Finally! The day is finally about to come! This is real. This is happening. We weren’t sure if it was going to happen or not. We started talking about this event a while ago, back when we were in Japan. But, with our luck, we get invited to things and then they fall through. It happens, alas, far too often. But then we started talking to all the official people at the event and we’re like “Hey, this might actually happen.” And then we saw ourselves in the promo video they made and we’re like “HELL NO THEY CAN’T EDIT US OUT NOW! It’s confirmed!”


So here it is! We’re coming! We’re going! We’re gonna be there! From May 20th-25th, we are going to be in Singapore. Huzzah! We’re gonna see you Singaporean Nasties, officially the Nastiest city in the world! We can’t wait to see you guise. We’ve wanted to go for a while, but now, it’s finally going to happen. Yay!

However, this isn’t going to be just us walking around and playing, mind you. We’re taking part in a pretty big event while we’re there. HP (THANK YOU HP!) and YouTube (THANK YOU YOUTUBE!) are bringing us out to take part in the AllThatMatters conference, two days of which are going to be the YouTubeFanFest. A bunch of other YouTubers are going there as well, including:

Ryan Higa
Boyce Avenue
David Choi
Joseph Vincent
Cooking with Dog
Mighty Car Mods
Little Boots
Nicko’s Kitchen

Huzzah! We’re really quite excited, because – here in Korea – there aren’t really any people that do YouTube full-time, so for us to be able to go to Singapore and speak with some of these people is going to be amazing for us, just so we can get different people’s perspectives. We’re totally stoked.

Anyhow, that’s it for the info. We’ll keep you up to date with more info as we get it. If you have any questions, ask here, and we’ll do our best to answer them. If you have any recommendations about things we should check out while we’re in Singpore, PLEASE LET US KNOW! We’ve been watching Anthony Bourdaine’s Layover Episode in Singapore, and we’re trying to memorize different places we should go.

Lastly, we DO have 10 tickets away to give away to you Nasties. Let us know if you want one! We’ve got more tickets to give away than we have actual Social Media Networks, so we can pick more than one winner from some of each. Huzzah! Here’s what you can do:

-Comment Here!
-Comment on the YouTube video
- Tweet This!
- +1 it on Google Plus and Comment!
- Like this on Facebook and Comment!
- Follow us on Tumblr, and then Reblog this with the tag #YTFF (so we can search it afterwards)

We’ll pick out 10 Singaporean Nasties and send you tickets to the event. Huzzah!

Ok, I think that’s it for now. Yeah!

  1. PLEASE GIMME A TICKET!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REALLY LOVE YOUR VIDEOS ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I M A SINGAPOREAN!!!!!! youtube : blubberandlard123

  2. PLEASE GIMME A TICKET!!!!!!!!!!!! I REALLY LOVE YOUR VIDEOS ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I M A SINGAPOREAN!!!!!! youtube : blubberandlard123

  3. PLEASE GIMME A TICKET!!!!!!!!!!!! I REALLY LOVE YOUR VIDEOS ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I M A SINGAPOREAN!!!!!! youtube : blubberandlard123

  4. I’m seriously gonna stay on the FanFest live stream tmr.
    Can’t get the tickets but oh well… WORTH IT!! xD

  5. Hi guys. It’s me! Cheryl from YouTube. Umm. I ws just wondering, when are you guys going to announce the winner for the tickets? Or have you done that already. Please! If you haven’t, can I have two for me and my BFF who loves you guys to bits!!!

  6. Hope you guise reach Singapore safely… Hope I can win a tix so that I can meet you!!!! :P

  7. Heyy Singapore nasties! The flight that is coming in from Seoul will at 7.30pm in terminal 2 tomorrow. So I’m wondering how many nasties will I be expecting tomorrow at the airport. I’m probably going there alone because my friends are busy..T _T do comment if you’re going? We can have like a special colour code wewear or something to identify ourselves. Keke. Unite all the power nasties!! *^O^*


    Wow. So many comments O.O I just wanna tell you that I am definitely going! HELL YES. It’s the end of the examination period… (for now) So, it’s my time to relax… And meet all of the most awesomest Youtubers everrrrrr!!! I don’t care how much. I’m definitely going by hook or by crook. SO YEAH!

  9. The general guideline is that if you go to a regular hawker centre that’s relatively crowded, and has newspaper articles about the food stall plus there’s some sort of queue at the stall, the food should be pretty decent! Remember – the newspaper articles HAHA.

    Have fun in Singapore!! Eat loads and stuff yourselves silly

  10. Hi simon and martina. I would like a ticket to the youtube event in singapore. Not for me but my friend. I haven’t been a great person to him and I want to make it up by giving him the ticket. He is studying abroad in singapore right now.

