Too many boy bands! Time for girls!

You know, I noticed that it’s a bit difficult for us to talk about female acts the same way we do about male acts. With male acts, we can poke fun at some of the ridiculous things they do. When it comes to female acts, however, if we make fun of them, it’s difficult to do so without deeply offending someone. Girl groups predominantly do sexy videos, and any poking fun at their videos would then be interpreted as poking fun at their sexuality. The most we can say is that videos that only rely on sexy concepts and offer nothing apart from a peep-show are boring to us.

Ga-In “FxxK You”


This video, on the other hand, is not a boring video. It depicts sexuality in a video far more realistically than most videos that just depict girls dancing sexily for the audience. More to the point, this video shows sexuality in a relationship, which is not a common topic at all in Kpop. The most you see in a relationship is a girl dating the entire band and making them boo-hoo-hoo about it. This video, however, takes it to yet another level, and graphically depicts an unhealthy sexy relationship, with the man forcing himself upon Ga-In.

Whoa! Sorry, but I didn’t expect that at all in Kpop. I don’t see that in videos ANYWHERE in the world, and to see it come out in a Kpop video, the genre of which is predominantly bubbly and fun, I’m really amazed. Really. Check out the video if you haven’t already. It’s got a lot more to it than what we could mention in a few minutes of a video, as opposed to the next video, which doesn’t even deserve a few sentences:

Stella “Marionette”


Lamest video we’ve seen in ages. Boring, uninspired, unimaginative, and lazy. Reeks of desperately trying to push the limits so that people will talk about it. Otherwise lacking in substance. Put that up against Ga-In’s video and it’s a shame this has anywhere close to as many views.

I think our test is fair: would the kpop video still be interesting if the band wore plain clothes?

Spica “You Don’t Love Me Music Video”


Yes, I know “Music Video” isn’t in the title. We just have to point it out when Kpop companies do a bad job of titling their YouTube vids.

Ok, apart from that, we love this video! The song’s great as well! If it wasn’t for Ga-In’s video this would be on the top of this week’s list. It’s a fun doo-wop-py song, and the video is really well done as well. So well done! In fact, Soo Zee’s Sunbae directed this video! She told us today. They’re not close, but the video was directed by her upper classmate, and it’s a woman. A woman! From our experience, there aren’t many female Kpop video directors. Supposedly she also directed Rain’s “30Sexy” from what I overheard, too. Awesome! If that’s the case, that’s two great videos done by her in a short timespan. Question: how can Soo Zee talk to her and convince her to let us on a Music Video set as an extra? It must be done. Check out this video and let us know if you like it as well. Spica’s doing good stuff, and isn’t getting enough recognition for it yet.

Kiss & Cry “Domino” Game”


We wanted to talk about this video in comparison to the GPBasic video and talk about our thoughts on rookie bands. Let’s be honest. You feel it. We feel it too. The amount of Kpop groups is too damned high. There are too many to keep up with. Too many bands with fans that say “oh my babies are working so hard they deserve all the awards!” Anyone here watch Mad Men? I love that show. One of my favourite lines from last season was “Not every little girl gets to do what she wants. The world cannot support that many ballerinas.” If everyone got to be in a successful Kpop band there’d be more bands than fans to listen to them.

The point I’m getting at isn’t that Kpop bands should stop emerging. Our point is more along the lines of, if you’re gonna be in a new Kpop band, do something to stand out. Be different. Show some innovation. Music should be creative, not re-created. We all can admit that there is a formula to some Kpop songs, videos, and concepts, and not everyone can use that formula to be successful. Come up with new formulas! Don’t ride on other people’s successes and try to get a piece of the pie by doing what they’re doing.

A lot of the new bands that we’ve seen have generic established style and tempos. We won’t follow them, and we don’t wan to talk about them. Kiss & Cry, though they aren’t the greatest thing out there, at least have convinced us more than other new bands, and we’ll definitely check out their next video, whenever it comes out.

Rainbow Blaxx “Cha Cha”


Ah! So much potential! This could have been a great video! A commentary on women in the Kpop industry! The unhealthy ultra-strict diets they need to go on! The focus on measurements of women in the industry as opposed to just talent! The male gaze and voyeurism! The sweet-go-in-money-come-out imagery! It had so much potential! If only those shots lasted longer than the 10 seconds they have in the video, and focused less on Rainbow Blaxx sexy dancing. Our guess is that the video producers actually made a really good cut of the video, but the company thought more like “no! we need moar sexi!” and then told the directors to cut it differently. It’s happened before, even to some of your favourite videos. It could have happened here, too.

Anyhow, let us know what you think. We talked about a lot this time around. Some of it you might agree with (or none of it). We’d like to hear it! If you’re in a less than serious mood: here are this week’s Bloopers!


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  1. Wow, I just checked out Gain’s “FxxK You” video on YouTube after listening to you guys talk about it in your review and was really impressed. Really good song, and Gain sings well and is quite beautiful. I had never heard of her, and didn’t know there was more for real music, singing and subject matter in the pop charts over there. Next, wanting to hear more from Gain, I watched the video for the song “Irreversible”, which I liked even more than the first one. Cool music. Thanks for turning me on to her. One question about “FxxK You”, is a song with that word in the chorus played on music television and radio over there, or is it censored in some way?

  2. So the reason to why the girls in rainbow blaxx Cha cha were spitting out gems and the two people were watching them is from a story. In summery a girl was cursed and when she sang or spoke she would have gems come out of her mouth. So in the video it was when they ate sweets they would have gems come out and they wouldn’t gain weight from eating all the sweets. The two in the video must of found out and kept the girls so they could become rich. Hope that helps.

  3. can you talk about some senior artists sometimes?

  4. I really appreciate that you took one Music Monday to speak about girl groups :’)
    Some of these are really good recommendations :D

  5. Sarah Kim

    PLEASEEEE Put CNBlue’s ‘Can’t Stop’ MV on the Kpop Chart SOON Thanks~ EYK 4 LIFE

  6. I like Kiss&Cry, but I wish they’d debuted with a song that didn’t sound like such a blatant rip off of Beyonce’s “End of Time”.

  7. i absoluuuuuutely love domino game!! its hard to believe that the girls just had their debut. their high notes are puuuuurrrrfect!

  8. I agree Stella doesn’t hold a candle to Ga In ‘s mv, which is both a more sophisticated and a personal/intimate representation of sexuality. The latter is why it hits so hard; it successfully carries the message that abusive relationships are not ok no matter how hot the guy is, while retaining a sense of risque- ness. The sad thing is that Ga In is now being accused of becoming ‘slutty’. I mean, what? Ga In should be a role model not only to female artists , but to women in general.

    The concept behind Stella’s mv has the poor girls trying too hard to be a -pardon my French- fap- fantasy , failing miserably as a result. In other words, loveless video- making with cashing in on their sex appeal as the only goal. So yes, I agree with you on that front.

    Regarding Spica, both the mv and the song are awesome! I admit I didn’t pay much attention to them up till now , so thanks for featuring ‘You Don’t Love Me’; it’s everything I could possibly want in a girl group.

    Kiss & Cry: HOW IS THIS A ROOKIE GROUP? Yep , I had the exact same thought watching their MV. I haven’t watched GPBasic’s MV yet, but I don’t think I want to anymore. They seem to have the same issue as Stella , except that they are trying too hard to sell 2NE1- like tough and it just… doesn’t work.

    Lastly, I agree with the points made on Rainbow BLAXX ‘s mv. It could have been so powerful but yeah, editing…

  9. I suppose Stella ‘s MV once again proved that girl groups are often sold on their image/sex appeal rather than on their music, exactly the point Rainbow BLAXX apparently intended to make if the editing let them. Ga In ‘s video would still have been as sophisticated if

  10. I’m so glad you reviewed all these video instead of just focusing of Gain’s Fxxx You, Gain seems like a real artist someone that wants to express herself and her thoughts thru her art. Not just an Idol that are all just crafted to be entertainers and don’t have voices of their own. Anyways the message most profound for me from Fxxk You was the rape happening inside a relationship rape is rape even if he’s your husband or you long time boyfriend or fiance when a women says no it’s no no matter how many times sex between you has been consented.

    I was so happy you reviewed SPICA I really loved this video they just seemed to be mocking the sexual concepts which was what in needed after January’s girl groups sexual revolution (sarcasm). And it was done in a humorous way.unlike AOA miniskirt where they rub each other’s butt to be sexy. And I have to mention the incredible retro fashions shown in You Don’t Love Me. I want to own every outfit and accessory they wore, extremely cool. And their voices were amazing and cool. I do wish you had mentioned the padded butts. I had pictured Fangorrilla wearing wearing a padded butt skirt if you had the chance to reviewed You Don’t Love Me but I was glad to hear what you thought about it. I knew this would be a video you both loved. :)

    Stellar….. so desperate kinda reminded me of a toned down Miley Cirrus they were so absurd trying to gain attention that it actually worked to their advantage. I think from now on they are just going to have to keep trying to be more and more ridiculous to make it. It’s sad but I guess they don’t think they have enough talent to succeed using any other method. I wonder what the girls actually think of the direction their management has taken them on. Kinda feel sorry for them. How is scratching your butt and lets remind everyone these girls are really lacking in that area, considered sexy? As a Boricua with assets……I find that kinda insulting. LOL.

