♥

  43. These are the best bloopers EVAR :D

  44. Even though I’m competing with thousands of other fans, I’ll try..

    So I would like to sing Nothin on You by B.O.B. and Bruno Mars. This is my go-to song that I always sing at noraebang, every time I go. I really like it and it’s easy for me to sing, and I know it would be extremely fun to sing with U beat. There are rapping parts that Eli and AJ could rap to, and then me and Kevin could sing the melody. There is something for everyone!!! I just think this song is really fun.

    YT: XoceanxsunX

  45. With UBeat, I would sing Roy Kim and Jung Jun Young’s version of Becoming Dust. like in Flower Boy Next Door! ^-^ once i learn to pronounce all the lyrics

    (YT: youcantakemybreath)

  46. I love how Kevin fanboys over Simon and Martina >w<

  47. I just want to say you guys GRAZIE (thank you… for sharing with us all your videos and spend Time with us)!

  48. Oh god, I wasn’t expecting the bloopers, too funny! I wish the best for them :)

  49. I’d want them to do the gwiyomi song! >:D AEGYO TIME :DD

  50. uhhhh my face hurts from smiling and laughing so hard throughout the interview and bloopers! This was such a great interview, and yes, it really did seem like you guys were just hanging out as opposed to “interviewing”. Thanks for making it such a pleasure to watch, S&M!

    And mostly, thank you, uBEAT, for working so hard and squeezing this into your schedule! I wish you guys all the happiness in the world. xoxo

  51. funniest interview ever!
    kevin is definitely a nasty by the looks of this interview :DDD

    did kevin and eli get to meet spudgy at least ? poor aj :( he did really good though for covering he’s allergy, I really fine kpop idols are amazing keeping up with schedules can’t even believe they made time to meet you guys XD, so lucky! keep up the good work! OOOH YOU SO NASTY ;)

  52. AWW feel sorry for AJ :( sludgy must of been lonely outside waiting for this mum and dad to finish the interview. but the interview looks fun i would love to sing bruno mar’s when i was your man with them or even locked out of heaven by bruno mars but my ultimate thing i want to do is that i would want to sing a massive duet with each of them :D

  53. AWW feel sorry for AJ :( sludgy must of been lonely outside waiting for this mum and dad to finish the interview. but the interview looks fun i would love to sing bruno mar’s when i was your man with them or even locked out of heaven by bruno mars but my ultimate thing i want to do is that i would want to sing a massive duet with each of them :D

  54. If I were to go to a noraebang with uBEAT, I will definitely sing JYP’s Honey! Weird choice you may ask, but it’s such a fun song to sing along to plus the dance’s awesome. If Eli doesn’t like to sing, he can just dance along with the tambourine. I do think it’s kinda weird if uBEAT actually sings their songs in the noraebang but you can never go wrong with the “underwater” dance :)

    youtube username: cherylthatsme

  55. For various different reasons, and while I sincerely have enjoyed, snorted, laughed, chortled through all of y’alls interviews, this one was hands down my favorite. Seeing y’all interview them at first with an over heated camera unexpectantly to now, alas. It is great to see how far Eat Your Kimchi has grown. Plus those three guys are golden. Lots of love.

  56. I’m very confused whenever celebrities in Korea say that they only eat chicken breast and say that it tastes bad/bland. Doesn’t it depend on how you cook it? Even if you just grill it it is still healthy and tasty. And what does 99% chicken breast mean? 99% lean? Am I missing something? I’m sorry if this seemed like such a random post, this has just been bothering me or a while!

  57. I bet Kevin had a lot of fun playing with spudgy since he mentioned (when u were in jeju) that he likes spudgy. This was such a fun interview it seems so much more relaxed and conversational compared to your other interviews this was the most enjoyable to watch!!! :) It made it seem like you guys were long time friends with ukiss

  58. we would sing sexy back by justin timberlake MUHAHHAHA that would be so funny and ….*nosebleed*

    youtube: MsMusicaddict100

  59. Justyna Krasnodębska

    The Tiger Lillies – Beat Me
    because I think it could be hilarious. AJ and Kevin (and I and Eli if we get drunk ;p) could imitate vocal from original. just imagining it myself I’m dying with laughter xD
    and because I like ‘beatme’ more than ‘heartbeat’. I’m kissme and beatme. I like S&M ( simon&martina, of course~~)

    youtube: Justyna Krasnodębska

  60. great guys, you always make whoever you interview have fun and be relaxed, its the purple couch!!!!!

  61. Seriously, they are so cute and fun to watch. I cannot even. Can they have a reality show please? Send them to America and have them do crazy, odd jobs and I will love it for LYFE.

  62. I would sing one with each.

    For kevin: (its kinda impossible bcuz its instrumental but…) Kevin’s song by the goo goo dolls.

    AJ: Calculus song (He loves math lyrics!) “Girl, algebra, trigonometry

    can never equal up to what you do to me

    so, let’s integrate – don’t differentiate…

    I know my calculus

    it says u + me = us”

    And ELI: “There is no Arizona” tea in korea for a decent price

    Magdas S

  63. If I was given the chance to go to noraebang with uBEAT I’d want to sing Junsu/Xia’s “Intoxication” along with all the dance moves. XD

    “Kiss and touch me, rub my BANANAS~!” ;)

    my youtube username is Verde. limp yakisoba

  64. uBEAT are so humble and kind men… i just love watching them!! <3

  65. I’d love to sing with uBEAT their own song “It’s Been A Long Time” because I’m in love with this song & I’d love to sing in Korean with them or “Ne Yo’s Because Of You” Because of Kevin,(’cause I love him more than anything ♥) he said so in the interview that he loves singing this song & well I like this song too ^^ .. anyways in the end I wouldn’t really mind singing anything as long as I’m with them, It will definitely be the happiest moment in my entire life :’) .. Thanks so much for the giveaway :’)

    YouTube username ~ ForeverAKissMe

  66. Wich song will i sing with uBEAT in a Noraebang? hummm I’d rather prefer not to sing. Because i’m a terrible singer and they are so talented (shame on me). But it’s all about having fun, isn’t it? So i’m choosing Kaiser Chiefs’ “Every day I love you less and less” ’cause a fanhyung can’t sing anything better with his idols lol

    Youtube user id: brujolagartija (duh)

  67. Would definitely sing Hyuna’s Bubble Pop….. Or Ice Cream……..
    Youtube Username: Jordan Ledger

  68. Oh Gosh!! I just thought of the most brilliant song to sing in a Noraebang with uBEAT(I want to enter the contest now…hope you haven’t chosen the winners yet > . <)!!! It's Jaurim's "HA HA HA" song!!! And you know why it's so brilliant? It's because they can't show their singing skills in this song!(Eli and AJ are rappers and …..well Kevin might work his way through…maybe?) Kim Yoon Ah's voice is so particular! it's very hard to match her vocals! AND it would be such a fun song to sing! so …yeah… that's my contest entrance answer (._.)

    yt username: addicted2anime123

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  69. Id sing, IM SEXY AND I KNOW IT~~~~~~~~!!!!! =3= Eli could do a split and all…………so yeah 8′D

    and be all like, OH YOU SO NASTY~~~~~~

    youtube:- zazo1431


  70. Can someone ask U-Kiss how long Mordney has been around for? He got a shout-out in SS501′s “Deja Vu” video from 2008. Does anyone have any info to offer on Mordney’s work in the K-Pop world? I’M SO CURIOUS (thank you, SHINee!) now – please help!

  71. I would sing 0330 with uBEAT to be very honest. I really really love this song a lot, especially the rap where Eli and AJ goes “You and I 우리의 끈 놓지마, don’t deny our r²π, 내게 와 이제 다 괜찮아, 다시 다시 다 모든걸 시작하는 거야”. This is the only song that will always get stuck in my head and I would always be singing and rapping it in school. And y’know when I go for Noraebang with my friends, 0330 is one of the must-sing songs in our list. So who better to sing 0330 with than uBEAT featuring one of the main vocals or with all the members of U-Kiss themselves, right? ^^

    My YouTube username: ih3artbigbang

  72. Things I’ll never forget from this interview:

    1. AJ’s 5 chest hairs

    2. AJ and his chicken chest

    3. Kevin’s candy flavored pizzas

    4. Eli’s heart is in his big toe

    5. According to Eli, AJ is psychology person

    LOOOL feel free to add more~

  73. the truth is out there

    If I could sing any song with uBeat, I think it would be Fall Out Boy’s “Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy” because I’d love to hear them try a pop punk song! Or we could sing Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance because that’d be hilarious.

    In reality though people die when I sing so I’d probably just dance!:) My youtube name is ArcadiaLynn, and I’m a proud subscriber!

  74. I just don’t get tired of watching this interview over and over again, I enjoyed like it was the first time every time, just to much awesomeness for me to handle (≧▽≦)

  75. the truth is out there

    I’m so happy you put some of the sticker booth pictures up, I was always curious about what yet looked like!

  76. This has got to be my favorite interview of all time as of yet. Everyone seemed to be having such a fun time and comfortable. ^_^ The bloopers are beyond hilarious too.

  77. The song I would sing with uBEAT at Noraebong would be “Sir Mix-A-Lot – I Like Big Butts” b/c I know it would be priceless! lol
    YouTube Username: 2pinkninjas

  78. I wonder why AJ didn’t go to Korea Town in NYC. NYC is known for their Asian cuisine actually. I bet if he told the fan where you was, lots of fan would totally come and talk to him :)

    Lol Chicken Chest actually sound better than Chicken Breast, and I did ate it >> *was on a deox health diet but i’m off now*

    Kevin is really funny, so outgoing. Technically, we call it topping not really flavor, so Kevin was right to be confuse :P

    Eli sound so mature in this video, and the piercing weird me out at first, but it got really cool after I finished watching the video. He really is good at rapping in the MV, too. Eli Skirt chaser ;)

    -Actually, I found them through EYK. And this MV is by far my favorite out of the Ukiss and Ubeat one. I just wish there was a real storyline, I was confuse of what was happening until I watch this video, and now, I finally understand-

    Youtube: ashtenmorgan or Erica Elizabeth

  79. He’s a….. psychology person… hahaha love that! and pizza have flavors? Oh my glob i love you guys! U-KISS & uBEAT hwaiting! and i love the fandom name that Simon and Eli thought of. Heartbeat is perfect

  80. can i just say that i fgreaking love
    Eli’s eyebrow piercing! It looks so amazing!

