Awesome news guise! You know, now that I say that, it feels like this entire month has been nothing but awesome news. We’re going to post our U-Kiss video and interview soon, we’re moving into our new apartment next week, we’re setting up our business here in Korea so we can stay for good, our Fundraiser is doing exceptionally well thanks to all of you loving people, we’re going to Mexico with Talk to Me in Korean, and now, we have another announcement:


A lot of people were asking us if we’re going, since the Mexico event is only a few days before KCON. Why not stop over in California for some fun times, right? So…we are! Woohoo!

We’re not the only people going there. Vixx, G.NA, 4Minute, B.A.P, and EXO-M are going to be there as well! I’m totally going to throw my pants at EXO, by the way. COME AT ME, SECURITY!! I AIN’T SCURRED!

Anyhow, if you want to come hang with us as well (and you should! It’ll be fun!) you can read more about it over at the KCON website, and you can get tickets here. The event is on Saturday, October 13th. Hope to see you there! WOOHOO!

Also, we’ll be giving away 500 WON to the first Nasty to come up to us and say the secret password: “OOOH YOU SO NASTY!” I know there’s gotta be at least one secret Nasty going! Am I right? Guise? Guise?


  1. “i’m going to throw my pants at exo” LMAO THIS. PLS GUYS IF U HAVE THE CHANCE INTERVIEW THEM ;_; AND I HOPE THEY PERFORMED GROWL THO sorry for the caps too excited haha

  2. will you guys be at the 2013 kcon?? =)

  3. I just watched this video thinking it was for 2013…. my bad

  4. Is anyone going to attend KCON this year?

  5. no fair! i live 20 min. away but will be out of town that week:( boo for me!

  6. I’m singing in a wedding that day! SOOOO bummed. Someone take lots of pictures for me! D:

  7. Nice I am from that town. Do you need any tips on where to go? Make sure to go to Disneyland! You are only 30 min away!

  8. I HOPE TO SEE U THERE!!! <3 <3 :)

  9. are you guys going to interview any idols?

  10. Even though I live in California, I can’t go… T^T

  11. I was so happy when I saw the announcement on KCON’s twitter!! And it’s funny cause I was actually thinking about going to Mexico City to see you guys, I have family there, even though I’m in SoCal so this is even more perfect!!! Hope to see you guys there! ^___^

  12. How does it work; are you supposed to buy the concert ticket first seperately from the Booths/Activities? Or when you buy the concert tickets, are you buying everything….. yeah please explain the process to me.

  13. May I ask… when will you come to sandiego? :3

  14. why am i living in poland?! why?! *sobs in the corner* totally wanna see simon throwing his pants at exo XD

    • Me. Too.

      I’m much closer than you are, but the pain is still just as grand… =. =

      Martina, you have to film Simon throwing his pants at EXO-M! Pleeease, pleeease, pleeeeease.. For your Nasties. <333333333

      • *still sobs and highfives fellow nasty* where are you from?

        yeah martina, please film this.
        “pants in your face kris”

        • I live in the U.S., other side of the country from Cali; Florida, specifically. *high-fives* You’re not alone! :)

        • pancakebuster

          well the fact that event is in your country, but in the same time about 2 500 miles away must be even more irritating.

          as usual we will have to be satisfied with fancams and photos :/

  15. EMERGARD. Simon, throw dem pants, man. No fear.
    Actually, EXO-M’s Kris is from Canada! Vancouver, to be exact, so you guise are like kin. Kin, I say.


  16. I’m not really a fan of the people who are performing at KCON but if you guys are going to be there, I should definitely go!!

  17. “Ohhh you so nasty!” lol

  18. Hi Simon and Martina,

    I’m not going to KCON but I wish I was. I would like to make a request. Another guest is going to be there. His name is Danny AKA Im Tae Bin from 1TYM. They are an older group in YG also. He’ll have his own booth and if possible, I would love for you guys to go and ask some questions such as: Will 1TYM be making a comeback? and Where are the other members right now?

    I would really really appreciate hearing some sort of news about them, but I don’t know how to contact YG and ask. You guys are the only ones I know that can have some contact with Korean artists and can actually answer questions to my understanding.

    If you guys don’t know them I highly recommend that you check them out. 1TYM is in my opinion, the best Hip Hop group within the last 10-15 years. If you want to hear awesome rapping with flow and beautiful vocal transitions, check out their 1 Love music video on youtube.