  11. Forget about Starbucks or atas (high class) cafe. When in Singapore order coffee like the locals do! As hironyx has mentioned hawker centres and kopitiams are where the yummies can be found- CHEAP AND GOOD FOOD! After an apitising meal, grab yourself a kopi (coffee) the Singapore way.

    ps. pick me :D

    I’d love to go to YTFF because there are so many of my favourite youtubers there – Ryan Higa, Chester See, Boyce Avenue, and you guys, of course. there are a lot more, but I’m not going to list them all here now ’cause I’m sort of pressed for time Unfortunately, the performers’ dates are split up (D:), but if i get a ticket for Day 2, I’ll still be able to see Boyce Avenue, Ryan Higa, and you awesome people, to name a few.
    It’s really rare for any youtubers to come here, so this is a once-in-a-lifetime oppurtunity for me. I wish you a good time here in Singapore, and good luck with your performance!

  13. I live in Singapore!!!! I really want this ticket!!! You guess are so funny and AWESOME!!!!! AWESOME BEYOND THE RAINBOWS!!! I am more then happy to give you a list of places to go can and enjoy the delicious Dim Sum and all the other types of food. IF I GET THE TICKET!!!! I’LL EVEN BRING YOU GUYS AROUND!!!

  14. Hello! I think the main things that you should take note of are:
    1) shopping! well if you want to get branded stuff, you go to orchard road. However, if you want the cheap, trendy and nice stuff, go to bugis. It will be extremely packed, and don’t buy things you like immediately. Chances are, you’ll find the same thing somewhere further in at a cheaper price. The layout of bugis street can be rather confusing though, since it is so packed. But you probably won’t have to worry much about getting pick-pocketed, singapore is generally quite safe :) anyways, you can try to bargain, it might work :D
    2) food. Like all the other comments below has stated (which I will once again reinstate), NEVER go to tourist spots. Go to food courts. The food courts (kopitiam (koh-pee-diam)) with good food usually happen to be the slightly more run down, aircondition-less ones. And if you’re unsure of what to eat, just go to the stall with the longest queue. That tends to work. And since Singaporeans tend to use dialects when ordering food, you might be a little confused. Okay maybe very confused. Right down to simple things like noodles from a noodle stall, there’s variations like mee pok, mee Kia etc.
    3) clothes. Singapore’s weather can fluctuate quite terribly. And we tend to dress quite casually too. So don’t hesitate to bring slippers, shorts/Bermudas and sleeveless clothes! Then again, bring umbrellas in case it rains!! Also, try to bring/buy loads of tissue paper. You’ll be sweating like you’ve entered a sauna soon enough.
    4) people! In Singapore, we tend to call older people “auntie” and “uncle”. Don’t hesitate to just call them that, especially when you’re buying food at a kopitiam!
    5) where to go. Depending on what you’re interested in/how much time you have…tourist attractions are very much quite a rip off to be honest. If you want to see Singaporean culture, go to places like Chinatown, Arab street, little India etc. these places are really interesting, and even as a Singaporean myself, i never get tired of going to these places :D
    That’s pretty much it i guess. Okay maybe not. I want a ticket ;; apart from that, I hope you have fun!

  15. PLEASE give the tickets to me!!!! I bought Monday’s tickets not knowing that you would only be in Singapore on Tuesday OTL. I swear you’ll get lots of Fan-Art if you do, pinky promise! cries

  16. Hi Simon and Martina! I would looooooove to win the tickets because I want to see you guys so badly! I’ve been watching you guys for years now and it would be such a dream come true to see you guys in real life! I’d also love to see other Nasties at the event and meet up with all the SIngaporean Nasties! So please please please please it’d be a dream come true if I win the tickets and seeing you guys will just make my life complete <3 Love you guys!

  17. Hi Simon and Martina! I would looooooove to win the tickets because I want to see you guys so badly! I’ve been watching you guys for years now and it would be such a dream come true to see you guys in real life! I’d also love to see other Nasties at the event and meet up with all the SIngaporean Nasties! So please please please please it’d be a dream come true if I win the tickets and seeing you guys will just make my life complete <3 Love you guys!


  19. HEY GUYS. I’ll ask you to give me the ticket but I don’t have time right now -shouldbestudyingforexamscoughcough- to write a totally awesome ‘HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU AND YOUTUBE’ essay, so yeah! I just hope you could maybe tweet where you are while in Singapore….soIcouldtotallystalkyoulater AHEM.