  81. Loved the interview guys! And let me just say that it was your first interview with them that introduced me to U-Kiss. So thank you very much for helping me become a KissMe :D :D

    As for a song I’d sing with them, it probably be the classic “We Will Rock You” by Queen. AJ can practice his English, Eli can be a part of the fun performance even if he’s just sitting there stomping and clapping along (we could even encourage him to sing a part!) and Kevin can do… awesome Kevin things!! lol :D :D

    As a first time commenter, I just want to say thank you for all your hard work in every one of your videos! You guys have introduced me so much to Korean culture, so I really appreciate you guys :)
    :D :D :D :D

    Youtube: SecretNinjaV

  82. From your nasty and kiss me, VIPBlackjackGirl: If I went to Noreabang with uBeat,
    I would sing any of their songs because they all are amazing. Man Man Ha Ni for loving U-KISS? Yes, because I can’t keep Standing Still when they’re music is on. I’m in Neverland, feeling my head go Bingeul Bingeul from their dancing to singing. From morning to 0330, I never get enough of the sexiest guys of U-KISS, so haters can Shut Up, because Someday has become today, they’re international :) U-KISS FIGHTING!!!

  83. uBEAT and I are going to perform a rock version of DBSK’s “Balloons” :D
    Maybe I’d even try beatboxing but probably I’d just make a fool out of myself and spit everywhere :D
    YT: Karoline L

  84. This has got to be the best interview you’ve done so far imo. It was so funny! I like interviews where it feels more like a chat than a question and answer style. /)*3*(

  85. the best thing about the interview was the chicken chest xD That’s probably gonna stay in the depths of my head now and every time I will want to say chicken breast I’ll end up saying chicken chest

  86. Man! Why do they have to be so darned cool?! I think Ukiss/Ubeat’s personalities when they aren’t singing make me enjoy their music even more. I feel like Ukiss knows how to hang.

  87. I love this guys they are so fun (super fun), autentic an humble.Great job EYK

  88. I would sing stellar rocket girl

  89. From now on my favorite drink will be Arizona, any flavor, cuz then I can remember Eli….Still they are 99 cents, well with taxes $1.10, but still cheap….

  90. I really like the style of this interview you guys! I really like how you did their names under their faces and the little annotations and sound effects was just the perfect amount (not too much or too little). Also, seeing uKiss/uBeat being interviewed is always a pleasure.They are so funny and sweet! P.S. I really like their new song! It’s so catchy and just an all-around feel-good song! P.P.S. I loved how they talked about work behind the scene. I completely get it! I worked as a techy for plays and stuff, and I always love how a show is so hectic backstage, but then the audience never knows what happens. It’s like magic! Anyway, I can only imagine how hard it was for them to learn the dance, then learn it again.

  91. If I could go to Noraebang with UBeat, we would first sing EYK LIKE A MAN. It’s a must. ;D
    And then just for fun, SNSD’s Genie. I’d love to hear Kevin and AJ sing the part with Eli taking Tiffany’s part with the “DJ, put it back on.” xD And there’s also the DANCING.
    youtube username: abovemydream

  92. this interview is gold, I’m telling you GOLD ! xD re-watching it and enjoying it as if it were my first time watching

  93. Wonder if uBEAT might make a guest appearance on the next KMM… xD;

  94. The song I’d want to sing with uBEAT would be “Don’t Stop Believing”
    by Journey. I mean c’mon it’s a classic. With the mullet hair like Steve
    Perry had just belting it out “……in the
    niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!” Plus I mean it could be sort of an
    anthem for them and us as fans that we will never stop believing in
    our boys and the hard work that they put in in everything they do. Oh
    and also that they will one day get that elusive #1 spot in a music
    show. Although they are already #1 in our hearts. *cheese* So yeah never
    stop believing! Whooooo! Thank you.

    YOUTUBE user name: eyeheartukiss

  95. I think that when U-Kiss comes back there should be an epic cheesy martial arts battle between Eli and Mordney.

    It’ll the most epic battle of epic battles and the Cheesiest of the Cheesiest Cheesy martial arts battles EVER!!!

  96. I enjoyed this interview sooo much, they’re so down to earth! I hope you guys have another chance to interview them again when they release something new!!~

  97. It would be great to sing with uBeat members B.A.Ps ‘Warrior’ :D .. I really would like to see YongGuk part in their version xD…

  98. My flat mate just watched this with me and made the point that this is now two videos of Ukiss/Ubeat’s that have one of the members’ girlfriends dying – I’m afraid there might be a serial killer in their midst and given the overlap of the members in each video it is most likely Kevin or AJ… ㅋㅋㅋ Anyway, great interview and the bloopers were brilliant!! ^_^

    • We actually have a theory flying around the SHTYB EYK kpop charts page.
      We think it’s actually Mordney. He’s out to get them……..

      • Well, that’s a relief actually! ㅋㅋㅋ I think the next video that Ukiss/uBeat does needs to include the staking of Mordney! But who’s brave enough to do so?

        • You really should come visit us over on that page and at least read a few of the comments and theories we have, even if you don’t want to contribute to the points by commenting.
          I’ve had the idea that it would be epic if there was a martial arts showdown between Eli and Mordney (Simon) because of our theory that Mordney is the reason that Eli no longer has a girlfriend. It’ll be just the most epic, cheesiest, corniest, funniest, BEST marital arts showdown ever!!! And it would all end in Mordney winning the battle (But Not the War!!!) by throwing rose petals in Eli’s face (because of the random appearance of rose petals in the SHTYB MV)

        • Haha – brilliant!!! I will – and I have already read a few but there are so many! :D

  99. I would definitely belt out Sexy and I Know It, cos THEY’RE sexy, and I know it. XDD
    Anyway, I’m so glad that they were all so comfortable and casual around you guys. It almost seems like you were all old friends having a good time together, catching up and chatting happily and all, and not interviewers with idols. I really enjoyed this interview and I hope that you guys and U-Kiss would continue to make great videos!

  100. Gah~ Eli have these small white stuff in his hair (i think it’s probably hair wax or something) soo disturbing xD

  101. OMG! Haha thnx so much for sharing all the sticker booth crazyness!! you guise should do that more often. Anyways, you did an amazing job on the interview. EYK hwaiting!

  102. Love this interview! They are all so down to earth and friendly!! :D

    One song that I’d want to sing with uBEAT at a noraebang would be Moving mountains (Usher)!! It’d be awsome!!

    Username: Kimmy Lin

  103. It’s so adorable how in the bloopers, Kevin like ALWAYS says, The fans will love this, or This ave to go out! :3
    To bad you didn’t get the time to change into the hypotenuse shirt Simon!

  104. Kevin is Sooo adorable! :)))

  105. Can’t u guys pls interview beast? :)))))

  106. Youtube username: BlabberMouth141

    If I were to be with uBEAT in a Noraebang, I would highly request them to sing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ (by Queen) with me. Why? Because I’m a random person, they’re random people, and Bohemian Rhapsody is a cool, fun, weird and random song which I really love singing in Karaoke Bars or Karaoke Machines. It is a great song which my whole family loves. When we’re on vacation, my cousins, siblings and I would all line up in a single row and sing our hearts out. It’s a great song to let off some steam, relax and just have FUN!! I am a big big big KissMe and now, if ever made official, a Heart Beat (or BeatMe… Okay I don’t want to be beaten by Ellison, Jaeseop and Kevin o.o) Anyways, to end this novel of mine, I just want them to have fun and just forget about everything for even just a short while. They are very hardworking, and I want them to have even just a day where they can be themselves, act silly and enjoy their time without any worries. I want to make them happy. That is all, thank you for reading, Simon, Martina, Spudgy and Dr. Meemersworth. Enjoy your day!! :))

    PS. Yes, I am also a big Nasty >:D< Love you guys soooo much ;)

  107. Youtube username: BlabberMouth141

    If I were to be with uBEAT in a Noraebang, I would highly request them to sing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ (by Queen) with me. Why? Because I’m a random person, they’re random people, and Bohemian Rhapsody is a cool, fun, weird and random song which I really love singing in Karaoke Bars or Karaoke Machines. It is a great song which my whole family loves. When we’re on vacation, my cousins, siblings and I would all line up in a single row and sing our hearts out. It’s a great song to let off some steam, relax and just have FUN!! I am a big big big KissMe and now, if ever made official, a Heart Beat (or BeatMe… Okay I don’t want to be beaten by Ellison, Jaeseop and Kevin o.o) Anyways, to end this novel of mine, I just want them to have fun and just forget about everything for even just a short while. They are very hardworking, and I want them to have even just a day where they can be themselves, act silly and enjoy their time without any worries. I want to make them happy. That is all, thank you for reading, Simon, Martina, Spudgy and Dr. Meemersworth. Enjoy your day!! :)

    PS. Yes, I am also a big Nasty >:D< Love you guys soooo much ;)


  109. I want to pick a song that they want to sing too. I think It’s not fun if I pick a song that I only want. Haha. So I’d pick Aj and Eli’s duet song Party All The Time, It’s a song with catchy beats, cute and fun to sing and dance~! They like this song so much that they’d promote it anywhere. Haha! I want to sing it with Ubeat in a Noraebang and jump and dance and have a crazy fun time together~ XD

    Youtube Username: mystygirl08

  110. you think you will be able to interview Boyfriend when they have their comeback? :)

  111. I would sing birthday cake rihanna in the noraebang! lol I was wondering if uBeat ate any of the foreign snacks? If they did what did they say?


    .. anyways >.< If i ever went to noraebang with uBeat i don't think i would obtain the mental strength to be able to be in the same room as them let alone singing, ill just have to join Eli sitting down……..accept on the floor………..melted into a puddle……………dying from the overload of nastiness………………..kkeevviiinnnnn -.<

  113. Aw, AJ says chicken chest like a lot of people I know. (I’m from Miami, so this is a pretty common expression, I just had only heard it from native Spanish speakers).

    I would probably sing A-ha’s “Take on me” because it’s just a really fun song to belt at the top of your lungs, plus I think it’s a song you can be silly with which is a bonus.

    youtube: averageivette

  114. ONE OF THE BEST INTERVIEWS EVAHH. U-KISS should definitely be regular guests!!! <3

  115. Too bad the interview couldn’t be longer hehe. This was an awesome interview! ^^

  116. Gawd! I loved the interview so much!! I was literally grinning from ear to ear the whole time.! Props to them for being able to look so awesome despite a busy schedule.. And awwwwwww at the buying pizza for you guys part.. Tbh, I was as confused as Kevin when you said flavours. My mind showed me images of strawberry and chocolate which didn’t go with the image of pizza in my head.. (I didn’t make much sense there).. The bloopers were so much fun – AJ’s chicken kasum… Lol!!

    If I were to go to the noarebang with U-Kiss, I’d wanna sing an easy going song like Lady Gaga’s “just dance” or something. I don’t want to embarrass myself in front of them and I’m more of a dancer than a singer (which isn’t much really)..
    Ummmm, so my username is miah5mirotic in youtube.. :D And head_in_freezer on twitter..

  117. Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”, cuz no matter what that song is always fun to sing! Plus three ubeat/ukiss members doing the dance would just be awesome and hilarious!!

