It’s another crazy hair tutorial featuring Taeyang’s hair from Monster! Well, kind of. Well, not really. I’m not doing the kimbap/mickey mouse hair style as much the victory roll style from the 1940s, but I’d like to believe Taeyang’s hair stylist from Monster was channeling the 1940s into Taeyang’s hairstyle.

Taeyang original headScreenshot 2013 03 20 12 28 AM

I see no difference

I’ve really gone crazy for the hairstyles of the 1940s lately, hence by baby bangs that are all round or v-shaped at the front. When my bangs are to long, I just slick them back under a bandana, and when my hair is too greasy/has funny waves I just roll my hair up into these simple victory rolls. For today, I’m just showing you how to make two giant buns which are actually much more difficult than doing tiny ones, and I didn’t realize it until AFTER I filmed it, so I feel kind of bad for starting off with this tutorial. Actually, I’m doubly disappointed because I shouldn’t have done this particular look on freshly washed hair. It is really difficult to work with freshly washed hair in general and it was even more difficult to keep all the fly away hairs in place. GRUMBLE FACE. I think the most difficult part of this style is keeping a grip on that initial end piece of hair. The first time I did this, my end piece wouldn’t stay tucked down and the curl would just unfurl. So, the hardest part is maintaining a tight grip on the end hair while keeping your hair pulled straight so that the roll stays tight too. I think it’s just easier to try it and just see what I’m talking about, it’s kind of hard to describe in words.

I’d like to add that you can roll your hair in two different directions and it will create a different look. In this video I’m rolling my hair downwards and towards my face, so I can see the roll as it’s forming. But more frequently, I actually roll my hair under, which means I’m rolling downwards the exact same way, but I can’t see the roll as it’s happening. If you want to create a roll which shows off the inside of the roll so that you can see a spiral curl, you can do the same thing I did in this tutorial but instead of putting a bobby pin through all the pieces of folded hair, you flatten the roll at the end. Then, still holding it tightly, use bobby pins to pin the roll apart and show off all the layers inside. Then HAAAIIRSPRAY!!! SO MUCH HAIRSPRAY! CHOKE ON HUGE AMOUNTS OF HAIRSPRAY! BUT IT’S SO NECESSARY!

And my last thought, these rolls are AWESOME for creating natural curls in semi-wet hair. When I don’t have time to dry and style my hair, I do these rolls and by the end of the day when you take your rolls out, you’ll have big puffy natural curls. Soft and bouncy HAAAAAAAAIR! So even though I wasn’t happy with the fly away strands, I had lovely natural curls the next day and I was able to wear my hair down with a cute bow! Let me know if any of you try this hairstyle! I saw a couple pictures on tumblr after my simple cat eyeliner tutorial and I was really happy!^^

  1. Martina can you pweeeasse do the hair that you were wearing on soondubo jigae video?

  2. i know this is like a very late comment but i just couldn’t do it right and i just it tried again and its not the best BUT! i tried :3 (Martina your like the boss ,yes i said boss XP, at doing this style)

  3. I tried this because my hair needed to be washed. I kept messing up, so eventually I said “Screw it, I’ll just take a shower”. :)

  4. My hair is too long for this kind of hairdo. But I totally agree with Martina, hairstyles do come out better with dirty greasy hair. lol!

  5. My hair is too short :( I am trying to grow it out though.

  6. but it looks prettier when the hair is washed… awesome tutorial! ^__^

    ♥♥ ♥ ♥

  7. simon you have SO dug your own grave with that description srsly – u- i mean so because now we all want to see that make up tutorial of yours happening BDDDD

  8. Martina i always love your hair!!!…but I’m sad because whenever i try and recreate it it doesn’t work :( curse my short hair!!!

  9. :/ My hair is too long to do this myself… especially from that angle… It’s really quite awkward.

  10. It just so happens that I have dirty, greasy hair today….this kind of perfect timing must be a sign that this hairstyle is for me. XD

  11. Awesome…so cute…especially on YOU! Thanks!

  12. Martina I just discovered your “beauty” tutorials recently, even though I always checked the Eyk videos… You rock and we have similar style, so THANKS for these videozzzzzzz!!! ^_^

  13. *runs off to try this* onwards!! XD

  14. I dont know why but i thought of Princess Leia and her Cinnamon Roll looking hair when Martina was done rolling her hair ahah. All in all very cute Martina :]

  15. I have super long hair (over 30 inches worth!) and my hair ended up looking like minnie mouse ears…which was awesome.

  16. “when you don’t wanna shower, you can still look cute”

    lol. this is going on my wall…

  17. Martina, i love your references ❤

  18. So now.. everybody could do the hairstyle of Taeyang!!!
    TAKE THAT YG !!!

  19. oh!! =O… you do it so easy!!…. my hair is blonde and it looks so good !

  20. i’ve seen a style called “suicide roll” , and i’m guessing they’re all from the same era of pin-up girl hair styles, just the fact that its one large roll at the center of your hair.

    definitely going to give these a try! will you be showing us how to get sailor chibi buns too? can’t wait for that tutorial ^^!

