OH MY GOD! The interview is finally up! As you might remember, we did an interview with Urban Zakapa ages ago. We posted pics of us with them…and then poof! No more to hear from us about the interview. Ah! It’s been hectic with us having to fly back to Canada for a family emergency, and then us spending so much time with the studio development, but now, FINALLY, we’re ready to share our interview with Urban Zakapa!

So, we divided the interview up into a couple of sections. We want these interviews that we do with artists to be ways for us to promote their videos on YouTube, so we asked them some questions about their video, and then we break it up with their video, if you haven’t seen it, and then we go back to the interview. Kind of like, a real music show kind of thing, no? That’s something that we’d love to do in the future with our playlists. Have an artists come by, ask him some questions, they answer, introduce a video, show the video, come back, talk some more. That’s how TV was when I was growing up, and I kinda miss that!

Anyhow, enough babbling about our plans and the structure of this interview: we were really fortunate to be able to do this interview. Sometimes, interviews can have very stiff, pre-approved questions with rehearsed answers, but here we were able to ask whatever we wanted and were able to get really candid, sincere answers out of them. We found it all really interesting.

One thing we had difficulty in discussing was the idea of Kpop. We asked them first what they thought of being a popular K Indie band, and they said they weren’t Indie at all, and were very confused by our question. For them, it seemed, Indie in Korea means “small bands playing at bars in Hongdae.” For us, we think of Indie as short for Independent. Indie artists don’t have their songs or music made or planned for them in any way. We also feel like Kpop artists have a totally different marketing strategy than Indie artists. Indie artists seem more focused on marketing their songs and promoting their music, while Kpop artists seem oftentimes interested in marketing their image and promoting themselves. Kpop artists often seem like entertainers that happen to be very musically talented, but they’re also models and actors. Indie artists are people who just focus on music, their own music, and are better at making music than they are at selling it.

Of course, the line between Indie and Pop is very hazy. There are extremely popular Indie bands, like Busker Busker, for example, who are played more and sell more than most Kpop artists. But they still retain that sense of Indie for us, you know? I don’t know. Let us know what you think. The point is, we had this discussion with Urban Zakapa, and had to explain what we think of in terms of the divide between Kpop and K Indie, and so – in this interview – you’ll see some of their thoughts on it as well.

On a less serious note: Hyun Ah has a wickedly sexy voice. Like, holy freaking slaps, it’s awesome. The first thing we said to each other after the interview was “damn! Her voice was awesome!” She doesn’t even need to sing. She could just be a spoken word artist and she’d be great. Make her read audiobooks! Hell: we’d listen to her read a cookbook!

Anyhow, enough rambling. We want to promote Urban Zakapa’s music a bit here, so let’s get that out here now: Buy their music on iTunes or on YesAsia. It’s pretty, and definitely worth listening to. Or, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out their video for “All the Same”


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  1. Okay where was I when you guys did this, under a rock?! I adore Urban Zakapa and to know that you guys interviewed them OMG!! Let me just take a minute to faint…

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE their music. Awesome~!

  3. I must firstly say thank you so much to Eat Your Kimchi for doing this interview with Urban Zakapa.
    I really enjoy Urban Zakapa. They can go from Soul to Smooth Jazz to R&B to whatever and they completely own it. Their music is beautiful instrumentally and vocally. I aspire to learn how to play the double bass and to be able to hear the raw instrument in their music makes me feel very passionate, excited and appreciative. Jo Hyun-Ah, Kwon Sun-Il and Park Young-In sing with so much emotion but so effortlessly at the same time. It blows my mind everytime. Urban Zakapa are just so Fantastic Elastic!!
    Youtube Username: BHonGOmufFIN

  4. Been a big fan since I first heard of their song ‘Cafe Latte’ few years back! I was so impressed when I found out they had 9 members. And they’re nothing like that 9 member idol group :p Anyhow, I love how they can harmonise so beautifully. I love the rhythms and addictive melodies of their songs. I especially love listening to them on rainy days. I love how they are so down to earth and how they answer questions in interviews. I love that they are with fluxus music now

    Thank you EYK for this interview! If I win the CD, I’d probably frame it up or something heheheheh.

  5. First of All, I would like to thank eatyourkimchi for doing this giveaway. 3 URBAN ZAKAPA Fans will be very happy
    to receive this and I hope to be one of them.

