Yay! Another interview in the Eatyourkimchi Nasty Studio. This time we’re interviewing K.Will for his upcoming release. We’re totally excited!

If you remember back from our Eatyourkimchi Awards, you guise voted for K.Will’s “Please Don’t” as the best plot of the year. Rightfully so! That video was awesome. Well, soon afterwards, K.Will sent us a thank you video, to thank all of you awesome people for voting for his video.


In that video he said that he hoped that he could meet you all in the Eatyourkimchi Studio. Well, now the time has come! K.Will will be coming over to do an interview. Huzzah! We’ll be talking about his new album and new song, and also his music videos (which we’re big fans of).

Of course, whenever we do these interviews, part of the questions come form us, but a lot of the questions come from you as well. You can see a lot of interviews with Korean people speaking to Korean artists in Korean, but we want our interviews to be kind of a small bridge in another direction. Let the Kpop artists speak to the Kpop fans, answer their questions, in a more international setting. Does that make sense? I hope so.

Point is, here’s your chance to talk to K.Will. If you have anything you want to ask him, let us know! Leave your questions in the comments to this post, or in our YouTube video for this post, or send us a tweet. We’ll pick a bunch and try to ask as many as we can the day of the interview.


  1. just in case he does another interview with y’all, I would like to know 1) what the HIGHEST NOTE he has sung is and what song is it in? Just LOVE ALL the Immortal Songs he has done and 2) are there any plans he would do a cd of just those Immortal Songs!!! LOVE FOR K.WILL!!!! If I could have him come to my house for a week and sing to me every day, I would!!!

  2. Spiixiie Kimzii Cheekii Sykess

    Questions For K.Will… Would You Ever Date A Foreigner And Do You Have Any Other KPOP Idols On Your Contacts List, Also What Is Your Opinion On Young Foreign People Trying To Get Into The Korean Music Industry?

  3. What does he think about foreigners? Would he ever be willing to date one? :D

  4. My questions for K. Will
    1. Who inspires you the most? Why do they inspire you?
    2. How do you feel about the younger band Boyfriend! ^ ^

  5. My question to K.Will: All KPop Idols were on a cruise together, the boat is now sinking and there is only one life boat that can seat only TWO people (bad design, but just play along). You can only bring FIVE ITEMS with you and save ONE person. What items do you bring, who do you save and why? xoxo Ana from Chicago

  6. Wow. EYK hit the jackpot with this one! His new album is awesome (LOVE Lay Back!). Hope you guys have fun~


    I’m going to be in Korea in May, if you have time would you like to go out for a date? LOL hey, can’t say I didn’t try! ^^
    But seriously, do you have any plans for a concert coming up?

    - fan from Toronto

  7. How do you feel if someone thinks your gay because of your music video

  8. Dear K.Will,

    Who is your favourite EatYourKimchi person? [Muahahaha, I'm so evil. ;D]

    From Madi, a South African living in Malaysia ^^

  9. Questions for K.Will:

    1. Mention 3 things that you would bring to a deserted island?

    2. The most awkward situation you have ever been in?

    3. Do you think alot about the future, and how your actions affects it, or do you live in the moment?^-^
    -Emma from Denmark :3<3

  10. When will the interview be posted? I’m just here waiting impatiently while watching K.will singing Fantastic Baby. =P

  11. K.Will question: what’s the one thing you can’t go anywhere without? and who would you most like to collaborate with?

  12. How do you feel about “Love Blossom” being the your first MV to appear in , but yet getting killed off?

  13. In the part 2 of his 3rd album “Love Blossom” there’s a song titled ‘Marry Me’. I super love the song, and the lyrics are amazing! Does he have any plans of marrying anytime soon?

  14. Question:
    Didn’t you got bashed because of the homosexual content in your music video?
    Like, you are a really respected singer, didn’t your manager got worried about it?
    And in your new mv, blossom, you finally appeard in your mv! haha that was nice to see
    Juliana – Brazil

  15. Hello Simon and Martina, Spudgy and Meemers~ Hi Hyung Soo~ ^^

    There is a lot fans of urs around the world so do u have some plans to visit Europe or America maybe this year?

    And how do u think, can u fall in love with non asian girl? ^^

    What inspired u to write ur song “Bluffing”?

    Thank u~ Love your songs~ Even my mom loves it~ Love u too~
    K.Will FIGHTING~
    Valeria from Russia~ ♥

  16. My question-How do you come up with amazing songs?, where do you get ideas to create the songs you sing?, who inspires you to keep moving forward and love what you do? plzz come to Canada, love ya K.Will<3

  17. Questions for K.Will:

    1. What is your favorite song or one that you were extremely proud of that you composed or wrote for another artist or for an OST?

    2. How do you get inspiration for your songs?

    3. In your newest music video, “Love Blossom”, was it your idea to be shot by INFINITE’s Myungsoo and how did you feel about being shot after only being the in music video for about 30 seconds?

  18. Hi, my question for K. Will is: What are some hobbies that you like to do in your free time and do you see yourself acting?

    Thank you,
    Luz from Arizona

  19. hello everyone
    when is the interview??

  20. My question is:
    Who came up with the idea for the latest video “Love Blossom” with L and Boram and how did you feel to be included in the MV yet killed off?

  21. I noticed he wears a sliver ring on hand for many appearences he makes. Is that ring special to him in anyway? Or does he just like alot? >V< -Jamie Riverside, CA

  22. my question for K.Will is; i have heard from good sources that you are quite the dancer. Will we see some of those moves in your new release live performances?

    Thank you,
    Carin from Maryland

  23. Here’s my questions for k.will -)
    (1) have you ever think of adapting a new concept like rock n roll for the coming album?
    (2) which korea artist do u wanna collaborate with?
    (3) have u ever plan to hold concert overseas?

    Louise from hong kong: -)

  24. If you weren’t a singer what would you be?

    Do you have any influence on the storylines of your MVs?

    What type of music video would you like to release next?

    If you get the chance to do a concert anywhere outside Korea, where would it be?

    From Nadia and Nora in Norway! ;)

  25. You finally appeared in your most recent mv! Congratulations ~…But why did you have to die? >V< Were you okay with that during the briefing? By the way brilliant (dead) acting. ^^ From- So Cali

  26. My questions are:
    If you were to collaborate with any american idol who would it be?
    Is there any country in this world would you like to go to and why?

  27. Can you ask what his secret is for looking so young? Like seriously he looks younger every time I see him. I AM AMAZED~!*-*

  28. Question: How did you come to know about your fans in eyk? Did you learn about eyk through other people? Through random browsing on the Internet? Or something you saw on TV??? I REALLY WANT TO KNOW!

    -lots of love, Biftu from Ottawa (Canada)

  29. ERMAHGERD K.WILL HYUUNG I LOVE YOUUUUUU in a heterosexual way
    but anyway

    What is your favorite girl group & favorite member in the girl group?
    What is your favorite song that you sang so far & can you sing a little from it?

    If you aren’t going to answer my question, 이러지마 제발~
    –Ingyum Kim, USA

  30. question to K.Will:

    If you could go to USA which would you go to and why?

    ~ Sarah Placilla, Long Island, New York, USA

  31. Hey K.Will,

    First off, I would like to say that you are my favorite male solo
    artist by far. I think your amazing. here are my questions. you can
    answer as may as you want to.

    1.What song do you personally like the most that you have made?

    2. Which music video did you like making the most?

    3. For the way these music videos were made, Please Don’t… or I Need You?

    4. Who is/are your favorite K-Pop artist/s?

    5. Can you say “Hi” to Ireland for me, please?

    Thank you so much, if you do answer this. Thank you for your time. Marika Gentile, (Ma-ree-ka Gent-eel-ay), from Dublin, Ireland

  32. Greetings from Adelaide, Australia!

    To K.Will: Which is more fulfilling, or makes you feel happier, singing or teaching others like Lee Minho to sing?