  20. HELLO! I’m Singaporean and I live in Singapore AND I WANT TO ATTEND THIS EVENT PLEASE!!!

  21. oh em gee! I happen to be in singapore in may; whooooopie. I want tickets pretty puhleese? *blink blink betty boop style* hehe love your work, you both. keeps my korean addiction in check! Singapore welcomes you! ^^

  22. Hi Simon and Martina ^^ Hope you guys can choose me as I really want to meet you all in person, thank you so much :)

  23. No idea if this is still on BUT ME PLEASEEEEE!! I REALLY WANT TO SEE YOU GUYS! :(

  24. YOU GUYS ARE SO AWESOME!!! AWESOMENESS JUST POURS OUT OF YOUR PORES!! I really want to see you guys live in all your awesome glory!!

  25. You guys are coming to Singapore!!!!! Ohhmygod!!!!! *hyperventilate* -flips car- *runs around the house*. I’m so excited!!! I would like to win the ticket to see you guys (and the Awesome Ryan) in person! Even if i don’t win the ticket, i still hope to chance upon you guys on the streets of Singapore or anywhere else, and hopefully, be the one to get the 100won from Simon! Haha. Still, i hope that you guys will have a pleasant experience in Singapore. (Really, if you guys enjoyed it here it’ll make me really really happy!) Make it a must to upload the footage of your stay in Singapore because i would love to see it!!!

    Oh yeah, do look at the city’s sky line from the Singapore’s Flyer or from Garden at the Bay. The view is ahhhhhhhhhmazing especially at night!!!

    p/s. Can you guys update about your whereabouts when you guys are in Singapore (If you’re comfortable with it) because i would really want to see you guys even if its only for a glimpse! Pretty pleaseeeeeeeee! -puppy eyes- okay maybe not because my eyes are small

  26. you know what.. a lot of people have introduced you guys a lot of our local delights.. but i bet they miss out one thing.. u guys shld try our Mcspicy over at our McDonald! if u dare! try the DOUBLE Mcspicy! u wouldn’t regret it! mayb u would after they set ur ass on fire.. :b

  27. OMG ! Please meet all the nasties if possible !




  31. Please pick me!! T____T I’m a Singaporean NASTY :D I really wanna go to the event and meet you guys but the tickets are really expensive… >< Really really hope I'll get the opportunity to go! Hope you guys will enjoy your stay in Singapore! Hopefully the weather will be great then :) Do try our famous chilli crab and also other delicacies like mee siam, satay, fishball noodles and ice kacang (PERFECT for the hot weather in Singapore!) hehe. Looking forward to your visit to SG! Cya then :)))

  32. OOOOOOO~~~ Gonna comment on every platform to increase my chances of winning a ticket! BECAUSE I’M NASTILY KIASU THAT WAY. “Kiasu” is a local term here that literally translates into “fear of losing(out)”. Which explains why we like to queue. :D

    Yes, listen to all the comments about the food. Like ALL of it. Eat as much of it as you can. If you want to experience a true Singaporean Hawker environment check out CHOMPCHOMP.for dinner/supper. You can get everything from tze char to satay to sugarcane.

    Tze char(pronounced ‘tzzz’ like a bee and ‘char’ like Charmander!!) translates into “Stir-fry” and a proper tze char menu will have a good selection of fried rice/noodles/meats/vegetables/seafoods/soups. Be adventurous and try things with century egg and salted egg in it. Or fried frogs legs. Tastes glorious.

    And try NotUglyJustEXOTIC tropical fruits too! Like jackfruit, starfruit, jambu, rambutan, lychee, longan, durian, mangosteen, etc. Most are seasonal, but you should be able to find them all year round; it’s just that it tastes best when in season.

    Here’s a phrase that’s useful when you want to ask for recommendations “What is good har?/ Which one good now?”

    Gotta warn you about the weather here though. It’s been hot as hell recently, with chances of thunderstorms in evenings. So it’s either Mordor or Arctic. If you get caught in a storm you’d get drenched in 5 seconds, not kidding.
    Keep hydrated, bring a good-sized brolly, wear sunblock, bring a light jacket, throw a pair of slippers in to change out of soaked shoes. Also, bring a freshening facial/body mist. Helps a lot.