  118. Youtube name: talto

    Well, even though AJ is a chest man, I believe we could all belt out an enthusiastic and accurate (especially since I have a large asset) version of Big Booty Bitches.

  119. kawaii_candie

    I’m not really a UKiss fan, but they are so loveable, this was a really fun interview! also, Kevin is so cute, I just wanna pinch his cheeks! lol.

    If I went to Norebang with them, I’d probably sing Ne-Yo with Kevin, cuz he said he does, and I actually sing it sometimes at karaoke too ^_-

  120. THIS SONG!!!!! XD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ If they don’t know the meaning of this song, they would totally be rick-rolled!!! mwahahaha~~~ =P

  121. I would sing flo rida’s club cant handle me! cuz that would be a really refreshing change for ubeat/ukiss aaaand theres a part for everyone’s specialty to take part in~ and its overall a fun song to party to hahaha~

    youtube name: myworldsraining

  122. Is Kevin and eli like what they r in tv


  124. Is kevin eli and aj skin better then girl skin? Mainly kevin. This can be for any boy groups in know , the look like they have better skin then girls.

  125. Youtube: potterfan77777

    I would have to say…..U-Kiss 0330!!!!!

    1. It was my first song that made me fall in love with U-Kiss, so I love it (second only to Stop Girl)

    2. I want to hear the famous”Don’t deny our r²π” line live for myself XD (I admit I’m a math nerd….I would want uBEAT to sign my protractor)

  126. Random side comment:
    I was just as confused as Kevin when you said pizza flavors. I knew what you meant, but I’ve never heard it termed as ‘flavors’. I’ve always just been asked either what toppings do I like on my pizza or what kind of pizza do I want? (Answer is, and always will be, cheese pizza, because I’m sure you guys wanted to know that..haha)

  127. it’s so funny when Kevin said:”and you ‘re one of that group..?”haha .the peaking group~~~

  128. I left my CD giveaway comment on YouTube (same name as my Disqus name), but I just wanted to say thank you so much for this interview! :) Kevin, Eli and AJ seem like such down-to-earth, funny guys, and I love the rapport they have with you. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win signed CDs, and to suggest interview questions for the performers we enjoy so much. :D

    Also, I’m going out for Italian food tomorrow night. I fully intend to ask for grilled chicken chest on my Caesar salad and to quiz the waiter on what flavors of pizza they have on the menu. XD Now if only my dining companion was a psychology person …

  129. Youtube: AjunebuggybugK

    Easiest question ever! I didn’t even have to think about it! We would sing the best song there is to sing along with in existence:
    uBEAT/Ukiss and I would sing “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys.

    Kevin could sing Kevin’s parts. AJ could have all of AJ’s lines. Eli and I can split up Howie, Brian, and Nick’s parts (though, sorry bro, I have dibs on Nick’s epic “don’t wanna hear you saaaayyyy” part, you know the one). Man, I can just imagine Kevin singing out Brian’s beautiful “why” towards the end. And I can totally see Eli singing the very last “I want it that way”. I know Kevin has said they’re BSB fans too, so we would all be totally into it. We’d make epic faces full of emotion as we all sang along, make lost of hand gestures towards one another, and just be all around cheesy. It would be perfect.

    (Sorry, fangirling over Backstreet Boys and Ukiss/uBEAT right now :P)

    • I LOVE YOU!!!
      I was also thinking about a bunch of BSB songs!!! Though, I was also thinking “Just So You Know” and “It’s Gotta Be You” and “Poster Girl” would be some fun songs to dance to and make lots of emotional, intense faces and a lot reaching out with grabby hands. XD
      “Everybody” would be a fun one to just dance to and maybe someone occasionally screaming a line or two.

  130. I would love to sing Eminem ft. Rihanna’s song I love the way you lie with UBeat BECAUSE!! when that song came out I was obsessed with it! I will gladly sing the Rihanna part BUT! the last rap verse is like my favorite part of the song I may have to ask to rap that part!

  131. I would listen to UKevin



  133. thisisjustforfunval

    I would want to sing “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO with uBeat in a Noraebang. It has rap parts for AJ, singing parts for Kevin and since Eli doesn’t sing at Noraebang he could be shuffling the whole time. We would turn that Noraebang room into a dance club, it would be LOADS of FUN!

    Extra plus for me, I’m sure I would have eventually heard this song but Eli is the one who actually introduced it to me. He tweeted about how he had it on repeat and attached the video. :)

  134. “Fact: we stunk around uBEAT.”

    So that’s why you guys are sitting so far from them! lol xD

  135. if i went to norebang with U-kiss i’d probably sing Dynamite by Taio Cruz, Good Time by Carly Rae Jepson and Owl City, and maybe Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles. Dynamite and Good Time are more upbeat and happy and that just seems to match their personalities :))) And also Here Comes the Sun because it is sort of a spring song, and here in California spring has just started and its the perfect weather to sing it :D

    my youtube username is Sasha Smith

  136. In the song Kevin is wearing a safety pin earing and I was like OMG I DO THAT TOO! and then I realized it was like a normal earing with the safety pin attached…

  137. i love this interview! xDD hahaha i laughed so hard, then when i watched the bloopers.. i laughed like there’s no tomorrow to come.. and when i laugh sooooooooooooo much, i.. i.. hahah there’s a possibility that i’ll pass my gas unintentionally xDDD i think the song “BRING ME TO LIFE” would fit them.. kevin on vocals and eli & aj on rapping. Its an energetic song. and the members are full of energy.. xD my youtube username is xtine woo. ^^

  138. oh how I love the sticker booth >< Kevin is sooooo freakign cuteee~ <3

    YouTube Username: Magent221
    If I was singing at Noraebang with U-KISS I'll sing Kyomi xDDD because I'd love to see them doing ageyo xDDD

  139. If I was singing at Noraebang with U-KISS I guess I’d have to go for a classic like “I Will Survive” in the musical stylings of Gloria Gaynor. That’s a fun song with lots of high notes to murder and- yeah! :) I’ve always wanted to do the whole tambourine-rhythm sticks-neck ties around the head thing you see in Korean dramas and who better than to do that with U-KISS. I think going to Noraebang with them would be a blast!

    YouTube: chuckthegirl

  140. these guys are so dorky and cute :)

  141. This has got to be one of the best interviews ever. It really didn’t feel like an interview at all, more to just a chatting session. uBEAT looked so relax and at ease the whole time. They all look happy, of course after a hectic schedule for the day. They looked like they’re at home, so comfortable. I think it’s partly because of the history they had with Simon & Martina. They’re fans of EYK too! And I think U-KISS & uBEAT is one of the groups that’s been reviewed a lot by EYK.

    Thank you Simon & Martina for the interview with uBEAT. Thank you for making them feel at home during the interview. It was wonderful & entertaining to watch this amazing interview!

  142. I’d sing like a man by the EYK Crew. Youtube username : Judithlebreuilly

  143. If I was going to Noraebang with U-KISS I would probably want to sing Lady Gaga’s Telephone. Mostly because I want to shout the “eh eh eh eh” and the “ma-ma-my telephone”. Also because this song has what Lady Gaga but then Beyonce comes in with some serious attitude so I can get my tiny gangsta on. Then there is the fact that I don’t have to speak normal english it’s all slang at the end so I can just say the words however I want and just have fun. Whenever I think about this song it makes me happy and I would really want to share those feelings with U-KISS. Although it would be hard to make me go up and sing. Truly I would be like Eli hanging out in the back watching everyone else.
    Youtube: seam560

  144. I would sing put the lime in the coconut with Ukiss. OMG KEVIN IS TOO ADORKABLE!!!

  145. Youtube: Azninja889
    The song I would want to sing with uBEAT in a Noraebang would be Korean: SNSD’s Gee. My reason? So we can dance all silly while singing GEE GEE GEE GEE BABY BABY! Louder than the other lyrics….I know Kevin would have a fun time :D. English song: N Sync’s Bye Bye Bye ;] 90′s kid<3 there is no reason not to sing to this song and act silly/crazy X]

  146. If I were to sing with uBEAT, it would be “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen or “22″ by Taylor Swift just to have fun! xD

  147. Such a great interview. I always like watching UKiss aka UBeat interviews. It seems like they’d be so cool to hang with.

  148. Wahhh! What a super fun video!! I loved the atmosphere, everyone seemed so tired, excited and happy haha.

  149. If I had to choose a Korean song, I’d want to sing (and DANCE) to Abracadabra (by BEG) with uBEAT XD but if I had to choose an English song, since AJ prefers English, I would sing… Marry You by Bruno Mars ^^


  151. Your first kpop idol group – it’s just right that it was (part of) U-Kiss. This was really the best interview so far. It really felt like good friends having come together to chat and have fun ^_^ Kevin, Eli and AJ are so relaxed, cool, nice and funny guys that you can’t help but want to be friends with them. And they are good looking, too ;) I especially love Eli’s new hair colour ^^

  152. youtube channel [strawbearry] i would want to sing of course their title song with them xD so obvious~~ its better than staring at eachother in awkward silence hahahaha xD I WISH I WIN` ><

  153. the glimmer in Martina’s eyes, during the whole thing, is priceless.

    luf u gaise

  154. fun galore! I think all nasties agree that any UKISS member is part of the EYK fam….this didn’t feel like an interview at all!!

    haha…AJ was sincerely insulted @ ELi saying he only has 5 chest hairs.

  155. Eli likes Arizona Green tea? I love it too!! And I’m from/in Arizona :) Arizona Green Tea FTW! And also, they make a cherry lime flavored drink, it sounds weird (And tastes really different) but I really like that one too
    I always wonder, though, if someone from Korea comes here to Arizona…How would they handle it? Especially in the summer, when our temperatures reach about 110-115+.. And how hot does it get in the summer in Korea?

  156. Hahahaha this was awesome guys. I think it was the best interview, because you seemed so close and it was like you were just chatting. This is the reason why I like uBEAT members, they’re so funny and nice (I mean, who would think of buying you a whole pizza. I’m sure they’re secret NASTIEES)

  157. This whole interview made me smile so much that my cheeks hurt! :D

  158. OMG This might be the best interview yet!! >< so funny~!! Love how you guys are just casually talking!! :D <3

  159. KATHyphenTUN

    HAHA this is gold!!!!
    LOL chicken chests! Don’t worry AJ I had a costumer come in asking for chicken boobs one time at work!!
    PS. Thanks for sharing the sticker booth photos!!!! :D:D

  160. The bloopers were TOO FUNNAAAAAYYY!

    If I were to sing a song with uBeat, i’d make them sing a bunch of oldies like Heaven, and have them sing and dance to Bo Beep Bo Beep.
    Youtube: soopafreshluther

  161. Angela Cheng

    If I could sing a song with uBeat at a noraebang, I would sing “You belong with me” by Taylor Swift since the only song where I know all the lyrics, and it is a fun song to sing too. Youtube: Angela Cheng

  162. It’s like your first interview with them: THEY SEEM/FEEL SO REAL JUST WATCHING THEM O: I love it!!! <3 U-Kiss & uBEAT :3

  163. CHICKEN CHEST!!! PSYCHOLOGY PERSON!!! ahhhh dying… Ubeat/UKiss U guys are 100/100

  164. Ok, it’s something wrong with my computer, i’m gonna to die -_-

  165. unicornsgalaxy

    THEY ARE SO ADORABLE!!!!! I wanna shrink Kevin down to pocket size and care for him always! I’ll be happy to help AJ practice his English! I wonder how Eli feels about noonas…

    Anywho, would sing Gitchi Gitchi Goo from the Phineas and Ferb cartoon with uBeat in the Noraebang..and that has nothing to do with the shirt that Simon always wears when they review uKiss songs…um..yeah!