    For my 2 years of being a kpop fan, I didn’t
    know URBAN ZAKAPA. I dIdn’t know when they debuted or what genre they
    specialized. Until, I became more curious about KPOP Groups ,you
    know, who not able to get the spotlight they deserved the most. People who just
    center their minds on their idols should be able to explore not just KPOP
    Groups who sings groovy, dance songs but we should pertain our minds to other
    genres also.

    Anyway, Now, I love URBAN ZAKAPA. I really fell
    in love to their music when I first heard them. They really got my taste in
    music. I’m really surprised that they are not just trio, they are
    nine(according to my research)! They are not just singers in the group but they
    also have instrumentals. This is my first time encountering that group that not
    just singers in a group. I think they don’t need to have extra musicians or
    composers to have an album. Just them, they can make an album. I really admire
    them because they compose what they sing. It makes me feel comfortable with
    them because if you ask them about the song, I think they’ll answer it
    specifically. I though Urban Zakapa would be the same as other groups when I
    first heard about their name but they proved me wrong with that. They proved
    that their group is unique to other groups. I really love them because their songs weren’t
    the same genre as others and they gave us a genre that we should listen also,
    not just only pop. I really love them. They have the songs that can refresh and
    enlighten people’s moods. The melody of their songs can easily take people away
    from stress and I’m one of that people. ^^ Sometimes, If I’m used to pop songs
    and I can’t just hear pop songs once again, I just listen to URBAN ZAKAPA’s
    Songs because they are refreshing to mind. URBAN ZAKAPA is one of the proofs
    that KPOP in general(because some people knows that KPOP is the whole Korean
    Music) isn’t just pop/dance songs at all. I’m just grateful that they releasing
    more albums even though they are underrated to some people. They are great.
    They really deserve some popularity. What can you ask more for this group? They
    have the real talents, the charms and everything! I’m really looking forward to
    their next songs. AnyWays,I really love their name. It’s just one of a
    kind. It’s really Unique. I think if you search their name, it will eventually
    led to them. No one can ask for this group. They are really indeed DAEBAK!

  6. My favorite thing about Urban Zakapa is that, unlike a lot of band that contain one girl, this group doesn’t feature only the female lead singer while the guys all play instruments in the background – Urban Zakapa is wonderfully talented at combining the different, unique singing talents of each member to make fantastic songs. And all of the members seem to have equal input and importance in the band. ^^

    Youtube username: Mikalino13

  7. I like Urban Zakapa because they make music that soothes and relaxes my soul :) Youtube: Manica Dimaiwat

  8. Maybe you guys should interview Busker Busker too? Since you know one of the members. They seem to be super popular in Korea. And maybe other smaller, more “indie” bands that you like and promote them in a sense? Maybe possible with the new studio?

  9. I just wanna put little thought here. I kinda giggled when reading some comments said that they like UZ because they write their own song, not doing lypsync, and not putting auto-tune into their music. It’s definitely because they’re not idols! However if you define kpop as pop/popular music, UZ imo and like they said theirself still pretty much kpop. But they’re not intended to build such an image like idols do and just have music as their main material. There is a haze but also clear line between idols music and non-idols. It’s marketing and the image they build. I don’t want to be seen as hypocrite. Because I also like kpop idol acts as whole package from their music to fanservices. But listening to artists like UZ, standing egg, clazziquai, etc really made me realize that South Korea has wider and more diverse kind of music. And this kind of korean artists like UZ really know how to make kind of coffe-shop music that really made you chill. Bravo UZ!!

  10. Somehow w/ all the “fakeness” and “madeupness” in kpop boy/girl bands, Urban Zakapa seem like real people, w/ their own real ideas. Not that other boy and groups don’t have a real people, but UZ members are very next door and if they weren’t so popular and so far away (couple oceans between us), I would truly enjoy a casual conversation with them.

  11. I LOVE UZ because their music is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!! Somehow they figured out how to lend their voices perfectly to produce a unique yet perfect sound that fills my ears with music goodness every time! Recently i’ve been hung up on Crush and Don’t Make Me Cry so much that I can’t ever listen to those songs just once. Once they hit the airwaves from mah speakers – automatic repeat like 3 more times! I can’t wait for kpop to go back in this direction like before the idol catchy music craze hit **SIGH** Anyways, LOVE me some UZ!!!!!!!!! Wishing them the best and hoping they become even more popular than they are now! UZ HWAITING!!!!!!!!!!! Keep making that awesome feel good music ^~^v

  12. For contest! :> I love how honest Urban Zakapa is with their music. They don’t create music just to impress others. Their music conveys their true feelings. It’s not about the look or appearance of themselves, but rather about the emotion they create in their songs that people can relate to. I’m subscribed on youtube! timbiriki007

  13. What I like most about Urban Zakapa is the simplicity and honesty in their lyrics. They’ve said it on their interviews time and again that they’re music is a mirror to their real lives, and that they want their songs to touch their listeners’ hearts with their honesty.

