So, we’re doing another one of these Kpop video rundowns. We did one a while ago, and people really seemed to like it since it gave a whole bunch of artists a chance for expose, rather than just the one we talk about for KMM normally! We really like doing these as well, because we watch a lot of Korean music videos outside the videos you see published. Now we get to talk about these videos and have some fun bouncing our opinions off each other at the same time. Yay! WIN WIN!

Im Chang Jung “Open the Door”


Our first song on the list is the catchiest song on the list, and also the most popular on YouTube, with more views than the rest of the videos combined. And rightfully so. This video is hilarious. I didn’t howl with laughter like this at a video in ages. AGES. The whole halo around him when he gets into asskicking mode, the justice policing, the bullying of U-Kiss: it’s all hilarious. And the song’s good. It’s not a phenomenal song, but it’s great fun. I definitely think that the view count is boosted because of the awesomeness of the song, and I’m hoping that Kpop companies get a clear message from this. Or will they? I don’t know. Humor is more effective than sexiness. If everyone’s acting sexy and showing off their good looks, you get bored after a while. You need something different every once in a while. Psy did it. Crayon Pop did it. UV did it. And now this song did it, and they’re all ultra awesome and memorable for it.

Vixx “Only You”


Ok, so we were really excited when we saw this video, and it’s for such a silly reason: we were in Stockholm as part of our Europe tour, we walked around the same area that Vixx was walking in for their video. We were only walking around there for a day, and we totally loved it there. It’s seriously one of the most gorgeous places we ever visited, so we felt a bit of a connection when we saw this video.

But what about people living in Sweden? Wouldn’t you feel a lot more of a connection than we do? Wouldn’t this, then, solidify your love for Vixx in turn? In my opinion, it’s a brilliant move on Vixx’s half, and I’m sure that this video – paired with them performing in Sweden – will get them fans from Sweden for life. No? I’m not sure about this. It’s just a guess. People from Sweden, let me know how you feel about the matter. Besides the beautiful scenery we really really loved the mature jazzy sound that came from this song. It’s one of the reasons we actually love Zion T and I’d love to hear another kpop release embracing these vibes.

Norazo “Wild Horse”


This is the least Kpop-ish song on the list, but we find different sounds refreshing. We’re really experimental with our taste in music. We download around two new albums a week in hopes of trying to find new artists and albums that we like (just got into the new Bonobo album, for instance), so that might be why you sometimes see us not react excitedly when we hear similar things in Kpop. This song here sounds nothing like Kpop. It’s got more roots in trot, I think, than Kpop, and we barely ever talk about anything trot like, but we like it. GASP: old people like trot. Does…does that say something about us? I hope not. Just…you gotta admit: this song is fun. We’re biased towards fun things more than sexy things, so this gets a thumbs up from us.

GI “Giyeuk”


Seem to really be getting into this band lately. Now I know a lot of people that watched (or will watch this video) have complained about GI’s videos being to basic and plain. I have to say I disagree with that because it leave nothing but a focus on their dancing and how they interact with the song itself. I like that this band focuses so intently on being more of a hip hop dance crew rather than just putting out a music video that might take away from what they’re already doing right. I mentioned this before in another video, but I also think these girls do sexy right. I don’t feel like they’re trying to hard to get my attention using revealing clothing or lip rubs or even a half-assed plot. There is nothing to judge them by except their baggy clothing and dancing. Now I admit, they could be tighter as a dance crew, I see some sloppy mistake that make them seem a bit off time with each other, but I’m still interested in seeing where these girls go in the future. Anyone else feel the same way?

Mr.Mr “Do You Feel Me”


Now we admit, we don’t really know a lot from this group, but I always browse our kpop charts to see what has been newly added. I was very nicely surprised by this song and the smooth confidence in this video. You know we’re both not really ballad people and I think the reason I liked this song was that it wasn’t super predictable the way I find most ballads to be. When I hear a ballad I can tell when the typical high notes will hit, when the music will swell and when the baaaabyy baaabbyyy or OOOHHH oHOHOOHOHOH YYYEAAAAAAAAAAA will come in. I always feel happy when a ballad allows me to feel surprise with the way the song as been produced, and this is one of them. The video, however, really remind my of Ouran Host Club. Hahah! It’s not really like it, it’s not even a comedy, but the whole girl looking into the room with all the regal looking hot boys standing around totally flashed me back. Anyone else get that vibe too? KISS KISS FALL IN LOVE!

Seo In Young “Love Me”


Ok, we’re getting over our dislike for Seo In Young. We were really surprised when Soo Zee told us that a lot of people in Korea feel that way about her as well. And if you don’t know what we’re talking about, don’t watch her appearance in We Got Married. Whoa. She was frustratingly horrid in that show. But it was partially a character and partially herself, so she claims she’s changed a lot and is trying to get past that now. She was so abrasive that people are shying away from her even to this day. So here’s a video of her not being ultra-bitchy. It’s cute, a bit too hipster try-hard-ish, but the song is nice, and we like Gaeko as well. Despite my inner turmoil over her past character, I’m not adverse to hearing this song, and I think it’s fairly decent. Check it out yourself as well and see if you feel the same way.

So that’s it for this round of videos. Three blockbuster videos came out recently: Miss A’s “Hush,” Taeyang’s “Ringa Linga” (our friend’s actually in that video, FYI), and TOP’s “Doom Dada.” We didn’t talk about those videos here because everyone knows about them. Maybe we’ll talk about them next week?

And we’ve got a small set of scenes that didn’t make the final cut of our video. Check em out here if you want to see us be a bit more ridiculous:


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  1. SO anybody feel the backstreet boys vibe in the whole Mr.Mr song or is that just me.

  2. Is this the proper place to put this comment? Well, I had never seen TOP’s Doom Dada until yesterday and I’m having this love hate relationship with it. It’s so strange, but so amazing-ly weird. Can you do a music monday on it? Maybe your insight will help me understand it’s oddness….or just make me laugh.

  3. How about Younha’s song that was released two days ago?

  4. Centaurs are half man half horse, the half man half goat are satyrs.

  5. Yay!!! Thanks for mentioning Miss A! <3

  6. ha loved Im Chang Jung “Open the Door”. Haven’t listened to proper trot in a while. The only other I hadn’t tried was Mr Mr which was nice.

  7. Have to say that Blady’s Blood Type B Girl is under-watched.


  8. I have a question!! Is the ‘Open the door’ or ‘문을 여시오’ song like a popular trot song that is covered often because I’m pretty sure Wonder Boyz debuted with that song and a very goofy MV too!!!! I’M CONFUZZLED!!!

  9. Nobody’s going to talk about U Sung Eun’s Healing and Lim Kim’s (Kim Yerim) Goodbye 20? I love both girls so much! They’re completely the opposite of each other but both mv’s are really fun and refreshing to watch!

  10. Now I’m completely obsessed with Norazo, thanks Simon and Martina.

  11. NOVOVTOR!!!!!!!!!!! Suggestion

  12. Oh. My. God. I love trot!

  13. VIXX!!!! *o* Only You ♥

  14. Im Chang Jung mv reminds me of those Panda Cheese Commercial. Am i the only one ?
    I love that section by the way !

  15. Has BIGSTAR’s RUNRUN already been done?

  16. Erhmagerddddd. You guys dorky. Me likey!

    (I was totally having a less-than-inspiring day until this video happened. I AM REJUVENATED!)

  17. Jung Joon Young’s Spotless Mind was a REAAALLLYYY pretty song!! I thought it was amazing and the video is super duper pretty as well. Very artsy fartsy! If you guys haven’t heard it already you should, it’s really good ;A;
    (the N version) :D

  18. I have to ask… is Seo In Young actually korean? Cause to me she looks like a european that was brought up in korea

    • Afraid she has had surgery to make herself look more European. She has admitted to the Nose Job at least: omonatheydidnt.livejournal.com/321543.html?page=3&cut_expand=1

  19. 9MUSES’ Gun would definitely be on my list. I’ve been playing this song on repeat pretty much since I bought it. xD Not sure about the video itself, since I’m not big on sitting there watching MVs over and over again (seriously, you do you guys do it, Simon and Martina? D: ) but the song’s been stuck in my head.

    I’m not sure when it was released exactly, but Ladies’ Code PRETTY PRETTY has also been playing on repeat for me. The video did give me a few giggles when I first watched it (although it’s not HAHAHA funny), and the song’s catchy. Plus the girls are really quite talented.

    I’m not sure if she counts, considering she is from a pretty popular group, but I’ll also add False Hope by Song Jieun. I’m not sure how popular her song/video’s been either, but I certainly found the song absolutely amazing. It’s more relaxed, in my opinion at least. And her voice is just amazing.

  20. Although I know this wasn’t the usual KMM where you pick apart every little piece of a MV, I must say I’m quite disappointed in you guys that this was not mentioned even in the blooper reel. How could you miss the “Love me some weed” tag in VIXX’s Only U video? Are you guys losing your touch? Or just too busy to look it over well? *tsk tsk tsk* THAT WAS PURE GOLD! GOLD I TELL YA!

  21. Martina does this content smile thing when Simon says T.O.P’s DOOM DADA, pleaaase review it! Pardon the extremely whiny fangirl…and I really liked Open the Door.

  22. I love these segmemts. I literally have all these songs on repeat especially VIXX! Thanks EATYOURKIMCHI ^^

  23. I really like Jaejoong’s “Just another girl” especially with the cool guitar rifts in the beginning (or how ever you describe that…I’m not musically gifted XD) but I realize he’s very well known, so that’s probably why he didn’t make the list.

    other than that, I do agree with having VIXX on the list. I got the chance to go to their live showcase in Dallas, TX and it was a lot of fun!! It’s totally made me an even bigger fan of their stuff~

  24. There’s one song I really really like that might never be listened to since I doubt they’ll do a MV. On the latest album of IU (I really really hate this album btw), there’s 1 song (or 2) that is worth listening to, and it’s “Gloomy Clock”. It features SHINee Kim Jonghyun and it’s really nice.

  25. Isn’t “Open The Door” actually a song by “Wonder Boyz”? They’re really underrated, too. I loved their choreography and video for the song!!

  26. I always love the bloopers… and u know when the camera stopped recording and Simon said “STOP!”, it reminded me of Eli`s rap in “Stop Girl”, I started singing it right away…

  27. I really liked Wild Horse and Open the Door. They were hilarious (despite the fact that I don’t understand Korean.) Could someone please tell me what’s on the shopfront sign in Open the Door (where the shopkeeper rips down the first sign and the second sign is slightly different)?

