Awesome news guise! You know, now that I say that, it feels like this entire month has been nothing but awesome news. We’re going to post our U-Kiss video and interview soon, we’re moving into our new apartment next week, we’re setting up our business here in Korea so we can stay for good, our Fundraiser is doing exceptionally well thanks to all of you loving people, we’re going to Mexico with Talk to Me in Korean, and now, we have another announcement:


A lot of people were asking us if we’re going, since the Mexico event is only a few days before KCON. Why not stop over in California for some fun times, right? So…we are! Woohoo!

We’re not the only people going there. Vixx, G.NA, 4Minute, B.A.P, and EXO-M are going to be there as well! I’m totally going to throw my pants at EXO, by the way. COME AT ME, SECURITY!! I AIN’T SCURRED!

Anyhow, if you want to come hang with us as well (and you should! It’ll be fun!) you can read more about it over at the KCON website, and you can get tickets here. The event is on Saturday, October 13th. Hope to see you there! WOOHOO!

Also, we’ll be giving away 500 WON to the first Nasty to come up to us and say the secret password: “OOOH YOU SO NASTY!” I know there’s gotta be at least one secret Nasty going! Am I right? Guise? Guise?


  1. I’m singing in a wedding that day! SOOOO bummed. Someone take lots of pictures for me! D:

  2. damn it’s like a 6hr drive from where I love

  3. I saw this and was all like “WHY CAN’T THERE BE A CONVENTION IN CHICAGO!!!!!!!!”
    I live in Missoluri and that is WAY TOO FAR AWAY FROM CALIFORNIA! not to mention I have school. SO PLEASE KPOP INDUSTRY, GO TO CHICAGO! ITS SO MUCH CLOSER!

  4. its my birthday today and I live in Missouri and I can’t go :( Irvine is too far away :”(

  5. I don’t like K-pop that much but I will go to that KCON just to get a chance to see you guys. :D


  7. im sending you guys my pants and throw em at kris… m’kay?

  8. Wait, someone please answer my question, do you need a ticket to go in like inside for the booths and signing events? Or do you only need the tickets for the concert?

  9. Simon and Martina, Irvine is pronounce “er-vine.” :P

  10. Irvine:
    combine “eeerr” and the word “vine”

  11. I live in Sacramento (like 7 hours away) I would loooove to go…hopefully I can convince my parents to take me :) I probably wont be able to though…so expensive! the only thing I really want to see is the concert *BAP Fan*

  12. WAAAH no fair ;-;. I live like 4 hours from where kcon will be but im only 15 and my parents wont drive me -ragequit- GRRR have fun you guys ^-^!

  13. Holy crap, it’s in my backyard (literally – I am just 3 miles away from where it will be held)!!! It’s about time we got some love in the OC! Yay!! I hope I can get time off work and see EYK there. Woo!

  14. Wish I could go but I’m in collage at that time :(

    Cme n Korea do something like that in London or something

  15. I’m in Washington State. I will totally drive my ass down there!

  16. So close! Simon stumbled onto the right pronunciation! It’s “Err-vine”.

  17. Ugh I hate that there are going to be all these great things going on at K-Con and I live on the other side of the freaking country! This is so frustrating that there are rarely anything Kpop related in my area D:

  18. I’m so exited! I finally get a chance to meet you guys!

  19. I hope KCon comes to NYC next year.

  20. I feel so special to live out in LA :DDD I SHALL SEE YOU, SIMON AND MARTINA!! wahahahahahahahahahaha

  21. My friends are going and I’m soo jealous! I would love to go, but Big Bang is 3 weeks later! I’m still debating though!

  22. I’m in Wyoming…. Nothing happens in Wyoming. I’ve met people from the US that didn’t know where Wyoming was. I said it’s north of Colorado and they were like…’I thought that was Montana’. No, no Wyoming is that space in between.
    Back to the point I would totally try to go if I had someone to go with me…Alas I am alone in my kpop craze of nastiness

  23. :'( BAP AND Simon and Martina..I wanna go sooo bad! Unfortunately I could only afford a hotel OR a plane ticket not both :P

  24. I’m only a few states away… I would like to go so badly, but my poor car would never make it/I don’t have enough money for both gas and a ticket! *cries* I hope you guys have a great time!

  25. You guise will be in my home state! Yessss! :D

  26. i have a quess so does that mean i can tag along with you guys go interview them

  27. YAY!!! I finally find out about something before it happens!!! I am so going already bought my tickets! I hope I get to meet you guise!!! yay!!!!

  28. Dammit i live in England! If only you guys could down here D:

  29. Omg it’s like a dream come true! I get to meet Simon and Martina :D Too bad it’s in Irvine though, it’s ass far from LA. I will make a sacrifice and drive out for them. ;)

  30. I wish I could afford to go XD

  31. I’m soooooo excited! Just bought tickets for me and my sweet hubby to celebrate our anniversary KPOP style. I’m so excited to meet you guise!

  32. How does it get any better than this? Congrats on all the awesome news for you guys. You’ve worked hard!

  33. LA, Y U SO CLOSE TO SF, YET SO FAR? ; 3;

    Wow, seems like your schedules are packed. Hope you guys have fun!

  34. oooh! So excited ! :D I have a question though… What time does the entire KCON thing start? I’m pretty sure it doesn’t start at 7pm… Hope to see you guys there!

  35. This is my kind of convention… if it ever came to NZ ^-^’

  36. im so excited!! i bought my tickets before i knew you guys were going but that will just make kcon better!! those 500 won Will be mine!!! lol

  37. I was going to ignore this k-con but… gosh, now that you guise are going… I want to go.. Irvine is not as far as L.A. from where I live sooooo…… maybe..


  39. That’s it, I’m gonna cry. EYK, EXO and B.A.P are going to States. To talk to people, do fansigns and dance workshops. And I live in Moscow, Russia. So unfair :(

  40. anybody else think it’s funny that EXO M is going and not EXO or just EXO K not complaining i love me some EXO M but EXO as one would have been epic. just sayin.
    my Nasty Exotic feels would explode through the roof if S&M got even a sound bite from them. i think i would actually die if one of them recognized EYK and said that they watch the videos.
    fangirl moment 끝

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