    Thanks, and have fun with K.Will guise :D

  33. Here’s my question: Have you watched other people’s reactions to your video “Please Don’t” on YouTube? (Because god knows how many I’ve watched just to get a good laugh) :)

  34. PLEASE ASK HIM TO SPEAK POLISH. ( polscy fani byliby bardzo wdzęczni ! :) )

  35. OMG HI K. WILL! :D
    I would love to see more of your acting in your MVs other than other artists doing that for you. By the way, when will you come to Singapore? Lots of love – nadiya from Singapore

  36. My question: Wiht who would like to callaborate? not only from Korea :)

    …really love your voice. I´m listening your songs when i go sleep. Thank you, Monika from Czech republic :)

  37. Were you pleased with Seo In Guk’s performance? Were you the one who personally requested him to be in your video? Btw, K.WILL YOU’RE SO CUTE!

  38. 1) will you ever think of having a concert in the UAE(also known by many people as dubai)

    2)from all the songs that you sang,which one is the one that relates to your life or some experiences in you life?

    3)do you think arab people recognize you?

  39. name 5 korean artists that you wanna collaborate with….

  40. 1. When did you decide you wanted to be a singer? Why?
    2. Did you ever think you’d be this popular/famous?
    3. 20 years from now, what do you think you’ll be doing?

  41. My question are:
    1. Will you appear in this upcoming Music video?
    2. The teaser for next single was completely funny, whose give this idea?
    3. How you maintain your vocal cord? Your song always had high note :)

    With love from -Uun- Indonesia

  42. Which is your favourite idol group, the one that impresses you the most? Mariam from the UK

  43. What is your favourite place to travel to that has the best food? Mariam from the UK

  44. What cheers you up when you are feeling down apart from music?

    Mariam, 19 from London :)

  45. I would like to ask him. Will you marry me?

  46. Why did you/director decided to choose Infinite Myungsoo and Sistar’s Dasom as the main characters of the MV?

  47. Hi, this is Valeria from Chile
    What is your opinion about the Korean wave in general. What do you think could be your contribution to the phenomenon worldwide? And connected to that, Do you feel avant-gard by presenting a topic so controversial as the one on your video ‘Please don’t go’?

    Greetings from Chile, South America, and please, consider coming to this part of the globe :)

  48. Which idol groups would he like to calibrate with?

  49. Ok, I’ve read thru the other questions and no one asked the really hard one…..Dogs or Cats?

  50. a last minute question :0
    If you didn’t become a singer, what will you do as a career choice? :)

  51. My question for K.Will

    1) Would you ever think about appearing in your own videos in the future?

    From the UK. :)

  52. thisisjustforfunval

    Being that K.Will is one of my favorite singers, one of major biases (seriously he’s so handsome, charming and dude serious killer smile) and he is the idol closest to me in age…I’m his noona by 2 years. I would like to know “Will you marry me?”

  53. Here are some questions i’d like to ask my biggest idol :)

    1. When something makes you really sad or upset, do you prefer being alone, or will you talk to someone about it?
    2. If you could be a kind of animal, what would it be?
    3. When people force you to do something you don’t want to, will you give up and let them decide, or will you keep on refusing?
    4. If you one day suddenly lost your ability to sing, what would you do?

    - A lot of love from the Faroe Islands! xx

  54. I’m a huge fan also ^^
    So um… My questions for K.Will:

    1. Can you do aegyo? And if yes, can you show it?? :D
    2. If you ever sing in your free time, what do you sing?
    3. Do you listen to American music and movies? If so, what?

  55. My question:
    Is it true that you want to go to Mexico and that you admire a famous Mexican singer? If yes, do you have plans on going to Mexico and who is that you admire?

  56. Hello,

    I’m Kassia, from Brazil. I just wanna say that here in my country the video was very well commented. People just loved the video, the plot, the music and I believe that K.Will got the attention of many brazilians kpop fans since them. This was great. So, I have some question for him.

    1. Once you sad that you wanted to appear in your videos. If you could choose any role to play on them, what would it be?

    2. We all know that the video for “Please don’t go” was a big success with the internacional fans, but… sometimes we hear that, in Korea, gay issues are not so opened as it seens. I really wanted to know how was the public’s reaction in Korea about the video and if there was some kind of fear by him or by his agency about that.

    3. If you could chose some kpop artist to make a duo, who would it be? What about DaeSung, from Big Bang? You both has great voices and kind of looks like each other. hahah

    Sorry for my bad english or any kind of mistakes. I used to study english, but it has been a long since I don’t have the chance to write.

  57. which idol group could you imagine yourself a part of, and why?

  58. Dear K.Will,

    1. What do you think of while recording the songs for the new album?
    2. How do you deliver your song’s emotions so well?
    3. Any plan on doing showcase overseas for the new album?

    Thanks ^^

  59. is there any particular country that you’d like to visit? :)

    -Glenda from Adelaide, Australia

  60. Mi question for K.will:

    Hi mi name is Alejandra and Im from HONDURAS, y small country in Centro America. Im a huge fan of your and I will like to know, when you want to rest or relax yourself what do you usually do? you go to the beach? sleep? read something? I like to go to swimming or walk and you?

  61. Question for K.Will:

    What made you decide to not be a faceless singer anymore? Did you ever regret changing it?

    Thea from Norway

  62. AHHH!!! My three favorite people will be in the same room together and talking to each other!! I thought this day would never come!! *can’t breathe* *dies*

    My Questions are:
    Sometimes do you wish that you sang and promoted other styles of music like hip hop or rock?
    Aside from ballads, what is your favorite style of music and what are your favorite songs or artists right now?

    Shelby from Georgia, USA

  63. K.Will! I’m one of your biggest fan :D

    And now for the questions:

    1. Where do you get your inspiration from?

    2. What places in the world do you like to visit?

    3. What is your next goal?

    4. Any good memory from your childhood, that do you like to share?

    K.Will, I admire you some much, I hear your music everyday.

    Antonio. 25 years. México. Come to México please :P

  64. why don’t you act in your own clip video !!!
    u’re really handsome ^_^

  65. I so love this kids personality , what a great smile and yes I like Daeseung as well and they could be brothers. :)

    love the teaser to the new MV http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSLPZXRkWq0&feature=player_embedded

  66. Hello! My question for K.Will is: Will you come to Europe for a concert? Spain’s waiting for you! Te quiero :D

  67. My question for K.Will:

    Do you have any plans on coming back for Immortal Song soon? Because I missed you there~ feels empty without you there. TT

    Love from Brunei~! <3

  68. 1.When are you going global? There are alot of inernational fans :3

    2.And, who tought of the ‘gay’ mv concept @ please don’t?

  69. When are you going global? There are alot of international friends :3

  70. Some people call K.Will (and other singers like Kim Bumsoo) ‘organic idol’. I am personally a fan of these ‘organic idols’ :D
    What do you feel about this nickname? Have you ever felt hurt by the name? Do you plan doing collaboration with your fellow organic idols? I bet it will be a wonderful project since all of you are great singers. I really wish you consider it ^^

  71. who is your favourite kpop girl Group?
    who is your favourite kpop boy group
    do you have a favourite artist/band who is non korean?
    would you date a foreigner?

    If you could choose a country to live in,where would you pick and why?
    -from sweden <3

  72. I would like to know who choses the plot/concept for his MVs and the actors who apear in them.. and also! which artist(s) would he like to colab with? *.*

  73. my question for K.Will oppa :)
    Why you never apear on your MV ?? Altough when you duet just your partner who apear on the MV ?? I’m so curious why ?? Please give me and your fans the reason ?? :)

  74. I’m a huge fan of K.Will and have seen him live twice here in California. My question for him would be – 1) Are there any special habits you follow before a performance? 2) What activity are you enjoying lately to relieve stress?
    Ariana – California U.S.A

  75. K.Will, are you supportive of LGBT people? And do you support equal rights for them all?

  76. thisisjustforfunval

    I’ve had a hard time coming up with a question that hasn’t been asked yet. So after watching K.Will’s “Love Blossom” teaser, which is by far the most original teaser I’ve ever seen, I thought of this. After each time you say “It comes out next week.” did you have a hard time not laughing? Your face just read as if you were holding back the laughter which made me smile and laugh with double giddiness.