    On the off chance that you actually pick that answer…my youtube name is the same as this one…unicornsgalaxy.

    • I’m pretty sure I’ve read in multiple places that Eli (and a few other members) are typically into noonas
      And I LOVE your song choice! I thought it was kind of annoying the first time I heard it. But then it grew on me….. XD

  166. I would sing “폼생폼사 ( PomSaengPomSa)” by Sechs Kies!

    Because although it is not really their time, because Kevin & Eli were in America, but they obviously know this song and it is just classy enough. Even Eli, who would not only play around with the tambourine, could have the rap parts. It is a song everyone of them can participate and the dance to it is easy to lear and hilarious. I would love to see them dancing along and singing to it, it is just an amazing and epic song which rises the mood! :)

    And if I won’t get picked, you will probably be never satisfied with my answers. So I will try to calm my chicken chest.

    Youtube (stayedoutallnight)

  167. I was laughing and smiling all through the interview, I didn’t think I could love you guys and uBEAT more, I was so mistaken this was lovely and hilarious, best interview evah!!! :D

  168. What song to sing in a Norebang with uBEAT?! simple…Single ladies from beyonce…that way we culd bust some moves at the sametime :P OOH OOH OOH….then we could make a mash up…Bingul bingul bingul bingul All the singleladies now put your hands up! ooh ooh bingul bingul ooh ooh! <3

    Youtube: SweetPoisonTwins

  169. wow really fun interview! I’m a fan of uBeat now :3

  170. I want to sing We’ll Meet Again with uBEAT because in my opinion, this is one of the best UKISS songs. Even though it’s not that popular, I see that this song touched my heart the most and every time I hear it I feel like crying. The message that it conveys is heart-felt and it makes me feel one with UKISS. Listening to this song makes me believe that UKISS knows how I feel sometimes and encourages me to believe that I’m not the only one feeling like this. And if this was a song that related to one of the members in UKISS I would like to sing it with them to know that they’re not alone and that I can also help. This song can relate to many people today about heartbreak and loss and I feel like this is one of the songs that I can connect to the most to my life. Thank you ♥

    Youtube: breathingh0pe

  171. I would sing Hey Juliet by LMNT, becuase I think Kevin is the kind of guy who appreciates how awesome early 2000′s bubblegum pop is.

    my youtube name is geekgrrl16

    • <3 I love reading through all these song suggestions, because I stumble across awesome songs like. I LOVE this song.
      Oh gosh, I can't even remember the last time I heard / listened to this song.
      Imagine one of them serenading a girl with this…..

  172. I loved this interview!!! They are so amazing, love them even more now :P So glad AJ is back my heart couldn’t take it when he was gone :( They were naturally so funny and down to earth!… Not like many other kpop stars… They were honest and playful!,.. Ive been a Ukiss fan for 3 years now i think… know most of their songs by heart already!!… Ah anyway…. if i was to be in a noreban with them.. i think i’d faint and not be able to sing at all o.o but if i somehow stayed conscious.. id sing Man Man Ha Ni!.. and dance together with them… i know the dance pretty well!.. they could help me out with korean… and i’d munch some Anju with AJ :PP aand omg if i could take them to purikura booth later on.. that would be amazing :DDD they’re talented at purikura :PPP U guys (Simon and Martina) are supppeer lucky, ofcourse, hard work and patience.. but it’s UKISSSS, i want to meet them once!.. hope they’ll come to UK :P Chicken chest :’)))

  173. Awesome interview you guise!!! <3 love you to bits and pieces hahaha :D *group hug*
    #proudnasty&ubeatme ^_____________________^

  174. When they were talking about Kevin’s burnt “smelly” shoe, did Eli say it spells like shit? lmfaoo love him! This is such an awesome interview!! I almost broke a rib laughing at these boys!!!! LOVE YOU UBEAT (AND UKISS) <3

  175. The bloopers were hilarious! “Psychology person” hahaha!
    I love their personalities! They are so awesome and fun!

  176. bigbangfosho

    Wow, it was basically you guys chatting! How awesome! Loved it ahah. DARN, I WAS GOING TO SAY MILKSHAKE!

  177. Nearly died laughing at the whole thing guys, amazing

  178. I am not sure how many times I have now watched the interview but it is still funny xD

  179. hapagirl

    It’s official, I have a crush on all of them. Honestly that looked like so much fun and I couldn’t stop smiling. That didn’t feel like a super formal interview, but a bunch of friends hanging out. I honestly love the fact that you guys try and make it not super stuffy and formal. Like with MFBTY, Eric Nam, and now uBEAT, it feels natural. I have a feeling they would have stayed longer if they could. Wait, they know where you are, they can sneak in and try and give Spudy tummy touches or use the photobooth or eat your food… Simon, Martina, HIDE THE FOOD! EDIT: scratch that. Hide Spudgy. Poor AJ! And they bought you pizza?! Sweetest guys ever!

    I do say that I wanna see those three sing Lady Marmalade, unfortunately I used up all my chances to win. Oh the mental image of Kevin singing that and Eli getting people drunk and AJ stuffing his face.

  180. I really enjoy the chat!!! as you say guise they looked so relaxed… that you think they are your best friends!!!

  181. Haha I love how you guys really.. I don’t know have to say this.. Maybe it is just that you do have chemistry with AJ, Eli and Kevin? I find your interviews with them really pleasant.. like If I could be there with you, laughing together. Seriously, thanks for these little moments :D♥

    PD: Loved Eli’s “nasties” at the very start of the interview xD so funny

    My YouTube account is @mandre1912

  182. i would want to see them dance and sing to Loving You by Sistar youtubename: lildigiboy

  183. I would sing Bada by UP with them :D Older classics are always fun, and that song especially would be amazing! No pressure to sing it properly, just go crazy!
    Bada: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rt70TkKBdcI

    Youtube Username: wavemasterhikaruchan

    And this just made my whole day. CHICKEN CHEST!!

  184. LOLOLOL.
    Favorite part of the interview has to be the chest hair conversation. xD
    I love all of you so much! <333

  185. I would sing “eatyourkimchi like a man” with them, because its THE song, you cant sing any other one ! :)

    Youtube name : Mervilein

  186. Annie

    Best ever interview. Good work guise :)

  187. “On our next album, we could produce it ourself”

    It would be an epic album >:D

  188. Ahahhah, that was a hilarious interview and so natural, must have been so much fun. It’s really cool how it was like you guys were hanging out. I wish uBEAT all the best for their promotions and they can have more lovely interviews like this one. Thank you everyone for making this happen XD

  189. Youtube Name: DemiYori

    I’d sing Bruno Mar’s” Marry You” as that’s one of the few that I know all the lyrics by heart and one of the songs could have the most fun with!

  190. This was an awesome interview! I love how you guys just have such an awesome and fun time each time you meet with uKiss and now uBeat!

  191. If I went to a noraebang with uBEAT.. I would want to sing Eat Your Kimchi Like A Man…
    Okayy… in case they don’t have that… how about something from Bunnies Are Puffy.. maybe “Crash” or “Warrior”. Or a Bruno Mars, since Eli is such a fan^^

  192. Ooooh lordy. Kevin is adorable. I mean, they all are but Kevin is just like, bubbly!

    And umm. If I were to sing a song with them… I’d sing Pizza Angel by Veggietales! If you don’t know what Veggietales is then you had a sad childhood D: (jk. But seriously. I love that show haha)

    YouTube name: lovelaughlive1dream

  193. This interview was aaaamaaaaaaziiiinggggg and hilarious not shocke d when its coming from members of UKISS they’re all so silly but you gotta love them. I love the bloopers too especially when AJ scares us all by yelling NO hahahahah silly muffins anuwho ii want to enter the contest. Getting a uBEAT album omg no words how awesome but anywho . The song I would most likely sing with them would be my favorite UKISS song and that’s we’ll meet again. I just love that song so much. Favorite song ever such an amazing song. I would really want to get eli to sing though. Life would be complete.

  194. YouTube username: Breakingmyheart43
    Hmmm For Noraebang, I would let them choose the songs XD Because I’m not picky, I guess?

  195. My God, I can’t believe I’m going to the U-Kiss concert on June!! I can’t wait!! :D This is my EYK favorite interview right now! So natural and easy going! I was laughing out loud without any shame while wacthing it xD I’m so in love with Kevin!! >.<

  196. That was so entertaining!!! <3 You seem like the bestest of friends ever!
    Also, I really loved the way you filmed it & the focusing too. You showed all of them and yourself, not just bits & pieces of body here & there (like in the Eric Nam interview…sorry guys, that really annoyed me)
    Looking forward for more amazing nastyness!
    Greetings and an enormous THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK, from Maria from Switzerland!!

  197. Oh god I was not a big fan of U-kiss but they were just so cute in here !!

  198. Defiantly my favorite interview hands down(:

  199. love this guys, they seam really friendly and down-to-earth. thanks for the interview it was great…i was hoping for a hair chest competition at the end lol j/k. thanks for all your hard work :)

  200. This was the best interview ever xD i was smiling like an idiot the whole time haha they are way too funny, and wow they baught you pizza? thats so nice of them :) lol

  201. I completely enjoyed this interview! Thank you guys so much for doing this!!!

  202. uBeat/UKiss just got a new fan – it was so great to see this interview, they’re so funny and laid-back about everything. They’re also really cute, “This is something we wanted to talk about with our fans!!” adorable! The bloopers were a blast. Here is a set of videos i will watch multiple times.
    Also PLEASE share more of the photobooth stickers (of everyone you’ve interviewed!!)
    If i went to noraebang with uBeat, I’d sing…
    Icona Pop’s, “I Love It” because that has been stuck in my head forever 8I
    Plus it’s just a lot of fun and easy to sing! “I DONT CARE! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!”
    youtube name: [email protected] (4ng3legg)

  203. Let’s see if i went to a Noraebang with uBEAT I would want to sing What is love by Exo (and go RIPPITO FLIPPITO SIPPI SLOW MOTION!) and cooking cooking by Super Junior because that song is so cute and funny!

