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We’re Going to Interview uBEAT!

April 24, 2013


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Hay guise! We had no plans on filming any videos today or doing anything apart from writing out lots of stuff, but turns out that we got to film this awesome video for today: WE’RE GOING TO INTERVIEW uBEAT! Yup. Just confirmed it on the phone with U-Kiss’ management. Woohoo! We didn’t think that this would happen this soon. Supposedly, uBEAT’s video is coming out soon (I’m not sure if we’re supposed to say when so we won’t say when), and so uBEAT’s gonna come by the Eatyourkimchi Nasty Studio, goof around with us for a bit, and answer a bunch of questions. GREAT SUCCESS!

Now, of course, this is where you guise come in. You know we always pick your questions whenever we do these interviews. So, send em here! Let us know what you want us to ask them. We can’t promise that all of your questions will be asked, because we have to run them by management first, but we can promise, like in all of our interviews, that SOME of your questions will get asked. Woohoo!

So, leave your questions in the comment section below. Leave your name and where you’re from so uBEAT can know about how diverse a fanbase they have, and where all the Nasty Kissme Love is coming from. Wait: do subunit fans still go by the main groups fangroup name? Wouldn’t Kissmes, then, be Beatmes? I’m not sure. I’d rather not ask. OH JEBUS I ALREADY ASKED! How do I unask? Ahhh. Maybe that’s a question we should do for the interview? Maybe not.

Anyhow, we’ve already done a couple of interviews with U-Kiss before. If you haven’t seen them yet, check them out in the playlist embedded above, or in the separate videos below. SHALABAZOO! (That’s my magic incantation for magical things).

Anyhow, if you’re as excited as we are about this, and can’t wait for your chance to get your hands on one of their CDs, you can pick one up via YesAsia by clicking the link here. Yay!




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We’re Going to Interview uBEAT!


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  1. That’s just the question -__

    4 years ago
  2. The contest for the CDs will be announced during the interview video most likely. The interview video has not been uploaded yet, but the interview is completed ( happened Sunday night right after the live chat)

    4 years ago
  3. Need need need to try and spam LUNAFLY for interview. It would be so cool! :O

    4 years ago
  4. Just letting you all commenters know that the interview has already taken place and so there is no need to post additional questions. Now all we have to do is wait patiently for it to be edited, approved and posted. Yeah!


    4 years ago
  5. 1. Is there something you are recently addicted to?
    2. What is one weird/awkward moment you had with a fan?

    Andreea from Moldova

    4 years ago
  6. Hi Eatyoukimchi and Ukiss…

    My question is:

    You guys must have seen fans reaction to your Mv songs….in ubeat or Ukiss songs…..What do you think of their reaction and how does that help you to improve you’re self as an artist??
    And also you’re fans cover dance, do you think they did a good job and will you want to meet them and greet them if you’re allowed to?

    Siti Musa from Malaysia but currently living in UK….. :)

    4 years ago
  7. Question for AJ, Eli and Kevin:

    Ubeat. when you become a celebrity, what are the challenges you face? How to overcome these challenges? And have you ever stopped to think about being a celebrity for something that is not obvious?


    Ana a KissMe from Spain.

    4 years ago
  8. well I know u-kiss is coming to Mexico( I’m sooooo happy), I will like to know what they guys think of the culture and if they can show some spanish skills >.<?? :)
    Ps. Soy un Dorito
    Pps. no no lo soy
    Ppps. Can i buy you a drink guirlll?
    (Grecia from Mexico)

    4 years ago
  9. Reposting my question because I think my question is really cool! ;) [TaliBanani • 5 days ago−]

    Hi! This is Tali from Germany =)

    Here’s my question to UBeat :
    Are you afraid of any superstitions for example korean superstitions? 
    I often hear about kpop idols having a ghost in their dorm , do you also have a ghost-story to share?

    Thank you and much love!

    4 years ago
  10. Please make them speak in polish!!!!

    4 years ago
  11. Are there any concepts that you would like to try in any upcoming U-Kiss/uBEAT activities?

    thanks! Catherine from Canada :-)

    4 years ago
  12. HI!
    My question is for the boys
    “What is the one question you never want to be asked again?”
    because they get alot of the same questions but whats one they hate answering?
    Thanks! U-Beat hwaiting!
    Gabby, Australia

    4 years ago
  13. What is a concept that you would like to do in the future? Do you have any favourites from when you were in U-Kiss?

    Catherine from Edmonton, Canada :-)

    4 years ago
  14. For each member individually, which artist would you love to sing a duet with?
    Lauren from Hoover, Alabama

    4 years ago
  15. My question ideas! ^0^

    What’s your favourite concept so far? (Mine was ‘Alone’! ^__^)
    Is there an English song you’ve always wanted to cover (singing or dancing or rapping) and can you show us a bit? :D
    What’s the funniest argument you’ve ever had in the group or with a member?
    How do you feel if you watch ‘Not Young’ or your debut stage now? ^^;;
    Eli’s dancing became really good lately. Did you practise a lot? ^^
    If you could do a duo with one person in K-Pop who would it be? ^^

    Chloe, UK! ^^

    4 years ago
    • PS. Sorry if the question closing date went by, lol! I’m not sure T_T

      4 years ago
  16. What do you miss most about working with the rest of the members?
    Crysta from New Mexico, US

    4 years ago
  17. are you like brothers if so do you fight alot zakiya from chicago

    4 years ago
  18. is it hard being in a sub group Zakiya from Chicago

    4 years ago
  19. Leave a message…

    Hey,,Q1 AJ Where’s your favorite place to go for inspiration? Or what inspires you the most?

    Q2 Kiven What is one thing you could tell us about yourself that others would be shocked to know?

    Q3 Eli u said that u would like to work with Miss A’s Suzy ,,do u really want to try acting and which role u want the most ?

    all the best for u guys ,,u deserve the best <3


    4 years ago
  20. Hey,,Q1 AJ Where’s your favorite place to go for inspiration? Or what inspires you the most?
    Q2 Kiven What is one thing you could tell us about yourself that others would be shocked to know?
    Q3 Eli u said that u would like to work with Miss A’s Suzy ,,do u really want to try acting and which role u want the most ?

    all the best for u guys ,,u deserve the best <3

    4 years ago
  21. Very excited for this interview! Finally came up with a question for all three members:

    – What product (or type of product) could you see each member of uBEAT endorsing in a commercial and why?

    Also, can you please let them know that uBEAT fans have sort of unofficially decided to call themselves HeartBEATs? I’d love to know what they think of that. :)

    Thanks for your consideration!

    Teresa, New Hampshire, USA (who is considering herself a Kiss-Me, a HeartBEAT and a HeartBurn – the latter in anticipation of the inevitable uBEAT-EYK Crew collaboration) :)

    4 years ago
  22. Hey could you guys ask them if any of them speak Spanish, and are they excited about coming to Mexico ~Marissa from TX living in Mexico I’m gonna be traveling a few hours, and I have to save up for my ticket but I’ll be there, I really want a CD since kpop CDs are unavailable here.

    4 years ago
  23. Hi Eatyoukimchi and Ukiss…

    My question is:

    You guys must have seen fans reaction to your Mv songs….in ubeat or Ukiss songs…..What do you think of their reaction and how does that help you to improve you’re self as an artist??
    And also you’re fans cover dance, do you think they did a good job and will you want to meet them and greet them if you’re allowed to?

    Siti Musa from Malaysia but currently living in UK….. :)

    4 years ago
  24. To: AJ, Eli, and Kevin,
    How does it feel being in a subunit? Is there more pressure being just the three of you? Also, have you guys ever thought of coming up with an English song and ya know, have it released in America? I think that’d be a great idea~ – Eunice, from Connecticut, USA

    4 years ago
  25. Hello! My question is,
    What are the qualites that all of you look for in a girl?
    Just curious ^_^
    Bella from Pennsylvania USA

    4 years ago
  26. My question is since they are all fluent in English can we expect any english songs on their album? Thanks :)

    Kimberly from Los Angeles, California

    4 years ago
  27. I miss Mordeny >w<

    4 years ago
  28. I always wonder,

    “Have you guys read any story written by fans (fanfiction) about you? What do you think of them? Any stories you like the best or perhaps the impressive one?”

    >> just super curious. Could you probably ask them this? LoL :D

    Indhie from Indonesia

    4 years ago
    • 2nd thing i asked but talking about how they feel about how kissmes right ‘those’ kind of stories if you kno what i mean

      4 years ago
  29. Hello ubeat and eyk crew,

    My question for AJ, Kevin and Eli is
    “What type of girls do you personally look for? and when will you choose
    to get settle down and get married?” :) hehee

    Thank you so much

    Chee from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    4 years ago
  30. Ahhh I’m so excited!! :D
    I can’t even think of any question! ..or maybe I have too many and they are all getting mixed up in my brain D:

    I’ll edit this with a question or two when I’ve calmed down XD

    4 years ago
  31. If this was your last day on Earth, how would you spend it? (all)

    Who is the best dancer in UBeat? (show us some movess !!)

    What would be the best advice you would give to a girl, who has had her heart broken?

    If you weren’t entertainers, what would you have seen yourself doing?

    What is the weirdest thing a fan has EVER asked?

    Iesha – The Bahamas :))

    4 years ago
  32. 1. What are some things that make a fan stick out to you? (i.e. fans that scream loudly, fans that hold up banners)
    2. Do you guys plan on doing more promotions in the states?
    -Kelley from Los Angeles, California ^^

    4 years ago
  33. (Alyssa Satorre, 16 y/o, Philippines)

    Hey sexy AJ, hot Eli and to my forever-loved bias Kevin! I’ve been a fan for nearly 5 years. I’ve been supporting you guys a lot ^^
    **Well here’s my question, well IT’S MORE OF A REQUEST. Since you three are fluent in English, could you come up with your most favorite English song & sing a little bit for us in English, maybe a verse or a chorus? Pretty please! We love you UKISS & uBEAT! ^^ Fighting!

    4 years ago
  34. this is a great oppurtunity for me!! YAY!!!!! well my question for AJ, Kevin, Eli are why don’t they make a whole english version song for their album since you know, all 3 of them speak proper english?? plz ask this for me cuz i’d really like to hear them sing in english, a language i can understand ;) thank you :D

    4 years ago
  35. Hi uBEAT~
    1. If you have a little sister wich member will you introduce her to and why?
    2. Is there something you envy other members (U-KISS)?
    3. What are your first impression of each others?
    4. What is your favourite U-KISS song and why?
    5. And last question for Kevin: Do you remember that once time in
    Pops in Seoul you said that you “really wanna go to Poland”. You still
    wanna come here?~♥
    Agnieszka (in English- Agnes) from Poland ^^

    4 years ago
  36. (*spending 10 minutes trying to write some questions* …. GOD I AM SO BAD AT FORMULATING MY QUESTIONS! …. 15 minutes later ….. deleting – and rewriting ….. 20 minutes later ….. oh well…. maybe I’m just a sliight perfectionist… *derp* — and here it goes ^^)

    Ehrem… Umm, I want to ask:
    1. How was the relationship between all the uKISS members when you guys first debuted compared to now?
    2. What do you do when you’re bored? ^^ (Even though I know a kpop artist’s life is hectic you guys must have those times where time moves by so slowly that you firmly believe it’s going backwards? No? Just me? damn…)
    3. Do you have any thoughts about your future? Have you thought about what you would do if you ever leave uKISS and uBEAT, or the kpop industry in total? (I think I’m allergic to the future…. Just thinking about it makes me break out and break down… lol jk – but it’s close! The future is damn scary! I’m turning 19 tomorrow (in about 2 minutes – my time) and have no idea what to do with my life…)
    4, Do you guys ever read? If so, what kind of genre do you like? Any favorite books or writers? ^^ (*bookworm*)
    5. Which is more fun to do? uKISS’s music and choreography or uBEAT’s? Favorite song and dance?

    Lots of love from Marita (마리타 ^^) – Norway

    4 years ago
  37. Ann

    Ask them what would they do if they weren’t kpop stars…
    Car mechanics? I just cant imagine Kevin in such a job! He is made to be Kpop singer…
    Ann from Poland :)

    4 years ago
  38. Ann

    Guise ask them if other members weren’t jealous that they’re not in Ubeat and AJ, Kevin and Eli are…

    4 years ago
  39. If you couldn’t sing or dance, what career would you have pursued?
    Crysta from New Mexico, US

    4 years ago
  40. ayo how are you guys
    How does it feel to be in the sub group U-beat?
    love you guys!!~
    Alanna Jasmine( also known as AJ) from Montreal,Canada

    4 years ago
  41. Hello! My question would be : since they are all great in English, will they consider adding 1 English song in their album.

    4 years ago
  42. I’ve got a few questions for them!
    1) Where did the idea of a subunit come from? Was it the company’s idea or was it their own idea? If it was their company’s idea: what was their first reaction?
    2) What did they think of the name uBEAT?
    3) Which subunits do they think can be realised in U-Kiss?

    Much love from Hanna from The Netherlands. (:

    4 years ago
  43. My question is: which countries would you like to see, and which languages would you like to learn? Malwina, Poland. (sorry if english is bad). Eyk, i luv you guys :>

    4 years ago
  44. Question: Which is their favorite song&artist? (appart from asian music, I mean, any european group/singer or american singer/group they’ve heard of and they like…).
    And, any TV show they watch on their free time? (asian/european/american…)

    I’m Dara, from Spain.

    4 years ago
  45. Awesome! can’t wait to see it! ^^

    i really want to know this!!!

    My question is, who keep in charge tweeting for uBEAT twitter? kevin , aj , or eli? or NH media staff??

    thank you :)

    Chloe aka Nashipa from Malaysia

    4 years ago

    4 years ago
    • But all three of them are fluent English speakers… Kevin and Eli are native speakers. Why would they be ‘ learning’ English? Or do you mean Korean?

      4 years ago
  47. Is There A Specific Reason Why Ubeat Is Formed With Eli, Kevin, Aj? – Sara, From: Qatar

    4 years ago
  48. Can you name a song that you’ve never performed live but you really-really-REALLY want to?
    uBEAT fighting! ^^
    Elena, Russia

    4 years ago
  49. Yay~!
    1. Do you ever miss Alexander and Kibum? Do you still keep in touch with them?
    2. When it’s just the three of you guys do you speak english or korean?
    3. Have you ever been so surprised by a fan like how much they love and support you? (worded weirdly :P)
    4. This is a question for Eli <3 Are you happy that your sister and your mom moved to Korea? Do you spend a lot of time with them?
    5. How does being in a sub-unit group feel?
    6. Do you read the tweets your fans send you?

    (Camille or Shinah <- korean name from Seoul, Korea^_^)

    4 years ago
  50. Kay

    Q: for AJ. What was it like studying at Columbia Univ as a regular student? DId you meet any kpop fans that recognized you in NY or fellow students who knew you were a kpop star?

    4 years ago
  51. Question for the Amazing uBEAT

    Eli Kevin being originally from the States what do miss most?

    AJ What is an amazing memory from when studying at Colombia?

    Lots of Love from Jackie(20) and Daniela(10) From California, USA

    4 years ago
  52. Since all of them are english speakers will they release a full english song?
    Angela from Australia

    4 years ago
  53. Question for Eli & Kevin.

    Do you guys miss living in America,since you were born & raised in America? And also, are you guys going to serve the military in Korea?

    -Mira from Singapore. :)

    4 years ago
  54. Since Kevin and Eli came from the states, I’m sure that you guys had to make some sacrifices to debut in an idol group all the way in Korea. What would you say was the biggest sacrifice you had to make and how did you cope with leaving your friends and family
    Your reply would really help since I’m moving to Ontario for university soon and I’m really nervous myself!

    Thanks! Rose from Canada

    4 years ago
  55. Hello EatYourKimchi Crew! Big fan here! :)

    My question for Kevin, AJ, and Eli is: If each of you guys had to give up a valuable object of possession to donate to a Kpop celebrity charity auction, what would it be and why?

    Thank you!

    Christine from California

    4 years ago
  56. I know that U-Kiss means Ubiquitous Korean International Super Star. My question what does uBEAT means and If you guys wanted to make your own sub unit with any of the other members in U-KISS, who would you want to be in a sub unit with?

    Farah Zamri
    Kuala Lumpur ( or KL) Malaysia

    4 years ago
  57. Questions:

    If you were going to make an English version of one of your songs, what song would it be?
    Name one person you think you should have treated better. Explain why you chose that person.
    What is the most valuable lesson you learned since your debut?
    If you were going to choose the members of a sub-unit, who among the members would you pick? why? what roles would they portray in the sub-unit?

    U-Kiss Fighting! God Bless you more! :) Kissmes love you guys and we always will!

    Lea Erika from Philippines! XD Mahal ko kayo!

    4 years ago
  58. First of All, Hi there Simon and Martina! i am so nasty for you guys! :D

    I actually have three Questions, and picking one of them would diminish everything thats on my bucket list
    1.How did the picking of which members would be chosen for the new subunit group uBeat came into mind?
    2. Did you guys(AJ,Kevin,Eli) notice that members of uBEAT are the only english speaking members of Ukiss? Was this Coincidental?
    3. Just like how UKISS stands for Ubiquitous Korean Intenational Idol Super Stars, Are you aware that fans came up with what uBeat stands for which is Ubiquitous Boys English Articulacy Talented

    p.s. 1 more hehe….. 4.For Kevin and ELi, Are you guys aware of your fandom “Elvin” because you guys are #1 on asianfanfics

    thanks a nasty bunch Martimon! (Martina+Simon)

    Kristian from San Diego, California

    4 years ago
  59. Hey there, Simon and Martina! Here’s my message~:

    “Hey, UBEAT!”

    I hope everything is going well for all of you!

    This question is for AJ: Was it hard for you to get back into your studies after being a KPOP star for more than 3 years, and/or vice versa? Did you get recognized?

    UBEAT hwaiting!

    -Elora, California, USA

    PS: AJiloveyou… youre my inspiration!”

    i was gonna ask them about the whole beatme thing, buuuuuut…. ill just leave that to you guys! thank you <3

    4 years ago
  60. OH SO NASTIE!! I’m excited! Here’s my question, for Kevin because I think you’re adorable. Would you ever want to teach a fan you’re dance moves personally? (if you know there was security and stuff so they couldn’t be like “OH OPPA YOU’RE SO COOL LET ME SQUISH YOU TO DEATH BWAHAHHA!!”)
    Leah Chung from Redmond, Washington

    4 years ago
  61. Kevin and Eli, what do you miss most about America? A.J., what did you enjoy most whil studying in America?

    4 years ago
  62. If you had to be stuck in any movie for an entire year, what movie would you choose?

    4 years ago
  63. Oooh, I can’t wait! I have a lot of questions so blergh have a bunch and I’ll just keep my fingers crossed~

    Since the trend is to make a lot of sub-units these days, what kind of sub-unit would you create from the members of U-KISS and what kind of music would that sub-unit produce?
    Since the three of you are all capable of speaking proper English, could it be possible that we’re going to see songs that are completely in English? What do you think about the idea of speaking completely in English?
    The majority of your songs are about love, so what do you think love is, would you explain it?
    You have a lot of fans overseas, so could you teach us something useful in Korean that we can say when we finally travel to Korea?
    You ((especially Kevin)) seem busy lately, so how do you deal with stress? How do you relax etc, what do you do when you have time off?
    Who is that person who supports you the most when you’re having a difficult time?
    If you had one day to do what ever you wanted, what would you do? Is there some place you would want to visit for example?
    What do you think is attractive in another person? Do you think it’s okay to physically change yourself to gain the approval of someone you love?
    Is there a new skill you would want to learn?
    What is the most important emotion for you and why?