    A few thoughts about the other videos:
    Vixx’s Only You was quite pretty, and the song was nice. Not memorable for me, though.
    Giyeuk – it’s interesting that you say they’re not using revealing clothing. I guess it comes back to what you said (in a previous video I think) about bare legs not being provocative (in Korea) compared to cleavage etc? In any case, GI seems like a promising group.
    MR.MR’s song doesn’t seem like a ballad to me. It just sounds like a dance/nightclub song, but done in a softer manner.
    I haven’t come across Seo In Young before but the video was offputting. I did like some of her outfits but the whole thing was indeed an overload of instagram indulgence. I liked Gaeko’s (invisible) rap parts though.

    K, off to watch the Im Cha Jung and Norazo videos again. :D

  28. I’m Swedish and I was really excited when I saw the mv. I’ve been to all those places in the mv loads of times so that was awesome! Our capital is really beautiful. I agree it was a smart move on their side. The song is awesome aswell! Definitely liking VIXX more and more every day ^^

  29. Norazo’s ‘Wild Horse’ reminds me so much of the Japanese group ‘Kishidan’! Have you heard of it? You should check it out if you haven’t ;)

  30. Open the door’s mv just made my day :)
    I really like N-Sonic – Run&Run. I think it’s a pretty catchy song and the verses really remind me of B.A.P’s old badass songs (I’m not saying they’re copying B.A.P, I’m just complimenting how I like their song style/s)
    But VIXX’s Voodoo, definitely needs to be added to this list or given recognition or something. It just came out though, so S&M may not have seen it yet. The music video and dance actually fits the title really, really well.. even if it’s pretty disturbing, and gruesome and not very pretty. Their mv is something i haven’t really seen before in kpop and it was really refreshing, as far as violent and bloody things can go :L

  31. We love this kind of videos thanks you once again. As for the videos..for the 1st I want to say…nothing I will always prefer the wonder Boyz version, they were the first to make it and I love it since then. 2nd Video for Vixx seriously why no more views? Cant anybody see how awesome is that song and mv? Norazzo! – Norazzo is love from the first sight if you don’t know them just go and watch them. This guy has a perfect voice for metal music but instead he is doing this great songs comedy songs. As for you Mr. Simon and Ms Martina…why …why did you slaughter our mythology? Simon you know everything about fantasy novels don’t you know about Centaur, Panas, even if you didn’t read mythology, haven’t you read / watched narnia? That’s why you need to come to Greece….it’s decided.

    As for GI I love this groups since day one they are delivering (so does Vixx). Now as for Mr Mr FINALLY a kpop song in the kpop industry, those kind of songs brought us in to kpop and now everything is gone. Congrats Mr Mr for keepin it real.

    I never heard Jewlery so know nothing about this girl I will give it a try after gaecko is in it. Thank you.

    I am so happy that my fav mvs are here in the list

  32. kawaii_candie

    this is fun, guise!

    but……. I’m not really feeling that “open the door” song. don’t you feel like it’s kind of a huge rip-off of Gangnam style?? i mean i can’t be the only one seeing the blatant copied bits in the video… U-KISS snaps were fun though. However i really like that Giyeuk song! thanks for sharing! the Mr.Mr. song is pretty good too!

    PS: Simon, you look kinda sexy in your snazzy lumberjack shirt and suspenders! i know you get upset that people are always saying Martina’s pretty and whatnot, so now i’m saying i noticed you was lookin’ good ^_-

    • This is only my thought process, so there’s a good chance I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure they made it sound and look like Gangnam Style on purpose. Sort of like they were doing a spoof of it. I say that, because they didn’t hide the similarity at all. You probably noticed they were even wearing his (now iconic) monotone jacket with matching bow tie. Just my guess. It could be wrong :)

  33. VIXX’s vodoo doll definitely deserves a shout out :) Such a great song ^__^

  34. I’ve been a nasty since my first ramen cooking lesson– still not judging you for that cheese… e_e, but since then, I cannot eat it without egg, Yummo. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Thanks for making air time for the underdogs- I completely agree about Lim Chang Jung; His video actually has a comical story line, and the song and dance is SO addictive. Stay awesome! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

  35. I really like this video format, guys! It’s nice to have an occasional round-up of stuff that isn’t hugely popular, and to get your takes on several videos instead of the one-a-week. I love the KMMs too; it’s fun to have variety in the segments.

    I’m a fan of G.I, and it’s great to see them get some love from you!

  36. I swear Norazo’s MV made my day.

  37. You should do BTOB – Thriller

  38. Hello Simon and Martina. I would just like to thank you for introducing me to Wild Horse. That song is absolutely, positively fabulous! I liked some of the other songs too. Thank you for introducing this to me, and please continue this segment in the future!

  39. Uhm… isn’t the first song the same as “Yobosayo” by wonderboys? it sounds exactly the same….. like exact same words….

    • Oh true! I never noticed that. You’re right though, they are the same song.
      I found a comment on the Wonderboyz MV that explains it.
      etchoeph wrote:
      “The guy who created the Wonderboyz, Kim Chang Ryul, wrote this song for both Im Chang Jung and the Wonderboyz. He wanted two versions of the song released at the same time, one hip hop version, one trot. However, when he wanted the songs to be released Im Chang Jung told him, he couldn’t record the song and so he released the Wonderboyz version first. Im Chang Jung returned with this song as his comeback featuring Kim Chang Ryul, owner/writer of the song, therefore, you can’t really call it a parody.”

      • oh ok at first i was like… did they really just take there song? i was so confused i didn’t even notice till have way though cause i was watching the video which was in my opinion way better than this version of the song…but i also do really liek the wonder boys version.

  40. Wonder Boyz have similar song that’s also called “Open The Door”.

  41. I absolutely love the sign behind them in the gym (referring to Open the Door) says: “Exercise of this kind may also cause o her changes in the body” Fantastic Engrish!! I think I get a point for this, yes? :O

  42. Centar – Half man half horse
    Satyr – Half man half goat

  43. I agree that VIXX’s Only U is underrated but i hope this doesnt take them out of your music monday list, They were in third place after all.

  44. Sigh, I’m out for good guys. I’m a long time fan. I’ve been a fan for like 3 years now, I used to watch all your helpful vids and read your FAQ in preparation to go to Korea. Heck, I remember when you started KMMs and WTFs. I thought we had a similar sense of humor and outlook about stuff. I felt like I could relate to you. The relationship you two have as a couple is nothing but enviable. However, I’ve been increasingly disappointed by you guys since the studio deal. I donated to you all, but I was disappointed when you didn’t really keep up your promises. You made it sound like you wanted the studio to make more segments or make the ones you did better but you do everything half assed now.

    Now, I’m not even a fan of your KMMs anymore but you have many people who found you through them and who donated for them. You have barely done KMMs this year. I understand that Kpop fans are crazy and vindictive and you get a lot of shit on tumblr that is unfair but you are adults. I thought you would take the high road but you just throw tantrums when people criticize you. This is what you signed up for when you started covering Kpop. And you sealed your fate when you decided to make a studio using KMMs as your main segment. You say you don’t really cover Kpop, that all your other videos are about Korea but you can’t be so naive. You know how crazy Kpop fans are and how popular KMMs have made you. It doesn’t look like you enjoy yourselves anymore, in making a business now you depend on your fans for money.

    You used to be honest and candid before and now you don’t even make KMMs half the time or try to half ass it by passing another kind of video as a KMM. Even on the rare occasion you do make a KMM you don’t even bother to fact check a lot of what you say. You say that you’re just vloggers but you’re a business now. You can’t keep hiding behind excuses. If you don’t want to do KMMs anymore, then DON’T. Make other content. You say you’re not only Kpop bloggers right?? Then make other stuff. All you do is whine about not having time and editing, and blah blah. This is your job, guys. This is what you signed up for. Don’t like it, then don’t do KMM and focus on the other videos. WANKS used to be awesome and then you half assed that. FAPFAPs were awesome too and now they’re half assed. TLDRs is the same thing, and the Indie playlists basically don’t happen anymore. Neither do the weekend update vids. I donated so we could get some awesome content and you gave nothing. Not only do you give nothing but you complain about what you have to do. You’re acting like spoiled children, I didn’t much care how you handled the thing with SM. They were ridiculous, yes, but I think that complaining to your fans so you don’t look bad because you didn’t put it up on time made you look childish. Grow up. How long can you guys keep this up?

    I feel like a bitch for saying all this and I’m sorry if I rambled. Also English is not my first language. I’m just really disappointed. Best of luck to you guys.
    I suppose let the negative comments bashing me begin.

    • Hi Bri. First off I’m not here to bash you, I’m just a fan who doesn’t understand where some of this negativity is coming from. When I fist found Simon & Martina it was when I found their “Three year anniversary” video. It made me tear up and I fell in love with them though I didn’t know them. I watched ALL their videos, even the super old ones, and I still enjoy what they put out.
      They wanted the studio to be able to make things bigger and better. With the studio they could do everything somewhere else than their apartment. All those interviews with all these idols would have never happened if there wasn’t a studio as a more professional setting right? You say they barely made KMMs this year, true, but they did go to so many different places and met with so many different fans like us. So many nasties in Japan, Singapore, Mexico, Australia, Europe. They were gone for weeks at a time. Those KMMs they actually did do were shorter because long ones sometimes tire people. People who love them are fine with a 10min KMM but others might leave after 5 minutes. What then? They’ve also said that sometimes they really want to talk about other songs but they never get the chance. They’ve made videos like the one today other times before and people are responding well. Then why not do it?

      At some point like a year or two ago there was a bunch of segments they tried to make ALL in the same week and it was insane. They didn’t have the studio, or Soozee and Leigh, and they didn’t have enough time to sleep. I think running a business/channel/whatever project successfully is to do just as much as you can handle. And I think that’s what they did. I accept that.

      About the WANKS and FAPFAPS I feel that we’ve all seen them change their diet and become healthier. Still they’ve done a bunch of those, going out, eating, even in other countries they went to. How are they half assed? I just think that with a healthier lifestyle comes less eating out, I don’t know. I think Martina showing how you can cook some simple korean dish is just like the super old videos where she made dokbokki and stuff remember? :’) I do. And I understand it.
      I’m not going to try to counteract every point you made. What I’m trying to say is that Simon and Martina have evolved into the people they are now. They have more freedom with what they want to do on their channel and they can do it because of that studio and because of Soozee and Leigh that work with them. Many people come back to their channel because of their Korea related videos and not for the kpop. Honestly I get more excited about TL;RDs and WANKS than KMMs sometimes.

      I still find Simon and Martina candid, I still find them honest, I still find them funny and relatable, but I’m also proud because I see how far they’ve come. And I can see how far they’ll go. And I know they’ll get a lot of crap as they get bigger and bigger which sucks. But I think they handle it like any other normal person would. I know they will read this comment you left and might be hurt but I believe they will also understand. Some of your points might resonate with them I don’t know. But if you feel you have to go it’s your choice. It’s sad to lose a nastie.
      I’m sorry you had to read this essay of a response, I tend to do that at 3am. Hope I didn’t offend you in any way and of course you don’t have to reply. Take care.