    Oh Martina if you feel ache-y you can try traditional chinese Tui Na Massages/Acupuncture. Go to reputable ones in malls or something. Eu Yan Sang is reputable. Avoid the dodgy-looking ones in shophouses or the like. Here’s a link, I go there myself. Will need to call to make an appointment though. :)

    Enjoy yourselves!! Really excited for you guise to come to the Island! :D

  33. btw, if u’re going to Universal Studios Singapore, u can use the promo code USS6045 when booking online.
    20% discount valid till 31 May 2013
    $60 per Adult One Day Pass (U.P. $74)
    $45 per Child One Day Pass (U.P. $54)

  34. So I’m happy this is online because I’m really very awkward in real life, but since you both are flying down here maybe it’s time to crawl out of a shell. I’m not sure how to go about this but… I’d really like tickets to see you all, since exam season just finished and I spent the entire exam season using this as my incentive for doing great. I don’t know if I’ll ever visit Korea but I’ve wanted to meet you guys ever since I started watching you and those tickets would mean a lifetime. <3

  35. PLEASE GIMME THE TICKET!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE ALL YOUR VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my youtube is blubberandlard123

  36. hey..
    I want to send you guys some stuff since you’re going to be here..
    So if you’re not too shy, could you tell me where you’ll be staying?


  38. I’M SINGAPOREAN!!!! I WANT THE TICKET!!!! I’LL BRING YOU GUYS AROUND TO EAT ALL THE GOOD FOOD!!!!! I’m a HUGE foodie and I can like plan for you where to eat for every meal!!! IF I GET THE TICKET!!!:)

  39. I REALLY WANT TO MEET YOU GUYS BADLY!!! I have no idea what to add on anymore because everybody have been recommending food/bubble tea/Singapore’s culture/singlish….. blah blah blahhhhhhhh. ALL OF THEM ARE TRUE anyway so you guys definitely have to see it for yourself!

    I would love to be part of your glory moments since you guys made me feel so much better (okay that sounds wrong..) during my exams period. I have to admit that I only came across your channel in April 2013 but I watched most of the videos all at one shot during my exams period. Urm yup, so I actually stopped mugging for a few hours or more..? just to catch up what I had missed out in life!!!!!

    I am loving your witty and lame videos so it will be AWESOME if I can see you guys LIVE on stage!

    I would come for the show after my internship, I promise!!!!
    So pick me maybe? :)

  40. I know you guys are probably tired of reading long essays so…

    AYY GIRL (… and guy) CAN I BUY YOU A DRINK? Just one ticket and we can go partay at YTFF like a man 8D (omg ok awkward bc I’m a girl ahahaha)

    Imma try cosplaying as mortney present during that day so look out for me kay :3 Can’t wait it’s gonna be ooh-so-nasty ^^

  41. I am not capable of writing long essays for you to give me the tickets..BUT i just wanna say this “PLEASE 100X GIVE ME THE NASTY TICKETS!!!!!!”
    and btw,did you guys still check your fanmail box?

  42. I’M SO HAPPY THAT YOU GUYS R COMING! I am a super duper nasty from Singapore! & i definitely want the ticket! May 13 is my 18th birthday and seeing u guys will be the most memorable present for me! Singapore is known as food paradise! i think you guys might have to stay here for a couple of months to try out all the delicacies! For shopping Bugis Street is a must! It’s kinda like a Hongdae area of Singapore.For fun Resort World Sentosa & Singapore Flyer! For food,try out all the hawker centres nearby. Most of the local dishes are available there at its tastiest quality and cheapest price! My favourite fews will be chicken rice, carrot cakes (no no not the creamy cake),Ice Kachang, Roti Prata,wanton noodles & char kuey teow. For drink Bandung,Sugar Cane, Kopi O & Bubble Tea! Since you guys have already tried Gong Cha , try Koi! U know what Simon & Martina? U guys are bad! Making my stomach growling at 3am in the morning T_T I am off to kitchen. The weather is gonna be hot so make sure u guys choose the suitable outfits!Have a safe trip guys! See ya guys! (Hopefully) :D

  43. Really want to go for the fanfest, but I’m having the all important A levels examinations on 21st and 22nd May!

    Really hope to see you guys from 23rd-25th May though! Do update us on where you guys are visiting so if we are at that area we can look for you! Hope you guys have fun here! And it’s really hot so dress as lightly as possible :P

    See you guys!

  44. I know I’m reposting this but I really really want to goooo DDDD:

    Hey guys, I know I commented on YouTube and Tweeted this tread but I really want to get those tickets to see you guys. I’ve rbeen watching EatYourKimchi ever since 2010? That makes me a fan for almost 4 years, HAHA YEA The first video I watched was Korean Drunkness xD From there, I explored your channel and fell in love. I remembered Spudy’s hair was green and you guys were living in your first Office Tel. My first music monday was T-ara’s Yayaya! Then, I watched practically every music monday, from Miss A’s Bad Girl Good Girl to G-Dragon’s MICHI GO. I recalled when you guys had people sending in requests for song your guys should review for Music Monday, and one of the songs I requested got reviewed. When I saw my name at the rolling credits part, I literally freaked out and shared it on Facebook. I saw the beginnings of WTF, WANK, FAP and TL;DR. LOL anyways, I love you’re videos and Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays are my favorite because you guys would post a new video and it never fails to cheer me up. I really want to meet you guys, cause you guys make me happy, and you really help brighten up my life whenever I’m sad and down. Lastly, those tickets would be the best birthday gift for my 14th Birthday, since the event is on 20th May, which is my birthday ^^ I REALLY HOPE YOU GUYS CONSIDER CHOOSING ME, I REALLY WANT THOSE TICKETS.