    Good luck with the interview~
    Love from Finland ♥
    – Salla

    4 years ago
  64. Heyah uBeat!

    Isn’t it harder to fill a stage with only the three of you (of course not counting the back-up dancers)?
    Other: Which one of you would be more likely to consider a foreigner as a girl-friend?

    Soffi from Hungary

    4 years ago
  65. For AJ what was your favorite and least favorite part about going to college in USA?

    Jessica from New York

    4 years ago
  66. Yayyyy! Looking forward to the interview! ^_^
    My question is~
    What is your favorite food and least favorite food? Korean or American or whatever.
    Thanks :)
    Kelly from Michigan, USA

    4 years ago
  67. YAYYYYYYYY! Looking forward to to interview! ^_^
    My question is~
    What is your favorite food and least favorite food? Korean or American or whatever.
    Kelly from Michigan, USA

    4 years ago
  68. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Stawski,

    Could you please show them a map of the world (without country names), and then ask them to point out where some countries are? The countries you could ask can be the countries their fans come from.

    Sorry to ask this but I sometimes wonder how aware they are of how wide spread their international popularity is.

    Thank you very much, I really enjoy your videos!


    Ceetje – The Netherlands

    4 years ago
  69. 1) Why does Eli change his hair for every video, what is/was his favorite and what went to his mind when he dyed it pink :D

    2) Their respective favorites in the album :D

    3) Korean and American or foreign music artists they are inspired by

    4 years ago
    moi question(s)…
    What is your favourite colour, that you've dyed your hair with?

    + Are you guys planning to come to Perth, Australia?

    ~ xoxo Charmaine from Perth, Western Australia

    4 years ago
  71. Can you guys say “Ooo~ You so nasty!” (EatYourKimchi style) to your KissMe/Nasties? xD
    – Asela from Oregon, USA

    4 years ago
  72. Christina from Germany: did you ever confess your feelings to a female idol? or did a female idol told you that she likes you?

    4 years ago
  73. does that mean spudgy will have to have a bath?

    4 years ago
  74. My question’s are:
    1) have they ever read fanfics written by kissme’s?
    2) what were they like in their school days?
    3) were would they like to go on vacation?
    btw, i’m from Dubai.

    4 years ago
  75. My question is: which country of the world would you like to visit? And of course why would you like to go there?
    I’m originally from Romania but now I live in Italy, my name is Alisa!

    P.S. U-kissss <3<3<3

    4 years ago
  76. May I suggest giving Spudgy a fur cut before Ubeat meets him? The raggidy caveman Spudgy might scare them off :P

    – Mads from Denmark

    4 years ago
  77. Q: Have you ever like had a fight about not having as many lines as someone else (in songs) or are they always evened out evenly?

    Chae-rin (채린) from Cairns, AUS

    4 years ago
  78. Sofi from Bulgaria

    4 years ago
  79. what is the most awkward situation you have ever had with a girl from a music video?

    4 years ago
  80. What do the other members do while uBeat prepares for their album? Also what happens in a typical day for you?
    -Jessica from Australia (please come for a concert here :D)

    4 years ago
  81. I would like to know:
    Were the members of uBEAT intentionally chosen to appeal to foreigners (as they can speak fluent English) or was it to make a rapping group? So basically, why was AJ and Eli chosen to form uBEAT and what makes this subunit special? :)
    Sarah from New Zealand

    4 years ago
  82. This is from Sarah Lorenz in New Zealand :) Firstly, hi Eli! You’re my ultimate bias! ^^ Secondly, how does you guys think uBeat’s sound differs from U-Kiss’ sound – what elements are you hoping to show that U-Kiss hasn’t yet? Also, if you could collaborate with anyone dead or alive, in the K-pop industry or not, who would you choose? Hwaiting! :D

    4 years ago
  83. question
    Are you close with simon and martina? ^_^
    (xtine frm Philippines)

    4 years ago
    For ELI & KEVIN, do you still communicate with kibum and Alexander oppa? Have AJ and Hoon met them already?
    (xtine from Philippines)

    4 years ago
    Do You guys think that an idol and a fan relationship is possible??(xtine from philippines)

    4 years ago

    To all the members of U-KISS. Are You Dating someone right now? Please be honest

    (xtine frm Philippines)

    4 years ago
    P.S I Love You so much Kevin! <3
    (xtine form philippines)

    4 years ago
  88. Do you have any weird talents (of the elbow licking/helium voice/double-jointed-thumb variety)? Single round, uBeat vs. EYK weird talent contest! (Do it! Do it!)
    -Sophia, New Hampshire USA

    4 years ago
  89. Hi ^^ I’m Saraa from Michigan, USA
    My questions are:

    1. How do you deal with stress? I understand that Idol-life can be very stressful, so what do you do to get rid of that frustration.

    2. Do you have any before bed rituals? Like reading a story, singing a lullaby, talking with your parents/family…etc.

    4 years ago
  90. Since you have already visited some Latin American countries, How was your experience with the hispanics kissmes? -Ale from Paraguay

    4 years ago
  91. Hey uBEAT!!! <3 u kevin :D

    My question is: Do you guys plan on making any different subgroups and who would u want to be in a subgroup with? Also, is there a food in North America that you miss eating? I HOPE YOU HAVE A CONCERT IN LA SOON!!!~~~
    Crystal Ly from California, USA

    4 years ago
  92. question:

    the description says ubeat formed by rappers AJ & Eli featuring Kevin
    is it just AJ & Eli or is the description wrong?
    Keisha from Sydney, Australia

    4 years ago
  93. Which will be the name his fanclub?
    Greetings from Perú!! ♥

    4 years ago
  94. Is it raining?

    4 years ago
  95. My question is: Why didn’t they call the subgroup USA since Kevin and Eli are American and AJ is at Columbia?
    Thank you!
    Victoria from New Mexico

    4 years ago
  96. To UBeat in General…

    1. Can they say something to us Mexican American fans and say something in Spanish?
    2. What is the funniest/most memorable fan present they ever recieved?
    3. What happen to the Flute that they saw in Columbia that i saw in the Video they took in Columbia! (fans who watched it know what im talking about!)

    Coraima from Arizona US

    4 years ago
  97. Do any of the members watch Korean Dramas? If they do, which ones(: Thank you <3
    P.S. I think Kevin is so cute and his voice is so sweet!!!!(:
    Yuree from California, USA

    4 years ago
  98. My question is, what are some songs that each member listens to frequently or likes recently? Thank you!(:
    P.S. I think Kevin is so cute and super sweet! <33
    Yuree from California, USA

    4 years ago
  99. Hi! Does U-Beat have a fan club name? Thanks(:
    P.S. Kevin is so cute and his voice is solo sweet~~!
    Yuree from California, USA

    4 years ago
  100. Yay! Loved all your interviews with them so far, and sure this one is gonna be a blast too!


    1 Which of your songs would you serenade someone with?

    2 If we raided your closet right now, what would be the most surprising/interesting thing we’d find?

    3 Which artists would you love to collaborate with?

    4 If you could shoot your own MV for one of your songs, what would be the plot?

    5 Do you read any fanfic that features you? (If so, I’ll get to deleting…lol; not dirty, just corny, but I love Kevin too much not to feature him in a story, if that makes sense)

    Could you also give a fellow international school kid shout-out to AJ? Although my int’l school’s in BKK, I feel like we’re kindred! :)

    Kennedy, from Bangkok, Thailand

    4 years ago
  101. Hi! My question is for Kevin and it is: Since Eli and Kevin are both fluent english speakers, do they speak in korean, english, or both? Thank you(:
    P.S. Kevin is so cute and his voice is so sweet~~
    Yuree from California, USA

    4 years ago
  102. Hi! My question is: Is U-Kiss coming to the states soon?! If they are when and where? Thank you!!(:
    P.S. Can Kevin say Hi Yuree?(:
    Yuree from California, United States

    4 years ago
  103. Hi! My question is for Kevin(: Is your “ideal type” still Sandara Park from 2NE1 or is it someone else? Thank you!!(:
    Yuree from California, United States

    4 years ago
  104. Since Eli, Kevin, and AJ are all English speakers, will their subgroup release any songs in just English? I think it would be fun to hear a fully English song from them =3 What is their favorite song in English?

    Elizabeth from Ohio, United States of ‘Murica <3

    4 years ago
  105. Hi! I was wondering when U-Kiss is coming to the States and if they are when? Thank you!!(:
    P.S. Kevin is so cute and his voice is so sweet~~!
    Yuree from California, United States

    4 years ago
  106. Hi! (: My question: Is U-Kiss going to come to States soon!? I hope that they do!!(: Thanks!(:
    P.S. Kevin is so cute and his voice is so sweet <33
    Yuree from California, United States

    4 years ago
  107. Hai guise! This is Bonnie from Boston, MA LOL. Here are some questions i’ve always wondered! :)

    1. Being a fluent English speaker, do you sometimes lose your English touch, being in Korea so long? LOL

    2. Who came up with the name u-Beat?

    3. Have there ever been times where you’ve just wanted to quit being an idol? Would you perhaps be willing to share? ^^”

    4. Are there any shows that you guys want to be on right now? Shows like Running Man, We Got Married, Strong Heart, and etc?

    4 years ago
  108. Was it easier to practise in a sub-unit as compared to being in a group of 7 members and how does it feel like to be apart from the rest of the members?


    Will there be any more sub-units in the future consisting of the rest of the U-KISS members?

    Claire, from Singapore

    4 years ago
  109. Hello AJ, Eli, and Kevin (^~^)/ I’m a hug fan of UKiss and love the songs. This are my questions I have for UBeat:

    1. Are you guys big fan of EYK and if so how Nasty are you???
    2. What is one fan that you remember that did something (crazy) to get your attention?
    3. How close are you to each other?
    4. Do you carry something that you HAVE to take along with you when you travel and if so what is it?
    5. Do you listen to your own music?
    6. Can you all just wave hi to me

    thanks and I hope to met you all someday xoxo
    Viviana from California (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

    4 years ago
  110. Bwhahaha, Just had a random silly question.

    Do any of you guys love Ranch dressing as much as Simon does? And if so do you have your family/friends from the states ship it to you?

    Vallie from Texas

    4 years ago
  111. Hey Guise!!! It’s so awesome that you’re gonna interview U-KISS again… well part of U-KISS but still awesome nonetheless^^

    OK so my question is: Were there any memorable moments you guise had while preparing this album and what do you look forward to the most for the upcoming promotions?

    Nazaret from Providence, RI

    4 years ago
    1. Will u kiss ever come to Australia? (They have heaps of fans here)
    2. Will U beat be releasing an all english song with a mv

    3. Do you still watch kpop mondays?

    Kelly- Australia

    4 years ago
  113. Elisabeth from Norway ^^
    My question;
    What is the most memorable moment you have ever had in your life?

    4 years ago
  114. QUESTION: To AJ – What was it like living in America while studying at Columbia University?
    From: Eunmi (California, CA)

    4 years ago
  115. QUESTION: Which artist would you like to collab with? And why?
    From: Eunmi (California, USA)

    4 years ago
  116. Hi Simon hi Martina~ Hi uBEAT~! you know it’s kinda out
    of the blue that the debut of the sub-unit~so do you have a goal that you want
    to achieve? BTW, I’m a mom and I have a 5years old daughter. She danced when
    she heard, and also she can sing the chorus part of
    . And!! She can do the dance step of !And her favorite
    one is Kevin just like me!! I’m so proud of her indeed!

    Mamass from Guang Dong China

    4 years ago
  117. This is Lulu from China!!
    (I’m really upset about the earthquake in China these days T T but uBEAT’s voice really cheer me up ^^)
    SO my questions are:
    1) What are the first impressions they have for each member in UKISS??
    2) If they could reborn to another member, which one they would choose??
    3) And the last one is for AJ~~When he was studying in US, what did he do after class? found anything intresting?
    Thanks!! XD

    4 years ago
  118. I know that U-Kiss means Ubiquitous Korean International Super Star. My question what does uBEAT means? and If you guys wanted to make your own sub unit with any of the other members in U-KISS, who would you want to be in a sub unit with?

    Farah Zamri
    Kuala Lumpur ( or KL) Malaysia

    4 years ago
  119. If you were a girl, which member would you date and why??

    4 years ago
  120. Favorite Disney movie??? (That’s something I’ve always wanted to know XD)

    4 years ago
  121. What’s your idea first date??

    Have any of you ever read any fanfics?? And do you know about your OTP’s?? (Ex. Elvin….. It was the first one I could think of XD)

    4 years ago
  122. Most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you??

    4 years ago
  123. What’s your favorite track in the album and why??

    4 years ago
  124. When was your first kiss?? And with whom?…….

    If you weren’t a part of U-KISS or uBeat what would you have chosen as a career?? Any other dreams besides being singers??

    4 years ago
  125. I’d like to know what they think of their crazy Elvin and Jaevin fans. Doesn’t that make things awkward around the dorm? lol
    Jenelle from New York :)

    4 years ago
  126. If you could be an animal for a day what animal would it be and why?? (I’d be Spudgy because I really like his hair. And Spudgy is the definition of awesome…… ^.^~)

    4 years ago
  127. My question to uBeat would be: How does it feel like to be part of a subgroup?? Do you like being in uBeat more than U-KISS?? And how does it feel like to have only three members?? XD (……….. Hai Simon and Martina~ Hows life and stuff?? SPUDGY~)

    4 years ago
  128. My question is who out of the group (UKiss or UBeat) is the most deep and philosophical? Who gets caught contemplating questions like the meaning of life?

    Emily, Hong Kong

    4 years ago
  129. Hello! I have a question for U-Beat:

    If you guys weren’t in U-Kiss/U-Beat (*le gasp*), what do you think you would be doing? Would you guys just be singers in a different band/solo artists or focus on composing/choreography or would you be in a completely unrelated field. I know AJ’s studying Psychology and that Eli has wanted to act and knows martial arts, etc + Kevin’s been in a musical or two so…what do you think you’de be doing?


    Victoria from Chicago, USA

    4 years ago
  130. ammm yo quisiera asber si tener el subgrupo UBEAT afecta los planes de U KISS? mientras tanto EXITO!!!! son un gran ejemplo para las personas…..


    4 years ago
  131. Hi my name is Kira and I’m from Norway~
    My question is for AJ:
    How did it feel to go all the way to Colombia, University in NYC by yourself to study alone? Were there any times where you felt lonely and missed the other members tremendously? Can you tell us about any of these moments?


    4 years ago
  132. Hello wonderful and beautiful U-Beat~
    I was wondering what are some of your favorite activities together when you don’t have schedules planned?
    Kira from Oslo, Norway

    4 years ago
  133. Lmao, poor U-kiss. I was like, UBEAT ?? Who?? New Nugu?

    I feel bad now. It is Ukiss sub unit, my bad.

    4 years ago
  134. Hi! I’m Yvonne from Boston,MA –

    What do you think of Spudgy and Meemers??

    4 years ago
  135. Hi ! I’m Bella from Croatia ~

    Question for all: What is your goal in life?

    Kisses from Croatia (You have a lot of fans here ^^ )

    4 years ago
  136. My question is…. Since all three of you have been to the USA, what do you miss, dislike and like about America?

    -Yvonne from Boston, MA

    4 years ago
  137. I think I’m most excited that Kevin finally gets to meet Spudgy… but *ahem* fan girl mode-on

    Question question ummm
    1. During pre-debut and early debut was there an awkward moment that occurred with the members due to a culture misunderstanding or a language misunderstanding?
    2. If you had to become an animal what would it be and why?
    3. When you retire from being an idol/U-Kiss disbands (TT.TT) will you move back to USA or stay in Korea?

    Dana from USA

    4 years ago
  138. Hi! So for Eli and Kevin, what was the biggest culture shock you encountered when you came to Korea? For AJ, what was the biggest culture shock you faced in the U.S.?
    Emily (EmRem) From Connecticut, U.S.A.

    4 years ago
  139. I’ve always wondered how much of a say you guys have in terms of your wardrobes (sometimes, I can’t help but cringe) and whether you get to choose the songs you want to sing or not. Sorry if I depress you in any way if the answers are in the negative! And, is there any song of yours that you aren’t completely sick of yet? Thank you,

    Hamneh from New York

    4 years ago
  140. You can re-live any point of time in your life. The time-span can only be a half-hour, though. What half-hour of your past would you like to experience again? -Gabrielle (Gabbie), Wisconsin USA

    4 years ago
  141. If you could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be??
    -Gabrielle (Gabbie), Wisconsin USA

    4 years ago
  142. Do you think anyone in U-KISS will be married in 5 years??
    -Gabrielle (Gabbie), Wisconsin USA

    4 years ago
  143. Questions:

    1) To ELI: Since becoming a K-pop idol have you
    ever gotten the opportunity to use your Taekwondo and Kung Fu skills? Could you
    show some of those skills during the interview? (You don’t have to if you don’t
    want to but it would be awesome!)

    2) ALL: If, in the future, you had the opportunity
    to be part of a drama or movie, what type of role would you like to play? I’ve
    heard playing the villain is fun, but which would you enjoy most?

    3) ALL: What do you like to do for fun during your
    free time (if you have any that is)?

    4 years ago
  144. Coming from the US, what were the biggest problems and difficulties you guys faced when you started your careers in music? Have you ever felt discouraged, and what then helped you push through and continue?
    Brandon from San Jose, California

    4 years ago
  145. Hello, this is Stefania from Romania

    I want to ask, how it comes that you three were chosen to form uBEAT? why you three? It was a hard decision to do this just the three of you, because until now, for 5 years you sang only as a 7 member group. Thank you!

    also can you say hi to Romanian fans? You have a lot of fans here and they love you so much! [hi in Romanian is SALUT – this is only if you will want to say it in Romanian]

    4 years ago
  146. Hi i have questions from texas…
    considering mass use of the internet…
    1. have you ever listened to another countries music or just found a style on the internet and wanted to bring that into your songs?
    2. have you ever considered posting to help others learn korean? you must understand the hardships and nuances of learning korean,
    3. S&M covered that the kpop that is hot in korea and kpop that is popular for international fans is
    not all ways the same, do you think a kpop band can become a world star while singing korean? though i understand psy is known to be honest right now it is one song that is world wide. i mean something larger then that… think micheal j, madonna or beyonce.
    and will being world wide change koreans opinions of the group? can you names a band or person that helped paved the way for korean bands or maybe for american koreans?
    thanks erica
    P.S. how does a non korean, non korean reading person ask questions to bands?

    4 years ago
  147. Hi!

    My questions:

    #1 – How those Hoonmorning, Binmorning, Seopmorning and the other ( Eli….just no..please) came to you guys? Was it like Hoon invented it and it spread through almost the whole UKISS? :D

    #2 – To AJ: How was the time you spent at the university and did you try anything new out there? What was that?

    #3 – Will ever be official photo cards for your albums? I’d really love if you do.

    Thank you~!