    • but spica also have this lesbian/sexy concept their good at it but some of the scenes in their mvs makes me uncomfortable. their female director though… one of the best in kpop.

    • but spica also have the sexy/lesbian concept theyre good at it but some of the scenes in they’re mvs make me uncomfortable. they’re female director though..one of the best in kpop imo.

      • Sexuality is still something we all kinda need to grow up about and get more comfortable with no matter what persuasion we are. But personally I’m down with old school type of romance. So sometimes I get uncomfortable watching anything overtly sexual even between straight couples. You kinda touched on a point that has been bothering me about the whole sexy concept going on with female groups. Number one I’m worried women are having to overlty sexualize themselves in order to become successful. But I’m not apposed to anyone expressing their sexuality. What I am worried about are women not being able to express their true sexuality or their true artistic expressions. Like what you mentioned earlier about the whole lesbian/sexy concept. We all can pretty much surmise that is just a total play on a men sexual fantasy. It’s not an honest depiction of their real sexuality. This is what concerns me the most. Just like a while back SHINee had a concert somewhere IDK where it was but Jonghyun was all over Taemin rubbing on him and almost kissing him it was very sexual. And what made me really sad was worrying they did that to sell themselves not because they wanted to or because they where making a political statement but only to sell that image.

        • imo if they where making an statement they wouldn’t portray it like that. the romantic love is love approach is much more effective to make ppl comfortable with homosexuality. well at least in korea both genders (try to) do that so at least its more equal :P the whole not being as sexual and serious(im not sure if thats intentional though) is part of the reason i started liking kpop in the first place. i admit i also liked the pretty guys(taemin in lucifer) but making someone wear makeup 24/7 to look feminine probably just to gain attention or pretending to have a relationship with your band mate just because fan girls like it is downright scary.

  11. what about Yum Yum Yum by Lip Service?

  12. ok, I gotta complain. I loved GP Basic’s new one!
    Other than that, as I sat watching Stella with my 19 year old daughter…. we were like..”wtf is that butt move thing”? Honestly, for as hard as these girls work to become idols, it’s a shame they just get sold out as pseudo-strippers and potential soft porn actresses. Is this really what Korea wants for their young women? I don’t mind a bit of sexy, I think it’s hot. But it’s now to the level of nauseating.
    OH! And Spica… LOVE THEM! So underrated.

  13. i’m soooooooo happy you guise reviewed spica ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  14. I like the idea that Rainbow Blaxx’s “Cha Cha” could be a subtle metaphor for the K-Pop industry. The sweets and cakes representing the shallow benefits of being an idol like fame and popularity, while the jewels (literally coming out of their mouths) being symbolic of the money the labels make off of the idol’s voices/talents.

  15. I hate the turtlenecks

  16. You Don’t Love Me just proved that SPICA is a seriously~~~ underrated group they deserve so much more attention!! <3 <3

  17. Angella Cho

    Rainbow Blaxx’s music video almost seems like they knew how to cut it well enough for the audience to get a hint of what the producers want to portray in the video. Since you guys have mentioned it might be in the context of the idol industry, thats how I was viewing it. It seems to be exactly portraying the industry. The less than 10 second clips of the girls feeling uncomfortable and seeming to be constantly in surveillance and the adults going crazy over the riches that the girls have to spit out seems to show that the adults who control these girls control them so they look as appealing as the sweets. The sweets seem to also portray how the popularity seems like such an amazing sweet treat and being able to be pampered. This is also kinda shown when the maid sneaks in the small macaroon in her mouth that was on the floor. The fact that the video was so focused on the girls acting overly sexy seems to be the main point of the video. This is really condensed and may not make sense but i wanted to tell someone lol ~

    Haha I know you guys were joking about the paper but this video would be able to suck out 10 pages of a report on symbolism and the application into the real life activity.

  18. Hey you guise! Would’ve loved to have heard your thoughts on Bebop’s debut MV. They’re a girl band (they can play their instruments lol) and the mv is pretty entertaining lol.

  19. Ga In seems to be one of very few female artists within the K-Pop industry putting out a product that is culturally and contextually significant… It is so rare to see a popular female K-idol really represent their gender instead of the typical middle-aged salaryman’s idea of femininity and/or womanhood. Ignoring all else, the cinematography alone is jarring due to the lack of the male gaze. Now, I could be completely wrong here, but it seems like the global/Western audience of K-Pop is far more aware of the subtext and the genuinely female perspective of Ga In’s videos (also an acknowledgment of K-Pop’s lack of similar voices and the importance of one emerging). Looking at reviews and editorials that appear to be written more for just the Korean audience seem to focus more on the sexuality as a whole while disregarding the context of that sexuality. Living in Korea, do you see a big difference of opinion regarding sexuality and feminism between native Korean and foreign K-Pop fans? Do foreign K-Pop fans place a bigger emphasis on the existence and importance of social commentary within K-Pop than our Korean counterparts?

    I guess the TL;DR version of my post is more or less this… Do you see a significant difference between K-Pop’s foreign and domestic fans in regards to big social issues like sexuality and gender roles?

  20. The problem with following a new group because of their concept or formula is kpop groups constantly change those up. So a group could start with an interesting difference and then lose it by the next single.

  21. Hannah

    I really wanted you to review Hero but then I realized there’s not too much to say of a white set with laughable editing…TOO BAD I LOVE THE SONG haha and Crayon Pop!

    I absolutely adore Spica, I can’t wait to see where they go from here.

  22. I really admire Ga-in for what she’s doing with her music, it’s fantastic to see her using her art to speak out about real life issues as opposed to just making money off of catchy fun songs.
    As for Marionette…I just have a few words. Odd butt scratch move…what’s up with that?!

  23. I really admire what Gain is doing with her music. The fact that she is trying to use her art to send out a message and not just make money off of catchy, fun songs is fantastic.
    I don’t understand what’s going on with Marionette…the dance seems very…..awkward (i.e. odd butt scratching move) What’s up with that?!
    As for Spica, I agree! Yet another interesting and well shot mv from them!
    I haven’t watched/listened to domino game or cha cha yet, but I am going to check them out now~

  24. So I asked if you guise would tone down the beeps on the bloopers and you did!!! Yay! Thanks. ^_^ Or maybe I am just hearing things and am crazy. Either way is good. :P

  25. Think you pretty much nailed this video. Good work.
    Other mentions:
    AOA – 짧은치마
    Mamamoo – Peppermint Chocolate (I think?)
    9muses – Glue
    Gain – Truth or Dare
    4Minute – Only Gained Weight
    Ailee – Singing Got Better
    Girls Day – Something

    Personally I think the girls have been killing it lately. And if the new SNSD song is as good as a.) the production team and b.) the teaser makes it sound, then that’ll be awesome too.

  26. GPBasic isn’t rookie band !! They debuted 2010

  27. LEOTARD!
    I used to do ballet too, Martina. Man, that shizz is UNCOMFORTABLE!
    Also, agree on the studio interference/LOST POTENTIAL sentiment. One of my good friends was a screenplay writer for a cable network comedy show, and he would often complain about how he couldn’t use this joke or had to have more of ‘x’ or ‘y’. They are ultimately companies out for profit, I suppose…

  28. I think maybe I figured out Rainbow’s MV plot I’m thinking it’s kinda symbolizing how girl groups are used as sex objects in the Kpop industry when all they really wanted was to be loved by fans. They’re used (Possibly) by the old lady touching on them (Creepyyyy) and being watched 24/7. Also maybe they’re symbolizing how they’re being used to ‘rake in the dough’ by taking the gems.
    But that is just my opinion it may be a bit muddled from Ga-In’s MV tho. ^^

  29. Shegotthatsomething

    Spica’s song is entirely satire…making fun of the sexy (or rather crass) concepts LOL

  30. Ruth Van de Winkel

    I do absolutely agree, I’ve been folloing Spica since thier debut and their amazing and the most underrated kpopband. Their like a group with 5 main vocals(i adore Whitney Houston voices/power voices) and this song… oh this song it’s like a gift from heaven I personally think it matches their voices SOOO well! And the retro(i like retro)mv is fun, quirky, just wonderfull!! I’m so glad you have mentioned them! But for Gpbasic I don’t really agree: ok I don’t really like the song, but (like Spica) I’ve been following them since their debut and I’m glad their finally back and I liked the ‘rap/fierce(kind of)’ themed song despite the horrible engrish (which I didn’t know because I don’t really listen to the lyrics:), btw doesn’t almost every kpopband use horrible engrish, ‘Life is a mystery, I’m gonna make history! bothers me more than this, but that’s my opinion :)) I’m more of a girlgroup fan than boygroups so thank you for this awesome video! Keep up the good work! EYK crew GOGOGO!:)

  31. I really like the fact Ga-In’s MV show the boyfriend as the damaged unit, and not blaming the girl.

  32. Have you guys heard “Lip Service (립서비스) – 냠냠냠 (Yum Yum Yum)”? Not sure if their rookies or not but dayum, so catchy O u O

  33. The fridge scene Stella Mv… um if the white milk bottle represents boy dribble, why is her fridge absolutely packed with pink juju, and what could that represent?
    And I love that Spica don’t take themselves too seriously – the black and white hounds-tooth costumes, HUGE padded bums…chortle

  34. Small Yeti

    I have seen amazing things in my life. Sunsets over the clouds, my husband’s eyes as he saw a 10 foot snow drift for the first time, my baby niece’s first smile, all these things are fuzzy in my mind. Clear as day and burned on my retina’s for all eternity will be the image of a 80 year old man in a red thong bending over directly in front of me on holiday and that 80s unitard photo. Truely, these are the things that will never fade in time.