    You guys like Bubble Tea right? PLEASE GO TRY KOI AND TELL US WHICH IS BETTER!!! KOI OR GONGCHA, THE AWESOMENESS OF KOI, ICEEEEEE CREAMMMMMM MILKTEAAAAA, DAYUMMMMM :DDDDD Right you guys should go to the Singapore Flyer, and try out the food at the food court there. It may be a little over priced, but the ambience is just amazing and the food is daebak~ And they have this ice ball thing, it’s like an ice kachang ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A… ) except you hold it in your hands and eat it LIKE A MAN. Guys you should really try Tiong Bahru Bakery as well. (http://www.hungrygowhere.com/s… RIGHT AND IF YOU WANT SOMETHING CLASSY, HEAD TO DEMPSEY HILL, They have many restaurants and wine places there, so yea, there’s like even ben & jerrys so (http://www.dempseyhill.com/mai… OKAAYYYY ONE MORE!! TOMS N TOMS AT TANJONG PAGAR. It’s a Korean Cafe like thing as far as I know. It’s like a Korean Starbucks? It’s really awesome they serve food and drink, I love that place so so much!!! To end this long comment, I hope you guys will enjoy all my Singaporean Nasties and mine sunny island ^^


    Here’s some food I absolutely love :D do try it !! ~ Most of the food can be found in the food courts and kopitiam
    1) Laksa <3 It's so nice omfg why.
    2) Rojak. It's really nice but DO NOT buy it food courts. The market side ones are absolutely delicious while the food courts ones are blah
    3) Ice Kachang. I love the red beans in them and I really like the ones with ice cream on top <3
    4) Chili Crab. I love the bread that comes along more than the crab itself LOL. Try the ones at Mellben Seafood! Personal favorite place. (232 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 #01-1222)
    5) Kaya and butter toast. Perfect breakfast <3 You can find them at toast box which can be found in numerous shopping malls such as Jurong Point
    6) Durian Pancakes! So.Good. I like the ones by Durian Mpire (1 Jurong West Central 2 #02-K9/K10 Jurong Point Shopping Centre)

    There's many more nice food out there and they are mostly cheap and can be found in food court ^^
    OH OH OH and when you are here you must try Sticky k! I love the mango flavored ones (it's a kind of sweet). You can find them at JCube :D

    For the drinks, you must must must try KOI. The bubble tea there is HEAVEN. Especially the vanilla ice cream milk tea with pearl <3333. They are pretty rare to find tho. I remember Clementi has one though. Also try Milo Dinosaur when you go to food courts IT'S AWESOME

    For places to go, Singapore flyer is actually really boring lol. Garden at Bay is really pretty at night and of course Sentosa and Universal Studio is a must. East and West Coast are fun too.
    Instead of central areas such as orchard or bugis, you should try going to smaller shopping malls. JCube and Jurong Point are two really nice shopping malls to go to.

    Hope you enjoy your stay here!

  46. Hi!!!^^
    There are many good food in Singapore:DD
    Do try out local cuisine like Fried Hokkien Mee(Iny opinion,there is one really good one in Tampines!Somewhere near a police station and Safra.Do try the fried oyster too!!)
    And chicken rice~wanton mee~Laksa~HorFun~NasiLemak~And also our deserts!!!Like~Ice Kachang amd Chendol~5days isnt enough to try out the awesome food here!!^^

    There is also Garden by the Bay,Universal Studios SG,Underwater world in Sentosa and mamy other things to do here!!^^

    Like what others have said,Do not go to those tourist attraction places!Dont go to those at malls too~~The best and cheap food is on the street!Dont forget to drop by any PasarMalam(night market) The food selling there is not bad too!!

  47. awesome ramen list! simon and martina, just remember to steer away from other “popular” ramen restaurants commonly found in singapore like ramen ten and ajisen ramen. i always find their ramen not that fantastic. sakae sushi is by far the place to avoid if you want authentic japanese sushi. the japanese people in singapore will avoid sakae at all cost!