    I was Emy from Hungary ^^
    Love you guys <3

    4 years ago
  148. I want to let the members know that they have fans in Turkey too! What do they think about Turkey and the fans in Turkey?
    Love you guys!

    4 years ago
  149. This is so awesome!

    My questions:

    1. Do you like other K-pop artists? (if so, who??)
    2. Kevin and Eli, do you still have a lot of friends in America? What do they (and your family as well) think of your K-pop career?
    3. Do you still have dreams for the future?
    4. Can I marry you guys (all three of you :D)?

    Thank you!

    Sylvia (from the Netherlands)

    4 years ago
    • OH! And AJ, what do people at your university think of your K-pop career? Do they treat you differently?

      4 years ago
  150. Hi~! I have 3 Qs for them.

    first of all, I hope you’re doing great guys! hugs and kisses for all of you!

    1. With which artist would you like to do a collaboration with and why?

    2. What do you guys think about long-distance relationships? Would you date a girl from a non-Asian country? (And if so, Kevin, would you be my boyfriend!? :P)

    3. Would you like for your girlfriend or just a friend to call you “Oppa”?

    bye bye! take care! love you ^^

    (Nallely; Mexican KissMe ) (if you’re to chose my Qs, the “llely” part in my name is pronounced “jae-ly”)

    4 years ago
  151. Here is my question for uBEAT:

    How do you guys cope with changing your hair color so much? I wonder how all of you haven’t gone bald yet. Especially Kevin. Any hair loss problems?

    Hilal from İstanbul, Turkey.

    Looking forward to the interview! :) Have fun~!

    4 years ago
  152. Hey again! haha

    I would like to know (at least one of them, please):

    1. Which song they would dedicate to the person they love the most? (if you could sing it it would be awesome)

    2. When you’re full of stress what activities do you do to calm down?

    3. To AJ (and I think that Eli can answer this too) what do you think when you’re composing songs? What’s your inspiration?

    Thank you guys! Lots of love!
    Nanyky, from Puerto Rico

    4 years ago
  153. Kim from Michigan wants to know: If you could create a Kpop super group, which idols would you pick and why?

    4 years ago
  154. Hi~! I have 3 Qs for them.
    first of all, I hope you’re doing great guys! hugs and kisses for all of you!

    1. With which artist would you like to do a collaboration with and why?

    2. What do you guys think about long-distance relationships? Would you date a girl from a non-Asian country? (And if so, Kevin, would you be my boyfriend!? :P)

    3. Would you like for your girlfriend or just a friend to call you “Oppa”?

    bye bye! take care! love you ^^

    (Nallely; Mexican KissMe ) (if you’re to chose my Qs, the “llely” part in my name is pronounced “jae-ly”)

    4 years ago
  155. Hello! ^-^
    Since Kevin and Eli were born in the States, and AJ went there to study, I would like to know If they know something of Puerto Rico or if they would ever travel here? And if they could send a message for their fans in Puerto Rico (either in english or spanish).

    Thank you guys~!

    Nanykyo from Puerto Rico

    4 years ago
  156. hi its ryana from Mauritius

    Did you know u have fans in Mauritius ?

    please say hi to mauritius kiss mes :)

    4 years ago
  157. Thank you so much Simon and Martina for interviewing uBEAT ^w^ ♥

    Here are my questions for uBEAT:

    – On uBEAT’s album is written ”1st mini album”, are you going to release a 2nd album?

    – Between the three members of uBEAt, who has the better English?

    – As U-KISS stands for ”Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Super Star”, uBEAT stands for…?

    – Would you like to have an official fanclub in Europe? *European Kiss Me would like to be recognize as official kk~*

    From Megane, a Beatme from France *well, “Beatme” sounds weird, isn’t it? kk~*

    4 years ago
  158. Amy

    My question is for AJ. Out of the three of you, you are the only one who hasn’t bleached his hair. So my question is, are there any plans to do so soon?

    Amy from Australia

    4 years ago
  159. Belinda from Australia

    Are you going to release an MV for Party all the Time?

    4 years ago
  160. Elisabeth from Norway ^^
    My question;
    What is the most memorable moment you have ever had in your life?

    4 years ago
  161. I haven’t any question, but… maybe…are you able to tell them “We KissMes are always on your side” and “We are proud of you”? -Sorry, my english isn’t good- >-<
    Martina from Austria

    4 years ago
  162. My question is to Eli and Kevin, and it’s do they miss anything from the USA, if so then what? Also, if they speak more comfortably English or Korean?

    It’s really does change! I moved from California to Germany a year ago and I find myself mixing up languages German and English often XD

    Sarah from Germany

    Side note: I know that there are quite a lot of German KissMes!!!!

    4 years ago
  163. Lisa from Sydney, Australia, would like to ask a silly question of the boys :)

    What is your favourite Disney movie and if you had to do a cover version of a song from that movie, which song would you pick?

    4 years ago
  164. I miss Mordney!!! Yay Hope he makes an appearance in the Interview it would be so epic!!! (^_^)

    4 years ago
  165. 1) If you guys were in a drama fighting over the same girl, who would ending up getting her?

    2) since I love Kevin and Eli, i just have to ask. would you guys ever date a fan?

    Eirin from Norway < 3

    4 years ago
  166. OHMYGOSH! There are some things I’ve been curious about, so I definitely have questions!!!!

    1) To Eli and Kevin: Since you are Koreans who grew up in America, were you exposed to any Korean language or culture before you moved to Korea for your music activities? And are either of you half-American? For some reason I feel like Eli might be…

    2) AJ: Was it difficult becoming a new member in an already established group? What do you think were the advantages and disadvantages of being in that situation?

    3) All of you are so hardworking! Do you ever get really tired and just wish you could take a break soon?

    4) Eli and Kevin again: Was it difficult moving from America to Korea and what were the most strange or difficult things for you to adapt to?

    5) How do you guys feel about that fanfic stuff? You three seem to be paired up a lot in them so does it make you feel awkward or do you laugh at it? Or does it not matter to you at all?

    – Jessica from Pennsylvania, United States :)

    4 years ago
  167. There’s already plenty of fantastic questions here, so I’ll leave my silly little ones…
    1. Have any of you thought about doing an a capella (without instruments) version of any of your songs, or a brand new song? Your voices are already perfect melodies; I’d think that it might be a fantastic thing to try, if you’re interested. :0
    2. Do you have any plans to visit the US and perform at any time? I’d love to see you guys, but I can understand if you don’t want to visit, ahaha.
    I’d also like to know all of their favorite colors, but that’s just me being me….

    4 years ago
  168. With some of you guys being english speakers, can you say supercalifragilisticespiallidoscious? XD also do you guys practice english rhymes? like peter piper?

    Talanna from US.
    *East Coast! Woot woot!

    4 years ago
  169. Hey guys ~~ I’m not very good to express myself in english, but I’ll try to do my best ^^/

    1) Will U-KISS/uBEAT come in France soon?

    2) With which member do you like making fan-service?

    3) Sometimes, do you have some quarrels?

    4) Are you more attracted by asian girls or other-country girls?

    5) Who is the sexiest member in uBEAT :D (haha)?

    Love you guys, especially AJ :P
    Lily, from France ~

    4 years ago
  170. What weather to you hate/like the most? XD
    Helena from Gothenburg Sweden

    4 years ago
  171. ka

    HI. Sorry. i’m kinda in a daze from this. I have a few questions i wanna ask tho…. and ya this is from Ka Kiu (pronounced Ka Kyu)
    from Hong Kong
    umm welllllll…. here it goes……..

    1. Will you guys release english songs?

    2. Do you teach the members english continuously? Who’s the best of the non-english speaking members?

    3. How different is it being in a sub group rather than as U-Kiss together? Do you prefer it that way?

    4. What music has caught your eyes recently? English and Korean :)

    5. How is your english? has it gotten worse since the last interview?

    6. What groups are you interested in nowadays? Or have any groups caught your attention recently?

    7. How much culture difference is there? were you guys really shocked about some things when you came to korea?

    8. Why was uBeat made of all english speaking members? was it planned for branching out to the States?

    9. Are you guys ever against the lyrics in your songs? Do you ever think like why do we have to sing this?

    10. If uBeat were to cover 2 songs- English and Korean- which two would you want?

    11. Do you ever regret becoming an idol? Why or why not?

    12. If you could change anything about yourself what would you change?

    13. If you could be in another kpop group, which would you want to be in? Why?

    14. If you were another member in U-Kiss, who would you want to be and why?

    15. Which country that you havent been to do you want to go to perform? Why that particular country?

    Sorry if it was a lot of questions…. just casually trying to keep it as little as possible hahahhahahaha…… me fangirling intensely over here.

    4 years ago
  172. YAY!! My fave Kpop dudes Kevin and Eli are the best…I wondered what are each of your favourite or signature dance moves? Could you show us?

    I’m so excited!!! :D
    Carolina Melbourne, Australia


    4 years ago
  173. Yaaay~! Awesme news guise! ..<]

    4 years ago
  174. I can’t wait for the interview!

    My question for uBeat is: How do you feel about forming a subunit and what are the other members opinions about it? Also, is U-Kiss planning to do a European tour and which countries would you like to visit?

    Question for Kevin: During performance, if you saw a girl you like in the audience, what would you do? Lots of kisses!!!
    uBeat has all my support! I love you guys! <3
    Forever Kissme! PS: Can Kevin send me a kiss?
    Marina from Serbia

    4 years ago
  175. This is to all three what do you guys miss about being idol? And what obstacles did you guys personally face during your trainee period? – Tabitha from Australia :)

    4 years ago
  176. Questions:
    1.) Have any of the U-Kiss members read fanfics? (specifically Jaevin, Seopvin, Elvin, or Soohoon Fanfics?)
    2.) Do you or any of the members plan to release a solo album in the future?
    3.) Will you be having a world tour soon? and if you will, will Philippines be one of the stops?

    U-Kiss JJANG!!
    Nikki from the Philippines <3

    4 years ago
  177. KEVIN!!! Why are you not following Dara on Twitter??? YOu’re one of her biggest fanboy!! DO IT please!!^^ Glyn from the Philippines :D

    4 years ago
  178. This is to all three what do you guys miss about being idol? And what obstacles did you guys personally face during your trainee period? – Tabitha from Australia :) 2

    4 years ago
  179. My question to uBEAT:
    How do they feel being in a subunit group? Do they like being as a whole group or just uBEAT? Will they feature more singers or sing themselves, since they are both rappers?
    From Cambodia!! UKISS, Cambodia misses you!! <3

    4 years ago
  180. Question: Since all of you are fluent in english, can we expect any all english songs? *fingers crossed* uBEAT Fighting! I love you Kevin <3

    Kassie, Arizona-USA

    4 years ago
  181. This is awesome! :D
    Questions to everyone:
    1. We know that Simon and Martina tease AJ about his math lyrics all the time, but what were your favorite school subjects?
    2. How many countries can you name in English (and/or Korean)? (We just had a test where we had to know ALL of the world’s countries, in Finnish though. It was dreadful, but it’s always funny to watch people’s reactions when they try to name as many countries as they can from the top of their heads :D)

    Hilppa, from Finland

    4 years ago
  182. Here’s a question for Kevin and Eli..>_< .Do you guys know the exist of the couple Elvin~~XD How do you feel about it~cuz it's kinda creepy for some of the Kissmes~~hopefully it's not for you two~ and we really love the atmosphere you guys staying together~

    Mamass from Guang Dong China

    4 years ago
  183. ila

    1.When your schedule gets crazy and all of the members start to get really stressed, what do you do to de-stress yourselves?
    2.If a zombie apocalypse occurs while you guys are on stage, what would you do? :)

    Aila from the Philippines

    4 years ago
  184. Here’s a question for Kevin and Eli..>_< .Do you guys know the exist of the couple Elvin~~XD How do you feel about it~cuz it's kinda creepy for some of the Kissmes~~hopefully it's not for you two~ and we really love the atmosphere you guys staying together~

    4 years ago
  185. yayeeee so glad they are coming in I hope Eli and Spudgy meet that would be awesome!
    anyway my question for uBeat is how does it feel knowing that you and your music in uBeat and u-kiss helps people in their lives all over the world?
    Catherine the United Kingdom

    4 years ago
  186. I know that U-Kiss means Ubiquitous Korean International Super Star. My question what does uBEAT means and If you guys wanted to make your own sub unit with any of the other members in U-KISS, who would you want to be in a sub unit with?

    Farah Zamri
    Kuala Lumpur ( or KL) Malaysia

    4 years ago
  187. (Kawther from Bahrain!!!)
    I wanna know who came up with this combination of members for uBeat?? And why??


    4 years ago
  188. I know that U-Kiss means Ubiquitous Korean International Super Star. My question what does uBEAT means and If you guys wanted to make your own sub unit with any of the other members in U-KISS, who would you want to be in a sub unit with?

    Farah Zamri
    Kuala Lumpur ( or KL) Malaysia

    4 years ago
  189. is it possible that UBEAT can have a world tour?
    (Zel from Philippines)

    4 years ago
  190. question for Kevin
    How does it feel to be featuring for uBEAT? thanks! ♥

    (Zel from Philippines)

    4 years ago
  191. I would like to know if you guys have role models that you look up to.

    Maria from Australia

    4 years ago
  192. 1.) Amongst the three of you, who has the best “aegyo” and who has the least “aegyo”? Could you show us some of your aegyo moves? :)
    2.) If you were to describe your personality using foods, which food would each of you be?
    – Celyne from Bahrain

    We all know Kevin’s gonna win this, but hey, never hurts to give it a shot, right? haha

    P.S. : My name’s pronounced as “se-lin” just like “Celine” a a “y” was used instead xD

    4 years ago
  193. Oh gosh it’s UKISS’s uBEAT first visit to your studio!! *______* (It would’ve been awesome if Soohyun, Hoon, Dongho and Kiseop-nim had come too…) I already listened to their debut song and it’s such a breath of fresh air! Please give uBEAT your support!!

    Uhm… I don’t think we change our fandom name .. I mean since uBEAT is affiliated to UKISS, the groups are like family so we’re still KISSmes ^^

    Here are my questions:

    1. What plans do you guise(uBEAT) have for the future? Are you planning on doing collaboration songs?( for U-KISS: It would be cool if you could do covers of different English or Korean songs :) )

    2. I heard that Kevin isn’t a permanent member of the group. Do you plan on inserting different members from different groups on certain song promotions, on the future?

    I don’t know what else to ask…. = . = Hope you guise could take care of your health and drink less redbull (:P), coffee has some good health properties like: it can reduce risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, reduce risk of gallstone disease, and improve your cognitive performance…if taken wisely and not in big quantities. And how is Dongho lately…. somehow I feel like he’s kind of left out…convince your management team to bring him more out in the open… and treat him nicely…it’s nice when all of you get along you know?

    Ana from Romania

    P.S: guise… I think I know why Simon doesn’t like his coffee… because you don’t put any sugar (or cream?) in it (‘_’) I bet I would hate it too if I didn’t… and I use brown sugar cause it’s more healthy (they should have the brown sugar option in coffee or tea shops…. or do they?)


    4 years ago
  194. Amongst the three of you, who has the best “aegyo” and who has the least “aegyo”? Could you show us some of your aegyo moves? :)
    – Celyne from Bahrain

    We all know Kevin’s gonna win this, but hey, never hurts to give it a shot, right? haha

    P.S. : My name’s pronounced as “se-lin” just like “Celine” but a “y” was used instead xD

    4 years ago
  195. Amongst the three of you, who has the best “aegyo” and who has the least “aegyo”? Could you show us some of your aegyo moves? :)
    – Celyne from Bahrain

    We all know Kevin’s gonna win this, but hey, never hurts to give it a shot, right? haha

    P.S. : My name’s pronounced as “se-lin” just like “Celine” a a “y” was used instead xD

    4 years ago

    1. Kevin, Eli & Aj, do you have abs? xD

    2. For Eli and Kevin, Do you still communicate with u-KISS’s ex-members Alexander and Kibum oppa?

    3. You are all very busy. DO YOU STILL EAT ON TIME AND SLEEP OR REST? i’m worried about your health.

    4. Do you think its possible for an idols like you to fall in love with a fan?

    5. How often do you see your family since you guys are really busy domestically and overseas?
    (xtine from Philippines)

    4 years ago
  197. QUESTIONS *cross fingers* i hope u’ll ask this to them

    1. Do they have plans in promoting their album overseas like Philippines?

    2. How did they choose members of U-Beat? Aj & Eli are the rappers, why is Dongho not part of it?

    3. Some fans comments that U-beat’s member is Kevin ft. Aj & Eli instead of vice versa, what can you say about that?

    4. Do you read all your mentions in twitter?

    5. if U-KISS’s fans are called Kissme’s, then U-Beat’s fans are?? Beat me’s? xDD

    6. Why is their album have/has a lot of song remixes.

    7. Fans creates OTP’s (one true pairing) in U-KISS. such as ELVIN, JAEVIN, VINSEOP etc. Are you aware of that?

    (xtine from Philippines)

    4 years ago
  198. Hi! I’m Mai from england…although I’m in japan right now XD

    1) since being in two groups must mean having a really tight schedule, I want to know how you guys cope with all the work, and if you ever get time off? Don’t you ever suffer from exhaustion? The amount of effort the members put into everything just amazes me!

    2) I was wondering if you guys would ever serenade a girl, with a U-KISS/uBEAT song to win her heart XD

    4 years ago
  199. It’s a big chance ! XD

    My question to Kevin : You had much more lines in 있을때 잘해줄 걸 (Should Have Treated You Better) than Eli and AJ , were you thought of become one of uBEAT members ?
    My question to Eli : If you’re not attend Taekwondo in your young age till now , how much size and hardness of your thigh are you now ?

    My question to AJ : What was the first thing you thought at the time you officially become U-Kiss member ?

    (Fatin Nadhirah from Malaysia)

    4 years ago
  200. Hey I’m Nancy Au from Australia.
    1. Do you check things like fan blogs and other things to see what KissMes Are thinking?
    2. Have you gone through the google plus official KissMe pages? (There have been a lot of fan projects on there)
    3. How are you feeling about not being able to perform with the rest of UKISS, does it get lonely?

    4 years ago
  201. What are your favorite clothes? And the least favorite ones? In Martina’s case – she really hates turtlenecks. Do You have something like that? Arta from Latvia

    4 years ago
  202. yay! Can’t wait for the interview! My questions are:
    If you guys had to switch places with another member of u-kiss for a day, who would you pick and why? o_O
    Also I would love to know what other artists have influenced the members of Ubeat musically, what sort of music do they listen to in their spare time?
    Thanks! From Annica! Much love from Sydney, Australia (and you guys definitely have to come down here sometime! :D)

    4 years ago
  203. uBEAT Question —->>>> Do you plan on making any all English songs? Kasey from Australia

    4 years ago
  204. Hey Simon and Martina, Kevin, Eli and AJ~ ^^

    I would like to ask if you can show us a bit of role twist? XD

    That is…. Kevin would rap and Eli and AJ sing Should Have Treated You Better…

    Joan from Philippines~

    4 years ago
  205. Annyeonghaseyo ^^ I’m Tlhompho from SA too. It’s my first time seeing another kpopper from SA, so i just thought i’d say hi and hope we can fangirl together :)

    4 years ago
  206. If you were a type of food, what would you be and why?

    Which country (that you haven’t yet been to) would you most like to tour to?