    And my youtube username is 19Froggie

  204. Love love love this interview!! When you announced you were interviewing Ubeat, I had to go back and watch all the old Ukiss interviews again to prepare myself lolol :D They seem like such fun, donwn to earth guys to hang out with :)
    If I went to noraebang with Ubeat, I have to go cheesy here… (just for you AJ!) and pick Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. I went to noraebang the other day with some friends and that was the first song we picked and we belted it out and it was so incredibly fun :D Plus it’s awesome during the guitar part when everyone bursts out in air guitar solos XD

    youtube name is: elfighting222

  205. Maashugna

    Thanks so much for the interview, it was one of the best. The bloopers were hilarious.

  206. I think I heard Katamari Damacy sound effects!! <3

    • I LOVE PINK!!!! Made me think of “Raise Your Glass” I feel like that would be an epic song
      and even if Eli doesn’t want to sing, he can raise his glass randomly.
      And U-Kiss are our favorite freaking underdog!!! And everyone can all “just freak out already!!”

  207. One of my favorite interviews! It was so laid back and hilarious! Had me smiling and giggling the whole time!

  208. Maashugna

    The chest hair conversation was so awkward, so cute how Kevin randomly pointed it out. And AJ’s thumbs up was funny.

  209. OMG!!!! My sister and I love Arizona Green Tea! every time we go to the convenience store we buy those. I feel bad for Eli that there not $.99 in Korea. Eli and Kevin Have my kind of tastes, green tea and pizza :)

    I would want to sing Car Wash! We could just whip out the tambourines and belt it out at the top of our lunges! It would be so ridiculously fun!

  210. Maashugna

    Awesome interview, fun to watch even though this is their 3rd time. They seemed really relaxed and free in the interview, and Eli looked so handsome.

  211. I love love love all of Ukiss b/c they’re so relate-able and funny. EYK & Ukiss’ interviews are always so funny.
    I’m so like AJ confusing my words sometimes. He reminds my of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland when he smiles. :)
    I will sing the ‘Space Jam theme song’ just for fun. B/c NRB’s all about the dance and shout-along chorus!
    UKISS <3 & EYK Fighting

  212. ☆pallavi☆

    Wait I didn’t now pizza has flavours! >w< I just called 'em…toppings? I'm with you Kevin T_T

    I loooooved this interview! It was so laidback and everyone looked like they were having fun :) (I feel bad for Jaeseop tho :/ but omf how nice are they to send a pizza to you guys)

    If I had to pick a song to sing with them I'd probs pick Sexy back and then procede to scare them away ㅎㅎㅎㅎ (yt: pierrotinlovee)

  213. My daughter was super excited when Eli mentioned TaeKwonDo because se takes lessons. Great interview. They were so funny and relaxed :) I entered the twitter because I suck at coming up with a creative answer plus I think I would just listen to them sing, and I wouldn’t particularly care what they were singing :)

  214. Oh my, they really should be regular. It seemed like they were really having fun and I enjoyed it so much!

  215. when AJ said ‘chicken chest’ eli’s expression is like ‘WHAT ??’
    lol ~ the best interview ever =D

  216. If I went to noraebang with uBeat there is only one song that we could possibly sing.
    Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody
    There is no other option. Because in reality the words “is this the real life? is this just fantasy?” would be running through my head.
    Of course, I will be singing majority of the song.

  217. I loved watching this! It’s great to see Eli and AJ getting to talk a little bit more, and you can tell AJ’s English has definitely improved during his time away. I’m also glad they cleared up the new fanbase name. I’m now a proud HeartBeat :)

    For the question, if I were with U-Beat at Noraebang I think it’d be amazingly fun to sing something like Barbie Girl. Honestly, there’s no better way to wreak havoc than singing “I’m a Barbie Girl in a Barbie world!” at the top of your lungs. I can also see them having a lot of fun with that.

    (YT: stargurl503)

  218. omg, I laughed so hard…AJ is a psychologist major…yay me too. Omg now the MV makes some sense XD….Eli you are about to get a shipload of Arizona Green Tea drinks from all your overseas fans…poor AJ I would have recognized you!!!

    I think I woud like to sing Adele’s ‘Someone like you’ and Eli and AJ can freestyle rap.

    youtube username: rebeldemoongazer8

  219. If I was to sing a song at noraebang with uBeat, I would sing PSY’s Champion! CLASSIC NORAEBANG SONG.

    uBeat/u-kiss goes thru alot of stress with the pressure to be #1, schedules, etc. So this upbeat song would be great! Plus shouting CHAMPION loud and proud, would give them some positive energy yo :D It also would give Kevin a chance to show his rapping skills, who wouldn’t want that? ;) UKEVIN IN DA HOUSE! Maybe uBeat can show him some of their skillz~ (or laugh at him JK JK~).

    Youtube User: ninisakura022

  220. xD my face hurts from smiling and laughing so much throughout these videos!! God I love how funny and down to Earth the UKISS/Beat boys are!!!

    If I were to go to a Noraebang with them…hmmmmmmmm….there’s so many songs to chose from!!! I guess I would have to go with The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars x3 It’s one of the only songs I can actually sing, and given that the boys work so hard, they could use a “lazy day”

    [youtube: ParkJaeDi]

  221. Ely May

    I probably won’t be the only one to choose this song: 03:30! It’s the first song I heard from U-Kiss and shortly after hearing it I became a KissMe. It would be really great and awesome to sing this song with uBEAT!!! :D Btw, thank you S&M for this giveaway and interview! ^.^

    Youtube username: violincover

  222. Omg, these guys are such cuties. I think I died everytime one of them laughed, which was basically half of the interview (Good job, Simon and Martina!! ♥) I loved how Kevin would always think of the fans. They all are so nice, it’s great to hear them speak English again for an interview~ They really seemed to enjoy themselves, even with their hectic schedule! No wonder UKiss is the most hardworking kpop group :) I hope they still get some rest! I think I will keep watching this interview every time I need a good laugh ♥

    For the contest (youtube: sarmer914), if I went to Noraebang, I’d either not sing at all (why embarrass myself in front of them haha) and just cheer with Eli, or maybe sing and dance a girl group song with Kevin (’cause he’s so good at it ♥)

    Eatyourkimchi crew, thank you so much for this ♥

  223. Are you telling me there WASN’T a chest hair showdown???!!!! Nnnnooooooooooooooo

  224. if i went to noraebang i would probably sing something by Weird Al. Maybe white and nerdy, but i can’t rap AT ALL so i’d probably go for one of his Star Wars or food themed songs like The White Stuff or I Love Rocky Road. i could see the guys cracking up at those songs.
    my youtube is Ubernoona

  225. The song I’d sing best with uBEAT would be … Forever by Chris Brown !! ’cause sometimes the song makes you dance suddenly and the song’s catchy and some parts of that song are pretty easy that even Eli could sing it .. or even you guys could sing it. XD Just Kidding but seriously, Forever by Chris brown .. <3
    youtube username : Yeongi Bae


  226. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much this entire week! This was amazing! I especially love the bloopers! I could just tell that everyone was having fun, and you guys are right, it didn’t seem like an interview at all. Hooray UBeat!

  227. i know AJ was recognized at least a couple of times though! one of my friends from tumblr was attending the same school and they were actually staying in the same dorm building, but on different floors! she logged in one day and was like “holy crap i swear i just saw AJ. must. not. fangirl!” it was mega cool.

    • Judging from that reaction and knowing my NYC KissMe friends, I thnk generally plenty of people recognized him, but were just too scared/worried to approach him. In my group of friends we had this thing going about like not bugging him because we didn’t want to interfere with his studies so we would come back and fan girl to each other, but we wouldn’t really say anything to him or approach him…

  228. Siti nurfairuza syahira Musa

    I would like them to sing “eat your kimchi like a maaannnnn”…..hihihih….it will be hillarious…..and i think the eat your kimchi crew would gladly make a remix with ubeat in it……right..?? Make sure mordney is with them at norebang, that would be epic!….

  229. This music video has da deepest lyrics ever. It’s call “Can I Smell Yo Di-” yea you can figure out what comes next after the “di-” part, riiiiiighht ;) . If you don’t know this song, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN. SRSLY. I would scream my lungs out together with uBEAT in the noraebar (whatever its called) . It would be awesome fo sho. Here’s the youtube link to the song if you want to check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drwfGJIrNZg
    My Youtube username is Taskinkosedag ^^ hope I’ll win. It’s seriously IMPOSSIBLE to get your hands on a couple of kpop cd’s. it’s as if it’s non exsisent which it probably in here in the Netherlands. Anyway I hope I’ll win this tome WHATEVER ENOUGH TALKING BYEEEEEE AND THANKS FOR THE GREAT INTERVIEW! Enjoyed it! ^^

  230. I would make them all sing The Boys by SNSD with me. Korean version. Helium falsetto voices. Dancing along is required.

    And my YouTube username is also BrittBeastly. x)

  231. I would sing a remixed version of Stevie Wonder’s “I just called to say I love you” because well, I am pretty much convinced Koreans only know one of his songs! and Nothing’s better than motown, I mean, come on!!

  232. I’d love to sing with uBEAT their own song “It’s Been A Long Time” because I’m in love with this song & I’d love to sing in Korean with them or “Ne Yo’s Because Of You” Because of Kevin,(’cause I love him more than anything ♥) he said so in the interview that he loves singing this song & well I like this song too ^^ .. anyways in the end I wouldn’t really mind singing anything as long as I’m with them, It will definitely be the happiest moment in my entire life :’) .. Thanks so much for the giveaway :’)

    YouTube username ~ ForeverAKissMe

  233. Dear Simon and Martina……please watch this video…. :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1ESPwj-sp4

  234. I would prolly sing ’0330′, with them cause I really, really, really like that song. One of my favourite ballads ever. And we would prolly be joking around instead of actually singing it seriously. And then when it comes to SooHyun’s high note in the end, we’d all try it and fail terribly and spend the last 10 seconds drying our tears cause too much laughing.

  235. Awesome interview guise!! When Eli said Arizona Green Tea I almost died…I was obsessed with that stuff in middle school (but now I have something better: Arizona Arnold Palmers!! nom nom…)!!

    Also thank you for sharing the photobooth pics! I’ve always wanted to see how they turn out after the interviews. :)

    I would want to sing “Jesus of Suburbia” by Green Day because: a) it’s low enough that I can sing it well (I have a very small range) so I wouldn’t embarrass myself in front of them, b) it’s a long song (= more time for singing!) but has changes in tempo to keep it fresh, and c) the beat is fun and energizing! Good for setting a nice mood and getting everyone to join in and sing together. :D (youtube: puppy.blu)

  236. *lol* oh my god, the bloopers…I died of laughter and came back xD

  237. I’ll tell you what song we’d sing in Noraebang.

    KISSSS AND TOUCH MEEE, RUB MY BANANAS, heyyyyyy heyyyyy!!