    I have been a fan of the group since 2010 (which I regret because they’ve been around since 2009), and I can say they have been delivering consistently. I love that everyone in the group pitches in their own songs – their songs are like a diary (into their love lives) of some sort. And you know what they say about love – love is universal – which is why their music speaks to a lot of people.

  14. Wahhh! I only just found out now that you two interviewed my Urban Zakapa! I love them so much! Thanks for the awesome interview and it’s cool to see Simon taking charge of the interview :) Can’t wait to see the new studio once it’s completed ^^

  15. Thank you!! I’ve been waiting for their interview (/^^)/

    Urban Zakapa is definitely my favorite band. The way their voices harmonize and the depth of emotion they express in their songs makes me love their music more than any other band. Hyun Ah’s especially has a strong voice that seems to express a wide variety of emotions from regret and sadness in All the Same to a lighthearted joyful feeling in Beautiful Day.

    Also the way they seem to incorporate other sounds than their voices in their songs, like the Arpeggio version of Cafe Latte, gives their songs a wistful, warm feeling.

    But what I love most about their music is that it’s makes me slow down and take time to observe the world. Their soft tunes are a contrast to the pop music that I often hear and it makes me stop and think about what I see in the world. I really love how I can take a walk in the woods while listening to them and I’ll feel completely at peace.

  16. ♥♥♥♥urban zakapa…♥

  17. I really like how you are starting to do interviews. I think this is really awesome. Whats really awesome that the interviews are easy to access. With a lot of interviews i find its sometimes hard to find stuff and when you do it’s not subbed. I am excited to see whats next to come in the future for all the video editing. If you ever get a chance you should try and interview Peppertones, or Busker Busker. I think they would be awesome interviews. Thank you for all your awesome work you guys work so hard at what you do.

  18. I actually agree with you guys on the whole Indie thing. Here in the States an Indie band is still considered widely popular, they have their own magazines, tours, collaborations and can be seen on certain music shows and award shows but their music isn’t as mainstream nor are they marketed or promoted as much as say someone like Maroon 5 or Linkin Park. Indie bands/artists work under Independent labels and that means that they have more artistic freedom and control over everything they do. Usually only people who are actually already aware of that culture, like in Korea I see as it also stems into K-hiphop, will know about it. Good examples of this in the States are bands like Chiodos, Circa Survive, Paramore was Indie once upon a time and still kinda is, Shiny Toy Guns, Dashboard Confessionals, There for Tomorrow and Brand New.

  19. Thanks to eyk I got to know urban zakappa (with “I hate you”) and I’ve been loving them ever since <3

  20. I love Kpop but I live Urban Zakapa the most because I can listen to their music anytime (no auto tune, no freaky dances). I can sit there at the end is a long day with a cup of coffee and listen to them. I guess in the end, their songs always bring a smile to my face and makes me appreciate the simpler things in life.

    Thank you for your wonderful interview and you guys are very lucky to meet them! I’m so jealous!

  21. I really love Urban Zakapa because their music is something I can listen to all the time & relate to even if I didn’t experience the same events or speak the same language. I first got to know them through Fluxus Music because I’m a big fan of Clazziquai Project & became a big fan ever since they came out with 그날에 우리 (My Love). I always have all their songs on my iphone as they’re one of my favorite artists and at least one of their songs seem to make it into my weekly playlists. I love that they write their own songs with their own emotions in mind instead of following trends and the way they harmonize beautifully with their amazing vocals is to applaud for. They never seem to disappoint me with their new music releases and not to mention that they sound amazing live too through the various concert videos and music programs I’ve seen. I also really like their music videos for its artsy quality but simplicity of conveying the lyrics through a more down to earth feel. As I’m an avid music fan especially k-indie, I would make my friends listen to them so they end up liking their music too ^^; Even on my own blog, I post up their music/videos and try to introduce them to my followers and other people who might see it. I also help run a Fluxus Music blog, as I’m a big fan of practically all the artists under the label, so I follow on anything new and post all about their music releases, concert videos, pictures, etc. Even though they’re topping charts in Korea and don’t consider themselves indie, I still think they’re a bit underrated and not as exposed or loved by as many people, especially globally, as they deserve to be considering they’re so talented! D:< So thank you for introducing them to fans of EYK! I like that they're so modest about having fans and appreciate the people who like their music and actually like/listen to their own music too! I really appreciate their music and hope they evolve musically and experiment with new sounds in the future, but still keep their admirable quality, excellent vocals, and that lovely Urban Zakapa feel~ :D