    Vallie from El Paso, TX USA

  77. Hey, K.Will! What my questions are:

    What do you feel is the most important issue facing K-Pop today?

    How has your career (entertainer) influenced the highs and lows in your life?

    What different features of Korean culture and society would you like the world to experience now that K-Pop has world an audience?

    -Stephen from Kingsburg, California USA

    It would mean the world to me if you asked him one of my questions *^* His music has really helped me through so many dark points in my life.

    1. Do you consider yourself an emotional person outside of your music?
    2. What is your favorite aspect of your job, be it recording, performing, teaching, etc?
    3. As a teacher, do you ever give your students your own songs to sing? How does it feel to have them look up to you?
    4. Do you regret becoming an idol for any reason?
    5. Do you have any hidden talents?
    Much love always and forever,
    Lauren, New Jersey, USA

  79. My questions~

    When you come to mexico?
    (I see you live!, please come to mexico! :D!)

    Because you like the music in Spanish?

  80. Thankkkk youuuuu so muchhhh EYK for this!!!

    I admire so much K.will :D

  81. My questions for K.will
    1- you’ll come any day to Mexico?
    2- how you keep young and handsome?
    3-because you not make a duet with hyunseong from the boyband boyfriend?( his voices are amazing, the best duet ^^ ~~~~)

    -from Mexico with love-

  82. My questions for K.will are:

    why you decided become a singer?

    who/whom was/were the most important influence in your style to sing?

    (can he send me a hi? :) I’m Marisol Marquez from Argentina…

  83. My questions for K.Will: ♥

    he knows has Fans in Mexico?
    and last question

    Would he like to visit Mexico?

    Thank you!! :)

    - from MEXICO

  84. My Questions for K.Will

    What is your greatest achievement..?
    What are you most proud of..?
    Dead or alive, who would you like to collab with..? Why..?
    Who are or is your favorite artist in de Korean music industry right now (not just looking at the Kpop mainstream)..?
    What are your thoughts on the Kpop music industry..? (real/fake etc.)

    Those are the questions i can think of atm… ^-^
    (Love your work K.Will Fighting!!!)

  85. Have you been through any hardships? How did you get through them?

  86. Hi Simon and Martina!
    I was wondering if you could ask K.Will if he’s planning on having another concert/tour in the US? ^^;
    Seeing his Valentine’s concert was definitely the most special way I could have ever spent VDAY. :)

  87. My question for K.Will is:

    Do you have any plans of visiting Europe for concerts in the near future? :)

  88. OMG so happy…fainted from overwhelming joy! *-*

  89. I don’t know much about Kwill but I think it was really cute that he sent an acceptance speech. I’m looking forward to the interview!

  90. My questions~

    1) How did you feel about not being able to perform your song “Hypnotism”, which features Outsider? I really love that song too ToT…Do you plan to perform it soon?
    2) How hard was it to rap with Outsider? Are you guys close friends??
    3) What is your favorite song that you released so far?
    4) What is your favorite song style?
    5) What is your opinion on the “Please Don’t” Video??
    6) Do you enjoy dancing? Is it hard for you?
    7) What was your hardest song to sing?

    Dang that’s a lot…….
    Greetings from Maryland~~

  91. Can you ask him what sort of things does he like? Interest, hobbies, dislike etc. K.Will doesn’t have many interviews where he has said anything much about his personal self. I would like to send him a care package for all his recent hard work but since I can’t read Korean or find any translated information him,I hope you can ask him for me. Thanks~!

  92. As they get older, more and more idol singers are trying to make it as solo artists. As an experienced solo artist yourself, what advice would you give them?

    Katie from Alabama, U.S.A

  93. if you wasn’t able to make music or sing. what career would you choose?

  94. Questions for K.Will :D
    one – if you could visit your past or future, which would you visit?
    two – if you do, what inspired you to start a career in the music industry?
    three – is there anything you regret about going into the music industry solo? if so what?


    -thank you <333
    Vanessa from Melbourne, Australia

  95. Eiiiyoo kwill!! R u left or right handed? Can u write with both hands???? :o

  96. Kwill. What is the meaning of your name?

  97. Kwill do you have a girlfriend? What is your type? And…. would u marry me? Hahhahahah!!! Love u k.will. daljit from panama.

  98. I have always thought about if kpop artists look at eyk reviews and all of those youtube reaction videos. Kwill. Do you do that? How much time do you spend on looking at all this stuff?? Daljit from panama.

  99. Who is your favorite singer??

  100. Wat up!! Kwill!!! :p… if u had to choose one food to eat for the rest of your life (and it did not affect your health) what would it be?? Daljit from panama! :)

  101. Oh my gosh, I have so many questions for him….BUT here are a couple suggestions.

    1. When did you first start singing and why did you decide to become a singer?
    2. Where would you most like to perform?
    3. Is there another genre of music that you would like to try in the future?
    4. Who are some artists that you look up to?
    5. Who are some artists that you would like to collaborate with?

    Thank you!! K.Will Fighting<3!!!

  102. Hi!!!!!! Kwill i love uuuuuu!!!!!!!!! My question is: why dont u come up in your videos?? D: i would really like to see u in one of ur videos!!! Best wishes and love from panama! :p btw… Pick meeeeee!!

  103. K.Will, what was your biggest obstacle debuting as an older solo singer?

    Where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years in terms of your career or life? Would you ever want to “debut” overseas?

    If you were forced to join an idol group (aside from Boyfriend) which would you choose and why?

    Would you ever do a collaboration with Daesung? Please

    Buying front tickets and flying to LA at the last minute to see you was the best decision I’ve ever made. If you find yourself inColorado for a concert, I will make sure it is sold out… somehow. Maybe by depleting my life savings or extortion.

  104. Another question~! I hope this one will be asked.
    I hear many Korean celebrities check their fan cafes/own websites for comments and to interact with some of their fans. However many international fans get left out since registration is for only Korean residents only (ex. daum). Other than your fan cafe (Brain Hyungknight) is there any other way for your international fans to leave messages/comments/suggestions for you in which you actually check and read? (twitter or youtube?) and if we leave messages for you, do you prefer it in Korean or English?

  105. Hey Guys!!!! Well here is my question:

    K.Will when you wrote the lyrics of your song did you had the homosoexual concept of the MV in mind or did it occur to you later?How was the process? Also, did you had any input on the actors for your MV, if yes why did you work with Seo In Guk?

    If you have the chance to work with a female actress for an MV, which one would you like to work with and why?

    PD: My mom says to tell you that she loves your song Please Don’t and that she also had a heart attack when she saw the ending of the MV! She says “Please keep doing great music!!!!”

    Lots of love Diana and Mom from Canada!

  106. In future would like to do a Song with younger singers like lee hi or Eric nam
    And didn’t you consider doing a cute song and you will appear in the video

  107. My questions for K. Will:
    1. What’s your guilty pleasure song?
    2. What’s a special talent that only you have?
    3. What are your pet peeves?
    4. If you could turn into an animal, which animal would you be and why?
    ~Tiffany from the US :)

  108. My question:- What inspired his last music video plot? Did he notice this situation so he made this MV? Since its such an unexpected ending. And if he writes most of his songs?? And tell him how much I LOVE HIM ;-; I mean seriously. I love the man. He has one if THE BEST vocals out there. And if it was difficult to hit such high notes?
    Please ask him these questions ;-; and TELL HIM I LOVE HIM.
    Shahid from Palestine.

  109. Omg K.will ~~~~Hi K.Will names elizabeth from Texas ~~~~ ^^ so happy you guys are interviewing K.will

    My question is really simple >< but i would like to know what is your biggest fear? for example are scared of the dark etc.