    Thank you soooo much!

    Mary Lee

  19. This does sound fun, just wish I liked some of the groups more to pay that money to go.

  20. OMG I am so excited to hear about this!!! I’m just over in Long Beach so I will definitely be there!! Are you guys going to have a booth, be interviewing bands or just attending?

  21. guise, can we take a moment and appreciate that VIXX is going to KCON.
    I LOVE THEM *fangirls*
    don’t know them? here’s my favorite song:

  22. I’m going to KCON!! Can’t wait to see you, Simon and Martina!!

  23. Hareem Siddiqi

    damn it’s like a 6hr drive from where I love

  24. omg!!! kcon is so close by to my house!!!

  25. what time though??

  26. You said it right the second time it’s ir – vine XDD

  27. Ok so I have the concert tickets but do you have to get tickets for the Con??? If yes where do we find them?

  28. This is pure torture. I’m just a few hours far from KCON and I still can’t go. This is killing me. Fate does not want me to meet my idols!

  29. Sob, Sob. I’m moving when you guys come…. Could you possibly come to New Jersey? Or maybe before this Tuesday….? /SoB sOb

  30. Please film the throwing of the pants at Exo.
    (This will make missing you guys sting a bit less)

    ARGH. Spending all my monies on BigBang TT_TT so I had to pass on KCON. Whhhhhhhhhy?!

    Are Spudgy and Dr. Meemersworth coming with you guys? If not, what do they do in Korea while you’re gone?

  31. No…
    What is this…
    My feels…
    Cannot contain…
    Why no Canada?

  32. Chicago kpop fan here! I would love to go but I happen to be really far from Cali… and not rich.
    Which bums me out because I really want to see B.A.P.!!! and Bang Yong Guk keeps wearing Chicago Bulls stuff SO WHY NOT PERFORM HERE!!! :P
    Oh Kpop please visit Chicago! We have only ever had one Kpop concert here… so sad.

  33. awh i live in california…oh wait! actually its a 2 hour drive to get there. I’m 15 and my mom is completly annoyed by my whole “korean phase” . sooo yeahh have fun simon and martina! i would love to meet other kpop fans but i guess i just don’t live in the right part of San Diego…

  34. I saw this and was all like “WHY CAN’T THERE BE A CONVENTION IN CHICAGO!!!!!!!!”
    I live in Missoluri and that is WAY TOO FAR AWAY FROM CALIFORNIA! not to mention I have school. SO PLEASE KPOP INDUSTRY, GO TO CHICAGO! ITS SO MUCH CLOSER!

  35. This is cruel… this is my birthday… >.<


  37. *sobs tears of joy and dances around the room like a crazy person* I LIVE IN EEERRVINE lol ahahah but i live in irvine and i can go to kcon ahh so happy … me and my friends wanted to dress up like 2ne1 hahah im so excited :DDDDD i

  38. *sobs tears of joy* *dances around the room happily* I LIVE IN ERVINE hahaha lol but im so happy im so excited me and my frineds wanted to dress up as 2ne1 and go haha :D im so excited

  39. You should come to New Zealand ^ ^!!!

  40. OMG I AM GOING TO KCON! where will i find you guys and what time are you going to be there? i am a nasty fangirl who will be all over you guys :P

  41. I don’t like K-pop that much but I will go to that KCON just to get a chance to see you guys. :D

  42. I think I might be going as an early birthday present :D I would love to see G.NA in concert!! If I do go, hopefully see you guys there :D




    (that was a lot of caps going on….)

  45. Guys (: You just gotta come to LA and see why we cool like that

    Hope to see people at KCON! I shall be wearing an eatyourkimchi shirt (: LOL

    Also! I heard they are having a contest for people to dress up at certain KPOP artists…I wonder how good costumes will be haha

  46. im sending you guys my pants and throw em at kris… m’kay?

  47. Haha it’s actually pronounced like how Simon pronounced it at 0:19, just not quite with such a dramatic eeee at the end. I know because I live there and go to University of California Irvine! I was really hoping you would say that you would be in SoCal but I would have never guessed Irvine!! Now I have no excuse not to come see you guys except…I’m a poor college student. Tickets, why must you be so expensive?! I could get 500 won out of this though, soooo it’s WORTH IT…urrr, I think I’m doing my math right… :D Are you guys going to be in Irvine just for the concert or are you staying around to take in the sights? I’d totally volunteer to take you guys around! :)

  48. Wait, someone please answer my question, do you need a ticket to go in like inside for the booths and signing events? Or do you only need the tickets for the concert?

