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Underrated Kpop Songs of Fall 2013

November 19, 2013


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So, we’re doing another one of these Kpop video rundowns. We did one a while ago, and people really seemed to like it since it gave a whole bunch of artists a chance for expose, rather than just the one we talk about for KMM normally! We really like doing these as well, because we watch a lot of Korean music videos outside the videos you see published. Now we get to talk about these videos and have some fun bouncing our opinions off each other at the same time. Yay! WIN WIN!

Im Chang Jung “Open the Door”

Our first song on the list is the catchiest song on the list, and also the most popular on YouTube, with more views than the rest of the videos combined. And rightfully so. This video is hilarious. I didn’t howl with laughter like this at a video in ages. AGES. The whole halo around him when he gets into asskicking mode, the justice policing, the bullying of U-Kiss: it’s all hilarious. And the song’s good. It’s not a phenomenal song, but it’s great fun. I definitely think that the view count is boosted because of the awesomeness of the song, and I’m hoping that Kpop companies get a clear message from this. Or will they? I don’t know. Humor is more effective than sexiness. If everyone’s acting sexy and showing off their good looks, you get bored after a while. You need something different every once in a while. Psy did it. Crayon Pop did it. UV did it. And now this song did it, and they’re all ultra awesome and memorable for it.

Vixx “Only You”

Ok, so we were really excited when we saw this video, and it’s for such a silly reason: we were in Stockholm as part of our Europe tour, we walked around the same area that Vixx was walking in for their video. We were only walking around there for a day, and we totally loved it there. It’s seriously one of the most gorgeous places we ever visited, so we felt a bit of a connection when we saw this video.

But what about people living in Sweden? Wouldn’t you feel a lot more of a connection than we do? Wouldn’t this, then, solidify your love for Vixx in turn? In my opinion, it’s a brilliant move on Vixx’s half, and I’m sure that this video – paired with them performing in Sweden – will get them fans from Sweden for life. No? I’m not sure about this. It’s just a guess. People from Sweden, let me know how you feel about the matter. Besides the beautiful scenery we really really loved the mature jazzy sound that came from this song. It’s one of the reasons we actually love Zion T and I’d love to hear another kpop release embracing these vibes.

Norazo “Wild Horse”

This is the least Kpop-ish song on the list, but we find different sounds refreshing. We’re really experimental with our taste in music. We download around two new albums a week in hopes of trying to find new artists and albums that we like (just got into the new Bonobo album, for instance), so that might be why you sometimes see us not react excitedly when we hear similar things in Kpop. This song here sounds nothing like Kpop. It’s got more roots in trot, I think, than Kpop, and we barely ever talk about anything trot like, but we like it. GASP: old people like trot. Does…does that say something about us? I hope not. Just…you gotta admit: this song is fun. We’re biased towards fun things more than sexy things, so this gets a thumbs up from us.

GI “Giyeuk”

Seem to really be getting into this band lately. Now I know a lot of people that watched (or will watch this video) have complained about GI’s videos being to basic and plain. I have to say I disagree with that because it leave nothing but a focus on their dancing and how they interact with the song itself. I like that this band focuses so intently on being more of a hip hop dance crew rather than just putting out a music video that might take away from what they’re already doing right. I mentioned this before in another video, but I also think these girls do sexy right. I don’t feel like they’re trying to hard to get my attention using revealing clothing or lip rubs or even a half-assed plot. There is nothing to judge them by except their baggy clothing and dancing. Now I admit, they could be tighter as a dance crew, I see some sloppy mistake that make them seem a bit off time with each other, but I’m still interested in seeing where these girls go in the future. Anyone else feel the same way?

Mr.Mr “Do You Feel Me”

Now we admit, we don’t really know a lot from this group, but I always browse our kpop charts to see what has been newly added. I was very nicely surprised by this song and the smooth confidence in this video. You know we’re both not really ballad people and I think the reason I liked this song was that it wasn’t super predictable the way I find most ballads to be. When I hear a ballad I can tell when the typical high notes will hit, when the music will swell and when the baaaabyy baaabbyyy or OOOHHH oHOHOOHOHOH YYYEAAAAAAAAAAA will come in. I always feel happy when a ballad allows me to feel surprise with the way the song as been produced, and this is one of them. The video, however, really remind my of Ouran Host Club. Hahah! It’s not really like it, it’s not even a comedy, but the whole girl looking into the room with all the regal looking hot boys standing around totally flashed me back. Anyone else get that vibe too? KISS KISS FALL IN LOVE!

Seo In Young “Love Me”

Ok, we’re getting over our dislike for Seo In Young. We were really surprised when Soo Zee told us that a lot of people in Korea feel that way about her as well. And if you don’t know what we’re talking about, don’t watch her appearance in We Got Married. Whoa. She was frustratingly horrid in that show. But it was partially a character and partially herself, so she claims she’s changed a lot and is trying to get past that now. She was so abrasive that people are shying away from her even to this day. So here’s a video of her not being ultra-bitchy. It’s cute, a bit too hipster try-hard-ish, but the song is nice, and we like Gaeko as well. Despite my inner turmoil over her past character, I’m not adverse to hearing this song, and I think it’s fairly decent. Check it out yourself as well and see if you feel the same way.

So that’s it for this round of videos. Three blockbuster videos came out recently: Miss A’s “Hush,” Taeyang’s “Ringa Linga” (our friend’s actually in that video, FYI), and TOP’s “Doom Dada.” We didn’t talk about those videos here because everyone knows about them. Maybe we’ll talk about them next week?

And we’ve got a small set of scenes that didn’t make the final cut of our video. Check em out here if you want to see us be a bit more ridiculous:

Lastly, don’t forget to click on this fancy pants button below. It’ll bring more happy, funny videos into your lives. Some of them might even be from us :D



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