So we have some very exciting news for all the Kissmes out there! We just got invited to film behind the scenes at U-Kiss’ new music video! Holy cow those guys are STILL working really hard, and I’m personally wondering if this might be the last music video we get to see AJ in before his hiatus from the group while he studies in University.

As well as filming behind the scenes, we get to interview Ukiss AND they’re giving us autographed CDs to give away to our viewers! EXCLAMATION POINT!!! This will be the first time that we get to see what the making of a kpop video is actually like! I have so many questions, like: how many times will Ukiss have to re-film until the final cut is chosen? Will the director be yelling out instructions behind camera, like “MORE EMOTION, MORE SADNESS!!! YES YES!!!” Will there be unicorns farting out marshmallows for all of us to enjoy? That last question might never get answered.

Anyhoo, rather than just asking what we want to know, we’d like to know what you guise want to ask U-Kiss. Leave us your questions in the comment section (either in our blog post or on youtube) and if you want to, include your name and country so we can let the boys know who’s asking!

Oh, and another thing. Although we’re going to film this music video next week, we won’t actually be releasing our video until U-Kiss releases their video. We obviously don’t want to be giving away top secret behind the scene video footage, so the release date of our video is kind of unknown for now. It’s so mysterious…and exciting!

Lastly, since we’re gonna be giving away awesome autographed U-Kiss CDs to you awesome people, make sure you’re subscribed to us on YouTube, and that you follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. We like giving CDs to people who follow us. Yay!

If you haven’t seen it before, here’s our first chat with U-Kiss well over a year ago, where AJ calls us out for making fun of his R Squared Pi line. Ha!


  1. They are soooooo nice!! After a marathon of EYK videos (who needs to sleep? you guys are too addictive!! D:) and finding firstly the one when you guys interviewed AJ, Kevin and Eli, I totally fell in love with them.

    I mean, I usually don’t even bother to know any knew k-pop boy bands because there’re so many already to feed this already noona’s heart.. Seriously, I feel old like an ajumma everytime I watch a new k-pop band… but, danm, they’re nice..!! I don’t even care if they’re good looking or what, just this friendly and casual way to talk and have fun is enough and totally charming and, and…… *squeals like a little fan girl (for the first time in ages)*

    So yeah, totally in love with them, gonna listen their songs from now on ^-^
    (Oh and luckily I liked the songs I heard so far. It would be sad to think “how nice they are, but the songs… meh”)

    PS: Simon and Martina, I loooove to watch you guys, always making my days better! Keep up the good work, I’m cheering for your success! Happy holidays :D

  2. Question: Are they thinking about every coming to New Zealand? :D
    Name: Libby S.
    Country: NZ of course! ;D

  3. So, their teaser for Stop Girl came out….does this mean we get to see your behind the scenes video soon?

  4. Hi i’m Kristy from FRANCE ^_^~
    -Do you think you will come one day for a concert in France? i mean just a U-kiss concert, not with other bands?
    -U-kiss already came in Paris, So can you say some words in french? for your french KissMe? Thank you so much for your hard work! U-KISS are really an amazing group! I love you U-Kiss fighting ^^<3

  5. ” STOP GIRL” comeback is the 20th!!!


  7. Anyo .. To MY BEST KPOP GROUP EVER !!i am from kuwait and i am in love With All of your Songs and listening to them became my routine every day … ! i want to ask if U-kiss Can Do interview on kbs world arabic ? this small Thing to them will make Our Dream Come True .. and please tell them to stay tune to Arab Kiss Me Projects … =) they deserve The best Always ;3 .. ps : all my life know i think is about u-kiss even My Passwords + my school Desk … looool !

  8. How long does it usually take to write a song and learn a dance?
    Ruby ,USA

  9. question: What does U-Kiss think of noona fans?

  10. Hi!!
    My name is Isabel and I live in New Jersey, USA and here are some questions for U-kiss.
    1.What girl groups do you like the best?
     2.If you didn’t have the chance to be a singer, what do you think you could have been instead   of being a person in boy group?
    3.(For Kevin) You already play the guitar, right? Would you like to know how to play another instrument? And if you do what instrument would it be?
     4.Have you guys ever thought about having a mustache?!?
    5. How would you describe your new music video? About sadness? About joyfulness?
     6.(For Kevin and Eli) Would you like to see your old friends back from the states?