    • My sympathies to you. But for my own self preservation I am going to say I am glad that never happened to me.

      • Small Yeti

        Sometimes the memory will just pop into my head for no reason and it is so, so, vivid. Occasionally, even though he is normally the most lovely man in the world, my husband will remind me out of the blue just to watch the horror recall expression on my face because it makes him laugh. For some reason the unitard photo made me recall it.

        I am glad you have never seen that image, I genuinely would not wish it on anyone.

        *oh god I’m thinking about it now – eew!!*

  35. Isabel Ruby

    i thought only my family said “horibible” and “teribible” :P

  36. There was something about the new KMM format. I kept thinking about it
    and then it hit me!!!! This is what I always hoped that the live chats
    would be like. Simon and Martina sharing their views about videos and
    K-pop trends, wow this is refreshing,…..but should it replace the old
    KMM format….I dunno!! LOL

  37. TEACHER TEACHER! Here is my essay Rainbow Blaxx’s video for “Cha Cha”!

    I REALLY love the scene where the guy is weighting diamonds and macaroons, and the diamonds weight more. There is so much in there, like how little fun and even health for the members “weight in the balance” compared to what the company can earn if the groups diet, look good, practice like crazy and don’t have freedom or privacy for the sake of success. You see them eating a bit, but in a sexy arousing way, like that’s the only way they’re allowed to indulge in food or fun things.
    There was so much more in the video, like the lady measuring the legs of the girls or throwing diamonds in the air, the stage imagery with showy outfits and theatre curtains, and the BEAUTIFUL imagery of flowers and cakes juxtaposed with the members’ bodies. For once, the sexy outfits and shots make f**king SENSE.
    But there was way too much of them, rendering them pointless, and the dance was boring and didn’t fit in the concept. Simon and Martina put their finger on it perfectly: poor editing ruined it. Shame!

  38. That’s the thing with Spica : At first, I’m always kinda not sure about they’re song. It takes a bit of time, but when it finally grow on you, they do most of the best of the best each time. I’m totally into You Don’t Love Me now, but I cannot say I was so in love with it at first, or even a few days after I first listened to it. I took maybe about 5 to 8 times listening to it now and then for the “spica effect” to sink in.

    I really like Kiss&Cry too. That said, they actually did some other song here and there before this one, but no MV. So maybe that’s why they are more “confident” in their persona or whatever.

    Maybe I’m the only one, but I really like Lip Service – Yum Yum Yum. I know it’s silly, and it kinda almost come to Nyan Cat song with the chorus part, but if you focus on the bridge or the part that comes after the “nyan nyan” stuff, you can actually get how talented they are. That said, I get why so many people get annoyed by the song, I did get annoyed by it too at first.

    Then, there’s AOA – Miniskirt I’ve really been enjoying a lot lately. AOA is always, for me at least, kind of an underdog in the way their song are not the most powerful, nor the most catchy, but they get under your skin and stick with you for quite some time.

    Ladie’s Code latest MV is quite good too. I like the concept a lot and the song is a lot better than their last one (wich I hated so much, mostly because I love Hate You so so much, I was terribly dissapointed).

    And now, let’s move to the Indie side, shall we?

    There’s quite a few album/single and tracks I’ve been buying for the last 2 months because there’s such great music out there, it’s crazy. Here’s a few of my favorite :

    I’ve stumbled upon The Richard Parkers. It seems to be a duo of some sort, the lead singer being a girl with such a beautiful voice, it’s breathtaking. The title trak is On My Way To Sleep, but both song of the single are just awesome. It’s more on the ballad/soft side though, but it’s just so pretty…

    Then, there’s Vidan. They use traditional instrument and pansori way of singing to create modern vibe music. It’s really special, yet I really fell in love with the title song Opening New Age. The album was made because they did music for a few short documentary movies about Korea.

    I really like Mystic89 (they’re behing Lim Kim and Park Ji Yoon). They released a new face lately, Puer Kim, with the song Manyo Maash, who has a killer MV. The song is a bit weird in the way it’s not exactly what you’re used to with Kpop (even though I would put it more into the Indie category), but it’s worth the try.

    Rumble Fish also made a comeback and she’s rolling on the “cabaret” wave a bit. I like her song, but I cannot pin point why exactly.

    Shin Soo Yeon did such a heartwarming song with Mother’s Dream. It’s a great song to introduce your mother to korean music, and it’s really sweet and soft and it kinda made me want to cry. It’s such a beautiful song to celebrate all the moms all over the world. I haven’t check her album out yet, but I’ll most definitely do when I’ll have some time to do so.

    Lady Cube with Just The Way You Are are staying with the formula they had before (electro), but they are now adding BOOBS in their video (+ the infobox seems to hint that there’s a 3D version of the MV and that they give you the 3D glasses when you buy the album). But the song is good, it’s not just about the boobs… or is it? ¬_¬

  39. “Fxxk you” Totally agree, awesome song and video, mature and realistic, short of being relatable. She does appear like the voice of women now that you mention it.
    “Marionette” Completely agree. What. The. Hell. Is going on with this video.
    “You don’t love me” Agree again! Spica is so underrated. I think they weren’t managed and promoted that well up till now. But their debut “Russian Roulette” was an awesome song. Although I don’t care much for “You don’t love me”, but the video is cool, and maybe the song will grow on me. “Shaky voice” is called having a vibrato I’m pretty sure.
    “Domino Game” Bombastic debut. Very impressive. I’m sold!
    “Cha Cha” Agreed! So much wasted potential! This could have been awesome. The song is meh.

    Wow look at that, I agree with everything you said for the first time ever! :D
    Side note, I am very happy with the videos coming our way almost everyday. You guys work really hard, we can see it, and I hope you know how much we appreciate it! Thank you and VIVA LA EATYOURKIMICHI!

  40. Totally agree with the “too many rookies” concept. I can’t keep up ;_;

  41. Am I the only person that watches the music video, then if I hate the music video, restart it and switch to a different tab to listen to just the song to see if it is just the video or both the video and song together that I dislike? Cause the cringeworthy video’s song is quite good, it is the video that is painful to experience…

  42. GI (Global Icon) has a tomboy/hiphop/tough concept but they are incredibly talented. Try their song/video “Beatles”.

  43. The plot for Rainbow Blaxx MV seems like a mash up of fairy tales:
    Diamond and Toads

    Hansel and Gretal

  44. Cecilia Avila

    About Stella’s MV (is it Stella or Stellar?) I actually really like the song, what I hate about the fact that the sexy concept has become so popular is that its made many recent MV’s so boring. Its all about getting the sexy shots and doing those sexy moves. I agree with Simon and Martina, I would love to see more MV’s like SPICA’s. The girls still looked really sexy, but the MV was so much fun and so artsy.

  45. Cecilia Avila

    I am so glad you guys did this. It was such a good way to go about it, there were so many great MV’s from girls/girls groups that were in the top 3 and 10, but once BAP and BTS and BTOB came along they were all bumped down, so sad! Out of all the videos I would definitely pic SPICA’s You Don’t Love Me as the best one. They are so great, so talented, they need more recognition.

  46. hai! i just want to let you know that I love this style of kpop music mondays because you get to talk a lot more about your actual opinion (honestly, i think just everyday conversation between you two is funnier than those sometimes excessive skits)
    i just wish you had more time to focus on each song

    but i especially liked how you talked about video editing so in depth-ly because it’s something that i’ve never thought about myself. I didn’t realize how important editing is so thanks :)

  47. Totally with the others on Mamamoo. “Peppermint Chocolate” has me sold on this group. Loving the song, loving them, can’t wait for their official debut. Kiss&Cry was okay, but I don’t like the song “Domino Game” as much. They perform it competently, but it’s just a bit dull.

    Reading the YouTube comments on the video was interesting, though. I’m surprised at the number of people defending GP Basic by pointing out that they aren’t rookies (still nugus, though, so S&M aren’t totally wrong). How does pointing out that they debuted in August 2010 make things better? If anything, with more than three years experience since debut, shouldn’t they be the strong, confident ones? Shouldn’t they get on stage, or in a music video, and just absolutely kill it? I don’t understand the logic.

  48. lol the title of the video got me cracking up from the start, and even though most of the time you were being serious, I was still thoroughly entertained the whole time. Thank you for being just a bit more spark to my life and thank you for being awesome. :P

  49. Oh, another thing. Am I the only one who thinks of that Eat Your Kimchi thing when they play that Trumpet thing? It’s just like the thing you do! Please tell me I’m not the only one >_< In SPICA's "You don't love me" around 01:45 o.o

  50. The Spica video is awesome! I was unprepared for the level of awesomeness of it. Great vocals, great video, oh and excellent fake butts :)

  51. GAIN- Truth or Dare !!!!! OMG I like what the video means in terms or celebrities

  52. I super love Ga In… I love that her music is grown up… and not all cutesy… She is awesome (and B. E. G. is awesome!)

  53. Leotard?

  54. 1. I gathered that it was an abusive relationship (how could you miss it,) but my mind did not make the leap all the way there. The blood was just confusing. I like the video way more now that I know that.
    2. The word you’re looking for is “leotard.” A unitard covers the arms and legs.
    3. The word you’re looking for here is either “vibrato” (which is the natural shake in a singer’s long notes) or “belting” (which is flexing your abs and supporting your breath so you can sing with power).
    4. I’m so happy you talked about Kiss&Cry! I have really high hopes for them, and I think all they need is a bigger budget. You should also check out Mamamoo if you haven’t.
    5. I feel like the plot of “Cha Cha” is that the Rainbow members are somehow turning the sugar into crystals, and their captors are measuring them to make sure it’s still working? Yeah, I would also love to hear an explanation.