  48. Omg! You’re coming to Singapore? There’s plenty of places to explore and food to east!! Now you can film WANS. Hahahahaha
    You should head to Marina bay sands, the esplanade and probably go to the neighbourhoods to see how normal singaporeans live their lives! Oh! And do try out durians! I know Caucasians hate the smell but you’ll have to try it before you judge it!! :)

  49. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! You are finally coming to Singapore! You are the most awesome couple I know from youtube. If you can, take the boat that travels on the Singapore River at night and see the diamonds in the sky (actually it’s the city lights hehe) Please do come to BOLLYWOOD VEGGIES where I work on the weekends, and can do the most SEXIEST WINDOW ROLLING service EVAR. ;) We serve awesome local food and service, and take a stroll down the farm and reach to a pond with a swing beside it. The place is in Kranji Countryside, 100 Neo Tiew Road. You totally come here and amazed that Singapore has a countryside. When you’re in here, you’re in a totally different place. Lastly, I’m your NASTIEST NASTY you can find in Singapore and you guise are AWESOME <3<3

  50. OMG please olive me the tickets!!! I live in Singapore and wanna meet u guys so baddddd

  51. OMG. I can’t believe you guys will be coming to Singapore! I’m living here and I would SO FREAKING LOVE TO MEET YOU GUYS! I will roll down my sexy windows, be all soy-un-dorito and totally be like “Can I buy you a drink?” but I’m under the legal age so, darn! :-x I hope you guys have fun here! :-)

  52. do try hainanese chicken rice! :) singapore has amazing food! :) please let me win!! I AM A NASTY!

  53. Eatyourkimchi! i love you guys and i live in singapore! please pick me! i am a student so i can’t afford tickets. ☹ i wanna meet you guys!

  54. check out singapore episodes for anthony bourdain’s “no reservations!” i was just in singapore a few months ago and watching the singapore episodes were really helpful.

  55. Ryan Higa and Chester See are gonna be there too?

    Aw man…I won’t be arriving in Singapore until June 3.
    Post a video of all the cool places to visit! I’ll be living there for 3 months so i want to be sure and see everything I can, but it helps having ideas first :)

  56. WOW, Simon and Martina, WAY to GO! Congratulations for being invited to so many huge, exciting events!!! (Toronto is so proud of youuu~! ^0^) It’s really exciting to see you guys getting so much recognition now that you are full time YouTubers! You put SO MUCH work into entertaining us, and I must be honest, I DON’T HAVE TV! I have Netflix and a couple friends to grab me the latest Game of Thrones, but other than that? IT’S YOU GUYS. Really, really happy for you, and I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL time over there, get to meet tons of great people, and eat amazing food! I hope it is somehow ALMOST like a vacation! Have fun!!

  57. Please say hi to Cooking with Dog – I love Chef and Francis! Have a lot of fun in Singapore and be careful! :)

  58. The link to the fanfest page doesn’t work….it goes to something like youtube.com/user/fanfest?annotation……(there was a lot of letters and =’s)

  59. Hay Simon and Martina! I would really love to get one ticket, because
    not only am I shamelessly poor (kind of), but I also reaaally love to
    meet you guys and everyone else who’s going to FanFest. Only, I’m probably going to give
    it to my friend, who REAAALLY loves you guys and she would probably
    freak out if she got to go. If I can’t get it, that’s fine, maybe I can
    meet one of you on the streets to chat for a bit or something :D

    If you read this, thanks! Have a great time in Singapore, hope you meet lots of great people and fans!

  60. i live in singapore and i hope to go!!!

  61. Omg, I’m going to Singapore on the 20th and then again on the 24th! Would be really awesome to see you guys even though I’m not singaporean, just going there because of work, so sadly I cannot recommend any good places to visit or eat, but I’d definitely be checking the comments for good suggestions from other nasties. But in case I don’t, I hope you have an awesome time filming and going around the city, hopefully I’ll be able to spot you while we both play tourists or something.

    Have fun and good luck!

  62. I would really like to go becase I really am such a huge mega fan of yours. I watched so many of videos and everything! I dreamt everyday that if I manage to go Korea one day, the first destination would be eyk’s studio, and now that a rare chance of you guys coming to Singapore, I’d really like to meet you !