    • I’m not even a hardcore EYK fan but I had to make a comment
      because I find too many of your points disagreeable. I’m not directing this
      comment to you only, but also because I see this type of hypocritical comments
      on EYK videos all the time. There are always “nasties” who claims
      that EYK is becoming a sell-out “business” when THEY are the one who
      are expecting EYK to ACT like a business. You claim that they are becoming too
      much of a ‘business’ but yet you expect them to bring the same things on the
      table every single time and on time like a business. Or maybe for you a change
      of format = half-assed? But for me I don’t see any of their videos being
      half-assed. I’m sure if EYK never bought their studio, we wouldn’t even be
      getting half of all high quality videos we get FIVE freaking days a week.

      I agree that their videos aren’t as long winded as before
      since they returned from their tour, but jesus christ! They’ve been traveling
      like crazy for fan meets and dealing with collaborations. Do you expect them to
      work like machines? As a media arts student I know how crazy video editing can
      be (spent half a term editing ONE video), let alone filming everything with
      professional set ups. Although I respect that you made a donation to support
      EYK, I don’t think they ‘owe’ you anything, in fact they don’t owe ANY of us
      anything. If you’re going to have this type of mindset, you shouldn’t have
      donated in the first place. Also they weren’t even obligated to post the Shinee
      interview. They weren’t making an excuse for being ‘late’ cause they WEREN’T
      late. Why shouldn’t they voice out their thoughts when they’re treated like
      crap? Its because nobody ever speaks out that companies take advantage and act
      like arrogant queens/kings. It’s because EYK ISN’T a “business” that
      they can voice their thoughts aloud this way. Sorry, I just find too many hypocritical
      points in your comment to agree with any of it although you are free to express
      your opinions…

    • Cyber_3

      Bri, I can totally understand where you are coming from and I was not going to comment here at all until I saw your comment. It’s not that I totally agree with you or totally disagree with you, I just want to throw a different perspective at your comments and see if anything sticks (in a nice way?). When I look back at the videos of Simon and Martina last year, including the ones for donations to make the studio a reality, I DO see a completely different couple than in this week’s KMM-replacement-kinda-kpop-update-times-two-video. Granted, a year has passed but I don’t see what could have happened within this year to have changed them this much. Nor will I, because they have a whole life outside of these videos. We like to think that we see into their lives with so many videos during the week but the truth is, these videos are only edited windows into their lives. We see what they let/want us to see. I’m going to go out on a limb here and theorize that perhaps there IS something big that has happened in their lives that we don’t know about that has changed them. I have no idea what it could be a) Martina only has one more year to live, b) the S. Korean government is evicting them from the country, c) SME thugs have threatened their lives, d) they have become extremely extremely disillusioned with the kpop industry and feel icky making fun of the poor artists, e) Simon is pregnant, f) Dr. Meemersworth is starting a Korean cat revolution and is secretly holding them hostage while animatronic robots make the videos, I don’t know, maybe I read too much manwha, some of those are ridiculous. However, to me, it is clear that SOMETHING has happened. I do find it hard to believe that they would plan to build the studio, etc. only to leave it a year later but this year seems to have been a very frenetic running away from making any Korean videos in general. They seem very demoralized, especially when it comes to KMM. I’ve personally giving them the benefit of the doubt ’til they come back from an x-mas in Canada and a restful vacation in January. I mean, given their personalities, they can only lead people on for so long, the dishonesty will get to them eventually. Either they’re going to announce some big change of get back on track.

      As for the videos themselves getting lamer, I think they fell into the trap of thinking that the studio and more time and help would automagically make everything better. In trying to be more professional, they’ve kind of shot themselves in the foot because it was the unprofessional nature of the videos that made them so endearing. I mean look back at older TL;DRs where S&M are sitting on the counter while filming – eleventy million times better. It’s not the content, it’s partially that they are now chopped at the ribcage behind a desk, filling the entire frame, not moving nearly so much, and talking so so soooooo directly into the camera. I’m not sure what the obsession with trying to eliminate crotch shots this year has come from but frankly, it’s stupid! People walk down the street in pants all the time and don’t worry that people will accidentally see them from the waist down. If accidents happen, they could always crop the shot later but I personally am very tired of this newscast-frame presentation. Heck, even CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp) as old school as old school gets changed their format 3 years ago to have their newscasters standing, talking to someone else, and walking while shot from the knees up to make the news less boring. What am I saying? I guess, I like kpop but all I really want from KMM is the skits, whatever they are about, and I miss them terribly.

      I’m not asking you to have patience, obviously, you’ve tried. I can see that you’re hurt and upset because something that you love seems to be falling apart and you are helpless to, well, help or stop it. I’ve made very similar comments to yours in the past and I’ve thought long and hard – I’m not so sure any more that it is a matter of EYK getting serious and being a business as it is a matter of not making promises that they can’t keep. They have good intentions but when you keep not following through, it gets lame and maybe they have to reset their expectations instead of trying to be something that they are not, or can’t be any more. I know also that if they wanted to move on, they can’t – because of Spudgy. But they should face it that he may be here for several more years and they can’t keep going down the path trying to wait him out because it’s not healthy and really, not so much fun any more. I’m not saying they should go (wherever?), but should stop waiting to make new plans and just include Spudgy in their future if that is what they want.

      Rather than calling you a b*tch, I would rather encourage you to give S&M a hug, as should all the Nasties and encourage them to share their issues so that we can help them get back to being what we all love.

    • Cyber_3

      Sorry, I’m going to revise my previous comment. This is not a bad relationship you are leaving, you don’t have to scream “…and your little dog too!” on your way out the door. If you don’t like the videos any more, just change the channel, why drag everyone down? If you want to provide (constructive) criticism, at least be fair and stick around and give them a chance to answer it or improve based on it.

    • I’m extremely new to EYK (I only found them this year), so of course when I first found them I went on a bender of watching ALL OF THE VIDYAS, and I pretty much disagree with all the posts saying that S&M have somehow “changed”. To my fresh eyes they’re very much the same people from that first video I watched to the ones kept in the vault.

      This might be an out there concept but maybe, just maybe, the one who’s changed is actually you. I consider vlog watching a hobby. And as I get older I fall out of and into new hobbies all the time. It’s normal. There’s nothing wrong with moving on to newer things. Why waste time sitting around and forcing yourself over something you only feel bitterness towards? That’d drive me crazy were it me.

      • That last paragraph has been my mantra for a while. *sigh* When it comes to your hobbies, do things that make you happy. When stuff starts to make me feel sad and bitter, I put it away and move on. Maybe in a while I will feel nostalgic and return but I won’t waste my time making myself and others feel bad.

      • I’m relatively new to EYK as well. And, just like you, I don’t see the “huge change” that older fans complain about. I also know for a fact that there are some bloggers who I used to love watching, then slowly stopped following them because I became interested in other things. I mean, I hope that if I do end up falling out of being interested in Korean blogging, I’ll still look back on EYK with happiness. But change is inevitable, not just for them, but for all of us too.

        Rather sad thought, I guess. But I don’t think I’ll write a long, negative piece about myself leaving if I do move onto something new… I mean, honestly, I can understand if the OP was upset, but I don’t understand him/her feeling the need to spread their unhappiness.

  45. LOL, there was nothing on Martina’s side that lost for me.. Centaur, Loki, Damon, Kyuhyun <3

  46. Yes! Mr.Mr gets some publicity!
    Most of the time I feel like I’m the only one who knows about them…

  47. aww I feel bad for Seo In Young I found the Ant couple hilarious and by far the most entertaining on their stint of We Got Married. I really don’t think she is that bad IRL and she helped make the show to me. It sucks that it has put a damper on her career though.

  48. I know Block B is talked about a lot and that Simon and Martina did a K-pop Music Monday on “Very Good,” but “언제 어디서 무엇을 어떻게 (When Where How Why)” is, in my opinion, the best song off of their “Very Good” mini-album. The content is a little questionable for a k-pop song (*ministry of banishment tingles*), but it has a great bossa nova sound, the featured female vocalist is amazing, and it turns out that Park Kyung, who wrote this song, can SING. LIKE, HOLY COW. I’ve never heard him sing before (he always has rap parts in Block B songs) so I was completely floored.


  50. Some other Underrated songs are: <3 awesome songs!!!
    -Bestie- Love Options http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPqtL1dtrlA
    -Park Ji Yoon- Mr.Lee
    -Ladies' Code- Pretty Pretty http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xD6VjvfcBIs
    -As One ft Bumkey- What Are We?
    -Nine Muses- Gun http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7pXRdkdJxI
    -MYNAME- Day By Day http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kyx7_yd2SPk
    -2EYES- Shooting Star
    -T-ara – No.9 & I Know The Feeling
    -F-ve Dolls – Can you Love Me? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfPY9EAo8_I
    -BPPOP- Never Ever Let Me go http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTyxpjViOSY
    -SPICA- Tonight http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VSpBPqBJF8
    -AOA- Confused http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1-BTf3_Mys
    -ZIA & Lee Haeri- If You Love Me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcBRwaQOmK8

    -Yellow- This Is My Story


  51. Thank you so much guys! I was looking for the Im Chang Jung song (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧
    The rest of the songs were great :D

  52. Gemma Deacon

    Omg I love Norazo. I have no idea what they’re singing but their music videos are hilarious. One song that I think is underrated that I like is Virus by Say Yes. I don’t think they have a music video for it though. But it’s a catchy song. Also Double A with Ok About It. I think that came out these past 3 months.

  53. I love Im Chang Jung’s “Open the Door”. It’s really fun.XD I’ll suggest my friends to watch this video.

  54. Im Chang Jung looks like my swim coach. and he gives the same disapproving stare. wut.

  55. I thought that “gi up” was supposed to be “giddy up” like, you know, you’d do on a horse? ….hey they put it right after the horse video, I can’t have been the only person thinking it!

  56. I don’t get it. Isn’t the first one just the same song as the one Wonder boyz sang? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrxiXVOzsMk

  57. Insooni’s “Beautiful Girl” was awesome. I love seeing veteran singers rocking it on the music scene.

  58. Open the Door is HILARIOUS!!!!!!! Thanks for introducing it to me! I’ve actually already watched a few of these.

  59. GI’s was a really good song; the vid was lackluster, but it doesn’t define their talent. I hope they keep making more songs!!

