Ok, so this one of the coolest things that has ever happened to us!

We’re going to Malaysia! We were contacted by M.E. Malaysia to do a presentation/meet up/fan chat and stuff! We honestly love the people over at M.E. Malaysia, we actually met them due to B.A.P’s Debut Showcase. They were the only press that was allowed to interview B.A.P and they contacted us to come with them because they liked our blog! We were so flattered and excited, and after the B.A.P showcase, we all hung out went to Hongdae and enjoyed a good dinner with awesome conversation and lots of laughing. So we were really excited to hear from them again to join them in celebrating their anniversary.

The whole event will be at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus on May 12th, and it starts around 1:00pm with videos and backstage footage from M.E Malaysia, as well as some extra events (which are a surprise) and then we’ll be chatting at 3:30pm about our videos, our experiences with the Kpop industry, future projects, the Spudgy’s secret to long luxurious hair, and not zombies, and it’s gonna be awesome! It’ll also be our very first time in Malaysia, so we’re totally excited. Anyone got any advice? Food ideas? We’re nervous! Anyhow, here’s the poster for the event :D

Eat Your Kimchi in Malaysia

YAYYYYYY!!!! If any of you are going to the event, please let us know :D For more info, check out this link about our itinerary and stuff. WE’RE SO SUPER EXCITED! *wiggles*


  2. You must must must must eat lots of food in Malaysia. I’ve recently moved out of Malaysia and am already writing lists of all the things I want to eat when I go back to visit. Although Penang is the food haven of Malaysia there are still plenty of other things you can find to eat elsewhere. For the best food experience, you have to go to hawker places or ‘mamak’ stalls. They are much cheaper and definitely more yummy than the supposedly same dish served in a fancy restaurant. Enjoy your trip!!

  3. …on the 12th???!! Oh man..i have work until 3pm!! Not sure if I can attend though..

    But do go to the Bak Kut Teh Restaurant just right opposite the main highway beside Taylors! **ask the students there, they should know! There are quite alot, but ask them to bring you to the one at the corner lot!**

  4. Welcome!you should try chestnut in Petaling Street

  5. UGH! i wish i could come down and see you guise~ but i’d still be in uni by that time finishing off my exams. TT^TT

    well, everyone’s basically already given food advice, so i don’t really have anything more to add. when you get there you can basically try anything. as for places to visit, just come down to KL. you can do anything there. and anywhere is accessible by LRT; malaysia’s train system, like KTX. it’s cheap too so you don’t have to take the taxi. taxis here are not really a recommended transportation mode as they will charge you super expensive even to locals. if you can find one that uses the meter then that’s fine. avoid the areas where a lot of taxis park and the taxi drivers just stand around asking you where you wanna go. that’s like a trap right there. they will charge you RM10 even if you just wanna go someplace nearby.

    1) Central Market + Petaling Street
    > with the LRT you get down at the Central Market station (Pasar Seni), it’s a super great marketplace, they sell lots of arts and crafts there, and has lots of food stalls outside. and Petaling Street is just within walking distance from Central Market. you’ll have lots of fun there.
    2) KLCC
    > of course! if you’re in malaysia you HAVE to see our Petronas Twin Towers. durrhurr. haha. but you can also do your shopping there. again, to get here you can simply take the LRT and get down at the KLCC station.
    3) KL Tower
    > this tower used to be the tallest building in Malaysia. but now, well, it’s not. haha. to get here unfortunately the easiest way i can think of is by taxi. but if you get down at the nearest LRT station and take a taxi from there it will be cheaper i think. KL Tower is just like any tower. get to the top and see the sights, that’s it. haha. but i don’t think it’ll be as crowded as the namsan tower. lol.
    4) Bukit Bintang
    > to get here, you need to take the LRT and then get down at an interchange station to take the monorail. with the monorail you can simply get down at the Bukit Bintang station. Bukit Bintang is essentially a shopping area. within this area alone there’s like, 3 shopping malls. you have Sungei Wang and BB Mall for like thrift store shopping, and then you can go to Pavilion for the high end stuff, then there’s Berjaya Times Square and also, if you’re a gadget freak you can stop by Low Yat Plaza. it’s like the biggest IT mall in Malaysia or probably the most famous one, idk. haha. all of these malls are like within walking distance.

    that’s all in KL. of course there are museums and the national zoo, national monument and the national palace, but i haven’t been to those places since i was little so i don’t remember where they are. haha! you can always ask the ME staff more interesting places or if you have the time for places outside of KL you can always go to Sunway which is nearby Taylor’s College if i’m not mistaken (?) haha. well, i think that’s all the places i can think of from the top of my head.

  6. since u guys are staying nearby subang jaya, i think i’ll recommend a REALLY FABULOUS , DELICIOUS, U DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY AFTER U EAT!!! chillli pan mee nearby that area.the shop name is called   RESTORAN CHILLI PAN MEE. yeah, as it is. and this is how it looks like http://winniesliladventures.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/chilli-pan-mee-1.jpg    http://winniesliladventures.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/chilli-pan-mee-31.jpg . U guys can just hand the address over to the taxi guy and hopefully he knows (HE BETTER DO LOl)

    47-1, Jalan USJ 9/5S,


    47630 Subang Jaya,


    (Same row as Nam Heong & CIMB Bank)if u think u can’t handle the spiciness, u can just NOT put the chilli. Yea, the chilli needed to be added by your own. :)well, i think that’s all from me for the food. because in malaysia , it’s always FOOD> TOURIST ATTRACTION

  7. too many food in malaysia. so i’ll just go with the basic. 
    roti canai [ro-tee cha-nai, the nai would sound like nine minus the second n]
    (variety since there with egg, sardine n stuff so ask the worker), 
    nasi lemak [nah-see lue-muck], 
    roti jala, nasi kerabu, nasi dagang … n more
    lunch: rice and various dished to go along with it
    tea time: fried bananas, apam balik, popiah, karipap, keropok lekor, n more kuih muih (koo-eh moo-eh)
    dinner: satay, yong tao foo, nasi lemak also can…. (most of us eat these food, no matter what time it is]

  8. Most tips have been stated by other users here. One thing you don’t have to worry about is the language barrier. If you’re just going to be in the city, majority (especially the younger) of the people speak fluent English.

    About cultural differences, well, I don’t think it differs much from Korea.

    1) Take off your shoes before you enter someone’s house (although we don’t provide slippers here). – If you’re visiting someone’s house, that is.

    2) As for drinking, it’s common courtesy here (or many parts of Asia or maybe the world) to not drink in public.

    3) If you really care for your skin, make sure to bring along your sunscreen (or you can buy it in any pharmacies/shopping mall here. It’s not difficult to find.) because of the typically hot weather. I’m a Malaysian & have been living in Malaysia for the rest of my life & I still walk around with sunscreen in my bag. /Honest

    4) Drink plenty of water. PLENTY. It might be almost as hot as the summer in Korea, but the humidity in Malaysia is high. You’d get dehydrated quickly.

    5) Eat all the food you want. We’ve varieties of food in Malaysia. Even Japanese & Korean (although Japanese food is easier to find). For Simon, if I’m not mistaken, they do sell ramen at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus (at least they did when I went there last year). Although, I can’t guarantee it’ll taste as good as the ones in Japan. Western food are EVERYWHERE. However, I’d suggest our local delicacies the most as mentioned by many commenters here. Some additions to the food I’d like to suggest are: keropok lekor (크로퐄 레코) – made of fish, pisang goreng/피상 고렝 (fried banana), dendeng (덴뎅) – beef with spices & ayam percik (아얌 플칙) – chicken cooked with special spicy sauce. I don’t like durian, so I can’t help you guys about it.