    Can you imagine their faces when I’d sing the Nasty version. Then again, that whole song is NASTY! AWWW YEAHH!
    I don’t know if the whole situation would be hilairiously funny or a little awkward. But they seem like such fun guys in your interview! :D

    So yeah… Intoxication by Xiah Junsu! WHY NOT.

    Youtube username: orgnumberXV

  238. PunkyPrincess92

    ahahahaha the girl and the trampoline!!! oh Eli!!!
    bwahahaha Simon’s chest hair!!!! bwahahahah chicken chest!!!!!!!

  239. this was very fun to watch ^-^ It didn’t feel like an interview at all .
    And the super-hero part, AJ’s reaction, I laughed so hard xD

  240. EYK interviews are always so calm and fun and just awesome. I mean the artists who gets interviewed by others always have to make sure nothing wrong slips out from their mouths, but when it’s an EYK interview, there’s no pressure at all!! :P
    uBEAT/U-Kiss are so down to earth >< Even buying a pizza for you guise!! Now I'm hungry with all the talk about pizza..

  241. i just love how you guys always work so closely with u-kiss. i just wish it would of been easier with other groups too (big bang ). ^ ^

  242. I definitely subscribed and I do watch all your videos! ;p So yeah, what
    song I think I’d sing best with uBEAT in a Noraebang? Hmm.. *pondering
    hard* Well it’s pretty difficult choosing just one song.. I mean it’s
    impossible to sing only one song best with
    uBEAT cause after all, they are professionals and I’m.. ok..
    nevermind.. forget it. heh heh.. Ok I’ve pondered about this and I’ll
    sing their favorite songs like “Nothing Better” (I’ll practice that
    song), “With You” and all really well but to impress uBEAT (and Kevin)
    with my “mad awesome” singing skills, I’ll rock Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a
    Prayer” with them.
    That’s like an all time classic rock song, plus it’s my favorite.
    And I want to try to make them get loose and embrace the awesomeness of rock music. ;)
    (Yeah, I’m not only a huge kpop fan but also a huge rock fan.) Thanks
    for letting me have a chance to join this contest! I’ve also posted this answer to facebook. Is that ok? :o

    (Youtube: deedra rama)

  243. That was such a fun interview! I love uBEAT so much. And that was the best blooper reel ever! Thanks for having the Nasty studio and for interviewing Korean stars! You guise rock!

  244. Siti nurfairuza syahira Musa

    I would like them to sing “eat your kimchi like a maaannnnn”…..hihihih….it will be hillarious…..and i think the eat your kimchi crew would gladly make a remix with ubeat in it……right..?? Make sure mordney is with them at norebang, that would be epic!….

  245. 1) Wow, it’s already out! Did you guise have to send this interview to uBEAT’s company and wait for their approval at all?
    2) YAY I’m not even a KissMe but like these guys so much! I hope you’ll get to meet them even more often :)
    3) AJ and Eli want to produce uBEAT’s next album? Cool!
    4) HA! When they were describing what their song is about, my first thought was “reminds me of When I Was Your Man” (probably because lately I’ve been listening to Hanbyul’s covers over and over again) and then they said the same thing :D
    5) This is Mordney present! Eli you so Nasty!
    6) Sheesh, eating chicken breast everyday, two times a day? No, thanks. I agree with Eli’s words of wisdom lol.
    7) I can’t believe there’s a drink that Eli likes more than Red Bull!
    8) “Pizzas have flavors?” oh Kevin :D
    9) Aww, too bad Boyfriend couldn’t come.

    • omg hanbyul’s covers. dont even get me started on how much I love him and he covers. His voice is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT FOR A BRUNO MARS SONG. he has the same effect as Mars in getting me to cry * embarrassed* haha

  246. XD chicken chest! LOLOLOL how about chicken boobs? ;p oooo so naystay!
    If I were to sing at a noraebang with ukiss/ubeat it’d be… as long as u love me =D

  247. If i could sing with UBeat, i would sing “Stop Girl” by Ukiss or “Material Girl” by Madonna!! I love you guys!

  248. If I went to noraebang with uBEAT, I’d sing Xia Junsu’s Intoxication TO THEM and traumatize them LOL. But if we had to sing together, SEXY, FREE AND SINGLE!!!! AND WE’RE READY TO BINGO xD
    my youtube username: xSweetiePie12
    LOL. Don’t judge me. I made it like years ago while I was young and stupid. xD

  249. ”Chicken Chest” that literally killed me HAHAHA! Ohh :’) ~ Saranghaeyo uBEAT!

  250. Loved this – it was so much fun to watch :D and I’d loved a uKevin subunit :P lol

  251. Amazing interview. It was really fun to watch ^___^ I love these guys so much~ Thank youuuu <3 [Hopefully I'll win one of the cd's :3] uBEAT fighting!

  252. Awe No One Recognized AJ :( But Im Pretty Sure Someone Had Said That They Were Attending The Same University As AJ And Wanted To Say Hi But Didnt Want To Bug Him. Arizona Green Tea Is Awesome and Cheap :) Cheese and Pineapple Is Awesome! Chicken Chest Is Awesome seasoned and oven roasted :) I thought Kevin Was A Little Chubbier Around The Face Which Is Nice :)

    Which Song Would I Sing With uBeat at a Noraebang? I Would Definitely Be From The Phantom of The Opera “All I Ask of You” To, Me Its Something That They Would Sing. It’s Full of Love and Longing To Be With Each Other To Escape The Evil and Madness of The Phantom. It’s Something, I think, They Would Sing About. “A Shared Dream” Is An Example of A Sad and Moving Song They Sang. I Remember Seeing A Video of Them Singing It At One of Their Many Concerts and Soohyun and Another Member If I Remember Correctly, Were Crying As They Sang It :’(

    It’s Something That This KissMe Fan Would Love To Sing With Them, Nothing Romantic As Those Crazy Fan Girls Would Try To Get Fresh With Them. I Know How To Seperate The Two.

    So I Really Hope You Pick Me You Guise!

    P.S. Give The Spudgy I Tummy Rub or Two For Me! :) Oh And The Memers Too!

    YouTube UserName: Mystearica81

  253. Omg “Chicken chest’ xD
    Lol,can’t believe Kevin. Of course pizza has flavors!^^
    I just love how the guys are so comfortable around you two.
    Thanks for the video <3

    • In regards to pizza, I always say type of pizza, never flavor. Flavors are for ice cream, smoothies, etc.

      When AJ said chicken chest, I laughed so hard I cried. XD

      • maybe it’s just here in the US that we say type or kind… I’d be confused by flavor too!

        • Quite possible. Or maybe it’s just Canadians who say flavor?

        • I’m Canadian, I think I say “What kind of pizza.” But maybe they wanted to be sure that they were differentiating between asking what brand and what ingredient type? :3

      • I love how Kevin busts out laughing at him right away but Eli was being all serious and trying to help him.

      • I know!! Me too! LOL Flavors? I think I probably would have thought they wanted to give the crust a flavor or something…… like, “Inject the crust with bubble gum flavoring!!!” (That sounds like it’d be gross….)

        I’ve always just used pizza “toppings”

  254. I literally fangirled when Eli said his hair was a reddish brown and that his favorite song right now was Bruno Mars’s song, “When I Was Your Man” CUZ MY HAIR IS THE SAME COLOR, AND THAT’S MY FAVORITE SONG RIGHT NOW! -_- see, we’re perfect for each other. Booyah. lol jk :P but seriously.
    Intoxication by Junsu. GETTIN NASTY WITH UBEAT! >.<
    YouTube username: Ms.ThugBearJr

  255. Prediction: Next concert,
    Cases of Arizona Green Tea shows up with a note saying, “Eli: If we supply you with green tea, will you kick your Red Bull addiction? Love, Nasty KissMes <3 "

    P.S. TT__TT The arizona website doesn't allow me to buy stuff to send anywhere other than the US and Canada….. *sigh*

  256. Bloopers xD Oh my gosh so hilarious!!! “Chicken chest” “Release the gas” <— ROTFL "Pizza has flavors?" These are freaking hilarious hahahaha!!!!

  257. *yey* it’s finally up!! > . <

    "Anyhow, that’s it for that. We had a great time with uBEAT and it didn’t feel like work whatsoever. Just…chatting! More importantly, you want one of these three CDs, don’t you? WE WANT TO GIVE THEM TO YOU! Here’s what you gotta do to win!" I'm sure they had a great time with you guise as well. :) and about the CD give-away I don't think I can leave an impresionable enough answer to win… *sigh*

    Great interview guise!!! :D


  258. Siti nurfairuza syahira Musa

    I would like them to sing “eat your kimchi like a maaannnnn”…..hihihih….it will be hillarious…..and i think the eat your kimchi crew would gladly make a remix with ubeat in it……right..?? Make sure mordney is with them at norebang, that would be epic!….

  259. Sharing those pictures explains so much. I’ve always wondered, “How they come with with so many different poses?” I figured it must just come with the job, but knowing that there is a small prompt makes more sense. (I’ve never been in a Korean-style photo booth, so maybe this isn’t such a big revelation for other people).

  260. That laugh before Kevin said, “Pizzas have flavors?” xD He’s too cute!! & Eli, omg “He’s a psycholog…y person…?” xD

  261. Siti nurfairuza syahira Musa

    I would like them to sing “eat your kimchi like a maaannnnn”…..hihihih….it will be hillarious…..and i think the eat your kimchi crew would gladly make a remix with ubeat in it……right..?? Make sure mordney is with them at norebang, that would be epic!….

  262. Thank you so much for the great interview EYK Crew and uBEAT :) It was very fun to watch and learn about the things we were curious about.

    About singing in a noraebang, I would choose the song “Macarena” since everyone knows that dance! I remember how we used make up the lyrics while dancing when I was a kid. Good times :D (YT: kendisinsan)

  263. I can’t stop thinking about the chest hair conversation xD I keep laughing randomly! Oh and I’m so happy there is something I can send Eli now that is healthier than Red Bull!!!! We have gigantic packages of Arizona Green Tea here in Texas!!! ELI I’LL SEND YOU PLENTY OF THEM! Then maybe he can somewhat balance the Red Bull out lol :-D

  264. I think if I went to a Noraebang with uBEAT, I’d totally sing a girl group song like Girls Day’s Expectation just so I could fulfil my wish of seeing the members do that sexy dance. Kevin would ace it I know XD Username: KmuseChu

  265. Oh man, those are quite possible the best bloopers ever, and so many quotable things from this interview, too. My fav is probably “Pizzas have flavors?”