  110. What was the transition from vocal coach/struggling singer to popular/recognized singer like for you?

    ~Raeha (pronounced ra-yah) Butler, OK, USA

  111. My question to K.Will:
    Have you been to any amusement parks? What is your favourite attraction? What will you never try?
    ~Love from Poland ^^

  112. Hey K.Will,

    First off, I would like to say that you are my favorite male solo
    artist by far. I think your amazing. here are my questions. you can
    answer as may as you want to.

    1.What song do you personally like the most that you have made so far?

    2. Which music video did you like making the most?

    3. For the way these music videos were made, “Please Don’t…” or “I Need You”?

    4. Who is/are your favorite K-Pop artist/s?

    5. Can you say “Hi” to Ireland for me, please?

    Thank you so much, if you do answer this. Thank you for your time. Marika Gentile, (Ma-ree-ka Gent-eel-ay), from Dublin, Ireland.

  113. still remeber the eyk award, i think that’s was really cute that he send back a video response!! really excitied to watch the interview!! wee~~~

  114. I love K.Will’s music for years and I have a few questions for him:
    1. I noticed that you rarely (if not none) have any songs which require a way awesome dance routine like TVXQ’s Catch Me for example. Is that something you want to give a try too if some of your songs would require it or do you think let’s leave the awesome dancing to others?

    2. As a vocal coach you helped many others with their vocals. If you can try out a new genre of music you never tried before and need coaching for, what genre would it be and why?

    3. When you first discovered you not only have fans in Korea but also in Europe, US etc. What did you think of that?

  115. K.Will you’re awesome! and also the question I wanted to ask has already been asked,… ^^
    Simon and Martina please tell him he’s AWESOME and that I love him!

    Jade From France!! :)

  116. - What advice can you offer for any aspiring singers?
    - Do you have any plans to star in your own music video or at least have cuts of you singing?
    - Out of all the songs you’ve released, which is most special to you?

    Can’t wait for the interview! Thank you, Simon and Martina, for this wonderful opportunity, and I hope you might ask my questions! ♥

  117. Question for K. Will:
    Where did the inspiration for your video come from?

    Good luck in the future!! Thank you!

  118. Question:
    Are you present during the whole music video shooting, present for a good majority of the filming, or pop in for a while?

    Yay!~ Another interview! Excited to see how this’ll turn out. :D

  119. My question:

    Would you like to see your songs and videos as an avenue to push certain boundaries and explore deeper issues that might possibly be seen as a taboo in the Korean community?

    And I can’t wait for the interview woohoo!

  120. -Which artist would like to do a duet with? Name a singer and/or a rapper.
    -You always have a great performance no matter what. Have you ever been dissatisfied in your performance? Has your voice ever cracked?
    -Do you think you are one of the top singers in KPOP? No need to be modest. Just be honest.

    BTW I really love your 3rd album part 1; really enjoyed the R&B and Soul you produced (won’t you come to my crib!). Your voice is extraordinary. Really great. Can’t wait for more!!

  121. I love K.Will so much, he has a spectacular voice and his smile is adorable! I’m so glad you’re doing an interview with him! My questions for him are:

    1. What has been your favorite or most memorable collaboration song, and why?

    2. Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

    3. How did it feel working with Lee Minho so that he could sing the song “My Everything” for Boys Over Flowers? Was it difficult to coach him or was he a good learner?

    4. I find it really cute when you dance, could you show us part of the dance that you do for “My Heart is Beating”?

    5. How long before Mama 2012 was it decided that you and B.o.B. would perform together on stage?

    6. When you came to L.A. for your Valentine’s Day concert, what seemed different between the U.S. fans in the audience and your fans in the audience back in Korea?

    Much love from L.A.! <3 -Aiyana

  122. Oh, my friggen goodness! I love you so much, K.Will! Now that that’s out of the way…
    1. What were your trainee days like?
    2. Was it difficult making it into the music industry? If so, what were your greatest obstacles?
    3. Is there an artist you did or still do look up to? If so, why?
    -Rachel from Union, NJ

  123. 1. How involved were you in making the plot-line for “Please Don’t” and what make you think “I have to do this!”
    2. Many people have compared your looks (and even voice) to Daesung from Big Bang… how do you feel about this? btw, you’re both handsome and amazingly talented!

  124. Question: Being a soloist in the music industry, how do you feel about the competition of idol groups? And what do you think about the large number of groups debuting in the industry? (over 60 groups debuted just in 2012).

    - Silvia, Toronto, Canada

  125. hey i just wanna say to K.will i absolutely loveeee his OSTs particularly for King2Heart and Arang and the Magistrate. so i have a question, how do you pick which drama to lend your voice to and how many requests do u get from drama producers to record the OSTs in a year?

  126. I have one question: I am 19 and I collect dolls (BJDs and Monster High, yeah). Are there any toys or child’s play that you like?

    Talissa, from Brazil.

  127. How did K will/producers create or have this idea for his music video

  128. Q1: When did you realize that you wanted to have a singing career? (AWESOME choice by the way ;D )
    Q2: What’s the most memorable thing that has happened to you since you started your career?
    Q3: What do you plan to do in the future?
    Can you PLEASE give a shout out to CALIFORNIA???
    LOVE YOU!!! THANKS!!!!
    -From Alma :D

    (=^-^=) KITTY!!! :3



  130. Who came up with the theme for your songs / music video?

  131. Awesome! Can´t wait.

    So here is my questions:

    Where you at the set while the music video was being filmed?
    Did you have a saying when it came to who would be in your music video?

    Suzanne from Norway

  132. 1. Please explain the plot more clearly. Perhaps it will make more sense coming from the artist
    2.What is the concept for your new album?
    3. Who do you want to collaborate with?
    4. What or who are some of your inspirations?
    -Ms. ThugBear from Iowa, USA

  133. question:

    have you thought of tour?

    (from id)

  134. WOW K Will! I knew who was was and listened to a song of his before Please Don’t came out but Please Don’t really made me fall in love with his voice :D I can’t wait for the interview.

    Anyway questions!

    1. Why did you decide to become a singer instead of continuing as a vocal coach?
    2. Did you have a strong hold on the plot of your Please Don’t video?
    3. I heard you can also dance and rap. Do you ever plan on creating songs in relation with one of those skills or are you going to continue as a R&B Ballad singer for now?

  135. My questions :)

    1. Are there any artists you would really love to do a collaboration with?
    2. As a solo artist have you ever wanted to be in a group?

    Thank you!!
    Lots of love to K.Will oppa and EYK family from Canada♥

  136. Questions: Why wasn’t K-Will one of the actors? Does he only like singing?
    And how did K-Will become a singer?
    Is K-Will ever going to do this type of video again? Because I think it’s different…in a good way

    Love you K-Will <3

  137. What are the advantage and disanvantage of being hallyu star

  138. Questions for K.Will:
    1. Who inspired you to become a singer?
    2. Who would you like to collaborate with in the K-Pop industry?
    3. Did you expect your “Please Don’t” MV to get this much reaction from fans across the world?
    4. What would you like to say to fans across the world? (especially fans in Hawaii! We love you!)

    -Thank You Simon and Martina
    and hope you ask my question I really want to know

    ~Love Sally, from Hilo, Hawaii :D

  139. Hey K.Will hope your having a good time in Eat Your Kimchi

    My question is Do you have or have considered having FRIENDS that are foreigner girls (I really do mean friends), because its been hard for me to find any Asian related friends and even been rejected :(

    -Love from Elizabeth in Los Angeles

  140. My only question is for you guise: please share the results of the photo booth fun with us NASTIES!

  141. Questions for K.Will
    Were there any problems while being a trainee and what was the most memorable thing you remember from training?
    Kim from California

  142. Hello,

    Here are my questions for K.Will:

    1. You have collaborated with a lot of other artists, who was the most interesting to work with?
    Follow up question:
    2. Which artist would you really love to collaborate with?

