As some of you may have seen last Sunday for our Indie Playlist, we did a video with some local Korean Indie artist to promote an upcoming festival called Hongdaefest. Starting this Friday March 14 through to Sunday March 16th, the artists that appeared in our last video will be playing live in Hongdae! This upcoming Sunday and also next Sunday, we’re going to feature even more artists in our Indie Playlist and all those artists (and more) will be playing at local clubs for Hongdaefest. The goal of these Indie Playlists is to get people out there to see these bands live, and this type of organized festival event in Hongdae does not happen all the time.

SOOOOOO we decided to do this epically long WANK in relation to the HongdaeFest video because we realized that we’re talking about all of the cool shows that are happening in this area, but a lot of you might not know how to get to these places. What are the directions to Soundholicity? How do you get to Rolling Hall? They’re not really huge and clearly visible, so you have to know the right side streets that’ll take you to them. If you don’t know those sidestrets, that’s what this video’s for! I’d also like to mention that we weren’t hired or paid to do this, we just really really really want the Korean Indie scene to bloom and to be acknowledged. SENPAI NOTICE ME! So since it isn’t doing a good job of marketing itself, we decided it’s time for us to stop complaining about it, and to do just do it ourselves!

We’ll show you some cool spots where you can listen to live music, and also show you where they are in relation to some other videos that we did. At the same time, we’ve got some pretty shots of Hongdae and we munch on some local street food, so this video serves lots of purposes. Martina worked really hard on making detailed maps to help you to find these locations PLUS she created a google map that can help you walk on the street using the GPS on your phone! She included lots of famous landmarks that might help you out.

So here comes a whole lot of info. Maps and maps galore! Let us know if these maps are helpful and what we can do to improve them.

First up is the Google maps link:

Or you can click on these fancy pants maps that we drew by hand and it only took us, like, four hours to draw. No biggie. SRSLY CLICK THEM AND LOOOVVVEE THEMMM. They get bigger. I swear! That’s what he said. OOHHH!

So we included a translated flyer of the Hongdaefest band listing, but because it’s a picture we’re also going to list them all here to help those of you on mobile devices.

Hongdaefest Poster Small

Other than that, umm, sorry this video’s so long! It’s hella long. You know, we could have actually made the video even longer. We cut out one of the bars, and just didn’t even go to the last place we planned on going to. We realized that we had filmed for something over two hours and that editing this video was going to be hellllll. Maybe for another video we can show you some more of the spots that we like to frequent.

On a less serious note, here are some of the bloopers from this week. We cut it short, because we had something like 13 minutes worth. Did we mention that we filmed for a very long time?


Lastly, let us know if you like this video. It has a really different vibe than what we’re used to, but we had fun with it. It’s rough and unpolished, and we’re just out there and having fun. I hope you were digging it. Let us know. And click on the button here if you want to see more special adventure videos!

  1. omg please please PLEASE tell us about the metal scene!!! it’s so hard to find good korean rock bands outside of korea.

    • There is a nice little basement club just across from the free park that usually has some good metal shows. Ive only been to one show there but it was like 9 bands playing for 12000 won (around $10.00 US) and included a free beer. The bands were so many different genres but seemed to all get along well. there was punk, speed metal, djent, death metal, and even a black metal band playing! it was a fantastic experience and there was a at least 6 or 7 english teachers at the concert

  2. The camera shots where Martina goes into the store to buy milk gave a beastie boys vibe

  3. i feel like when i go to korea now that i am going to walk around and not get lost at all thanks you guys. you that awesome. Also when is Royal Pirates interview going to be posted!!!!!

  4. Thank you so much for making these maps!! I’m going to Korea now on Monday, and I’ll be staying in Hongdae for about five days before I leave to teach english in Muju. I really wanted to explore Hongdae and check out some music, and now if I get lost I can blame it on you two! Hahaa! *Hrm* No, I won’t. I have been lost several times while still following a map. So if anyone in Hongdae finds a sobbing Norwegian girl in a corner: Pat her on the head and show her where to go please.
    Really fun video, and I like when you are being random and weird and the video is really long ^^

  5. Sorry about that Martina. I was the guy who ended up buying that sweet sweater. I kinda feel bad about it now but my wife and I will be visiting Korea again around April 2016. If you can wait that long I will make sure that it gets to you!

  6. So I happen to pause the video randomly right at the point your ‘voted Korea’s not sexiest’ faces appear on screen xD

  7. I love Martina’s bunny hoodie! Where can I get it?

  8. i am really enjoying these indie segments you guys are doing, and not to mention this was a fun wank~

  9. Don’t feel bad about the video being long… this is actually what I wish most of your videos were like. ESPECIALLY Wanks. I mean, you’re going on an adventure, the more we get to see of it the better.

