FINALLY! We heard your calls, vegans and vegetarians! For all of our FAPFAPs, we’ve shown you delicious, amazing, sexy Korean food, but for some of you, it’s all forbidden fruit, because it was all meaty and fishy. Today, we will eat something in Korea with no meat, no fish, and no forbidden fruit! Heck: this is even no dairy! Today, we go vegan!

Now, yes, we know that this isn’t regular Korean food, and that this is a specialized location that you can’t just get from anywhere. For example, with our Samgyeopsal video, if you don’t go to that particular restaurant, you can at least go to another restaurant in your area and get something similar. With this video, though, if you don’t go here, then your options are rather limited. THAT’S OK THOUGH! We’ll show you, one day, how to eat vegetarian-ly with typical Korean food that you can order anywhere. Today, we just wanted to try something special.

Why not just show you regular Korean food that’s vegetarian that you can get anywhere? Well, because it’s a bit of a struggle, we’ve found. Some food isn’t strictly vegetarian, even if there’s no visible meat in it, you know? It could have been prepared with meat. Dokbokki, for example, is vegetarian, but it’s boiled with fish cakes. Sure, you can pick off the fish cakes easily, but it’s not really prepared in a vegetarian environment. So, depending on how disciplined you are in your vegetarian diet, you might run into some difficulties. Here, we went to the strictest of vegetarian/vegan restaurants to show you an option you have in Korea. We’ll decrease in level of difficulty with upcoming FAPFAPs :D

Ok! So, we showed you how to walk there. How about a map?

Directions to Loving Hut

Boom! That was a map! Also, we got more useful pictures. Check this out: you want to see the menu? WE GOT YOU THE MENU! Click on it to see it full-sized:

Loving Hut Menu

Though, I’m not sure what they mean by “You Can Ade” That’s a bit beyond us.

So, there you go. Vegan and Vegetarian food in Korea! Small issue we ran into: Loving Hut closes every weekday between 3:30 and 4:30. We didn’t know that, and we got there at, like, 2:45. FFFUUUUUU! We had to rush our filming, so we didn’t get many good shots of the restaurant and all. We just ran up in there, ordered, and eated. Yes, I just wrote eated rather than “ate” because eated sounds cuter :D

Lastly, because of our diets, we don’t eat rice anymore. So vegetarians might have it easier here if they just eat rice and the veggie side dishes, buuuut seeing as we don’t eat rice, it’ll kinda suck for us to make a video about it. Yeah!

Oh! And bloopers. We didn’t mess up that much this time, but Martina did get some punches in there :D


  1. Yeoreobun, haven’t you done your research? Loving Hut is basically propped up by the Quan Yin Method meditation cult led by Ching Hai, who makes money off suckers around the world by selling jewelry, clothes, and self-help books. Yes, veganism is healthy (both bodily and morally), but cults are certainly not. Yes, I was tempted by the vegan jajangmyeon and mock katsu, but after some research I decided that I’m not about to funnel my cash into a scam operation anytime soon. Though difficult, it is still possible (and feasible!) to be veg(etari)an in Korea otherwise. (One resource I go to is the Vegan Korean blog.) In the meantime, New Yorkers can go to Hangawi. It’s pretty pricey, but what else can you expect from NYC?

  2. When are you guys show us how to order vegetarian food in “normal” restaurants? I really want to know!

  3. the “you can ade” probably means “you can add…”

  4. This video brings back memories! I apparently walked pass that restaurant pretty much everyday when I went to Yonsei. My friends and I ate in Sinchon like almost everyday. If I had known about this place, I would have definitely tried it! It looks delicious!!

  5. Landed in Seoul yesterday, already starving. I read up and knew it would be difficult being a vegetarian, but holy mother of makerels am I in trouble! In your video above you say that one day you will show us how to order vegetarian-ly at a regular Korean restaurant… Has that happened yet? Or will it soon? Please please please!

  6. I know this is an older FAPFAP but. … during the intro. I was just staring at Martina’s boobs. They were bouncing. u///u Sorry. I had to say it.

  7. tonkatsu is actually made of puppy butt (at least according to Ark Angels, the best manhwa evar!)

