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Vegan and Vegetarian Food in Korea – FAPFAP

July 12, 2012


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FINALLY! We heard your calls, vegans and vegetarians! For all of our FAPFAPs, we’ve shown you delicious, amazing, sexy Korean food, but for some of you, it’s all forbidden fruit, because it was all meaty and fishy. Today, we will eat something in Korea with no meat, no fish, and no forbidden fruit! Heck: this is even no dairy! Today, we go vegan!

Now, yes, we know that this isn’t regular Korean food, and that this is a specialized location that you can’t just get from anywhere. For example, with our Samgyeopsal video, if you don’t go to that particular restaurant, you can at least go to another restaurant in your area and get something similar. With this video, though, if you don’t go here, then your options are rather limited. THAT’S OK THOUGH! We’ll show you, one day, how to eat vegetarian-ly with typical Korean food that you can order anywhere. Today, we just wanted to try something special.

Why not just show you regular Korean food that’s vegetarian that you can get anywhere? Well, because it’s a bit of a struggle, we’ve found. Some food isn’t strictly vegetarian, even if there’s no visible meat in it, you know? It could have been prepared with meat. Dokbokki, for example, is vegetarian, but it’s boiled with fish cakes. Sure, you can pick off the fish cakes easily, but it’s not really prepared in a vegetarian environment. So, depending on how disciplined you are in your vegetarian diet, you might run into some difficulties. Here, we went to the strictest of vegetarian/vegan restaurants to show you an option you have in Korea. We’ll decrease in level of difficulty with upcoming FAPFAPs :D

Ok! So, we showed you how to walk there. How about a map?

Directions to Loving Hut

Boom! That was a map! Also, we got more useful pictures. Check this out: you want to see the menu? WE GOT YOU THE MENU! Click on it to see it full-sized:

Loving Hut Menu

Though, I’m not sure what they mean by “You Can Ade” That’s a bit beyond us.

So, there you go. Vegan and Vegetarian food in Korea! Small issue we ran into: Loving Hut closes every weekday between 3:30 and 4:30. We didn’t know that, and we got there at, like, 2:45. FFFUUUUUU! We had to rush our filming, so we didn’t get many good shots of the restaurant and all. We just ran up in there, ordered, and eated. Yes, I just wrote eated rather than “ate” because eated sounds cuter :D

Lastly, because of our diets, we don’t eat rice anymore. So vegetarians might have it easier here if they just eat rice and the veggie side dishes, buuuut seeing as we don’t eat rice, it’ll kinda suck for us to make a video about it. Yeah!

Oh! And bloopers. We didn’t mess up that much this time, but Martina did get some punches in there :D



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Vegan and Vegetarian Food in Korea – FAPFAP


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  1. I’m not vegetarian or anything but I’d really love to see you guys go to loving hut once again since you had to hurry! Maybe the one in Itaewon? You could try something that you didn’t have the time to try last time!^^

    4 months ago
  2. You are awesome! I am visiting Korea in a few weeks and being Veg for 22 years, this blog is so awesome and thorough!

    3 years ago
  3. OMG Thank you guys so much!!! I have a loving hut right near my house and i saw that they are an international chain too so i was so excited. Unfortunatly i am not able to fly to south korea to try it (i live in sacramento, CA) but now i really want to fly out there :(

    4 years ago
  4. It would be interesting to see what you would say about vegetarian food at normal restaurants. Koreans are pretty sneaky with their meats. I bought a few Korean cookbooks and fish sauce is practically everything. Even kim chi usually isn’t vegetarian. Most recipes call for fish sauce or salted shrimp. I guess if you are visiting Korea and don’t want fishies you would probably have to learn specific ingredients in Korean, so you can ask if any of the dishes have it in them.

    Good news for vegans though. A lot of the TRADITIONAL rice cake snacks are vegan. I love going to my local Korean grocery stores and snagging them. Maybe you guys should look for a gourmet rice cake shop and do a fap fap there? I will sit there watching and crying asking “WHY!?! Why can’t have such fancy rice cakes?!?”

    P.S. I was always under the impression that vegan is practically kosher. Minus a few of the inspection/blessing/little things. Also looking good guys!

    4 years ago
  5. Yeah, same! There’s a Loving Hut in NYC, and I knew about the ones in San Francisco, but definitely didn’t expect to see one all the way over in Korea.

    4 years ago
  6. OMG! I work at a Loving Hut in California, and it was interesting to see how the menu varied.

    4 years ago
  7. What. Why is the newer Disqus back? I preferred the old Disqus D:

    4 years ago
  8. nah

    martina you look so skinny here! not that your normally not but your extra skinny

    4 years ago
  9. Simon and Martina, can you tell us about your current diet? Pleeeaaaaase. You are both looking so good these days. ^~^

    4 years ago
  10. Just a note that usually the main dishes come with the side dishes! Even in Korean restaurants where I live (Toronto) I can order one kimchi stew, and it’ll come with 5 little dishes of food (mostly vegetables). And you can get more for free if you like them. So anything you order on the actual menu is a main dish I would say.

    4 years ago
  11. Great guide! You guys are making me miss Korean food so much. We’ve got a lot of it in California but of course it costs 4x as much as it does in Korea. I forwarded this to my vegetarian friend who’s now living in Seoul, so hopefully he’ll go check this place out.

    4 years ago
  12. i can not live without meat…

    4 years ago