Eat Your Kimchi

The Water Bomb Game

Water Bomb Game

Oh man. We haven’t had a good laugh like this in a video for a while. We even had a great laugh while editing it, both of us, surely looking crazy in the coffee shop up the street, laughing to ourselves in silence. Now, we don’t edit the same video at the same time. We take turns until one person runs out of steam, then swap computers. But we both had a laugh when it was our turn to edit :D

THE GAME WAS SO INTENSE! I know it was just going to be a small splash of water, but the anticipation, the suspense, was terrifying! Every time the stick clicked into its slot we visibly flinched. And it doesn’t help that we were a little out of it after furniture shopping for 12 hours yesterday. I’m sure if we were more rested and relaxed we would have been more chill.

Also, I’m so sorry that the audio was so bad! We weren’t going to risk ruining our mics for this. We had no idea how much this thing was going to spray. It wasn’t enough to ruin our mics if we had worn them, I don’t think, but we weren’t going to take the risk.

Anyhow, we’re gonna get back to vigorously editing our Eat Your Sushi episode for Monday, and then we gotta get packing for our move to our new house! Squee!! Though we don’t have much to pack, really. We just have to put things back into our suitcases. But we have more things now than before. Martina has a big duck and I don’t know what she’s going to do with it…