Ok, so this one of the coolest things that has ever happened to us!

We’re going to Malaysia! We were contacted by M.E. Malaysia to do a presentation/meet up/fan chat and stuff! We honestly love the people over at M.E. Malaysia, we actually met them due to B.A.P’s Debut Showcase. They were the only press that was allowed to interview B.A.P and they contacted us to come with them because they liked our blog! We were so flattered and excited, and after the B.A.P showcase, we all hung out went to Hongdae and enjoyed a good dinner with awesome conversation and lots of laughing. So we were really excited to hear from them again to join them in celebrating their anniversary.

The whole event will be at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus on May 12th, and it starts around 1:00pm with videos and backstage footage from M.E Malaysia, as well as some extra events (which are a surprise) and then we’ll be chatting at 3:30pm about our videos, our experiences with the Kpop industry, future projects, the Spudgy’s secret to long luxurious hair, and not zombies, and it’s gonna be awesome! It’ll also be our very first time in Malaysia, so we’re totally excited. Anyone got any advice? Food ideas? We’re nervous! Anyhow, here’s the poster for the event :D

Eat Your Kimchi in Malaysia

YAYYYYYY!!!! If any of you are going to the event, please let us know :D For more info, check out this link about our itinerary and stuff. WE’RE SO SUPER EXCITED! *wiggles*

  1.  there are tons of rotis. roti tisu(tissue roti), roti [insert any kind of meat, including egg], roti pisang, tosai(soda added roti, which tastes diff, so ppl like it or they dun know wht they are eating so prefer not to eat it)… go google them. i love the tissue one, cause it’s crispy. and it has condensed milk covering it, so try it if you are into sweet stuff =D    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MA9BrPUgrkg

  2. I think some people are thinking that you mean roti from western India and not the West Indies/ Caribbean. As a West Indian I would say that roti is very diverse and even all over the Caribbean it can vary. But it all came from Indian culture, specifically southern India so I would think some of might be similar and some may be different. Plus curries vary all over the world. Japanese curry is nothing like the ones here in Barbados.

  3. OMG!! u guys coming to Malaysia on the same date as Russell Peters! Russell Peters is having his tour and will be in Malaysia on the same date, except his show is at night! >..< omaigad guys, as a Malaysian, i totally welcome u guys to Malaysia!!! hopefully u guys will enjoy your stay :D

  4. the idea is kinda there.. get ready to eat!

  5. i think it is~
    Roti Canai is from india ;)

  6. owh yay!! BELIVE ME..You’ll DIE while eating here..IT’S FOOD PARADISE!
    Woot! Your going to be internationally FAB!!
    and simon,im not sure there will be ranch there…so bring your boxes of ranch!!
    and gimmie one..

  7. Damn everyone’s said everything I could think of lol xD

    Just remember to go to Kinokuniya at the Petronas Towers, I swear that place is heaven on earth…..perhaps buy some Malaysian manga/magazines at a roadside stall as a souvenier?

    Dress modestly but lightly, if that makes sense? Not too much cleavage, not too much legs, and you’re good. Well most of the stuff you wear is pretty decent anyway.

    Umm….this is gonna sound horrible but try not to walk around with too many valuables dangling off your arm or an equally exposed place. You’re gonna attract enough attention as it is, don’t need any unnecessary ‘friends’ :S

    Pro tip: Some toilets require you to pay to enter, or might not have tissue available inside, so make sure to always have spare change and tissue at all times :)

    Try looking for some vegetarian meals, they make really cool fake meat out of tofu ;D

    But most of all, have fun!!!! Malaysia is so beautiful and rich in culture, consider yourself extremely fortunate to be able to visit like this :)

  8. STREET FOOD IS ALWAYS THE BEST! popia basah, keropok lekor, apam balik, putu bambu, cucur udang, cakoi, satay, char kuey tiaw, and the list goes on forever…. If you wanna try refreshing drinks, I’ll suggest on air kelapa(coconut drink), cendol and air tebu. There’s also ABC a.k.a air batu campur, which is quite similar to pat bing soo if I’m not mistaken.
    Places to go: Bangsar is shopping heaven, Pasar Seni is quite a nice place to buy souvenirs and stuff, Bukit Bintang area is quite the same as Apgujeong, KL Tower is for sightseeing.
    The weather’s crazy these days; one moment it’s extremely hot then it starts to rain. Therefore bringing an umbrella/raincoat with you all the time will be super handy.
    Oh, and, If you’re hailing for a cab, it’s better if it uses a meter in it. It would be cheaper I guess. Enjoy your stay! :D

  9. I like your idea of thin cloth – since revealing clothes might not be a great idea, as most Malaysians dress pretty modestly. 100% Cotton does wonders ;)

  10. I like your idea of thin cloth – since revealing clothes might not be a great idea, as most Malaysians dress pretty modestly. 100% Cotton does wonders ;)




  14. EAT EVERYTHING YOU CAN !!! IT ALL TASTE GOOD !!! go eat Roti Canai 

  15. I see that most people here have already said two of the most popular food choices in Malaysia, which is Nasi Lemak and Roti Canai. 