  55. 1. I got a bit upset when I first saw Ga In’s video because I thought it was glorifying a sort of “sexy” violence in relationships, but then I realised that it wasn’t the video at all, it was some comments on youtube and such that made it seem like that. when people only comment about how hot and sexy the video is and how gorgeous the actor, then that’s pretty tragic :(
    2. SPICA are awesome and the difference in their singing is that their voices don’t come from their throats, they use their whole bodies to sing, it works like a “sound box” and produces resonance and an open, full sound

    3. I just forgot point three

  56. Kate Allan

    All your commentary was spot on! I’m a big fan of girl groups, so I hope the two of you continue these reviews. Loved it.

  57. Ash3070

    The reason Kiss & Cry seem like this isn’t their first time around is because for 3 out of the 4 of them, they’ve already been in girl groups XD

  58. i total love how gain came up with that song! it has the meaning and the song itself is good ! Kiss and Cry is totally the best rookies out there! the whole stellar music vid is just …

  59. SPICA YAY!
    You Don’t Love Me MV is GOLD! Sexy but elegant, funny yet serious~^^
    The song is my latest jam! ;)
    Oh! And, guise, how could you not talk about SPICA’s FAKE BUTTS?!
    I thought it was hilarious!! ;’D

  60. XLovelyFantasy

    Martina, I think you might be talking about vibrato when you were mentioning the vocal technique that SPICA often uses?

  61. lady_kire

    I like sausage fests… they’re great

    Too much sexy concept bores me. I’d like some girl group to do something like B.A.P where there’s some interesting visual and hard core rap or dances. Like stomping, hardcore dancing, something that most kpop guys do. Hell if I can do most of Shinee’s Everbody dance, other girls can too. I want less butt grabbing and butt moving, more stomping and floor dances.

    Now, if you go on the opposite spectrum of aegyo, then its boring as well. Over aegyo is just too much. But. I haven’t seen that much aegyo recently, so I think the management of girl groups is shifting towards sexy.

  62. Some really good points in your blog post guys, I really agree with a lot of the points you made. Also I have always loved Ga-in, and I’m really proud she took a risk with her video and made something that most people in the world are hush hush about.

  63. See….I’m glad you guys did the girl group video, I really am…I just wished I like girl group/ girl artists. They just don’t appeal to me other than 2NE1 or f(x)….I was kinda disappointed that you guys didn’t do B.A.P
    But, oh well, it what you guys wanna do, right? ^^

  64. Amy F ;)

    The “outfits” might be bodysuits http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bodysuit if they’re not leotards;)
    I love how you guise ‘splain the MV industry details. I think its so interesting. Thanks!

  65. I don’t know if anybody mentioned this, but when you guys were talking about SPICA and how they have shakey voices, I think you’re referring to a vibrato.

  66. Woooooow. Stella’s Marionette was really bad. I made it through the whole mv, but with a sour face. I did laugh at the butt rub though. And for some reason, Dia from Kiss and Cry reminds me of Leeteuk from Super Junior….hmmm, why is this? Great video guys!

    • Cecilia Avila

      They so do! I knew she reminded me of someone. I think its the nose (which by the way I think looks so good on her I know most people might not like it but I think she looks great).

  67. yanagiba yusuke22

    do any1 know the man in gain song is the hero in princess hours/goong drama? thats the 1st kdrama that i watch…on that time he look like doesnt know how to act…but after the controversial issue he goin through…he bcome manlier n cool like in this mv…

  68. I really get the 2NE1-vibe from Kiss&Cry… Their style, the rhythm use, their moves, even their confidence and clothing, their position/dancing… It’s 2NE1 2.0 :)

  69. Hmmm Its not like I dislike watching these videos reviews, it is in fact interesting but I do feel that you should remove voting on your chart. Since late last year you dont really follow fan votes on which video you chose. So what is the point of voting?

    • AgentMidnight

      These recent videos aren’t “official” Music Mondays. They’re more like mini ones, to catch up on all of the videos they missed over their month-long trip to Canada.

    • The point of the kpop charts isn’t to just win a kpop group a KMM review. If that was the case, we would have saved ourselves the money and design effort and just have stuck with our original format of picking bands via email popularity. We made it for many reasons:
      -people can check out what’s ranking highly in the kpop world based on international opinions, not record sales
      -It’s for you to easily click a button and share new videos with your social circle and promote them

      -many people, including us, browse the kpop charts to see what’s happening in the kpop world and to catch up on new videos
      - It provides a place for people to have conversations about groups without people bashing each other or spewing hate talk. Our mods are fantastic people!

      Yes, some people just visit the kpop charts only to vote for a fav group for KMM, and that’s totally okay, but it wasn’t created for the sole purpose of voting for KMM. :D

      • if that is the case maybe you should just change your format since it does give the impression that if ppl vote and get an MV into the top 3 they have a chance to see a KMM.
        Also is not like by you improving your website (investing) you didnt help yourself. You do make profit out of this. Voting does spread the MV but it also promotes your website.

        But in the end who cares it is just my opinion.

    • yanagiba yusuke22

      i think its happen since S&M removed the kpop chart update… i think if they dont removed that, it will b the best segment where they can gv the opinion with certain latest 3 mv every week that sometimes they didnt hv any opportunity to say cuz the fan isnt able to make it in 1st place

  70. I really enjoyed this MM. I don’t go out of my way to find new songs and groups in kpop like I do for a lot of English music, so MMs that talk about more than one song are always enjoyable to me.

    The purple haired girl in Kiss & Cry’s really stole the show in their video for me.

  71. I appreciate the irony of a Bro Code t-shirt in an un-sausagefest review!!
    I’m sure you got answers to this already, but the words you were looking for were leotard and vibrato! Hahahaha, but your explanations were priceless.
    And lastly, I could not agree with you more about the group Kiss & Cry. They just totally did their thing with such confidence and then dropped the mic and challenged other rookie girl groups to step up their game!!

  72. Good call…the new SPICA video…Mamamoo and Lip Service are the best girl videos out there right now.

  73. yanagiba yusuke22

    even i 1 of the nasties that request for girl group KMM…i totally forget abt this coz im paring attention between B.A.P or bts review….

  74. A great Music Monday, but I couldn’t watch the first video you posted…It wasn’t because of me being squeamish. Bad memories, too many friends and family having similar events, etc. I’m glad that this is being made in to a music video, and I assume it was well done from what you said, because more people need to become aware of that subject. There is a reason why there is something called “Grey Rape”, or the grey area of rape, and it needs to be addressed.

    On to happier subjects! I ADORED SPICA’s music video, it was wonderful, and I agree on the bad editing of Rainbow Blaxx “Cha Cha.” SO close, just SO close! I didn’t even bother with Stella’s music video…just…no. Kiss & Cry’s “Domino Game” was a little catchy, and if this was their first MV, DAMNS.

    I hope you do more girl groups for Music Mondays in the future, it was great to watch!

  75. in my opinion, i think gain could have done the concept better by in other parts of the music video and teaser pictures, and promotions, that she’s completely covered, not looking sexy at all, rather a classic and simple pretty, to show that she was hurt that someone didn’t recognize her human dignity as a woman, and further brought her to a completely degraded level lower than dirt. promoting her song in an unsexy way shows that she does not what to be used that way again.

  76. Okay, so here’s my go at the Rainbow Blaxx video. I think it’s a representation of the seven deadly sins. Gluttony, Greed, Lust Pride, Envy, Sloth, and Wrath. Gluttony are the sweets they eat. Greed is the older woman when she throws the gems up in the air. Lust, well that’s obvious. Pride I think is the older woman in general. Envy is the maid at the end. Sloth are the girls, waiting around for their next performance. And I think Wrath could be the video it’s self. So what do you think, fair?

  77. I don’t know if you guys have ever read the blog The Grand Narrative [by an Australian/British/other-expat living in Busan and blogging about gender and women's issues; his stuff is VERY worth a look], but he gives a great discussion of Gain’s Bloom video as a sort of bailiwick of a new Korean female subjectivity (here: http://thegrandnarrative.com/2012/12/09/ga-in-bloom-female-empowerment/ ). And with “FxxK U,” Gain is certainly continuing the trend of aggressively discussing women’s sex lives. Personally, I also thought “Truth or Dare” dealt in an interesting way with the backlash that comes from her frank dealings with taboo subjects.

    • is he the type of guy who has a really westernized point of view?
      if not, i think i want to check it out

      • Well he is himself a Westerner, but he seems acutely aware of the dangers of Orientalist-type readings of Korean popular culture. You’ll have to decide for yourself, but he spends considerable time and energy translating feminist critiques from different sources in the Korean news media.