    Which country would you most like to go on holiday to?

    (AJ, are you going to get a hypotenuse t-shirt? XD)

    What’s a concept that you’d really like to do for one of your MVs?

    Eleanor, UK

    4 years ago
  207. If you could choose any two celebrities to be your parents, who would you pick?
    Rose – Brisbane, Australia.

    4 years ago
  208. Haaaaiyo ^.^ My name is Connie and I’m from Sydney, Australia ^.^

    I’ve got just 3 questions for UBeat !

    1. What is your favorite childhood memory?

    2. We all know you love KissMes, but if you have to say one thing; what DON’T you like about your fans?

    3. Do you mind dating a fan?

    [That’s all, have a great day and *fingers crossed* my questions get chosen xD
    P.S. I’m looking forward to AJ’s reaction when he sees Simon’s shirt. LOLOLOL :333]

    4 years ago
  209. Most of the good questions have already been asked xD so here are mine:

    1. What do you guys personally think about your constant homelessness in videos? Do you think it’s annoying or funny?
    2. Are there any other kpop groups you are inspired by?
    3. I’m always impressed by the fact that you guys work really hard, having a lot of comebacks and now in a subgroup. Does your manager ever give you holidays? We Kissmes are worried about you overworking yourself.
    – Dorothea from Germany

    4 years ago
  210. Because Kevin an Eli are from the US and AJ studied in the US, what do you guys miss about living in the US?
    -Victoria from Riverside/San Diego California

    4 years ago
  211. I ask this from the assumption that you didn’t plan on or even imagine being kpop stars:)

    Question: Before your road to stardom, what did you wish to do/be when you grew up?

    Jovana, from Pancevo, Serbia

    4 years ago
  212. U-kiss has experimented with a lot of different styles of music since debut, so I was wondering:
    – What sort of style of music do you like to sing/rap or compose (for AJ)?
    – Do you have one type of music that you just really enjoy performing over another? Like faster paced songs or ballad-y ones?
    – Are your (the members of uBEAT) preferred musical styles different to the other members of U-KISS and similar to each other and so do you think that uBEAT will develop quite a different sort of sound to U-KISS overtime?
    – Because the 2+1 members of uBEAT are fluent in English, will we be hearing some english songs from you guys in the future?
    – Do you guys know how amazingly awesome and super talented you are? hehe :P
    Lauren, Australia :D

    4 years ago
  213. Hello!

    (My question applies for everyone)
    ~If you guys were given a chance to add another member of U-KISS to uBEAT, who would you choose? Why? Just choose only ONE. *I know it’s kinda hard to choose but I want to know. haha sorry* :”>

    Lizeth from Philippines ^_~

    4 years ago
  214. 1. Do you miss anything such as food or products in america that are not in korea?

    2. To AJ: how was living outside of Korea? Did you experience any culture shock? Did you ask Eli and Kevin for any advise?
    <3 to AJ I also went to an Ivy League.

    3. My last question is. What are your thoughts on Sun's marriage? What would you look for in a woman and by what age would you like to be married?

    Paola from LA, California.

    4 years ago
  215. Question:
    What does it feel having a subunit consisting of you?^^

    – Nicole from the Philippines♡

    4 years ago
  216. Yay~!

    1. Do you miss Alexander and Kibum? Did you buy Kibum’s first mini album?
    2. Is uBEAT going to have a fansign? xD
    3. When it’s all three of you guys only do you speak english or korean?
    4. Is U-KISS ever going to go to the States?
    5. Would you date a fan?
    6. If you could do anything other than being a singer, what would you want to do?
    7. This is a question for Eli: Are you happy that your younger sister and your mom moved to Korea?
    8. Was there a time when a fan did something for you and you were really touched by it? (worded weirdly lol)

    (Camille Kim^^ from Korea~!)

    4 years ago
  217. What is the top priority goal/aim for uBEAT? And also will U-Kiss come to Australia?(Melbourne^^) because you have many KissMes waiting for you here!!! Love you guys lots❤(legit love you guys lots lol)

    Kristy from Melbourne, Australia~

    4 years ago
  218. interesting, UBEAT is also going on After School Club. Exposure time!

    4 years ago
  219. My one and only question, is…What do they think about fanfics? T.T…please ask.. I am dying to know x’D.

    ~Valerie, from Wichita, Kansas (USA)

    4 years ago
  220. Hi!! I love U-KISS and now uBEAT, with all my heart :)

    My questions are:

    1)How they imagine their lives when they will be 40 years old?
    2)AJ do you have any techniques of studying? please tell us, and How do you organize your time to study at Columbia University, sing, model, japanese and english language? how do you do all of this?

    Love you. Ananí from Bolivia!!

    4 years ago
  221. Who is your best friend among the ukiss members?!

    4 years ago
  222. I’m so looking forward to this interview!!! I love these guys so much XD
    Question(s)- Do you like anime? What is/are your favourite ones?

    Chanel from Barbados (Caribbean)

    4 years ago
  223. I would like to if they have a favorite animal either normal or exotic? If so why is it your favorite?

    Leah Shaw from Alberta Canada

    4 years ago
  224. whaddup! my questions are…

    1. How do you guys feel about this whole sub-unit thingy since uBEAT is the first sub-unit of UKISS?

    2. How long does it take for you guys to prepare for uBEAT’s debut?

    3. Do you guys sing in the shower?

    -Damia, Malaysia

    4 years ago
  225. How was AJ’s experiences at the university?


    4 years ago
  226. -What do you think about the Latin Kissmes?
    -The information in allkpop about uBEAT is “uBEAT’ stands for ‘U-KISS’ and ‘BEAT’, and is comprised of members Eli andAJ with a featuring from main vocalist Kevin” so… is it the three of you or only Eli and AJ?
    -Why did you decide to have a subgroup & how did you choose the 3 of you?
    Thanks and we wait for you in MEXICO! :)
    Parcelita from MEXICO

    4 years ago
  227. They based on what, when they choose the 3 of you to represent the u-beat??
    What was the thing that made you more qualified from the others to represent the u-beat??
    Ghadeer Alqaq from Jordan.

    4 years ago
  228. what is the difference of uBEAT and Ukiss when it comes to music styles?
    much love… Rogelle from Philippines :D

    4 years ago
  229. Um is this a good idea? They might demand their golden spudgy.

    For AJ, what was it like going from being in a kpop group to going to college and then back into that lifestyle? And for Eli and Kevin, what quirks or habits have you acquired from living in Korea? Oh Kevin, how hard are you trying to control yourself from holding Spudgy and/or Meemers?

    Maegan from Hawaii, USA

    4 years ago
  230. Hi~! I have 2 Qs for the 3 of them.

    1. With which artist would you like to do a collaboration with and why?
    2. What do you guys think about long-distance relationships? Would you date a girl from a non-Asian country? (if so, Kevin, would you be my boyfriend!? :P)

    (Nallely; Mexican KissMe )

    (if you’re to chose my Qs, the “llely” part in my name is pronounced “jae-ly”)

    4 years ago
    • Please don’t post the same questions multiple times.
      Rather than encouraging S&M to choose your questions; I think it would leave a bad impression instead.

      4 years ago
      • you see, I knew somebody would say something about it but you know, I’m not the only one doing it so…

        4 years ago
  231. Do they have any future plans to make a full English album? thanks

    Yesenia from California USA

    4 years ago
  232. 1) If you could go anywhere in the world for a day (or a week) and not be recognized, where would you go and what would you do?
    2) You guys are so busy these days! Is there any aspect of your life you’ve had to leave behind that you miss?

    Angela from North Carolina, USA

    4 years ago
  233. 1.why kevin always lean in when he laugh after he had eyes contacts with eli? A__A

    2.any difficulties while havinf sub unit?

    3. why kevin join uBEAT, instaed of soohyun or hoon?

    (yan from Hong Kong)^_^ ubeat hwaiting <333

    4 years ago
  234. omg.. their song isn’t even out yet! can you give us a preview of your song? concept of this song?

    or if this interview is after the song gets released, what is the image for uBeat and how is it different from uKiss

    (Chloe, Missouri, USA)

    4 years ago
  235. ah I’m so happy that you’re going to interview them again! :D
    My question is: Who’s their “best friend” within the group? (included U-Kiss) I’m asking because of Kevin >.< in Weekly Idol he said that didn't have any friends & that he isn't even close to one of the members ._. (that was 2 years ago but I watched it just a few months ago o:) really my heart broke into thousends of pieces D: but I still can't believe that he isn't even close to one of the others

    Tabea, Germany

    4 years ago
  236. will they sing an english song?the three guys are good at english.i think they could make an english ablum

    4 years ago
  237. and will they have another ablum next time?like mini2?

    4 years ago
  238. aha~~~~can you ask when ukiss will come to china?not include HK Taiwan.

    4 years ago
  239. 1. do you ever think any pictures taken of you are terrible? (the fans don’t btw)
    2. how are the fans treating you in the different countries you have visited? Are some crazier, more annoying or more respectful to your privacy than others?
    3. what is the hardest part about visiting another country? The language, food, people?
    You are doing a great job and all your fans know how hard you work! Just wish it was easier to get your CDs here (at least thank you itunes)

    4 years ago
  240. Since
    u are all fluent English speakers, will you guys release a full album
    in English? Cuz it would definitely help to reach out to more of us
    international fans even more, Thanks!
    -Leanne from Vancouver, Canada

    4 years ago
  241. Which Sunbae/Sunbaenim do u all look up to the most in the kpop industry? Also, what is your ideal girl type? :D –Leanne from Vancouver, Canada

    4 years ago
  242. OOOOOOH MY GOD YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW EXCITED I AM :3333 Excuse me while I… *does a random, crazy, happy dance* hem, okay, I’m good. Okaaaay question time!! (Ugh I’m so bad at questions D: )

    1. If there was a magical unicorn invasion, what would you do?

    2. A tomato is trying to eat your left foot. What is your reaction?

    3. Do you like the color of limes?

    4. If you could be one animal for a day, what would you be?

    5. What kind of super hero would you be?

    6. Favorite element (like fire, wind, water, stuff like that)?

    7. Magic power?

    Lexi from Houston, Texas! *insert epic dance of epiness.

    4 years ago
  243. My question is for AJ! “What was it like studying abroad in New York? How has it influenced you? What did you miss the most about Korea?”
    So excited to see Kevin! (The original Nasty!)

    From Madeleine in Spain

    4 years ago
  244. I love you guys so much, and I love the song ^_^ I wish for a successful promotion <3


    1. What was the atmosphere like for you, as you were preparing to promote as a sub-unit?
    2. For AJ:How was your time at Columbia? I am sure you did well! <3 ^_^
    3. If you can pick a movie genre to describe yourself(personality wise), what would you pick and why?
    4. Were any of you nervous about promoting in a sub-unit?

    Aja from California (pronounced like Asia) ^_^


    4 years ago
  245. My question:
    What is your favorite style of clothes and hair styles from your music videos??
    I like Kevin in “Doradora,” Eli in “Believe,” and Aj in “Tick Tack.”

    Nancy from Long Beach, CA

    4 years ago
  246. LOL, I want to ask but there are like A LOT of questions… So, all i can say is…. uBEAT fighting!!!!!! I love you kevin!!!!

    4 years ago
  247. Do you read fanfics and if so what do you think of them? If you could ship yourself with any other member who would it be and why?
    Kelly from Ottawa Canada

    4 years ago
  248. QUESTION: (For everyone) What is you favorite song on the tracklist?
    From: Eunmi (California, USA)

    4 years ago

    For Kevin – Can you rap?

    For Eli & AJ – Can you sing?

    from: Eunmi (California, USA)

    4 years ago
  250. question for kevin. why don’t you try to be rapper, that’ll be awe :)
    Irwinna, Indonesia

    4 years ago
  251. Hi I am Amy and I’m from Australia.
    I just wanted to first say ‘Hey!’ and say how awesome the new album is <3
    But my question is:
    'If you could be any other K-POP artist, who would you be?
    And you cannot say any of your other U-KISS members.'

    Thank you!!
    Please come visit us soon ^^

    4 years ago
    We like to be called ‘HeartBEATs’. ‘BEATme’ sounds a little naughty. XD
    Okay, Questions to ask:
    1. Who are you music inspirations/role models?
    2. Which of your songs do you enjoy performing the most (Either UKISS or uBEAT songs)?
    3. If you had a time machine, is there something you would go back and change?
    4. What superpower would you like to have?
    (Sarah from Queensland, Australia)

    4 years ago
  253. Liz

    Liz from California
    1. Which one of you would make the best dad or is the best with kids?
    2. How open are you to dating outside of your race or culture?
    3. What do you like best about being in a subgroup or what do you hate about it?
    ~thank you for reading (=^,^=)

    4 years ago
  254. Awesome!!!

    My question for uBeat would be, since all three of them are good English speaker do they ever try and talk English to fans? Also do would any of you ever date a fan or none Korean girl?

    Dianela Mendoza from Goshen, Indiana

    btw you say my name like Daniela its just spelled diffrent

    4 years ago
  255. if they are not singers, what would they want to be ???

    —-> Leenna from Malaysia

    4 years ago
  256. Hey {>w<} where in the world would you live after your married and have kids? Would you live in Europe,north or South America , Asia, ect . Thank you for reading this~ p.s I'm jailene and I'm a kiss me fan.^•^ ukiss/ubeat fighting!!

    4 years ago
  257. Wow mods, you aren’t kidding U-Kiss does have the largest fan base on EYK. So hard to scroll through and see what’s been asked already so I’ll just ask away :D

    My Question is for AJ ^_^

    AJ when you are writing and composing music who are some of the artist/genres that influence you? Also do you wrote based on emotional/personal experiences or what’s popular at the moment.

    Vallie – El Paso, Texas

    PS Should on the almost impossible chance you pick my question, my name is pronounced like the word valley.

    4 years ago
  258. Yeah yeah yeah, I’ve got a question…. Why in the flying pigeon would Eli go walking around the Taiwon airport with his fly down? He’s a dude! That thing is… Never mind I can’t even go there. I have to assume he didnt realize it, but how long did it take for him to notice or for someone to point it out to him.

    Yes this is a legitimate question. Miri from New Jersey.

    4 years ago
  259. Do you think that in the future, there will be songs written all in English by uBEAT?
    (Ashley from Canada)

    4 years ago
  260. Gabby Sanchez Bello from New Jersey
    1)How does it feel promoting with only three members and not as a whole group?
    2)Also, uBeat’s members are all English speakers. Do you still speak in Korean to each other or do you use English more often now? Lots of Love from New Jersey <3

    4 years ago
  261. I know you’re in competition with other groups, but are there any male groups that you guys enjoy?? Backstage who are you guys friends with?? -Gabbie, Wisconsin USA

    (Btw, uKISS’ Standing Still was the first and only cd I’ve bought that’s K-Pop so far, I love you guys so much and I hope nothing but the best for you all! uKISS & uBEAT fighting!!)

    4 years ago
  262. What are some of the things you wish you could do or miss, that you can’t do since you’re famous and people would recognize you?

    ~Joanna from Canadaaaa

    4 years ago
  263. For all: When you were found out you were going to be in a side unit what were your responses to it? Like were you really happy, worried about even more lack of sleep because of promotions (I hear idols don’t get much) etc etc? -Maisie from New Zealand (Where you guys should totally go….especially to the capital…..yeah…..)

    4 years ago
  264. R u guys planning to perform in the States someday in the future?, since you guys performed at the Hollywood Bowl in 2011 and for Kevin: Can you sing for me?
    Ashley from Derby, Kansas

    4 years ago
  265. My Question, Mainly To Eli:

    Can you do Aegyo? *-* PLEASE!!!! ELI !

    and Send me Greetings :’D please! I’m peruvian Kiss me! :D

    – Ale from Perú –

    4 years ago
  266. Hello, Eli, AJ, and Kevin! I want to know, what is the process of writing songs like? Do you write the instrumental first, or the lyrics? Do you compose it all electronically, or go old-fashioned with a piano, pencil, and paper? I’m a classical musician, so I’ve always been curious. -Erica from the US, East Coast

    4 years ago
  267. My Question ,Mainly To All:

    you would like to return to Peru?
    and Eli ..You can send Greetings? :’D Please! T_T

    -Ale from Perú-

    4 years ago
  268. Since all of you are fluent in english, do you ever help out the other members with their english, or teach them, or do you ever tease them about it?
    And what are the benefits of being bilingual?
    -Marisa from Utah.

    4 years ago
  269. Hey.

    *~Question for AJ~*
    I’m a freshman college student right now and i would like some advice for getting through college. I am trying to gather as much advice as possible so i can stay on top of my game and i would love to know how your college experience was.

    P.S. Kevin, your voice is EPIC and Eli you are…just plain AWESOME!

    Thank You *^^*

    -Erika Davis from Chicago, IL, USA

    4 years ago
  270. My first time asking things!

    If I remember correctly, I think you guys, or most of you guys, were born in the U.S. 1) Do you have any plans to ever come back to stay for a long period of time, or do you see yourself permanently living in Korea? 2) What’s your favorite (and perhaps least favorite? Is this too controversial?) things, events, food, etc. of the U.S.?

    -Awesome, not really, Sabrina from Texas

    4 years ago
  271. aj can you please rap about math formulas again like can you make a song about functions or something i will give you 5$ (monopoly tho because i literally have like no money at all)

    – léah (montréal, canada)

    4 years ago
    • That’ll help a lot of people…. I may even pass math XD

      4 years ago
    • I laughed so hard at this for a solid 5 minutes. Awesome.

      Here’s some obviously perfect things he could rap about too – “I wish I were your derivative, so I could lie tangent to your curves.” The best.

      4 years ago
        “the way to your heart is like x i just cant find it”
        “baby you’re even more complicated than algebra”
        wait no yours was way better, it’s hard for me to make math jokes because i suck at maths

        4 years ago
    • sorry that was more of a request than a question its just that i love maths so much when aj is involved he is literally perfect i hope he never changes

      4 years ago
  272. Please provide an intro skit with uBEAT please! :D

    4 years ago
  273. How do you feel being a sub unit with you three and not the rest of your group?
    if your unit can have superpower what power would you have?
    Helen Trinh from Tacoma, Washington ;)

    4 years ago
  274. 1.Will UBEat be releasing an English song since all of the members are fluent in English?
    2. Is it harder to be in a 7 member group than a 3 member sub-unit?
    3. Do you three enjoy working together and who is the best to work with?

    Trisha Hoang
    United States, CA

    Please tell Kevin to say “Hi Trisha!.”
    Thanks ^^

    4 years ago
  275. Hey Eli, what drove you to love Red Bull so much? xD Who introduced you to it? Kevin, WILL YOU MARRY ME? <3 No seriously though. haha Who are your favorite Kpop idols right now? Are their any current rookies that have caught your attention? What inspired you to become idols? What advice would you give to other people if they wanted to pursue the same dream? Since idols dye their hair a lot, I bet you hair is pretty damaged but it doesn't look damaged. How do you do it? asfjkl; You gorgeous you <3 Oriana Amaya from Calgary, Canada

    4 years ago
  276. Hey guys! OH MY GAWD I LOVE UKISS. I’ve loved you guys since your debut. asdfjkl; total hardcore kissme guise ;A; I’ve always wondered what fluent kpop idols think when they hear grammatically incorrect english in other idols’ songs. Eli being from D.C. and Kevin from Califronia and all ;A; I’m from Kansas guise~ Do you cringe on the inside? Or do you just laugh it off? Do you guys pay attention to it at all? Do you guys even care? LOL Also, I hope you guys know how absolutely gorgeously perfect you are. I love you all individually so very much and I hope all the best for you in the future. One of my biggest dreams is to just see you perform, but living on the other side of the earth and being dirt poor, well my chances aren’t that great. I live in Canada so come over here~! There are tons of Kissmes! In my heart, I support you all the way like I always have. I would travel anywhere to go see you but it’s not very possible ;-; lol But know that you have supportive fans everywhere. I love you! Good luck on U-BEAT! <3 Love, Oriana Amaya from Calgary, Canada.

