HOLY SMOKES IT WORKED!!! IT WORKED! We did a LiveChat without errors or lags or bugs and at a high quality! Can you freaking believe it?! The curse is broken!

We figured it out after last LiveChat. Turn off all Wifi devices. In the studio we have 6 Laptops, one desktop, four iPads, and four iPhones. All of that is pulling Wifi away from the LiveStream. So we turned it all off…AND IT WORKED! We’re super stoked!

Also, let us know what you think about this time slot. We tried to make a resolution this year to change our work hours. We used to work until 6AM most days and sleep in until 2PM. We’re trying to wake up at 8AM now and get to the studio at a reasonable hour. It’s nicer to film when the sun is out! You feel more energized. The lighting is better! It just makes for a better video. And since the LiveStream isn’t the highest quality footage, we should try to film it in the best lighting, no? Well, that’s our take on it, at least.

Otherwise, special thanks to all of the awesome packages we got from:

Anna from Sweden
Abbey from England
Caroline from Australia
Ashia from Hawaii (for package #2!)
Katie, Bonnie and John
Megan and Maggie from Lithuania

Oh man we feel so bad at opening these packages so late. We got them in December and have just been backlogged. We should probably film another opening video on our own, like we did last week. We didn’t have a chance this week because we had to pre film, again, for going to Japan…AGAIN! This time we’re only going for one day and one night, though, on Wednesday, but we have to get the TL;DR filmed and ready before then. Why do we keep going to Japan, you ask? You’ll find out soon! It’s cool. We think it’s cool, and we hope you like it as well!

You might be wondering why Spudgy peed on the boxes. We’re wondering about it as well. He must have smelled something in there that he wanted, so he unloaded on them. We were rather fortunate that he did, though, because last night after eating dinner we were craving something sweet, but we didn’t have anything. At the same time we found the pee boxes and opened them up to save them. GREAT SUCCESS! Much chocolate! Many Macadamia! Yum!

We’ll leave it at that. Make sure you click on this pretty button below so you don’t miss out on any LiveChats in the future, now that the quality is somewhat better. Woot!

  1. OMG! I watched a few minutes (that was all I could take!) of the first episode of the American version of Boys Before Flowers (they’ve changed it to Boys Before Friends…). It is SOOOO sooooo sooooo bad!! It’s indescribable how bad it is. You have to see it for yourselves to understand how awful it is. I read a blog post somewhere about the production team it has and they’re supposedly seasoned veterans of the industry, yet, they couldn’t manage to make this show any better than a badly filmed high school production. In fact, I’ve seen BETTER high school productions! Anyway, it’s available to watch on Youtube (just search Boys Before Friends). But don’t expect it to be anything like Boys Before Flowers (that’s the only version of it I’ve ever watched, so I’m comparing it to that) because it’s not even in the same galaxy! It’s just so badly done it’s not even funny! I’m so ashamed to be from the same country that made this travesty! ;(

  2. So for Valentine’s & White day, the chocolates are supposed to be homemade? Is that correct? CAN YOU GUYS DO A CHOCOLATE MAKING WANK!?!? <3

  3. i finally watched it live but i really wanted to ask you what was your thought on 2ne1’s all or nothing? also i’m from hawaii and i always try to stop myself from eating chocolate macandanian nuts.

  4. are you guys going back to tokyo, or a different part of japan? [like maybe osaka :D]

  5. Ehehehe can’t stop my happiness after getting a shout out ~(^・ω・^ ) ~ Hope everyone had a good day after the live chat!!!

  6. Freek’N You by Jodeci (“Every freakin’ day. I wanna freak you, baby. In every freakin’ way. Every freakin’ day.Every freakin’ night. I wanna freak you, girl. Your body’s so freakin’ tight….”) and Stroke You Up by Changing Faces feat R. Kelly.

  7. Really digging the new hair color, SooZee.

  8. Yay! Martina, you are wearing the earrings I sent you a while back!!!! They look great on you!

  9. I knew the songs! I knew the songs! Except for the 3rd one (Simon sang it). But I wasn’t watching live so I couldn’t show off my mad R&B of the 90’s skills. Wasn’t “Freak Me” Keith Sweat? No, the Google tells me he wrote and produced it but didn’t sing it. Silk sang it.

  10. Spudgy might get angry that you opened his peed on boxes…I have a feeling he wanted what was on the inside XD

  11. Yay! I was worried that you would have to discontinue the livechats because of technical issues, I’m glad you figured it out. This was the only livechat that I was unable to watch live – 3am = too too impossible T_T But it’s great that you have managed to switch over your hours to be less vampiric. Couldn’t livechat be a Friday night pre-bar party time?

    Funny thing about Balderdash. Both my Dad and my Father-in-law gave us all our old board games for x-mas so that we could play them with our son. We both had Balderdash: mine = saved all the completely used up pads of definitions which were still HILARIOUS to this day; my husband’s = not even a single page used, never played. Ah, how he missed out! (until now!) My sister used to be such a cheater because she would lean forward so that her long hair would hide her face so we couldn’t tell if she was laughing or not. I can only imagine that playing this with a group of adults would be even more fun. Nice to know that others enjoyed the game fully too ^_^v

  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUw-V0GPvQU

    I believe this song fits and is completely appropriate.

  13. Do you have plans to go to Peyongchang in the near future to see where the 2018 Winter Olympics are going to be? It would be great timing with the Sochi Games going on right now.

    • I wonder if the Pyeonchang Olympic Committee are going to go into hyper-perfection mode after seeing all of the criticism Sochi is getting for being unprepared. From what I’ve learned about South Korea, that seems like the kind of thing that would wake people up at night as a horrible, horrible nightmare. Like the worst thing that could happen would be thousands of people showing up to your country, millions of people watching your country, and the conclusion they walk away with is that you were in over your head and you weren’t prepared to handle a global event. Something tells me that those buildings and roads will be ready…probably in 2016.

  14. Yeah Leigh.Texas represent! Also, “Who put the hitch in your giddy-up?” is the only version I’ve ever heard. Speaking of which, I’m going to try and get some stuff together for a package. Are there any Texas specific things that you find yourself missing?

  15. Ok, I got used to not being able to stream the live chat because I’m from Germany and it’s blocked on YouTube. But now I can’t even watch the recorded video? Not fair! ×(

  16. yeayyy…hopefully next week we can see KMM… i wish its BAP or BTS….mayb stellar???? :)

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