    So instead I shall recommend you to try something called Hokkien Mee. 
    It’s usually really good in some hawker stores. (: 
    Also, in case both of you are interested, you should try going to Sunway Lagoon or Genting Highland. Both are theme parks and both are equally enjoyable. (Genting Highland has a casino there though) 

  16. Yes Sir Simon, I believe it is the same kind of deal.

  17. food to eat :
    1) nasi lemak(village park at damansara is really good)
    2)roti canai
    3) char kuey tiaw
    4)wantan mee
    5)asam laksa
    6)sarawak laksa
    8)teh tarik
    9)banana leaf.
    p/s : its really humid right now and when it rains,there’s thunder and lightning too so be prepared.and the mosquitoes,God,the mosquitoes…they kill u.

  18. Try as many local food/delicacy as you can! Cause all of it is SUPER DUPER awesome :D The list will go on and on and on and on if I were to begin listing them down :S But yes, you should try at least roti canai, satay and nasi lemak. 

    Do pack thin clothes though, it could get awfully hot :(

  19. try nasi lemak, nasi kandar, lemang, ketupat, rendang.. zomg, can’t list out all of the awesome foods here. come here and try!! don’t forget budu, belacan and cencaluk :D

  20. Drop by Singapore!! It’s just a few hours drive away!!

  21. a lot of food u should try…from malay,chinese and indian food…(nasi lemak,roti canai,yong tau foo…etc)…it would be nice if you come here and climb one of highest mountain in asia mount  kinabalu…in sabah…but KL still awesome place to visit..;-) 

  22. one main thing you must understand about malaysia is we have 3 main races which is Malay,Chinese and Indian all living in the same country .making malaysia filled with many different culture & food & also kindda lots of public holiday (Hari Raya for muslim, chinese new year, deepavali,christmas and etc). When it comes to Malaysia buildings, it must be the petronas twin towers. And the weather here is hot or sometiems rainy seasons so leave any long sleeve shirts or thick material clothes. Since the event is at taylors university lakeside campus, there’s many things around the campus too. Try calling ukiss Kevin and ask him about malaysian food ! hahhaha

  23. talyor lakeside campus near sunway, better go there cause is the best place where you shop till you drop!

  24.  For breakfast if you don’t want the usually rice triangle thing, you can have roti pisang (sort of like a pancake with banana, fried), I’m British and I went to Malaysia for three months and it was on of my favorite foods and it was really cheap. They also sell fruit and fresh fruit juice everywhere and its always really cheap. You can also get a selection of curries on a banana leaf as a plate, you really should use your right hand to eat it but they will often give you a fork and spoon if you look foreign(There are no knives). Korean and Malay junk fast food is pretty samey, lots of corn, ice cream and waffles in supermarket cafes and shopping malls.

  25. awesome…I wish I’m home (Malaysia)… Too bad I’m in India now…Enjoy your trip!

  26. I am excited already! Will try my very best to attend! Ahhh finally you guys are coming over to my country! Woo! Malaysia’s specialty is food. Seriously. We have so much variety of food over here. Try everything! 
    Can’t wait to see you guys!

  27. SUPER EXCITED! WHOS GOING HERE? TWEET ME @yeolah92:twitter 

  28. it’s really hot in Malaysia, you’ve been warned. lol. aishhh too bad i ain’t going >__< it's nice to see you guys getting so excited about coming here~ ^^ hope our country doesn't disappoint the both of you :) 

  29. u should try king of fruit which is Durian..it is very delicious.. =)

  30.  I suggest you pack up lots of fruits here and go back to Korea. Fruits are damn cheap here. XD  No $40 mangoes.

  31. Omaigat! You’re coming to Malaysia! I..I…I live there..here..uhh..I live in Malaysia haha
    WONDERFUL ADVENTURE NOW MALAYSIA! Lol I’m getting excited now 

    In Malaysia, I guess that the best food to try out would be Nasi Lemak. (NO 1 MALAYSIAN FOOD!) . It’s rice infused with coconut milk and pandan leaves with spicy sambal (kind of chili sauce/paste) You  would now when you get here, just ask for nasi lemak :) Next is the laksa, it’s noodles in a fish soup thingy oh what the hell I’m not good at explaining. lastly you should try out the sate. It’s chicken/meat skewers and you dip it in a nut sauce. 

    No specific advice tho. You can be as free as you want here in Malaysia.
    Hope you guys have fun. Sorry if this is all I can offer 

  32. OMG!!! if you don’t know yet, Malaysia is a food heaven!!! :D
    just ask anyone, and i really do mean ANYONE!!!, and they list down a thousand food you NEED TO TRY!!!
    my advice? don’t wear too skimpy clothes but not too covered up because its very hot here :D
    have a safe trip!!! :D

  33. oh my god!! i’ll be there for u guyyyssss!!! hahahah… luckily i’m a student at taylors! hahah :))

  34. you should visit 
    1. KLCC
    2. National Palace and a lot more
    Besides, our food is something must!!

  35. you should take a quick trip down to SINGAPORE and visit us! THE LITTLE RED DOT!!

  36. Try ALL the food i guarantee you it will be good :D 

  37. You’re so lucky ! I hope your video will have still so much sucess 

  38. U should try ”NASI LEMAK” and also ”ROTI CANAI” .. it so delicious!!! and also if u want to greet Malaysian people, just say ”Apa Khabar?” its mean how are u in Eng, and I LOVE U is

  39. Bring umbrella along!a minute it’d be hella hot in a sec later rain like mad xDD
    yeahhhh note down the foods as what below comments recommend! 

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