    Can’t wait to see you guys! :D

  9. I CANT WAIT!!!! XDXDXDXD U guys should try satay~ it’s really good~ X)

  10. try saying ‘apa khabar ?’ or ‘saya sayang kamu !’
    its means how are you and i love you. haha
    enjoy your trip ! ;)

  11. i suggest you to read some articles or google about Malaysia. is about weather food people language or something that relate. i hope you have fun. tell story about Malaysians or whatever there Simon and Martina. love you guys, hope you guys have fun there. sorry i cant accompany you im a student haha :)


  13. if u want to eat nasi lemak, it’s best to eat it during breakfast and together with teh tarik. “kaw kaw pnya~~” malaysian said. most popular food in malaysia besides that are like roti canai, laksa penang, laksam, mee bandung, mee hailam and so much more. for beverages, we got many too like cendol, laici kang, air bandung and so forth. 

  14. TOP 3 place when u r n MALAYSIA!!
    1 : KLCC.
    2. : Cameron Highlands.
    3 : MY HOUSE….. :) come2, i’ll treat u simon n martina!!!!!

  15. 1) Malaysia is a warm country, So you don’t have to bring your coats or jackets since its kind of warm. But its a bit chilly at night but its not cold.
    2) Food? I suggest Satay(its a meat/chicken/mutton on a skewer), Nasi lemak (Its coconut rice with nuts, sambal, egg. Usually eaten during breakfast), Asam Laksa (Its noodles with sour broth with fish) and if you like there are other cuisines such as Chinese (I suggest Yong Tau Foo) and Indian/mamak style. There are a lot of western food too. But if your searching for korean or japanese food it’s usually sell in shopping mall like Berjaya Times Square, There are All type of cuisines at the food court. There are a lot of spicy foods in Malaysia so if you like spicy food then its a bonus.3) If you want to go to places.If you want to go shopping you should go to Midvalley and KLCC. There are a lot of stuff that is sold there. If you want to search for cheap stuff then I suggest you should go to Petaling street. Tourist places.. I suggest the Menara KL Tower. If your lucky and did a reservation a week before, You can eat at the moving Restaurant at the top floor.4) About languages.. You don’t have to worry since most of the Malaysian speaks English. But if you want to learn a few simple Bahasa Melayu:’Apa Khabar?’ – How are you?’Selamat pagi/tengahari/petang/malam’ – Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night’Terima Kasih’ – Thank you’Sama-sama’ -Your Welcome’Ya’ – Yes’Tidak’ – No’Nama saya __’ – My name is ___5) You need to take care of your belongings. Don’t leave Phones, Wallets and Handbags on the table while your eating. Its better you put your purse on your lap.  
    6) Things you should not do.. Don’t wear shoes in the house but if your in the office or restaurant its okay. You need to respect the elders. You can wear any clothes you like but you can’t wear too revealing clothes. You can wear tank tops and shorts but not the too revealing one especially the shorts. 

    7) If you see girls wearing a ‘tudung’ (You can search the picture in google if your wondering)  Its not a new thing. Most of the girls wear it especially grandma’s and ahjumma. It just mean that they are Islam and they are just covering up their skins. But there are a few islam girl who doesn’t wear tudung like me.

    8) If your staying in the hotel in KL. You should be really patient because of the traffic. There are a lot of cars mostly during the weekends and in the morning during weekdays.

    9) The sun usually rises between 6.50AM – 8AM and sets between 6.30PM-8PM. 

    I guess thats all. I hope you will have a great time in Malaysia!

  16. everyone are talking about foods. here i’m going to tell u WHAT U SHOULD NEVER DO in Malaysia. never offer to hug or shake hand or any other kind of skinship with anyone of different genders accept if she/he offer to do the skinship first. 

  17. OMG. I will definitely be there. I am going to be part of this college next week. Can’t wait to see you guys there. The great news ever. Yeah!!!

  18. Maybe you can consider coming to Singapore after Malaysia since we’re just a bridge away from Malaysia (: (: (:

  19. Beside what  Kuchiki Zawya told you about taxi, you guys should also avoid taking taxi during peak hours, it’ll cost you a lot and you guys might be trapped in the traffic jam for hours. So it will be a waste of time and money

  20. I have to say Malaysia is one of the best travel experiences I have had. Friendly people and amazing food. I built up a huge mental database of must eat places and things to see while there. 

    May I ask how long will you be in Malaysia for? Will you be staying solely in KL? 

    The food is a pleasure to experience as is the culture and the country itself. Would love to give you all of the cool tips I picked up as I think the world needs to see more about the awesome that Malaysia has to offer. 

  21. How long are u guys staying in Malaysia??

  22. I study there!!!!!!!:)can’t wait to see you guys.i don’t mind bringing you guys around!!!!!!!:)

  23. Food ideas? Puhlease, Malaysia is the country of eating. No need for suggestions, just do this:

    My suggestion would be to dress for hot weather and bring lots of deodrant XD
    Malaysia’s a pretty hot and humid place for those who aren’t used to it :P

  24. This is for Simon: When you’re in Malaysia (this is going to sound like something you are not used to) try not to offer your hand for a handshake to a woman unless she offers her hand first. The Muslim religion (practiced by the majority in Malaysia) discourages physical contact between men and women who are not related.

  25. omggggggg…..iam been watching ur video for the whole 2 days now….n ur flying to my home land…..(sad mode…coz currently i am based overseas)….hope u guys gonna enjoy Malaysia…really love both of u…n spongy a lootttt :)

  26. since everyone’s already stated all the good known foods, shall i recommend getting a papa roti bun? they are the shizz, i tells ya, especially straight outta the oven! 
    so if you smell a heavenly sweet slight coffee bakery smell and follow it, you’re bound to find one around (unless there aren’t any where you are going in malaysia, but it comes form malaysia, so it should be there right? right?)

    you have to try it! its the best! mmm, so buttery and crispy and soft all at the same time…

  27. I recommend that you guys eat butter prawn. They are mostly found in Chinese Muslim restaurants. And if you want to know a bit about Malaysia or Malaysians , go to youtube and type in ‘ Only in Malaysia ‘ . Watch the first video . And I would also advice you not to wear yellow in public , for safety reasons. Well that’s all I have to advice. Good luck in Malaysia !!!!!!