    • their videos usually do not look like very professional >.< but whatever~ I'm really digging into that group (and they have a mixed one with really dark skin – OMG I love her skin colour *.* – compared to oh-so-well-valued Korean "vampiriness" lol), noting the fact that I normally don't follow ANY girl groups! :P

  60. Camilla Helen Wickstrøm

    Thanks for introdusing me to songs/mvs i had not heard about. I personally like sexy mvs ;) but i also like them funny. And i have a 5 year old daughter who love Gangnam style ;) so i showed the “Open the door” (whom to me is Wonder boys song) and “Wild horse” mvs for her, and she was really interested. She kept asking a lot of questions and wanted to watch it again. It was fun :)

  61. I don’t know if someone already noticed this, but Wonder Boyz released “Open the Door” last year. Apparently the song was
    written for both Wonder Boyz and Im Chang Jung, in order to have an hip
    hop and a trot version. Here’s Wonder Boyz version! :)


  62. Misa Shim

    Park Ji Yoon – Mr Lee I like it~ and since I saw looong time ago when you talk about her in Indie playlist, I love her jajaja So~ I don’t know if you know, that she came out with Mr Lee. Is funky and is different from Tree of life (The most awesome song ever… from her jajaja)

  63. Nine Muses – Gun! I’m very biased towards the song but my other friends told me it’s good aswell without me threatening them.

  64. I think I’m losing my interest with you guys, chart seem so unimportant. KMM are meant to make Mondays a brighter day and yeah (no ill feelings intended!!)
    Anyways thanks for the list, that mr.mr song was nice

  65. I really, really, really, really , really, really, really, really, really, love MR MR do you feel me. I was really happy when they released the song. When i heard it i swear i felt my heart was being pulled/shrinking, It made me sad and a real tearjerker.

    Special was pretty good as well, I was obsessed with that song for 4 days, that was the only song i would listen to.
    I totally understand what you guys mean though.

  66. i really like seo in young song! ^^

  67. How about San E? “Story of Someone I Know” (actually that was in August) and “Where Did You Sleep” (November) both are pretty good and I think you would like them if you haven’t checked those out yet.
    Also, Fiestar “I Don’t Know” (October). I thought this was going to be another aegyo video, but it had another layer under the cutesy. It’s hard to really describe what I mean.
    And, A.T. “Don’t Be.” They play with the whole concept of YouTube and her voice is really good reminding me of Lee Hi.
    I’ve gotten pretty impressed by Loen Entertainment with History, IU, San E, Fiestar, and Ra.D

  68. I think you could have talked about Kanto’s What You Want. That song is sooooooo good!! It did not get enough love on the k-pop charts. Apparently it was his debut song, but he does not seem like a rookie at all. It was very polished and to me had kind of a Zion T or Dynamic Duo kind of vibe to it.

  69. I like to go through and just listen to the newest posted videos – just listen to them first and then watch the videos after. I’ve found some my favorite songs just by listening. I also love it when a video is humorous and has a great song. I love
    Open the Door (U-Kiss was hilarious in it –especially Kevin) (it also introduced me to Lim Chang Jung and his songs). Here
    are some of my favorite songs the last couple months:

    Healing by U Sung Eun (love love this one – everytime I listen to it, it makes me want to order a gayageum and take lessons – seriously [but why are instruction book only in Hangul?])

    Blah Blah by Zion (stripping down to ones skivvies made a great video – ha!)

    Crash N Burn by The Jaywalker (love this rock song)

    Someday by Mega Stick (great listening to song – great guitar solo)

  70. So Ukiss won’t get reviewed anymore? D:
    Each Ukiss song could be in this list. So underrated.

    • tatiana lopes

      They didn’t said anything like that. They might be next week, if they’re still on the top5.

      • come on Ukiss vs Top? It’s clear whom Martina will pick. OTL

        • tatiana lopes
          tatiana lopes

          That doesn’t mean anything. Besides they’re pretty friendly with U-kiss. Any who it’s more about the video and the song. If I were them I’d probably pick TOP because the video has a lot more to talk about even though I didn’t like the song. Besides there’s still Taeyang and miss A.
          We’ll just have to wait for next week.

          [edit] 2ne1 is also coming back sometime this week, there are a lot of choices. btw wtf is going on YG that he decided to promote all his artists together?

  71. Sheila Muñoz

    First of all… SOOOO ZEEEEEEEE~!!! I love you :3 I just had to said it xD

    I didn’t know Seo In Young, but I had heard that song somewhere and I already like it, though not the mv..not too much u.u
    Still the song is an okay for me :3
    I loved Norazo’s Super Man! and Wild Horse is a total YES for me xDD
    Global Icon is a new group for me.. haven’t heard any of their songs, but I think I like Giyeuk O: .. and I didn’t think the MV was plain at all, I actually like to see the dance more than the story plot idk.
    I don’t really like VIXX songs..idk they are not for me… but ‘Only you’ isn’t that bad, I liked the way it was filmed, it’s interesting :3
    I dind’t know about ‘Open the Door’ OO: and it has U-Kiss and Heechul <" I loved the video, is so hilarous xDDDD I laughed so hard that my brother came running and asked me what was wrong xDDD loved it completely <3

  72. I’m obsessed with MR.MR’s song! I came across it not too long ago on youtube and I immediately downloaded it lol I also really love G.I. I have to agree with what you said. Can’t wait for more of their stuff ^^ I’ve also seen Open the Door before and it’s hilarious xD and I love that U-kiss is in it! VIXX’s song is also really cool!! :)

  73. U SUNG EUN – Healing!!!!! it´s sooooo goooooooddddd but only 8.000 views!( and i think 1.000 of them is me =) )

    • Haha – me too! I love the gayageum (the traditional Korean string instrument) at the beginning and how the song sort of works its way up to the epic brilliance of her voice! Not sure why she dyed her hair blue/green for the promotions though – it was really pretty in the video!

  74. My brothers dog does something similar to what Meemers does, too. She is a plump white chihuahua who loves getting her neck kissed. If you so much put your face close or worse lie down anywhere near her she’ll attack you by putting her flabby neck on your face. You have to remove her, otherwise she’ll happily stay on your face forever and you’ll probably suffocate.

    Thanks for making the video, otherwise I wouldn’t have Heard of Im Chang Jung’s “Open the Door”.

  75. Ok, Simon and Martina. You have no idea how much I am squeeing now. I have SO much love for Norazo. I appreciate the word play in their songs and how serious they are, even thought the videos are crazy and the songs are super catchy. And the two are just insane and dress in drag or other weird things and I just love it. Also the guitarist is kinda gorgeous (HE’S GOT THIS FREAKEN HUGE ARM TATT TOO!) Oh my god, once again, I love you guys. Now let me go squee and flail a bit and check out the other songs here.


  76. Aww, you almost did Boys Republic but didn’t (but I also love MR. Mr.’s new song)! I remember the first time I heard/watched You Are Special at their comeback stage for Show Champion, I thought it was a good song, but the chorus didn’t match that well. However, after I started going to support them at the music shows, and other events, the song really grew on me, and the chorus doesn’t really feel out of place anymore (probably because I’ve listened to it so many times now lol).

  77. tatiana lopes

    Since you guys are doing the EYKA again this year, are you also gonna tell us your favourite indie songs of the year?

  78. NORAZO~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Most underrated for me would be Song Ji Eun – False Hope. Fantastic song. I have no idea if it was more popular in Korea, but from what I’ve been able to see of it, it deserves more!

    Also, the word you were thinking of for man/goats is Satyr :) Like Phil from Hercules.

  80. Oh Simon & Martina, i do hope you already know that Im Chang Jung´s – Open the door is a version of Wonderboyz – Open the door. Btw, don´t you think he reminds you of the panda from the ” never say no to panda” commercials? XD
    VIXX- only U gives me chills, i was at the concert ;_; !

  81. PunkyPrincess92

    i liked that Im Chang Jung song!! i watched it ages ago cos i read Ukiss and Heechul were in it…. but it turned out to be a great and funny mv!!
    and i really REALLY like VIXX!!!

  82. We Got Married is actually one of the reasons I love Seo In Young so much, guess I’m in the minority opinion. The Ant couple is my favorite WGM couple of all time. I didn’t take her attitude as bitchy at all, but I watched it so long ago maybe I’ll have a different opinion now. Anywho, I love her music too, especially her ballads, her dance tracks don’t show off her vocals as well.

  83. I don’t understand why VIXX is not that popular! I mean, they have amazing concepts and sticky songs♥ Would you please make another video for K-Indie songs? I love them but I need more!
    Thank you so much for your recomendations! Kisses from Venezuela!

  84. Some of my favorite fall songs:

    Jaurim – Icarus
    Jung Joon Young – Spotless Mind
    Soran – Ricotta Cheese Salad
    Park Ji Yoon – Mr Lee
    Urban Zakapa – Walk Backwards

  85. I see a Golden Spudgy there!!! Are you trying to give us a hint that the EYK Awards are coming soon? OH UR SO NASTEH

  86. I’d love if you guys started making this type of videos for every season. GI and Spica became two of my favorite groups since
    you talked about them on the summer version, and like you already said it’s much easier to know the songs that you usually review for Music Monday, I think it’s more productive to show us new songs instead.

    Also, I think K.will’s ‘You don’t know love’ is an underrated song too. I know it has over a million views but I’m very sad
    that a lot of people posted comments saying stuff like ‘I’m only here because of Chanyeol herp derp’ ‘cause I think the song itself is absolutely amazing. The beat is very smooth and nice and K.will has such an amazing voice!

    • tatiana lopes

      Completely agree with the K.will song. I love that song. And I don’t see many people talk about it.

    • to be honest I did not wanna watch that MV bcz I heard there was Chanyeol >__<
      (I have nothing against SOME of EXO songs but I strongly do NOT like the members… like AT ALL :S)

      • I like some EXO songs, but I don’t really know the members well enough to like or dislike them haha Why do you not like them? The MV is cute, but for me the song is what really matters so I don’t think you’re missing much :P

        • I have no idea who is who in EXO (just know some names cos everyone mentioning them in the Net but not the faces, and not planning to learn them either).
          Honestly… no idea! They just seem too artificial to me -__-
          Yes, some of them has voices, some got moves, so I don’t deny they are talented but looking at them makes me turn up my nose :S
          The whole craze abt EXO is just bcz they’re a new group of SM; be they from some lil ent. company, I bet dibs on the fact none would be so obsessed with them…
          For me to like a person (no matter if s/he’s famous or not) s/he has to have smth in the eyes to catch my attention (I don’t really know how to describe it properly lol), but looking at EXO pics in their eyes, I don’t see that, besides their whole appearance is… kinda off to me, I really don’t get it why everyone says EVERYONE in EXO is so handsome, I mean I know the definition of “handsome” is pretty subjective but still… [fyi, I don't think Siwon is handsome and Eunhyuk is even kinda ugly to me XD note that SuJu were my first Kpop group so I don't dislike them, though I stopped following them as a hardcore ELF I once was cos their music started to sound way too electronic... still check SJ from time to time but I can't call myself an ELF anymore]

          I watched the MV eventually XD (actually really liked when he puts the ring onto rose’s “leg” and it drops into her hand when he gives the rose back to her~^^ I’d like if a guy did that to me ;P)
          LOVE the song~ :3
          K.Will always has his own sound to his music~^^

          [edit] Why it turned to be such a long comment? lol

        • I don’t really feel like learning who is who either, even though I actually like most of their songs (that is the ones that I know haha 5 or 6 :P). I guess for me what pisses me off it’s that I’ve seen EXO fans making extremely rude and mean comments very often about other fandoms, so for me EXO’s image as a whole became associated with hateful comments and smugness. I know this may be a silly reason, there are crazy/stupid people in every fandom, and they aren’t at fault for some of their fans being like this, but it’s something that I really hate.

