Ok, first thing’s first: I HATE writing Cheonggyecheon 청계천 in English. Good googly goo! I never remember how to pronounce it. Catch me off guard and I’ll call it the Chunkychung…chunkybum…chuckycheese…Then I remember there’s a double g after the n. Ah! Not complaining that Korea did a bad job of naming it, just saying that the romanization is such a mind-warp. Let’s go for CC River for short.

So historically the CC River has a bit of a dramatic back story. In a nutshell, it was a real river, that turned into a kind of refugee area for people after the Korean War, with makeshift homes and everything. But – and here is where the drama comes in – the Korean government thought the area was an eyesore for the city, so they kicked out all the people, filled in the river with cement and turned the area into a highway. Fast forward to 2003, the major of Seoul decides to bring the river back, so they demolish the highways and start this massive project, including the task of getting water from the Han River into the now totally dead and dry CC River. By 2005 the project was complete! HURRAH! The CC River! Wow. Remind me to never talk about history again. History lessons do not suit us.

It’s difficult to really explain how cool this river actually feels to visit, because you need to feel the city bustling around you as you slowly descend into this little tranquil area. You’ll be staring at the river, and then you look up and there is a huge skyscraper glowing from the sunset reflecting off it’s glassy blue panels. The often have art installation pieces that change up every six months so even if you’re used to the area, you can always drop by and see what’s new in the art world. This time there was a kind of laser light show beaming onto the walls with computerized versions of plants growing from the ground and bouncing brightly off the brick walls. It was a really cool edition.

Make sure you drop by this river if you’re visting Seoul or if you live in Korea, it’s something special, and if you do, I suggest you take the subway route we suggested in our video, because the CC River actually flows through the city so there are many exits you can take to see it, but it could be a really plain part of the river without any of the special art exhibits or specially carved rockbed. Oh and one last thing, head there while the sun it up but just starting to set so you can see it at both times of day!

As for the video itself, we felt a bit silly, because everyone there was all romantic and lovey dovey, while we’re building mega straws and drinking water as fast as we can. LAME. And, on that note of lameness, on to our bloopers!


  1. OMG OMG that was where a “lie to me” scene was filmed!!!! *FANGIRL TRANSFORMATION* It was when Hyun Ki Joon was walking with his ex fiancee, Oh Yoon Joo, and the female lead’s bext friend/enemy, Yoo So Ran sees them kissing from the top of the bridge!!!! (and later tells the lead, Gong Ah Jung, about it) IT WAS TRAGIC >_<

  2. At 1:08 all i kept thinking was “OH MY GOSH THAT VANS NOT GONNA STOP D:” haha

  3. For the wank challange I thought you guys where going to drink the water from the lake and I’m like “Ewwww. Don’t drink that lake water.” Then I saw the water bottle. Nevermind. ^-^
    I vote Simon for best English and Martina for best idol. Obama is a no. Meh

  4. Will you guys be doing anymore Wanking?

  5. OMG I love those glasses, Hello Kitty 4 LIFE! Where did you find them?

  6. woah. the water bottle looks cool. i thought it was your mics… or some shampoo bottle XD

  7. I was watching thinking “I know that place from a film not a drama, n its really important in it…”… and I do. But couldnt remember which one!! After going through LOADS of films I found it, its in Jeon Woo Chi as well :) 

  8. I think Martina’s engrish and TVXQ is better. Thats a cute advertisment. “Charming and hairart lesson.” Hahaha!  

  9. wow guys, its spring and you guys are still in layers. may be there next month. will remember to pack up the layers of clothes (not fat). thanks for the tips guys

  10. lol my dad’s office is there XD

  11. I have no idea why I find it so hilarious when Simon throws his last straw that he was having difficulty with. Gosh you guys a riot! Love watching!

  12. Simon and Martina, I wasn’t sure where to ask/request this, but I just learned about a SHEEP CAFE in Seoul….and I thought it would be awesome if you went there…


  13. OHHH.. I’ve seen this place in a drama. :) I think it was Lie to me with Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan. :)) It looks like a really nice place. I wished I could have seen this place when I went to Korea. 

  14. 청계천 is NOT a river.  “천” means creek or stream smaller than river. River is “강” as in “한강”. Anyway, 
    청계천  is made in early Chosun dynasty to help control rain drain and flood. The best known man-made stream in Korea. It was covered up during president Park’s period, recreated by MyungBak Lee, mayor of Seoul at the time, now the president of Korea.

  15. UHH, Simon’s Engrish and Martina’s TVXQ (I can’t help it T.T I’m a die hard Cassiopeia)
    Btw, AWESOME dancing Simon XD

  16. Simon’s Engrish and Martina’s TVXQ. 

  17. Lols, Obama all the way XD Nice save, Simon

  18. Slow and steady wins the race~

  19. I recognized your location. In that neighborhood, there is an old restaurant called Hanok Jib that specializes in crazy soup that will try to burn your face off.  I went there with a friend on the coldest winter day and was surprised that the place is not heated (except for a few space heaters).  Doesn’t matter though, since the soup will try to burn your face off with its spiciness.  

  20. you’re right, i noticed the white van suspiciously backing closer to closer to you guys and i was like O.o OMG YOU GUYSSSS MOVEEEEE XD
    i vote for simon’s engrish (sorry martina) but definitely martina’s idol.

  21. Simon, Martina really buried you with her Korean Icon this week! hahaha! I’m voting for Martina for choosing TVXQ!! XD

  22. I watch you video but you no wank nothing. I sue you.

  23. I vote for simons “idol” and Martina’s engrish. :D Lol Simon picking Barack Obama as a KOREAN idol. He is such a joker.

  24. Simon’s idol AND english was better

  25. This is so fun to watch.
    Martina for idol and engrish

  26. Simon for Engrish.
    Martina for idol.


  27. tvxq!!!! and simon engrish! ftw!

  28. i was freaking out on the inside.. as i watched that white van back up … its so close D:

  29. Martina~ Where did you get your glasses? They are so cute!

  30. The car that almost crashed into Simon looked EXACTLY like my mom’s car. And we live in California. But we did buy that car from a Korean company, so….

  31. I didn’t vote for Obama in 2008, i won’t in 2012, and so I’m sorry Simon, I’m going with MAtina on this one……

  32. I am so totally using you guys as a reference! Places to go venture and for places to eat! You guys rock!

  33. Wouldn’t the person who sucked more at the straw thing win? Sucking? Also, Simon wins the Engrish challenge. Oh, and the river, especially that part, was used in the Seoul Song with members of SJ and SNSD.

  34. tbh obama doesn’t really need to campaign against any of the republican candidates this election. he could not show up to any of the debates and still win. +1 for him

  35. Barack Obama! and Simon’s Engrish sorry Martina! How many people come up to you during recordings on average?

  36. Oh wow!! I love this WANK so freaking much. I laughed until my stomach hurt, and tears were streaming down my face, no joke. Ahh…Simon, since “obama” is such a funny choice of a Korean icon, I voted for him~~ this totally made my day

  37. This is off the WANKING topic, but page two of the kpopcharts seems to have some issues. It only shows a few vids, skips about six vids and has no links to the next pages. Just an FYI :)

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