        • Jackie Outlaaw

          oh yes, this guy….
          i remember him now.
          i personally dislike his website, because i find it still western-view centered.
          although i do see his efforts of researching,
          he often fails to see the social aspects.
          yeah, i probably won’t go back to the horrible web.
          i don’t see much difference between him and the ranting people he criticizes.
          also, i think he advertises korea in a bad light to international viewers.
          so yeah, i think his web is probably one of the least likely ones i would recommend
          to foreigners…

        • Oof! Well, okay :) While we’re on the topic, could you possibly recommend an equivalent site with a less Western-centric view? Keeping in mind that I only have half a semester of hangul to date?

        • Jackie Outlaaw

          You know, to be honest,
          so far Simon and Martina are the only ones who are doing a good job.
          I visited many sites before…
          and they were always either too critical (like the Grand Narrative s**t),
          or too general.
          If anyone were to recommend me a website,
          I will ONLY recommend Eatyourkimchi.

        • Wow, you really, really hated that site huh? :) It is critical, but I always viewed it as constructively critical rather than, say, just talking badly about Korea. It seems like Korean feminism/female identity (and more broadly, gender) is at a turning point right now with attention being paid to inequities in professional mobility and compensation, new definitions of the family unit, and (as with Gain) a public acknowledgement of female sexual freedom/agency. Historically, however, anyplace that women are demanding greater equality will also see a concomitant hard look at conditions in the broader society which can seem, at times, quite negative. As to whether the slant of it is too Westernized, we may also be seeing that a lot of very involved Korean feminists went to college in Europe or the Americas, so there may be a Western bent to Korean feminism in general anyway (I seem to remember Eve Ensler’s show being performed somewhere in Korea last year, for example), though I think that, too, is being addressed by Korean feminists.
          As to Eatyourkimchi, yeah, they’re fantastic too. Keep up the good work, Simon and Martina!

        • Jackie Outlaaw

          I dont think that Grand Narrative intentionally was talking badly.
          I do agree with some of their points, but they often tend to miss WHY that happened.
          It’s more than just patriarchy that leads to the problems.
          They don’t think about corporal power, the Confucianist minds of Koreans,
          and mostly, they forget about the demanding Korean women.
          They always talk about the ideal female body image becoming problematic,
          caused by men, but they forget that Korean women are the problem too.
          In Korea, women often take fun of the ‘uglier’ or ‘not ideal’ women waaaay more so than men.
          Unless it’s a celebrity, most guys don’t even care about the uglier one!
          so yeah, that’ my example of what the Grand Narrative might miss in their critique.

          If I were to recommend another, I recommend mykoreanhusband, although it’s a bit personal.
          however, Nicola does a good job with the drawings and just explaining what’s going on.

        • Good point. I actually think this also speaks to an issue in gender studies as a field… it seems to have emerged from the earlier field of women’s studies in order to combat (possibly valid) criticisms that the narrow focus on women made its discursive constructions less-than-relevant to discussions involving male gender identity, etc… however, the male side of the field is still only lightly researched, leading (ironically) to a continuing, 1970′s-esque idea that male-as-oppressor is useful as a primary type. It still has use, but like you say, women are often complicit in the structures that betray them as well. Thank you for the link: I’ll check it out.

        • Jackie Outlaaw

          ALSO, i don’t know if any foreigner have the right to ONLY openly criticize another country.
          What in the heck are the Korean wives of those writers thinking??
          Do they really want other countries to perceive negative images ONLY of their native country?
          I saw blogs of Korean women or men living abroad criticizing the place they live in,
          comparing it to Korea,
          and I don’t think the native Germans or Argentinians, etc would be happy at all seeing those information shared with Koreans.
          Overall, any web that shows a certain culture/country in a negative light ONLY is problematic.
          Sure, they have the freedom of speech by law, but is it polite? Is it moral?
          Don’t think so.

        • I agree about it being impolite. I had a friend from Italy once who had almost nothing but negative things to say about my country (I’m from the US). I understood where she was coming from (different social and economic systems, etc.), but it got real old, real fast.

        • Jackie Outlaaw

          totally! i have seen more foreign friend who complain about the US (I’m in Chicago at the moment),
          and my immediate thought is: if you don’t like it here, then leave!

        • Jackie Outlaaw

          and lastly (sorry for the long comments :p),
          one might think, ‘aw, it’s just a critique, what could happen?’
          but I saw few comments in that web where people said, ‘wow, korea is so horrible!’
          or ‘korea sucks!’ after reading all the feminist critiques (done by not korean women,
          but foreign men, ironically…)
          do people know how heart breaking that is, and how rude those writers look like?

        • Jackie Outlaaw

          also, i think simon and martina do a much better job at dissecting korea than james from the grand narrative.

  78. (regarding the rainbow blaxx music video) im probably wrong but im pretty sure that they are trying to say that that the old lady is like a person judging them or something sense she is like measuring there arms and thighs, like how people do in the real world (metiforicly) because everyone judges girls by the way they look ( like how big there thighs are) and maybe the fact that they are dressed so “sexy” is because its saying that a lot of girls are forced to act sexy so that guys will like them or people will pay attention to them or something and the rest of the video, like the maid collecting the jewels… im not exactly sure

  79. and here comes my opinion:
    I think Stellars mv also really boring and I wish there would be more plot, but I really like the song.

    GP-Basic is not a rookie-group, they debuted 2010, but they got a lot of criticism and they are still only 15-17 years old, while Kiss&Cry are 21+, so in my opinion it is totally normal that K&C look more confident, but I still like the dancing of GPBasic more.

    Rainbow Blaxx MV could mean:
    Rainbow : Idols that addicted with cakes who can’t give up the sweet life, while they have to dance and sing with sexy clothes according to their management.

    The old man : Consumers who observe and scrutinize idols’ body for the whole time and pay gems for sweet cakes that idols consume.

    The old woman : Management that strictly measures everything of the idols and make them sing and dance with clothes the old man might like. Feed them cakes and takes gems that the idols earn and become rich.

    The maid : Staffs to run the management but get only a little piece of gem as their wages

  80. Dang, Stellar’s mv has more dislikes than likes?? Looooool
    YES SPICA I LOVE SPICA :DDD I’ve been following them since Russian Roulette and they are hands down the most vocally talented group in kpop. And I LOVE the quirkiness they put into their most recent videos, in Tonight and YDLM they do all this weird shit with a straight face on and it’s just the greatest thing ever xD

  81. hapagirl

    I definitely agree with this. SPICA’s one of my favorite girl groups so far, hopefully Mamamoo debuts and Glam comes back seriously where is Glam? And Stellar definately had a boring video, I felt uncomfortable with it. And the song’s good, but like with Wa$$up and K-Much, even though I do like the girls, it’s a lot easier to just do something like that and you’ll get more views.
    And with what happened with Rainbow Blaxx, seriously give me something with a plot, a good plot. Or just have it be sexy and dancing, just no Stellar butt scratching please.

  82. How can one discuss recent female K-pop songs and NOT include Ailee? Seriously, guise?

  83. A. (ANSWER) unitards have the legs attached to the torso as one piece. they are wearing leotards, but they (stellar) are wearing ones too small for them.

  84. This is how bad Stellar’s MV was: I started laughing midway through because I couldn’t take it seriously. In regards to all your other thoughts, I have to agree though I would like to say for GP Basic the song gets stuck in your head. Do they need work, yes but I like their overall concept simply because I get tired of the majority of girl groups being either sexy or cute (there is a reason why f(x) is my favorite girl group). I just am interested to see the direction they take as they get older. Final thought: I am excited that this year is looking like it is going to be a great year for girl groups.

  85. i think that 2 members of Kiss&Cry were in the trio Bella, who debuted in 2011, but i don’t know who

  86. Whenever B.A.P. is first, you guys don’t review them :(

    • B.A.P. has had a number of K-Pop Music Mondays. I recall Rain Sound, One Shot, Warrior, No Mercy, etc. In the current voting system, lots of really great songs and videos will be consistently overlooked, which is why, I think it’s important that they occasionally add these multiple video review videos.

  87. Just so you guys know, GP Basic is NOT a rookie group. They started years ago (and by years ago I mean 2010) when their average age was 13.5. I don’t know much about them, but their youngest member, Janey, actually joined D.Unit as a guest member for a while and she was great. I’ve seen a lot about her being praised for her rapping ability.

    She’s in Face to Face (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9QuCrpsUFs) which is seriously catchy and was produced by Zico from Block B. :)

  88. aaaah, the whole time I was waiting for you guys to talk about Mamamoo! They are pure gold.

  89. I feel like Rainbow Blaxxx really was supposed to be a commentary. The girls almost seem like they own their sexuality (they aren’t ashamed) but I feel like there’s a kind of robot-ness to this. Like the girls eat the light, fluffy sweets (K-Pop music videos, etc.) which are really bad for you when you eat too many and are completely contradictory to their tiny thin bodies (and you can see one of the girls worrying about what she ate when the old woman measures her arm) and they regurgitate jewels/money. Not only that, but this whole process is seen as desirable (the maid who finds a jewel/sweet and puts it in her mouth). So the girls believe they are on top of the system and are powerful because they’re the ones selected to make the jewels. They’re the best of the best in terms of machinery and output, so they think they’re really awesome. They can’t see how they’re just pawns to the people around them.