          Hahahahaha Eunhyuk is my bias!! XD But I agree with you, I don’t really think his handsome. Funny? Yes. Hot? Yes. Handsome? Naah, not that much. I don’t know if I can call myself a hardcore fan of any group. I really really like BigBang, U-Kiss and recently I’ve been paying a lot of attention to SHINee, ‘cause I really love their songs. I guess I stopped calling myself an ELF the moment I realized I liked the boys more than the actual songs XD

          The MV it’s pretty cute right? ^^~ <3 (I’d like if a guy did that to me too :P) It adds well to the song, I guess K.will has become one of my favorite singers.

          Why did I reply with such a long comment too? lol

        • Yeah~ I also feel like that…
          Besides, what their sasaeng do… I believe they’re even worse then DB5K’s ones! :S
          So every time I see someone says “I love EXO!” I do the face asking & “are you nuts or the normal one” in my mind…

          I concider myself a KISSME only because it’s the only kpop group I started to listen because of MUSIC and not cool MV or pretty faces, I dudn’t even watched any varieties with them untill this year! ;P
          I do listen to others but I don’t really follow anyone like I do with UKISS~^^
          As a former hardcore ELF I was watching/listening to SuJu ONLY! I didn’t even bother to look for otger groups until This Is War came out lol so thanks to MBLAQ for opening my eyes! (Ahhh~ I wanna see Rough Play so much!!!)

          Love K.will too~♡

  87. GI-Yeuk has been on my ipod since it came out!!! Love this group. All the other songs have found a spot on my playlist!!!

  88. I loved Jewellery, but that song and video are just so uninspiring for me. Ditto to Open the Door. The other songs i allready knew, i especially like the GI song. :3

    The Vixx song i’d like more if the backing track was remixed into electronica, i remember thinking that the first time i heard it and it stands now. :x

    Also, when did Rude Paper’s Fight Like a Lion come out? Was that this season or last? Derp.

  89. I found out about MR.MR just two days ago and now I’m seeing their song here :O!! I hope they get more publicity, their music is really good. Thanks for this! :D

  90. As a Swede who’s living in Stockholm, I was really surprised to see VIXX’s MV…
    I had no idea they would film whilst they were here XD
    I attended their showcase when they were here and I’m going to be honest and say that I wasn’t exactly a fan of them before that. Sure I listened to them once in awhile. But now, after the showcase, I’m definitely a fan =D
    Really looking forward to their album next week ^^

  91. Awesome list, guise. I had seen the Norazo “Wild Horse” on different charts, but had never looked it up. Thanks for giving me a little push. Its soooooo good. I about died watching it, laughing so hard. I had seen most of the other ones.

  92. People are going to get really mad at me for saying this, but Im Chang Jung’s song sounds a lot like Wonder Boyz’s song with the same name… like the exact same. The chorus (starting at around 0:26) is the part that sounds similar to me. I even looked up the roamanized lyrics to compare them and they’re really close to the same. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfGGEFoNJek
    I was wondering if they were both based on another song or Im Chang Jung bought the rights or it was just a coincidence or I’m being crazy. Anyone else feel the same/have an answer for me?
    U-KISS was hilarious in the video though. There’s no way I could have kept a straight face through that filming.
    I got the Ouran vibe from MR.MR, too. I blame the fancy coats they were wearing.
    Thanks for explaining “Giyeuk,” I didn’t get why everyone should “g”
    I typically browse the recently added part of the k-pop charts and I somehow missed Seo In Young’s song. Thanks for bring it to my attention.
    Thanks for the video and the list. I agree with all of them :)

  93. Open the Door: I love this MV as well, it’s so legitimately funny! The song is awesome too but a lot of people don’t know that it’s a cover of a song by Wonder Boyz, you know, the group that made Tarzan. Namaniminiminimini, Tarzan!

    Only U: I am from Stockholm but I was already a major VIXX fan (we’re called Starlights!) so for me, attending the concert was a no-brainer. As for the MV, I never realized how beautiful my city was until you guise were gushing over it, and then VIXX told us how beautiful they thought it was, and then when I saw the MV. Stockholm really is pretty, but I couldn’t actually concentrate on the MV as an MV because I kept thinking “oh that’s where I hang out with my friends” and “VIXX are standing exactly where I Instagrammed a picture this summer”. It felt more like a documentary for me than a music video simply because all the places were so familiar to me. And it really was crazy seeing VIXX in my home town. Also I find it quite funny that that scenery is so exotic to VIXX and Koreans and other non-Swedes when it’s so familiar to me! Like other bands go to cool places like New York and Vietnam to film their MVs and then VIXX go to STOCKHOLM ooohhhh so cool!!! …not really for me haha but still it’s so cool and unreal that Stockholm is forever mapped in kpop history.

    Do You Feel Me: If you haven’t heard anything else by MR.MR, you HAVE to listen to Highway, it’s one of the best songs of the year, seriously. They weren’t well-known before then but when that song came out, everyone was talking about how genuinely good it is. The MV is kind of interesting, too, in a very kpopish way of course… Their song Waiting for You is not as good as Highway but still a great song.

    Love Me: I never actually saw WGM but after you mentioned how much you disliked her image on that show (a looong time ago) I also felt a resentment towards her, even though I had never actually seen it myself… But similarly to you, this song won me over. Damn it’s good.

    As for my own suggestions, I’d say What You Want by Kanto featuring Sunggyu from Infinite (awesome song with awesome rapping, and I’ve never heard Sunggyu sound this good before!), Love at First Sight by TINT (song is produced by Girl’s Day’s old producer and it’s exactly my style), and Candy Boy by TREN-D (the group reminds me of Crayon Pop in their debut days and the song is super awesome and catchy and has a bit of T-ara’s disco sound!).

    I really like this kind of post where you get to talk about a whole bunch of songs, including those that aren’t very well-known, so keep it up! :)

  94. I think one more that should be added is Park Ji Yoon’s “Mr Lee” featuring San E. My wife and I can’t stop grooving to this peppy, jazzy flirtatious song, yet it hasn’t even registered on your Kpop charts. Yes, I know you reviewed her “Tree of Life” in your Indie Playlist, but her newest song, released October 17(two days after my birthday) is definitely a Kpop comeback, both in terms of the song itself and the MV. And the thing is, despite the great sound and look of the video, it’s only garnered 1.8 million views in a month. Here’s the link:


  95. I just noticed after watching VIXX’ mv again at the 2:00 mark there’s graffiti saying “Love me some weed” when N is passing by smiling hehehehe.

  96. I really like this “underrated songs” segment! And I was super happy to see the Golden Spudgy in the front :D
    Open the Door is my favorite video on the list, it’s made of win :D Wild Horse also cracks me up. VIXX’s song really surprised me because it’s so different from their previous releases but I liked it as well. As for MR.MR, I like their older song, Highway, more but this one sounds pretty good as well.
    My favorite underrated songs of this fall are:
    Kanto – What You Want (feat. Sunggyu) – I admit I only found this song because it features Sunggyu (who’s one of my favorite Kpop idols) but I’m supper happy that I found it because it’s awesome, I love its jazziness! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USCKsuo6s_Q
    Jung Joon Young – Spotless Mind – I love his voice, I love this song and MV and how it is inspired by Eternal Sunshine of te Spotless Mind (at least I guess it is) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v756q033tRg
    Jaurim – Twenty Five, Twenty One – I didn’t expect to like this song because there’s something about the vocalist’s manner of singing that I don’t usually like but this song has really grown on me. However, it’s rather sad so I don’t know if there’s any point in posting this here… But I like it anyway. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrB-fJn-3w4
    Also, Tasty will be releasing a new MV soon (November 25th) and the teaser sounds extremely 90′s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6E_UmizBzY I’m posting this because Tasty are underrated in general so I guess it counts :P

    P.S. Kyuhyun vs. cucumber was priceless.

  97. SooooooooZeeeeee…… I have nothing productive to say. Love you guise.

  98. The feeling when you know all of the songs before “Underrated Kpop Songs of Fall 2013″ :D
    I’m really happy that you made this video because these songs are great and more people should know about them ^^

  99. Martina was actually talking about the Satyrs (Satyros in Greek)… Half man-half goat. You can check them out here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satyr

    The Centaurs are the ones that are half horses. But I’m not expecting you to know everything about Greek Mythology!! Even Greeks don’t know everything!!

    Anyway, I enjoyed the video you guys!! Some of the songs I didn’t know about…

    Although I gotta say I REALLY wanted to see you talk about “She’s Mine” for this Music Monday…. U-Kiss had this AMAZING comeback, and they are still soooo underestimated….. I was hoping at least you would talk about their comeback…. :(

    But thanks for making these videos anyway!! HUGZZZZZ FROM GREECE!!!!!!

  100. I loved that VIXX song and video the moment I first saw it. Im Chang Jung’s video is hilarious! Thank you for bringing it to my attention!! And I like that it’s the princess waking up the princes from their sleep in the MR MR video.

  101. glad you mention Vixx because i think they’ve been doing great this year and they need a bit of recognition. too !!
    as for myself i love the song a lot lot lot and the video is pretty too. as a matter of fact i’ve been for the very first time in sweden and stockholm this summer and i fell in love with that city. so pretty and beautiful really. scandinavia has my heart anyways. it has something magical. but, to be honest actually, i don’t think they’ve been able to capture half the beauty of that city. i mean yes it’s a nice video with a nice scenery but the reality is 100 times more beautiful and pretty imo. “can do better” is my assessment. i feel like they had so much more opportunities to make a better video and they missed it. i’m pretty sure they didn’t have time and did it in a sort of hurry (and the weather was not good) so i don’t blame them tho.
    (… did i just only talked about a city)

  102. From a person in Sweden! (Since you both asked, my original post was to be something else, let’s see if I can remember what by the end of this)

    Vixx + Stockholm = respect!

    I am not going to say I will be fangurilla over Vixx since they went to Stockholm, but I do admire their city-choice. I can almost imagine someone within their staff going: “Oh, this city is so pretty, let’s make the new MV here instead of a closed room, wird box… wait a minute, that is an SM thing.

