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Update on Our Studio Construction!

December 17, 2012


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Ok, so we’re pretty much spending every second day with our design and construction team at the studio trying to get it all ready. Things are flying by so quickly! We see things developing everyday! Anyhow, we’re super excited about it all, and just wanted to share with you some shots of the progress. This is your studio as much as it is ours, since you contributed to it, so we figured you might want to see what we’re seeing! We also have some plans of including you all in special ways, which we’ll reveal shortly.

I’m sure after watching this video some of you are gonna be like “WHEN WILL IT OPEN AHHHH!!!!” So, as for the expected finish date, it should be CHRISTMAS DAY! In less than a week! Holy smokes! They said that there could possibly be delays, but they don’t foresee it being any later than the 29th, which is still pretty freaking fast! Shouldn’t these things take months? Ah!

We’re doing this with a really cool design firm, Ogisa Design. Ogisa is, like, one of the biggest architects in Korea, supposedly. He’s written a bunch of books on architecture, too. Now, we’re not doing it with the HEAD of Ogisa. He’s a bit too out of our budget. But he did come by to look at the studio and sent one of his staff to handle the design. Luckily, we have a connection with him, somewhat. It’s not like we said “GET US THE BEST AND BRIGHTEST ARCHITECT IN KOREA!” No. Fortunately for us, the people that are designing our app have connections with Ogisa, and so they arranged it. That’s pretty cool, by the way. Our app developers, who should just be app-developey, hook us up with a design and architecture place. Side note: they also helped us find our apartment in Seoul. Good people, they are. JUNE! If you’re reading this, thanks for being such a great guy :D

Back to designing the studio talk: we’re doing things a bit differently than what’s normal, supposedly. We’re saying “supposedly” for a lot of this because we really don’t know anyone that’s done this before, so we’re just telling you things that we’re told. Anyhow, supposedly designing a place takes a lot longer than what it’s taking us, because the designers think about the layout and design and color scheme a lot, and then spend a while making perfect 3D renders of the whole thing. We didn’t need that, though. We had most of the studio already planned out in our minds. We don’t need 3D renders of everything, either. We’ve got good imaginations. If you tell us what you’re thinking about doing with what paint or material, we get it. No need to draw it out for us. So, basically, we have the designer come by with us to the studio as it’s being reconstructed. The designer gives us options of materials and paints and accessories and stuff. We choose then and there on the spot. Construction team starts working on it right away. That’s it! So, it’s a lot cheaper than the normal way of designing things, and also a lot faster. We like it that way!

Anyhow, we’ll tell you more as it develops, though we’re getting at the point now with construction that we don’t want to reveal that much more. We want the final reveal to be surprising in a way, you know? If we show you it all as it unfolds, then you won’t be like “OH MY GOD! THEY DID THAT?! SO COOL!” Woohoo! We can’t wait to get in the studio and do a live tour of it all! As soon as they set an end date for sure for sure, we’ll set a livechat date and do a studio reveal for you all. Then we’ll get back to doing livechats regularly. We sure miss those!

Also, if you’re, well, new to this, here’s our studio hunting video, where you can see a lot of the process of actually finding the place. Yeah!



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