    Oh! I would also like to thank you for the hard work you guys put into getting the opportunity to interview them and making time out of your busy schedules to film and edit in order to release it to fans of the UZ and EatYourKimchi! Keep up the great work, but take care of your health especially since it's really cold in Korea ;o Really looking forward to the new beginnings of EatYourKimchi with a new studio! Thank you Simon & Martina! You guys are awesome and have great music taste! ;D

    Youtube: gracegoesmoo555

  22. Ooooo yeah. this question was really hard for me to answer because i really like a lot of things about Urban zakapa
    1. Their freakin name. I mean how awesome a name is “Urban Zakapa”
    2. I am a huge potter nerd and the guy on the right in your interview looks like Harry potter :)
    3. What good are the first two points if their music sucked and thank god it doesn’t. For someone like me who can go from listening to a heavy metal song one minute and then Gee the next minute (I like a lot of music) Their music just seems so refreshing and calm for me. Like I’ve been lying on a beach for one hour and then I go and jump in a pool (I got a “D” on the English creative writing exam :( )
    4. Unlike a lot of other indie bands (still dont know if they fit into the genre though) I’ve come across. They’re not snobby about the fact that they’re “indie” and look down on everyone who produces and likes mainstream music. I could go off into a 4-page rant about this but I won’t so long story short they seem really down to earth in your interview. Which is a huge plus for me. I know this point shouldn’t be that relevant as long as the music is good, and it is just secondary to the music but knowing that the members of the band are not dickheads makes me feel a little bit better on the inside :)
    5. Their MV’s
    6. The song caffe latte is up there with my favourite songs of all time. Considering the amount of music I listen to, that’s saying something.
    7. Their songs have a very outdoorsy and calm feel to them. I do a lot of hiking. So it feels perfect for me. Like people have already said in the comments I’ve found that every one of their songs has a mood to them.

    I’m sure I could go on but it’s really late here. So I’ll just say thank you simon and martina for introducing a lot of people to Urban Zakapa, who would have never heard of them otherwise.


  23. Ahhh it’s finally up ^^ *dances*
    oh yeah, I too am really confused where you draw the line between k-pop and k-indie. I mean pop music essentially just means “popular” right? Urban Zakapa, Busker Busker, Epik High and Nell are popular right? Shouldn’t they be k-pop? And if you just draw the line at “idols” ( I really hate that word) music. Then where do you class Big Bang and Epik High? They’re both under a major label but they write their own music, focus more of their time on music and hardly appear on variey shows. Can they be classified as k-pop? it’s confusing

    • Pop was short for popular, but now I think it has morphed into its own genre. So I think what you’ve done here is talk about two things at once lol

      1: Popularity, (as in, a lot of people liking them) and
      2: Genre and styles.

      I pretty much agree with Urban Zakapa on this one. The K-pop label can be confusing because its basically refers to both a genre and the term usually used for mainstream music. The music side of it is generally pop, you have different styles of pop like dance/bubblegum pop (generally what the “idols” are doing most of the time) or pop-rock (the most popular example would probably be FT Island/CN Blue) or pop ballads or all the other pop styles in the world. And then there’s kpop being the term for mainstream music, which Urban Zakapa seem to identify more with since they see themselves as kpop. I don’t listen to their music much because its not really my thing but I guess some of their songs are also pop in genre? sometimes? So maybe they fall into every sphere of the label.

      If you’re referring to Kpop as the term for mainstream or popular, then yes, all artists regardless of if they’re signed or not, are kpop as long as they’re popular and appear in the mainstream media. But if you’re referring to kpop as a genre, then artists like Epik High or Big Bang or Block B or Leessang or Mighty Mouth will not be kpop because they’re hip hop/rap. Even if they’re signed to YG, they’re still not so much pop based on the music they put out. Are they popular though? Obviously yes.