  8. Dear Simon and Martina, is it hard to be a vegetarian in South Korea?

  9. Love it!! But…….of all the vegetarian / vegan restaurants in Seoul, why not review something traditionally Korean? Like any of the temple food restaurants in Insadong? ^^ Loving Hut Sinchon is alright but it’s a LOT of fake meat, which isn’t that healthy for you (nor something that a lot of vegetarians actually enjoy eating) whereas there are loads of vegetarian or temple food restaurants in Seoul with much healthier, whole food dishes :9 Now I’m hungry…….

  10. I love veg Korean food!

    For lots of free info and links about the *many* benefits of
    vegetarianism (and the many problems with the production and
    consumption of meat), please visit (and share)

    Eco-Eating at http://www.brook.com/veg

  11. Wow this food looks so good and the prices aren’t too expensive either :D can’t wait to visit the next time I go to Korea :D

  12. Chopsticks newbie … it’s sooo hard to get the hang of it! My question is what food do you eat with chopsticks and what food do you use a fork?

  13. Hey Martina~!! I have the same bag as you~!! i was in Tokyo last week and got it there~!! its such a nice back-pack >< i like it soo much~!

  14. Someone else may have pointed it out (I’m not reading through nearly 100 comments to check), but I’m assuming “You can ade” = “You can add” since the items under it are extras that you can add on.

  15. Here’s a map showing all of the locations for Loving Hut in Korea (the one in Itaewon closed, btw).

  16. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. While living in Korea, I had kept full with side dishes and rice and broth (I wasn’t the strictest vegetarian there but I stayed away from ingesting tangible pieces of meat). Thanks for the menu!!

    I’m guessing “you can ade” probably means “you can add”.

  17. Is there book on vegetarian Korean food? I want it! XD I’m huge fan of South Korea!

  18. In the last We Got Married Eunjung and JangWoo goes to a vegetarian buffet that seems very delicious, people interested in vegetarian diet maybe find interesting this episode (the food really really is eye catching)

  19. If I ever see you guys in Korea I’m gonna video bomb (idk how to say it ) with some OOOOH YOU SO NASTY POSES!!!!!!!!!

  20. please please!! can’t you tell us YOUR diet!! ‘couse you look so dame good!! SO HOD.. ooooohhhhh YEAH super sexy!! ^^ hahahaha

  21. Oh my gosh~ You guys are… are… lifesavers? ><" Haha :D If I ever get the chance to go to Korea, I'm taking your advice~

  22. You can ade probably was “you can add” ;)

  23. Dorky white couple! hahahahahaha!!!

  24. you two are adorable.
    keep up……..the goooooood….. video

  25. Hi Simon and Martina, thanks for this intro. I’m a ovo-lacto vegetarian guy and I’m a bit worry on getting food to fit my stomach during my visit end of this year.

    I’m wondering what can I get during winter in Seoul. Any recommendation ?

  26. All those stains on the floor tiles are gum???

  27. wow that smells sooo good!

  28. :O You guys were there??!!! My apartment is literally a block away from that restaurant. I passed by it all the time. But I’m not vegan, so I go to the one nearby/under it that has all the meat displayed and stuff. But my friend and I are like kicking ourselves for not seeing u guys. I mean, I walk by that place nearly every day. TT-TT

  29. FriedChickenOnew

    OMG Thank you guys so much!!! I have a loving hut right near my house and i saw that they are an international chain too so i was so excited. Unfortunatly i am not able to fly to south korea to try it (i live in sacramento, CA) but now i really want to fly out there :(

  30. Yum! Thanks for making this video! Not just for making us a veggie edition, but you guys ate a full out vegan food and didn’t look afraid and really enjoyed the food.

    Some people are like “VEGAN FOoD! Tofu Salad? ew!” but you guys were like ‘Ooooo nyum nyum nyum!’.