    3. I think that you are different from other ballad singers, but what do you think differentiates you from other ballad singers?

    4. Would you ever start making english songs? Since you singing Mariah Carey songs in English (a loong time ago) was amazing!

    5. Yours songs always sound so sincere, how do you do this?

    Kisses from The Netherlands!!!!

    P.s. so happy you guys are interviewing K.will :’DDD

  143. Hi there! I’m from Switzerland and I have 2 questions.. #1: For most of your music videos, Kpop singers and Korean actors/actresses star in them. Why don’t you want to star in them yourself and be the main character like most K-pop artists? #2: Does it bother you to be compared to Daesung and Minzi in terms of looks? >_< Thank you!! Can't wait for your new album K.Will! Hwaiting!!

  144. My Question for K.Will:

    Hi K.Will. My name is Nakia :)

    In Korea homosexuality is not as “known” as the idea of “brotherly love.” What maid you fell that homosexuality would be a good way to make the song have more depth to it and, stand out then “brotherly love”?
    Because the the video idea is homosexuality did it make it harder for you to find people who liked it or agreed with your idea?

  145. As a solo artist in Korea, how much influence over your own work do you have?

    I feel that there is an impression internationally that Korean entertainment companies often force a certain image on their working artists, so I feel that many people are very interested in how much you get a say. You seem to be a well-rounded person, how much of yourself are you ultimately able to share??
    - Jessica from Canada

  146. My question is:

    What are your hobbies and do you enough free time to even do those hobbies????

  147. Oh wow I love that he’s doing more international work and stuff now.

    3 possible questions:

    1. How’d you get started with singing, and what do you feel like is the best part of being a singer?

    2. What are some of the hardships you faced in life, and how do you think they affected you?

    3. What are his future and long-term goals when it comes to music and life?


  148. OMG!!!! Wish come true!!! Every one please support his mv when it comes out!
    1) I’ve seen many videos of you (k.will) performing different types of music genres (dance, rock, pop) have you thought about branching out to other types of music?
    2) I went to your Valentine’s concert in La, CA! (Awesome by the way) Do you plan on more overseas concerts ? Or maybe releasing a song in English ?
    3) What is your ideal woman and would you ever date a foreigner?
    This is just a personal question , If you can ask him for me, did he receive my gifts? I had handed a brown bag to a staff member at his VAL concert. Twas a brown bag and a sign with pink letters. Thanks a bunch eatyourkimchi!! ♥♥↖(^▽^)↗

  149. I’m not sure if my question was asked before, if it was I apologize in advance!

    For my questions for K.WIll:
    Since you performed in concerts overseas many times already, how different or similar are your International Fans compared to your Korean Fans?
    What were some of things that really struck you about the differences between the fans?

    -Stephanie From Las Vegas.

  150. Not-Really-Normal^__~

    My questions for K.Will:
    1. Since you knew that your video had won a Golden Spudgy, do you watch EYK?

    2. Have you ever voted on the kpop charts?

    2. Have you ever voted for you own song?

    4. And if you don’t watch EYK how did you find out that you had won?

    Thank you (^-^)

    - Sam from the USA

  151. I think a lot of my questions have already been asked by other people… someone probably already asked this anyway but do you have any plans to go to other countries in the future? Any firm or vague ideas of where? Also have you ever thought about coming to Europe?

    Holly from the UK

  152. My Question: K.Will is so good at his vocals and his voice is just amazing. Did he have to work really hard to have that kind of voice or was he just born vocally talented? And what kind of training did he have to go through to be able to sing the way he does?

    -Jin, Toronto Canada

  153. What inspired you while writing ‘Please Don’t’? Did it come from a personal experience?

  154. I am SO FREAKING EXCITED ABOUT THIS! I love love love K. Will. Okay, my question is: What is the response from the community within Korea to the video for Please Don’t? From what I’ve seen, the international community has been super duper excited about it! How is the reaction from within Korea different? Is it just as positive?

  155. What do you look most forward to in 2013?

  156. Will you be dancing on stage again, sometime soon?

  157. My questions for K.Will…

    - How did your life changed after entering the music/show business yourself? Was it more difficult for you or easier?
    I heard that you teached others in singing…

    - What do you want to achieve with your songs?
    a)What emotions do you want evoke?
    b)What level of popularity do you want to achieve with your songs?

    By the way: Your voice is great!
    Greets from Germany :)

    ~Linh H.

  158. Oh my freaking gosh!!! K.Will is one of my favorite solo artists! I’m so excited for this interview!!! :D

  159. *fan girl squeal* Hi K. Will! ♥ In the beginning, I remember you didn’t come out in any of your music videos, so I was really excited when ‘Don’t Go’ came out with you in it, so I was wondering what made your ‘boss’ change his mind (about time too)? And what did you think when you read/were told about the script for the video? Did you think it was cool or where you a bit uncomfortable with it? Any future plans to widen your career range as well? Oh so many questions, not enough space *mumble mumble*

    ♥ Stay awesome and work hard! You will always have your fans support!!! ♥

    Gracias ♥

    - Araceli from National City, California :D

  160. OMG. I’m literally so excited that K.will is being interviewed by EYK that I can’t even think straight. The only question that’s coming to my mind right now is “Why are you so handsome?” -drool- xD


    “K.will, I’m in awe every time I watch you perform on stage. It is absolutely breathtaking! My question for you is, what kind of feelings, emotions, and thoughts go through your head while you are performing?”

    Thank you so much for sharing your music with us~! 오빠 사랑해요~!
    -Stephanie from Chicago, USA

  161. I want to ask K.Will this simple short question: How do you feel knowing that you have thousands of international fans? Did you know about them and how many there are?
    From Kristin in Norway ^^

  162. Lot of people are already asking some of the more important questions I would ever want to ask of K.Will after he released the absolutely fantastic Please Don’t last year. So here is one of the more fun question to ask

    Ever thought about releasing duet w/ Daesung (your twin) or even other ballad singers (eg. Baek Ji Young, Wheesung etc)? What about collab with rappers like Leessang or Simon D or anyone from Epik High (esp. Tablo)???

    With Love,


    Smallest Wonder in US of A

  163. This isn’t a question, but the music for this video was really good. I liked it. :)

  164. ok imm jump on this wagon for the 1st time [yay me] anyway doubt anyone cares about this BUT me being the inspirit [among others] that i am was happy to hear k.will was working with infinites L SO i wanna know what it was like working with him?

    that total made better sense in my head sorry ;/

  165. *fangirling mode*

    OMG! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! They’re going to interview KWill!!!!!! I love that man so freaking much!!!!! <3 <3 <3

    Can't … contain … feels! *dies from feels*

    Seriously now, I'm so happy to hear this news!

    I really want to ask KWill when will he fulfill his life time wish to play a part in his own MV! As I've heard that L is going to be in this new one, I think we'll have to wait longer for that to happen … :(

    Also, other questions I have in mind:

    Q1. Will you consider releasing a compilation album of all your Immortal Song 2 (불후의 명곡2) performances?

    Q2. What genre of music have you always wanted to try but you were too afraid that it won't match your image?

    Q3. Please recommend a song from your new album that people should listen to!

    Q4. Who would you like to colaborate with?

    Q5. Favorite female voice from kpop groups? Favorite male voice from the kpop groups?

    Q6. If you were able to trade one of your qualities with another one what would that be?

    Q7. Favorite moment of the day?

    Q8. Do you have any superstitions or odd habits?

    Q9. You had a concert in the USA recently. Will you ever consider coming to Europe as well?

    Q10. You make people cry easily with your performances full of emotion (I always cry when I hear Symptoms ( 증상 ) from your 2nd mini album and Tears of Mokpo (from Immortal Song 2)). Have you ever cried while listening to a song and what song was that?

    I'll stop here for now with the questions! :) Once again, thank you so much Simon & Martina for giving us this interview and I hope more kpop fans get to know what an amazing and talented singer is KWill!!!!