    4 years ago
  277. Can you talk more about popularity of sports in Korea? What kind of sports are popular and what sports are just ewww in Korea.

    4 years ago
  278. AHHH!!!! I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :’D

    p.s: hahaha, Honey Badger :D

    4 years ago
  279. Hello UBeat

    It has been great watching how you have grown into great artist but, I’m curious to now if you had a chance to work with an American artist which artist would you like to work with and why would you like to work with that artist in particular?
    I hope to meet you one day
    Elizabeth From Los Angeles

    4 years ago
  280. OMG, I’m so excited! gahh… Ive been fangirling all over my room.

    Anyways my questions are:

    1) If you could relive any point in time of your life for an hour, which hour would it be?
    2) What is your strangest talent?
    3) Do you have any guilty pleasures or obsessions?
    4) If you had to choose between love or trust, which one would you pick, and why?

    Hannah from Alberta, Canada

    4 years ago
  281. I Have a few questions to ask, I hope they will get to answer them, at least some/most of them (:

    1.) To Aj and Eli, when you first heard that the two you are going to be U-Kiss first sub-unit, how did you feel and was there any type of genre music you had in mind of doing?

    2.) As part of question one, what were your thoughts when you first found out of what the songs are? (were you disappointed because its not an upbeat song like “Party All the Time”?)

    3.) To Kevin, since your not considered part of uBEAT, where you sad? How did you feel when your just being featured as a vocalist (even though you had the most part)?

    4.) To Eli, hi there, can I embarrassingly ask you to prom? I know this is a horrible way to ask, but it is prom season for my HS, and this is my promposal to you~! I don’t mind if you reject me, I will still support uBEAT and U-Kiss altogether ^^

    Thank You~ ^^ Saranghae
    -Nichole L. from Toronto, ON <3

    4 years ago
  282. Questions:
    1: Are Ukiss going to seperate ever or stay together hopefully

    4 years ago
    ok my questions:
    1. if you could travel back in the time, to that era they would like to go?
    2 . if you were a girl for one day, who would like to do as girl?

    ((Katherine from Colombia))

    4 years ago
  284. If I could ask Ubeat a question it would be what image do you feel more comfortable representing cutie-boy, bad-boy or smart-boy? Love Haya (hay-ya) from KSA

    4 years ago
  285. Shin Sunhi(sunny) 15, Maryland ,Usa

    Okay so questions

    1)How did you feel/react when you heard you guys were going to form a subgroup
    2)when you go to foreign places (ie.America , Europe, other Asian places) are there any specific things you like to do?
    3) how does it feel to preform with only the three of you

    Thanks you for you time

    Bye bye

    4 years ago
  286. EDIT:
    I have a fun question for uBEAT!
    – If you had the chance to go back in time and meet your 5 year old self, what would you say to him? Any life advice?
    – What’s your favorite song off the debut album?
    – Who inspire you guys to become an artist/singer?
    – Who is your dream collaboration? (it can be any artist around the world!)
    – Have you guys heard about EYK crew? If so, will you be collaborating with them in the future? (lol xD)

    For AJ:
    – Why do you want to go to college in New York? Is it hard to balance your college work and living your dream as an artist?
    – Which 2012 U-Kiss song you really like the most, while you’re in the states? “Stop Girl” or “Alone”?

    For Eli:
    – Which animal impression you like the most? Pigeon or Elephant?
    – Do you still use your Tumblr account? When you first started Tumblr, did you attempt to convince the other members (U-Kiss and/or uBEAT) to join Tumblr?

    For Kevin:
    – Who is your favorite Youtuber?
    – What type of songs do you like to sing the most?

    – Asela from Oregon, USA!

    4 years ago
    • I would love to see an EYK Crew/uBEAT collaboration! Fan group name: HeartBurns – from eating too much spicy kimchi. :D

      4 years ago
  287. Does U-Beat and U-Kiss for that matter pay attention to the “ships” or OTPs within your group? Because U-Beat really looks like a love triangle with Kevin in the middle. Weird question, I know.


    P.S. I love you Kevin~

    -Kyra, North Carolina, USA

    4 years ago
  288. This is a very important question that obviously must be answered…
    Have the boys ( any in U-Kiss ) met any girls that are prettier than Kevin and/or Kiseop?

    For real though – is AJ planning to return to Columbia? Do the rest of U-Kiss have any plans to go to college ( congrats Soohyun! )? If so, what would they study?

    Also I just want to see Kevin meeting Spudgy ( for the first time? ), cuz of the adorable fanboy-ing from the first ‘interview’. Something tells me that it’s going to be the cutest thing ever.

    Sara from Oregon, USA

    4 years ago
  289. Hi Kevin, Eli & AJ! uBEAT FIGHTING! My question is for Kevin. If given the chance, would you like to act in a drama? What is everyone’s favorite Korean drama? Love your loyal KISSme, Jill from New York

    사랑해요 케빈 <3

    4 years ago
  290. Yay! That’s awesome!!! Oh my sister and I have some questions to ask:

    1) How do the guys feel on being shipped together (Elvin especially)

    2) To Eli: How different is Korea to America? Was it a big cultural shock to you?

    3) What is your favorite spicy food?

    4) To AJ: What was school like? Was it hard? Did anything really memorable happen?

    5) Will you tour in America? If so, when?

    – Hannah and Ally from Louisiana

    4 years ago
  291. QUESTION: What were your first thoughts on starting a sub-unit?

    From: Eunmi (California, USA)

    4 years ago
  292. Wow this is really cool. I love the relationship U-Kiss and EYK have :)

    Question for AJ~

    How are you planning on continuing your education at Columbia while also being a member of U-Kiss?

    -Monica from California, USA

    4 years ago
  293. Questions:
    1. Was is it like to perform as uBEAT instead of UKISS? – Eli
    2. How did you manage to be as a normal stusent while you studied in New York? – AJ
    3. How does it feel to feature in this Group Kevin and to cast with Soohyun for Summer Snow musical? – Kevin

    Marissa Lockhart: Australia, Darwin!

    4 years ago
  294. QUESTION: What song have you been listening to a lot lately?

    From: Eunmi (California, USA)

    4 years ago
  295. Awesome~~ I really can’t wait for this interview!! My question,
    Eli, Kevin, and AJ, who is the best cook out of the three of you? What’s the best dish you can cook? -Claudia from Canada

    4 years ago
  296. QUESTION: What is your ideal type in a girl?

    From: Eunmi (California, USA)

    4 years ago
  297. Yey! Awesome! ^^ Here are some questions where you guys can choose from! ^^

    -Have you guys dated some one that is not Asian? If you guys haven’t, then Why?

    This questions goes to Eli.
    -Have you ever dated a Latin girl before? If not, would you like to? Why?
    – Why you like Red Bull so much?

    ~Diana from Mexico (but I live on USA on Georgia)~

    4 years ago
  298. Yey! Awesome! XD Here are some questions you guys can choose from. :D
    -Have you guys dated someone that is not Asian?

    This questions goes to Eli.
    – Have you dated a Latin girl before? If not, would you like to? Why?
    – Why you like Red Bull so much?
    ~Diana from Mexico (but live on USA Georgia)~

    4 years ago
  299. What is your favorite song? (doesn’t have to be yours)
    What do you like to do when you’re bored?
    When did you realize you wanted to be singers?
    Did you face any hardships joining U-KISS in Korea though being from the U.S.?
    -Alma :D from California

    4 years ago
  300. 1. I was wondering if any of them like to read? If so, what are their favorite authors and/or favorite books?
    2. Since all members of uBeat are fluent English speakers, is there a possibility of there being an English album?

    – Amanda, Washington (State), USA

    4 years ago
  301. 1) How would you feel if you, being the English speakers of U-Kiss, got a low score on English in a Kpop Music Mondays?
    2) How do you feel promoting in a sub-unit and not being with all of U-Kiss?
    3) If your sub-unit were to have a different fan name for the fans, what would it be?
    4) What will the other members be doing while uBEAT is promoting?
    5) Will uBEAT also be homeless?

    4 years ago
  302. My question: Do any of them members know they’re shipped together? What do they think of the pairings?

    ~Jade Lala from U.S.

    4 years ago
  303. i only have one question for them: what makes UBEAT different from other sub-units??

    P.S: if ever this question is asked, please say hi to UBEAT, especially Eli :D

    4 years ago
  304. My question is for AJ, Can you tell us any funny stories from when you were studying in the states, and did you ever get recognized by any U-kiss fans?

    Kahu from New Zealand

    4 years ago
  305. How about a show and tell?

    1. Do you have any special / weird talents that you could share with us?
    Could be anything, I can, for example, putt both feet behind my head at the same time. ^^

    2. Do you have any guilty pleasures?
    ie Do you have anything you like to eat or do when you for example feel you’ve earned it?

    {SoHo from Sweden}

    4 years ago
  306. My questions! c:

    1. For AJ: Why did you decide to study Psychology and is there a specific type (ex. behavioral, clinical, developmental) that you find especially interesting? (It’s my favorite subject too, btw. c:)

    2. Mostly for Eli and Kevin: Do you have any plans to go to college? If so, what would you like to study?

    3. How do you learn the slang that you use in your songs? lol ex. “swag”. Does AJ teach you? Is that why you sent him to Columbia? (jk hehe~)

    4. Kevin: Do you ever try to convince other members to come to church with you? lol~

    (Sunny from Oregon, USA. raise the roof)

    4 years ago
  307. 1) What is your favorite food?
    2) If you could be an animal, what animal would you be?
    -Christina Los Angeles, CA

    4 years ago
  308. Yay uBeat interview ! :)
    -If you guys had to make a subunit out of the other UKISS members, who would you choose and what would you name them?
    -Seems like 2013 is subunit year for Kpop! Do you guys have any favorite songs by other subunits?
    -Since you guys must love spudgy (RIGHT?), did you guys have any pets growing up?
    -How would you define uBEAT’s sound or “beat?” What makes it distinct from other u-kiss songs?
    Neena from Cali :)

    4 years ago
  309. I feel dumb now in my previous comment I meant to write cali and ny not cali and L.A. sorry…….

    4 years ago
    Question for Eli/Kevin:
    Is there ever a time that you where unbearably ‘had-to-immediately-phone-mom’ homesick?

    4 years ago
  311. Questions for all:
    Since all of you speak English will UBeat be producing any songs entirely in English?
    What is you biggest dream or fantasy?
    What foreign celebrity do you have a crush on?
    (Lauren from Las Vegas – USA)

    4 years ago
  312. Hi, I’m Kim from Michigan, USA and I have multiple questions, some serious, and some that are just silly!

    1. Being that you guys are English speakers, and 2/3 of you are Americans, which would you prefer to date: a Korean girl, an American girl, a Korean American girl, or insert-miscellaneous-country-of-origin-here girl?
    2. If you could be any kitchen appliance what you be, and why? (for example, I would be a blender because I like to mix things up)
    3. How do you guys feel about all the lip touching, pelvic thrusting, and crotch grabbing that is typically in your choreography for U-Kiss? Do you feel like it’s overkill, embarrassing, or just another part of the dance?
    4. Since AJ is back from college, will your lyrics begin integrating calculus into them? (see what I did there? tehe)
    5. Who do you think is the sexiest member of the group?

    That’s all, I hope at least one of these gets asked! ^_^

    4 years ago
  313. My question is for all three…..will u guys ever come to other states besides cali or L.A. u know the big states? I live in San Antonio Texas and I’m a huge fan of ukiss and now ubeat. It would mean the world to me if u guys ever came to San Antonio. Ukiss fighting! Elvin! :)…I love all the members of ukiss…but I have to admit eli and kevin r my favorites. Plz come to S.A. :) ukiss fighting!

    4 years ago
  314. Kevin and Eli, when did you leave the USA, and do you miss it? (If of course you remember it) Also, (from my brother) what is a funny memory you have as kpop idols?
    –DG, USA

    4 years ago
  315. OMG simon and martina you guys are amazing.

    Niko from Los Angeles asks:
    I’m a really big fan of k-pop and I really want you guys to get married and start a family (if you want, of course lol). If you guys have a girlfriend, will you reveal her to the public or not? Do you plan on being an idol still once you get married or become something less active, like a music producer or song writer?

    4 years ago
  316. Yay!~
    I wanted to ask whether the guys know if the fans ship them with each other a lot and how they feel about it, because I know I lot of other groups find it fun to tease the fans. But what’s their opinion on ‘OTPs’?
    (I feel weird asking this question ^^’)
    Also, have you guys ever thought about making a song completely in English, in order to try break the Korean wave into places such as the UK etc?

    From Ree in England~

    4 years ago
  317. Q: I know Kevin is from California; do you ever consider returning stateside for a music career outside of Kpop? -Isabel, Bay Area

    4 years ago
  318. If you had time to date where would you take your date?

    I’m from the States

    4 years ago
  319. I”m so excited for this interview, I always wanted Kevin to meet Spudgy for some reason xD

    Now I have been wondering this for a while, maybe a little unrelated but do they believe in ghost or if they have any stories involving the supernatural, what with staying late rehearsing and stuff :)

    -Luisa Salazar
    Sonora, Mexico.

    YT: luisanayeli1992
    Twitter: Nayeli_262

    4 years ago
  320. For all: If in ten years time U-Kiss is still going strong (which I really hope) and you’re doing sold out world concerts (really really hope) how would you feel to see original fans come to your shows with their own kids? Or a new wave of fans in their teens/early twenties?

    (Camilla from Australia)

    4 years ago
  321. Is U-KISS planning to make more sub units geared to certain audiences (like Super Junior-M for China, and/or an English album)? What about sub units for different genres like rock, ballads, etc. Are other members also thinking of making more sub units?

    4 years ago
  322. Won

    I can’t wait to see this interview…..:D Please please please have the animals in the studio (if possible) and show uBeat’s interactions with them!
    A question for AJ: How did you come up with the rap for 0330 (especially the r squared pi part)? And when you write lyrics for songs, are there ever times you’re tempted to write an awkward English line for one of the non-English speakers?
    And a question for all three: Has there ever been a time when you intentionally mistranslated an English (or any other foreign language) phrase for one of the other groups members? Or a funny time when you accidentally mistranslated something?
    Won NYC-USA

    4 years ago
  323. Christina Wilson California USA

    Do you guys or ukiss plan on having a world tour like maybe to Americas California?

    What country do you want to or like to visit?

    Did Eli enjoy filming kpop tastey roads?

    do you ever have awkward moments? If so what’s the most awkward that you want to tell?

    4 years ago
  324. What do you consider the musical influences for UBeat? How do these influences differ from UKiss’s influences?

    Was it easier or harder recording music with just three people?

    Casmira from Chicago :) (Simon I’m looking at you (and your hat)!)

    4 years ago
  325. If we switched places and I was the artist and you were asking the questions, what is one question you would ask me? Why?

    also, when are you guys coming to the US?
    Love you guys lots~
    -Cyan (psy-an)

    4 years ago
  326. I’ve always wanted to ask AJ: ‘Since you went to Columbia University and wrote “Party All the Time”, did you ever go to a frat party, or did you have any memorable college party experience?’

    ‘Who did you hang out with, on campus? Did you make a lot of international and/or American friends?’

    Thank you so much for your awesomeness! uBEAT and U-KISS fighting!

    Elisabeth from France :)

    4 years ago
  327. If we switched places and I was the artist and you were asking the questions, what is one question you would ask me? Why?

    Love you guys lots~ <3
    -Cyan (psy-an)
    Arizona, USA

    4 years ago
  328. 1. If you had the chance, would you rather debut in the US as a singer or in Korea?
    2. Who cooks the best in U-Kiss (especially after the cooking show they’ve been on)?
    3. Who is the most organized in U-Kiss?
    4. Shouldn’t AJ still be in the East Coast of US studying at an university?
    5. What were the other members’ reactions to you three forming a sub-unit?
    – Tiffany from California, USA

    4 years ago
  329. Hi, I’m Emma from Washington, USA, and I would like to know
    “Do you guys speak in English when the 3 of you are together or do you speak in Korean, or a combination of the two? Thank you. Hwaiting!”

    4 years ago
  330. i want to ask, if you guys didn’t become singers, what would have you be doing/career?

    4 years ago
  331. What is your ideal date if you had time?

    4 years ago
  332. Since all three members of uBEAT have lived in America, what are some things you like about America that are different from things in Korea? And what are some Korean things you like that aren’t the same (or just don’t exist) in America?

    New Jersey, USA

    4 years ago
  333. I love them ♥

    What made you guys want to start uBEAT?
    Nadine, Scotland – UK

    4 years ago
  334. Question: Since Eli and Kevin were raised in the states, how did you guys become trainees under a company or label? Did you audition in the states or did you fly to Korea and did the auditions there? And how was it when you became a trainee, being from another country?

    (Sorry for all the questions!)
    -Naomi, BC, Canada

    4 years ago
  335. If you could be another member for one day, who would you be and what would you do?
    Christina (Sydney, Australia)

    4 years ago
  336. Three options: If you weren’t idols, what job would you like to have? If you had a totally free day, how would you spend it? If you could choose one country to go to on vacation, which would you choose?
    Lora from Alaska.

    4 years ago
  337. The first real idols to be on the EYK studio !!

    4 years ago
  338. beatmes? xD

    I’ve always wanted to ask Kevin if since he’s Christian, has he ever considered converting any members who arent? are they religious at all?


    4 years ago
  339. hmm, I guess I will ask some questions too :D

    Q1: Do any of them have any phobia (like for spiders) or any allergies? :)

    Q2: What were their dreams when they were little children? :)

    Q3: If they had to join another kpop idol group, which group would they like to be in and why? :)

    / mozel from Sweden :)

    4 years ago
  340. I hope UBeat continues to grow and become better. Kevin, you have the best smile in the world!
    What were your first thoughts on hearing about the sub unit?
    Besides the fact that you all became idols, what else would be a dream come true?
    -erenderi tx,united states

    4 years ago
  341. 1. If you could, what American and Korean artist would you collaborate/ do a duet with?
    2. Who are your ideal types at the moment?
    3. Do you still keep in contact with the previous U-KISS members?
    Maryland- USA

    4 years ago
  342. There has been several rumors about U-kiss comming to Latin America this year for a concert, is that true? well, what i really want to know is are you comming to MEXICO?

