Ok, so we’re pretty much spending every second day with our design and construction team at the studio trying to get it all ready. Things are flying by so quickly! We see things developing everyday! Anyhow, we’re super excited about it all, and just wanted to share with you some shots of the progress. This is your studio as much as it is ours, since you contributed to it, so we figured you might want to see what we’re seeing! We also have some plans of including you all in special ways, which we’ll reveal shortly.

I’m sure after watching this video some of you are gonna be like “WHEN WILL IT OPEN AHHHH!!!!” So, as for the expected finish date, it should be CHRISTMAS DAY! In less than a week! Holy smokes! They said that there could possibly be delays, but they don’t foresee it being any later than the 29th, which is still pretty freaking fast! Shouldn’t these things take months? Ah!

We’re doing this with a really cool design firm, Ogisa Design. Ogisa is, like, one of the biggest architects in Korea, supposedly. He’s written a bunch of books on architecture, too. Now, we’re not doing it with the HEAD of Ogisa. He’s a bit too out of our budget. But he did come by to look at the studio and sent one of his staff to handle the design. Luckily, we have a connection with him, somewhat. It’s not like we said “GET US THE BEST AND BRIGHTEST ARCHITECT IN KOREA!” No. Fortunately for us, the people that are designing our app have connections with Ogisa, and so they arranged it. That’s pretty cool, by the way. Our app developers, who should just be app-developey, hook us up with a design and architecture place. Side note: they also helped us find our apartment in Seoul. Good people, they are. JUNE! If you’re reading this, thanks for being such a great guy :D

Back to designing the studio talk: we’re doing things a bit differently than what’s normal, supposedly. We’re saying “supposedly” for a lot of this because we really don’t know anyone that’s done this before, so we’re just telling you things that we’re told. Anyhow, supposedly designing a place takes a lot longer than what it’s taking us, because the designers think about the layout and design and color scheme a lot, and then spend a while making perfect 3D renders of the whole thing. We didn’t need that, though. We had most of the studio already planned out in our minds. We don’t need 3D renders of everything, either. We’ve got good imaginations. If you tell us what you’re thinking about doing with what paint or material, we get it. No need to draw it out for us. So, basically, we have the designer come by with us to the studio as it’s being reconstructed. The designer gives us options of materials and paints and accessories and stuff. We choose then and there on the spot. Construction team starts working on it right away. That’s it! So, it’s a lot cheaper than the normal way of designing things, and also a lot faster. We like it that way!

Anyhow, we’ll tell you more as it develops, though we’re getting at the point now with construction that we don’t want to reveal that much more. We want the final reveal to be surprising in a way, you know? If we show you it all as it unfolds, then you won’t be like “OH MY GOD! THEY DID THAT?! SO COOL!” Woohoo! We can’t wait to get in the studio and do a live tour of it all! As soon as they set an end date for sure for sure, we’ll set a livechat date and do a studio reveal for you all. Then we’ll get back to doing livechats regularly. We sure miss those!

Also, if you’re, well, new to this, here’s our studio hunting video, where you can see a lot of the process of actually finding the place. Yeah!


  1. To second Natz’ sentiment, we do miss you. Did you hear our Epik Nasties video won for the AKP cover contest? :)

  2. Hahaha! Simon just posted a picture of them in front of a brick wall, so you already have your wish granted. I think when they originally toured the studio there was a white painted brick wall. Now it seems to be completely stripped and bare which is how I like my brick walls.

    Btw, we missed you. Hope you are doing well.

  3. I really love how everything is coming along. The designers are amazing. I adore their little drawing on the walls. It is so organic. When I first saw the kitchen shelves I kept thinking of a wine rack because of the cubby holes. Don’t tell me that you guys are going to encourage drinking on the job. So exciting!


    On behalf of EYK’s fans I would like to thank you for taking care of our two favourite Canadians :D

  5. Watching all these videos makes me kinda sad that I couldn’t donate… But I’m really happy to see things coming along so smoothly! I love your color choices, so vibrant! :D

  6. it’s becoming so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love the colour of the kitchen!!! and your tubey ceiling is AMAZING!!!!!
    man i’m so excited for it to be finished and to see the results!!!!

  7. this is so cool you guys! so cool! i have no words! i’d be so excited if this was me!


  8. that seems awesome !! can’t wait seeing you in your new studio ^^

  9. Wow it’s like they’re doing everything at the same time… like they’re painting the ceiling while constructing a shelf… can’t wait to see it!

  10. Can’t wait to see it all finished! And then when you get to work from there and so on :D

  11. omg :D the eat your kimchi studio is lookin great!!

  12. i am so exciting and touching even i am just helping with 5 dollars for nasty studio .. argghhh so excitingggg

  13. EYK studios is like, my new dream office after YG building. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? OGISA IS WORKING ON EYK STUDIOS. A;DKJF;LWKJF. I’m jelly. VERY jelly.