  90. I am really glad you covered several releases and not just one. It brings a nice diversity and dimension to the KMM :D I would’ve have loved a comperision between Truth and Dare and Fxxk you. They are very different but they both have very destinct sounds and messages. Very typical Ga in ^^ But I do understand that there were a lot of songs to cover in just one video. Great music monday you guys!

  91. Asela Cheung

    What I got from Rainbow Blaxx video was the girls are hired to be stars/show girls and are free to eat as many sweets as they want. But the woman, who is measuring their stomachs, thighs, and arms, is greedy and want anything but riches. This is where the jewels coming out of their mouths come in. The sweets are used to take away bits and pieces of jewels, which represents their souls. And the people watching them are making sure they’re eating the sweets, so the woman can obtain the jewels and become rich. That’s what I got from the MV. :P

    I actually like GP Basic’s new song! O:

  92. I am very curious to hear your opinions on other GP Basic’s songs especially when Janey is 12 in relation to pikaburnjack which I think is one of the best out of that group. Not the best song but still better than some of their songs except for Jelly Pop

  93. As a k-pop fanboy, I really really appreciate that you devoted a KMM to girl groups (my bias group wasn’t in there but still I appreciate it)!

    I do agree that Stella’s concept was way overboard with the sexiness. This is coming from a guy that normally likes sexy concepts (as long as they are done with taste). Not only me, but most other fanboys that like sexy concepts think that this concept is done very poorly and quite desperately, which is too bad, because the poor execution of the MV completely overshadows the fact that the song is actually fairly good. There is a line between making a MV sexy and making it look desperate.

    (Are there any other fanboys here?)

  94. I so agree that rookies shouldn’t be so generic and just do the popular thing! And that goes for longer standing groups too. Like last year there was this hip hop trend and everyone made songs and debuts like that, and I liked it too at first but then there started to be too many songs like that…

    I think it’s great that Ga In is addressing a topic like that but unfortunately I don’t like the song.

  95. ‘Too many boy bands’ just makes me think of this…

  96. Not sure if this is what was intended but it seemed like the Rainbow ladies were being photo-copied when they were laying on the ground (like on a xerox machine pad). Perhaps that is a message of newer kpop groups just being less vibrant copies of previous groups? Also, I agree with Martina regarding the sizing up of the girls and the voyeurism. It may be a negative political message on kpop but is Rainbow trying to say they are above that? Or a product of it?

  97. LongClawTiger

    Wow! Love the Spica video. I had them on my radar for groups to check out eventually. I am thinking now that I need to bump them up to the front of the line. Amazing sound!
    I also agree with your Kiss and Cry comments. If you had not mentioned that they are a rookie group, I would never have guessed that. I would probably have spent hours digging through the iTunes store trying to figure out why I can’t find 5 or more albums for them.

  98. It’s a Leotard :P or a bodysuit hehehehe

  99. I completely agree with what you said about Rainbow Blaxx: SO MUCH POTENTIAL!!!

    But then the cuts and the lyrics (unoriginal and unrelated) just mess it up. :(

  100. I think the “Cha Cha” by RainbowBlaxx, like you mentioned as well, represents the companies that force their idols to lose weight while idols actually want to enjoy the “sweets” (i.o.w. simply eat food). And at some point I thought the jewels were the girls purging, but then there was a maid that picked up a jewel and ate it. So my next assumption is the girls are spitting up the “beauty” and “perfect” concept. Jewels are considered to have no imperfections. The girls reject this “gift”/concept the company has gives them. So the “maid” (which I think could be symbolism for a trainee) wants this “beauty”, opportunity for herself.

    • LongClawTiger

      Interesting thoughts. The first time through I was just thinking about how much it reminded me of the Madonna’s old “Open your heart” video, but you bring up some really good points here. Now I need to go back and watch it again to really dig down deeper.

  101. This is by far my favorite shot of the whole SPICA-Video. I don’t know why but I seriously adore it. The paint on the toilet, the color temperature, her pose <3 And it's only a split second long…just perfect

  102. Martina, I think the word you’re looking for is “growl” for that shaky voice/Adele sound. This is pretty rough on your vocal folds, as one might imagine.

    • I thought she meant “vibrato” ? Is “growl” something too?

      • Vibrato is the slight oscillation of pitch that occurs when healthy vocal production is occurring (namely, no excess tension on the larynx by tongue/throat muscles). What Martina was doing when she was imitating the song around 5:10/5:11 is what is typically referred to as growling.

  103. I liked this. Although I usually prefer the regular musicmondays over this, I think this was one of my faves… Maybe it’s just me, but I think this kind of segment deserve an own name. I listen to so many BoyBands that I feel sorry for my library of Girlgroups, sometimes, but this really points out that “Damn, I do know some good GG’s too and not just BB’s c: ” Yay ~

  104. I really really would have enjoyed if you would have reviewed “Glue” by Nine Muses. It’s something that hasn’t been reviewed, ever, here yet, and it came out quiet recently. I hope Nine Muses will appear one day on EYK :)

  105. I think a leotard would better describe what Stella’s wearing. A unitard usually has legs/pants attached.

    Also, I absolutely love SPICA. I first listened to them when they came out with Painkiller and I thought it was kinda catchy, but I never thought anything of them as a group. But after Tonight, I see them in a whole new light. I LOVE Tonight. And I love their vocals. They’re so powerful and really it puts them up there with 2NE1 for me. In fact I was listening to Tonight one day and my friend asked if it was 2NE1, haha.

    I was a bit confused about the “booty skirts” in their latest video, though. xD

  106. Kiss&Cry are rookies but they are not really rookies because Dia was solo artist she was used to sing ballads, soyumi was part of one group called vts or vtn or something like this and the girl with purple hair was part of bellas group

    • PunkyPrincess92

      i knew i recognised one of those girls!! yeah she was from vnt!!
      i watched their video for Minho…..hahaha!!
      but their song was alright!

  107. Thanks guis for reminding me i had a writing assignment to do! Dx -grumblesaboutoneinchmarginsandtwelvepointfont-

    I have said it before and i;; say it again, Stellar’s mv left a very bad taste in my mouth. For various reasons, but mainly the over sexuality of the whole video. I shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable watching a music video.

    Moving on…
    I like seeing this style everyone in a while, because I like seeing you guys talk about videos I doubt you would get a chance to talk about.

  108. Wishy

    Also, you should ask Soo Zee’s sunbae if she knows Mr. BroHoHo. :3

    • Haha! On a serious note, I would actually like to see Simon and Martina interview the ‘behind the scenes’ people involved in music videos. Whenever I see ‘behind the scenes’ clips, they usually focus on the idols (understandably so). I’d like to hear what the directors think, though, and see how the whole operation works. Are there parts of the music video process that are unique to Korea? etc etc :)

    I pretty much agree with you guise… That Stellar video was….. ummmm…. HORRIBIBLE!!! (go Simon!)
    I don’t know what’s going on in that Rainbow Blaxxxxxxxxxxxxxx video, but I did recognise that creepy lady from the Master’s Sun… CWEEPYYYY….

  110. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to work in the EYK nasty studio….then I see things like this and realize I would be on the floor dying of laughing cramps…

  111. Madeleine Stråhle

    Only thing I disagree about here is GP Basic xD I loved their new song, I think it’s way better than their precious ones and after being away for so long from the scene I think this was a strong comeback!^^

  112. Honestly, I feel so bad for Stellar. The song is actually okay, but nobody would’ve noticed them if their company didn’t go for the extreme sexy (have you seen the promotion posters on Facebook?? It’s pretty bad). This is the thing with kpop, when one thing works for a group, everyone else follows. So now it’s sexy for girls and hip hop for guys.

  113. To me Rainbow Blaxx’s song is about fancy diet pills and the overseeing of managers and producers in terms of making the girls an ideal weight vs. cupcakes and macaroons.

  114. I was just discussing the Stellar’s video with a friend and this video come out.. I guess being the Fangurl of Fangurilla really does helping me in thinking the same thing as S&M.. I have to agree with you guise: what’s with all the oversexiness happening among girl groups? While some of the group did a great job (I like AOA & Girl’s Day, though the latter has a dance that I considered funny), the others sucks so much that instead of sexy, it becomes silly. I think I’m going to call Stellars’ dance as ‘butt-scratching’ dance since they are not simply rubbing their butt, they are scratching them.. Probably some ants in their clothes or something….

  115. Wishy

    Hmm… does this mean that EYK is no longer going to do Kpop Chart Updates? Now that you have the occasional “contain all” KMMs… but… I liked them…

  116. Fxxk You, hmmm, I wasn’t too fond of it at first, now I’m starting to like it but You Don’t Love Me is my favorite song (and MV also) of the list. It would be great if that director invited you to a music video set! Speaking of which, didn’t you film some super secret BTS footage on a MV’s set in November or December? I think you mentioned something about it loooooong time ago, before the EYKAs…
    But back to girl groups: woah, I totally didn’t expect you to talk about Stellar’s MV but I’m glad it happened because the ridiculousness of that dance move is too damn high. The song is not bad though, imo.
    Agreed about the rookie groups. I haven’t watched GP Basic’s video but even the short bits you played were cringeworthy enough for me not to want to watch it.
    As for Rainbow Blaxx aka Black Arch (good point, Simon!), I’ve only watched it once before and thought it was just another ultra sexy concept MV but I liked your interpretation.