    For the Noraebang question, I am really torn. It’d have to be something from a musical, because, well, I just want to hear uBeat do something completely different than usual, and I LOVE belting out musical numbers. I’m thinking the Cell Block Tango from Chicago, or maybe the Modern Major General from Pirates of Penzance (AJ did say he wants to improve his English!), or, for maximum awesome chorus-ness, Seize the Day from Newsies.

  266. Going to noraebang with UBeat ?! Now, that will be a crazy party!!! Yooohoooooo!!!! ^o^

    Anyone remembers Kpop Crunch Cocktail???? I loved that segment. The thing is, thanks to that , I got introduced to
    Dj Doc – 나이런사람이야 뮤직비디오 ! This song is so freaking awesome and it would be so much fun to sing that with Aj, Eli and Kevin!

    Even though I don’t know all the lyrics,

    Even though I am not a man,

    I would totally wait for the chorus and sing out loud: Na ileon salam-iyo!!!!

    Best party ever!

    YouTube username: Shagya27

  267. Thanks for the sticker booth pictures. Actually, it would be nice if you put the sticker booth pictures for every interview you made. I like this interview so much. uBEAT seems so comfortable to speak with both of you.

  268. UKISS have got to be the kindest, most humble group out there! They are so lovely towards their fans it makes me proud to be a Kiss Me and a Beat Me XD

  269. Omg those sitckerbooth stickers are hilarious and adorable!!

    • Agreed. I was hoping for more stickerbooth photos since they took a lot but im grateful they started to post them for us to see. I too want to know what happens to the sticker photos. P.S. Love BYG!

  270. I think I would like to sing Talking to the Moon by Bruno Mars or Payphone by Maroon 5. I think these song would be perfect to sing with them because they have amazing voices, and we can look into each other’s eyes and see the passion we have for singing and reaching our dreams. Plus they know how to emotional when they sing these kinds of songs so it would amazing just seeing them sing these songs. ( Youtube: kimchi4l)

  271. I literally just started crying I was laughing so hard at the bloopers

  272. That’s so sweet that they bought you guys pizza!! xO Another reason why Ukiss/Ubeat is the bomb diggity.

  273. Yes he said “Mordney present”!!! i was hoping he’d say that ^_^

  274. Everything about that interview was awesome. I like ukiss even more now! They’re hilarious and seem like such nice, laid back guys. Also, I really enjoyed seeing Simon in the video asking questions as well! I always wonder what he’s thinking or what kind of faces he’s making off camera when Martina is the only one doing the interview. Is that because Intern Leigh and Soo Zee were there to help with the camera work? Will we get to see Simon in all the interviews from now on? Or did he make a special appearance just for ubeat?

  275. Thank you guys so much for this interview, the guys are so down to earth and they’re hilarious! I hope Kevin got to tummy rub Spudgy before AJ’s allergies kicked in >.<

    If I were to go to Noraebong with uBEAT I would sing the Bohemian Rhapsody, it's the most awesome song to sing in a group. I can just picture it now, Kevin going nuts singing and dancing like Freddie Mercury while AJ's playing the air guitar, and Eli's sitting in the background pretending he's not singing and randomly calling out 'Bismillah! No we will not let you go! Let him go' at the top of his lungs.

    Youtube name: TheMoppette

  276. I’d pay to sing mariachi with UBEAT or Rata de dos patas by Paquita la del Barrio:)
    hell we could go all out with tequila and sombreros and sing on top of our lungs
    I don’t think I’ll win but just in case, youtube name:mendezchan

  277. Hahah I’d love to sing “My first kiss” with them! I feel like especially Kevin would rock that song! *My first kiss went a little like this: mwah! And twist!*

    Yt: MrsKaulitz97

  278. This is a really fun interview with uBEAT and I’m glad they made it to your studio. I hope more Idol groups are able to visit the EYK Studio and hang out with you guys as well as UKISS next time. It really felt like a really fun hang out with uBEAT. And OMG!! You almost had an interview session with Boyfriend? Too bad they didn’t make it; maybe next time when they have a comeback or something. I’m a HUGE Bestfriend btw~ ^^

    As for my answer to your question, I would probably sing uBEAT’s song “Should Have Treated You Better,” with uBEAT with me singing Kevin’s lines. I just want to pour all my emotions into singing how much I want to be and spend time loving them when we don’t really have much time for each other. I think it really suits how I feel about our idol-fan relationship for I am a Malaysian KissMe and UKISS has always managed to visit my country but I always missed the opportunity to meet them. I feel very awful therefore, “I should have treated THEM better.” I hope to never say bye bye to uBEAT/UKISS. I’ve been having this song repeated in my mp3 player; in my head forever cause this is how I really feel about uBEAT/UKISS.

    (youtube: L0V3CH4N)

  279. Isabel Ruby

    how great would it be if uBeat members were Nasties and won their own CDs? trollolololololol

  280. I’d sing with them “Turn All The Lights On” (T-Pain feat. Ne-Yo) I think this song has a good beat may be the words of this song aren’t outstanding but we could have a great time. Even Eli could tap his foot with beat of this song. It’s great song for the party…^^ (MrWooyoung9)

  281. can u guys upload the full interview? i felt it very fun to watch this interview (or should it called a chat rather than interview, is so light hearted…i cant feel the same way from those previous interviews)… pls pls pls…u guys no need too edit, just upload and im so happy. i started to like uKISS was when u guys start to interview with them, and see them so kind! oh mo!!!!

  282. Hey Simon and Martina!

    Thank you for asking my noraebang question to the guys, it really made my day! I won’t enter the contest because there are much bigger fans out there than I, but if we could go to noraebang, I can assure you lighters, cell phones, and glowsticks will be moving in wave formation, oh yeah.

    Thanks Again!

    Gaby from Toronto, Canada.

  283. finished download all videos and laughing at the midnight :D *Indonesian time* AJ >< #speechless

  284. I love that Simon, Martina and the boys seem like friends catching up haha. (:

  285. I just wanted to say Kevin is Sooooo ADORABLE! He seems like such a nice guy. I really enjoyed the interview. New fan here.

  286. Kimmicci

    [Youtube: Kimmicci]
    I can picture Eli going crazy with the tamberines and doing weird dances and Kevin trying to belly dance (he probably can, in which case I’ll have him stand on the table) and AJ will be *facepalming* hahaha ~~
    we’ll sing AKON-BELLYDANCER
    THANKS FOR THIS GIVEAWAY!!! <3 ~~ [pssst: i think ubeat REALLYYY wanted to help you (martina) really bad when ur shoulder was acting up. i bet simon was giving them like "grrrr. shes mine." looks HAHA // uBEAT didn't get to meet Meemers right? T.T]

  287. Thank you EYK just thank you T^T ♥♥♥

  288. haha second time watching it already its so awesome guise!

  289. yay i love ukiss!

  290. I’m crying from laughing so hard at the bloopers! Oh my gosh chicken chest! xD ahahahah AJ! Man, I love Ubeat! Too funny. Simon and Martina, you guys always have the best interviews :)

  291. OMG! Kevin likes In-N-Out burgers! I live close by one in Hollywood! I didn’t know they have them in San Francisco as well, I though it was a L.A based restaurant…

  292. Oh man, every time I see you interview them, I like them a little more. They seem like really nice, really down to earth people.

  293. thisisjustforfunval

    This has got to be my favorite interview so far. uBeat looked so relaxed and were having a good time just hanging out talking to you guys. AJ really did cover up his allergy to Spudgy very well. Poor AJ I knew he was allergic to a lot of stuff but I didn’t know dogs was one of those things. He’s like me, we need to live in a bubble because the plantet is trying to kill us. :-P

    Simon, Martina and uBeat, thank you for this interview. It was so fun and wonderful and comfortable. Made me forgot for at least half an hour that I’m having surgery tomorrow. I love you guys and I think I will rewatch this again tomorrow while I”m waiting for my for the surgery to begin.

    Did Eli and Kevin get to meet Spudgy?

    OH and thank you for sharing some of the photos from the marshmallow! ^_^!!!!

    • Good luck with your surgery, Val! xoxo

    • I hope everything goes well with your surgery! and I’m totally allergic to everything too. My own perfume make me sneeze like crazy.

      • thisisjustforfunval

        Thank you very much Jessica :) The perfume sections of department stores drive me nuts. I just want to run through them with a mask on. My allergies though are so bad that I’ve had many doctors tell me it would be better if I move to the moon. I tell it wouldn’t work, I’d probably be allergic to moon dust. XD

    • is your surgery today >_< Oh my god, i hope it goes well, best of wishes, i will pray for you.
      you have to comeback and tell me how it went, fellow nasty ^-^

      • thisisjustforfunval

        Hi Hana, my surgery was indeed yesterday. It went well, this is my first surgery and hopefully will be my last. Thank you so much for the well wishes, your good vibes really help my recovery. ^_^

    • OHMYGOSH! Sad/happy feelz together? I’m so happy to make you smile, but please let us all know how your surgery goes, okay?

      • thisisjustforfunval

        Hi Simon and Martina, all the wonderful Nasties who sent me well wishes. You have all made me feel very loved during this time and helped keep my spirits up. My surgery went very well yesterday and after a long wait they finally sent me home to truly start healing. Hopefully in a few days all the surgery pains will be gone and I can start being my goofy hyper self again. Before I knock out again I think a rewatch of your spectacular uBeat interview is in order. Plus maybe it will give me sweet dreams of handsome Eli ;)

      • thisisjustforfunval

        Hi Simon and Martina, all the wonderful Nasties who sent me well wishes. You have all made me feel very loved during this time and helped keep my spirits up. My surgery went very well yesterday and after a long wait they finally sent me home to truly start healing. Hopefully in a few days all the surgery pains will be gone and I can start being my goofy hyper self again. Before I knock out again I think a rewatch of your spectacular uBeat interview is in order. Plus maybe it will give me sweet dreams of handsome Eli ;)

        Sorry for double posting but in my sleepiness I hit the delete button on my phone somehow :-/

    • Agreed. Hope ur surgert went well. BTW I love ur icon. Go Steven & TWD!

      • thisisjustforfunval

        YAY! Another The Walking Dead Fan. My first TWD love was Steven Yeun, but Norman Reedus is fighting for my love also lol

        Thank you for your well wishes, the surgery went very well. Already on the road to recovery :)

        • well i hope ur recovery happens quickly. yes Steven was my first TWD love – actually the reason I started watching bc I found him so cute. When I found out he was Korean I was like *gasp* double awesome.