    With love and support from Romania,
    Your big(est) fan , Lavinia!

    KWill fighting!!!!!

  166. My questions for K.Will are :

    1. Since he is a solo singer, what are the difficulties that he faces not only professionally but also personally and has he ever wished that it had been better if he was in a band?

    2.. He is a singer of genres R&B and soul, what are the other music genres that he is interested in and would he like to experiment in them?

    3. What arr your opinions and thoughts when you are explained the plots of your music videos, are they sometimes uncomfortable, what was your reaction to his latest video.

    4. Are there times when you feel like a solo career was not a good choice?

    5. What are your favourite songs?

    6. What are the other singers you look up to that kept you going during hard times?

  167. OMG super excited!! I can’t wait!! My question for K.Will is: Will you be my best friend foreverever please @_@ We can go play at the board game cafe. Okay that is all~ xD Patiently awaiting this interview ^-^ (disclaimer: even though my offer for bff status is legitimate this isn’t a serious question don’t choose O.O)

  168. Dear K.Will oppa,

    The concept of your previous music video (Please Don’t) actually got me by surprise when it came to the ending. At the beginning when I watched it I thought the girl was the one you loved, but even though you thought she was irritating it seemed like to me that you had a hidden crush for her, because she was always there. I thought this because of the way you reacted towards her and the boyfriend when they announced they were getting married. But then in the end of the music video it was actually you having feelings for the boyfriend. Was this always the concept of the music video like a forbidden love, like was it planned to trick the audience? or was there a complete different idea before the idea of male love for the music video…?

    Hopefully this question wasn’t too confusing…

  169. That’s the best news of all times. I’m so happy and can’t wait for the interview!

    My question is not as well thought out as many others I already read:
    I would just like to know if he watches reaction videos for his MVs on youtube when he has time and if he also actually watches your KMMs :)

    Kerstin from Germany

  170. My questions for K.Will

    1) What changed in your aspect of everyday life?
    2) Does it affect your time with your family?
    3) How does your family feel about it?
    From Love Mikiney
    (Actual name) Virginia wishes you lick and sends all there love. <3

  171. What was your reaction when you found out about the plot for “Please Don’t”? Were you worried about how it would be perceived in Korea and abroad?
    - Charley Whelan, Ireland

  172. Hi my name is Faustina and I’m from the US. I’m a huge fan andI I wanted to know: When did you start singing (how did you discover your talent)? And when did you decide to make singing a career?

  173. My question(s) for K.Will:
    Most of your songs are ballads, but do you have any intentions of making songs in other genres such as pop or R&B? And also what genre do you like the most?

    Mahzabin (if you can’t pronounce my name then Moon will do) From England!

  174. What are your opinions of your latest music video and if you got any negative comments about it?

    Do you have any hidden talents?

    If you go back in time, what would you change?

    Do you try to give messages in your songs? And if so, what are they?

    What has been your biggest challenge as an artist? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?

    Where do you see yourself in 40 more years?

    Do you think times are easier now or more difficult from back then?

    Do you have any albums that you’re working on?

    What’s the weirdest thing that happened to you with a fan?


    -From Philadelphia, US

  175. Who would you say are your inspirations and how would you adapt from their style? Cami, Vancouver

  176. Hi, I am a Cuban fan residing in New York. This are the Best news ever!!. Ask Him if he has plans to come to New York in the future. I know he will return to LA in April, but I hope he comes to NY as well.

  177. Oh my goodness, I’ve been a fan of K.Will for years now, since ‘Love119′ back in 2008. Here are my questions:

    1) Which artists/groups would you like to collaborate with (that you haven’t collaborated with already in the past)?

    2) What’s the meaning behind your stage name?

    3) What inspired the concept behind the music video for “Please Don’t”?

    4) Who has inspired you the most throughout your career?

    5) Is there any genre of music that you’d like to try singing (that you haven’t tried before)?

    - Lorilei, from Hawaii, 23 yrs old (my name is pronounced ‘low-ree-lay’ btw lol)

  178. Whom or what is your inspiration for composing your music?

    What is your favorite song that you’ve composed to date?
    How long have you been following the EYK Crew?
    I love listening to and playing your music on the piano. :) -AA

  179. Hello from Florida!! my questions 1.if becoming a singer couldn’t happen,what were your plans in life? 2.when do you want to get married/what kind of girl do you want to marry. and finally 3.what are your thought on possibly doing a duet with Kang daesung.not that there is news of one…but i want there to be one…>,>

  180. My question for K.Will: Do you have any plans to get married soon? And Is Ga In still your ideal type?

  181. This is awesome! K.Will at the EYK Studio! Welcome. :D


    1. Is there a story behind your stage name “K.Will”? Who gave it to you, and what was the reason?

    2. I learned from an article that your parents didn’t like the idea of you becoming a singer, is that true? If yes, now that you are a successful singer-songwriter, how does your parents feel toward your career? If no, how did they help you to attain your dream?

    3. Has music been your passion ever since you were young? Have you, at least once, thought of giving up music and pursue a different career?

    I wish you all the best and looking forward to hear your new album.
    - A new fan from Guam. :D

  182. ‘Please don’t’ had such a great impact on me. Truly I was touched. The acting was great. The twist at the end completely took me by surprise, a reminded thar things aren’t always as they seem, most certainly not as straight forward. But then, looking back on the video one can see his resentment and jealousy is towards the female lead. The poor bugger fell in love with someone of a different sexuality- something there is nothing to be done about. The finality of them truly /never/ being able to be together was heartbreaking for the main character. I felt so sympathetic. It shows so much humanity.
    No question from me. I just hope he realises how profound his music video was, especially when Korea in the bigger picture is not so widely accepting of homosexuality.

  183. My Question for K.Will:

    You have sang duets with some amazing artist, but out of all those artist who would you say amazed you most with there singing ability?

  184. My question is Where does your inspiration come from bc K.Will your songs are amazing and the videos make the song even better? and I wish the the best in your carrier keep on singing we love your music. From New York :D

  185. I just wanted to know; why K.Will? what is the meaning of that name?
    -From Argentina

  186. Hey K.Will,

    First off, I would like to say that you are my favorite male solo artist by far. I think your amazing. here are my questions. you can answer as may as you want to.

    1.What song do you personally like the most that you have made?

    2. Which music video did you like making the most?

    3. For the way these music videos were made, Please Don’t… or I Need You?

    4. Who is/are your favorite K-Pop artist/s?

    5. Can you say “Hi” to Ireland for me, please?

    Thank you so much, if you do answer this. Thank you for your time. Marika Gentile, (Ma-ree-ka Gent-eel-ay), from Dublin, Ireland

  187. Annyeong K.Will sunbae!
    I have a question for you!
    When you made the music video for “Please Don’t…”, were you worried if some fans -or Korean community- might criticize the video since it centers around gay love? Or did you want to show it anyways despite some criticism?
    What made you want to use gay love for your video?
    Kamsahabnida and saranghaeyo from USA’s Asela!

  188. You guys are interviewing K.Will! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

    Q. How does he bring the emotion of the song in his voice? Because when I first heard Love is Punishment, I didn’t understand any of the words (duh!) but had tears in my eyes by the end of the song. That’s like one of my favourite songs by the way!

    And he should star in more of his videos! He’s handsome enough :D

  189. Oh my god! I am so excited. I LOVE K.Will. I think my only real question is if he’s planning on coming to the UK any time soon? I’d love to see him live. :D

    -Celena, UK. Obviously.

  190. I am so watching that interview, its great I am a massage therapist and I play KWILL on one of the cd sets and everyone loves him :) can’t wait for the next album,, ajuma fan in Colorado

  191. OMG K.Will! That’s so cool you guys :D

    I have two questions

    The first question is about the plot of the music video “Please Don’t”.
    Since homosexuality isn’t yet accepted by the majority of the Korean population, was he worried about the feedback he would get from the song (after all you want the song to be popular and liked?) What was the process of the storyline? (who’s idea was it). And how would it complement the song?