  31. Thank you so muchhhh! I’m a vegetarian and I always wanted to go to Korea but the food’s been an issue in my mind too!!! THANKS :D you guys are the best. please help us veggies find more veggie food ~

  32. Allegedly there’s a vegetarian restaurant in Busan (possibly one of this chain) – I spent so many hours wandering the unlabelled Korean streets, attempting to follow a crappy map that made no sense, and I never found it :’-(

  33. I have sexy food pr0n music playing in my head whenever I eat now.

  34. I haven’t watched the video yet, but, being that I am vegan/vegetarian, I know that this would be really helpful for when I eventually go to Korea, probably ten years from now/in my late 20s. I watch the videos of food you guys have up, and I always curse being vegetarian/vegan because I know how much Koreans tend to love their meat and fish. But my friend, that is also vegetarian, would make some Korean recipes but make it in a vegetarian/vegan way, and its still really really good. Is it really really hard to find food in Korea that is vegetarian/vegan? Like, on a scale of 1-10, how hard would you say it to find restaurants that could substitute or make the food in a vegetarian/vegan way?

  35. I’m a vegan and was worried that I would have a really hard time in Korea. It’s nice to know there are The Loving Hut locations there too! The Loving Hut is a chain and has numerous locations throughout the US, so while I don’t eat imitation food every day, it’s nice to know they have the same meat-imitation style there too! Plus I’ll actually get to try some traditional-inspired dishes! WOO! SO EXCITED.

  36. The cat looks like Garfield!! :)

  37. It would be interesting to see what you would say about vegetarian food at normal restaurants. Koreans are pretty sneaky with their meats. I bought a few Korean cookbooks and fish sauce is practically everything. Even kim chi usually isn’t vegetarian. Most recipes call for fish sauce or salted shrimp. I guess if you are visiting Korea and don’t want fishies you would probably have to learn specific ingredients in Korean, so you can ask if any of the dishes have it in them.

    Good news for vegans though. A lot of the TRADITIONAL rice cake snacks are vegan. I love going to my local Korean grocery stores and snagging them. Maybe you guys should look for a gourmet rice cake shop and do a fap fap there? I will sit there watching and crying asking “WHY!?! Why can’t have such fancy rice cakes?!?”

    P.S. I was always under the impression that vegan is practically kosher. Minus a few of the inspection/blessing/little things. Also looking good guys!

  38. aww i love this video <3 i used to live in sinchon and went down that street everyday… plus i am vegetarian and ate at loving hut a lot. (btw, they changed the menu. there was no ice cream in winter! u are lucky, i want to try it so badly T.T)
    really missing korea now because of u guise…

  39. First of all, you guys look AMAZING! Thanks so much for the veggie fapfap. I am lacto-ovo vegetarian and Korean is my favorite kind of food and it can be kind of hard for me when I go to a Korean restaurant.

    Korean food is pretty scarce in my neck of the woods anyway (about 300 miles away). I got uber excited when a local “japanese” restaurant offered bibimbap, but it was horrible. Cold, the kochujang sauce wasn’t good and there were no banchan. And it was expensive! BTW, bibimbap is the only veggie-able option at the restaurant I go to in Tacoma.

    The food you guys ordered looked so so good! It makes me so excited to see that good authentically Korean vegetarian food can be found!

    Thanks again!

  40. loving hut has stationed in Ulan Bator, Mongolia too :D

  41. Sorry.. I had to point this out before even finishing watching this video~ Notice at 0:46 the man with a black shirt (on the left) walks pass a lady and then waves his hand. She probably smelt bad..

  42. This is the first time i paid attention to the prices and I’m pretty astounded by the cheapness of it. 6000 won for thing of stew?? Is this restaurant considered to be a low and affordable place to eat?

  43. SpressLoves WonderGirls

    Ah! You said they were a chain and someone commented on YouTube that they had one in Atlanta, I got all excited cuz I thought it was going to be KOREAN vegetarian food! now so sad :(

  44. Thanks for this. There are loving huts all over the world and so happy there are, great for folks like me.

  45. nice video as always ^^
    thank you so much for the information
    we have a loving hut in busan too! i think I will pay it a visit ^^

  46. Hi, guys….
    I am a muslim. And muslim can not eat pork!!!!! The only meat we can eat is chicken and cow meat. Could you do a fapfap 4 the muslim who are watching this video. I’m sorry if I am asking too much but the restaurant must have a HALAL sign……
    I really super duper appreciate it if you could do it but if you could’nt, it is fine. :)

  47. Hi Simon and Martina! I would like to know whether there are any eateries in Korea which serves predominantly kosher or halal food?