  11. Hi!!
    My name is Isabel and I live at New Jersey, USA and here are some questions for U-kiss.
    1. What girl groups do you like the best?
    2.If you did not have a chance to be singer what do you think you could have been instead of being a person in a boy group?
    3.(For Kevin) You already play the guitar, right? Would you like to know how to play another instrument? And if you do what instrument would it be?
    4.Have you guys ever thought about having a mustache?
    5.How would you discribe your new music video?
    6.(For Kevin and Eli) Would you guys like to see your old friends back from the states?

  12.  (sorry, something went wrong .__.)
    A couple of questions to every member:
    1) What is the most memorable event or present that kissmes gave you?
    2) What kind of presents do you like getting?

    Daria, Russia.

    ps: I’m so happy that you guys will get a chance to see a k-pop mv being filmed! Have fun =)

  13. I just want to know if they’re going to be in another funky room for their up coming MV! So the fanfic of how they get there and what happens continues! 

  14. A couple of questions to every member

  15. Just wanted to ask if you could get the members who don’t speak English (Kiseop, Hoon, Dongho, Soohyun) to say something! Maybe ridiculous pick up lines? (AYYY GURRRRL CAN I BUY YOU A DRINK/ UUUUH U SO NASTY) :D 
    … Pretty please? 
    Renata from Italy

  16. My name is Kyrie from Colorado USA and I wanted you to Ask them their ideal type -.- lol

    Also ask them what their specific talent is. :)

  17. 1. If you could visit any country in the world, which country would it be and why?
    2. Wich U-KISS song do you feel more comfortable performing?
    3. What is the sweetest thing one of the other members has done for you?
    4. If you had to be stuck on a desert island for a week with only one of the members, who would it be?
    6. If you had a theme song, what song would it be?
    7. Which is your favorite new K-Pop group?
    I’m Caitriona (Kay-tree-oh-nah) from the US (but I live in Spain ^^).

  18. Ooooo, ask them if they ever google themselves! (Hahaha, that is so terribly dirty sounding) but do they look up their names online and see what pops up?

  19. Ive been in love with ukiss for forever. AJ is my ultimate bias~

    1. What are some really gross habits of the UKISS members? Farting?
    2. Are Mexican or Italian girls attractive to yall?
    3. What type of meat do yall really like?
    4. When did yall know that yall wanted to be Kpop idols?
    5. Do yall have any special items like teddy bears that yall like to sleep with?

    – Sparta Abrigo
     San Antonio Texas

  20. Question for Kevin! Did you watch Disney Channel Original Movies as a child, if so what is your favorite one?

  21. My Questions for U-Kiss:
    1.What’s the most funniest/awkwardest thing that U-Kiss has ever experienced? 
    2. Do you guys read fanfics? If so what do you think of them?
    3. How do you guys deal with Anti fans? :)

  22. My Questions for U-Kiss:
    1.What’s the most funniest/awkwardest thing that U-Kiss has ever experienced? 
    2. Do you guys read fanfics? If so what do you think of them?
    3. How do you guys deal with Anti fans? :)

  23. as a linguist, i’m super insanely curious. Do Kevin and Eli think in english or korean?
    -Christina (Chryssie) from Kansas :D

  24. i just realized this but kevin knows about eat your kimchi, so he might have been reading the comments posted here… i kinda feel silly just realizing this… being that it is now thursday in where i am. And i cant do math very well but i am assuming that its friday in korea which means the interview is like already over… i feel silly.

  25. Alyssa Mai Choi,( plus: Cynthia Linh, Rainee and Yuri )from Melbourne, Australia!! 

    I really, really love U-KISS and I think I might go all fangirly so I apologise >/////<??? REAL QUESTION:  You have the most beautiful hands!! How do you keep your fingers so pretty!!??? I used to think my mummy had pretty hands but yours are so much nicer!
     and… I really want to hear you sing a solo! like 0330!?

    To DongHo:I read somewhere you stayed up late playing video games for 3 days. What games did you play?? (can we play together sometime// REAL QUESTION:  Do you still want to be an actor as well as a rapper?? Would you ever consider acting like DongHo did in Holy Land?

    To U-KISS: You guys are so inspiring and amazing!! I think its so awesome that you work so hard and are super passionate about your dreams!!Please come to Australia one day!!! Theres aalot of Kissmes who are dying to meet you!!! ( PS you can see kangaroos there!)
    and…. for all of U-KISS.. your most favourite song???

