So, we’re doing another one of these Kpop video rundowns. We did one a while ago, and people really seemed to like it since it gave a whole bunch of artists a chance for expose, rather than just the one we talk about for KMM normally! We really like doing these as well, because we watch a lot of Korean music videos outside the videos you see published. Now we get to talk about these videos and have some fun bouncing our opinions off each other at the same time. Yay! WIN WIN!

Im Chang Jung “Open the Door”


Our first song on the list is the catchiest song on the list, and also the most popular on YouTube, with more views than the rest of the videos combined. And rightfully so. This video is hilarious. I didn’t howl with laughter like this at a video in ages. AGES. The whole halo around him when he gets into asskicking mode, the justice policing, the bullying of U-Kiss: it’s all hilarious. And the song’s good. It’s not a phenomenal song, but it’s great fun. I definitely think that the view count is boosted because of the awesomeness of the song, and I’m hoping that Kpop companies get a clear message from this. Or will they? I don’t know. Humor is more effective than sexiness. If everyone’s acting sexy and showing off their good looks, you get bored after a while. You need something different every once in a while. Psy did it. Crayon Pop did it. UV did it. And now this song did it, and they’re all ultra awesome and memorable for it.

Vixx “Only You”


Ok, so we were really excited when we saw this video, and it’s for such a silly reason: we were in Stockholm as part of our Europe tour, we walked around the same area that Vixx was walking in for their video. We were only walking around there for a day, and we totally loved it there. It’s seriously one of the most gorgeous places we ever visited, so we felt a bit of a connection when we saw this video.

But what about people living in Sweden? Wouldn’t you feel a lot more of a connection than we do? Wouldn’t this, then, solidify your love for Vixx in turn? In my opinion, it’s a brilliant move on Vixx’s half, and I’m sure that this video – paired with them performing in Sweden – will get them fans from Sweden for life. No? I’m not sure about this. It’s just a guess. People from Sweden, let me know how you feel about the matter. Besides the beautiful scenery we really really loved the mature jazzy sound that came from this song. It’s one of the reasons we actually love Zion T and I’d love to hear another kpop release embracing these vibes.

Norazo “Wild Horse”


This is the least Kpop-ish song on the list, but we find different sounds refreshing. We’re really experimental with our taste in music. We download around two new albums a week in hopes of trying to find new artists and albums that we like (just got into the new Bonobo album, for instance), so that might be why you sometimes see us not react excitedly when we hear similar things in Kpop. This song here sounds nothing like Kpop. It’s got more roots in trot, I think, than Kpop, and we barely ever talk about anything trot like, but we like it. GASP: old people like trot. Does…does that say something about us? I hope not. Just…you gotta admit: this song is fun. We’re biased towards fun things more than sexy things, so this gets a thumbs up from us.

GI “Giyeuk”


Seem to really be getting into this band lately. Now I know a lot of people that watched (or will watch this video) have complained about GI’s videos being to basic and plain. I have to say I disagree with that because it leave nothing but a focus on their dancing and how they interact with the song itself. I like that this band focuses so intently on being more of a hip hop dance crew rather than just putting out a music video that might take away from what they’re already doing right. I mentioned this before in another video, but I also think these girls do sexy right. I don’t feel like they’re trying to hard to get my attention using revealing clothing or lip rubs or even a half-assed plot. There is nothing to judge them by except their baggy clothing and dancing. Now I admit, they could be tighter as a dance crew, I see some sloppy mistake that make them seem a bit off time with each other, but I’m still interested in seeing where these girls go in the future. Anyone else feel the same way?

Mr.Mr “Do You Feel Me”


Now we admit, we don’t really know a lot from this group, but I always browse our kpop charts to see what has been newly added. I was very nicely surprised by this song and the smooth confidence in this video. You know we’re both not really ballad people and I think the reason I liked this song was that it wasn’t super predictable the way I find most ballads to be. When I hear a ballad I can tell when the typical high notes will hit, when the music will swell and when the baaaabyy baaabbyyy or OOOHHH oHOHOOHOHOH YYYEAAAAAAAAAAA will come in. I always feel happy when a ballad allows me to feel surprise with the way the song as been produced, and this is one of them. The video, however, really remind my of Ouran Host Club. Hahah! It’s not really like it, it’s not even a comedy, but the whole girl looking into the room with all the regal looking hot boys standing around totally flashed me back. Anyone else get that vibe too? KISS KISS FALL IN LOVE!