  48. They have Loving Hut all over the world! If you go on their international website (http://www.lovinghut.com/), it shows all the different countries they’re located. They even have vegan dog food :D! I need to try this place!

  49. Simon and Martina: a Korean friend who wanted to take me out to dinner looked for vegetarian/vegan restaurants and found a couple of templefood places – I think templefood is a kind of cuisine originated in China for vegetarian-abidding Buddhist monks. One of them is in Insa-dong, pretty near Anguk station. Sorry I don’t know the full address, but just to let you and other vegans in Seoul know that there are other options.

    • There are two veg temple food restaurants in the Temple Stay Building, across from Jogye Temple, near the Anguk Station: an expensive one on the 5th floor and an inexpensive buffet on the 2nd floor.

  50. I used to be vegetarian… I was never a big fan of the way Australians usually cook meat. But liking Korean food got me back to eating meat. If I tell my husband (who is Korean) that we are having a vegetarian meal he has a tantrum hehe.

  51. Can I just say that you two compliment each other really well? So meant to be!

  52. OMG i’m so excited I need to go to Korea NOW. sorry for flooding, guys. thank you.

  53. love you, guys. thanks so much for this post. big hugs from Brazil!

  54. Nice. But come on, guys, do another DIY Korean food or something. It’s great watching your FAPs, K-pop interviews and K-Pop music Mondays.. but you guys are just fun to watch preparing food. Ever since I watched that ramen video you guys put up, adding egg to the soup is mandatory for me now. C’mon…

  55. Exercise routine info!

  56. love the food porn

  57. OMG! I work at a Loving Hut in California, and it was interesting to see how the menu varied.

  58. Who else had to rewatch the beginning because of the guy taking pictures?? HUH? :D Is it just me:(

  59. Thank you for this! We have Loving Hut in Australia too, but I haven’t been to one yet.

  60. I was very surprised to see you guys go to Loving Hut because I have seen a few Loving Hut locations here in San Francisco, CA but I have never had a chance to try the food. I didn’t realize it was such a big chain. The menu here is completely different than the one in Korea though. It seems like the Korea locations focus on Korean dishes, whereas the SF locations offer a lot of Chinese dishes, but also Thai, Vietnamese, and even Western dishes. Interesting FAPFAP!

    • Yeah, same! There’s a Loving Hut in NYC, and I knew about the ones in San Francisco, but definitely didn’t expect to see one all the way over in Korea.

    • I wasn’t impressed with the Loving Hut in SF. It was way too over priced and the soy protein and tofu were over cooked. From what i see, though, the food looks way better at the one in Korea.

    • Each of the (5?) Loving Huts in Seoul are individually owned and operated, so they vary. The Loving Hut buffet near Achasan Station is especially awesome!

  61. first time I don’t feel guilty watching you guys eat 0/

  62. What. Why is the newer Disqus back? I preferred the old Disqus D:


  64. What’s with the dude taking you pictures? Did he post then on his blog or something?

  65. D: I say vanilla like Martina does, Simon! Now I am self-conscience… Stop being a mean-head McMakeFunofPeople’sAccents. xD *cue Martina’s cries at the end of the video*

  66. Ohh! We have a loving hut here in Cali and we go to it ALL the time! That is soo cool!! Their food is so delicious. I seriously don’t know how they do it..

  67. Martina why didnt you touch the kitty?!!!!! :(

  68. You both looks so sweet! :D

  69. martina you look so skinny here! not that your normally not but your extra skinny

  70. Hey was that a Kan Mi Youn reference at 0:20?? If so, that song is awesome.

  71. Omg you’ve lost a lot of weight Martina! :O Tell me your secret!! XD

  72. Kk isn’t the video supposed to labeled as a Fapfap…not wank :p

  73. They also have loving hut here in Jogjakarta, Indonesia… In here they have hamburger menu from soy protein and it taste really good.. it seems loving hut makes local dishes menu in each of their restaurant… But this video makes me want to taste the korean loving hut ;p…. Thanks for the video simon and martina !

