This is very different than our regular WTFs, if you can’t tell. We found this watermelon slicer thingy on Gmarket, and thought it’d be great to try out. We were holding it off for a while, though, until we found that we needed to slice a watermelon. We had planned on doing a WANK by the Han River for weekend camping, but we were getting lots of rain, so we passed up on that. But this time we knew the time was right! Cutting watermelons by the river.

For any of you who have been following our activity lately, it’s been really chaotic. We went to Sweden, and then opened up the You Are Here Cafe. Both experiences were incredibly rewarding and exciting, but they’re also quite tiring. It’s a lot to do! And the Eatyourkimchi Crew was all doing so many different things all separate from one another, we really felt the need to go on a family road trip and spend some more bonding time together. So, we went to a pension for the weekend. And, we figured, this would be the best time to shoot our watermelon slicer video while we were at it.

So, we sat in the river for a couple of hours. We bought a watermelon at the mart up the street (and by up the street, we mean 10km away). We were worried that the watermelon would be too warm to eat, though. We like cold watermelon. No worries, Soo Zee said: we’ll just put it in the river and chill it there. SO BRILLIANT! Soo Zee, you’re so brilliant sometimes. Get in touch with your inner ajumma! Or is it a common thing to chill watermelons in water? I don’t know. I never did it before.

What’s funny, though, is the random kids that popped up beside us. I have no idea how they got there. We didn’t see them at all until the watermelon was sliced. It’s like how we can’t find Meemers in the morning until we touch his food dish. Then the fatass apparates beside us. Same with these kids. We had no problem sharing watermelon with them, of course. We had too much for the four of us to eat. We just found it hilarious how they appeared and had no qualms with eating food from a grunting lumberjack and a crazy lady with pink hair. UNGH!

Anyhow, if you want to get this lovely melon slicing device, you can pick it up on Gmarket. It’s a lot easier than Soo Zee’s watermelon slicing technique

We also have some pictures from the weekend, because we like taking pictures, even if we’re not great at it. We just like how they look on the website, all in tiles in stuff. Yay!

Lastly, click on this pretty button below for more fun videos like this. We’re heading out on our big road trip tomorrow, and we’ll be gone for a week shooting lots of videos around Korea. Lots of fun, lots of pics, lots of videos. FAPFAPs and WANKs galore!

  1. That is so cool. I have one for apples, too. I tried slicing a (whole, peeled) pineapple with it, but it was too small. It would probably work with the watermelon slicer.

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Looks like you had a great time at some beautiful places! I can’t wait to see all the videos. Glad you are back, I missed ya!

  3. Redneck Watermelon Seed Spitting: Take a huge chunk of ice cold watermelon and cram it into your mouth so hard that the rind rolls over your eyebrows and the loose parts slide down your wet body into the water. Slowly chew your cud until only the seeds are left. Now spit them at your partner. Ideally you are standing upriver from your partner so you don’t have to have his watermelon spit swirling around you. Extra points if you hit him in the eye.

  4. It looks like the canoe/float trips we do every year. Always fun besides my yearly sunburn….. but it’s worth it!!

  5. watermelons are the best and brings people together, i found also strangers to share my melon with in Germany :D

  6. This watermelon slicer is a two persons’ job! I used the mini version aka apple slicer as a kid, fond memories.

  7. I heard(read) you were intoxicated. Floating in a river drunk with a sharp watermelon slicer? Seems a little…Dicey.*rimshot*

    Do you know if Hutzler makes a watermelon slicer? If they did, I guarantee it would be far superior.

  8. Wow, first time I already have one of the WTF. I bought one at Sam’s Club(walmart version of Costco) at the beginning of the summer. The slicer was really convenient but it requires a lot of pressure. Also, y’all look so relax and happy and the pics are great.

  9. Wow!!! JunRaNamDo is my favorite place for summer vacation (FOOODD)! I want watermelon…

    ps. By the way, the fish seems like soooooo frustrated and middle of escape from the grill…(lol)

  10. We usually chill ours in the pool. Once we buy it from the store, we just toss it in and when we feel like cutting it, we have to catch it. I mean, maybe some people chill theirs in the fridge, but I don’t usually hear about it because the watermelons are too big for the fridge. So yeah, I always hear other people chill it in water, it’s pretty common.

  11. So nice to see you having a fun time!

    Since you’re really into watermelon slicing, I thought I’d link to a watermelon hack I just saw which is awesome.


  12. woah! Those pictures are sooo great!! It looks like you guys are really having fun :D!

  13. oh my god….i know how to make friends now!!!

  14. Everyone’s looking super cute haha! :D Where did yall go?

  15. Does the slicer come with your very own dothraki man warrior to help you use it?
    And yay, weekend chill time! Love your photos!

  16. Wow, before reading the last picture’s caption, I thought you guys had the OTHER “덕”. The setting!

  17. I love these photo blog posts, keep ’em coming!
    You’re not good at taking photos? Pssssh, these are great! Not one shaky hand or head chopped off ^^

  18. it was very nice of you to share with the kids. have 4 awes and a giggle.

  19. Wow that’s so useful. There’s a reason I’ve never bought a whole watermelon…

    It doesn’t seem insanely sharp so I’m guessing it needs a lot of pressure.

  20. Those pictures are all so nice looking! Both the setting, and the subjects- the captions are great too!
    Augh… playing in the water… eating watermelon…. maybe outside isn’t as bad of a place as I thought

  21. How did Soozee get such a nice thin piece? Shouldn’t they all be equally humongo

    hehe loving the popup kids, cue “My subak brings all the kids to yard”

  22. I love Soo Zee’s watermelon cutting technique, been using it for what a year now. Rarely do I ever buy a watermelon that small, however it looks like it would be great for a cantaloupe.

    Your EYK family vacation looks awesome and like you all got some much needed rest and relaxation.

  23. Haha Leigh’s incredulous comments

    “Soo Zee’s already done her watermelon and Martina’s double-fisting!”

  24. omg those pics are amazing <3

  25. Soo Zee has the heart of a midwesterner. That’s how you chill beer when you’re tubing (aaannnddd I see from the pics you did just that).

  26. (These statements carry the most impact when read in an old lady voice) It’s so good to see you guise relax. It’s important so you don’t burn out.

  27. You guys look like youre living the dream! :’) and those Kids would be me hehe XD

  28. The title should be : Dothraki man struggling with his new found weapon. I guess it’s a thing in Korea to hang by creeks. Even tho we have much creeks/rivers in Quebec people hang more by lakes. I like it tho ! And I guess it’s really a must do in Korea to share :D That’s why the kid got closer aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw !

  29. man…just realizing how useful such a thing would be for mangoes…to actually get that stupid pit out without wasting a ton of flesh

  30. OMG so much jealousy for your real life lazy river right there. I could seriously use some icy mountain water right about now *humidity hatred* That is a pretty neat melon slicer, but I’m still way more impressed with Soozee’s watermelon slicing trick – I used it to make fruit salad recently and it was awesome!

  31. omg those kids probably live in the forest and feed on random people’s food.

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