    PD: Love you Guys, uBEAT hwating

    PD2: I really want a U-KISS concert in MEXICO and a lot of Mexicans KISSMEs want that too as well

    – Gina from Guanajuato, México

    4 years ago
  343. Hiya! so a few questions I have in mind
    1.) (Directed to Aj) Since you were in collage for such a long time, how was it? Collage life and lving in a different country for a while? Why did you take that major?
    2.) (To Kevin) Do you like being called sexy ;) or cutie ^.^ more? Do those comments make you uncomfortable?
    3.) (To Eli) Do you dislike it if people call you el-E not el-I? (i ALWAYS REFER TO YOU AS ELLEE BY ACCIDENT)
    4.) (Kevin and Eli) Do you think in English or Korean?
    5.) Do you ever cringe when you have to sing in engrish? (and Eli explain your rap in the english ver of stop girl mister whoa there)
    6.) Kevin, do you think DisneyLAND is better or DisneyWORLD? (This flordian feels like challenging the ex californian)
    7.) Kevin and Eli, did you grow up with Korean? Meaning like was it your first language or you grew up with two languages or did you learn them later on in childhood when you knew you wanted to know the language?)
    8.) Do you guys check the U-Kiss google plus page sometimes? Just wondering
    9.) How are the other members when you get interviewed in english? Like I know you understand it but do the other members understand it a little? or do they just smile and nod?
    11.) Is there going to be any special events from Ubeat to be looking forward to?

    ~Love Indonesian fan Sonya from Florida

    4 years ago
    • #4 – I think technically his name could be said like eh-lee, since his full name is Ellison ( EH-lih-suhn, just a guess on the pronunciation ). In American English, the second syllable of eh-lee and eh-lih-suhn ( more like eh-lee-suhn instead? ) could be the same.

      4 years ago
      • True, but pronounced eh-lee it becomes feminine. Potentially bad memories attached if he was ever teased by some brat in elementary or middle school! It get’s worse if he went to school with an Alice or Allison. *shudderring at the bad memories of moronic middle-schoolers”

        4 years ago
  344. Oh my gurgle! Of course I have a question.

    You guys get a lot of international support from some really awesome fans. If you could give them a special thank you what would you do?

    Sincerely, Paige Kosa from Oregon, USA

    4 years ago
  345. 1. Will Eli marry me? lol XD
    2. Will the other members of U-Kiss create a sub unit?
    3.What genre do they want to cover? (rock, rap, ballad)

    4. Can you speak Spanish to us? Hablan Espanol para nosotros?
    5. What do you think of our fan name: HeartBeats?
    -Ms. ThugBear from Iowa

    4 years ago
  346. My question would be
    Along with promoting Standing Still and your 3rd album Collage(which is amazing), were you in a hurry to record songs for the uBEAT album and how busy were your schedules?

    Daniel, Florida, USA

    4 years ago
  347. How do you feel about aegyo/gwiyomi? If you don’t mind it, care to give us a demonstration? :)

    -Emilie from Wisconsin, USA

    4 years ago
  348. So my question (kinda two questions) is for all three of them:
    “Seeing as you are all fluent in English. How did the management come to the decision of making a sub-group, and do you have any over-seas plans you’re allowed to hint at possibly?”
    Silver from California

    4 years ago
  349. Ina

    Have you guys ever read a fanfiction about yourself? ina from Italy

    4 years ago
  350. Hi uBEAT ^^

    My question is, since uBEAT is composed of 3 fluent English speakers are you planning to release a English song or album? I would love to hear a English song from the three of you :D

    -Shivali from Illinois <3

    4 years ago
  351. Kinda a question for Eli and Kevin: Do you ever get a slump from missing America? Also for all of them: Are you ever surprised by how many fans you have?

    4 years ago
  352. I want to see Eli talk like mordney! that would be so funny >_<

    4 years ago
  353. My question: Is uBeat going to visit America since they speak English? I really hope they do!
    -Melany from Wharton, New Jersey

    4 years ago
  354. Question for Aj: Do you have a special place for composing? What kind of music would you like to compose in the future?

    -Diana from Panama

    4 years ago
  355. Simon, You need to make every hypotenuse jokes you know to AJ!!!! I want to see his reaction! It will be hilarious!!

    4 years ago
  356. Shalina from New York:
    Have you guys always wanted to do a subgroup?

    4 years ago
  357. If you guys had super powers, what would they be?

    ~ Anisha from Texas

    4 years ago
  358. Question for all: Do you have any plans for doing any acting in a drama in the near future?

    Anna, Michigan

    4 years ago
  359. Yay! What a great news! *Party all the time, time, party all the time!*

    My question: Guys, U-KISS has a huge repertoire already (and it’s awesome!). I always wondered what are the songs that you especially love to perform live, and what are those that you’re normally not so excited about (maybe because of too complicated choreography, or awkward lyrics, or a funny story behind that ruins all the atmosphere etc.)

    Elena from Russia

    4 years ago
  360. Who gets bullied the most & the least ?

    Kathy (Wisconsin, USA)

    4 years ago
  361. Here are a few questions for you to maybe choose from:

    If you could have any animal as a pet what would it be?

    Which musical artist would you most like to work with someday?

    What country would you like to visit that you haven’t yet been to? Or Which country would you like a chance to go to again?

    For Kevin and Eli: What foods from America do you miss when you are in Korea?

    For AJ: What foods did you miss when you were studying in the US?

    <3 Love you guys! Keep making awesome music like you do, and thanks for doing this interview for us!

    ~Alaina (Ah-lane-ah) from South Dakota, USA

    4 years ago
  362. To uBEAT: Since you guys are the 3 English speaking members of U-KISS,how come this was not an English album as we all assumed it would be lol? From Tlhompho Bogopane in South Africa :) uBEAT and U-KISS Fighting! ^^

    4 years ago
  363. 1) “Can you imagine that in the future more subunits of U-Kiss will be possible and if yes, is the combination of uBEAT the one you would like the most or with who would you rather like to be in a subgroup?” (All).

    2) “Since all of you are fluent in English, do you have the desire (or do you even already plan) to promote outside of Asia (and America)?” (All)

    3) “Which country would you like to hold a concert or which one did you always wanted to see?” (All)

    4) “What did the other members think of uBEAT as a subunit? Was it awkward for you to not recording with the others?” (All)

    5) “How about marrying me? Doesn’t that sound awesome” (To Eli)

    6) “You guys grew up in America: So what do you miss the most about living there and what was the biggest cultural difference you had to get used in Korea or still even get used to until today?” (To Eli, Kevin)

    7) “Besides being together with the other members and making music, what did you miss the most during your study time in America and what was the best experience you had during that time?” (To AJ).

    Neda S, from Cologne, Germany

    4 years ago
  364. Stephanie from Washington, USA
    My question is as uKiss and now uBeat they have gained much more popularity and have very busy schedules do they still have time to watch EYK videos and if so what was one of their favorite reviews if any of a non uKiss KMM and then out of any uKiss KMM which was their favorite review?

    4 years ago
  365. I know that you U kiss means Ubiquitous Korean International Super Star. Is there any meaning for uBEAT? And will there be another sub unit group like Soo Hyun and Dong Ho or Ki Seop and Hoon?

    Farah Zamri
    Kuala Lumpur (or KL), Malaysia

    4 years ago
  366. My question is are we ever going to see U Beat or UKiss come to North America? Your fans are here too! :) also i would like to ask U Beat how they were inspired to come up with the funky fun and fresh beats!! Its awesome!
    -Raffy Duangmala from New York

    4 years ago
  367. When you guys meet other celebrities, do you ever get star-struck? Or, since you’re celebrities yourselves, is it easier for you to see and interact with them as normal people? Has this changed or become more so over time?
    Amanda from Seattle, WA (USA) :)

    4 years ago
  368. I’d like to ask them something important for me: “Since you have already said that you are coming to South America for your tour, will you visit or have any fanmeets with KissMe’s from the countries that weren’t chosen? :D

    And, for the three of them: “How do you feel about uBEAT.. you like the fact that you three were chosen for this first mini album?”

    Andrea, Ecuador

    4 years ago
  369. Not sure if this is going to sound nasty, but I was wondering, for fanservice, which is your favourite pairing and why.

    Fel, Manchester, UK .x

    4 years ago
  370. Question to all of them: Have you ever dreamt about a celeprity? i mean like “I dreamt last night that Justin Bieber was my classmate.” or something like that.
    I dreamt about Kevin and Eli last night.

    Katrin- Faroe Islands (never heard about that country, right? It is not in Egypt.)

    4 years ago
  371. For AJ: How was your stay at Columbia like? What did you like? What didn’t you like?
    For everyone: Aside from doing music, what other career could you imagine yourself doing?
    Karen from Toronto

    4 years ago
  372. Who is your current ideal type, and when is your dream age to marry. Also if you can date one person in the whole world and that would be the person you would marry, who would it be( Imaginary of course, and no answers such a pretty girl a specific name PLEASE)

    Heather from Cedar Park, TX

    4 years ago
  373. Marina from Minneapolis, MN
    HI’s to u-BEAT! <3( ukiss and ubeat will always be my #1)
    ~~ to my awesomest ultimate ultimate bias <3 Kevin: What is the oldest and the youngest age girl/women will you date? <3
    to Eli: At what age do you want to get marry?
    to AJ : What are your personal or group goal for this sub-unit?
    FIGHTING~ !!
    <3 love love love lots of love to you guys from me :)

    4 years ago
  374. What were you worried about when you found out you would be debuting as a sub-unit?

    4 years ago
  375. This is to AJ: What was your favorite part of being at Columbia/college in general?

    Then to Kevin and Eli: If you could go to any college in the world where would you go and what would you study?

    (Sorry I’m on a college kick, since I’m going into college soon).

    Rosemary, New Jersey

    4 years ago
  376. Ask everyone the question: If they could work with any american artist, who would it be and any Korean artist as well.

    And for AJ: How was it to come to NYC. Was it exciting and if you went to visit many places, which one did you like the best? ^.^

    Arwa from NYC

    4 years ago
  377. A question to all: Is there a country or a city, that you always wanted to visit?

    – Lisa from Germany (Bavaria) :)

    4 years ago
  378. I know that you U kiss means Ubiquitous Korean International Super Star. Is there any meaning for uBEAT? And will there be another sub unit group like Soo Hyun and Dong Ho or Ki Seop and Hoon?

    Farah Zamri
    Kuala Lumpur (or KL), Malaysia

    4 years ago
  379. Oh my GOTH! YAY!! You guys made me almost choke on my lemonade because I saw this!

    4 years ago
  380. Simon you should have AJ sign your shirt. That would be so awesome! LoL


    1. For AJ “With going to school at Columbia and being a part of UKiss/UBeat…..How are you going to balance between those? Will you be alternating between semesters such as Fall=College and Spring/Summer=Ukiss/UBeat?”

    I’m a total Jaeseop bias so thats who I want my question to go :)

    Cheryl from North Carolina

    4 years ago
  381. Like Stop Girl, are you ever planning on releasing more English versions of your songs or even just even a song in English?

    Afton (Iowa, U.S)

    4 years ago
  382. I don’t wan to feel like a dummy but I’m still new to the K-Pop world and I was wondering who uBeat was? Are they a subgroup for UKiss?

    4 years ago
    • Yes, they are a subunit and they just put out an album. It is a unit including Eli and AJ but Kevin also sings with them on one track so far. So it is like a rap/ party all the time subunit.

      4 years ago
    • yes they are ^^

      4 years ago
  383. If you could choose/change one member of uBEAT, who would be?
    (winnever – Brazil)

    4 years ago
  384. Sarah, Lauren, and Shanie from Alabama, USA here! Our questions are:
    “What toppings would you have on your perfect pizza?”
    “Would you rather forget your lyrics or mess up the choreography during a performance?”

    We are huge U-Kiss fans, and we are so excited to see their popularity grow in America. We wish all of you tons of success, and hopefully we will be able to see you in person soon! WE LOVE Y’ALL~

    4 years ago
  385. This is not a question but a request instead :) Please ask them to say “ain’t nobody got time for that!” Please please please oh so wonderful management team and Nassstyyy EYK pweaseeeee chaebal :3
    Samriddhi from Nepal.

    4 years ago
  386. Please, please, PLEASE ask them if they support LGBT rights. Please? I know it’s a possibly inappropriate question to ask in a Korean interview, but that’s why EYK studio would pretty much be the only platform (along with maybe Jjang tv) that could ask this question. Being a queer fan of kpop can often be demoralizing as Korea’s pop culture is very heteronormative; the only time alternative orientation is brought up at all it will often be in a negative light (idols defending their heterosexuality/condemning homosexuality ect.)

    I don’t know if you would feel comfortable asking Ubeat or if their management would allow it to be answered, but it would mean a lot to me. Thank you!

    Tasha (Vancouver, Canada)

    4 years ago
    • Sorry to be a Debbie-Downer, but I don’t think that their company would let this question through. If you think about it, whatever their answer is (and keep in mind that they could answer either way), it would probably be really alienating to a bunch of fans, and I don’t think the company would like that. (Even though it is a really interesting question!)

      4 years ago
  387. Questions:

    What was your reaction when you heard that you will be the members of the sub-unit, U-Beat?
    If you were going to make an English version of one of your songs, what song would it be?
    Name one person you think you should have treated better. Explain why you chose that person.
    What is the most valuable lesson you learned since your debut?
    If you were going to choose the members of a sub-unit, who among the members would you pick? why? what roles would they portray in the sub-unit?

    U-Kiss Fighting! God Bless you more! :) Kissmes love you guys and we always will!

    Lea Erika from Philippines! XD Mahal ko kayo!

    4 years ago
  388. Yay !! Another interview ! im so happy when you guys do this. Anways, my question is for all three of them :)
    ”If you could put anything on your’e ice cream desert, what would it be ? What kind of ice cream would it be ? Why ? ”

    Thanks so much !! Hope you have fun and have a great interview !

    Emily David from Quebec, Canada

    4 years ago
  389. If you could choose any country to visit now, what would be?
    (winnever – Brazil)

    4 years ago
  390. So now that you are in a sub unit do you think you might be able to afford homes or furniture? do you need help from the nasties with that?
    each of you please name something you really want for your home and let us know how long it takes to get it from a fan or if you get more then one,
    Can any of you do a Simon or Martina move? like “ayyyyy girl can i buy you a drink?”
    E Money from Texas

    4 years ago
  391. This might be a bit of an awkward question, but I really want to know how you (or other UKISS members) feel when they see/read posts or comments about the various fanfictions or “couples” within UKISS. I personally find them amusing or sometimes (oftentimes) a bit creepy, but I have no idea how it would feel to be the person who the fanfiction is about. Thanks! <3

    – Alana from a small city outside of Toronto, Ontario

    4 years ago
  392. Yay!!! New interview! I love you EYK crew for these things, you sure make your fans happy every week ^^

    So, here is my question: What is the most memorable thing a fan has said to each of you? :D

    Laura from SPAIN :)

    4 years ago
  393. What are some of the pros and cons to recording and promoting as a 3-member unit instead of as the full group?

    If you could collaborate with any artist (can be Korean or International) who would you pick and why?

    Do you have an hidden talents?

    Based on your personality, if you were a food, what food do you think you would be?

    Katie from Minnesota, USA

    4 years ago
  394. My question is for Kevin and Eli: “As Korean Americans who grew up in America, how did it feel to move to Korea, e.g. adjusting to Korean culture as opposed to American culture?”

    Renata from Northern California (because there’s difference between Northern and Southern Cali XP)

    4 years ago
  395. Oooooo!! EYK X UKISS FOREVER!! Ah, I want to know how early they plan these sub units. Jess from New York.

    4 years ago
  396. Questions for all members: What is your favorite movie/most recent movie you’ve watched? Where is one place in the world you would like to visit that you haven’t been yet? What is the scariest nightmare you’ve ever had? When you aren’t on camera would you say you are more introverted or extroverted?

    -Jude from Michigan

    4 years ago
  397. My question is: Since there are only members who can speak English in the unit group Ubeat, will they release an English single or album? Cause we really wanna hear Ukiss or Ubeat sing in English.

    P.S. My sister has a question for Kevin if he likes pandas or what other animals does he likes?

    Melissa from Suriname (country in South America above Brazil :))

    4 years ago
  398. Hi everyone in the studio :D
    I’ve always wondered: since Eli and Kevin lived in the US before they debuted and have friends here…do they still treat you guys the same or a little different due to the fact you guys are famous in different countries~ If anything, did they know about kpop before or after you guys became famous?
    For everyone: do the fans in the US treat you different than the ones in Korea…or are they more aggressive since they wont see you guys again until the next time you visit?
    Thanks! :D
    Kelsey California, USA

    4 years ago
  399. The fans are called heartbeats!

    Okay, now for my questions:
    1) What is their motivation behind forming the subunit? Is it something they’ve wanted to do for a long time?
    2) If they weren’t idols, what would they like to be doing?
    3) Do they get to choose their hairstyles? If the answer is yes, please encourage Kevin to always have blonde hair like he does right now. If the answer is no, please encourage Kevin to encourage his stylist to always let him have blonde hair like he does right now.

    Thank you :)
    Morgan from the USA

    4 years ago
  400. I would ask them:

    1) I remember in an interview they did during their ‘Collage’ comeback (I don’t remember what show it was >_w<)8

    4 years ago
    • Ahaha, the question for Jaeseop. … “You have fans??” Bahahaha. That’s great.

      4 years ago
      • ikr?! ㅋㅋ i hope simon & martina ask that question xD i’d love to see his reaction and hear his answer ^.^

        4 years ago
  401. My excitement level has completely jumped up to a new level :D U-KISS are so amazing, I can’t decide what I don’t like about them. Maybe what I don’t like is….. hmmm maybe this……or maybe…. •___•…….yep, I got nothing because they’re just perfect to me ;D I love how great their personalities are together, they just seem like a great group of guys you could get a smile and a laugh from.

    My question to uBeat is: You’ve released music in Korean and Japanese, you ever believe you might wanna try to break into the American market? Also, can you please send a kiss to your Kissme, Christine from Hawaii :) I love you U-KISS <3

    4 years ago
  402. Q: What are some rituals you guys share that are different from being with the other members of the group?

    Priya — India

    4 years ago
  403. Maggie Woodliff from Illinois, USA
    If you three ever have a would tour as UBEAT, and come to America. Do you think you could go to Chicago or St. Louis. Also Do you think you will have a world tour?

    4 years ago
    I’ve been a Kiss me for a long time and U-Kiss has changed A LOT since debut and I’m glad to see you guys are lot more popular now and I’m also excited for U-Beat! ^^
    I love the new U-kiss but I really miss Kibum and Alexander and I also missed AJ a lot when he was away :( So I wanted to know if you guys miss the old U-kiss and if you are still in contact with Kibum and Xander?? and also if you were able to contact AJ during his absence??
    Finally who do you think has changed the most in the group since debut (or since they joined) and how??
    I love you guys and EYK <3 <3
    Heather from London – UK (please come to the UK!! ;D )

    4 years ago
  405. To all 3 of you, Is there anything that you guys miss about America?? Since all 3 of you have lived in America and can speak fluently in english will uBEAT be performing in the states anytime soon? It’s on my wish list to see you all live!! ^^
    -Gabbie, Wisconsin USA

    4 years ago
  406. I have a fun question for uBEAT!
    If you had the chance to go back in time and meet your 5 year old self, what would you say to him? Any life advice?

    For AJ:
    Why do you want to go to college in New York? Is it hard to balance your college work and living your dream as an artist?

    – Asela from Oregon, USA!

    4 years ago
    • Hey, I’m from Oregon too! -waves-! I’m over in the NE corner though.