Seo In Young “Love Me”


Ok, we’re getting over our dislike for Seo In Young. We were really surprised when Soo Zee told us that a lot of people in Korea feel that way about her as well. And if you don’t know what we’re talking about, don’t watch her appearance in We Got Married. Whoa. She was frustratingly horrid in that show. But it was partially a character and partially herself, so she claims she’s changed a lot and is trying to get past that now. She was so abrasive that people are shying away from her even to this day. So here’s a video of her not being ultra-bitchy. It’s cute, a bit too hipster try-hard-ish, but the song is nice, and we like Gaeko as well. Despite my inner turmoil over her past character, I’m not adverse to hearing this song, and I think it’s fairly decent. Check it out yourself as well and see if you feel the same way.

So that’s it for this round of videos. Three blockbuster videos came out recently: Miss A’s “Hush,” Taeyang’s “Ringa Linga” (our friend’s actually in that video, FYI), and TOP’s “Doom Dada.” We didn’t talk about those videos here because everyone knows about them. Maybe we’ll talk about them next week?

And we’ve got a small set of scenes that didn’t make the final cut of our video. Check em out here if you want to see us be a bit more ridiculous:


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  1. SO anybody feel the backstreet boys vibe in the whole Mr.Mr song or is that just me.

  2. Is this the proper place to put this comment? Well, I had never seen TOP’s Doom Dada until yesterday and I’m having this love hate relationship with it. It’s so strange, but so amazing-ly weird. Can you do a music monday on it? Maybe your insight will help me understand it’s oddness….or just make me laugh.

  3. How about Younha’s song that was released two days ago?

  4. Centaurs are half man half horse, the half man half goat are satyrs.

  5. Yay!!! Thanks for mentioning Miss A! <3

  6. ha loved Im Chang Jung “Open the Door”. Haven’t listened to proper trot in a while. The only other I hadn’t tried was Mr Mr which was nice.

  7. Have to say that Blady’s Blood Type B Girl is under-watched.


  8. I have a question!! Is the ‘Open the door’ or ‘문을 여시오’ song like a popular trot song that is covered often because I’m pretty sure Wonder Boyz debuted with that song and a very goofy MV too!!!! I’M CONFUZZLED!!!

  9. Nobody’s going to talk about U Sung Eun’s Healing and Lim Kim’s (Kim Yerim) Goodbye 20? I love both girls so much! They’re completely the opposite of each other but both mv’s are really fun and refreshing to watch!

  10. Now I’m completely obsessed with Norazo, thanks Simon and Martina.

  11. Oh. My. God. I love trot!

  12. Im Chang Jung mv reminds me of those Panda Cheese Commercial. Am i the only one ?
    I love that section by the way !

  13. Has BIGSTAR’s RUNRUN already been done?

  14. Erhmagerddddd. You guys dorky. Me likey!

    (I was totally having a less-than-inspiring day until this video happened. I AM REJUVENATED!)

  15. Jung Joon Young’s Spotless Mind was a REAAALLLYYY pretty song!! I thought it was amazing and the video is super duper pretty as well. Very artsy fartsy! If you guys haven’t heard it already you should, it’s really good ;A;
    (the N version) :D

  16. I have to ask… is Seo In Young actually korean? Cause to me she looks like a european that was brought up in korea

  17. 9MUSES’ Gun would definitely be on my list. I’ve been playing this song on repeat pretty much since I bought it. xD Not sure about the video itself, since I’m not big on sitting there watching MVs over and over again (seriously, you do you guys do it, Simon and Martina? D: ) but the song’s been stuck in my head.