      I still think of indie being the term used to refer to independent artists. This is generally where those small bands in Hongdae fit in because its more likely a small band playing at Hongdae clubs will not have a label. or even if they do have a label, its a label they started up and run mostly by themselves. Epik High used to be indie. They did everything from making the songs to packing the merchandise themselves. Then they became..not-indie when they signed with YG. They have, however, throughout their indie and non-indieness, remained somewhat mainstream/popular and hip hop in genre. The confusion really starts to set in when indie is used as a genre, so all the groups who write their own songs 100% get called ‘indie’. This makes sense because traditionally indie groups mostly are songwriters but to me it isn’t accurate of the literal sense of the term.

      A great example of indie kpop is Shinhwa right now. They own the record label (to my knowledge) that the group Shinhwa is signed under, even if they have managers (which THEY employ) but they sing in a pop genre and appear in mainstream media and are very popular. Yes they use distributors for their albums etc but I’d still say they’re indie because they pretty much have 100% control over their ENTIRE output, not just the creative output, without being signed to a label outside of themselves.

      There are so many more bands out there that produce pop music but are independent or signed with really really small labels, so they don’t get as much exposure, especially internationally, but I still think of them as kpop. To me the term Idols just refer to dance groups that have been formally trained by their record label and actively work towards a certain image. Which is why people see idols as entertainers more than being “full time” singers and dancers. Unfortunately they’re the most popular ones out there most of the time so they become a representative of all popular mainstream music when in fact there are plenty of highly popular non-idol mainstream musicians out there.

      So what I see is, if you want to figure out if you can call a group “kpop” first look to
      a) the genre,
      b) popularity,
      c) record label status (indie or signed)

      (a) and (b) are the determining factors to me. (c) is just bonus info lol

      If its a dance group singing bubblegum/dance/electronic pop signed to a label outside of themselves then you’re 100% safe on that.
      If its a different style of pop then I think you’re 90% fine with calling them kpop, whether they be indie or otherwise.
      If the group does another genre but is very popular, then its about 70% fine to call them kpop but fans of that group might have issue with it especially if the group is very UN-pop like (since some people think pop is a bad thing but that’s another issue..).
      If the group only sings death metal, isn’t signed to any label and not appearing in mainstream media, then I’d use the term krock or indie.

    • Yeah I do wanna know how they drew the line at “idols”. Imho, I think the big difference is how they made and the goal of it. Many idols usually came from long, rigorous training that made an impression as manufactured ones. They intended not only for music and performing but also as an idols who can entertain, whether it’s MC-ing, variety show, acting, modelling, endorsing, etc, and tend to polished their image as people who youngsters able to look up to. And many of them rarely involved in their music himself. However there are idols like Big Bang which seemed more self-concious and have more control over their music, and eventually result an image as free, musically talented idols. However they still do another idols activities and maintain their idol like image. And blatantly or not they still have many constraint within the industry. IMO it’s just their image and fortunately talents made him look a level above. And there is group like Epik High, who came from nothing, some men doing their own thing. But in the end made their own way and has promoted the group through the idol industry. Some would say it’s extremely hypocritical, but I’m sure they’re always self-concious toward asserting their cred. But recently they’re also signed with YG which is well known as the big 3, then starting dilligently showed in weekly music show and just make the idol mark in Epik High more inherent. I think Epik High is somewhere in the line between idol and non-idols. You can’t point idols mark for everyone signed in the major label, right? Look at PSY. And there are more artists too like UZ, Nell , Busker2, who signed in the small label but fairly competed with idol music without too much appearance in local TV. But I think if you just want enjoy the music, just put every song you like whether it’s idol/not without regarding the idol sign. It’s only marketing case imo. But I think it would be interesting if EYK made a topic about this case “line between idols & non-idols”. idk if the topics is boring, but would love to see your perspective. :)

      • I’ve been pondering over this for some time now, when I should be doing my chemistry revision :).
        I’ll start by saying I am no means an expert on anything really, let alone the music industry. so if I misunderstand anything I apologize.