    Some food to try out would be Tiong Bahru Paus, they sell buns over here, really tasty, meat buns and other pastries.
    I will also suggest at Alexandra Road, there is an ABC Market, try out the fried prawn noodles there, it’s heaven ! And, you must try Chilli Crab ! Singapore is famous for their chilli crab and ice kachang ^^



  65. theres lots of recommendations for dishes already so ill throw in some different stuff, you guys should try FRUITS in singapore, theyre more south east asian centric, stuff which im not sure gets up to south korea and even if it does, somehow i imagine itd be expensive(like japan, or maybe not i dunno), im betting youve never had most of these before, and its not expensive. i think you can find them in supermarkets but in my opinion the best place to get this is along the KALLANG(this is an area thats been mentioned more than once in ser bourdains various series of which im a huge fan and i have to say he REALLY really gets singapore so anything he recommends is a good starting point for you guys) stretch, (which is also a foodie stretch so you can eat dinner and then buy the fruits), because you can find ALL of these along the same ten minute walk, sometimes all in one fruit store even, they might give you a discount if youre getting a bunch


    -mangos(iv found these to be different in many parts of the world, almost to the point of being a different fruit, ours are from thailand)

    -rambutans(raahm-boo-taahn as in aah i see a nasty)

    -longan (pronounced low- ng as in same as in english bing bang bong haha- aahn)



    -pomelos(po as in po boy-meh as in meh-lows)



    -theres this superorange fruit thats kind of hard and has 3/4 stiff green leaves in a flat pattern on the top, its a really common fruit and for the life of me i have no idea whats it called, i realize iv never called it by name before even though i like it alot, my dad usually just gets it and i never have to namecall it, anyone who knows what im talking about and can tell me the answer itd be great lol

    -and if youre feeling daredevil, durians,fresh from the region :D

    stuff that im really not sure if they are international or not, somehow i feel like they are but iv never really seen them anywhere in europe at least:

    -Guava(goo-ahh-vaah) this is eaten with a powder that looks like pepper, its actually Sour plum powder and is ridic good

    -Soursop (sour-sup as whatsup) great as a drink, get it if you see it at a drink store, its really common



  68. I’d buy you a drankkkk if I see y’all around! :D








  76. Im from singapore !!! I hope i can get ! I’ve been wanted to see you both

  77. yay i can watch the live stream i got my days of college lol <3

  78. AHHHHH I WOULD LOVE TO COME SEE YOU GUYS!!!! and you don’t need to memorise anything i can take you guys around singapore ^^ with my friends. good cheap food, good touristy spots to take quintessential touristy shots (i.e. drinking outta the Merlion and all that jazz), and if you miss your Gong Cha, there’s loads of Gong Cha + Koi (another bubble tea branch) in Singapore too!

    Anyway please update us when you come down ^^ Is there going to be a fanmeet!~

  79. OMG Hello Simon and Martinaaaaaaaaaa!


    Chili Crabs and Hainanese Chicken Rice is like a must must to eat!

    Sambal stingray/Sotong at Chomp chomp/ Simpang Bedok are really nice!

    Laksa too! and please like what the other nasties say, dont eat at these at those restaurants at tourism attraction. Totally over priced and not as good as those coffee shops etc
    You can head to Sentosa, Marina bay sands (singapore flyer) Theres like free light & water show there at 8.00pm & 9.00pm. Friday and Saturday extra show time at 11pm check it out~ ~ Or bugis ! lots of teenage cute and pretty stuff at affordable price!

  81. Other than the classics, you should try others like the whole slew of roti prata variety. It’s Indian thin savory pan cake served with curry. The varieties include – roti plain, tissue, egg, onion, cheese, plaster etc etc, just to name a few. Don’t forget the snacky stuff like Mi Jian Kueh (peanut pancake), Ang Gu Kueh (er… a variety of sweet and savory fillings wrapped in glutinous skin), Soon Kueh (it’s like a huge dumpling with turnip filling) etc.

    Singaporean food are quite cheap if you go to the hawker centres (food courts), instead of restaurants. There are so many food you should try but hard to list here.

    Or you can give me the ticket so I can explain to you guys in person, or even arrange to show you around. :D

  82. Experience the view at the Infinity Pool in Marina Bay Sands. Also visit areas like Tampines Mall, Far East Square, Bugis Street and Bedok. They have great food and cheap shopping there. U can also try the local coffee at any coffee shops. It’s very different from those cafes in Korea. It’s pretty convenient to take the public transport to get around but AVOID PEAK HOURS. Be prepared to sweat ur ass off cos it’s really hot and humid in here. So time to show more skin here! Hope you enjoy ur stay in Singapore!

    p.s. I wanna win this so badly!! *prepares to roll down sexy windows*


    (Btw they sell ranch here in Cold Storage ((Its a grocery shop)) )

    Chomp Chomp is a great place to go!
    You should definitely try

    Hokkien Mee (my personal favourite)
    Chicken rice
    BBQ Sambal Stingray
    Ice Kachang
    Chilli Crab
    Bak Chor Mee

    I hope I get to meet you :D

    You should visit the ever-famous Sentosa and see the Merlion.