  28. Just like these people said, trying Nasi Lemak is a must! It’s so damn delicious. Char Koey Teow also is a must. Laksa too. We have various type of Laksa and my favourite is Laksa Johor. :D

    Do you plan going to KLCC? Please say yes, please! Taylor’s University is far from my place. I want to meet you so bad. Only KLCC is near with us. It only takes me 20 mins to reach there. :)

  29. Just some food recommendations from someone who visits there frequently (my dad is malaysian):

    - roti: canai, tissue, cheese, etc
    - beef rendang
    - satay: chicken, beef, pork(?)
    - teh tarik (malaysian milk tea)
    - milo ais (ice)
    - ais kachang (malaysian version of shaved ice)
    - nasi lemak
    - laksa
    - char kuei teow (fried noodles)
    - baku teh
    - otak otak
    - any soup noodles

    Although I’m sure the people you’re with will take you to a bunch of places to eat well! Every time I go to Malaysia I feel like a hobbit because I eat an average of six meals every day…

  30. OMG!!!! im in korea uni now .!! urrrghhhhh


     hahah. drink more water. its not the same as in korea.
     it’s humid, hot air( not breezy at all. sometimes yes) ,bring sungulasu!
    but the same thing as in korea that, summer sometimes it rains. hopefully when you guys here, its not going to rain. so you can enjoy the trips more <3

    advice for Martina, try wearing proper foundation/base make up. dont use the bb cream as it will melts off your face . i once used the precious minerals #2 . it gets cakey around noon.

    food you MUST try:

    1. nasi lemak   = 나시 르막
    2. roti canai = 러티 찬아이 . roti is 빵이에요
    3. laksa = 락사 ( it's a noodles.every state is different. so take your pick base on the picture. it's like some naegmyeon is diff in some state )

    for summer's food : MUST try

    1. ABC ( air batu campur. but just say ABC. ice desserts some treats for y'all sweet tooth)
    2. Cendol = 첸덜 

    you can get some fat and sweet mangoes here. bring them back to korea. hihi. 

     hope u guys dont get culture shock. like girls being too friendly with their bffs. hold/lingers arm and hands walking together and when they bit farewell they hug and kiss each other's cheeks. lol.but yeah.

    in Malaysia the society is very friendly. in case you need a help just wave your hand and smile.

    in case you guys have a chance to visit any night market ,try some local dishes. fried and spicy.

    enjoy your stay in Malaysia.

  31. Okay, So I’m doing a report on Malaysia for my class, and it would really help me out if you guys would post some stuff on the food and the culture as well as some of the sights. It would be really helpful to me. Can’t wait to see the video! Thanks!
    Molly Haugh

  32. Don’t behave like Block B would and you should be fine! :D

  33. I don’t even know where to start to help you. You should try nasi lemak, roti canai, laksa.. etc. There’s just too much to list. And you really, really, really need to eat durian. Most tourists hate it because of the smell. It smells perfectly fine to me. 

    You also need to wear modestly but make sure it’s not too tight because Malaysia is hot nowadays. Umbrellas are a must since rain comes down so suddenly sometimes.

    KLCC and KL Tower is a place you must go as a tourist. For shopping we have Mid Valley, Mines, The Gardens and Times Square. 

    Hope you enjoy yourself!

  34. no one mention our KUIH here?? Malaysia is rich of traditional Kuih (sorry im not sure what’s Kuih in english). Malaysian food is not only about roti and nasi lemak and durian. there’s a lot more. if you are staying in Malaysia for a long time, i suggest you go to other states as well and not only in Kuala Lumpur. what i’m trying to say is, there’s a lot more to discover in Malaysia :D

  35. wooww… u guise come to MALAYSIA….!!!! Please enjoy UR trip here…. and i can guaranteed that u guise have lots of fanz here…  

  36. Yay! You’re finally coming to Malaysia! :):):):):):) Just a bit about the food in Malaysia: Since there are three main race in Malaysia, the Malays, Chinese and Indians, we have lots of types of delicacies. The Malay’s food would be the ‘nasi lemak’, Chinese’s food would be the Glutinous Rice Balls and the Indian’s food would be the roti canai and capati! Be sure to try them all!!! Trust me, you will definitely stuff yourselves with the mouth-watering food in Malaysia! :):):) Hope you will like it here in Malaysia! :)

  37. Ohz Noez!!!! I have classes to teach on that day!!! argh!!!

    Simon, Martina! why!!!??? >.<.. ANywhoz, I hope you have a good time in Malaysia and do do do try the amount of amazing food our lovely country has to offer..=)
    Nasi Lemak, Chicken Rice, Satay, Asam Laksa, Cantonese Kuey Teow….etc..
    if you need a personal tour guide/driver…give me a call..=D I live very near to Taylor's..hehe~~
    personal mesg me on facebook! hehehe~~ Have a safe journey!!

  38. OMG you guys are coming here? As in HERE? As in, MALAYSIA? OMGOMG that’s awesome!!! I WILL be there! :D

  39. OMG SO EXCITED!! :D How long are u guys staying here? Will u be like having a fan meet on the 12th May, then flying back the next day? @__@ 

  40. OHMYGD. I really wanna go meet you guys, but as a student I don’t have any transport to Taylor’s :( You guys should totally try Durian, the king of fruits in Malaysia and satay as well! I hope you guys have fun in Malaysia~

  41. while you guys are there, please do a mini W.A.N.K., if you guys have time. :)

  42. I guess you guys are going to Kuala Lumpur though… I hope you guys can come to Sarawak, Malaysia, because mostly the best food here are Mee Kolok (Kolok Noodle), and probably some local seafood or maybe Ayam Penyet…? Which is the fried chicken is big… Btw, congrats for coming to Malaysia and spread your K-Pop knowledge to everyone so the K-POP WILL RULE THE WORLD!!!! :D

  43. Coming to Malaysia, please know our weather is very hot!!!! And we USUALLY eat food with our HAND. No spoon, fork, or chopsticks if you’re eating rice or Roti Canai~~ I think for food, it’s better for you guys to go to ‘Mamak Stall’ because variety of food will be there. Try Durian, the King Of Fruits, but most of the foreigners can’t stand it. 3 common thing you MUST TRY here is Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai and Teh Tarik. If you have chance, try to find for ‘Rendang’ and try it, that’s malay food. For Indian food try Roti Tisu, that one is sweet :D and for chinese food, eat ‘char kway teow’~~ We have 3 major races here, malay, indian and chinese. But don’t get shocked if you see other than that because we have a lot of different ethnics here :) 
    You guys should eat Dodol, but you guys tried it before (your fanmail from malaysia, that sticky chocolate coloured thing)

    Do visit KLCC!!! It’s one of the tallest building in the world :D


  45. You must be kidding me…. e__o Taylor? seriously? It’s too far TT__TT;
    i don’t even think my parents would let me go lolo
    Yeah eat anything you see here xD lolimnotmalaysianbtw

  46. Welcome welcome!!! As you can see,Malaysia is mainly about food lol. Just eat and eat and eat~ It’s veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery hot and humid here XP be prepared to feel sticky~ 

  47. welcome to Malaysia~~~~ I definitely will try to come and meet up with u guys. u guys r d best~~!!!!

  48.  I want eatyourkimchi/Spudgy t-shirt or kpop cds!! Bring some present for us!! :D

  49. Welcome to Malaysia guys :D
    Have a safe trip and take care :))
    These comments  were really should u guys follow especially the weather and etc ^ ^
    Don’t forget make a special edition video in Malaysia (^ ^)

    ….but WHY when I am right in the smack of my FINALS??!!!
    Nooooo. :((

  51. everything in the comments are FOOD FOOD FOOD. Malaysia is a heaven of FOOD~~~ May is the month of hot weather, be sure to bring umbrella, sunblock, sunglasses~ Fyi, and some people have already mentioned about the hot weather, i think you’ll be sweat a lot (even in the rainy seasons), so be sure to bring extra clothes whenever you go out to shopping or whatever outside (even in the public transport, sometimes it’ll be very sweaty and hot with people). Dress anything you like but be sure it isn’t too revealing but I guess Martina’s style is ok here since many foreigners dress like that, but don’t be shocked if you’ll meet someone (like a big number of girls/women here) 100% covered. It is because most of the people here is Muslims so yeah. haha.. and  almost everyone here do take care of the modesty in everyday wear. English is not a problem especially in towns, so you can ask teenagers or anybody for directions. BE SURE TO EAT DURIAN AND ANYTHING SPICY (esp our common breakfast: nasi lemak)! No worries about offending someone haha… I think foreigners are not favouring the smell of the food but you should taste it! Ah.. thinking about the smell just made me really hungry.. please~ I’m sure all of your Malaysian fans really want to see you eating it! Since it’s durian season now~  ;A; AND DO A WANK MALAYSIA VER! ok! I hope that you’ll post a video about your visit to Malaysia~  But I do hope we’ll meet on the street or whatever (but I really doubt that haha) cuz I can’t attend the event :’( 

  52. Awww naaaawww…..! I’m still abroad on the 12th May!. Oh well, i would love to have shake your hand. It’s freaking hot here in Malaysia. (am wearing a thin singlet since i ain’t got no AC in my room). But feel free to wear sleeveless shirt here in Malaysia or shorts. We’re not so rigid given it is a muslim country. You gotta hit the backstreet of KL like Kampung Baru, Chow Kit Road, Petaling Street,  if you have the time. Even Anthony Bourdain, Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay have been to the area to explore the authentic Malaysian food.

