Hey guise!

This isn’t really that big of a video, just a short announcement so you know what’s up. Next week we’re not posting any of our major videos because we’re gonna be out of the studio all week, the Eatyourkimchi Crew, going on another EATYOURKIMCHI ROAD TRIP! Last time we only went for the weekend, but that was just a small test run. This time, we’re driving around Korea, WAYYYY out of Seoul, in the Eatyourkimchi Mobile. We’re heading down to Jeollanamdo and Yeosu and filming a bunch of FAPFAPS and WANKs while we’re down there.

Over this summer we’ve been so busy in China, California, and Sweden, and then with the You Are Here Cafe opening that we haven’t had a lot of time together as a crew. We’ve been planning this road trip for so long but just haven’t had a solid week to go out and do it. Now, finally, we will!

Any Nasties in the area, give us a holler if you see us! Or take a picture of the Eatyourkimchi Mobile while we roll down our sexy windows at you. On that note, I’m sorry to people that we see while we’re driving who we want to talk with, but don’t want to get rear-ended in the process. We’re not driving away because we’re jerks, but because we’re afraid of the other drivers trying to kill us. If we can stop to talk without jeopardizing our lives we totally will!

So that’s it for our short video. If you’re in the area, let us know what your favourite spots are and hopefully we can check those out! Hooray!

  1. We’re back now! We shot something like 250GB of footage and have a whole lot of fun WANKs and delicious FAPFAPs coming up. Yay!

  2. That Busker Busker song is always popping up in my head whenever I hear “Yeosu”.. Love it :D :D

  3. Awesome! Hopefully some of the Nasties here in Yeosu-si will bump into you all. There are several places here worth visiting and a lot of good places to eat. Soup Tent in Munsudong is very popular among foreigners here, but you’d definitely need to be shown the place since it’s in a side alley and doesn’t have a sign. Definitely visit Ungchon Beach while you’re here, it’s very nice and there are groups of people there every weekend.

  4. I’m in Yeosu, If you like temples, there is a really famous one on Dolsan Island (also famous for mustard leaf kimchi) that Koreans go to see the sunrise on new years day. As far as the Expo site, it’s kinda deserted… The only things they are currently showing are a Teddy bear exhibit and the Big O- which is a giant loop structure that shoots lazers, fire, fountains and a movie is projected onto it during the show. As far as beaches go, there is a black sand beach that is a major pension destination. There is Ungchon beach which is a man-made beach but very popular with us foreigners. Also Very important note- NO SWIMMING AFTER 6pm on all beaches. Police/ life guards will yell at you. So go to the beach early.

  5. Hey guys! My wife and I went for our 6 days honeymoon trip in the southern part of south korea. we visited those cities: Mokpo, Wando, yeongam, tongyeong and an Other city i do not remember the name. On other trip, I specialy liked Wando, the beaches around and the national park overthere. If you have any chance to make your way there, I think this is a must see. I hope you’ll enjoy your trip. We also plan to pass by “you are here Café” during my 2 weeks in south korea. I hope I’ll can see you there guys!

  6. Can’t wait to see your “Jeon Won Diary”! And I’m looking forward to a rendition of Sistar’s “Touch My Body” choreo in that water park…

  7. Guise… Are you only going to two cities total? *confused face*…

  8. Yay!!! I worked at the World expo in Yeosu in 2012 for the USA pavilion. Made some of the best memories of my life, and also met friends for life at that place :). Yeosu has a special place in my heart :D and the food is AWESOME! Have fun over there!!! Can’t wait to see your new video!

  9. Wahoo!! Super excited for the travel videos to come :D I hope y’all have a fun and safe trip!~ Cant wait to see more of Korea~^^

  10. I just notice a little smiley face at the every bottom of the website.

  11. Oh wow, I just scrolled all the way to the end of the comments and saw the related posts… In one of them is Simon’s face, without the beard…. … … … you look like such a baby!!! I’m so used to the beard now.

  12. A whole week! But suPER JUNIOR’S COMEBACK!!! Naw jk(sort of) that’s so dope that you guys get to go EXPLERRRING! So jealous, you’ll have to show us videos of what the Korean beaches are like, I’m so curious! Anyways, have super amounts of fun because after everything you guys have been up to lately you deserve it(: BYE

  13. Ah cool! That’s where my boyfriend lives, and so where I stayed for a month in July! We went to this water park in Yeosu called the Ocean, and that was fun. ^_^

  14. I am so happy for you guys!! It always makes me sad when people get demanding for you to put up such-and-such a video on a certain schedule. It’s like, you’re clearly working very hard, all the time, on lots of other really cool stuff! You deserve a vacation and some crew-bonding! I hope you have a great time and can’t wait to see where you go! :)

  15. I’m so excited!! I love your WANKs and FAPFAPs. I know you do too ;)

  16. Ah hopefully next time you’ll stop by Jeollabuk-Do. That’s where I’ll be teaching for the next year :) Enjoy your road trip, you guise! I can’t wait for the videos.