  49. are you guys going to sell shirts at K-con ? :d

  50. Simon and Martina, Irvine is pronounce “er-vine.” :P

  51. Irvine:
    combine “eeerr” and the word “vine”

  52. WHY WHY?!?! Did i have to move from ARIZONA to GEORGIA?!?! Noooooooo =(((((((

  53. FriedChickenOnew

    I live in Sacramento (like 7 hours away) I would loooove to go…hopefully I can convince my parents to take me :) I probably wont be able to though…so expensive! the only thing I really want to see is the concert *BAP Fan*

  54. Oh, Alaska. Why does no one come to Alaska? .-.

  55. my best friend and i would so love to go but we both work and have college classes. annndddd there’s the tiny little fact that we live in OKLAHOMA. THE NARNIA OF THE US.

  56. WAAAH no fair ;-;. I live like 4 hours from where kcon will be but im only 15 and my parents wont drive me -ragequit- GRRR have fun you guys ^-^!

  57. Holy crap, it’s in my backyard (literally – I am just 3 miles away from where it will be held)!!! It’s about time we got some love in the OC! Yay!! I hope I can get time off work and see EYK there. Woo!

  58. Wish I could go but I’m in collage at that time :(

    Cme n Korea do something like that in London or something

  59. I’m in Washington State. I will totally drive my ass down there!

  60. So close! Simon stumbled onto the right pronunciation! It’s “Err-vine”.

  61. Ugh I hate that there are going to be all these great things going on at K-Con and I live on the other side of the freaking country! This is so frustrating that there are rarely anything Kpop related in my area D:

  62. I’m so exited! I finally get a chance to meet you guys!

  63. I hope KCon comes to NYC next year.

  64. I feel so special to live out in LA :DDD I SHALL SEE YOU, SIMON AND MARTINA!! wahahahahahahahahahaha

  65. My friends are going and I’m soo jealous! I would love to go, but Big Bang is 3 weeks later! I’m still debating though!

  66. I’m in Wyoming…. Nothing happens in Wyoming. I’ve met people from the US that didn’t know where Wyoming was. I said it’s north of Colorado and they were like…’I thought that was Montana’. No, no Wyoming is that space in between.
    Back to the point I would totally try to go if I had someone to go with me…Alas I am alone in my kpop craze of nastiness

  67. :’( BAP AND Simon and Martina..I wanna go sooo bad! Unfortunately I could only afford a hotel OR a plane ticket not both :P

  68. I’m only a few states away… I would like to go so badly, but my poor car would never make it/I don’t have enough money for both gas and a ticket! *cries* I hope you guys have a great time!

  69. You guise will be in my home state! Yessss! :D

  70. i have a quess so does that mean i can tag along with you guys go interview them

  71. YAY!!! I finally find out about something before it happens!!! I am so going already bought my tickets! I hope I get to meet you guise!!! yay!!!!

  72. Dammit i live in England! If only you guys could down here D:

  73. Omg it’s like a dream come true! I get to meet Simon and Martina :D Too bad it’s in Irvine though, it’s ass far from LA. I will make a sacrifice and drive out for them. ;)

  74. I wish I could afford to go XD

  75. I’m soooooo excited! Just bought tickets for me and my sweet hubby to celebrate our anniversary KPOP style. I’m so excited to meet you guise!

  76. How does it get any better than this? Congrats on all the awesome news for you guys. You’ve worked hard!

  77. LA, Y U SO CLOSE TO SF, YET SO FAR? ; 3;

    Wow, seems like your schedules are packed. Hope you guys have fun!

  78. oooh! So excited ! :D I have a question though… What time does the entire KCON thing start? I’m pretty sure it doesn’t start at 7pm… Hope to see you guys there!

  79. This is my kind of convention… if it ever came to NZ ^-^’

  80. im so excited!! i bought my tickets before i knew you guys were going but that will just make kcon better!! those 500 won Will be mine!!! lol

  81. I was going to ignore this k-con but… gosh, now that you guise are going… I want to go.. Irvine is not as far as L.A. from where I live sooooo…… maybe..


