Awesome news guise! You know, now that I say that, it feels like this entire month has been nothing but awesome news. We’re going to post our U-Kiss video and interview soon, we’re moving into our new apartment next week, we’re setting up our business here in Korea so we can stay for good, our Fundraiser is doing exceptionally well thanks to all of you loving people, we’re going to Mexico with Talk to Me in Korean, and now, we have another announcement:


A lot of people were asking us if we’re going, since the Mexico event is only a few days before KCON. Why not stop over in California for some fun times, right? So…we are! Woohoo!

We’re not the only people going there. Vixx, G.NA, 4Minute, B.A.P, and EXO-M are going to be there as well! I’m totally going to throw my pants at EXO, by the way. COME AT ME, SECURITY!! I AIN’T SCURRED!

Anyhow, if you want to come hang with us as well (and you should! It’ll be fun!) you can read more about it over at the KCON website, and you can get tickets here. The event is on Saturday, October 13th. Hope to see you there! WOOHOO!

Also, we’ll be giving away 500 WON to the first Nasty to come up to us and say the secret password: “OOOH YOU SO NASTY!” I know there’s gotta be at least one secret Nasty going! Am I right? Guise? Guise?


  1. “i’m going to throw my pants at exo” LMAO THIS. PLS GUYS IF U HAVE THE CHANCE INTERVIEW THEM ;_; AND I HOPE THEY PERFORMED GROWL THO sorry for the caps too excited haha

  2. will you guys be at the 2013 kcon?? =)

  3. I just watched this video thinking it was for 2013…. my bad

  4. Is anyone going to attend KCON this year?

  5. no fair! i live 20 min. away but will be out of town that week:( boo for me!

  6. I’m singing in a wedding that day! SOOOO bummed. Someone take lots of pictures for me! D:

  7. Nice I am from that town. Do you need any tips on where to go? Make sure to go to Disneyland! You are only 30 min away!

  8. I HOPE TO SEE U THERE!!! <3 <3 :)

  9. are you guys going to interview any idols?

  10. Even though I live in California, I can’t go… T^T

  11. I was so happy when I saw the announcement on KCON’s twitter!! And it’s funny cause I was actually thinking about going to Mexico City to see you guys, I have family there, even though I’m in SoCal so this is even more perfect!!! Hope to see you guys there! ^___^

  12. How does it work; are you supposed to buy the concert ticket first seperately from the Booths/Activities? Or when you buy the concert tickets, are you buying everything….. yeah please explain the process to me.

  13. May I ask… when will you come to sandiego? :3

  14. why am i living in poland?! why?! *sobs in the corner* totally wanna see simon throwing his pants at exo XD

  15. EMERGARD. Simon, throw dem pants, man. No fear.
    Actually, EXO-M’s Kris is from Canada! Vancouver, to be exact, so you guise are like kin. Kin, I say.


  16. I’m not really a fan of the people who are performing at KCON but if you guys are going to be there, I should definitely go!!

  17. “Ohhh you so nasty!” lol

  18. Hi Simon and Martina,

    I’m not going to KCON but I wish I was. I would like to make a request. Another guest is going to be there. His name is Danny AKA Im Tae Bin from 1TYM. They are an older group in YG also. He’ll have his own booth and if possible, I would love for you guys to go and ask some questions such as: Will 1TYM be making a comeback? and Where are the other members right now?

    I would really really appreciate hearing some sort of news about them, but I don’t know how to contact YG and ask. You guys are the only ones I know that can have some contact with Korean artists and can actually answer questions to my understanding.

    If you guys don’t know them I highly recommend that you check them out. 1TYM is in my opinion, the best Hip Hop group within the last 10-15 years. If you want to hear awesome rapping with flow and beautiful vocal transitions, check out their 1 Love music video on youtube.

    Thank you soooo much!

    Mary Lee

  19. This does sound fun, just wish I liked some of the groups more to pay that money to go.

  20. OMG I am so excited to hear about this!!! I’m just over in Long Beach so I will definitely be there!! Are you guys going to have a booth, be interviewing bands or just attending?

  21. guise, can we take a moment and appreciate that VIXX is going to KCON.
    I LOVE THEM *fangirls*
    don’t know them? here’s my favorite song:

  22. I’m going to KCON!! Can’t wait to see you, Simon and Martina!!

  23. damn it’s like a 6hr drive from where I love

  24. omg!!! kcon is so close by to my house!!!

  25. You said it right the second time it’s ir – vine XDD

  26. Ok so I have the concert tickets but do you have to get tickets for the Con??? If yes where do we find them?

  27. This is pure torture. I’m just a few hours far from KCON and I still can’t go. This is killing me. Fate does not want me to meet my idols!

  28. Sob, Sob. I’m moving when you guys come…. Could you possibly come to New Jersey? Or maybe before this Tuesday….? /SoB sOb

  29. Please film the throwing of the pants at Exo.
    (This will make missing you guys sting a bit less)

    ARGH. Spending all my monies on BigBang TT_TT so I had to pass on KCON. Whhhhhhhhhy?!

    Are Spudgy and Dr. Meemersworth coming with you guys? If not, what do they do in Korea while you’re gone?

  30. No…
    What is this…
    My feels…
    Cannot contain…
    Why no Canada?

  31. Chicago kpop fan here! I would love to go but I happen to be really far from Cali… and not rich.
    Which bums me out because I really want to see B.A.P.!!! and Bang Yong Guk keeps wearing Chicago Bulls stuff SO WHY NOT PERFORM HERE!!! :P
    Oh Kpop please visit Chicago! We have only ever had one Kpop concert here… so sad.

  32. awh i live in california…oh wait! actually its a 2 hour drive to get there. I’m 15 and my mom is completly annoyed by my whole “korean phase” . sooo yeahh have fun simon and martina! i would love to meet other kpop fans but i guess i just don’t live in the right part of San Diego…

  33. I saw this and was all like “WHY CAN’T THERE BE A CONVENTION IN CHICAGO!!!!!!!!”
    I live in Missoluri and that is WAY TOO FAR AWAY FROM CALIFORNIA! not to mention I have school. SO PLEASE KPOP INDUSTRY, GO TO CHICAGO! ITS SO MUCH CLOSER!

  34. This is cruel… this is my birthday… >.<

  35. *sobs tears of joy and dances around the room like a crazy person* I LIVE IN EEERRVINE lol ahahah but i live in irvine and i can go to kcon ahh so happy … me and my friends wanted to dress up like 2ne1 hahah im so excited :DDDDD i

  36. *sobs tears of joy* *dances around the room happily* I LIVE IN ERVINE hahaha lol but im so happy im so excited me and my frineds wanted to dress up as 2ne1 and go haha :D im so excited

  37. You should come to New Zealand ^ ^!!!

  38. OMG I AM GOING TO KCON! where will i find you guys and what time are you going to be there? i am a nasty fangirl who will be all over you guys :P

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