  10. 16:40 I choked and spit cereal all over my computer. Hahahahaha
    I felt guilty the 1st time for looking at them and ignoring Martina, but I did it again! hahahahahaha

  11. Give a girl a google map and she’ll spend an hour trying to find the Eatyourkimchi Nasty Studio on google earth.

    Not speaking from experience or anything…

  12. Martina~! I love your hoodie! Where did you get it? I would LOVEEE to know <3

  13. Heads up for the people in or near the San Antonio area. K indie bands alert! This is a copy paste of the information from my meetup group.

    “A Korean music concert here in San Antonio??? Yes it’s true!! There are 15 Korean acts playing at SXSW in Austin this year, 6 of those bands will be coming down to San Antonio to give us a taste of Seoul’s indie music scene. Make sure and check them out!! Performing are Crying Nut, Jambinai, 황보령 (Smacksoft), Big Phony, and 2 more acts yet to be confirmed.
    Sunday, March 16th at 8pm. Open to ALL AGES! No advanced tickets – first come, first serve. Doors open at 7pm. Tickets are only $7!” Location: 2718 N. Saint Marys St., San Antonio, TX

  14. Did anyone notice the videobombing around the 0:56 mark? People sure love to photo/videobomb :D

    like a year ago to see 꽃다지’s concert!
    꽃다지 by the way is like the idol of indie bands and if you dont know them, SHAME ON YOU!!!
    and then a few months ago DICKPUNKS had a concert there and i was depressed that i couldnt go ㅠㅠㅠ
    anyways i get overly excited when anyone mentions that place O_O

  16. Thank you so much for doing this! I’ll be staying in Hongdae in 4 weeks time so this is great! And it’s far more accessible than some of the other travel/area guides out there. You’ve may my day and increased the awesomeness anticipation factor of my holiday by 10 d[^_^]b xo

  17. Oh, I didn’t know they had a punk scene in Korea! I sort of suspected it but wasn’t sure, and my dad has been asking for a while if there was more to Korean music than just K-pop (which I of course told him there is) but he has been very interested to see if there are any good punk bands/groups/singers out there. I’ve watched just a few of your indie videos but the times that I did the music wasn’t to my taste, but if you could direct me to some of your videos concerning punk music or recommend Korean punk bands in general that’d be awesome!

  18. Since Martina said she liked disco so…I can (not so) proudly tell you there is still a group in Sweden very much trying to keep it alive. Here’s a clip from their song competing for a spot in the Eurovision Song Contest, they didn’t win but I just remembered them when you started talking about disco.


  19. This is like revisiting all the old EYK WANKs :’) First the 2013 revisit, and now this. My god the EYK nostalgia ; n ;

  20. Gaiz, just sayin’ I freaking love your WANKs, like they are my favourite segment. I kinda miss the game dice you had in your old videos because I loved watching you two do coupley things but I guess these types of WANKs show more of Korea so it’s a win for me :D

    • I miss it too, I also miss the other games they would play. Finding Engrish, or a poster of an idol. Some of their games were really cool in that they would tweet their asking people to vote on something or name something to help them in their challenges.

  21. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE TYPES OF WANKS!!!! It makes me feel closer to Korea…. even though I’m still 3276328796328732 light years away T^T and one day when I go to SK I will live in those indie clubs!!! Seriously k-indie music is amajing !

  22. Saranghae! With that out of the way, by the end of May I have to choose which new language I’ll be learning for elective credit next year, and I can’t make up my mind. You guys have inspired me to take all of my favorite things, (English, English literature, tutoring kids, and Korean culture), and meld them all together into something that could result in an amazing teaching career in Korea. :) If this dream of mine comes true, (which it will), would it be better for me to learn Japanese next year, or Chinese? There is no class for me to learn Korean at my college, but I’ve been doing a good job learning it on my own and with an amazing friend who is fluent in Korean. I understand that Korean is Korea’s main language, (OBVIOUSLY), but between Chinese and Japanese, which language is spoken more often or written in more frequently throughout Korea?

    • Well, neither really. Korean as a language is very different from Japanese or Chinese, and they just don’t get used. If anything, I think that Koreans generally are more familiar with English actually. However, many Korean words are based on Chinese characters, so if you know Chinese characters, it can make it easier to understand meaning of lots of words. The caveat though is Korean pronunciation of Chinese characters are really different from Chinese, and these Chinese character based words are almost always written in Hangul (Korean alphabet) these days, so even if you do know Chinese characters, you have to know Korean pronunciation of them and be able to read Hangul to understand the meaning of those words (i.e. you might as well just start with Korean words if learning Korean is your goal, since you have to learn the pronunciation and associate meaning anyway). Plus as far as grammar goes, Korean as a language is very different from Chinese (it’s actually more similar to Japanese in that regard), so learning Chinese language itself probably wouldn’t be helpful.

  23. I must say, I know you guise were worried about the length of this W.A.N.K, which I can understand as some people really only want a quick W.A.N.K. I however, much prefer a nice long W.A.N.K. I find it is the only way for me to be truly satisfied. :P

  24. So I don’t get the free park thing…are parks not usually free in Korea?? Or am I missing something else here?

    • It’s called the Free Park not because parks normally costs money, but because it’s FREEEEEEEE to do as you please. At this park at least. I don’t even know where the name came from, we all call it the Free Park. Just that one…but it’s not even the official name in Korean. It’s the Hongdae Playground (I think). So some people call it The Playground. So there you have it!