    Shopping is of course the district we aptly call the Golden Triangle (Pavillion, Lot 10, Fahrenheit, Sungei Wang Plaza)  where all the shopping malls are located within the district and if you can muster to walked down a little further or just take the monorail down to Imbi Station – there’s this place call Low Yatt Plaza, – it is a computer gadget heaven where they sell loads of cheap cheap stuff and you can still bargain for a lower price.(I suggest you used your Aegyo Style Martina). and opposite across there still another shopping mall call Berjaya Times Square. (Recommended to check it out).

    If you want to end the day and night for a little night life or a night cap – we have bunch of clubs & pubs in KL around the Heritage Road, Bukit Bintang, Jalan Ampang. Aww man, i haven’t been clubbing in awhile for sometime so maybe i’m not the right person to tell you which are the best place the go. I officially retire at the age of 27 and then i just dunno what’st new around the city anymore.

    Have you guys. I hope you would come again soon when i’m around.

  53. haha local malaysian right here :D people speak a lot of languages here so don’t be alarmed :D and LOTS OF FOOD i can assure that! but if you guys can’t get use to it, its ok :D we have also have Korean/Japanese/etc. cuisine here for you guys to enjoy! shopping is also really fun here :D do check out places like the Pavilion, Sunway Pyramid and Berjaya Time Square- it has a theme park it in :D not to mention our must-go-places like the Petronas Twin Towers and the Kuala Lumpur Tower! amazing view up there ^-^ but don’t forget the little places like street vendors and hawker stands!  you guys should also use the local monorail to travel :D but please bring a map! if there are more questions, don’t be hesitant to ask :D always happy to help ^-^ have a fun time in malaysia :D i would come and see you guys but i’m in another state T.T nevertheless, have a fun time and make sure you do a little WANK here :D can’t wait to see where you guys have visited :D 

  54. How about a Malaysia episode of W.A.N.K.?

  55. When I think about those who are “at the forefront as an influential pioneer in information distribution about Korean entertainment and culture”, it’s TOTALLY Simon and Martina! xDDDDD  Winky face, heh heh!  lololololz

  56. Yay! Congrats guise! You’ll have fun there. The food is so good! I dont remember the names though cuz they’re hard for mr to remember. Just… try everything! they’re all good! 


    When in Malaysia.. EAT ALL THE FOOOOOOD!!!! 

    Its glorious and I do recommend trying “nyonya food” (I guess its pronounced the way its spelt?) which is a fusion between the Malay and Chinese culture. When different cultures got married, so did the food! 

    Have a fabulous time, drink plenty of water and the Malaysian people are so happy to have you <3<3

  58. LOL!!! All the comments are about food so I’d like to just assure Simon and Martina that we are not gluttons. Just multicultural people who enjoy and appreciate a variety of food. But I must insist that you guys have a taste of durian. You haven’t officially been to malaysia if you don’t. ^_^ Hope you guys enjoy your stay in Malaysia. 

  59. From all the comments below I guess your going to really enjoy your visit to Malaysia. To the other subscribers I think they won’t be shocked about Malaysia being multicultural and multiracial since their home turf here in Toronto is one of the most Multicultural cities in Canada. I hope to see Martina or Simon around here in Toronto on their visit to Martina’s Sister even though I’m kind of jealous with the Malaysian fans. I will just keep on wishing to run into you here in Toronto. :)) Bon Voyage to Malaysia and your Toronto trip. :)

  60. Have a nice trip and good luck. Unfortantly i can’t recomend anything considering i have never been or heard anything special about Malaysia…sorry…. Anyways you should come to Norway and eat “Smalahove”….it’s sheep head O_o 
    ….Hehe im just kidding, we always try to scare forgeiners (just for fun) with Smalahove, but seriously there is alot of good food in Norway and lots of other cool stuff to see here and i know that the fans here would love it if you one time probably far in the future… would come…here… to Norway…that is…. =w=
    Anyways just know that you are always welcomed here in Norway ;)
    P.S sorry if there is a little bit of bad grammar, it’s really late here in other words… i should really go to bed XP

  61. OMG. Finally… I’m actually don’t have much 2 say cos all are already been said/type but have a nice trip and do try every food u guys see while in Malaysia because our food ROCKS. :)

  62. OMG! Korean wave is really HUGE in Malaysia. Recently, YouTube had just been launched in Malaysia and they use Korean artist (BEAST, 2NE1, infinite, MissA, etc) to promote since K-Pop is a big hit among YT users in Malaysia. Some of our local artist even envied them. So of course you guys have fans here ! :D

    There is a lot of place to visit in Malaysia. But since Taylor University is like, 30 minutes away from Malaysian city center, I recommend you to take a look at “Kuala Lumpur Golden Triangle”. It nice to walk there during night time. More info: http://wikitravel.org/en/Kuala_Lumpur/Golden_Triangle


    1. Yes. You may wear hat, but bring umbrella in your bag. This days, its either sunny or a sudden rain. Day temperature is usually around 30-33C. But I think this month it did reach 35C. Kinda hot for us. lol. Night is around 25C-28C.. But sometimes (this is really rare but still…) there is NO wind at all in the afternoon! So maybe you shall bring ur little fan. :P 

    2. Dress modestly. Something light and loose. But I guess most of Martina’s dress are ok. Lots of foreigner or even our people wear like that. 

    3. Remember your ’5 things you should not do in Korea’ video? Yes. Those apply to most of Asian country including Malaysia. 

    4. Foreigners usually need to pay a lil bit more to visit/enter certain places. I know its not fair, but we have low currency exchange compared to Korean money so it may not be a problem for you guys. 