    I’m not sure when it was released exactly, but Ladies’ Code PRETTY PRETTY has also been playing on repeat for me. The video did give me a few giggles when I first watched it (although it’s not HAHAHA funny), and the song’s catchy. Plus the girls are really quite talented.

    I’m not sure if she counts, considering she is from a pretty popular group, but I’ll also add False Hope by Song Jieun. I’m not sure how popular her song/video’s been either, but I certainly found the song absolutely amazing. It’s more relaxed, in my opinion at least. And her voice is just amazing.

  18. Although I know this wasn’t the usual KMM where you pick apart every little piece of a MV, I must say I’m quite disappointed in you guys that this was not mentioned even in the blooper reel. How could you miss the “Love me some weed” tag in VIXX’s Only U video? Are you guys losing your touch? Or just too busy to look it over well? *tsk tsk tsk* THAT WAS PURE GOLD! GOLD I TELL YA!

  19. Martina does this content smile thing when Simon says T.O.P’s DOOM DADA, pleaaase review it! Pardon the extremely whiny fangirl…and I really liked Open the Door.

  20. I love these segmemts. I literally have all these songs on repeat especially VIXX! Thanks EATYOURKIMCHI ^^

  21. I really like Jaejoong’s “Just another girl” especially with the cool guitar rifts in the beginning (or how ever you describe that…I’m not musically gifted XD) but I realize he’s very well known, so that’s probably why he didn’t make the list.

    other than that, I do agree with having VIXX on the list. I got the chance to go to their live showcase in Dallas, TX and it was a lot of fun!! It’s totally made me an even bigger fan of their stuff~

  22. There’s one song I really really like that might never be listened to since I doubt they’ll do a MV. On the latest album of IU (I really really hate this album btw), there’s 1 song (or 2) that is worth listening to, and it’s “Gloomy Clock”. It features SHINee Kim Jonghyun and it’s really nice.

  23. Isn’t “Open The Door” actually a song by “Wonder Boyz”? They’re really underrated, too. I loved their choreography and video for the song!!

  24. I always love the bloopers… and u know when the camera stopped recording and Simon said “STOP!”, it reminded me of Eli`s rap in “Stop Girl”, I started singing it right away…

  25. I really liked Wild Horse and Open the Door. They were hilarious (despite the fact that I don’t understand Korean.) Could someone please tell me what’s on the shopfront sign in Open the Door (where the shopkeeper rips down the first sign and the second sign is slightly different)?

    A few thoughts about the other videos:
    Vixx’s Only You was quite pretty, and the song was nice. Not memorable for me, though.
    Giyeuk – it’s interesting that you say they’re not using revealing clothing. I guess it comes back to what you said (in a previous video I think) about bare legs not being provocative (in Korea) compared to cleavage etc? In any case, GI seems like a promising group.
    MR.MR’s song doesn’t seem like a ballad to me. It just sounds like a dance/nightclub song, but done in a softer manner.
    I haven’t come across Seo In Young before but the video was offputting. I did like some of her outfits but the whole thing was indeed an overload of instagram indulgence. I liked Gaeko’s (invisible) rap parts though.

    K, off to watch the Im Cha Jung and Norazo videos again. :D

  26. I’m Swedish and I was really excited when I saw the mv. I’ve been to all those places in the mv loads of times so that was awesome! Our capital is really beautiful. I agree it was a smart move on their side. The song is awesome aswell! Definitely liking VIXX more and more every day ^^

  27. Norazo’s ‘Wild Horse’ reminds me so much of the Japanese group ‘Kishidan’! Have you heard of it? You should check it out if you haven’t ;)

  28. Open the door’s mv just made my day :)
    I really like N-Sonic – Run&Run. I think it’s a pretty catchy song and the verses really remind me of B.A.P’s old badass songs (I’m not saying they’re copying B.A.P, I’m just complimenting how I like their song style/s)
    But VIXX’s Voodoo, definitely needs to be added to this list or given recognition or something. It just came out though, so S&M may not have seen it yet. The music video and dance actually fits the title really, really well.. even if it’s pretty disturbing, and gruesome and not very pretty. Their mv is something i haven’t really seen before in kpop and it was really refreshing, as far as violent and bloody things can go :L