    • From a previous TL;DR :
      “Basically, it’s a really small area, not really even a park, but it’s outdoors, by a swing set, with a few trees around it, and people just…hang out there. People bring their own drinks and just chat with friends. Other things happen around that area. Some people play live music. Sometimes there’s a Silent Disco, in which you rent a set of wireless headphones and dance to music that the DJ’s playing.”

      It pretty much sound like just a normal park from what they have said about them in the past. I think it just means they are public but they call them “free” instead of public?

    • Yeah that’s an interesting point. I don’t know myself but if I were to wager a guess I’d say it’s more like “Free event park” like how Martina was talking about the silent disco, they maybe have a bunch of different things happening IN the park that are free. Not sure though. :)

  25. I love EYK, you guys are the best…but I kind of love Martina a lot(I love Simon too, and Soozee, and Leigh too!)! Being able to randomly recall the best cartoon theme songs, and then to quote Napoleon during a super awesome W.A.N.K. I am having a hard time handling this much awesomeness. Also, in the 7-11’s in Korea, do they have Slurpees? And if so, do they have any flavors that would be a bit weird for Americans?

  26. This video reminds me a lot of the music video “We Are Handsome” by Garlixx where they go around Hondae, getting stamped at all the clubs. Your video was much more informative (how to actually get there, where to get snacks on the way – clever!) but theirs was more fun and obviously, more musical, so I cannot decide which I like better….does it have to be a competition? Definitely not, but I think that, given the length of the video, it needed more of a connecting thread than just strolling around and snacking to keep me watching. Something to make me excited about seeing Korean indie music……like, maybe some Korean indie music? You’ve put some music to your WANK/FAPFAP segment before, I was a little disappointed that you missed this great opportunity to do so. Maybe you didn’t want to be seen as favouring any band? Also, the editing on the maps and stuff was really useful and cool but it also meant that you missed some of your usual editing hijinx (other than the “brethren” – LOL!) which made the video a little too…..PBS, maybe? I still liked it, I just feel I could have liked it a lot more.

    Shucks, maybe I just wish I could go see some great indie bands……….;_;

  27. You know what those maps are missing though? All of the good places to stop and eat.

  28. Hey Simon and Martina,
    Totally unrelated question, but I’ve been wondering this for awhile now. Are you guise familiar with Asian ball joint dolls (aka BJDs)? Or are any of your friends? There are a number of Korean artists/companies who make and sell dolls and I’m curious if you’ve come across any of them (or people who collect them) during your time there. Anyone else interested in a dolly WANK? Thanks! :)

  29. This was really fun to watch! Had a nice, casual feel to it. Sorry though, that it was so cold for you. :( I’d love to see more WANKS like this, where you just walk around and show us stuff and make references to past videos. Seeing that bus go by reminds me of Jeremy’s “magic” bus from You’re Beautiful. I love that the buses have pink seats! lol! Also, I love that you can buy AND eat your food at the convenience store. How cool is that?!

  30. I liked this style of video too! It reminds me of when you used to do WANK challenges and we got to see you walk around :)

  31. I really liked the style of this…reminds me of another WANK i think it was nightlife?

  32. wow i miss free park just chilling there with some coffee and just listening to all the bands play.. cant wait to be back.. August needs to hurry up!! also if you guys miss foodz from the west I have a government card to get on the military bases and I can invite guest on post and if you guys would like you can buy from the grocery store if you like :)

  33. This is fantastic, and really makes me want to go back to Hongdae! I missed most of these clubs on my trip :(

    I didn’t know about your recommendation for the indie CD store, but I did pick up some indie CDs from Purple Record which is just round the corner from Soundholicity – https://plus.google.com/108004920740619679222/about

  34. Guys… I know that maybe this is going to sound weird but I really wanna know:
    The clubs in Korea are like this?>>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNHxoqo0luA

    And where I can find this kind of clubs in Korea. lol *so nasty ¬‿¬ *
    Okay no. ._.

  35. OMG sun body break. I don’t know if it’s a Canadian thing or not, but they’re really cheesy. I swear they were all filmed in the 80s. S & M did you know that they still show these body break ads on TV? I’m not kidding I remember seeing one on TV for winter outdoor skating in the winter.

    Also, I found cheese ramyun at the Korean grocery store today! I’m really excited to try it!

  36. Oh that milk carton. So many memories xP Looks like I’ll need to allocate a WHOLE day to Hongdae when I go over.

  37. I’m afraid that I will get really lost when I visit Korea (which wont be for a long time, but a girl can dream >_<) lol It looks so complicated T_T

  38. I got nauseous after 15 min of watching… :(

  39. Aaaah. A metal/rock video would really be appreciated :D Can’t wait to go to Club FF though!

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