    5. If you can, please, do find taxi with meter. Sometimes the taxi driver charged more than they should— even towards local people like me. >:[

    6. Most Malaysian can speak English even tho we are not really fluent. So language may not become a problem if you wanted to ask your way. I reccommend that you asked younger people and do learn some of important vocab/sentences. :D

    7. Food. Well, sorry, but most of our foods are pretty oily and spicy. My Korean friend can’t stand that. But we have variety of food to choose from since we have 3 major race in Malaysia. So expect Malay, Chinese and Indian or Mamak-style food here. I still think street foods are the best aside from Nasi Lemak (‘coconut rice’, which if u direct translate it, it became ‘fat rice’ lol.). You can always find western, Korean or other foods at big shopping mall tho. :D

    PS: Err… If you see girls hang out together, walking with their hands holding, don’t just directly assume that we are ALL lesbian. Some teenage girls here are just too friendly with their BFF. Holding hand/arm is somehow normal. Haha. I said this because one of my foreign friend said there are a LOTtttttt of lesbian in Malaysia at every-single-place that she visited… o.O

    Ah. I wanted to write more, but this is too much… Enjoy your visit to Malaysia! I might see you guys there! :3

    • What a lovely and helpful response :)

    • YEAH! agree on whatever she says! Careful of taxi fares cause they charge you guise very high on the price especially if you’re in Golden Triangle area! 
      (KLCC-Pavilion-Sg.Wang-Bukit Bintang-Times Square)HAVE FUN! Stay Safe!You’re going Taylors right, the nearest shopping mall is “Sunway Pyramid”It’s a huge building with a pyramid shape and a large cat! :DBehind the shopping mall is a theme park, “Sunway Lagoon”Have fun! Wear suntan if you’re outdoor, its damn hot here :)

  63. it would be awesome to go to the islands, L:angkawi island, Redang island, get the seafood damn! the best seafood in the world, and some of the prettiest beaches.i’ve lived in canada but they didn’t eat much seafood, i got a lot of salmon though .. i wish the kpop stars could’ve visited the islands so they can see how beautiful msia is, but heeh they only get to see KL the city lol.

  64. awesome! too bad i have exams and a wedding to go on that day. =( are you guys gonna be in malaysia longer just to hang out? lol it would be a good time to be touristy ^^

  65. wow. thats pretty neat. i hope you guys have a lovely time. and did you guys buy the tickets yourself? or did they buy it for you?

  66. Dear Simon and Martina this is xxOfficialEpicBlogxx on Youtube I got a few tips for you when in Mayalasia although ive never been there While your there make sure to check out The merlions i think and you gotta check out The twin petrona towers want to to shop till you drop goto Berjaya Times Square unlucky i wont be able to go to Maylasia and meet you guys :( Anyways have fun

  67. DON’T do drugs, M-Kay?  Especially in Malaysia!  And don’t try to smuggle out any gold or gemstones.  M-KAAAAY?  And don’t look at policemen IN THE EYES unless you want to turn to stone.  You have a good time, M-KAAAAAAAY?

  68. actually there are a lot of foods in Malaysia that represent each state, same like Korea..i cant state all that here…we have Chinese, Malay and Indian food…yeah, most of people here already suggest you nasi lemak…but  beware if you want to eat nasi lemak, you should find the best stall/restaurant that served nasi lemak..not all restaurant have best nasi lemak…if you like noodles you should try laksa..one of the best noodles that came from Penang..one of state in Malaysia..of course i you wanna taste the best laksa you should come all the way to penang..

    for drink, the best drink in this hot weather in Malaysia is Cendol (the best drink during hot weather), air tebu (sugar cane drink), and of course teh tarik (mamak stall)…

  69. guise~^^ seriously its so~ hot in Malaysia rite now~~prepare urself with sunblock+umbrella~ haha..welcome to MALAYSIA~~can’t wait to see u guise~~!!
    ps: r u goin to bring spudgy as well??? ^^~

  70. advice : 

    1) bring lots of thin cloths.. the weather is pretty unpredictable here.. and u gonna sweat A LOT! trust me!! LOL..
    2) if just in case u read or watch any news about Malaysia lately (the bad kind of news, not the good one) just ignore them.. it is not THAT bad here.. those are just some stupid people, dont mind them..
    3) try lots and lots and lots of food AND fruits especially DURIAN!!!! we Malaysians are proud with our foods.. XD
    4) buy some traditional clothes and fabrics as souvenirs.. like for exmple, baju kurung or kebaya for martina, baju melayu and samping for simon, batik, songket etc..
    5) the most important thing is, HAVE FUN!!!!!! ^_+
    Malaysia is amazing!!!!! and oh yeah, if u guys have some free time, u should definitely go to a “pasar malam”.. Looking forward to all your vids while in Malaysia! XDDD

  71. You guys should be bring a lot of water-proof sunblocks. By a lot, I mean A LOT. An umbrella and a hat would be useful since it rains on and off in Malaysia. And a fan would be REALLY useful since the weather can be really hot. Sunglasses are a MUST. You do not want to be walking around squinting all the time. Places you should visit are:
    1. KLCC
    2. The Blue Mosque/ Masjid Negeri.
    3. Malacca
    4.Langkawi Island
    5. Petaling Street
    6. Pahang
    7.Negeri Sembilan
    9.Pangkor Island
    10.Bukit Bintang
    and there are many more. and you should really visit the nightmarkets (pasar malam) here. They’re awesome!! That’s all from me. Ciao!

  72. what were your very first reactions when you found out that you guys were going to Malaysia?
    I WANNA KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  73. omg you’re coming to Malaysia.. please do have fun and yes it’s steaming hot here.. bring your sunnies with you. try some ABC while you’re here.. basically it’s almost the same as patbingsu (i hope i spell it right).. Have fun!

    p/s : sorry about the capslock..too excited!! love u guys!! 

  75. 21anis

    OMG!! u guys coming to Malaysia on the same date as Russell Peters! Russell Peters is having his tour and will be in Malaysia on the same date, except his show is at night! >..< omaigad guys, as a Malaysian, i totally welcome u guys to Malaysia!!! hopefully u guys will enjoy your stay :D

    don’t forget to come and  try our roti canai and durians <

  77. First thing is FOOD (durian , manggis , nasi lemak , roti canai , nasi ayam and sambal belacan is a must)!!!
     Every food has its own culture and meaning … 2nd thing is the local goodies …. and soo much more (too many to write )So sad , that i can’t come to the event …My exam is around the corner and I live in Melaka / Malacca … ;( 

  78. You better go to Malacca. It’s just 3 km from Kuala Lumpur. Asam Pedas there is awesome. Wear less clothes its very hot here. Oh, I wish my parents are good enough to let me go

  79. Would love to see you guys in action but not be in Malaysia myself. Try Crispy Popiah at Taylor’s Lakeside campus.

  80. Simon! Martina! Why are you doing this to me now!! ToT.. You have like a lot of malaysian fans that are still in school and you guys are coming on our exam week! OTL.. I’m dying to meet you guys in person.. I was so excited when you talk about M.E Malaysia on B.A.P’s debut and I was like, this is it!! The chance! It’ll come soon!! But I wasn’t expecting it to be this soon.. OTL.. *sighs* since I know I cant make it.. I’ll suggest you guys something awesome in Malaysia.

    go and drink Teh Tarik, eat a lot of nasi lemak and satay and Nasi Goreng Kampung, walk around Kuala Lumpur, wear thin clothes.. erm.. this is boring..

    Go and catch squid!!!!!! 8D.. and make sure to try Durian! I heard Koreans love them but its too expensive there.. and also, have fun! <3 

    I'll see you guys when you guys come to Malaysia again.. Do come again<3

  81. wow, your fans really care about you two!!
    i really envy you guys!!

  82. Try our Laksa too ^__^ The members of Beast (especially Yoseob loves to eat that)

    our Satay (basically meat on a stick with peanut sauce) but it’s delicious. because us Malaysians ensure THE TASTE, THE HERBS and all those FLAVOURS are present in the food. Do try our Teh Tarik, Char Kuey Teow and not to forget, our Nasi Ayam (chicken rice), Nasi Lemak and Roti Canai which is a MUST-EAT food for all the visitors. I hope you enjoy our food paradise ^__^ 

    take note: our spicy food are a bit different than in Korea or anywhere else. If in korea the food will be sourish-spicy right? but in Malaysia, the spiciness is so authentic it’ll make you cry. (well, not really) keke. 

