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Taeyang Wants His Hair Back

March 20, 2013


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It’s another crazy hair tutorial featuring Taeyang’s hair from Monster! Well, kind of. Well, not really. I’m not doing the kimbap/mickey mouse hair style as much the victory roll style from the 1940s, but I’d like to believe Taeyang’s hair stylist from Monster was channeling the 1940s into Taeyang’s hairstyle.

Taeyang original headScreenshot 2013 03 20 12 28 AM

I see no difference

I’ve really gone crazy for the hairstyles of the 1940s lately, hence by baby bangs that are all round or v-shaped at the front. When my bangs are to long, I just slick them back under a bandana, and when my hair is too greasy/has funny waves I just roll my hair up into these simple victory rolls. For today, I’m just showing you how to make two giant buns which are actually much more difficult than doing tiny ones, and I didn’t realize it until AFTER I filmed it, so I feel kind of bad for starting off with this tutorial. Actually, I’m doubly disappointed because I shouldn’t have done this particular look on freshly washed hair. It is really difficult to work with freshly washed hair in general and it was even more difficult to keep all the fly away hairs in place. GRUMBLE FACE. I think the most difficult part of this style is keeping a grip on that initial end piece of hair. The first time I did this, my end piece wouldn’t stay tucked down and the curl would just unfurl. So, the hardest part is maintaining a tight grip on the end hair while keeping your hair pulled straight so that the roll stays tight too. I think it’s just easier to try it and just see what I’m talking about, it’s kind of hard to describe in words.

I’d like to add that you can roll your hair in two different directions and it will create a different look. In this video I’m rolling my hair downwards and towards my face, so I can see the roll as it’s forming. But more frequently, I actually roll my hair under, which means I’m rolling downwards the exact same way, but I can’t see the roll as it’s happening. If you want to create a roll which shows off the inside of the roll so that you can see a spiral curl, you can do the same thing I did in this tutorial but instead of putting a bobby pin through all the pieces of folded hair, you flatten the roll at the end. Then, still holding it tightly, use bobby pins to pin the roll apart and show off all the layers inside. Then HAAAIIRSPRAY!!! SO MUCH HAIRSPRAY! CHOKE ON HUGE AMOUNTS OF HAIRSPRAY! BUT IT’S SO NECESSARY!

And my last thought, these rolls are AWESOME for creating natural curls in semi-wet hair. When I don’t have time to dry and style my hair, I do these rolls and by the end of the day when you take your rolls out, you’ll have big puffy natural curls. Soft and bouncy HAAAAAAAAIR! So even though I wasn’t happy with the fly away strands, I had lovely natural curls the next day and I was able to wear my hair down with a cute bow! Let me know if any of you try this hairstyle! I saw a couple pictures on tumblr after my simple cat eyeliner tutorial and I was really happy!^^



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