        But I’ll throw in my two cents in here and say I don’t think there is a distinctive line between pop and indie and you can only be on one side or the other and if you do this certain thing e.g you produce your own music, that makes you indie. The bottom line is this. Imagine a graph, one of those graphs you get in a maths lesson where the scale going up is how popular a band is. Busker Busker, snsd etc. would be right at the top in this case even though they put out vastly different music. And groups like Evol, d-unit etc. would be at the bottom. And the scale going across the bottom would be how “idoly” a band is. E.g promote themselves more by going on every variety show out there, mc-ing. So there are more people (not all) will buy the bands music more for the person than the actual music, regardless of whether the music is good or not. In this case for example SNSD, (though I could use many more as an example) would be right at he far end of each. Imagine them up right in the top far right corner. Whereas Urban Zakapa might be at the top of the scale but more towards the left of the scale. And groups like Dal Shabet, Evol e.t.c. Might be more toward the right of the idoly scale but no so high up on the chart. I would put groups like Big Bang, 2ne1 e.t.c towards the top of the scale but more in the middle of the graph compared with others as to me at least they don’t give off that much of an idol feel. Compared with other groups out there. But they still have a distinct image about them.

        TL;DR Some groups are popular, some groups are idoly than others. Not all groups that are k-pop are idols and not all groups who produce pop music are “k-pop”. Not all k-pop groups are as idoly as others. And some give k-pop groups give off more of an indie feel in my opinion.

        I’m not sure if that answered the question. I still don’t know myself and I think I only made myself even more confused. It would be really useful if eyk were to do a video on this. Just to clear my head out a bit.
        I think k-pop can be indie like urban Zakapa said in the interview above. But I don’t think all groups can be a definite one or the other. Yeah, I made myself more confused now. Oh well, music is music and I find both k-pop and k-imdie awesome regardless of what genre they actually are. Which is the only thing that matters at the end of the day

        • oh actually the graph analogy can be so much help. but it’ll be better if we can see the actual graph. Haha.. Yeah in the end just choose your favorite tunes into your playlist.. But I’d still wanna see eyk made a vlog about it!! :)

        • Me too. I actually drew it out whilst I was typing my answer :) EYK come to our rescue.

      • Lol, I have the same problem at where the lines are drawn for Kpop, Kpop idols and indie. Specifically for groups like Epik High who at one point in time were indie and now seem to be Kpop and I am not sure if they can be considered idols. And can Kpop be indie? I mean I am pretty sure that Busker Busker is Kpop but are they really indie? So confusing.

        And before this interview I always considered indie to be those people not signed to major labels despite the genre of music they made so therefore you could be Kpop and indie at the same time.

  24. Oh! How I’ve waited for this! What to say about Urban Zakapa? Do i HAVE to say their unique? i think that’s pretty self explanatory. I remember the first time i heard of them was from you, on one of your K-Krunch Indie Playlists. You don’t see a lot of co-ed groups in K-Pop(at least from my experience, i think i’ve heard of 4, including UZ), let alone a co-ed group where their voices could work so harmoniously with each other. Their voices beautifully contrast one another, with smooth jazzy vocals being complimented with his raspy voice. So awesome! well, have a merry christmas you two! :D

  25. Yay the interview’s up! It was really interesting hearing them talk about kpop and their place in it. I agree with you guys that there’s a definite difference between the methods and goals of groups like Urban Zakapa and idol groups. So much so that it seems like they should be in different categories of music. But at the same time, I get what UZ was saying about pop music having a lot of different styles and that Korean pop music should be seen as more than just idol groups.

    Anyway, I showered them with love on your YouTube video so I won’t do it again here. But I really liked this interview! Even with some fuzzy video ^^ Great job guys!

  26. Out of all of the interviews u guys have done this one is by far my favorite!! I Love Urban Zakapa and they have a special place in my heart only for them :’)

  27. What I love the best about Urban Zakapa is that more often than not, I find myself humming their songs without realizing it while I am going about my normal daily routine. Their music just kind of stays with you. Also, I showed the Beautiful Day video to a bunch of my friends who never listen to Korean music at all and now they all tell me to pull up, “That really cool Korean video” so they can see/hear it again! My youtube account is under frgcaver and I am subscribed

  28. I love Urban Zakapa for their simple melody and yet powerful and soothing vocals. Their songs are also very emotionally appealing, in a sense that, without understanding what they are singing, I understand what emotions that they are conveying through their songs. That is what that makes them unique and and interesting!

    Currently, 니가 싫어(I Hate You) is my favorite song of theirs. It’s just so beautiful with the slow, melancholic piano melody~ In fact, I got to know them through this song, through your K-Crunch Indie Playlist! I’ve been loving every single song of theirs ever since. :D So, thanks for introducing them to me!