  17. I hope many Nasties are able to take snap shots of your trip. I enjoyed all the Instagram photos from the You Are Here opening, I’d love to see more interactions like that!

  18. I’m so jelly that you’re going on this awesome-sounding trip :D Have a lovely time guys, don’t work toooooo hard – and have an extra portion of all that scrummy food, just for me! <3

  19. Yay! Have fun on your road trip guys :) I look forward to seeing beautiful countryside and yummy food that makes me compulsively cook in the middle of the night ;)

  20. Yeah Jeollabuk-do is my province! Maybe I’ll catch you if you drive through Jinan or Jeonju! Yeosu has Aqua Planet. It is an aquarium, an alive museum, 3D theater and outdoor activities such as kayaking and a zipline!! I wanted to go zip-lining, but I had to supervise children… :/ HAVE FUN!

  21. Wow were you told by KIA to “include at least 30 seconds of car-footage in the video”? :D Have fun on your roadtrip and bring home some fun souvenirs for a WTF roadtrip edition! \^o^/

  22. You guys deserve a holiday! ENJOY ^o^

  23. excellent! will keep my eyes peeled for you…when you all coming to EV-Yangpyeong? http://www.yea.or.kr Martina, you know this is the school where they filmed Boys over Flowers. Pretty mountains, nice scenery and people. Yongmunsa, and market days on dates that end in 0/5. Simon, delicious, all you can eat beef bbq for 13k won. Everyone’s happy! :D

  24. Really looking forward to all the awesome adventures you’ll have! I’m going to be so jealous of all the delicious food hrrrnnnnggghh!! Stay safe on the road!
    Also, Martina, that top (dress?) is SO. CUTE. I must have it. UGH.

  25. I would LOVE to go on a road trip with the EYK crew! I think it would be totally awesome and fun! :D
    I love your FAPFAP and WANK videos, so I’m really excited to see what you discover on your trip!
    Have a nice week!!

  26. Hi fellow nasties :P having been a lurker for bout 2 years now I’m coming out of hiding hahaha Love watching your videos Simon, Martina, Soooozeee, Leigh and of course spudgy and meems :D:D I recently made a video about Korea for a competition to go to Korea and wanted to share it with you :D I’ve loved all your videos and everytime you guys gave me a glimpse of Korea I got soooo happy :D So I thought I’d return the favour and show you how much you are teaching others!

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a youtuber nor will I ever be, I actually get really nervous talking in front of others :| it’s my first attempt ever at something like this and compared to you guys it sucks, but it came from my heart and I wanted to share my love for Korea with you guys since you have been such an inspiration to it!! :D

    Hope you like it <3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2v0dkw7Yt9M

    FYI, no the competition is not based on views nor will it help in anyway in the competition I merely wanted to share it within the community ;)

  27. Going to be great to see more of Korea in the videos that you will film on this road trip!

  28. Oh man, SooZee’s expression when Martina mentions the ‘sexy bathing suits’ is priceless.

    I’ll be on the lookout for you guys next week!! …you know, if you happen to end up in Michigan. Or something.

  29. So excited to get a taste of other places in Korea through the videos!

  30. Soo Zee doesn’t look her normal chirpy self in this video, whilst she might be completely fine I’m just going to take the opportunity to remind her that she’s awesome and as someone that really loves EYK videos because they brighten my day I appreciate all the hard work. Actually that goes for all of you!

  31. There is a chance I’ll be in Korea this summer!! Still working out details

  32. Any chance you’ll be stopping in Gwangju?

  33. Waahh SooZee is so pretty! ❤ My heart is conflicted because I ship her and Leigh together, noo why?!!! My heart! *cough* uhmm yeah. I’ll be ok. /weird comment Have fun on your roadtrip!

  34. I’m excited to see the videos, I’m really curious about many places outside of Seoul and I loved the videos from the last road trip. Have fun and drive safely!

  35. Soooooooo, no KMM again:( I’m really missing them! Especially the normal ones. I know that you’re super busy with everthing and you’re trying your best, so don’t feel bad about that. It’s awesome that you’re going on trip, and I know there will be a bunch of awesome videos that will make me want to come to Korea even more. And I can’t wait to see them.
    But I think something like Kpop Music Week(maybe not a week, I know that KMMs are complicated and need time and work and a after KMW you would be zombies or something. So don’t overwork yourselfs)

    So have fun! It’ll be awesome trip!


  36. Ooh so exciting! I love EYK road trip videos! And yay lots of fapfaps, I’m drooling already in anticipation of sexy food porn shots all over my screen. I can’t wait to see some of a whole new part of Korea! Have fun guise^^

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