    Also, how did he find out about the EYK award and what were his thoughts about EYK?

    K.Will jjang! Keep on making awesome music ;)

  192. How do you get yourself into the mindset to sing an emotional song? On the day of the recording you may be feeling happy and joyous, so when you have to sing a sad and emotional song, how do you get yourself into an appropriate frame of mind to portray that emotion?

    P.S. Hi from the UK :)

  193. Ahhh I’m so happy you guys are interviewing him! I have two questions:

    1) I’ve noticed more idols getting pets recently, do you have any or are there any you want to get?
    2) What motivates you to keep writing songs and to stay positive when things get difficult?

    Much love and respect,
    Sierra, Washington State, USA

  194. I remember that he talked with Suju and he said, that he wanna be in video and Suju said, that they want 1 video without them, so they agreed, that K.will will show up in suju video someday :DD

    Did you wanted to go solo or maybe as group, duo or smth else? And what are plus and minuses in your solo cereer?

    Indre, 16 y.o. from Lithuania~

  195. Congrats on your interview with K.Will, I can’t wait to see it.

  196. I would like to see him try some of the candies that the nasty mailed. It would be interesting to see his reaction to some of the food!

  197. Here are my questions for K.will, most of them are about his trainee days, because I`m really curious about it ^^

    mostly you sing ballads with strong and of course meaningful stories behind it,
    have you ever considered to try another genre once??

    you are the only solo singer in starship ent. was that something you chose yourself, or would you rather like to try out being in a group, and what do you think are the good and bad sides of going solo and be in a group? (Weird question, I guess I formulated myself a little bit wrong)

    How was
    your trainee days and do what are you most memorable moments from that time?

    What do you
    feel about having so many international fans from all over the world?

    During your
    trainee days, what did you find most hard during that time? What was the most
    difficult by being a trainee?

    country would you like to travel to, and why?

    And just a random one here, your ideal type ? xD

    THanks and best wishes form Tanja from Norway ^^

  198. bigbangfosho

    Which album/song did you have the most fun creating/promoting? In terms of music videos, onstage performances, behind the scenes events, etc.

  199. I’m a huge K.Will fan, so I’d like to start off by thanking everyone at EYK and K.Will himself for doing this interview! I absolutely can’t wait to watch it. As for my questions:

    1. Throughout your career, you’re sure to have heard a lot of advice from others. What advice do you feel helped you the most? Or what was the most memorable? (If possible, who said gave it to you?)

    2. Your voice is absolutely gorgeous and I’m so happy that you made the decision to become a singer, but did you ever have another career in mind? What did you want to be as a child?

    3. Becoming a musician is so very hard, were there times where you just wanted to give up? What made you change your mind and keep pursuing music?

    4. You’ve done several collaborations with other musicians before (idols, rappers, etc) before. Who are you currently most interested in doing a collaboration with? What style of song would you like to do with them?

    5. What songs have you been listening to the most lately?

  200. Awesome that you are going to interview K.Will!!! I would like to know if he is feeling as a different idol when knowing he is being acknowledged by international fans? Does he want to try and reach more out to not only Asian fans? Hugs from Katrine in Norway!

  201. thisisjustforfunval

    I am SOOOOO super excited. When you tweeted about an interview and them K.Will’s Facebook posted about his comeback I was like please, please, please let this be who they are interviewing! Oh my gosh so can’t wait! ^_^!!!!

  202. F*ckyeah! I’m so happy for you guys, and for K.Will – I hope he gets a lot more exposure and international love from this :)
    He’s one of the few ballad singers I like :)

    Question: Is there anyone in the Korean industry or internationally that he’d like to collaborate with?

  203. Cries K.Will is such a cutie ;a;

    But my questions for him are:

    How did it feel doing a collaboration with SISTAR and Boyfriend for your latest video White Love?
    What was your reaction when you had to sing that long, high note in the chorus of Please Don’t?

    -Sheri (From Thailand)

  204. My questions for him:
    What are his thoughts on homosexuality? (Since his last mv was a twist)
    - from Faiz(Singapore)

  205. What’s your dream girl like?

  206. OMG so looking forward to that interview!

    Something I am curious about:

    In interviews and shows K.will does, people always comment about how it’s sooo obvious that he’s a good singer because apparently his looks are not something that would sell his music. He also stated that his company doesn’t really pick him for his own music videos due to his looks not being ‘right’. To me, as a foreigner, I don’t really get why people make jokes about his looks seeing, that in my opinion anyways, he is very handsome and good looking. What does he think about those kind of jokes directed at him (and other artists in the field ex. Daesung), and how does he deal with that? I imagine something like that could be very hurtful, especially at the beginning of one’s career.

    • I think that is kind of interesting, and sad at the same time. I can understand if the artist doesn’t want to be in their own music videos or what not for their own reasons, but not because the label doesn’t think they don’t have the looks that the company wants them to have.

      Also, when you mentioned Daesung I remembered an article I saw on Dramafever. It was about how much K.Will and Daesung look alike. I was floored by how much they do. And when I look back at the pictures, I can’t imagine a company not WANTING to use K.Will as his own poster boy for everything. But I guess that is just my opinion. /shrug

      Here is the link to the article for those interested:


    • I’m actually flabbergasted at this. Seriously? Wow. I mean, even if he’s not in the music videos, he’s still going to perform songs live. I find him very handsome myself and agree with your comment.

    • Seriously? 0.o That’s harsh.

      I think both K. Will and Daesung are good-looking.

      • Me too, I think they are both very handsome… but I wonder if people still ever get them confused for being the other person, I remember watching something a while back saying that they have had that happen to them in the past, but idk about now if that still happens.

    • I have the same comment about Gary from Running Man. They call him ugly but I think he isn’t, and he is pretty handsome, especially his personally makes him more attractive.

      • I am a big fan of Running Man and I know exactly what you mean. The program staff actually conducted an online poll once, asking people questions that included “Who do you think is the best looking?” From what I remember, Jae Suk was voted #1, Gary #2, and KJK #3.

    • i think the kpop industry are too used to seeing pretty boys in korea LOL they don’t appreciate real handsome men like him :P

  207. What was his most memorable trip?

  208. canada rocks Nicole_P

    how do you feel about dating a foreign girl <3<3 <3

  209. My questions for K.Will…

    - How did your life changed after entering the music/show business yourself? Was it more difficult for you or easier?
    I heard that you teached others in singing…

    - What do you want to achieve with your songs?
    a)What emotions do you want evoke?
    b)What level of popularity do you want to achieve with your songs?

    By the way: Your voice is great!
    Greets from Germany :)

    ~Linh H.

    1. What is your favourite song you’ve recorded thus far ? And what is your favourite MV ?
    2. Can you please talk about your experiences on Immortal Song 2 ?
    3. Do you have any thoughts on acting ?
    4. What is your most memorable performance ?
    5. Which groups are you looking most forward to in 2013 ?

    Thank you so much for your wonderful music ! ^-^
    Karen from Australia !


  211. My question is:

    -We usually see more bands/groups now a days than solo artists, so how do you feel about it and do you feel that it is hard to make it as a solo artist?

    -In your music video “Please Don’t” was about gay love, what made you decide to make a music video about it when you knew that South Korea is not yet really that open about it?

    -Can you talk about the most embarrassing thing that has happend to you?

    -Can you talk about the most precious memory you have?

    Eva from Sweden

  212. When you sing in the shower (if you do that is…) do you sing your own songs, or ones from other artists? Always wondered that about singers..

    Amy from Scotland

  213. This may be pretty lame, but I’m a huge fan of 8eight so I must ask:
    -Would you like or are you planning to do a collaboration with any of your friends who are singers, like Wheesung or Lee Hyun? That time when you collaborated and sang together on Music Bank was amazing!!

