Ok, so we’re pretty much spending every second day with our design and construction team at the studio trying to get it all ready. Things are flying by so quickly! We see things developing everyday! Anyhow, we’re super excited about it all, and just wanted to share with you some shots of the progress. This is your studio as much as it is ours, since you contributed to it, so we figured you might want to see what we’re seeing! We also have some plans of including you all in special ways, which we’ll reveal shortly.

I’m sure after watching this video some of you are gonna be like “WHEN WILL IT OPEN AHHHH!!!!” So, as for the expected finish date, it should be CHRISTMAS DAY! In less than a week! Holy smokes! They said that there could possibly be delays, but they don’t foresee it being any later than the 29th, which is still pretty freaking fast! Shouldn’t these things take months? Ah!

We’re doing this with a really cool design firm, Ogisa Design. Ogisa is, like, one of the biggest architects in Korea, supposedly. He’s written a bunch of books on architecture, too. Now, we’re not doing it with the HEAD of Ogisa. He’s a bit too out of our budget. But he did come by to look at the studio and sent one of his staff to handle the design. Luckily, we have a connection with him, somewhat. It’s not like we said “GET US THE BEST AND BRIGHTEST ARCHITECT IN KOREA!” No. Fortunately for us, the people that are designing our app have connections with Ogisa, and so they arranged it. That’s pretty cool, by the way. Our app developers, who should just be app-developey, hook us up with a design and architecture place. Side note: they also helped us find our apartment in Seoul. Good people, they are. JUNE! If you’re reading this, thanks for being such a great guy :D

Back to designing the studio talk: we’re doing things a bit differently than what’s normal, supposedly. We’re saying “supposedly” for a lot of this because we really don’t know anyone that’s done this before, so we’re just telling you things that we’re told. Anyhow, supposedly designing a place takes a lot longer than what it’s taking us, because the designers think about the layout and design and color scheme a lot, and then spend a while making perfect 3D renders of the whole thing. We didn’t need that, though. We had most of the studio already planned out in our minds. We don’t need 3D renders of everything, either. We’ve got good imaginations. If you tell us what you’re thinking about doing with what paint or material, we get it. No need to draw it out for us. So, basically, we have the designer come by with us to the studio as it’s being reconstructed. The designer gives us options of materials and paints and accessories and stuff. We choose then and there on the spot. Construction team starts working on it right away. That’s it! So, it’s a lot cheaper than the normal way of designing things, and also a lot faster. We like it that way!

Anyhow, we’ll tell you more as it develops, though we’re getting at the point now with construction that we don’t want to reveal that much more. We want the final reveal to be surprising in a way, you know? If we show you it all as it unfolds, then you won’t be like “OH MY GOD! THEY DID THAT?! SO COOL!” Woohoo! We can’t wait to get in the studio and do a live tour of it all! As soon as they set an end date for sure for sure, we’ll set a livechat date and do a studio reveal for you all. Then we’ll get back to doing livechats regularly. We sure miss those!

Also, if you’re, well, new to this, here’s our studio hunting video, where you can see a lot of the process of actually finding the place. Yeah!


  1. Have you guys noticed that on the OGISA website, if you click through Interior, and then on the EYK studio link, one of the pictures is like a outside view of the studios, and it has Simon doing what looks like the Abracadabra (now Gentleman) dance? I cracked up

  2. So jealous of all your success in the SK! So proud of you for making it!! Keep up the good work.

  3. Isn’t it ready yet? It’s the 29th!!!!

  4. I just wanted to say how frikkin jealous and proud I am of you guise! Going to Korea, living there, eat, sleep, cry and laugh there, creating these awesome videos and blogs for us and making it really succesful. And now you are actually getting your own studio! I’ve seen you guys grow since day 1 and I love watching you. I hope you guise will keep up the good work and live a happy, succesful and daebak life with eachother! GO TEAM NASTY!