  29. We love this kind of videos thanks you once again. As for the videos..for the 1st I want to say…nothing I will always prefer the wonder Boyz version, they were the first to make it and I love it since then. 2nd Video for Vixx seriously why no more views? Cant anybody see how awesome is that song and mv? Norazzo! – Norazzo is love from the first sight if you don’t know them just go and watch them. This guy has a perfect voice for metal music but instead he is doing this great songs comedy songs. As for you Mr. Simon and Ms Martina…why …why did you slaughter our mythology? Simon you know everything about fantasy novels don’t you know about Centaur, Panas, even if you didn’t read mythology, haven’t you read / watched narnia? That’s why you need to come to Greece….it’s decided.

    As for GI I love this groups since day one they are delivering (so does Vixx). Now as for Mr Mr FINALLY a kpop song in the kpop industry, those kind of songs brought us in to kpop and now everything is gone. Congrats Mr Mr for keepin it real.

    I never heard Jewlery so know nothing about this girl I will give it a try after gaecko is in it. Thank you.

    I am so happy that my fav mvs are here in the list

  30. this is fun, guise!

    but……. I’m not really feeling that “open the door” song. don’t you feel like it’s kind of a huge rip-off of Gangnam style?? i mean i can’t be the only one seeing the blatant copied bits in the video… U-KISS snaps were fun though. However i really like that Giyeuk song! thanks for sharing! the Mr.Mr. song is pretty good too!

    PS: Simon, you look kinda sexy in your snazzy lumberjack shirt and suspenders! i know you get upset that people are always saying Martina’s pretty and whatnot, so now i’m saying i noticed you was lookin’ good ^_-

    • This is only my thought process, so there’s a good chance I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure they made it sound and look like Gangnam Style on purpose. Sort of like they were doing a spoof of it. I say that, because they didn’t hide the similarity at all. You probably noticed they were even wearing his (now iconic) monotone jacket with matching bow tie. Just my guess. It could be wrong :)

  31. VIXX’s vodoo doll definitely deserves a shout out :) Such a great song ^__^

  32. I’ve been a nasty since my first ramen cooking lesson– still not judging you for that cheese… e_e, but since then, I cannot eat it without egg, Yummo. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Thanks for making air time for the underdogs- I completely agree about Lim Chang Jung; His video actually has a comical story line, and the song and dance is SO addictive. Stay awesome! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

  33. I really like this video format, guys! It’s nice to have an occasional round-up of stuff that isn’t hugely popular, and to get your takes on several videos instead of the one-a-week. I love the KMMs too; it’s fun to have variety in the segments.

    I’m a fan of G.I, and it’s great to see them get some love from you!

  34. I swear Norazo’s MV made my day.

  35. You should do BTOB – Thriller

  36. Hello Simon and Martina. I would just like to thank you for introducing me to Wild Horse. That song is absolutely, positively fabulous! I liked some of the other songs too. Thank you for introducing this to me, and please continue this segment in the future!

  37. Uhm… isn’t the first song the same as “Yobosayo” by wonderboys? it sounds exactly the same….. like exact same words….

    • Oh true! I never noticed that. You’re right though, they are the same song.
      I found a comment on the Wonderboyz MV that explains it.
      etchoeph wrote:
      “The guy who created the Wonderboyz, Kim Chang Ryul, wrote this song for both Im Chang Jung and the Wonderboyz. He wanted two versions of the song released at the same time, one hip hop version, one trot. However, when he wanted the songs to be released Im Chang Jung told him, he couldn’t record the song and so he released the Wonderboyz version first. Im Chang Jung returned with this song as his comeback featuring Kim Chang Ryul, owner/writer of the song, therefore, you can’t really call it a parody.”

      • oh ok at first i was like… did they really just take there song? i was so confused i didn’t even notice till have way though cause i was watching the video which was in my opinion way better than this version of the song…but i also do really liek the wonder boys version.

  38. Wonder Boyz have similar song that’s also called “Open The Door”.

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