  83. That’s it, I’m gonna cry. EYK, EXO and B.A.P are going to States. To talk to people, do fansigns and dance workshops. And I live in Moscow, Russia. So unfair :(

  84. anybody else think it’s funny that EXO M is going and not EXO or just EXO K not complaining i love me some EXO M but EXO as one would have been epic. just sayin.
    my Nasty Exotic feels would explode through the roof if S&M got even a sound bite from them. i think i would actually die if one of them recognized EYK and said that they watch the videos.
    fangirl moment 끝

  85. jazminjhnsn

    if only i had a plane ticket to cali

  86. Martina, I just realize yesterday that you look exactly like Scarlett Johansson in Lost in Translation. I had this weird recollection feeling for a while, I finally found it yeeaaahhhh!


  88. I’m so happy that you got so popular >.< You deserve all fame.

  89. Darn it! I live in Virginia! I’m sick and tired of all the good stuff happening on the west coast! ARGHHHHHHHH!!! WHY?! Why must this always happen?!

  90. although, I gotta say, the con is only a month away and there is still much to be revealed/planned on the website. I find it a little odd, but I guess im used to cons where everything has been planned and announced MONTHS in advance. I never even heard of this con until now. I wonder if they will be doing one next year.

  91. Dear gawd I want to go so bad. I live in San Diego, so it isn’t out of the realm of possibilities. I’ve been working on it, though. Hopefully the stars will gloriously align and I’ll be Irvine bound by Oct 13!

  92. OMG I live in the city next to Irvine in Santa Ana. Oh my goshers. The sucky part is I don’t have money noooooooooooooo…..T_T Since you guys are going I really wanna go now.

  93. Isabel Ruby

    it’s pronounced Er-Vine [like grapevine] >.>
    HOLY ^&(% THIS IS HAPPENING!!!!!! so much excitement!!!!

  94. im going too sitting in orchestra row B see you there! EXO M!!!!

  95. I live hours away and my parents definitely wouldn’t drive me…:’c SO CLOSE YET SO FAR

  96. hehe it’s pronounced er-vine

  97. Yeah! Back at California! This time in Irvine, which is far from Los Angeles, anyways have a good time over there! In my case I can’t go ’cause that’s my dad’s B-Day!

  98. I’m in Arizona and i’ll be on fall break! maybe i can go!

  99. Simon! Martina! I hope you get to talk to EXO-M’s leader Kris! The English, coming from Canada and is close in height (by maybe 2~3 inches) to Simon! Can anyone imagine the towerism happening if they meet?! It’d be wonderful<3 I really wish I could go but its a long car ride down there that I can't do by myself…living in California doesn't give you all of the complete perks sadly. *sobs*

  100. I so want to go to KCON this year, especially since I heard that B.A.P is going. And then I found out EXO-M is going to be there too, OMGawd. Sucks I can’t go though. I live in CA but I’m like 6 or 7 hrs away (T.T) I didn’t get to see you guys at the google concert and now I’m missing another opportunity to see you again. Gosh, I hate when kpop stars go to LA, it’s like they’re so close but so far.

  101. I wanna go~ T 3T

    I hope this convention is as successful as it should be ’cause then it might be the initiative to have other KPop conventions in other states. I mean, Chicago, plzkthx? We have a huge Korean community but hardly any Korean artists come here – not even for the Chicago Korean Festival. D:

  102. Interview danny! XD

  103. i saw the advertisement for Taebin/Danny of 1tym and i immediately started fangirling and crying….WHY CAN’T I GO TO CALIFORNIA?!?!?!!? oh yeah, i don’t have money for plane tickets….hardest fangirling i’ve done since i saw teddy with will.i.am and psy on the vmas :D so exited for you guys. Could you mabey try to talk to Taebin oppa, that would be so cool. but if you can’t, i’ll still be exited for everyone else :D have fun!

  104. Why do I have to live in Finland? Y? And why all the happening has to be in America?

  105. One thing I don’t get is why EXO-M is going when it is KCON. Bizarre.

  106. Dear Simon and Martina, if I can’t afford the tickets to go, I think I’m gonna cry. Okay, I WILL cry. I’m only one state away from it and I already missed SMtown LA. I CANNOT MISS THIS!!!