  14. I’m so excited to see what the finished EYK Studio will look like!

  15. Who would you like to be the first person or people you guys interview in your new studio in the New Year? And “anyone would be awesome” is not an answer…dream person no matter how minuscule the chances are that you’d actually interview them.

  16. I’m so excited for you guys!!! And super jelly of Martina’s make up room.

    I was wondering if we can make donations on the fundraiser page still? Or are you using a different system now?

  17. We’re thinking of ways to let people come visit, but we can’t leave it just flat out open for anyone to come in. We gotta, you know, work there and all, and we’d be too busy talking to people than actually working. But we do want to have events there, hopefully!

  18. PLEASE make a separate video of the revealing! I know you guys are probably switching to youtube instead of Kondoot, and thank goodness, but most of your fans are international and probably can’t make the times that you can :'(

    Regardless, I love you two to death! Such amaaazing work you’ve both done so far! <3

  19. Costco actually has tubes that take money somewhere actually aha. They just put money in a mini tube and then they have a bigger tube to suck it and you see it go somewhere. Also I really like the colors you are using, the Spudgy blue especially :D.

  20. I haven’t even seen it complete yet, and I’m already in awe. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!
    They’re like design ninjas! I’ve never seen work like this get done this quickly! (And I think I’m a fair judge, I go to an art school and we have Design and Interior Design majors. This is nuts. Lol!)
    And you’re coming out with an app??? :D When will that be done?!

  21. I can’t describe how happy I am for you guys :D It already looks so great. And I’m so excited to see the result and all the videos your going to make.

    What I thought would be kinda cool is, if you would upload a video similar to this one after the big reveal. A bit in the “here’s the music video and after that you’ll get the behind the scenes/making of” style.

    I would love to see it, mainly because I’m a little interior freak and totally love stuff like that :D

  22. You guys said that you were having some one design an app for you, any idea as to when that will be released, also who is designing it, just curious ^^

  23. Gosh…the design wizards are amazing. We want this. Draw. Coffee. Done. It’s so fast 0___0 No wonder it will be done in a week.
    Seriously after the first visit to the mini kitchen and then watching it progress so quickly I was just thinking: “what is this Korean design sorcery?!”

  24. It would be amazing if tour groups started bringing us to your studio and be all like ‘This is the wonderful and famous studio that eatyourkimchi does their filming in!!!!’ HAHAHAHA.

  25. Studio’s looking great! I can imagine it looking really whacky and all… Since it’s thought out by you guys!

  26. OMG!!! i’m sooo excited and sooooooooo proud of you two!! you have really come so far!!! I feel a little misty eyed T.T

  27. This is so awesome! You know, you guys have a pretty freaking cool success story. I’m sure there are a lot of people who are not only fans of you and your segments, but inspired on a personal level.

  28. Oh my gosh, I am SO excited for this. I can’t even explain my feels. /lol/ I’m glad I was able to be apart of why you guys have accomplished this! :D

  29. Wow! The studio is looking amazing guys! I can’t wait to see the end result! This is so amazing! I feel like crying, really I do, you are including us so much so we can feel like we are a part of this, and on behalf of the Nasties, I want to thank you. You guys are amazing! This couldn’t happen to any two nicer people than yourselves! I hope you are sleeping well and staying healthy! EYK, Hwaiting!

  30. Congratulations! You guys worked so hard to get to where you’re at right now. Can’t wait to see the final product! :D

  31. I kept cleaning my monitor because of that fruit fly~!! haha just realized it was with the video after i finished watching ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  32. ahhh! i can already imagine you guys interviewing people in that studio and when they come over having people be like “sorry you have a nAP POD?”
    on the real though, the studio is looking fantastic and i absolutely cannot wait to see it when it’s finished because wowie zowie it just looks fabulous

  33. ahhhh I’m so excited!

  34. omg i just realized this now, if i ever visit korea, u guys will now have a place where i can come, instead of stalk (your apt) haha so cool!!

  35. Ahhhh, just did a hyperventilatey happy dance when I saw this video was posted! Thank you so much for sharing all of this process with us. Also, the bright green paint in the kitchenette TOTALLY reminded me of Spudgy’s old mohawk :P

  36. How far is the studio from your apartment?

  37. AAHHHH This is super exciting! Best part is I know that I’m going to love it because you both have an amazing sense of style

  38. In the entrance, on the wall you should put a BIG eat your kimchi logo, but use tile or something else eye popping. Maybe something 3 dimensional? Anywho, Congratulations guys!!! Keep up the awesome work and don’t ever ever give up!!!

  39. CRAZY!!! It looks seriously amazing so far and I can’t imagine how awesome the finished product will look like!! SO EXCITED!

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