  21. …i should buy a wig! Because I have a really short haircut (so short that people ordinarily considered me as a boy) I can’t do this but Martina’s hairdos are so awesome!!! :)

  22. Guise, is anyone else noticing a trend of excessive jokes on Taeyang?????

  23. From this day forth, every time I see Martina with her hair up in a video I will wonder if she’s really stinky and Simon just pretends not to notice. Reason #532 why Smell-O-Vision is a bad idea. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  24. this was great!! I love watching to see how you do your hair, and then you are hilarious as well. I was LOLing when you talked about looking like a dinosaur.. XD

  25. “I’ma do a makeup tutorial one of these days. It’s gonna be 20 seconds long. 8 second opening credits. 2 seconds of me saying “SHUT UP” and then 10 seconds closing credits” bwahahahahahha oh my god Simon DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i would freakin’ love that!!!!

  26. Lol. I saw the Shrek reference in the blog and sang it in Prince Charming’s voice!

  27. could you possibly post a picture on facebook/twitter/tumblr of what you mean by doing lots of little rolls? just a picture of what it will look like at the end, cause all i can think of right now is you with a bunch of rollers in your hair… o.0

  28. My hair’s too long for this.. ._. It’s hard to do really anything with it but I don’t want to cut it.. *sigh* Does anyone have some suggestions for long hair? My hair reaches for the lower back area, (almost touching my butt).

    • braids or updos would look nice i think.

      • Umm.. What’s an updo? is it just like.. up? :) My hair is always braided for school – otherwise I will have a hurricane on my head -.-‘ I have sometimes done like a ponytail on top of my head (OTL my lack of hair english) and the braided it.

        • Yeah~! An updo is just when you wear your hair up. Like this one that martina’s showing is an updo but a very funky and loose version of it. I always think that long hair looks best with braided and more structured updos. If you’re really interested and have the patience and time, there’s a channel on youtube called cutegirlshairstyles where you can learn so many different ways to do your hair. Another channel i like is secretlifeofabionerd and her hair is almost as long as yours and she does updo tutorials too.

          My hair’s short so i can’t do anything with it really. Haha. Have fun!

        • Thank you so much for your advice! ^^ I will check those channels out!

  29. More tutorials I loooove them

  30. Speaking of Sailor Chibi, They are re-releasing the Sailor Moon anime this summer but following the manga plot instead!

    • Well is not a surprise since Sailor Moon was pretty famous in Japan and around the world back then, and I used to had each Vol. of each episode burned in DVDs but I don’t have them anymore since the person who borrowed my Sailor Moon DVDs never gave them back to me. Lesson learned. NEVER LEND PEOPLE YOUR ANIME!

    • No FREAKING WAY!!!! Seriously? I heard that they were making another but thought it was just going to be like a continuance of the series/ another series if you know what I mean.

      *happily skips off to the googles and internets to find more information!*

      • Why am I not surprised that you would respond to this. I am very intrigued by this. So it is a reboot. Fascinating.

        • LOL. Maybe cause we were just talking about it not too long ago? I’m still looking for more information but from what I’ve gather in my all of 5 minutes looking, it looks like international fans may be able to watch it online and it will possibly have subtitles in multiple languages. Nothing clear cut yet.

          …SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!

  31. The problem with having hair down past your waist is that you can never style it.

    Of course, the plus side to having hair past your waist is you don’t need to style it, everyone loves it anyways.

    • Another problem with having hair down to your waist (mine isn’t past it, yet, but it’s getting there): YOU HAVE TO BRUSH IT FIVE BILLION TIMES A DAY OR IT TURNS INTO A HUGE RAT’S NEST. Or at least mine does. ;-; And it takes years and years to braid.

      • Lol. I’ve just gotten used to braiding it. Whenever I’m just lazing around at home, or when I sleep, I keep it braided. It’s become so natural to me that it doesn’t even seem to take much effort. I just sit down, watch a U-Kiss MV while braiding, and by the end of the song my hair is done. Of course, it probably helps that my hair is naturally pin straight, and even when I try to curl it, it just falls straight again.

  32. This is so cute *.* my arms go numb and it never looks the same…but I tried!! ^^

    p.s pleasseeee stop with the bubble font that keeps popping up in newer videos >< It's really distracting and looks kinda childish.. don't kill me :'/

  33. Tried it! I think it stands out better on Martina cuz she’s blonde and the pink also helps.

  34. ohhh!!! i do these for pinning my hair under my wigs for cosplay (but on a smaller scale!). The curls it gives you after are wonderful!!!

  35. Ahhahaha you read my mind!? just today I was watching the kawaii -harajuku thing.. show?.. program .__.? and I was wondering how have you done your hair because it was so SUGOIIII! KAWAIIII! ;P and I wanted to try to do my hair like that too… and ofc EPIC FAIL, so thanks for tutorial :D so I wont.. fail anymore xD

  36. martina you should totally do stuff like this more often ! >_< love your style :)

  37. i think it kind of looks like puppy dog ears :3

  38. must wait for hair to grow……. why did i ever cut it off???? oh yeah cuz that was before eyk dominated my life X(

  39. I know sailor chibi!!! Best show ever

  40. I love your hair tutorials! Since my hair is curly things don’t always look as good…more crazy flyways with my hair!

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