  74. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you!
    I was so looking forwart to it =))

  75. simon used to be a vegetarian?! oh my gosh… i can’t imagine going back to eating dead animals > <;

  76. Simon and Martina, while I’m not a vegan/vegetarian I think all that food looked absolutely delicious as usual. I also trust your judgement on the food tasting a lot like regular Korean dishes. I wish one day I could visit Korea and meet you guys and try out all these places you guys have gone to :D

  77. Those dishes lookedreally good, actually! I find that being vegetarian is slightly easier in Korea than here where I live (according to some of my vegetariena friends.) They love the fact that there’s fresh open markets everywhere and deliciously seasoned veggie panchans in just about every grocery store.
    For me- I love Korean BBQ, especially samgyupsal!! *drool* And kimchi chgae just doesn’t taste the same without the fatty pork.
    Readers- For those that are vegans, I would recommend checking out http://aliensdayout.com/. The blogger is a vegan living in Korea and shares some of her delicious recipes.
    Simon and Martina- You cut out rice completely?? Even red and brown rice? I noticed that restaurants stopped serving it as much and some even charge a small price for it. My mother-in-law said that “more protein” is the “in” thing now. ;P
    Anyway, you two are great!! I’ve been following you ever since the very first video! Keep it up!!

  78. wow thank you… it was a great help,i’m vegetarian

  79. Simon and Martina, can you tell us about your current diet? Pleeeaaaaase. You are both looking so good these days. ^~^

  80. While studying at Yonsei’s YISS we went here a few times. The first time I ate a burger and didn’t even realize it was a vegan/vegetarian restaurant. It was THAT good!
    I feel so nostalgic seeing Sinchon again :) Thanks guys!

  81. Oh Simon. Of course they mean “You can add.” xD LOL BUT KOREANS AND THEIR ENGLISH. LOL

  82. Martina lost weight!!! Good job!!!! #takesoutcakeandcelebrates
    And great job with the fapfap! :)

  83. Thank you so much guys. I thought all the food in your fap faps looked amazing but was a no-no because I dont eat animals. You guys are awsome.

  84. Ah i see what they were trying to say with “You can ade”.
    It’s “You can add” for the juices/beverages.

  85. I think by “you can ade” they meant “add” lol
    good ol’ engrish

  86. Oh my goodness! I have a Loving Hut just around the corner from me, and I’m in London! Unfortunately, it’s Chinese and not Korean food (although Chinese is good too), but maybe I’ll check this place out the next time I’m in Korea.

    As always, thanks for being so awesome and informative, Simon and Martina. You guys have single-handedly (or is that double-handledly?) renewed my interest in my Korean heritage! Now, it’s time to eat my kimchi!

  87. For more info on other vegan resources in Korea, check out http://aliensdayout.com/

  88. They have Loving Hut in California!

  89. woaaa, i really must remember to visit this place when i´ll come to Korea, sounds yumy and mainly it´s great because they modified korean food, so it´s not just an usual vegan restauranta.

    And i must say, MARTINA you look so THIN in this video:) you always look awsome, but you do look even thinner in this one:)
    You two are adorable!

  90. there are also the ‘seoul veggie group’ and ‘Vegan Korea’ on fb if any EYKers out there are interested, they tend to love Loving Hut food too :)

  91. When ordering food in the West, we order one meal per person, but in Korea, it people order a bunch of meals, main dishes and side dishes… Is there a rule for what the main dishes are, and what the side dishes are? How do I know what the different type of dishes are? How many dishes are the normal to order? I don’t know anything about this.___. All I know is that kimchi is a side dish. And bulgogi is main. I think.

    • Just a note that usually the main dishes come with the side dishes! Even in Korean restaurants where I live (Toronto) I can order one kimchi stew, and it’ll come with 5 little dishes of food (mostly vegetables). And you can get more for free if you like them. So anything you order on the actual menu is a main dish I would say.

  92. Great guide! You guys are making me miss Korean food so much. We’ve got a lot of it in California but of course it costs 4x as much as it does in Korea. I forwarded this to my vegetarian friend who’s now living in Seoul, so hopefully he’ll go check this place out.

  93. meat… and rice! i love you~ ㅠ.ㅠ

  94. YAY!!! I have been waiting ages to find this out :) Thank you!! xxxxx

  95. thanks a lot! i’m a vegan and it’ll come in handy when i visit korea :)
    much lovee simon&martina xoxo♥

  96. i can not live without meat…

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