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A Walking Tour of Hongdae’s Clubs

March 13, 2014


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As some of you may have seen last Sunday for our Indie Playlist, we did a video with some local Korean Indie artist to promote an upcoming festival called Hongdaefest. Starting this Friday March 14 through to Sunday March 16th, the artists that appeared in our last video will be playing live in Hongdae! This upcoming Sunday and also next Sunday, we’re going to feature even more artists in our Indie Playlist and all those artists (and more) will be playing at local clubs for Hongdaefest. The goal of these Indie Playlists is to get people out there to see these bands live, and this type of organized festival event in Hongdae does not happen all the time.

SOOOOOO we decided to do this epically long WANK in relation to the HongdaeFest video because we realized that we’re talking about all of the cool shows that are happening in this area, but a lot of you might not know how to get to these places. What are the directions to Soundholicity? How do you get to Rolling Hall? They’re not really huge and clearly visible, so you have to know the right side streets that’ll take you to them. If you don’t know those sidestrets, that’s what this video’s for! I’d also like to mention that we weren’t hired or paid to do this, we just really really really want the Korean Indie scene to bloom and to be acknowledged. SENPAI NOTICE ME! So since it isn’t doing a good job of marketing itself, we decided it’s time for us to stop complaining about it, and to do just do it ourselves!

We’ll show you some cool spots where you can listen to live music, and also show you where they are in relation to some other videos that we did. At the same time, we’ve got some pretty shots of Hongdae and we munch on some local street food, so this video serves lots of purposes. Martina worked really hard on making detailed maps to help you to find these locations PLUS she created a google map that can help you walk on the street using the GPS on your phone! She included lots of famous landmarks that might help you out.

So here comes a whole lot of info. Maps and maps galore! Let us know if these maps are helpful and what we can do to improve them.

First up is the Google maps link:

Or you can click on these fancy pants maps that we drew by hand and it only took us, like, four hours to draw. No biggie. SRSLY CLICK THEM AND LOOOVVVEE THEMMM. They get bigger. I swear! That’s what he said. OOHHH!

So we included a translated flyer of the Hongdaefest band listing, but because it’s a picture we’re also going to list them all here to help those of you on mobile devices.

Hongdaefest Poster Small

Other than that, umm, sorry this video’s so long! It’s hella long. You know, we could have actually made the video even longer. We cut out one of the bars, and just didn’t even go to the last place we planned on going to. We realized that we had filmed for something over two hours and that editing this video was going to be hellllll. Maybe for another video we can show you some more of the spots that we like to frequent.

On a less serious note, here are some of the bloopers from this week. We cut it short, because we had something like 13 minutes worth. Did we mention that we filmed for a very long time?

Lastly, let us know if you like this video. It has a really different vibe than what we’re used to, but we had fun with it. It’s rough and unpolished, and we’re just out there and having fun. I hope you were digging it. Let us know. And click on the button here if you want to see more special adventure videos!



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