    Now, I am not going to say I am like super duper happy they choise Stockholm because there are tons of cities in Europe, and many of them are really pretty, but yes… I do appeciate when you do not forget the Northern countries, since well… a lot of people do. Seriously, I don’t know how many times I hear someone from a American media companyy call us Scandinavia… Scandinavia is not a freakin’ country, it’s a region in Europe (consisting of Sweden, Norway and Denmark I might add). Anyway, most major things in Europe usually happen somewhere south of us,

    But I do respect Vixx immensely for stepping outside the box, and do something different. Stockholm suits this song very well, and it is among our prettier cities… I know someone now within the comment section of the music video has gone: “Vixx, why Stockholm, why not Gothenburg?” in which I actually say: I am glad they chose Stockholm rather than Gothenburg. (Not that Gothenburg isn’t pretty, they just ruined a lot of our initial prettiness around the 60′s by tearing down very beautiful buildings and rebuilding them with big blocks with windows.) OK, there are still tons and tons of pretty buildings, just not as many as we used to have, and that is a little sad.

    And I really love the song, thanks for sharing guys.

    Oh, I almost forgot… the reason i considered this entry was to inform that the emergency number in Sweden is 112… which casued an approar when they changed it from 90000 because we use 6 number dial tones (+ a regional direction starting with 0), and they had to change a great amount of phone numbers that time, or you’d be directed to the emergency phone lines.

  103. I didn’t realise that Norazo did Superman. I know the song from Super Junior Super Show (T subgroup did a version) and figured it must have been an old trot song. I learnt something new :)

  104. I love how you guys recognize Global Icon (: I really love their music. They also try to break the stigma of girl groups which makes me love them even more.

  105. I love Norazo! :D This song has an anime’s opening feel.
    I would add to the list :
    Zion ft Swings – Blah blah
    U Sung Eun – Healing
    Ledapple – With the wind

  106. I read sometime ago that Seo In Young said that she acted like that on purpose cuz after she saw that WGM was soo fake she just wanted to quit but couldn’t cuz of the contract so she was trying to be as mean as possible so they would fire her ! I don’t know if it is true but I liked both of them in WGM just cuz she was being a bitch It was something more interesting to watch than just the actors pretending to be in love !

  107. I’m so glad you mentioned Mr Mr b/c they are so underrated and I felt the same way about the Boys Republic song. I liked it until it got to the chorus and that ruined it for me. Glad you liked Vixx too. I’ve liked them since their debut and they have a new song coming out so hopefully they can finally get reviewed for KMM. Other underrated songs were:

    Nine Muses-Gun (they seriously don’t have bad songs)
    My Name-Day by Day (another group that has good songs plus the vid for this one is pretty cool how it was shot)
    Kahi-It’s me (simple vid but the choreography is amazing and kahi is super talented) and
    DJ Big Brother ft Gummy-Only one (great dance song with Gummy’s amazing voice)

  108. shel263

    I have to keep the comments section open, so many new videos to watch and songs to listen to, so little time.

  109. K.will’s you dont know love~!/Why are you being so countrified? Pop ballad that is very catchy~!

    Jung In’s Fall man/Autumn man – PERFECT SONG FOR FALL.

  110. I am sooooo addicted to this song, the video is……..hmm………..i don’t know, but it is definitely unseen in the kpop world.
    팬텀(Phantom) – 신세계 (New Era) feat. NAVI it’sssss soooo awesome :)

    • I love Phantom and I agree the new video is definitely awesome. As a word of warning to anyone looking for it though-if you do not like nudity do not watch the naked version, it is literal.

  111. Moon Myung Jin – 잘들어, Gray – Dream Chaser, and Jaurim – Anna. These are seriously like three of my favorite song right now.

  112. Yes, you guise know MR MR! You sang “Who’s that dog” during your road trip!

    And no surprise you like “Open the door”, it’s a song from Wonderboyz!

  113. “Open the Door” made me think of the angry panda cheese commercials. I really loved hearing about songs I’ve never heard of. :) Thanks for marking the video!

  114. Sannamari Metsälehto

    Thank you for sharing this with me Simon and Martina, you made me smile today ^^ not even kidding, so happy that I took your advice and watched Im Chang Jung “Open the Door”, what a great video!

  115. Jase Aaron

    I really love when you guys talk about underrated songs. I mean, I keep up with a lot of channels so I kinda knew these, but it’s sucky when no one else does! I especially love Gi-Yeuk!

    Here’s some more autumn songs I’ve been into.

    Cho Yong Pil – Romance It only has 68,000 views. How? Who knows! I know he’s famous in Korea but um not so much internationally. It’s an amazing video as well.

    NC.A – Oh My God This is a week old with 83,000 views. It’s bound to get more but I feel like no one knows her yet. I love her voice!

    San E – Where Did You Sleep He’s so underrated! He’s impressed me with Story of Someone I Know earlier this year, and now once again.

    Yoo Se Yoon – Kka Ttk It’s Yoo Se Yoon from UV, what else do I have to say xD

    Insooni – Beautiful Girl Another Korean legend with so little views :(

    Okay I suck at describing things so I’ll just list a few more.

    Mando & Chigi – He Says, She Says

    JungIn – Autumn Guy

    Park Ji Yoon – Mr. Lee

  116. Please please pleasseee talk about Taeyang’s Ringa Linga. In fact, I’d be interested in your analysis of the recent Big Bang releases (particularly, G-Dragon’s, Taeyang’s and T.O.P’s releases).

    I wrote this on a comment already but seriously Simon – you have a LOOK ALIKE in Tae Yang’s video (the one wearing the SoReal (from SoReal Crew) t-shirt). HAHAHAH. Its a sign from the heavens that you MUST do a parody of it.

  117. does BTOB’s Thriller count as an Underrated kpop song of fall??

  118. Looks like Dara can be included into the “Floppy Hat” trend going on!^_^

  119. are you guys not doing U-Kiss – She’s Mine KMM review cause you guys might interview them soon?? OO: cause that would be AWESOME ahahahaa

  120. Im Chang Jung “Open the Door” is an electric-Trot style song. Trot is an old style of Korean music style.

  121. I like that VIXX’s song too!

  122. I appreciate your appreciation of MURS.

  123. Simon, I think you’re thinking of a faun (half man half goat). :)

  124. You know guise, I think I may be the only one complaining but I gotta say:
    I really LOOOVE those recups you do and you definitely should keep them as regular (if there’re songs to do so lol) but as special feature and not “instead of KMM thingy” :S
    You did it last time as well when there was a clash of videos in Kpop Charts everybody wanted to review (there was one in particular that kept it’s place for very long but you seem to ignore it when you did a kmm when it was fresh and the next week you did a recup and then… it list its in-top-3 pisition, you remember) so I’m guessing NOW is the sane situation!
    I dunno why but I feel kinda “itchy”/uneasy (don’t really know how to discribe that feeling i have -__- ) abt it :(
    because I don’t know wheather you don’t want to disappoint anyone or you just so don’t like (to say the least) the song/MV that everyone wants you to review (again, not to disapooint the fans of the group) and that is why you didn’t do the regular KMM or idk… just tell me WHY? (i think there’s a song with that chorus lol)

  125. Im Chang Jung’s song is Wonder Boyz (Samenamenamenan Tarzan!) debut song! Is it the same, a cover. or a remake?!! The MV is hilarious! Thanks guys, great songs by the way!

  126. haruchi

    Thanks for telling about these songs! I haven’t really been updated with music after I came to Japan so I appreaciate this! :D “Open the Door” especially got me! haha Oh and I heard Mr.Mr’s song when it came and liked it but totally forgot about it! :o
    As for fall music I’ve loved Jung Joon Young’s music a lot! I even got my friend who doesn’t listen to k-pop repeat his songs! Joon Young’s voice is amazing! ^^ Also A-JAX’s “Snake” has a funny music video and the song is catchy!

  127. i think i might have to watch this vid again cause i listened only to about 30% of what you guys said, for i am totally mesmerized by martina’s gorgeousness Ö_____Ö <3 simon you lucky bastard.

  128. Gina-gina Maye

    minotaur is half man, half bull! (get it… taurus…)
    and half-man half goat is a Satyr! (like phil in Hercules :) )

  129. C. Snoopy

    VIXX!!!!! OMG!!!! Loveddddd that song!! I love like every VIXX song!

    GI…never checked them out. Maybe I should try, but then again I’m horrible in getting into girl groups >.>

    MrMr…never got into them. I did like their debut song and another song they did but never stuck to them. Someone needs to convert me into a fan XD

  130. I watched Heroes and Seo In Young really grew on me. I actually find her adorable lol.
    And eyyy after wgm peope hate her???
    After she did that show, she was getting offers left and right to appear on variety shows haha.
    The ppl around her might have thought twice about messing with her, but the viewers love her XD

  131. Thank you soooo much for mentioning GI! I discovered them a few weeks back and wondered why I havent seen a video of theirs on your site. I particularly love their BEATLES song as well <3

  132. 1. Good choice with the VIXX song, I’m going growing to be quite the VIXX fan! They’ve been on a roll with good songs and concepts lately.

    2. I was able to GI perform ㄱ live at music shows, and their stage presence is actually quite good! One girl in particular, the one with kind of skunk hair (…is that a good way to describe it?) she especially was continually making sexy eye contact with everyone in the audience. Get it girl! They don’t have all that many fans yet, so at Show Champion, they just sat in their van to eat lunch, and when they were all done for the night walked out the front door and hugged their friends and family, and chatted kindly with the fans. They seem like really down-to-earth girls, it was pleasant to see.

    3. I’m actually curious for your thoughts about Bangtan (BTS, 방탄소년단, w/e), particularly in regards to their latest song “N.O”. (Obviously I’m quite biased towards them, as I think that they’re extremely talented esp. in the dancing and rapping areas, etc.) But I mainly wanted to know your opinions about of the focus of their main songs, since they are pretty ballsy in their messages — don’t just blindly go to school and do what your parents say, follow your true passions, etc. Thoughts?

  133. Can I just say that “Open the Door” is either a blatant rip off or just something redone. The Wonderboyz have the exact same song with the exact same title, exact same beat but better vocals.

    • It is redone. Actually he is apparently either in the same company as wonderboyz or there is another connection. Or the writer of this song gave him the rights to it.

      • He’s signed with NH (ukiss’ company) and WB are with ent102(?).
        Btw looking at wiki info I found that BIGSTAR is also with NH (co-managed with Brave Ent.) and NH did a joint this year with Major Ent. which I’ve never heard of, have you?
        I’m actually also curious abt the copyrights with Open The Door… like, was it WB’s song in the first pkace or WB did a remake of an old trot song?? ;P

  134. yanagiba yusuke22

    wat abt t-ara number 9??

  135. I hope you guys do talk about Hush. I remember being very disappointed because you guys never gave your opinion or review on Touch back when it came out because BigBang won three consecutive KMM and they continued getting second until finally it dropped down.

  136. What about San E’s “Where Did You Sleep Last Night”? It’s a newer song but the tune is catchy and the video actually has a plot!