    OMG… i-if one of my questions is asked/answered.. *dies* I LOVE U-KISS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! please one question???

  26. Daria from Poland.

    To AJ: Was it a hard decision to temporary leave the group to study at Columbia University ?

    Or if AJ is not there

    To all members: What were your feelings when you heard about AJ’s
    decision to temporary leave the group to study at Columbia University ?

    I also have a little request here… Could you please ask them to greet
    polish fans? Polish KISS MEs would be delighted. I was so happy when you
    asked Leeteuk and MBLAQ :)

  27. Hi! I’ll just put one question:
    How’s it doing while AJ is gone? :(
    -Chelksea, Ontario CA

  28. what yr favorite u kiss songfrom raymond nguyen melbourne australia
    omg i love u kiss so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *dies from so much u kiss*

  29. My Question: When did everyone decide they wanted to join the music industry and what’s everyone’s favorite part of being in a KPOP music group? – Sarah Walker, TX, USA

  30. PAULINA AND APRIL FROM THE US :) (Louisiana)
    Question- Do Kevin and Eli ever miss America?? And did they enjoy Cambodia?! WE WERE AT THE CONCERT IN CAMBODIA! BEST DAY EVAA. NUFF SAID. Love them <3

  31. Hi this is Angelica from the U.S.A!!!

    I watch a lot of variety and reality shows that U-KISS attend and I came across ‘U-KISS Vampire’ and ended up watching the whole series. There was one episode where the boys went against elementary-schoolers for a type of spelling competition involving Hangul and I noticed that when the members were still in the dorm creating their own rules, Eli had a bit of trouble writing the Hangul down correctly. 
    Since Kevin and Eli both were born in the States, I want to ask them if they had any hardships learning Korean since they were raised in a Western atmosphere and if they knew fluent Korean before.
    Being a Filipina born in the U.S., my parents taught me their native language, Tagalog and I often hear my fellow Filipino friends asking me to teach them how to speak Tagalog since they usually don’t know how to speak it.
    I was wondering if Kevin or Eli were like this or if they had no problem speaking Korean from the beginning.

    I also want to ask a couple questions to my favorite member, Kiseop. 
    I heard that you went through a tough time before coming into U-KISS. Looking back at it, how do you feel about your reaction? Did you regret going through the hard depression that you went through or did it help you get to where you are now? 
    Also, I want to ask, if you were a girl, which member from U-KISS would you date and why? Finally, I would like to ask what inspired you to begin dancing and what lead you to try out to become an idol?

    Thank you! ^_^
    U-KISS Hwaiting! <3

  32. am i the only one who dosent get the ” Mordney ” joke? whats up with that?

  33. Dear U-KISS,

    If you didn’t become a singer, what kind of job could you have seen yourself doing?Natasha from England.

    (LOL I DID THIS AGAIN because I really want to know this :’D)

  34. IU or HyunA? Pick carefully. Bro Guy (not joking) USA

  35. Have any of you ever been to VA? Do you plan on coming  by soon? Trinity- VA

  36. Your voices are so SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heana from Canada

  37. Heyo This is Vicky from Canada :P and I wanna ask  U Kiss, do you guys play video games (or online gaming)?
    And also a question for Dongho! Are the hyungs still treating you like a baby maknae? 

  38. Where do you think you have the most fans? Yui ,Africa

  39. AHHHHHHHHHHHH So questions right? 
    1. How difficult was it for all the members starting off? 
    2. Any advice for anyone out there who wants to make it in the kpop world?
    3. Whats going to happen with AJ being out in coumbia for college?
    4. Are the oringinal members still in contact with Xander and Kibum?
    5. How do you turn on the broken light? Or even a loveshow?
    6. Would you date a fan? Or even a foreigner? (Hehehe sorry must ask)
    7. Do you guys know the nicknames the fans give you? (Ex. Eli- Pigeon, Aj- Kitty, Dongho- Baby mankae) And are you aware of the couples fans make? 
    8. Do you guys plan on making a U.S debut?
    Also I think you should have them describe each other in three words, and make them watch the old mv Not young just to absolutely kill the original members XD
    Love Sonya from Florida

  40. You guys wanna sleep over my house? kekeke- Chrissa ,Brazil

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