    Have Fun In Malaysia Simon and Martina!! <3

    • i really like that.. because we mainly consist three different races, our food also undergoes assimilation process so you  can never say a food belongs to some races because we Malaysian shared almost everything.. Wow! i’m proud to be Malaysian!!

  83. OMG! awesomeeee i wish i can meet you guyss sobsss ==’ enjoyy the food !! xD

  84. Idura Namira Ikmal Hisham

    I’ll be there for sure! Maybe you’ll fall in love with our artist and start a “Eat Your Roti Canai”, hehehe, doubt that’ll happened, but still, Can’t wait. It’ll be awesome if you can come to schools too to give talks about your life and etc, I’m in the 10th grade and my friends <3 you guys too and they love filming + talking in front of cameras, so yeah, do consider the idea :P

    • We want to travel around the world and blog, so you never know! Eat Your Roti Canai could work! :D Can’t wait to dig into awesome food and meet new people! SO EXCITED!!!! YAYAYAYAA!!!

      • i dont think eatyourroticanai sounds good. i think eatyournasilemak is better. anyway, if u’ve got sometimes, try to check out for materials from siti nurhaliza and yuna. they’re great of an artists here in Malaysia

  85. OMG!! I wish I lived in Malaysia ;n; But seriously, you deserve it guys!!! All you do is super AWESOME, and watching your videos always make me smile/laugh/rolling on the floor. Thanks for your hard work! (Even if now I can’t hear «shiny», «Juliette», «warrior» or «fantastic» without chuckling in my head of making strange dance moves….Yeah, it’s really becoming a problem XD)

  86. Aw man, I’ll be having exams but I really want to go :c You guys should try ais kacang while you’re here, it’s like Malaysian patbingsoo ^^

  87. It’s hot in here,Malaysia..so don’t pack too heavy. and since it’s quite a heaven for the foodies, brings the stretchable clothes toooo LOL!! Anyway,welcome to Malaysia in advance! If u decided to come to the east coast/islands here, holla at me! :D


  89. Yeah, but it would be worth it watching them eating it. Its a once in a lifetime chance. And besides, who knows if they’ll like it. The locals will think them as pretty awesome if they like one of the local fruits… JUST GO FOR IT, SIMON AND MARTINA!!!  It is so worth the risk…

  90. wa….really? Do you plan to ggo any shopping mall? I really want your autograph!!!

  91. Hmm,I’m from Malaysia, and as a Malaysian you MUST ABSOLUTELY MUST try NASI LEMAK (which is fat rice in English. though don’t be fooled by the name. It is awesomely SUPERB) and TEH TARIK. A typical Malaysian breakfast that can only be found in Malaysia! Other than that, you’re on your own. Just follow where your NOSE leads you. 

    Oh and a tip on clothes: just wear something loose. The weather can change fast. Its either hot and sunny OR cold and raining. WARNING: BE PREPARED!!!

    Have fun here in Malaysia! :P

  92. Hey simon/martina, just incase you didn’t know, we had to choose between hanging out with you guys or Jay Park…cuz apparently Jay Park’s fan meeting falls on the same day as well. Well, speaking of choices. :(

  93. if you ever need a guide, i’m free! actually i will need to drag my dad along for that… but i can big bang talk to you guys!! i’m confident about that =D

  94. owh yay!! BELIVE ME..You’ll DIE while eating here..IT’S FOOD PARADISE!
    Woot! Your going to be internationally FAB!!
    and simon,im not sure there will be ranch there…so bring your boxes of ranch!!
    and gimmie one..

  95. i may be the only one here who doesn’t like durian but i suggest you try it. you may fall in love or the exact opposite. as everyone said, it’s REALLY HOT here so pack clothes wisely. food here is great! loads of variety to choose from. and that’s about all you need to know =D oh and just keep your wallets safe ;)

  96. Bring comfortable clothes ( shorts and tank tops are fine) , drink lots of water, don’t forget to always use sunblock. Trust me, I’m a Malaysian. Even I myself  find my country’s weather a bit unbearable. 

  97. Damn everyone’s said everything I could think of lol xD

    Just remember to go to Kinokuniya at the Petronas Towers, I swear that place is heaven on earth…..perhaps buy some Malaysian manga/magazines at a roadside stall as a souvenier?

    Dress modestly but lightly, if that makes sense? Not too much cleavage, not too much legs, and you’re good. Well most of the stuff you wear is pretty decent anyway.

    Umm….this is gonna sound horrible but try not to walk around with too many valuables dangling off your arm or an equally exposed place. You’re gonna attract enough attention as it is, don’t need any unnecessary ‘friends’ :S

    Pro tip: Some toilets require you to pay to enter, or might not have tissue available inside, so make sure to always have spare change and tissue at all times :)

    Try looking for some vegetarian meals, they make really cool fake meat out of tofu ;D

    But most of all, have fun!!!! Malaysia is so beautiful and rich in culture, consider yourself extremely fortunate to be able to visit like this :)

  98. I’m kidding . that will never happen. (Sobs :( ) but i love you guys! hope you guys have a good time in malaysia! :D <3

  99. aahhh!!!! SIMON AND MARTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU”RE COMING TO MALAYSIA!!!!!!! HOLY POOPY DOOPY!!! But the “state” you’re going to in Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur. I stay in a different state which is called Penang. PLEASE!PLEASE! COME TO PENANG! YOU HAVE SOO MANY FANS HERE!!!!!!!! Penang, is like the second Kuala Lumpur and Penang is 3 hours away from Kuala Lumpur, or a one hour flight from Kuala Lumpur. please please come! you could visit our school and stuff….. I’ll “order” our school principal to welcome you guys!! haha I know the Students will! aahhhh!!! We’ll take you shopping.. and eating! muahahaha

  100. STREET FOOD IS ALWAYS THE BEST! popia basah, keropok lekor, apam balik, putu bambu, cucur udang, cakoi, satay, char kuey tiaw, and the list goes on forever…. If you wanna try refreshing drinks, I’ll suggest on air kelapa(coconut drink), cendol and air tebu. There’s also ABC a.k.a air batu campur, which is quite similar to pat bing soo if I’m not mistaken.
    Places to go: Bangsar is shopping heaven, Pasar Seni is quite a nice place to buy souvenirs and stuff, Bukit Bintang area is quite the same as Apgujeong, KL Tower is for sightseeing.
    The weather’s crazy these days; one moment it’s extremely hot then it starts to rain. Therefore bringing an umbrella/raincoat with you all the time will be super handy.
    Oh, and, If you’re hailing for a cab, it’s better if it uses a meter in it. It would be cheaper I guess. Enjoy your stay! :D

  101. YOU’RE COMING? I’m 90% sure that I will come on that day!! How many days you guys plan on staying?? There are bunch of things that we would love to show you guys!!! Foods?!! Believe me, if you stay long enough in Malaysia, you’ll end up gaining weight! There are so many things to eat! There are so many things to share, I might end up writing ten pages long essay! SO COME AND EXPERIENCE IT YOURSELF!!!!! 

  102. OMG can’t believe you guys are finally gonna come here!! I AM SO GOING! :D I should warn you, IT’S SUPER HUMID here. good luck fighting the heat haha. I just hope it won’t rain on that day because that would be pretty bad too :/

    can’t wait to see you guys! >< 




  106. The weather’s really hot but you’ll definitely enjoy the food! Watch this video called ONLY IN MALAYSIA and you’ll know what you’re up for! Greyson Chance makes a special appearance! 