      4 years ago
      • Really??? Yay!! Another Oregon KissMe!! :D I’m about the border of cali xD

        4 years ago
        • Nobody lives over here ;-; Yeah, I’m just across the border from Walla Walla, Washington. ( it’s a real place, I promise )

          4 years ago
        • Whoa~ I love Washington xD I’m a loner here too lol ^^;;

          4 years ago
        • Whoa~! That’s cool xD I love Washington! >w< What's your name? :D

          4 years ago
        • Sara. I posted a question here with my name in it, I hope it gets asked. =)

          4 years ago
        • Same here! Let’s both hope our questions get picked ^^

          4 years ago
        • Yeah~ I like your very last question, and I want to know if he knows the dances too!

          4 years ago
        • ikr? xD

          4 years ago
        • Whoa~! That’s cool!! :D I love Washington >w<

          4 years ago
  407. Question for all of them: As fluent English speakers, how can you allow such Engrish in your songs?

    4 years ago
  408. Which other members (you can include yourself) do you personally think would make another good sub-unit under U-KISS and why? What would you name the sub-unit?

    Also… Team Spudgy or Team Meemers? :)

    – Monique from Connecticut, USA

    4 years ago
  409. Question for AJ! How is (was?) university life for him? Did any of his classmates know he is a kpop idol? and if so, what did they think about it?
    -Hila from Israel

    4 years ago
  410. Hi guys!! Omg I love UBEAT sooooooooooooooooo freaking much!!!!! My question for them is (any of these),

    #1. What is your favorite thing about America or what do you look forward to most when you come to the states, be it food, people, places, weather, etc?

    #2. Do you think in Korean or English?

    #3. Do any of your fellow u-kiss members get irritated when you speak in English (either to each other or to yourself) or do you even do it on purpose to annoy or confuse other members.

    #4. Out of you three, who will get married first.

    #5. Are you more attracted to Korean girls or foreigners.

    #6. Who’s the sexiest member? Grossest?

    Thanks guys!!
    Kelly, Texas USA

    4 years ago
  411. 1. How do you think uBeat differs from U-Kiss in terms of the music produced?
    2. Do you plan on releasing further songs as a sub-unit?
    3. If you had to give yourselves new stage names to reflect the new sub-group, what would your stage names be?

    Thanks! Good luck with promotions. Love you! <3
    – Kelsey, ON. Canada

    4 years ago
  412. I know this question’s been asked by everyone and their mothers, but I’ve always wanted to know if they’ve ever read fanfiction!~

    Katie – Fredericksburg, Virginia USA

    4 years ago
  413. Oh, I’m so excited! <3 Here's a few questions that popped into my head :3

    1. How did you guys decide the members for the subgroup? Was it a decision between all the members of U-KISS, or did management decide the member lineup?
    2. If you guys wanted to make your own subunit with any of the other members in U-KISS, who would you want to be in a subunit with?
    3. A lot of people have noticed that this subunit is comprised of the group's main English speakers. Is there a chance that you guys plan on releasing an album or mini album with songs in English. Or will you guys include songs on your next full group album as your own unit. [Like Infinite's Paradise album which had two songs by Infinite H]
    4. This question is more for Eli and Kevin, but it's totally cool if AJ wants to answer too! Since you guys mentioned that you speak predominately Korean when around each other, how do you guys preserve your English? From my own experience, I know that being around people who speak a language that is not your first, you slowly forget your first language as time goes on.
    5. And while I'm on the topic of languages, do you guys ever mix up your languages since you guys are bilingual/multilingual?
    6. Quick! Eli! Say something to your Chinese fans!
    7. Last question~ Eli and Kevin, what's something you guys miss most about your hometowns? And AJ, what do you miss most about living in New York?

    UBeat, hwaiting! U-KISS, hwaiting! EYK, hwaiting! <3

    Much love, Katie from Virginia <3

    4 years ago
  414. 1. I’ve noticed that there are remixes to songs from your previous album. Between the original version and the remixed version, which one do you prefer and why?

    2. How is three member UBEAT different from seven member UKISS? In what ways are the music and concept similar/different?

    3. If you could go anywhere in the world for a vacation, where would you go and why?

    Hope one of my questions get chosen! I love UKISS and this sub unit is amazing. :)

    Kristine from Hawaii

    4 years ago
  415. Dear simon and martina,
    please ask Ubeat… when is an international (English) album coming out? I want to understand and sing along, and you know (cough cough) you guys know English so… when will you make an English album?
    -mai tong Wisconsin USA.

    4 years ago
  416. Hey guys! I’m Roseann from New York and first off congratulations for uBeat’s debut!
    My questions are:
    even though uBeat just made their debut, if you decide on making a comeback what kind of concept will you do?
    Who are your biggest music influences? (Korean or non-Korean)
    And, since it’s prom season here in America, how would you ask a girl out to the prom? (even though I don’t have prom for another year or so :p )
    keep up the awesome work, and I hope you guys will hold a concert here in New York one day!!
    P.S. I love you Kevin :3

    4 years ago

    4 years ago
  418. my questions :
    do you guys have like any weird habbits ?
    what is your all time favorite song?
    Aand btw i loveeee you guys ^^

    Daniela from Croatia

    4 years ago
  419. How is it different being a subunit rather than a whole group? How do th dynamics change? Is it easier with just the three of you? Anyway I love U-Kiss and I’m super excited for uBEAT! I love you guise!

    Marissa from Texas ;D

    4 years ago
  420. Kevin! AJ! Eli! How did you guys find out about Eat Your Kimchi? Were you just browsing and their channel randomly appeared, or did someone tell you about them? ^^ Loves of loves from Canada!!!

    Kelly, Quebec

    4 years ago
  421. What is the biggest trouble you have ever gotten into? :)

    Josipa from Croatia

    4 years ago
  422. I have always been really curious about Eli and Kevin’s adjustment to life in Korea. Was there anything that struck them as odd when they first got into the k-pop business? Or was the transition from life in America to life in Korea relatively easy? In addition, I know AJ recently spent time in America, and I was wondering how that went, and if there was anything that he had a hard time adjusting to? Thank you!

    Caroline from Minnesota

    4 years ago
    • Woo hoo! Another MN nasty! :D Also, I like your questions. :)

      4 years ago
  423. Do any of the members feel the need to have make up on all the time like most kpop idol groups? Or are ypu guys pretty cool and are like, I don’t need make up I Am Man!

    Aria from Australia

    4 years ago
  424. Since this relates to all three of you, would any of you consider dating a foreign girl? Whether American or Korean-American? Or any other nationalities? -Gabbie, Wisconsin USA

    (Btw the first and only k-pop cd I have ever bought was uKISS’ Standing Still, love you guys so much and all your music, good luck with this cd!!! I hope one day I can come to Korea and see you all live!! uBEAT fighting!!)

    4 years ago
  425. Hi U beat
    I just love all of your songs from the newest album, and I can`t wait to listen more about how ubeat
    will do ! Here is my question`s for Ubeat! :D

    Why did you make a sub unit, and why did you make sub unit, when u kiss are
    going so well?

    What are
    the other members doing while you are promoting for Ubeat?

    How did you
    concluded that it was you three that was going to be in the sub unit? Is that
    something all of the members together discuss or is it like just one or two of
    you are like: Hey GUISE ! Let`s make a subunit !

    Why are you
    named Ubeat?

    What do you want to be the kind of style for ubeat, your image. And what are
    the difference between ubeat and u kiss?

    What do you feel about being in a subunit instead of the whole group?

    What are your wishes for Ubeat as an group?

    What kind of image do Ubeat have?

    What will be your greeting, now that you are ubeat, and who came up with the
    idea for the new greeting.?

    Your new album “Should Have Treated You Better‘.” Is about the feeling of regrets from past relationships.
    Can you tell more about the concept here? And one thing I wonder. Is this taken
    from your own experiences from past relationships? And do you have any tips for
    how to treat a girl good for all the guys that are sitting and watching this
    interview J

    That was my questions, thanks for Ubeat^^ I hope Ubeat do well and have a lot
    of fun as an sub unit ! Good luck !! <3 And thanks simon and martina for
    once again having an awesome interview^^ I hope all of you have a lot of fun !!

    Best wishes from Tanja Tjong From Norway

    4 years ago
  426. Oh hey guise! I have the same blinds as you! but oh my gooooooosh, you’re interviewing uBEAT! So questions~~

    For all members: “Since your name is u-BEAT, who do you think has the best sense of rhythm?”

    “How do the other members feel about not being in the sub-unit? And what are they up to whilst you’re promoting as uBEAT?”

    For AJ: “So, how was studying in the US? Like what did you think of living there as opposed to when you visited? What did you think of the student life and how does it differ to your life in Korea?” (You could shorten that, but most of all, I wonder what he got up to since he’s “free”, legal drinking age and college can be ca-razay!)

    Man, I have a lot of questions, but I’m sure other fans have great ones too :3

    Oh yeah name & country lol. I’m Antonia from the UK.

    4 years ago
  427. I’d like to wask “Aj, what did you missed the most when you where in New York? and who of the members did you missed the most?”

    -Mónica, Guatemala.

    4 years ago
  428. My question to all the members of uBeat. Don’t know if this question has been asked or not. -__-
    Since you guys are fluent in English, how do feel when you hear other people [ukiss members, or other kpop idols] speak in bad engrish to you???

    I have another one.
    What are some bizarre/funny situations you were in with fans?

    P.S. Lots of Love from NYC!!!

    4 years ago
  429. Aly

    HI GUYS !!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

    1. Do they plan to release an album/single in English ?

    2. How do they feel about your reviews? Do they think they are funny all the time or are they bothered by some of the things you say?

    3. What determined them to follow this career? Was there a point in their life when they knew that this is what they are going to do for a living?

    4.Any plans to come to Europe soon?

    Alexandra, Romania 。◕‿◕。

    4 years ago
  430. My question is for all three uBEAT members: You all are fluent in English and Korean, so what language do you use if you three are talking together? Do you ever use English if you want to hide something from the other members of U-KISS?
    Also, I’m curious about the name of the subunit (especially being a subunit of U-KISS…was the idea of violence intended?)
    Thanks! Ava from Massachusetts, USA

    4 years ago
  431. When you heard that you were going to be in a sub-group how did you feel about it? Were you more excited or nervous?
    Is there anything you’re really looking forward to?

    Jesse from the United States

    4 years ago
  432. As you guys are promoting uBEAT, what will other members do in the meanwhile?
    Candice from Toronto, Canada

    4 years ago
  433. Any plans for a tour in the US? And if so, do you think there’s the possibility of choosing places that are not normally included on tours? Say Alabama, for instance? We have never had a Kpop group come to Alabama before…You should break that! :)

    ~ April from Alabama

    4 years ago
  434. I would really like to know when they decided they wanted to be singers, how they started their singing career and if they ever thought of having a different career before becoming singers.

    Whoops, I think that’s possibly more than one question but I really am interested to know at least one of these :)

    Megan, a KISSme/BEATme From United Kingdom (UK) <3

    4 years ago
  435. In case of the song ‘Should Have Treated You Better’ If you were a boy in your song, How do u you treated your girl to not letting she go, to keep her before relation will break up?

    4 years ago
  436. Now I just can’t wait until Shinee comes.. then the Dorito mission will begin >:D

    4 years ago
  437. “Quick. Management decides to change all of your stage names to U-(insertfourletterwordhere). What would be your new stage name and why?”

    -Kamilla from Toronto, Canada

    4 years ago
  438. For everyone: You have been in many Latinamerican countries, what do you think about latino fans? Are there any other countries that you want to go? Like caribbean countries?

    For AJ: How does it feel like studing in USA and being a normal student again? Do people recognized you frequently?

    Paola, Dominican Republic

    4 years ago
  439. To Eli –
    Will you go to prom with me?

    -Simran from PA, USA

    4 years ago
  440. Both Kevin and Eli grew up in the US. My question for both of them is: Did you always want to be involved in Korean Pop or did you consider trying things out in the American music industry?
    Also, how is the vibe of UBeat different from UKiss (not just in the music style, but in your personalities when working together and when you perform on stage)?

    Nasty KissMe Becca – Bay Area, California USA (so close to where Kevin grew up! ^^*)

    4 years ago
  441. okay, i’ve got one. What is the most awkward conversation you’ve ever had with a fan? (Normal conversation, or Q&A, etc.)
    Joanne, Malaysia

    4 years ago
  442. What countries would you like to visit?
    Do you plan on releasing more things in the future as a subunit?
    Also, will any of the other members be forming subunits later down the road?
    Ashley (USA)

    4 years ago
  443. Just look at how happy Kevin is in both of those interview screenshots. He’s such an EYK family member.

    4 years ago
  444. There is another question I’m quite interested to being answered:
    In U-kiss is there anyone else interested in making a sub unit or is uBeat planned to be the only sub unit to be in U-kiss?
    (Maura from Germany)

    4 years ago
  445. Awesome, I’m really looking forward to this! :)

    4 years ago
  446. To Kevin and Eli, or maybe AJ as well, how much has your English slipped over the years? AJ, HOW WAS COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY I MISSED YOU SO MUCH D’x. Did you get recognized a lot at school? What was the last movie that made you cry? When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried? Do you guys have any lucky charms?

    That’s a lot, but I just… I just really love these boys. D’x And my name is Brittany, from Florida, USA.

    4 years ago
  447. My question is: Do you expect having fans from countries which are barely recognized?
    I’m from Albania, a country nobody really knows and there are actually lots of fans here, despite what others might think. I love you guys <3

    4 years ago
  448. What I have in mind right now is;
    There was news about you going to Europe/UK for a concert. What happened with that? When is the next time you’re going to Europe?

    Anita – Sweden

    4 years ago
  449. Tea

    How did you decide who’s going to form uBEAT?

    Tea from Croatia

    4 years ago
  450. For Kevin. What would be your ideal wife? I have read that you like noonas, but if a girl is younger, is that ok?

    – Everita from Latvia

    P.S I would like U-kiss to come to Latvia *-*

    4 years ago
  451. Janice from New York University!

    My question to AJ: You were in NYC last semester? How did you enjoy the city and will you continue to study at Columbia in the future?

    My question for all of them: Do you guys forsee concerts in the U.S., specially New York City?

    4 years ago
  452. “if you spot your ideal type of girl from the fans what will you do ?”
    Salma from Morocco

    4 years ago
  453. 1.- Since you have lots of hispanics fans, Is there any possibility of you guys singing a song in spanish? I mean, not like “Te amo” wich has only a couple of phrases in spanish :P
    2.- Can you tell us a funny or awkward story of you first time in South America?
    3.- Say something in spanish ^^

    Juliana – Peru

    4 years ago
  454. For all of them: If you could choose, which band/ a particular band member/an artist you would want to have a collab song with, and what kind of a song would you write with them?

    It’s also so nice to have AJ back, so for him, how is it to be back in idol business again?

    Also you guys(and the rest of the U-KISS) were fabulous in Music Bank Paris in 2012! So are you planning coming back in Europe and have a tour? 8D and in which countries you would want to perform?

    -Jaana from Finland

    4 years ago
  455. Wow there are a lot of questions! Anyway, I’m not that good expressing myself in english, but I’ll try to write it well….
    If I’m not wrong, they can speak english fluently, so they have any plans to make new songs fully in english, or they gonna keep singing in korean, with some english words, as almost all the kpop songs?
    I hope you see this question guys!! Uhh you are so nasty (Love you all!!) !!! And regards from a beaaautiiiful country of Spain!

    4 years ago
  456. Q: Who came up with the idea for U-Beat to be a sub unit and How were the members decided? Name: Rin Sanada, California, USA

    Youtube name: Neko Rin or Rin Sanada

    4 years ago
  457. I AM SO EXCITED. :D

    What is your favorite amusement park ride?

    If you could have any animal as your pet, what would you choose?

    What is the funniest joke you ever invented?

    Also, it has always been my dream to ask the boys to give a message to their future wives. ♥ DBSK’s messages were so swoonworthy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epwsanEZW1s. Can we ask uBEAT to do that too, pretty please? ^_^ I think this would be a better twist than the usual ideal type questions. :p

    Sherry from Pennsylvania, USA with lots of love. ♥

    4 years ago
  458. I know theyve answered this already on numerous variety shows..BUT KEVINS ANSWER IS NEVER SHOWN.
    What are their NEW UPDATED ideal types?

    -Jessica from SanFran

    4 years ago
  459. “writing some fanfiction” :P What fandoms do you write in Martina?

    4 years ago
  460. This one is more for Eli – Do you still get a chance to keep up with your Mandarin and your Taekwondo and Kung Fu?

    And then for Kevin and Eli – do you sometimes feel a little culturally confused having grown up in different places, and now living and making a career in South Korea?

    – dewaanifordrama (South African going to school in the US)

    4 years ago
  461. Ok, I thought of a question: Do they listen to songs in other languages than Korean and English and if they do, do they also have favourite singers/groups from foreign countries?
    Kerstin from Germany

    4 years ago
  462. Hi! I’m Gaby from Peru. This question is for all of you: What are you expecting with this sub unit, what do you want to achieve with these promotions? and When you are going to come back to Peru?!! we want to see AJ on stage!!!!

    4 years ago
  463. What is the big difference between U-Kiss and uBEAT? Like, you are with less members, how does that feel, do you like it better compared to a bigger one or not? Any other things that differ?

    From Tanja, Netherlands :)

    4 years ago
  464. :D !!!! im soooooo excited!!!! question : what is your favorite music? and kevin do you have a special christian song you like?
    and last question: for all: if you werent a singer what kind of profession you will choose?

    4 years ago
    • im from Puerto Rico !! grettings!!!!! and hello!! SIMON AND MARTINA!!! you guys are so much fun!!

      4 years ago
  465. First of all, Hey guise!! totally loving this sub-unit!. My question is for AJ (But could include Eli and Kevin) How did you guy’s find living abroad apposed to living in Korea?, what the the major differences that you found and did you find anything hard to adjust to? also is there anything you miss? Lots of love Jayde from UK.

    4 years ago
  466. Hello uBeat~ I’m Beatrice from Romania and I would like to know if you’re planning to come to Europe soon? It would mean the world to me, I love you so much! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤^__^

    4 years ago
  467. Jonghyun from Shinee sang “Si Fuera Ella” By David Bisbal and Alejandro Sanz. He translated it to Korean. I do hope that he knew that “Ella” means ‘her’ and it’s not a name, it was a bit awkward to listen/watch and not try to correct him. Great performance though! Took my breathe away!

    So here’s my question:

    Will you ever sing songs from Latin America? Many Hispanics/Latinos were very impressed with Jonghyun and I heard that there are others korean singer that do sing some songs from bands like Camilla (Mexican band) and if you do what songs would you pick?

    You can easily pick from Selena Quintanilla [May she rest in peace, the president from her fan-club killed her, please be careful with your fans!!] to Mark Anthony.

    There’s so many songs i would suggest to look up.

    Carol Lopez, From Los Angeles, California but currently studying in Texas. (Its too hot!!!!!!)