  137. Thank you for introducing Im Chang Jung “Open the Door” to me!! This is so hilarious, that i just have to share it to my non
    k-popping friends! P.S I love this segment an I hope you continue to switch it up!

  138. The bloopers almost had me peeing myself XD Love you guys haha

    ^3^ hehe just wanted to say hi

  140. hapagirl

    I loved GI and Vixx’s songs. It was so good. I’m getting into Vixx sorta because of that and every reactioner I watch is a fan of theirs. For songs I’d say K Will’s You don’t know love, Kahi’s It’s Me, and Phantom’s New Era. EDIT: I will say however, I don’t enjoy either video. Like just put Navi in there and actually interact with your female actors. And lying down on them or watching them pole dance isn’t interaction!!!!
    I’ve noticed now that after hearing a lot of hip hop, when something’s completely different or just lacking it I end up instantly gravitating it. And since it technically is still not as well known even though every nasty knows his name, Jaejoong’s Just Another Girl-eventhoughIlikebutterflybetter-I mean what?
    I don’t really listen to lesser known groups, I never known when something is coming out unless others around me are freaking out about it. I just stumble onto a lot of the kpop stuff or I come into contact with it by something else like you guys or now a reactioner.

  141. Kimmicci

    Well you sorta included my favorite underrated fall song Boys Republic- “You Are Special” ~~ i LOVED the chorus tho… so i guess it’s just our tastes are different ^^
    Others I have to point out:
    -FTIsland “Memory” (<– ftisland is popular but i feel like this song passed by everyone and im like "whyyyyy!!!!")
    -Phantom feat Navi "New Era" (the mvs are interesting and 19+ lol ;P but its the SONG that is akdjkasjda PERFECTION)
    -N-Sonic "Run & Run"
    -Kanto feat. Sunggyu "What You Want" (ok so it's not actually kpop, but STILL THIS SONG IS PERFECT)
    -PURE "Wedding Day"
    -VIXX & OKDAL "Girls, Why"
    -Song Jieun "False Hope"
    -F-VE Dolls "Can You Love Me"
    -LADIES CODE "PRETTY PRETTY" (<— Words cant even explain how TALENTED these girls are and how perfect this song is)
    -Baek SeungHeon "Wait A Minute" (<— SO SO SO SO UNDERRATED!!!!! MY GOODNESS THIS MAN IS A TRIPLE THREAT/4TIME THREAT BC VOCALS, RAP, DANCE & LOOKS aksdjkasdjlkajsdkas really, check it out. –check out his debut song from 2012 "Till The Sun Rises" you really wont regret it.)

    so yea these are my choices for "underrated" fall songs. :D Hope ya'll will check them out! :D

  142. OMG thank you for sharing “Open the Door”…I loved it and shared it with my friends!!!!! It has U-Kiss in it….U-Kiss …..sigh… You guys are are so lucky you know them.

  143. Wow! I caught a video freshly published. Yay! I like it when you guise do these KMMs. Thank you~

    I do hate how the comments here now open in another window. Bad Disqus.
    Did you complain to YouTube at the music awards?

  144. I agreed about Boys Republic at first, but I’ve since gotten used to it and actually don’t mind it. But I definitely like the rock part better.

  145. Martina, you bring up k-dramas in a lot of videos, you should start a segment on k-dramas. Maybe your favorite and least favorite ones. I’ve seen a bit of them, and I think it would be EXTREMELY funny to hear your opinion on them. Does Simon watch them with you or do you tie him down and make him watch them? :3

  146. I love Mr. Mr.’s song, but I love their previous song, Waiting for You, a bit more.
    VIXX is awesome this year in my opinion. I liked Only U and Girls, Why? Can’t wait to see how their Voodoo song turns out.
    I quite liked Ledapple’s song With the Wind and Song Jieun’s False Hope this fall. I can’t really remember anything else that caught my attention specifically. Oh wait, Jung Joon Young’s songs Spotless Mind and The Sense of an Ending were awesome too.

    You guys didn’t like Boys Republic and their oh-so-what-the-heck line of “Don’t push the favor down”? XD

  147. I actually love Norazo. They were on Immortal Song II and I loved them <3

  148. Noel

    Ahaha! I just “discovered” Norazo a couple of months ago, I’d watched K WIll’s Please don’t which lead me to watching Seo In Guk’s Shake It Up and having to check out who the long haired guy (JoBin) who was just being a total boss in the video. Their songs and videos are just pure awesome fun!

  149. There are THREE songs that I really liked but didn’t get a lot of attention (At least I don’t think they did).

    1.) “Spotless Mind” by Jung Joon Young – I haven’t ever heard a Korean song like this. It’s kind of rock-ish and I really like the sound of it.

    2.) “Where Did You Sleep Last Night (ft. Verbal Jint, Swings)” by San E – Korean Hip-hop! :D I’ve been getting into this kind of music lately, and this song is getting me deeper into the genre. It’s just super upbeat and generally fun to listen to!

    3.) “Miss You” by Tiny-G – The video is super distracting, but if you listen to the song, you might actually like it. I know I did! I’ve had it on repeat since I bought it on itunes a few days ago. It’s typical K-Pop, but I think that’s why I like it. It’s familiar in a good way!

    Those are the songs that I liked. :) Gosh, I love spotlight videos like this!

  150. Pick?! Now?! Uhh! Okay: Goat! Thor! Steffan! and….huh? What’s with the cucumber? XD

    Also, Giyeuk is remember? Go figure. I thought it stood for an Engrish version of “get up”.

  151. Half man half goat is a faun!! Like Mr.Tumnus in Narnia~!! Centaur is half man half horse. xD

  152. I’m staring to be a fan of Tiny G now since I see Dohee in Reply 1994. She really is awesome and funny in that show :) Missing You is a cute song.

  153. Park Ji Yoon – Mr. lee Feat. San E is a pretty good song too even though shes older her voice still sounds awesome

  154. I already saw VIXX’s video, and loved it. >_> but not the rap. I saw ‘Wild Horse’ when a friend of mine posted it on her Facebook. WTF moment right there, but it was really funny. I’d hoped you’d mention it sometime ;) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE MR.MR!!!!! <3 TEY IS MY BIAS, HE'S THE SEXY ONE! Oh wait, they're all attractive O_O I love the feel of the song, though. It's so awesome and wonderful, and there's SNOW! (don't catch hypothermia, oppas!)

    Great list!

  155. I thought that you guys picked some amazing songs, but I feel that you left out a couple that should have made the cut. I understand that you have your own preference, but I would like to share the ones that you missed with you…
    1. ZE:A – Step By Step; ZE:A as a group is severely underrated and in my opinion that is beyond sad. I love them so much and I get excited for their comebacks. I wish that they gained more attention and were more widely recognized.
    2. Jin – Gone; Jin is a new rookie from the company Woollim Entertainment, while she is a solo artist at the moment, she will later be in a group called RADIANCE.
    3. Baek Seung Heon – Wait A Minute; He hasn’t gotten much recognition at all and I feel that he deserves more. I love him so far. I hope he does well in the future.

    Also…I would like to point this out to everyone, even you guys. I love KPop, I do. I love it so much that I was able to make my mom a kpop fan as well. She has been a fan for almost two years, about half of what I have. My mom and I are extremely close and always have been, but to be able to share this part of me with her makes our relationship so much stronger. We sit for hours at a time, learning new groups, picking biases, and more. It’s a bonding experience. I sincerely encourage everyone to at least try it. It might take a while, it did with my mom. She hated it at first, never understood why I listened to it.

    KPop saved my life and it brought me and my mom closer. I wouldn’t change my love for it in any way. I only wish I had more people to share it with that understood.

  156. So about Boys Republic: totally agree. Their title song is bipolar, HOWEVER they have magic babies hidden in ‘Identity’.
    First off, L.I.U is Unf worthy.
    It has some of the tightest composition I have heard in quite a while. I mean they go flat out robot voice, they have a monotone rap, they have catchy English, AND they have a sports-game-like chant.
    Also, we need to talk about ‘Special Girl’. It’s a kpop song about all of the members being in love with the same girl.
    They want to solve their problem through a bet. I mean…that’s just too good to be true.
    Also, again, the composition makes me so happy. Everything is downplayed and they have these perfect little interjections of one member going ‘You know?’ and another member responding with ‘Yeah, I know~’
    It’s like a group of buds all being in love with a great girl and they make a bet about who’ll get her while still whispering to each other about their mutual adoration.
    Kpop just got real.

  157. thisisjustforfunval

    Two underrated fall songs I’ve liked the most are Jung Joon Young’s – Sleepless Mind and Jaurim – Icarus. Two amazingly unique voices. Not sure they are ya’ll cup of tea though.

    Vixx has had a pretty busy year. This is song four and they still have Voodoo coming up this weekend. Vixx’s sound has really began to impress me, and I have played Only You a few to many times the past hour.

  158. the horse one was the funniest thing i’ve seen in weeks asjkjshgdkashjfkjhdsf

  159. I know Norazo from their Curry Song :)

  160. Also, can someone help me? Im Chang Jung’s “Open the Door” sounds a lot like another song I’ve heard but I can’t pick what!! HELP!!

  161. A few of my underrated fall Kpop songs (because if I go into the Kindie songs, there would be too much) :

    Song Ji Eun – False Hope
    I don’t get why there’s not more views. The song is great, the MV is beautiful.

    Lee Na Rae – Raining in Amsterdam
    I’m not sure if this is more KIndie than Kpop, but it sure as hell needs to get more credit than 22000 views.

    Mando & Chigi – He says, she says
    Funny and catchy, props for the lego bowtie. One of the member of Spica is featured too. I like the chorus and the beat. The funky sherlock holmes concept is interesting too.

    9 Muses – GUN
    I just love 9 Muses, every one of their songs is great. The MV is maybe a bit lacking, since Wild was so impressive.

    Tiny G – Miss You
    I hated it at first. Then the kitty dance moves caught me. Then the chorus did. And now I really like it even though I’m having a hard time with one of the member, she just seems to think she’s the best thing since slice bread somehow.

    Rythm Power – Bond Girl
    This features Zion T. Do I need to say anything more?

    U-Kiss – She’s Mine
    I hated it at first. But it grows on you. Ok, maybe not like other U-Kiss songs, I’ll admit. But still, the chorus and the bridge are good.

    Shin Seung Hun – Sorry
    This song is an earworm. The MV is as artsy fartsy as it can get. What’s not to love?

  162. So happy to see you give more recognition to Im chang Jung Open the Door. Loved the song and mv the first time I heard it. One question I had is Wonder Boyz also did a song titled Open the Door and I was wondering if that is some Korean saying or something.