  107. You should try “ABC” ;) lol

  108. OMFFFGGG! U going to MALAYSIAA! I wanna see u guys too!! but im stuck in Australia (study abroad) =( Have fun ey!! eat moar fooooddd! 

    SELAMAT DATANG KE MALAYSIA! (Welcome to Malaysia) in Malay
    TERIMA KASIH (thank you)

  109. You should try “cendol” and it will taste extra delicious especially in extra hot weather in malaysia. Try king of fruit of malaysia, “durian”  you may hate the smell of it but seriously we malaysian love it so much! Have fun there! =)

  110. EAT EVERYTHING YOU CAN !!! IT ALL TASTE GOOD !!! go eat Roti Canai 

  111. Just in case you might be confused with the words Malay, Chinese, and Indian. All of us are Malaysians but we are a multicultural and multiracial country. Thus, the 3 words above represent the 3 major races in Malaysia. There are also other races which i myself as Malaysian can’t list them all. So, that is also why Malaysia is a heavenly place for food!! Do try everything that come to your sight as they will all be different. Have fun in Malaysia!! *its sad that i wont be in Malaysia until 20th of May as i love to met you guys in person!*

  112. I see that most people here have already said two of the most popular food choices in Malaysia, which is Nasi Lemak and Roti Canai. 

    So instead I shall recommend you to try something called Hokkien Mee. 
    It’s usually really good in some hawker stores. (: 
    Also, in case both of you are interested, you should try going to Sunway Lagoon or Genting Highland. Both are theme parks and both are equally enjoyable. (Genting Highland has a casino there though) 

  113. food to eat :
    1) nasi lemak(village park at damansara is really good)
    2)roti canai
    3) char kuey tiaw
    4)wantan mee
    5)asam laksa
    6)sarawak laksa
    8)teh tarik
    9)banana leaf.
    p/s : its really humid right now and when it rains,there’s thunder and lightning too so be prepared.and the mosquitoes,God,the mosquitoes…they kill u.

  114. One thing Malaysians are crazy about is their food. Seriously, it’s pretty much one of the major things that makes us Malaysians.

    Food tips: (really depends on the stuff you like)

    1. Durian is strictly try at your own risk. You either hate it or love it.2. Nasi lemak (literally fatty rice) is a MUST try. 
    3. Roti canai
    4. Char kuey teow
    5. Local kuih 
    6. Rojak
    7. Cendol

    Worst case scenario, just ask a local where to eat. 90% of Malaysians are foodies at heart

    Penang, an island up north, might be kinda out of your way, but it’s totally worth a trip just for the food. Stay a day or two, the food is amazing :) Other food cities are Melaka and Ipoh

    P.S. It’s really really really hot here, so be prepared. :) 

  115. Try as many local food/delicacy as you can! Cause all of it is SUPER DUPER awesome :D The list will go on and on and on and on if I were to begin listing them down :S But yes, you should try at least roti canai, satay and nasi lemak. 

    Do pack thin clothes though, it could get awfully hot :(

  116. try nasi lemak, nasi kandar, lemang, ketupat, rendang.. zomg, can’t list out all of the awesome foods here. come here and try!! don’t forget budu, belacan and cencaluk :D

  117. Drop by Singapore!! It’s just a few hours drive away!!

  118. a lot of food u should try…from malay,chinese and indian food…(nasi lemak,roti canai,yong tau foo…etc)…it would be nice if you come here and climb one of highest mountain in asia mount  kinabalu…in sabah…but KL still awesome place to visit..;-) 

  119. one main thing you must understand about malaysia is we have 3 main races which is Malay,Chinese and Indian all living in the same country .making malaysia filled with many different culture & food & also kindda lots of public holiday (Hari Raya for muslim, chinese new year, deepavali,christmas and etc). When it comes to Malaysia buildings, it must be the petronas twin towers. And the weather here is hot or sometiems rainy seasons so leave any long sleeve shirts or thick material clothes. Since the event is at taylors university lakeside campus, there’s many things around the campus too. Try calling ukiss Kevin and ask him about malaysian food ! hahhaha

  120. talyor lakeside campus near sunway, better go there cause is the best place where you shop till you drop!

  121.  For breakfast if you don’t want the usually rice triangle thing, you can have roti pisang (sort of like a pancake with banana, fried), I’m British and I went to Malaysia for three months and it was on of my favorite foods and it was really cheap. They also sell fruit and fresh fruit juice everywhere and its always really cheap. You can also get a selection of curries on a banana leaf as a plate, you really should use your right hand to eat it but they will often give you a fork and spoon if you look foreign(There are no knives). Korean and Malay junk fast food is pretty samey, lots of corn, ice cream and waffles in supermarket cafes and shopping malls.

  122. awesome…I wish I’m home (Malaysia)… Too bad I’m in India now…Enjoy your trip!

  123. I am excited already! Will try my very best to attend! Ahhh finally you guys are coming over to my country! Woo! Malaysia’s specialty is food. Seriously. We have so much variety of food over here. Try everything! 
    Can’t wait to see you guys!

  124. SUPER EXCITED! WHOS GOING HERE? TWEET ME @yeolah92:twitter 

  125. it’s really hot in Malaysia, you’ve been warned. lol. aishhh too bad i ain’t going >__< it's nice to see you guys getting so excited about coming here~ ^^ hope our country doesn't disappoint the both of you :) 

  126. u should try king of fruit which is Durian..it is very delicious.. =)

    •  Hahahahahaha YES!!!! xD

    • Hahah, Simon and Martina can so do a WANK challenge with Durian. Most foreigners can’t stand the taste/smell of it. XD

      • omg.. i can already imagine their weird expression when eating it.. lol.. but hey, chillex simon&martina, durian is not that bad.. it is actually one of my fav fruits.. u guys should definitely try it.. ^^

        • Sanne ten tusscher

          hehe, I tried durian and I didn’t like it at all. ^_^ It’s really a fruit where it’s more like you like it or you don’t like it.

    • irritablevowel

      I think this suggestion was made with hands rubbing together and an evil laugh.  Durian is the stuff of the devil.  THE DEVIL!  EL DIABLO! 

    • Yeah, but be careful. Some puke when they eat it. That’s why its called the KING OF FRUITS

    •  I LOVE THAT FRUIT!!! It’s sweet and goo-ey and oh so delicious.

      Yes, if you guys are doing a mini-WANK or the like, you must do durian. Even if you don’t like it, your expressions alone will be enough. :D Most foreigners despise it, because of the smell/texture, but since you guys also like a lot of fermented korean food, maybe you’ll amazingly like it, and then you’ll have my respect forever.

    • Ha!  From all the comments I’m reading, I’m scared about trying it!  What if our reactions aren’t the best and we wind up offending someone.  Oh noes!

      • omg durian smells so bad, it’s the ONE thing that Andrew Zimmern (Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel) cannot stand…and that guy eats animal balls. LOL.  Eat at your own risk…I don’t like being around it, and they even have hotel signs telling guests never to bring it to their rooms 

      • You should definitely try it. I have a love/hate relationship with it because it tastes good but the smell gives me a headache. Kinda like beer i guess.

        Soy un dorito.

      • they call it the “king of fruits” there.

        lets just say the smells is terrible, the consistency is of brie cheese or custard… but other than that its tastes good. you should try it haha

      • I live in Malaysia and we don’t get offended if people don’t like durian xD Heck, I can’t stand it myself… It’s one of those “love or hate” things…

      •  try it! my mum said she likes to eat durian when she pregnant

      • U guys gota choose the rite one to taste the awesomeness!:)(engrish moment XP)

      • Try D24 or “Mao Shan Wang durian” . Most of them are really sweet and soft ^^ but ur hands will get the durian smell! try filling the durian shell with water and washing your hands with it. i heard it helps to rid the odor :)

      • When you’re about to eat some, don’t expect a fruit taste. Imagine it’s cheese, you’re gonna stand it better. Both the taste and the creamy consistency are really surprising.