    4 years ago
  468. Great news! I was going to send some “cheer up” flowers after all the hard work you did on TWO KPOP MUSIC MONDAY VIDEOS but I think I should send a box of Starburst jelly beans, Andes mints and Twizzlers, instead!! Gotta’ keep the Kpop idols and their staff happy!! Perhaps some Halls drops as well, AJ has allergies. *sniff*

    Okay. Question 1: Since Kevin and other members of UKISS are active Christians, do they have a safe place to attend services or do they have to attend via webcast?
    Question 2: How much more conscious are you about resting, taking care of yourselves since Dongho’s illness?

    I know. Not the usual kind of questions but as a mother of college age girls, I think more about their wellbeing.
    What can I say? There’s a reason my screen name was kpopf4nmom!! We think of them like family and pray for them, too.

    4 years ago
    • Love the first question – I’ve often wondered that, too. :) As an offshoot of the second question, I’d be interested to know if they have any days off now. I remember when S&M interviewed them the first time, they said their only free time was when they were sleeping. :( I hope that’s changed now – they work so hard!

      Teresa, New Hampshire

      4 years ago
  469. One quick easy question :D
    Since now the trend is subunits in kpop industry, how do they feel about debuting as uBeat, was it easier since they have experience in the kpop field? And what kind of music genere would they individualy like to perform one day?

    Melanie Santa Cruz – Lima, Perú.

    4 years ago
  470. my question is……

    if U-Kiss had to form another subunit what would you want to try?

    Olivia from Toronto!!!

    4 years ago
  471. if they werent be idols what would they want to do with their life? Nur, Turkey

    4 years ago
  472. I never can come up with good questions for interviews… but I thought I would stop by and say I’m excited for this interview~ ^^ /really lame

    4 years ago
  473. What is the strangest encounter you’ve had with a fan?
    -Robyn, Vancouver, Canada

    4 years ago
  474. Ask them light love questions such as “What’s your ideal type? What you think about dating foreigner girls?” Thank you guys and I love you~~~Lia from Portugal ^^

    4 years ago
  475. i was wondering if u guys would come to Brownsville for a concert?
    Alexis from Brownsville,TX

    4 years ago
  476. Are you open minded about maybe falling in love with a fan? :)
    Who is the most flirtatious with girls?

    Love from Colombia ♥

    4 years ago
  477. OMG so excited!! <3

    Well, since all three of them are fluent in English, I really wanna know if their English got worse lately or past the years. And when they think, in which language do they think? :P hehe

    What are the most embarrasing moments they have ever experienced?

    …and I want them to say hi to all their international fans in many languages as possible!

    UKISS/ uBeat, fighting!

    Suad, from Denmark :)

    4 years ago
  478. To all 3: what’s your favorite EYK review of u-KISS’ songs?
    L Jay, Washington DC

    4 years ago
    • Also, to Kevin: how did you first happen upon EYK? Did someone mention them to you, or did you find it yourself? Had you watched S&M’s videos before that 0330 review, or was that the first time?

      4 years ago
      • For all the boys: When you learned of the MV concept for Standing Still, did any of you have a reaction along the lines of “Oh, god, more homeless jokes from EYK?”
        Nikki, New Orleans

        4 years ago
  479. I’d like to ask AJ which was the most difficult time for him while he was studying in NYC (when did he miss the members the most…if he did miss them! hehe).
    Another thing I’m curious about is if they receive the fanmail themselves & which was the most incredible/shocking present they’ve received from an international fan.

    Thanks Simon & Martina ^^

    I’m Dara, from Spain.

    4 years ago
  480. This question is for all the members, “If you had a chance to speak another different foreign language. What would you choose? French, Spanish, german, etc.”

    4 years ago
  481. I know that’s not a really interesting question but I really want to know:

    How did you react when you officially decided to create this sub-unit? Were you excited, or stressed (because being in a sub-unit is very different than a group of 7 members), etc…

    Myriam from France

    4 years ago
  482. Oryt first time commenting here just for the pure awesomeness that you guise are interviewing uBEAT! *does the same action like you did-fist in the mouth like a kiss then punch* lolz :D

    My question is: “Have you seen Psy latest MV, “Gentleman” can you all 3 do that?” :D:D:D <333

    Would really love to see them shake dem hips you know!!! *________________*
    Thankies loads EYK! :D
    *and looking forward to Simon's tee being close to AJ again* kekeke

    -Liz Muchie / (cur) Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (orig) Philippines

    4 years ago
  483. My Question:
    For AJ. Who was the one that he got the idea of forming UBeat? Which was exactly what the frist reacion of the other members of Ukiss? Ana – Tenerife , Spain. :D Sorry for my bad english u.u

    4 years ago
  484. what the different concepts of U-KISS and uBEAT? and if you is given a question, which group will you choose between U-KISS or uBEAT? you must choose one, and cant not to answer this question. (maybe this question like exam, so you must answer hahhaaha) .. and please answer with your pretty smile :) [these question for all of uBEAT’s member]

    -Elleysia, from Medan, Indonesia-

    4 years ago
  485. This question is for Jaeseop (AJ): “You studied in Columbia University for six months; during those months U-KISS were very active overseas. Were there moments when you wished to be with them performing overseas instead of being in studying in United States?

    Alejandra, Mexico City.

    Simon and Martina! Thank you for doing this! ^^ Please tell them that international KissMes are supporting them, a lor.

    4 years ago
  486. OMG this is awesome – a dream-come-true! I can’t wait to see their reaction on your studio :)

    4 years ago
  487. 1. for UBEAT: Besides Kevin, will you have any collaborations with other UKISS’s members in the coming future?
    If yes, Who would like to work with?
    2. for UBEAT: Will you guys release an English album? XDD
    3. for UKISS: Will you have any plans to held the fanmeeting in Hong Kong?!

    Metrica from Hong Kong, China

    4 years ago
  488. is wonderful to interview uBEAT

    I hope my questions are taken into account, thank you that through you we are closer to our idols.

    * what are your plans for the future?

    * want to go to university?

    * want to marry an Asian or American?

    * as they see the Peru?

    -Blanca Nelida I’m from Peru

    4 years ago
  489. How do you feel about your sub-unit?
    How is it different from being a part of U-kiss?
    Are there any new experiences you’ve had in your sub-unit
    What’s the best part of being a part in U-beat?
    — Mia Javier (Chicago IL USA).

    4 years ago
  490. A few things I’m curious about are:
    1) What is the craziest/weirdest experience you’ve ever had with a fan?
    2) Has anyone in the group ever had a sasaeng fan experience or are they close with any other idols/groups that have had experiences(KissMes seem pretty tame and chill so I wasn’t sure if they’d had any lol)?

    -Caitlin, from New York :)

    4 years ago
  491. Kevin finally gets to meet Spudgy! Make sure you get that on film!!!!
    1. For AJ: Dude, how come you did not visit me while you were going to school in the states?! I only lived like a thousand miles away.
    2. For All: Do you think forming a sub unit of the English speakers from Ukiss will help more to make K-pop more well known throughout the world?
    To Simon and Martina: Wouldn’t the members of Ukiss make an awesome Host Club? I don’t know why, but I was just thinking Ouran High School Host Club and Ukiss at the same time and was like “Yes!” Sorry, I digress a bit.
    Mineral Point, WI

    4 years ago
    • LOL I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has tried to figure out which Host Club personality each would be like!! XDXDXD

      4 years ago
    • I also forgot to ask
      AJ: What did you like most about living/going to school in the states? What did you miss about Korea?

      Mineral Point, Wisconsin, USA

      4 years ago
  492. uBEAT, when you guys get fanmail, do you get sick of getting the same things, or do you get such a variety of gifts that it never gets old? and/or when will uBEAT and/or UKISS hint at touring in North America? Miri, New Jersey

    4 years ago
  493. How different is it to work with only three members instead of the usual seven U-KISS members? Did you miss the other four members?

    – Charlotte from Belgium –

    4 years ago
  494. I have a bunch of questions for uBEAT. But first of all, congratulations on the debut of uBEAT! KISSME FOR LIFE BABY!
    1. Which songs do you think should be the theme songs for the other UKISS members?
    2. How would you let someone know that you’re attracted to them?
    3. How well does uBEAT really know English…can you say the alphabet backwards in the correct order? You have 20 seconds. GO! Heehee. If anyone gets it wrong I would love to see Martina running around like a headless chicken while sing-songing “Ashes can do something you can’t do~”
    Sorry Martina, but you’re just awesome like that. XD
    I love you guys! Keep up the good work!
    Ashes, all the way from South Africa!

    4 years ago
  495. :As English speakers, how do you feel about the use of random English in kpop songs (yours and others)? Do you feel it heightens the meaning of the song or takes away from it if the English is used incorrectly in either grammar or pronunciation?:

    For AJ: I know you were overseas studying what you enjoy, but did you miss the other members of UKISS and performing on stage? Also, do you plan on taking another break to continue your education in the future?:

    Heather – Alberta, Canada

    4 years ago
  496. Since U-KISS stands for “Ubiquitous Korea International idol Super Star”, is there a wacky or bizarre backronym for uBEAT? if not can they make one up?

    -Christina S from KANSAS!!!

    4 years ago
  497. uBEAT, when you receive fanmail do you feel appreciated that your fans go out of their way to send them to you, or do you get sick of getting the same things? Or when will uBEAT and/or UKISS tour in North America?

    4 years ago
  498. Karla Hansen from Faroe Island :)

    you can choose :)

    What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?
    What’s your motto or the advice you live by?
    What is you favorite song to belt out at the bar/in the car/for karaoke?
    If I gave you an elephant where would you hide it?
    Do you enjoy your celebrity star status?
    Were you bullied as a kid?

    4 years ago
  499. omg I’m so excited….gaaaahh.

    You guys are the rappers of U-KISS, and as uBeat you are still rappers, would you like to sing ballads such as in this very nice video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExIaN4bu2-I ? You guys have excellent voices and they deserve to be heard!!! Sorry if that sounds like a demand…btw, I love you guys…you really have beautiful voices and yes, I know you have sang in past performances, but it would be nice to hear your voices especially….
    Lots of love, from Maria S. from California

    4 years ago
  500. Question from a male Nasty:

    Is there a temptation to abuse your English as performers? Have you ever had the urge to, for example, do a cover of Bloodhound Gang’s “Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo” just because your audience is less likely to understand the mountains of innuendo and metaphor? How do you resist?

    Martin Ward from Florida

    (song mentioned, because reference footnote http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZpxaiNV_sM)

    4 years ago
  501. I would like to know, what give them the idea of forming a sub-unit ? What new concept are they promoting ?
    Oriane, France

    4 years ago
  502. As children, what did Eli, AJ and Kevin want to be when they grew up? Did they always want to be singers?
    Angela, Nebraska, USA

    4 years ago
  503. So my question for AJ: How was school in the states? Did you get recognized a lot for being a kpop idol??
    For everyone: What’s one place you’d like to tour and why?

    ~Sarah K from Wisconsin

    4 years ago
  504. I work at an ice cream store and am always judging people’s personalities on the flavor they choose. What flavor of ice cream is your favorite?
    -Caitlin, Florida

    4 years ago
  505. What’s the weirdest Korean food you’ve ever had? Have you tried 개불 and if so what are your thoughts on it?
    -Caitlin from Florida

    4 years ago
  506. I want to ask them: If you could be an ice cream, what flavor would you be? Orrrrr: Isn’t it weird to be a sub-unit and to be without the other members?

    Charlotte – Belgium

    4 years ago
  507. I’ve always wondered if you read all your fan mail? I know it would be a difficult task. But I send a letter to Kevin every four months talking about random things and wonder if he actually reads them? P.S.- Come to Florida! There’s a whole group of Kiss Mes here and we have Disney! And Harry Potter World!! Why wouldn’t you want to come?
    -Caitlin from Orlando, Florida

    4 years ago
  508. Hi! Simonssi & Martinassi! My name is Madeline and I am from Romania.You guys are great – providing us with K-pop stuff. My question for uBEAT is : What are they the most thankful for in their lives and also how they see their future:D ~~
    Thanks and Keep up the good work! ^^

    4 years ago
  509. Q: Would you ever date a waygoken?
    Name: Jennifer from Sweden/Ghana

    4 years ago
  510. Yeah :D can’t wait!!
    Q1: Will you(as UKiss) come and tour in Europe anytime soon?(when/if you do can you please stop by in Sweden XD)
    Q2: I know that you don’t have so much free time, but what’re your favorite tvseries, animes, dramas etc.?

    -Helena from Sweden

    4 years ago
  511. My question:
    Do you have any common fears? For example; spiders?

    Dakota from Alabama, USA

    4 years ago
  512. Woooooowwww, amazing!
    Here’s my question:
    There’s been a lot of talk about Kpop being it’s own genre. Therefore, how would you define Kpop (as a genre), and how do you see it evolving/changing if the future. Also AJ, as a songwriter, would you like to take part in this change by creating something new, or just follow the trends existing at the time? In some interview, you said that the music your fans enjoy inspires you as well.

    – Eevastiina from Finland

    4 years ago
  513. My question: Did any of you ever dreamed you would be in a subunit? Did you though about it for a while or just said yes when the chance appeared? – Ada, from México.

    4 years ago
  514. ^___^ Can’t stop smiling this is the best! ^^ I love your interviews they have the best atmosphere! ^^


    When you guys were trying to achieve your dreams of becoming singers, I’m sure you went through some hard times. What kept you motivated and helped you to achieve your dreams of becoming singers?

    Love the song ‘Take Me Away’ Kevin, you and Hoon did a beautiful job…in making me cry haha j/k

    -Chantel, from Maryland

    4 years ago
  515. Q: Would you guys ever come to Sweden and see your Swedish KissMe even if it was a really really really bad weather (we had spring break with snow -.-)

    Name: Jennifer from Sweden/Ghana

    4 years ago
  516. Karla Hansen from Faroe Island :)

    you can just choose from them :)

    If I gave you an elephant where would you hide it?
    Were you bullied as a kid?
    What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?
    What’s your motto or the advice you live by?
    What is you favorite song to belt out at the bar/in the car/for karaoke?

    4 years ago
  517. My question : What was the most memorable moment when you guys prepared this album?

    Thank you :)

    -Vanessa from Jakarta,Indonesia

    4 years ago
  518. I thought that said in the post biteme instead of beatme LOL

    My question is :
    What would you like to be if you wasn’t a Idol?

    From Eli and Kevin… maybe AJ too xD : Are you missing something from live in USA? which is?

    If you were a girl … With who of the member of U-BEAT you wouldn’t go in a date? Why?

    Maria Laura, From Argentina

    PD: Sorry for my engrish XD

    4 years ago
  519. Q:Would you ever like to preform i Africa, and why? (why not?)
    Name: Jennifer from Sweden& Ghana (Africa)

    4 years ago
  520. Q1) If you could put anyone’s face on the one hundred dollar bill, who would it be and why? (Doesn’t have to be a dead president!)
    Q2) What song topic would you like to sing about, but haven’t gotten the chance to yet? (For example, we’ve all heard love songs, but do you secretly want to sing a song about eating lunch or something haha.)
    Q3) What would have to happen to make you have a concert in New York or Boston????
    Q4) This is for Eli — would you try Red Bull flavored things, like would you eat a Red Bull cupcake???

    PLEASE COME TO THE EAST COAST!!! So many KissMes/BeatMes here!

    Danielle from Boston, USA

    4 years ago
  521. Hi guys my question is: If you can choose any country from all of the world , what country will you choose, and why?

    AleXandra from Romania

    4 years ago
  522. Are there any plans to break into Europe, be it with an album or a concert?

    4 years ago
  523. Questionn~ Do uBeat (or other members of Ukiss) ever read fanfics of yourselves before and im wondering how you guys reacted if you did read fanfics of yourselves out of curiousity
    -Anisah from Singapore

    4 years ago
  524. Did you guys seriously say that uBeat’s fanbase should be called Beatmes? That seriously sounds like you’re advocating abuse and that’s not cool.

    4 years ago
    • … As I far as I can tell, they jokingly wondered about it.

      Why would they be advocating abuse? Methinks you are trying to read to much into a joke.

      4 years ago
      • I think almost every KissMe has thought jokingly that the fan base would be BeatMes. I of course am “SO NASTY” that I took it in a non violent way…if you know what I mean. XD

        4 years ago
    • That was just a bad joke. The name hertBeats has been suggested, which sounds perfect!

      4 years ago
  525. AJ: How was going to college in the States? Is it really different from school in Korea or what you thought college would be like?
    ~Micah, Oregon, USA

    4 years ago
  526. I demand footage of Spudgy tummy rub from uBEAT. ^^

    4 years ago
  527. I wanna know, have one of you( any of ukiss ^^) had gf or had dates in the last year?!!
    I would say AJ maybe did it, when he was by himself in university ^^
    Andre, Colombia :)

    4 years ago
  528. Are you open minded about maybe falling in love with a fan? :)
    Who is the most flirtatious with girls?

    Love from Colombia ♥

    4 years ago
  529. OMG! I really love how Ukiss and EYK continue to have such great relationship! I’m so excited for this interview! >.<

    Since Eli and Kevin are not born in Korea, I want to ask if they ever experience cultural shock when they moved here and if they can share with us any interesting experience or misunderstanding they encounter in Korea or in any other foreign country?

    This is something I really want to know because I'm considering going on an international exchange and it would help me very much to know how to overcome this kind of things!

    I'm so excited for this! I just know it will be such a fun and exciting interview!

    from Romania

    4 years ago
  530. Because i know that all three of you speak English, do u all speak English around each other or Korean. In what situations do u speak English to each other and do u speak it around any other members of U-Kiss just to confuse them?

    4 years ago
  531. uBeat! I go to Columbia University (and saw AJ a couple times though I didn’t want to bother him) and I was wondering, how did AJ enjoy his experience? How is studying in the US different than in Korea? How was the music scene different in your opinion?

    4 years ago
  532. Why did you guys decide to become a sub group? Was there any hard feelings between you and the rest of U-Kiss? You guys can all speek english well, so are you planning to release a completely english song or album?
    -Kenzie from California

    4 years ago
  533. Any plans for other subgroups? like one with with the vocal members only?

    What are Kiseop and Dongho going to do? while the others are busy with musicals and the subunit activity?

    Any plans for a tour a tour in Europe?

    This year will be ur 5th anniversary. Do you guys think you could have done some things better in your career? Or is there sth you wish to do but havent been able to do? Like how AJ took 6 months off in order to study. Btw welcome back AJ, we missed you!

    Love you Kevin and Eli. Elvin <3

    lots of love from Naila, Germany

    4 years ago
  534. My questions for uBeat is “Because you are all fluent at english are you going to be like Lunafly and have an english verison cd and a korean verison for your cds?”

    Rebecca Patten – Manitoba, Canada

    4 years ago
  535. How come Kevin has more parts of the song? Isn’t it suppose to be AJ and Eli ?? :)) OR ask them this !! : Besides AJ and Eli, who else do you think would make a great sub-unit and why ? Georgine Barrientos from Philippines BABY !! And I still love SAMURAI SQUIRRELS !! Love you Simon, Martina and UKISS !! uBEAT FIGHTING !! :**

    4 years ago
  536. How do you felt when they told you that their is going to be a new sub-unit of U-Kiss?
    -Wendy, from Tijuana, Mexico

    4 years ago
  537. My Question:
    How is it like to live the life of an idol? What are the benefits and drawbacks? Any unforgettable experiences?

    Dakota from Alabama, USA

    4 years ago
  538. To Eli and Kevin : Since you are both from the US and came to Korea during you