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Our Interview with Urban Zakapa

December 23, 2012


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OH MY GOD! The interview is finally up! As you might remember, we did an interview with Urban Zakapa ages ago. We posted pics of us with them…and then poof! No more to hear from us about the interview. Ah! It’s been hectic with us having to fly back to Canada for a family emergency, and then us spending so much time with the studio development, but now, FINALLY, we’re ready to share our interview with Urban Zakapa!

So, we divided the interview up into a couple of sections. We want these interviews that we do with artists to be ways for us to promote their videos on YouTube, so we asked them some questions about their video, and then we break it up with their video, if you haven’t seen it, and then we go back to the interview. Kind of like, a real music show kind of thing, no? That’s something that we’d love to do in the future with our playlists. Have an artists come by, ask him some questions, they answer, introduce a video, show the video, come back, talk some more. That’s how TV was when I was growing up, and I kinda miss that!

Anyhow, enough babbling about our plans and the structure of this interview: we were really fortunate to be able to do this interview. Sometimes, interviews can have very stiff, pre-approved questions with rehearsed answers, but here we were able to ask whatever we wanted and were able to get really candid, sincere answers out of them. We found it all really interesting.

One thing we had difficulty in discussing was the idea of Kpop. We asked them first what they thought of being a popular K Indie band, and they said they weren’t Indie at all, and were very confused by our question. For them, it seemed, Indie in Korea means “small bands playing at bars in Hongdae.” For us, we think of Indie as short for Independent. Indie artists don’t have their songs or music made or planned for them in any way. We also feel like Kpop artists have a totally different marketing strategy than Indie artists. Indie artists seem more focused on marketing their songs and promoting their music, while Kpop artists seem oftentimes interested in marketing their image and promoting themselves. Kpop artists often seem like entertainers that happen to be very musically talented, but they’re also models and actors. Indie artists are people who just focus on music, their own music, and are better at making music than they are at selling it.

Of course, the line between Indie and Pop is very hazy. There are extremely popular Indie bands, like Busker Busker, for example, who are played more and sell more than most Kpop artists. But they still retain that sense of Indie for us, you know? I don’t know. Let us know what you think. The point is, we had this discussion with Urban Zakapa, and had to explain what we think of in terms of the divide between Kpop and K Indie, and so – in this interview – you’ll see some of their thoughts on it as well.

On a less serious note: Hyun Ah has a wickedly sexy voice. Like, holy freaking slaps, it’s awesome. The first thing we said to each other after the interview was “damn! Her voice was awesome!” She doesn’t even need to sing. She could just be a spoken word artist and she’d be great. Make her read audiobooks! Hell: we’d listen to her read a cookbook!

Anyhow, enough rambling. We want to promote Urban Zakapa’s music a bit here, so let’s get that out here now: Buy their music on iTunes or on YesAsia. It’s pretty, and definitely worth listening to. Or, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out their video for “All the Same”

Or, if you’d like an AUTOGRAPHED URBAN ZAKAPA ALBUM, we’re giving away three copies for you guise. Here’s what you gotta do to win:

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