  117. I would have liked a review of Lipservice’s Yum Yum Yum, Bebop’s I’m the best and Puer Kim’s Manyo Maash … all 3 of them have an interesting MV :)

  118. When I firs watched Rainbow Blaxx MV I thought of Hansel and Gretel – because of the way they were fed with the sweets by the old witch >_>

    • My best friend has had this in his Skype for a while (Like he has listened to it in iTunes, but I forgot to check it out, so thanks c: )

    • Yeeees! I was totally going to mention this song. The video is interesting to look at (even if the plot is a little hard to find), and the song!!!! Gosh, I love her vocals.

  119. how about Puer Kim’s “Manyo Maash”? You guise should check it out!

  120. Mariam Watt

    Is it me, or are the SPICA girls totally wearing padded bums for the dance sequence in the black and white houndstooth outfits? No way that is the same anatomy on the blond girl that we saw whens she was doing yoga in a leotard a few seconds ago. Those are not their real booties.

    • It’s meant to be super obvious (I mean, they’re HUGE. Really, really huge) and to add a comedic streak, like when they deliberately stick them out for the camera. When I saw it I just thought it was another goofy line of humor added into the video, but I think it slipped past some people and they probably thought it was an underhanded attempt to add sexiness.

      • Mariam Watt

        I didn’t have a problem with it. I thought it was a rather hilarious commitment to concept. But it is a bit jarring when the willowy kpop idols you are used to seeing turn around and suddenly they are all Joan from Mad Men in the back.

  121. thisisjustforfunval

    Glad you guys did a girl review. I was afraid if ya’ll didn’t review Fxxk You this week, we wouldn’t see a girl group reviewed again till 2NE1 comes back at the end of this month, so it’s wonderful to see a review on multiple girl MV’s. I’m glad that Ga In is out there and pushing the envelope of typical MV’s and addressing issues that I’m sure many see as taboo but need to be addressed. Personally, I worry a lot about the girls in the music industry and what they must deal with. The recent sexy image trend, in my opinion, is pushing many of these girls into an image they probably do not want but many have no say about. I’ll stop my rant there.

    SPICA! I love their sound, their imagery. They are my breath of fresh air amongst the barrage of girl groups out promoting right now. I’m finally seeing them get a bit more recognition in Korea, if not here on the charts. They are amazing talents and need to be heard!

    There is a girl rookie group that has my attention and they have yet to officially debut. They are Mamamoo, I think you guys should check them out, you just might like them. To date they’ve released two videos that are collaborations with Bumbkey and another with K.Will. When they officially debut, I hope they will stay with this sound and image of elegancy, confidence and sexy without being sexual.

  122. irritablevowel

    I’m calling that Stella move the “Hemorrhoid rub”.

  123. OMG a KMM thats out in MONDAY afternoon my time….WOW! Yaye for normal working hours!

    Anywhos i agree with all u said….except GP Basic. I like them…i see what they were going for and i like it…the lyrics are definately cringe worthy but i like that they and many other girl groups are going for the strong female concept!!!

  124. Ahhhh please do one with Sunmi’s Full Moon, Girls’ Day’s Something, and AOA’s Miniskirt!

  125. I remember seeing stella’s leotard in my moms old 80s exercise videos…yeah I didn’t like them in either >_<

  126. PunkyPrincess92

    that was the first time i ever watched a Stella video!! and it was freakin’ AWKWARD to watch!!

    my reaction to seeing the GP basic video was exactly like Simon’s….so painful to watch!

    Homework time!!- from what you guys included of the video, it reminded me of the drama ‘Miss Korea’ kinda (even if i’m only on episode 4….)the lady is using them for her benefit! DONE!!!
    i know, i know….i don’t even qualify for an F!

    i music video and song i really liked was ‘Peppermint Chocolate’ by K.Will and Mamamoo!! thing is though, i’m seriously confused about this cos i don’t know if it’s the girl groups’ song whcih features KWill and wheesung or if it’s a collab song or just what!….so confused! i’m only thinking it’s the groups song cos they were the only ones in the video (with 2 guys from vixx)

  127. There was something about the new KMM format. I kept thinking about it and then it hit me!!!! This is what I always hoped that the live chats would be like. Simon and Martina sharing their views about videos and K-pop trends, wow this is refreshing,…..but should it replace the old KMM format….I dunno!! LOL

  128. I think that ‘Cha Cha’ is -like you suggested- about the K-pop scene. They’re basically watched 24/7, live a ‘glamorous’ live where they have to make lots of money by working insane hours (like they constantly eat and turn food into diamonds) and their weight, height, everything is constantly measured and controlled. And that old lady certainly does look greedy (like the management/companies of idols are?).
    I don’t understand the lyrics though. It could also mean something completely different. Who knows :’D

  129. Question: Do our Rainblow blaxx plot essays need to be in MLA format? How many paragraphs should we write?

  130. I find Two Song Place’s “Age-Height” to be a hilarious video. But then again it’s a quirky tongue-in-cheek song poking fun of all the big music videos of 2013 so what’s not to love?

  131. The “weird” clothing you guys were trying to name are leotards not unitards. I have danced wearing them so any times and it is worn to cover your crotch area when you are also wearing a skirt. It helps to prevent flashing your audience when you kick. Word lol!

  132. The idea of having to write an essay (and in times new roman *shudder*) is a terrifying thing. But I want to try because hey procrastination!

  133. I think you guys should’ve talked about Lipservice’s Yum Yum Yum!!! The video was fun and the song is REALLYYY catchy AANNNDDD the song is about dieting and food :3

  134. When I was reading comments on other sites a lot of people didn’t understand Gain’s MV or song. I personally really loved it. Love isn’t really the word, but it made me feel and think and question and hum along. I could have done without the endless fuck you(s) but it got the point across that this wasn’t about sexy sexy time, but rape. Not making love, but “fucking” aka emotionless and at times not consensual. Gain is on a maturity level above other kpop acts. She pushes while others follow and do what they’re told to do. I’m glad she went for the 19+ theme and is completely unapologetic about her artistic expression. There is a realness to her music and MVs that is so rare in Kpop.

  135. Thanks for the Girl Group KMM! I really like this style of video because it lets you get your two cents in about so many different songs :) I’m glad you got to talk about Ga In and SPICA!!!
    I’m looking forward for the influx of sexy concepts to lessen a bit. There were four girl groups, AOA with “Miniskirt”, Girls Day with “Something”, Rainbow Blaxx with “Cha Cha”, and Dal Shabet’s “BBB”, that all had(?) to change their choreography in order for their singles to be aired on music shows earlier in the year and other artists just followed the trend in February. And Stella(r)’s unitards look ridiculously uncomfortable.

  136. I won’t lie, the review on Stellar’s Marionette made me kind of sad… the butt rubbing move is kind of questionable (and definitely fodder for mocking!) but you can’t really blame the girls for being forced to go into that direction after all their past flops, plus it’s all the management and blah blah blah the poor girls, etc.

    Their lives on music shows have altered dance moves that are really great, and the song itself is amaze-balls in my opinion. Hopefully people give them more of a chance in terms of the song. <3

  137. LinZi

    Yay! I’m so glad you included Gain Fxxk You and Spica You don’t Love Me Music Video (hehe)… I really liked both those videos and hoped they would show up. I have a hard time liking a lot of the female kpop because a lot of it DOES seem to be “moar sexi” and less interesting which I just find boring, sexist or uninteresting. Thanks for including some of the more unique ladies… and help us fine more…

  138. Love that you guys made it clear what was going on in Ga-In’s video. If you look at the Youtube comments, so many are of this horrible variety: “Wow, the guy in the video is sooo hot/sexy, I can’t take my eyes off him!” or “Wow, this video’s crossing the line, it only shows that Ga-In really is becoming a slut.” Even then, people don’t seem to interpret it as rape even though marital/relationship rape is so common, yet rarely addressed. Kudos to Ga-In.

    I also like the artistic direction Spica’s video took :) Thanks for the great KMM, guys! Even if you find it difficult to make criticisms of female kpop group’s videos, I think you did a good job.

    • You know, we edited a lot out of our talk about Ga-In’s video. Most of it was us trying to correct commenters, because we were really frustrated by them. We edited it out because we want our videos to be us having fun with a video, rather than responding to bad comments, you know? But, yes, it was frustrating to read that online…

      • Wow, I’m surprised that is true! I went on Youtube to check it out and was confused how people kind of missed out on the meaning. I used to live in China, so I am used to going on their forums. And people were totally oblivious to the meaning behind the MV. They were just surprised by the 19+. Then people started translating stuff about it, and some people were talking about what Gain was trying to get at…. So many people didn’t understand it or couldn’t put there head’s around it.

        What were the Korean’s netizen’s reaction? Did they get the meaning behind it?

  139. Bainbow Blaxx’s plot was that of the golden goose that laid golden eggs~ It took me a couple watches to understand… Heheh. Also, the “XX” stands for female chromosomes for some reason…
    I’m super glad you guys focused on all female groups this week… aahahhhhhh there have been so many good female songs lately!!! Have you heard of Mamamoo yet?? I bet you will fall IN LOVE with them. Especially if you liked Spica’s latest song~ They haven’t made their official debut yet, but I think we should keep an eye on them… Anyway, go watch Peppermint Chocolate (it’s by Mamamoo and K.Will with a WheeSung featuring). Your life will change.
    The end.