  107. Irvine is = er (like erm..) -vine! Can’t wait to see you guys :D

  108. Fan meetup in Toronto? :)

  109. And ill be broke from BIG BANGS concert! damnit XD

  110. …I’m from England…I have no passport…I have no money…I’m only 17… oh…um… X( WHYYYYYYYYYYYY X’(

  111. Er-Vine. Like grape vines. I’m not going if those are the only artists attending.

  112. :O NOBODY comes to Nebraska. Everybody says we’re from the middle of nowhere, when really, it has tons of potential to become a really cool place that people comes to hang out to =_=’) ~ Omaha… Full of life, little known.

  113. How exciting and definitely worth traveling for. Though Sydney is probably a bit far away. Hopefully they’ll do something in Australia sometime. The Kpop Fest they did here was awesome but having a convention would be so cool as well.

    • Rest assured, if they do hold anything in our barren continent, it’ll be in Sydney. Something to do with that bridge and building of yours.

      Townsville. So far. T_T

      • Yeah Townsville is kinda far! Would you travel down if there was something really big held in Sydney?

        • If Big Bang goes there on their tour, then yes. If I’m free. Otherwise, no.
          But even with Big Bang’s concert, with no dates or even confirmation from YG, flights will be either sold out or extremely expensive by the time they tell us, if at all. Everyone around here goes south for summer hols, cos it gets too hot and humid lol

        • where the HALL can you go south for summer??? Transylvania? Argentina? South Pole??

          on another note ive ben to Panama in the summer and ive never experienced the same humidity as i have here in Korea this year IN MY LIFE!!!! 35 degrees C for the LOSE!

        • Ugh. So tempted to flaunt all my travelling experiences now. But I’ll just say I was born in Indonesia, if that means anything to you *cough*equator*cough*

          And by south, I meant cities like Melbourne/Sydney, which are usually much dryer, if not cooler, than Townsville at any time of the year. The humidity up here makes you feel like you’re walking into a waterfall every time you open the door -_- Although, to be fair, Melbourne does get up to the high 40s in summer. Dry and hot. Perfect for bushfires.

          Wait – why are we talking about this again? Ah, KCON. Even domestic artists don’t come to my town, so there’s no chance international artists will.

  114. say hi to zitao and yongguk for me ;A;

  115. Magicmike191v2

    Hey guys u should do a USA Canada tour or not man I wish I could go curse u school

  116. Gahhhh! I want to go soo bad! D: But I live in Illinois….And getting there would be so expensive! If this kind of convention ever happens in Chicago land area, you guys should come! :)

  117. BOO. I can’t go anymore T__T
    Hopefully I will be able to meet you both on vacation to Seoul next summer!

    Remember to support B.A.P!!

  118. I wish I could come! I live in Germany…. :’(

  119. oh man you guys are gonna be there on my birthday! I really want to gift myself this really expensive birthday gift and fly to Cali but I can’t!! = (

  120. Simon you pronounced Irvine right the first time you said it! pronounced like err vine
    Wish I could go but I can’t :(. Irvine is only an hour and half away too. Sigh…
    But have fun!!!

  121. ahh i wish that B.E.G. and 2NE1 and B.A.P. and 2AM and EVERYONE can come here to Toronto T^T

  122. I wish thee things were in chicago sometimes instead of california allllllllll the time.

  123. Omg you will see 4minute and B.A.P!! I’m envious :O

  124. Aww, I wish I could go.. Looks awesome :)

  125. It’s almost like Korea only knows that two places in the states exist, L.A and NYC. I’m from freaking Ohio. *sobs forever*

  126. Interview with 4Minute pleaseeeeeeeee ? With doritos on top ? :D

  127. BTW, Martina you’re such a beautiful gorgeous woman *w*

  128. Why Do I live in France? Someone explain! Why can’t they do stuff like that in Paris (they did 1 or 2 years ago but…) Well, at least there’s the japan expo (the equivalent of this but with japan, I went there and saw kyary pamyu pamyu live, best day of my life!)

  129. I wish I could see you guys and B.A.P…..so many tears. Why did I have to live on the East Coast!!!

  130. I wish I was going T.T GIVE A SHOUT OUT TO THE EAST COAST PLEASE!!!!!!!! You have fans hur toooooooo

  131. Freaking why is always stuff only on the west coast!!!!!!ARGH!!

  132. I want to go but I’m in Korea >.<


  134. *LOL Throw ur pants at EXO. Ssweeeet!!! Ive never been to that KCon down there. Really excited for ya the last few weeks overall! have a grand time!