    YT Username: yijern

  29. What I like most about URBAN ZAKAPA is

    1)They sing LIVE & no auto-tune. They dare to sing, no lip sync. Which makes me thinks that ” Wow! They really know how to sing. No kidding.”
    2)they are childhood friends and they came from the same hometown. True friends and people who really appreciate music like how they appreciate and love each other.
    3)THEY LOVE THEIR FANS. WO HOO~~ and they really want us to enjoy their music which left me a deep impression of them.

    youtube name: sgjoki

  30. OMG I went straight to this page after I saw you guys tweet about Urban Zakapa’s album giveaway! I JUST LOVE URBAN ZAKAPA SO MUCH! I love their songs & their voices, really! I first knew them from a stranger (believe it or not). I’ve only known them for a year, actually (just counted it). Knew them first in December 2011. I went to allkpop forum to ask for suggestions of good ballads or slow songs from allkpop members and then spent a day listening to all songs they suggested. That was when I first heard Urban Zakapa’s song. It was ‘My Love’. I really can’t remember who suggested but until now, I feel very thankful to that person. Two seconds to the song, I already fell in love. The voices were just amazing, the music, the songs! I kept the song on repeat for the whole day & then searched for more of their songs & then I landed on ‘Cafe Latte’ OHMYGOD. These two songs were so ME. I started making them as my ringtones, love so much how they sounded every time my phone rang. These two songs were the songs I kept listening to while I was on a trip, at school, while I sleep. The songs are just so relaxing and calm.. Urban Zakapa actually kind of introduced me to a new level of slow songs. I seriously did not know that there are songs that could be as calming as their songs. Everytime listening to their songs, i always feel like the days are raining & there’s always just that feeling of sitting on a sofa, covering myself with a blanket and just relaaaax. I just wished they’d perform more in public like on music shows because I keep on repeating their performances on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook! I’ve watched the others though but their performances on YHYS are my favourites! Especially I’ll Be There’s performance! Their songs that came out this year are also so great! I wanted them to win so bad during MAMA awards because they were nominated (I VOTED FOR THEM HEHE) plus, I hate you is such an amazing song! but unfortunately, they didn’t but MY LOVE FOR THEM IS STILL SO BIIIIIIIIIIG! I think I should stop now since I feel like my post is really long! But really, I really really wish that I could win their signed album! Thank you for at least giving me(and others) the chance to express my love! LOVE THE INTERVIEW BTW! WISH TO SEE MORE URBAN ZAKAPA! <3

    YOUTUBE ACCOUNT : starmoonlight153

  31. nice change to see Simon interviewing for once. Great interview guys! Where did you film it?

  32. Youtube ID: dayoungyoon817
    like most of their fans I’m very fond of urban zakapas originality. It always amazes me how they can perform with such confidence in their music. when they perform it is so evident to the audience that not only have they produced all the music on their own but that they gave each piece much love and attention. Also it always annoys me how i can never be bored of listening to their songs over and over again!!! i believe this is because the honesty they’ve put in their song really speaks to the listener. Also another big reason I’ve fallen in love with this band is that bands like this in Korea are rare, at least to me. Sometimes their music sounds so appealing that I’m scared of their recent increase in popularity because i want to keep them all to myself, i know… how greedy. But at the same time i want everyone around me to share the same passion i have for them because their music is WAY too good to keep it all to myself.
    Furthermore… isn’t it just appalling how beautiful their music is when the members’ voices are so opposite from one another?! Maybe the reason why I feel the beauty of the voice of individual member is because their contradicting voices compliment each other. I don’t understand how the universe could gather them into one spot… and this makes the band more unique to me than other bands.
    I fall deeper into this band everyday as i add more and more urban zakapa songs to my playlist.
    Urban zakapa is a great example of artists who appeal to the audience and are able to connect with them because of their sincerity in their work of art… which to me is priceless.
    I’m really glad i found a place to express and share my love for urban zakapa… i’m really excited to see other people comments!!!!

    Youtube id:dayoungyoon817
    Btw simon and martina!! you guys should really consider visiting vancouver!!! u have lots of fans here!!!!!!!

  33. U, Urban Zakapa *O*

    omomomomo the sexy beard guy said like, only one sentence, but he is still my favourite member and when he finally said something I felt so happy and jittery inside~~~ XD

    So he loves his songs and never gets sick of them? That’s so sweeeeeet xD

    I love Urban Zakapa because they make consistently good music, to the point that I am 90% confident that their next release will be something that I’ll enjoy. It’s the same criteria for all the artists I like, actually. Music, music, music. Nothing else. But that’s why it’s so hard for me to like artists who sing songs written by other people – they can’t guarantee the quality, y’know?