  5. Oh gawd was that a NAP POD that I see? I am already imagining idols + nap pod combinationsssssssss hehehe

  6. This is going to be AWESOME, I’m so excited *-*

  7. I am totally digging the new website layout!!! awesomeness!! rock on y’all, rock… on…

  8. I really love how everything is coming along. The designers are amazing. I adore their little drawing on the walls. It is so organic. When I first saw the kitchen shelves I kept thinking of a wine rack because of the cubby holes. Don’t tell me that you guys are going to encourage drinking on the job. So exciting!

  9. I just thought of a golden ticket idea now that you have a studio space. Why don’t you cover the walls of the largest room in bricks and rent it to entertainment companies for video shootings and give mister Brohoho a run for his money? I know you said you don’t ever want to see another MV filmed in a brick room setting in 2013, but imagine how much you would earn, and all you have to do is sell your souls. It seems like a pretty good deal to me.

    • To second Natz’ sentiment, we do miss you. Did you hear our Epik Nasties video won for the AKP cover contest? :)

    • Hahaha! Simon just posted a picture of them in front of a brick wall, so you already have your wish granted. I think when they originally toured the studio there was a white painted brick wall. Now it seems to be completely stripped and bare which is how I like my brick walls.

      Btw, we missed you. Hope you are doing well.

      • Sorry for being MIA for so long. I’m well though. I applied for a scholarship a long time ago and I got accepted so I was in Dusseldorf, Germany for a month, doing busy work. Just got back ten days ago and now I’m in my hometown spending Christmas with my dad, so I kinda lost touch with the EYK community. After new year’s when I get home, I will catch up with you guise again.

        Btw, I saw the white brick wall but I haven’t seen it stripped down. They could live it like that just as an inside joke if not to make money out of it.

        • Hi! Nice to see you back again. :) Congratulations on the scholarship!

          I can sum up the main things that happened while you were away. ^^
          – We get to use that pizza cutter after all!!! All KPop picked the Epik Nasty DHM cover as one of their contest winners, hahaha. :D iloveminhyun should eventually get it and post some pictures, I think, but she hasn’t heard anything from AKP since the announcement.
          – Tablo never revealed who the 16th baby monster was. I am of the opinion he was just trolling us the whole time.
          – EYKA nominations! Boy was that a huge job. It was really fun, but at the same time you probably would have wanted to tear your hair out more than once.
          – We broke DHM’s thread from over-commenting about the nominations and moved over to Up’s thread (S&M eventually fixed DHM again, but we stayed over on Up). They’re both about to go off the charts, though. We’re going to be homeless soon.

          (This isn’t really an event, just me, lol: I did a video request for the Indie segment.)
          – You were nice enough to take one for the team and participate in the DHM cover, so here’s a link to my own embarrassing YouTube footage: http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/korean-indie-playlist-the-what-season/
          If you’re interested in KIndie at all, you should check out their Indie segment. Jamie’s got a video request in the works as well.

          I can’t really think of anything else, so I guess besides the nominations you didn’t miss too much.

          Happy holidays! I guess we’ll all catch up again after New Year’s. ^^

        • Oh that is great about the scholarship. It sounds great, even though you don’t get alot of down time. Better to be busy than bored!

          Here is a link to the EYK brohoho wall. http://Instagr.am/p/Tfh7G8TJOq/

  10. In a way, I’m glad for you guise that you already envisioned how your studio is going to look like, but I kinda wished you would be a bit confused about the layout that you would need some nasty opinions from us. Then I could have gotten the chance to be a part of your awesome ground setting experience. But hey, that’s just my inner architectural selfishness, urging me to stick my hands into every project I see, so don’t mind me. I’m really happy for you that all the pieces are starting to fall into place and I’m sure the studio is going to look amazing because it will reflect your personalities.
    I know you want to do a big inauguration, but I hope you’ll post at least a few more updates.

  11. I am honestly so amazed that you two are accomplishing this. This is a difficult feat to achieve in NORTH AMERICA! And you’re doing it in a FOREIGN COUNTRY! I love watching you guys because it just reminds me that you never really know where life will take you. I bet if someone would have told you guys 10 years ago that you’d be living and starting a fun, creative business in South Korea, you would have slapped them silly and called them crazy. So inspiring!