  140. GP Basic… you have the pottencial to be a good group but really? YOU GIVE ME THIS MV?! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

    Okay no. *I need … to calm down* D:
    btw I LOOOOOOOVE Fxxk U by GaIn.

    Her voice match so well with BumKey and I really like the plot. Well… except for that scene when the guy put his hand in the candle ( Sooo bad ass XDD) and suddenly fall or something in the cake.. That was funny.

    PD:Sorry for my english, I’m studying … ;_;

  141. It was a leotard. Unitards are pants-leotards

  142. You should check out Bebop – I’m the best. They are quite good and they have really fresh concept.

  143. You should have included Lip Service – Yum Yum Yum. It’s totally super awesome, they’re rookies as well, but don’t have vibe as rookies. Check it out, it’s super awesome super fun. http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts/lip-service-yumyumyum/
    hamburger, hamburger, hamburger, hamburger :)

    I really love Spica stuff. They deserve much more attention than they actually receive. I heard that Lee Hyori is behind You don’ love me. I love everything about that MV.


  144. I’m half. Dissapointed you didnt reveiw bap. But in really happy you did a girls review. Good job guys it was great and super funny <3

  145. Wow, this music monday was pretty great. I laughed a lot of times and I really agreed a lot with your opinions as well. A little disappointed that you didn’t pick B.A.P’s 1004 though since it’s such a great song and the music video is a gold mine. Seeing how they have gotten a lot of reviews before though and how girl group’s doesn’t seem to get much spotlight here, I get why you did this video. WOW I really like Gain’s fxxk you, I really like how it talked about rape in a relationship as that happens A LOT and isn’t taken seriously by a lot of people because the people are in a relationship. IT IS STILL RAPE AS LONG AS IT’S NOT CONSENSUAL! Gosh.

    Also, I did not like the sexy part of Rainbow Blaxx’s music video because it focused so much on them being sexy and focused so much on their butts. I did like the song though, it’s so catchy. I wanted more of the storyline as well! The girls looked a little uncomfortable with this concept though.

    I only listened to Kiss & Cry’s song and I really liked it! It was super good and one of those golden cards in kpop as well.

    WOAW did I not like Stellar’s music video, it was so focused on making them SEXY and objectifying them as much as possible for the attention. HOWEVER I have seen so many people calling them sluts and whores because of it and that is NOT OK. They probably had no say in it whatsoever. I can see this video though eventually harming kids if they get to see it and making for example little boys seeing it’s ok objectfying women. Don’t even get me starting on their facebook promos! “Oppa I’ll do whatever you want” and the “The more is revealed the more you like!!” Yuck.

    Hiru rant out! Haha

  146. I thought Rainbow Blaxx’s Cha Cha could have been like an old rich lady prepping the girls. For either prostitution or something like that. It just felt like they were being taken advantage of but they didn’t care because they were being pampered.

  147. You guys basically seconded everything I was thinking..
    & Rainbow Blaxx talked about their name on Beatles Code recently (the episode w/ VIXX & Narsha)

    Have you guys seen Sunmi’s Full Moon yet? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BBF3vRY85M

  148. violetxhill

    That’s really awesome of you guys to make a video just about female kpop idols and groups when your fans notice it’s been a sausagefest lately! Thank you! Spica and Ga-In had really awesome songs, I was happy to see those reviewed! :D
    OH MAN SIMON I AGREE WITH YOU WITH THE GPBASIC OH MY GOSH I had to shut it down I couldn’t handle how… BAD it was.

  149. Martina

    I was hoping I’d see AoA. Can you make a review about them?

  150. Blueberries

    All with sexy concepts, isn’t it bit overused amongst girl groups already. I want to see something else already from girls.

  151. I love when you discuss more than one video – because invariably some great songs and groups fall through the cracks. More!

    Thanks so much for Ga In’s video, the song and video is amazing and the more attention it gets, the more impact it can have!

    And yay Spica love!

  152. I definitely agree with you guys about Kiss&Cry! I first time listen to them because I saw the video of a member of them covering Idina Menzel’s Let It Go, and it came out really good. The song sounds different from some other typical rookie girl groups, and they didn’t even had a rap in the song. Sadly, their debut album was just a single album where there is only one song, so I couldn’t really see how far their potential are. Really looking forward for their next album!

  153. Is it Stellar or Stella? I see them credited both ways. As to the video, I couldn’t agree more. It really is a ‘bridge too far’, it is sexy for the sake of being sexy and tries too hard. I am not defending the record company’s decision to change from “cute and sexy” to “mature and sexy” but does anyone remember their last effort? 2013′s “Study”, a paint by numbers, aegyo 101 video and song (just over 500k views in 7 months). The company felt that they had to change something so they went this route. Marionette now has nearly 2 million views in less than a week, (plus a “No Cut” version) and I will have to hit the music tracking sites to see if this has translated into sales. EYK mentioned this above… there are really too many groups at the moment, and going this route clearly got them the attention they wanted, positive or negative, attention is still attention.

  154. bigbangfosho

    What you guys said about Rainbow Blaxx actually really surprised me. When I watched it, I didn’t really pay attention to the lady and the guy with binoculars and just put it off as another ridiculously sexy concept. But now that you guys mention it, I think it really was planned to be a representation of the kpop industry. These girls are forced to do all these sexy things and the result are the jewels. The jewels in real life are the money company CEOs earn, which is represented by the guy with binoculars. I’d say the measuring and whatnot is also partly the public and how much we scrutinize the artists. Plus the girls don’t show signs of discomfort because they can’t in the industry.

    • But I wonder what the sweets represent…their fans perhaps?

      • Angella Cho

        I was assuming it may be how appealing the idol popularity may be to many people’s eyes. Those who take the idols as they are rather than digging deeper into their diet, how they are treated by the company, the stress they receive from many other staff, etc. You know how sweets may be good at first but if you have too much, it makes you sick to the stomach and may even kill you if thats the only thing you eat. Seems to be a simile to that.

    • I think you’re spot on. However, I had a different first impression of the video. All the candy and the old lady made me think of Hansel and Gretel and the witch – luring and fattening up children for consumption. The diamonds coming out of the mouths also made me think of that trope in Italian folktales where good girls who are blessed by faeries (etc) comb their hair and rubies and pearls (etc etc!) fall out. And there’s always some creepy/conniving stepmother or aunt who has her eye on those jewels…

      • Close. Korea also has a folktale where a lady discovers that she has a goose that lays golden eggs, so she thinks that if she feeds the goose more it will lay more golden eggs, and then she tries it and it does. (Not a very interesting tale, mind, but has something to do with the “if something works then invest heavily in it”) so it’s combining that folktale with the idea that Sexy sells in k-pop. So she finds out that she can make them sexier and sell them more for profit…

  155. SPICA <3 I started to love them since their single "Tonight" . Their voices are just awesome and I adore the fact that they are working with Lee H.!

  156. I don’t listen to a lot of girl groups, because I prefer solo artists , but the one that I like the most recently is GaIn’s “Truth or dare” and the whole her newest album. Also I really liked Sunmi’s “24 hours” mv and “Full Moon” mv which was released yesterday. Some moves of the dance doesn’t fit me (and I’m almost sure that you will know about which moves I’m talking :D ) , but I liked that it wasn’t another cute music video, but something different ^^ But still GaIn and Brown Eyed Girls are the queens for me <3

  157. Applesauce 21

    FxxK You was fabulous – having just helped a friend get out of an abusive relationship, it’s an issue that’s on my mind right now and I’m very happy that the KPop industry is covering it. Especially if, as you mentioned in an earlier video, it’s not a topic that’s talked about openly in schools. Not all girls know they have the right to say no :(

  158. tatiana lopes

    You guys definitely need to check out Mamamoo. They’re a female rookie group as well, and oh man, they don’t seem rookie. They have 2 videos out, one colab with Bumkey and another with K.Will.

  159. thank you Thank You THANK YOU so much for talking about spica i really love them! They are amazing!!
    and i was like a hundred times at your page to vote for them!

    And btw GP Basic already debuted in 2010 with there song “game”

  160. Simon and Martina can you look at the video request i made for you? https://twitter.com/Mimchetu/status/434310669723123713 I POSTED IT A HUNDRED TIMES Y U NO NOTICE ME?:D

  161. Ah I am glad to see the girl groups getting some love. And I do agree, the videos seem to be getting more and more sexual for just the “oh look at us” shock factor instead of anything else and it is too bad. They should focus more on the music and what the song is saying instead of “what outfits can we get them in and what grindy sexual dances can they do”. One of the reasons I started listening to kpop was because that was mostly missing from it and one of the reasons I am not into western pop music. Ga-in somehow seems to avert this trap and really tells a story even though it is not really PG.
    But yeah I am a guy and even for me the sexy concept ones meant to just be sexy and maybe shocking in Korea do nothing for me.

    As for new songs you picked a bunch of good ones, although I am quite partial to Lipservice with Yum Yum Yum, which coincidentally is about dieting and the troubles with it. Mixed into a cool little song.

  162. GP Basic isn’t a rookie group btw…. they have an interesting timeline… but glad to see non sausagefest wooop!!!

  163. Oh my god. The second video looked as if they were getting wedges. OUCH
    I totally agree to your reactions.
    You guys have given me non-cutesy groups to listen to and which ones not to. Thanks.

  164. yay for simon tehet

  165. First post

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