    So I like Urban Zakapa because:
    – They compose their own songs
    – Their style of music suits my tastes
    – They have amazing voices.

    There’s other smaller things that make me like them a bit more, things such as the quality of their MVs which are generally all artsy-fartsy, or the fact that they’re a mixed group which is rare, or because sexy beard guy has a sexy beard, or because each of their voices are so unique and stand out on their own, or that they seem so lovely and down to earth – but all of that is secondary to the music.

    I’d like to sound smart and say how much I love their lyrics, but I don’t understand a word of Korean and I don’t have time to look them all up, so I can just say that I love the ‘mood’ or nuance of their songs. Soft and touching. Beautiful. Yeah.

    Btw, question for Simon and Martina – you didn’t tell us who asked which question, although it was obvious from their comments at the end that you did use our questions. I was just wondering if mine was asked, y’know? Maybe you could list the questioners in the blog post?
    I think you asked my question about why their latest album is so sad, but I’m not sure

    Anyway, thank you so much for doing this interview~!!! The editing was so beautiful, I loved the concert/gig clips at the beginning, and the old film effects, and also putting the MV in the middle like that. T’was wonderful :)

    my only complaint is I wanted to hear more from the SEXY BEARD GUY

  34. Youtube Username; finnickandannie2011

    I love Urban Zakapa because of their unique style. I only really listen to KPop, but they really enticed me and the way they answered the questions too was very interesting. I loved how they discussed the concepts they wanted to project throughout their mv and how they’re just so so so down to earth~

  35. AHH! I absolutely love Urban Zakapa and am so excited that you guys got the chance to interview them!! I even tweeted at you guys when you posted your pics with them…. The reason I love Urban Zakapa so much is because their music is so fluid and soothing. Like the song you mentioned in the interview “커피를 마시고”(Cafe Latte) the music fits well with so many moods and the lyrics match the rhythm.. For example in that song the lyrics are (KOREAN)”이렇게 오늘처럼 비오는 날엔, 우리 함께 즐겨 들었던 이 노래…Baby baby 그대는, Caramel macchiato”…(ENGLISH) “On a rainy day like today, together we listened to this song…Baby baby you’re like a caramel macchiato..” The lyrics totally fit the melody. LOOVE. I also like the organic feel they have not only in their songs but in their music videos. In both “이별을 건너다”(Don’t Make Me Cry) and “봄을 그리다”(One Spring Day) the videos seem like they are shot in one take and are up close and personal. Plus, even in their live performances they sound exactly like the recordings. Such a wonderful group.

    YOUTUBE: aimocoffee

  36. I love Urban Zakapa because they create suck immensely beautiful songs that touch your core.

  37. The format for this interview was really neat, especially when they discussed the concepts they wanted to convey throughout the music video after watching the MV and compared it to my initial intrepretations. This was kinda like a brief VH1 Behind The Music special back when they actually talked about music. Thanks for sharing Simon and Martina!

  38. Wow! Someone who explained K-pop the way it should be explained. I always scratch my head when K-indie fans say that bands not under major labels are NOT considered K-pop. Their music is still essentially pop and most of them are actually signed under smaller labels.

  39. OHMYGOSH THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS! >//< Anyway what I like the most about Urban Zakapa is that they are really musicians by heart. They make songs that are really meaningful and touches the heart of the listener. And when you watch them perform live you can really see the emotions when they are singing. I also love how their songs can make the listener feel what urban zakapa really wants to convey, like if the song is sad the listener will really feel sad and vice versa. Tbh, I was not a fan of k-indie until I stumbled on a live urban zakapa video in youtube. It was really perfect! The studio version and live version really do sound alike that you will realize they don’t use auto-tunes to make their voices beautiful. Urban Zakapa is the reason why I listen to k-indie now like 10cm, j rabbit, morrie etc. And maybe one reason why I like UZ is that they make me appreciate and love k-indie. Btw my yt u/n is maqnaeeee

  40. I do like the music video in between the interview. I’m one to just watch what you guys do and usually be like, “Ok, I’m done. I’m not gonna watch the video.” I honestly feel stupid for doing that, I should be looking at their music especially before watching Kpop Mondays. I also hope that next time the cameras aren’t as bad as they were in this interview.

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