    -You are best friends with Lee Hyun and Wheesung, since they are both in the military service, do you keep in contact with them?

  214. I’ve noticed he never stars in his own music video, and instead it is often times other idols, singers, etc. Is there a particular reason why or it is kind of his concept? If he were to be the main character of one of his MVs, which one would he choose? ^^

  215. Yay for the interview ! I really love K.will, he has an amazing voice.
    Now for the question :

    I know you must have seen so much plot going on in your music video but you could never be a part of it, so : what’s the thing you want to do most if you get to appear in your own music video ?

    Tiphany, from France.

  216. Yay for the interview ! I really love K.will, he has an amazing voice.
    Now for the question :

    I know you must have seen so much plot going on in your music video but you could never be a part of it, so : what’s the thing you want to do most if you get to stare in your own music video ?

    Tiphany, from France.

  217. I’m so glad you guys are interviewing K.Will, he’s one of my favourite korean artists! ♥ *fangirling*

    So, my question for K.Will:

    - How is it to be a solo artist in the kpop industry? What are the good and bad aspects of it?

    Thank you!!

    - from NB, Canada

  218. Make him up a certifice for winning the EYK awards.

      • I’d personally like to sponsor it, hahaha. Can’t we do that some way? I really feel like now that he knows he won this award, and he even gave a thank you speech, he should be able to bring a prize home with him! I’d really think it would be awesome, and if it’s because of the costs of making a new golden spudgy, I wouldn’t mind helping to pay for one for K.Will!

    • I agree with this one. Making a certificate is more affordable, don’t you think? You guys can even make your own special EYK design for it. More fun for you guys! Haha. This reminds me when Jackie Chan was on Running Man and even though Siwon won in the end, he gave the prize to Jackie Chan as a memento because it was a really special guest since Jackie is a legend and probably can’t visit them again. To do the same with K.Will would be a great idea and a kind gesture.

  219. Do you choose your own songs or does the company tell you what song to record and release?

    Yi Jern, Malaysia~ <3

  220. Please explain to us what “Please Don’t” is about because there are two possible reasons. The first is Seo Inguk is gay, and the second is that Seo Inguk is jealous that Dasom took his best friend away and just wanted his friend back. I am really curious because my friend and I got into an argument because of this lol /it’s all good now though/ :) Thanks and K.WILL OPPA, SARANGHAEYO from Indonesia :D

  221. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

  222. My questions for K.Will:

    The groups that gain the most popularity (overseas at least) are usually the groups who base a lot of their of their appeal solely on their pretty faces and incredible dancing skills as opposed to vocal abilities. Has it ever been a barrier or a setback for your success that you do not?

    How did you feel the first time you saw/heard your music played on TV/radio?

    How much/What do you know about the international K-pop community?

    Who’s your rolemodel?

    What inspires you when you write your lyrics?

    - Laura, 20 years old, Denmark

    (oh.. and if you have the time… I’d die to have you tell him that he is my favorite artist! (suck-up, I know, but his music means so much to me!)

    and now to my personal comment:
    OH MY (……!!!) GOD.
    i’m so ridiculously jealous of you guys. I’ve never been this jealous of anyone! I really really hope you will enjoy meeting him and that he will have a pleasant experience interacting with the foreign K-pop community. He is such a fantastic, talented artist. I look up to him so much! I can’t wait for this interview!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for arranging this!

  223. PunkyPrincess92

    wow so cool!!!
    hahaha i laughed a bit too much when the TV screens covered your heads!!!

  224. My question for k.will

    You have done some collaborations with artists like epik high and B.o.b, Are there any international artists you would like to collaborate with and can you please sing a little bit of a song in english <3

    Kahu from New Zealand

  225. You are never appear in any of your videos. Is there any video that you would have wanted to be one a part of as one of the actors and will you appear in one of your videos?

    • He does appear in one of his music videos, ‘Gift’ ^^

    • In Strong Heart episode 120, K-Will talked about how much he want to make MV with him in it. But, it seem that his boss don’t want him to. There was this one time where they already film his MV, but then the boss of his company don’t like it just because he is in it. Then they had to film another one without him. I really feel sorry for him to have a boss like that. XD

  226. ….well, if you wanted to surprise me by hiding the name, it worked ^^;

    K.Will huh. He was SPECTACULAR at the MAMA awards. Looking forward to this :)

  227. Angelina Widener

    Yes you get to interview K.Will >.<
    My question(s) :
    How did you first react when you discovered the plot for the "Please don't" music video ? Were you scared of the public's reaction ? Especially in Korea ? Did you expect this song and music video to have such a big success with overseas fans ?

    Love from France~

  228. What made you decide the plot in your last music video?

    Did you ever reject the idea of a homosexual relationship linked to your image as an artist? Also, what your views of homosexual relationships in current South Korea and, given the fans and the constant ships between artists and idols alike, its future as a possible social revolution, if not now than ever?

    -Love and support from New York

  229. My little question <3:

    The last music video you made for 'please don't' was about homosexual love. I have personal experience with homosexuality as my father is gay, it really touched me when i saw this video. So I was wondering if you were the one who came upon this idea and what it means for you.
    Anyway that MV is just great! ( as well as the song :))
    Laura from the Netherlands.

  230. tells us about the new single that going to be release 4/4. …
    is the new mv going to be a sequel of please don’t?

    and… when will you feature in your own mv? I really wanna see your acting skill.

  231. What is your favourite food?

  232. My question is:

    How did you pick out an actor to act as the gay male in the scenes? Was it random, or was it because the actor had previously worked in a drama where he was portrayed as a gay male (Reply 1977)?

  233. Waah I’m so happy you guys are gonna interview K.Will, I love him!!
    My question for him is:
    I love all your songs, and I can’t wait for your new album! I was wondering how you get inspiration to write songs? Do you come up with the lyrics from your own experience? Please tell!~

  234. He is soooo soooo precious! ♥♥♥
    Can’t await to see his handsome face and hear his comfortable voice~ n_n ♥♥♥

  235. My question for K.Will would be “What is the most difficult obstacle you’ve had to overcome in your singing career? Is there a story about it you could share with us?”

  236. My question for K.will is :

    Is this video and song based on your previous experiences ?

    And also just want to give support from Norway <3 K.Will Fighting <3

  237. OMG OMG OMG I’m sooooo excited!!! I’ve met him here (in Senegal) for the MBC KOICA’s dream and he was SO kind!!! I’ve become a fan since then!!! Sobs, I can’t wait:!!!!

  238. *squealing hard*
    i’ve always wanted to ask him…
    What did you think when the plot of “Please Don’t..” MV was explained to you? Did you think it was interesting? Or maybe you felt uncomfortable?
    Thank you~ ^^
    - Evelin

  239. Simon & Martina you can always keep the golden spudgy with me! I promise to send it after K.Will leaves. :)

  240. this is going to be an interesting interview ^-^ can’t wait ^-^

    Anyways, here’s my question for him!!!

    The music video for “Please Don’t” has a very unique plot compared to other music videos. What are your own thoughts on the music video, and do you think that it fits the image of your song?
    From Alice, Toronto~

  242. My questions for K.Will:

    1. Since your latest video is about gay love, what are your opinions on LGBT people and community?

    2. Did you expect the video to have any impact on Korean society or to change the way people think about gay love and gay people?

    3. What do you think about not appearing in your own video?

    Thank you!
    - from Vietnam with love

  243. That is awesome :D yayy I can’t wait

  244. I love your sad ballads that you had sung before such as “Miss, Miss, Miss” and “Dropping The Tears” that really evokes my emotions when I hear them. What kind of mindset do you put yourself into before singing a sad ballad?

  245. It’s a little old, but how did he come up with the concept for his “Please Don’t” video? Or any of his other MVs actually. (Or does he play a hand at all for the making of the MV?)
    Thanks Simon and Martina!

  246. OH.MY.GOD!
    K WILL?

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