  135. *w* Vixx!!! lol I wanna gooooo~~~~ I wanna meet Simon and Martina >w< ohhh I'm so NASTY~~ but yea :c too bad I live in Texas TTT-TTT BUT! I have news (kinda off topic) but I'm sooo happy, because since school started… I've been dragging my friends slowly into the world of Kpop :3 anyways! I really want to go, I would have 3 of my dreams come true, 1. go to California, 2. Meet Simon and Martina, & 3. Meet Vixx, G.NA, 4minute, B.A.P & EXO-M :D GOSH! I was watching the trailer and I screamed when they said "Featuring Special Guests" and Simon and Martina came out TwT I'm so glad things are going well for you guys like really <3

  136. 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。 I wanna go there too, but I'm from Germany. But I wish you a lot of fun~ ♫

  137. I really envy you! I wanted to go but I can’t…..since I have to go from Puerto Rico all they way to CA. I’m looking forward to whatever thing you do there, Enjoy!!

  138. PunkyPrincess92

    oh my gosh!!! haahahahha!!! Simon you totally gotta do it!!! throw your pants at them!!! then simply tell security you lost it….on stage…
    and no i’m not happy about this cos it’s in America and i won’t see you guys!!! T_T

  139. MY GOD i so wish i could go…damn the UK ¬___¬ its so boring here nobody likes K-Pop i’m alone in my guilty love of it :(
    Hope you guys have an amazing time in all the upcoming events you’re off to woooo

    • I Know What You Mean, The Uk Is So Clueless When It Comes To Kpop And I’m Quite A Big Fan Too. Honestly, You’re Not Alone But Just Haven’t Met Any Kpop Lovers!! So Wish That I Could Go To This Event!! T-T
      OOOH YOU SO NASTY!! – My Only Chance To Say This… Have Fun To Whoever Is Going!! ^-^

      • It really is i remember listening to the reaction of 2NE1′s I love you on lauren lavernes show on Radio 1 and was just like god people are so unwilling to listen to anything that is not in English. I may not understand what the artists are saying but i still love the songs, you pick up certain words and phrases you can let your imagination run wild xD SO GLAD i am not alone i just annoy all my friends on facebook by posting various Korean Music (not just K-POP).
        If i ever make it to Seoul and they are still there and i see them in the street i will shout it at the top of my voice xD OOOH YOU SO NASTY!!!

    • Really?! here in Italy they don’t even know what’s kpop!! so far from liking!!! so I probably won’t see any Kpop events here in my lifetime, I’ll have to travel a lot O.O HAVE FUN!!!

  140. bigbangfosho


  141. *cough cough* California vs Denmark in Europe *cough cough* well maybe in 2 years if i can get a scholarship XD

  142. kyaaa~~~ wish i could hide in your luggage when you *supposedly* have a transit here in my country ^^ How awesome to kill 2 birds with one stone T____T one magical trip!
    *day dreams of watching exo-m performing*
    Me too shall have a front seat view, in front of my lappie surely** XD [after 1-2 days]
    hehe ^^

    btw, ever taught of taking a fan vid? maybe could do me a favor by providing EXO’s perf?

    EXO, pls make your comeback soon T_____T & have a concert someday here in my country ONLY when i can afford it ^^ or i shall cry blood T___T and probably die of envy! :(

  143. kawaii_candie

    that actually looks really fucking cool!!! too bad i don’t live anywhere near the States… -_-

    but this is awesome news. really happy for you guys. you will probably get mobbed by fans yourself, lol. i’m really looking forward to hear all about it when you come back! ^_^

  144. Nice to see everything going so well for you guys :)
    Enjoy the KCon! It’s a bit later than my trip to the US, else I’d do an overnight layover and zip over and say hey :)

  145. omg omg please have an interview session with EXO-M, Simon, Martina, and Kris. OMG.

  146. Arwh man, I wanna go even more now. EYK, EXO-M and B.A.P… shame it’s in another country XD and I have to go to university… have fun guys :D, can’t wait for the U-Kiss stuff ^o^


  148. I hope you can interview VIXX. I’m so into Ken lately.

  149. OMG AWESOME!!! B.A.P AND EXO-M <3

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