        • thisisjustforfunval

          It was a huge plus to find out Steven was Korean. I have found that almost every single Asian man I’ve liked in a show or movie in the past few years have all been Korean. I think I have a new built in Korean detector. XD

  294. I would totally sing and dance to VANILLA ICE ICE BABEEH~ with them. it would be epic when we just run around the room, doing sexy and cool poses hahahahha

    yt Jasmine3095

  295. That’s so nice that they sent up a pizza for you guys. Oh goodness. I love these boys so muchh!! <3
    And so hilarious that they hadn't even seen their music video yet. xD

  296. That was such a great interview, really enjoyable. They just seem so lovely, even when they went on Arirang they just ooze awesome and I’m so proud to be a KissMe~~ ♥

    I would definitely want to give Dora Dora a bash at Noraebang! Or Take Me Away – because it’s one of their prettiest songs (even if they don’t all sing QQ).

    I’m from South Africa though, so maybe an Afrikaans song for the hilarity of it! ^^

    Really, singing anything with U-Kiss would really be dolphin noises from me and poker faces from them???

    (I’m Jessdislikesjam on everything~!)

  297. OH GOOOD THEY ARE SO CUTE. im not a kissme so i wont join the contest but gotta love them they are awesome!! it was a soo funny interview they are so cool and so good. kevin’s mordney present was hilarious hahahahah xD
    and aj’s chicken chest hahaha LOL

    • It was actually Eli who did the ‘Mordney present’ impression. haha~~ ^^ You should watch their previous interviews as well. ^^ You’ll like them. :))

      • oh really that was eli? that can be because i was watching this my mouth was dangling open.. i watched their previous interviews and mv’s i really liked them :D

        • YEP. Hahahahaha. ^^ They’re really laid-back, calm and humble idols, tbh. ^^ That’s one of the main reason why I love them to death. :))

  298. i had to laugh so hard at kevin’s “pizzas have flavors?”

    the whole interview was awesome and you got it up so fast, i didn’t expect that at all!
    i wonder how long we will have to wait for uKevin to debut xD

    aah…if i had the chance to go to a noraebang with the boys, i would sing backstreet boys – “backstreet’s back” because it’s a fun song, bsb was my first concert back in 1996 and i know ukiss are bsb fanboys so…this can’t possibly go wrong
    it might sound lame to others but yeah, that would be my first choice. my youtube name is iniyama in case you don’t think this is lame xD

  299. I’ve never enjoyed watching anything in my life like this interview! Can I just tell you how grateful I am?! I’M SO GRATEFUL!!
    I love U-KISS, uBEAT and EYK so much <3

  300. Aww~ they’re so lovely! n_n ♥

  301. poodle

    That was fantastic! Such a fun interview to watch. It was so natural and you guys have such a great dynamic.

  302. Dude Simon! You didn’t have time to change into your hypotenuse shirt! To rushed cleaning the studio huh? It’s all good :-D That chest hair conversation totally made up for it xD

  303. Cant wait for part 2~! Wahhh Kevin looks so cute ^^

  304. Kevin: pizza have flavors??!!!

    ok kevin lmao…

  305. HAHAHA the bloopers are soo funny!!

    I have to be honest, I spent most of the time staring at Kevin’s pretty hands.
    I’m not usually like this, but they’re just so pretty! why can’t my hands be like that? okay imma shut up now before I embarrass myself further :P

    Good job guys! This was a really fun and awesome interview :D

  306. OMG when they said “Gabbie!” my heart DROPPED! Though it wasn’t my question I just LOVED the fact that they said my name! It literally MADE MY DAY!! And today is also my last day of sophomore year of college too!! WOOT WOOT!!

    That’s such a hard question! Though the first song that came to mind was Justin Timberlake’s “SexyBack!” With how attractive they are, and the mindset they have on their looks mixed with their amazing personalities, this song would be BEYOND fantastic to sing with them!!! ^^ Could you imagining A.J. (Jaeseop Kim) pulling down his shirt a little to see some of his chest hair?!?! OMG He is my ultimate bias!!! …Totally fangirling over here. So sorry >.< …Seriously though just imagine all the uKISS members giving their ultimate sexy look at the camera while singing "I'm bringing sexy back!!" …Lol omg this is killing me. ^^

  307. ROTFL Oh my gosh that was so great!!! xD the section where you guys talked about chest hair X”D I cried from laughing so hard!!! It actually really hurt, because I have a herniated disk in my lower back xD I’m fairly sure I was crying from pain and laughter at the same time hahaha!

  308. i’d like to sing “Party All the Time” with uBEAT. this song has
    become one of may mood booster songs. It’s such a fun song to sing!!
    can get rid of my bad moods awaaayyy :D Eli could do the rap part.
    meanwhile Jaeseop and I could sing the chorus part together :3

    love to see those three friendly, humble, pleasant guys (esp Jaeseop whom i’ve missed soooooooo muuuccchhhh!!!)

    thank u so muchh for the interview..u guys rock!! m/

    EYK, i less than three you~~~~ :*

    Ika Santi (youtube)

  309. I would like to sing their debut song”Not Young” with them. Its like the memories and hard times they have went through just to debut. I guess they miss those times too.. When Kibum and Xander was still there..Well I love AJ and Hoon too!! ><; They can probably invite Kibum and Xander over to the 노래방 or AJ and Hoon takes their part in the song. Im.pretty sure they miss the song too. And they will probably roll around laughing their asses off when they watch their old mv. haha

    YouTube Username: Kaeminnie

  310. if i went to noraebang with ubeat, i’d sing michael jacksons beat it, freestyle the lyrics and change the chorus to “so ubeat it, just ubeat it~”
    ..it would be awesome *_*

    btw, watching the interview i realized i would have totally wanted to ask about the time when AJ accidentaly smacked Kevin in the Believe music video D: WHYYY BRAIN, WHYYY? T_T
    (youtube is Evvuful)

  311. Simon and Martina, I LOVE YOU!! Thank you so much for these videos! This was seriously the BEST kpop interview I’ve ever seen! I love uBEAT even more now! (and EYK too, of course!) I laughed so hard that my neighbor knocked on my door to tell me I was being too loud… Oops! haha

    Elisabeth from France!

  312. they seem like really nice guys!

  313. They are HILARIOUS! :D Hahahaha! And finally you guise post up the mini marshmallow stickers! :D

  314. They are so down to earth, they did seem stiff from being interviewed.

    This interview went really well and you can tell they enjoyed it.

  315. Hiyo ^^ I want to sing with them sweety girl …so AJ would look into my eyes and said:sweety girl~~♫ ‘na I mean~~~ my youtube name is שירה כהן ^^ its in Hebrow… but its Shira cohen in english ~~^^

  316. This interview is really fun to watch! I cant stop smiling for the entire videos. Thanks Simon & Martina and uBeat! :D

  317. If I were with Ubeat at noraebang, I’d really like to try singing U-Kiss’s Bingle Bingle because that song is really fantastic to sing in noraebang. Also, the dance steps are so cool even a girl like me can do it, so I think why not choose that, right???

    Youtube name: http://www.youtube.com/saeyun

  318. OMG the bloopers were friggin fantastic! I love how down to earth these three guys are! They are all my faves of UKISS now. *boots Soohyun off the couch*

    What song would I want to sing with them? Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Cause it’s an awesome song to sing to and it has so many different keys plus its very fast so the rappers can rap, the singers can sing and we can all headbang around the room. It’d go off.

    Youtube name: Sorcy79au

  319. i think this was my favorite interview so far. they were so fun and so sweet! gahhh

  320. I think it’d be awesome to try and have a Gwiyomi Song competition at the Noraebang with Ubeat (and Kevin)! It would be awesome to try and ‘out-cute’ (well aware that that’s not a word) each other given that AJ and Eli don’t have cute images (in the aegyo sense)!

    U-kiss 화이팅!

    Carly Maughan (that’s my youtube name too), from Perth, Australia

  321. Tbh, I died a little when Eli impersonated Mordney Present’s voice. I can’t. DEAD. LMAO

    PS, not joining the contest. I’m not really a U-KISS/uBEAT stan and I want the winner to be one heck of a Kiss Me/Heartbeat. XD But if I’m going to pick my favorite U-KISS member, it would be AJ. Cuz he’s flawless.

  322. You want me to choose ONE song? REALLY? Ok, so I choose this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9Uz1icjwrM because it’s awesome and this version lasts 10 hours XD

    yt Arwenka92

  323. Im not a KissMe (sorry, not my type of music…) – but they are looking really good (and i couldnt stop staring at Kevins hands!! hahahaha) and they seem so nice!

    Great, funny interview guys!! :)

  324. BEAT ME’S
    oh Eli <3
    Also Kevin is so adorable

  325. What a fun interview! I love Eli’s “Mordney Present” quote. So funny! Everyone looks so happy and well. I can’t wait to see the second part of the interview :)

  326. Oh my god. I think uKiss is the most down-to-earth group ever. They’re so awesome and sweet, and seem like so much fun! Best photobooth yet imo.

  327. where’s your hypotenuse shirt , simon?

  328. OMG~~! UBEAT~~! ><
    LOL I commented on Youtube,
    Youtube username: Alice Chang

  329. KKKKKKKYYYYYAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  330. What song I’d like to sing with uBEAT???…. hrmmm

    I’d really like to sing a ballad with them so I’d pick 0330. But it is Korean and even though I can sing it with them, I’d prefer an English song. and YAY! Since they’re English speaking punks, I really like More Than Words. Why?~

    Kevin sang it many times and it’s my favorite song. And it’s perfect to tell them how much I love them. More than words~ I hope you get what I mean eh? ^//^ ~ It’s not overly dramatic and just enough for fun and expressing love. ♥

    uBEAT let’s sing it yeah?~

    youtube username: Joan Anasco

  331. Do you guys have some sort of secret relationship with U-KISS company? Uuuuu you so nasty~~~ xD

  332. lol, kevin just got to know the meaning of their own music video ^^;
    and aj’s face when martina popped her shoulder! XD

  333. I would want to sing THRIFT SHOP with uBEAT! OMGADOHMYGADDD lols i know they can awesomely rap so yeah i’ll just be a nasty background singer there :p WHUT WHUT,WHUT WHUT.WHUTWHUTWHUT WHUT (BADADA BADADA BADADA DAAAAAA!)


  335. I want the CDs!!!!!! OMG!!!! so I wanna dance psy’s Gentleman with uBeat. Cause imma show them my sexy moves. lol plus these guys are really good at butt shaking. too short? i’m lazy… i’ll just stop here… >>>>DongMi Ho@youtube

  336. i haven’t seen this yet as youtube isn’t working for me right now… but did they ask the guys what they think of basically being like slaves to their label; what with being forced to work like 30 days a month for way more than 8-9 hours/day?

    a shame to see how many labels in Korea treat their artists. Just coz you invested money in training them doesn’t give you the right to treat them like crap

  337. That was some super fast editing! Thanks for getting it up for us so fast! :D Also, love you’ve got simon on camera now too!

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