      • don’t worry!! a lot of malaysians can’t stand it either!! but you should definitely try because well, you guys are adventurous so why not?!! haha. for me, i can’t eat more than one bite of it. because inside the durian there’s more sections and each section has several pieces, so i can only eat at most one single piece.

        my tip is, don’t EVER take a huge big bite in the first try. you’ll feel like you wanna puke. the texture is weird kind of goo-ey and sort of like cheese, the taste is very rich and the smell is super strong! some hotels don’t even allow us to bring durians into the hotel because of the smell. but, once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty delicious. if you wanna ease your way into durian tho, you might wanna try some durian ice cream. it’s sweet and delicious!

        no one’s gonna be offended. we’re pretty laid-back most of us would just laugh it off. lol.

    • i’m from singapore and i love durians! but i don’t think most foreigners can stand the taste/smell of it… 

  127.  I suggest you pack up lots of fruits here and go back to Korea. Fruits are damn cheap here. XD  No $40 mangoes.

  128. Omaigat! You’re coming to Malaysia! I..I…I live there..here..uhh..I live in Malaysia haha
    WONDERFUL ADVENTURE NOW MALAYSIA! Lol I’m getting excited now 

    In Malaysia, I guess that the best food to try out would be Nasi Lemak. (NO 1 MALAYSIAN FOOD!) . It’s rice infused with coconut milk and pandan leaves with spicy sambal (kind of chili sauce/paste) You  would now when you get here, just ask for nasi lemak :) Next is the laksa, it’s noodles in a fish soup thingy oh what the hell I’m not good at explaining. lastly you should try out the sate. It’s chicken/meat skewers and you dip it in a nut sauce. 

    No specific advice tho. You can be as free as you want here in Malaysia.
    Hope you guys have fun. Sorry if this is all I can offer 

  129. OMG!!! if you don’t know yet, Malaysia is a food heaven!!! :D
    just ask anyone, and i really do mean ANYONE!!!, and they list down a thousand food you NEED TO TRY!!!
    my advice? don’t wear too skimpy clothes but not too covered up because its very hot here :D
    have a safe trip!!! :D

  130. oh my god!! i’ll be there for u guyyyssss!!! hahahah… luckily i’m a student at taylors! hahah :))

  131. you should visit 
    1. KLCC
    2. National Palace and a lot more
    Besides, our food is something must!!

  132. you should take a quick trip down to SINGAPORE and visit us! THE LITTLE RED DOT!!

  133. for food nasi beriyani gam u should try and teh tarik for drink

  134. Try ALL the food i guarantee you it will be good :D 

  135. Malaysia is rich with a lot of delicious foods, I lived for 20 years, and still not all foods in Malaysia I tasted yet. Anyway, top foods to eat: nasi lemak (beware, the real Nasi Lemak is u can taste the coconut milk flavour in the rice, not just smell it), and roti canai (make sure u try the mamak version and malay version). Drink: Teh tarik. We are multicultured country, please don’t be shock to see a lots of cultures and races, all blended together in daily life. Hehehe. Enjoy your trip!

  136. Simon and Martina. Woow it very amazing to know that you guys are going to Malaysia! Well , I am from Malaysia. Interesting foods that you guys wanna try. ~ Ketupat, rendang, nasi lemak, roti canai, umm there’s a lot to try.  Enjoy your trip in Malaysia! <3 LOL xD BTW, 12th May is also the day that Jay Park is going have his fanmeeting in Sabah (which  is also located in Malaysia). What a coincidence! Hwaiting, guys!

  137. You’re so lucky ! I hope your video will have still so much sucess 

  138. U should try ”NASI LEMAK” and also ”ROTI CANAI” .. it so delicious!!! and also if u want to greet Malaysian people, just say ”Apa Khabar?” its mean how are u in Eng, and I LOVE U is

  139. Bring umbrella along!a minute it’d be hella hot in a sec later rain like mad xDD
    yeahhhh note down the foods as what below comments recommend! 

  140. i wish i could b there to see u but im currently studying medicine in egypt!!!uhuhu i seriously love ur blog and it would b an honour to meet u in person!!! do have fun when u r in malaysia!!!! oh ya u should try some local food tooo.. such as Nasi lemak,rendang and sattey..i hope u will visit again malaysia and i hope this time i can meet u!!!! :)

  141. Wow! You guys are coming to Malaysia! x) My country hahaha..

    Em, for your information, it’s really really hot nowadays at here >_< Like, seriously hot! I can't stay outdoor for too long now. Ugh! But I think that's the only bad thing now. ;)

    And also, there's a lot of foods here! Nasi lemak, roti canai, teh tarik, chicken rice and such :)

    Lastly, we are multicultural countries, which I am very proud of ;) and I hope you have fun when you're here :D

  142. That’s so cool! I hope you guys have an awesome time there! I’ve never been anywhere except where I live…Florida. Oh Florida Y U NOT KOREA!?

  143. oh my God YOU’RE GOING TO MY COUNTRY!! sadly i’m in UK… :( my only advice is to try out EVERY food Malaysia has to offer i.e. Malay, Indian and Chinese food, especially if you love spicy food! A word of warning though, Malaysia is really hot and humid so just bring summer/thin clothes. Enjoy your stay there! :D

  144. arghhh. i’m not in malaysia during that time.. *flipping table*
    it’s very hot in malaysia, so i advise you to wear thin clothing
    and you should try ‘nasi lemak’ and ‘sate’. 
    have fun i malaysia! and make sure to post video about your trip later :D

  145. You definitely have to try the nasi lemak and sate over here! And did you realise you’re coming one day before Jay Park is? Stay longer if you can!

  146. Wow you guys are getting internationally acknowledged! Congrats Simon and Martina!

  147. nur sabrina ahmad azmi

    Food that you should try in malaysia:
    1.nasi lemak 
    2.roti canai
    3.teh tarik
    4.char kuey teow

    right now it’s a bit hot (28-30 celcius) during day and sometimes having an unpredictable rain, 
    but enjoy yourself!!! 

  148. Anyone got any advice?
    1. its very hot here so i advice you to wear thin cloth.
    Food ideas?
    Lots of choice from Malay, Chinese and Indian food. you can try nasi lemak, sate (ukiss loves to eat it), tom yam, durian, tosai etc

    • I like your idea of thin cloth – since revealing clothes might not be a great idea, as most Malaysians dress pretty modestly. 100% Cotton does wonders ;)

    • I like your idea of thin cloth – since revealing clothes might not be a great idea, as most Malaysians dress pretty modestly. 100% Cotton does wonders ;)

  149. OMG LIKE FINALLY. Food, anything :)) Though you should stop by at Penang <—- best food everrrrrrrr. Its really humid here so you should not EVER bring extra jackets :) 

  150. To Simon: Malaysian weather = You’ll need lots of Old Spice XDD

  151. u should try roti canai, nasi lemak, teh tarik, bla bla bla.. Malaysia is rich of food. and don’t forget to visit KLCC. 4minute had visit there once. Enjoy your trip in Malaysia

  152. wowowowowow!!! you’re coming hereeee!!! too bad my A Levels exams just started… maybe next time

  153. Congrats! Have fun there! : ) 

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