  12. Wow… this is amazing. You two are truly inspirational and super creative. The finished studio would be an excellent Christmas present for you :)

  13. Wow can’t wait to see the finished studios. I hope you guys give a tour once a month with a fee to public to raise some more money! I would definitely pay to come and see.

  14. Hey,This is JUNE. As I said, I’m really thanks and happy for mentioned me HERE!
    AND Watching the EYK’s growth same time beside you guys is such a big honor for me.
    Remember me :)

  15. I’m going to Korea in January and argh I wish I could just spend a day with you guys or something! I’ve been on an eatyourkimchi marathon since a few days ago haha it would be cool if you opened the studio to the public or something similar cos I would totally stalk you guys mwahahaha

  16. Will Spudgy and Meemers go to the studio with you guys everyday? Hoping that Spudgy and Meemers will not have lesser screen time in the future, because they’re one of the reasons i subscribed. =X

  17. Are you guise going to have a multi-camera setup in the new studio? Or is it going to be single-camera like the rest of the blog?

  18. i’m so excited for you guys!!! wish you all the best!!!

  19. Are you guys going to live in your studio? I find it unnecessary to build rooms like the little kitchen. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s cute! Waiting for the tour! :3

  20. Can’t wait to see it done! it’s going to look awesome! :)

  21. You guys have a chalkboard? Wow! I don’t know why am I so excited about this, but it’s awesome! Can’t wait to see what you will draw on it :D

  22. Looking so awesome you guys! I’m really excited for you. Curious to see who the first interview/musical guest will be too :D

  23. Watching all these videos makes me kinda sad that I couldn’t donate… But I’m really happy to see things coming along so smoothly! I love your color choices, so vibrant! :D

  24. This is a little weird, but your kitchen is Spudgy colors! The tile is blue and the wall above is the green he used to have…

  25. So fast? It’s like Extreme Makeover! Home Edition. Oh, do one of those!:D

  26. I’m confused. I thought you were a blog shot (generally) in the kitchen of your apartment. Was that a set the whole time? Or now you’re getting a set and you’re like a real company? Is doing the blog your job now or do you still teach or do something else?

    • They do currently shoot in their kitchen, but they are building a studio so they no longer have to keep all their equipment at home, and so they can officially invite people over to a place to do interviews. And they needed to register EYK as a business at least partly for Visa purposes. Since they are Canadians they have to have a legitimate reason to stay in Korea.

  27. Anyone else worried about missing the livechat? I have problems with those because of school :( I wish there could be a video too!

  28. It’s soooooo soooo cool! I’m soooo proud of you, of us. I guess it’s all so overwhelming and crazy to do that, huh? :3

  29. I CANNOT wait for you guys to reveal this! So happy for you and you both have such an amazing sense of style. It’s going to look awesome!

  30. The studio is coming along nicely. I love the way they just draw their ideas for you on the wall, what amazing skills they have. I love the submarine room you have, you should put a periscope in there just for the sake of it.

    Soo looking forward to the final finish-revealing video.

  31. YAY!!! SO glad to see it coming to life! Totally love the colour choice!

    p/s: you can rent that part of the brick wall and exposed ceilings to K-Pop bands for their MVs. Brohohohoh~! :D

  32. Congrats guys and the studio space looks so amazing!

  33. it’s becoming so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love the colour of the kitchen!!! and your tubey ceiling is AMAZING!!!!!
    man i’m so excited for it to be finished and to see the results!!!!

  34. this is so cool you guys! so cool! i have no words! i’d be so excited if this was me!


  35. that seems awesome !! can’t wait seeing you in your new studio ^^

  36. SIMON!!! MARTINA!!!!

    I’m so excited for you guys!!!

    I can’t wait to go to Seoul and bombard your studio of awesome!

    xD xD
    Keep up the good work! hwaiting!

  37. Wow it’s like they’re doing everything at the same time… like they’re painting the ceiling while constructing a shelf… can’t wait to see it!

  38. Have you guys encountered any difficulty in hiring people for the construction, planning, and explaining your ideas to the people you hired? While you guys seem very proficient in Korean, since it’s not your native language, I’m curious if finding/remodeling a studio has been more challenging for you because of that?

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