  163. by the some songs i think you should check out:

    1. fashion city – 개콘전국구. i think this was from gag concert but it’s an awesome electro club song. the music video is pretty funny too.
    2. ab city – alphabat. alphabat came back as a 9 member group and i think they have a really interesting sound now.
    3. bond girl – rhythm power feat. zion t. this song is so catchy i can’t stop listening to it. plus zion t is on it so its awesome haha

  164. Awesome playlist guys!!!! Also “SOOOOOZZZZEEE” >~<

  165. For some reason, Norazo’s “Wild Horse” was very nostalgic for me… The sounds were similar to an oldie I listen to a lot when i was younger (it was a Chinese oldie though lol) I really like GI and Mr.Mr.’s songs though~

  166. Unrelated question: Since you guys had to be away around this time last year, will the EYKAs be a little earlier this time around? Or basically the same timeframe?

  167. Bestie’s Love Options. I know a lot of people are calling them Sistar 2, but they’re such a well balanced group – all of them can sing! I feel like that is a first. Their song also isn’t that bad and even from their Pita Pat~ days they always had a great stage presence.

  168. Hannah Niebaum

    Seo In Young looks like the Korean Lana Del Rey? Instagram filters and all.

  169. My husband thought Martina said that Simon had slept on her face, and said, “OMG SIMON WHY?” haha…

    I really like the VIXX song, really impressive.

  170. I’m probably dating myself, but the Mr. Mr. song sounds like an old-school Backstreet Boys song if it were produced by Timbaland.

  171. lady_kire

    I can’t really remember too much coming out in October and Novemeber… I blame constant paper writing and stress for that. I’m actually someone who really doesn’t like super silly videos. This might explain why I didn’t enjoy Crayon Pop’s mv or that Fox song. I feel like punching someone in those videos. Those songs, to me, feel like those tweens on the ferry I was on yelling about jazz pilates and being annoying. Or someone constantly waving something in my face.

    Someone needs to make a k-pop mv where they go all out crazy, like psycho crazy. Like vampires sucking blood, death, blood and guts, gore, goth stuff… (Sorry I was watching the anime Diabolik Lovers…and I’ve only been watching it to see gore and gothic stuff…)
    On second thought… I might be the only person watching it…

  172. Please please review this song and video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2ssi34lxko
    It’s way to amazing and most certainly underrated ;)

  173. Awesome list guys!!! I knew Im Chang Jung would be top of the list – and VIXX had to be up there! I’m really happy you put MR.MR on there too – that song is way better than expected!

    Some other suggestions:
    Boys Republic – LIU (way better song than ‘You’re Special’ even though that song grew on me after listening to it without the video – but I agree, the disjointedness really put me off for a while)
    Yoo Sung Eun – Healing (She has an amazing voice)
    May Bee – 내일도 맑음 (Lovely song and cute, little aliens)

    San E – Where did you sleep last night? (catchy song and funny video)

  174. Victor Ha

    Thanks for introducing me to these songs! I always wanted to add more music to my player, but I’ve already have nearly every song of my favorite group (Girls’ Generation) as well as various other songs from other famous K-pop groups. Variety is always a blessing. Thanks again!

  175. It might just be me and my sometimes love of Nick-at-Nite TV shows, but the Norazo song reminds me of the theme song from Bonanza. You know that really old tv show about cowboys, the wild west, and kickass little scarves to tie around your neck ever so manly. Anyway…after the first “Yee Haw” from Norazo, it made me think of that right away.

  176. I reckon you guys should make like… an “Underated Songs of this month” thingy. I like these because I’m more likely to listen to them xD (Have fun thinking of an acronym for it :P )

    • Well since they already have strange acronyms, how about S.U.C.K.S? lol.
      Simply Underrated Catchy K-pop Songs ^_^

      • Ha! Yes, I’m sure people would love it if we put a song on our SUCKS list, and they wouldn’t get defensive AT ALL! ;)

        • Whatever! What could be “worse” then D.I.C.K.S ~? Lmao
          btw when new dicks are coming? ;P

        • Leigh and Soo Zee have a couple that they filmed a while ago, back when Soo Zee was still blonde. Hopefully we’ll have one of them edited for Saturday?

        • Ouuuh! 좋아!! ;D

        • LongClawTiger

          This got answered without throwing in a SOOOOOOZEEEEEEE to ask! And you even mentioned the shout in your video. So disappointed right now. No fluffy tiger hugs for you…

        • As long as they don’t put the S.U.C.K.S and the D.I.C.K.S segments next to each other I’m all for it.

        • BUHAHAAHAH! XD

        • Lidia Castro

          Who knows? They might be proud to say their song SUCKS lol

        • I’m not sure if you guys still check the comments here anymore, but I was just coming on here to post something similar.. good thing I read the comments first. I saw this idea suggested on tumblr*, but for groups instead of songs. Honestly, I really like both ideas… its such a great way to be introduced to new songs and groups. Is there any plan to carry this out? I couldn’t see it being a horrible amount of work if its just once a month or so.. though of course its up to you. It would be especially awesome for someone like me, a new unknowledgable kpop fan who mainly watches your KMMs for new group suggestions. :)

          *here’s the link where I first found the suggestion – http://unpopular-eyk-opinions.tumblr.com/post/41774773582/i-know-its-been-said-before-but-it-drives-me

  177. I was really hoping you guys would do IU’s The Red Shoes for Music Mondays but it sadly stayed very low on the EYK charts :(

  178. New Era by Phantom!! i think the MV may have lots of views mainly because of the pole dancer and naked girls in the vid, but the song is actually really good!!!
    Also, Crazy Girl by Kim Bohyung of SPICA is insanely great!!
    And Let It Rain by Electroboyz sound absolutely lovely~

  179. Who needs to finish their English homework when I can watch EYK :P

  180. MISS YOU by TINY-G!!!!! This song is so stinking cute. It has 800,000+ views, but I think more are warranted.

  181. I discovered Mr.Mr’s “Do You Feel Me” a few days ago, and I’m in love with this song. I also love their song “Waiting For You”. I can’t understand why this group isn’t more popular. Their music is nice! I’m glad you guys put together this list, I’m off to troll iTunes and other places online to find some of these songs. My playlist wants to make babies with your NASTY playlist.

  182. thisisjustforfunval

    When I saw “Wild Horse” a few days ago I laughed so hard I actually snorted at the dank dank dank yeehaa part. That’s a pretty intense laugh that included tears. Rolled the first time I saw “Open the Door as Well.” I love funny videos, they are lastingly memorable. Just like “What Does the Fox Say?”

    Thanks for this awesome Fall list!

  183. im chang jung’s video is hilarious but i was surprised he went with an old song from wonderboyz. i get that shinsadong tiger remade it as a gift for him but it just seems….weird(?) to me. tbh i liked wonderboyz’ version of the song better, but im chang jung had a better video.

  184. So much Greed Mythology Fail in a video that I liked so much ….. well played you two, well played.

  185. Bubalooy

    Totally lost it at Kyuhyun vs cucumber

  186. Cara Rose

    I’d like to add [i don't know can we do that, can we add songs??] Moon Myung Jin’s, ‘Listen’
    I figured Simon would dig the R&B-90′s-jazzyness feelz…

  187. also thought that seo in young was a b**** on we got married. watched that season only because of the ssangchu couple who were seriously adorable

  188. would love to hear your views on jaejoong’s new album! doesn’t have to be a KMM, just a few words haha.

  189. i would put A-Jax’s Snake and MyName’s Day by Day on here!!!

  190. lol damon or stefan. toughh choicee. was really hoping to see ukiss or TOP to be reviewed this week. oh well

  191. Somehow before I even clicked the link I knew VIXX’s song would be on this list.
    It’s just that good.

  192. Simon, you’re talking about Faun, Aegipan or Satyr (about the same thing all together, some are roman, some are greek, and some are more specifically Pan – that faun with the flute – related)

    And about GI’s GI Yeuk, it’s one of the greatest song I’ve heard this fall. I’ve even converted non Kpop listeners with it.

  193. Centaurs are half man half horse, Satyrs (or Fauns in Roman mythology) are half man half goat, and a minotaur is half man half bull

  194. Do “Goodbye 20″ by Lim Kim!!!!

  195. This is so awesome that you did this instead of regular KMM!! I had already watched “Open the Door” (I’m a Kissme, of course I found my way to it xD) and “Only You” (I wasn’t really a fan of Vixx before, but this song really impressed me, love it! – it also reminds me of BAP’s “Coffee Shop”), and now I shall go ahead and watch the other mv’s as well! :D So exciteeed.

  196. I completely agree with Martina about kpop needing to put more korean stuff than american stuff in their songs and mvs. Kind of sad when I get super excited seeing korean things in korean music -__-

  197. I honestly thought U-KISS were going to be reviewed. Anyways, I really hope you guys will start talking more about the music in the videos, I miss the long KMMs xD

    • We obviously need to just keep them in #1 place for the next MONTH until they get the hint!

      • Although I love UKISS’ new song I’m not very surprised by the mv. Yes AJ has funky hair and you can say something about Hoon and Kevin trying to be badass but… what else is there to say? I’m glad they did this instead of UKISS. (But I have to admit I also voted for UKISS on the charts, ain’t gonna lie)

        • they even reviewed Standing Still which, to be honest, one of my least fav. ukiss’ MVs, She’s Mine MV has way more to talk abt rather then Standing Still MV, don’t you think? :)

        • That’s true… (I liked the dance a bit more of Standing Still though) But without a Music Mondays UKISS gets a lot of love already from us nasties don’t they? I also always vote for UKISS when they drop a new mv but at the same time I’m always thinking of all those indie talents and great rookie groups who don’t get enough love to be reviewed.
          Maybe Simon and Martina find some super funny things in the mv that I missed. Maybe an other song gets to the top. Let faith decide hehehe. :)

        • Yeah~ I kinda liked Standing Still dance a bit more, but I really want to hear S&M talk abt She’s Mine because it’s really different from ukiss’ previous songs and I actually find the video funny enough for KMM as well (but they seem to ignore it second week in a row… and I doubt it’ll stand a chance against uber bizare TOP’s MV for the next week KMM D: and hold onto top3 for the 4th week either…)
          I seriously don’t mind if S&M didn’t liked the song or the MV even one bit (looking at how KISSMEs reacted to it) due to the fact that I love KMM because I almost always DISAGREE with S&M’s opinion! Speaking abt ukiss for example, they didn’t like Believe at all but I loved it as soon as I heard it~^^

  198. woah, your friend appeared in Taeyang Ringa Linga MV!? Which one is it!? :DD

  199. Uuuughhh so tired. Must watch video tomorrow. /sad face.
    I was thinking that this was almost 100% gonna be a Doom Dada KMM. I’m not complaining, but I definitely feel thrown for a loop. (is that the right expression? I don’t even know anymore)

  200. Yes to Im Chang Jung and VIXX!! I think his version is way funnier than the WonderBoyz one (partly because I know so many of the people in his video :P) Starlights, when VIXX releases their newest MV, make it go to no. 1!! Now time to immerse myself in the others :) Thanks, S&M!

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