    And yes I do want a ticket because I am a broke Nasty. Heehawheehaw

  84. AYY GIRL!!! I really really wanna see u guys here in Singapore!!! Im a really a big fan of u guys since u make videos for ur family about how u doing in korea…. I really love all ur videos, love martina, love simon, love spudgy, love meemerworth, love the eatyourkimchi crew, love the eatyourkimchi studio(eventhough i nvr seen it in real life) and everything you guys do I LOVE IT…(ok its abit creepy but I DON CARE, I love you guys!!! and EATYOURKIMCHI Hwaiting!!!

  85. hi simon and martina! my name is jina and i consider myself singaporean. i lived the first half of my life in korea, then moved to
    singapore when i was 8. i love watching your videos to keep me updated on korean culture. i’m not sure if my parents will let me attend because i have exams starting on the 28th, but if i get free tickets i’m DEFINITELY going no matter what. here is a list of stuff you gotta try while you’re here.

    several pints of ben & jerry’s
    because korea is one of those ben & jerry deprived countries. i recommend chocolate therapy, maple tree hugger, and clusterfluff!

    several pints from udders – best alcoholic ice creams in the world.
    i recommend the orange chocolate, bailey’s, and earl grey

    satay bee hoon and popiah from chomp chomp
    popiah is like gimbap but without rice, and wrapped with thin crepes instead of seaweed. ask for the wasabi popiah, with LOTS of coriander ^__^ udder’s is close by.
    satay bee hoon is and awesomesauce dish of vermicelli, seafood, and satay sauce (peanut butter!!!)

    bak chang (rice dumplings)
    oh my damn these are #$%^& good!!!!! it’s like yakbab, but savory. ahhhhHHHHHHHH i want one rainao.

    curry puffs from killiney road – best curry puffs in the world.

    hummus, foul, and grilled meat from cafe le caire
    my favorite place to hang out during the day ^__^ i love passing time smoking shisha, and checking out the shops in haji lane.

    snickers tart and soursop meringue tart from overdoughs – best tarts in the world.

    chocolate cupcake with cacao nibs from plain vanilla bakery – best cupcake in the world.

    kouign amann from tiong bahru bakery
    the only place i know in singapore that sells kouign amann – good thing they make them right! just like the ones in europe :D plain vanilla bakery is nearby.

    antoinette from antoinette – best cake in the world.

    dim sum at tim ho wan – order the entire menu.

    youtiao with kaya and soft boiled eggs – best breakfast in the world.

    chapati, kheema, and curry from azmi
    i’ll bet anything this beats everything else on anybody’s list. its the best, cheapest, and freshest.

    laksa from sungei road laksa – best laksa ever. shrimpy, coconutty, spicy, ohhhhhhh yessssss

    coconut – best drink ever… non alcoholic

    i remember when i was 5? 6? 7? anyway the point is, my parents and i got coconuts at carribean bay, the place near everland, and they tasted really weird. but the coconuts in singapore are way bigger and taste awesome ^__^

    romanesco, pizza, and caramel copetta from pizza mozza
    best ang mo place in singapore!!! if the local food doesn’t suit your taste, this is the place to go.

    my place
    if you miss authentic korean food, hit me up. my mom’s the master of korean food.

    fruits you can’t (ever) get in korea (for a reasonable price)
    durian, jackfruit, rambutan, longan, mangosteen, papaya, dragonfruit, starfruit, mango
    i don’t like dragonfruit or starfruits, but i recommend you try it anyway.

    durian puffs from 1a curry puffs – im waiting for the day they rename themselves “1a durian puffs”

    i really recommend you to take a late night walk / bike after midnight. it’s soooo serene and nice ^__^ i have to stop now otherwise i’m probably gonna go on forever and it will be may 20th already. i hope ya’ll have a memorable time here!

  86. Again, ridiculously jealous of your life! But very happy for ya too :) I’ll see ya over there if I win the lottery anytime soon here lol… HEY, ya never know right?

  87. How could you do this to me?! I wait for you in Singapore for AGES & once I leave Singapore for Japan to work, you FINALLY DECIDED TO COME?! ):

  88. Omg Simon and Martina, I would love to meet you guys in Singapore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I watched you guys ever since your old old old apartment. I can’t wind down any sexy windows but I really wish to meet you guys. 2013 has been pretty dull and I’m sure getting to see you will be a highlight of the year. Haha what are my odds of getting the tickets from you but it’s worth the try!:)

  89. Woohoo! This is really exciting news! I’d love to be one of those lucky winners! Here are some of my recommendations: If spicy food is your thing you should definitely check out spicy stingray. A lot of hawker stalls like Chomps Chomps sell them. Singapore is prized for being a food paradise, and hawker centres are the best place to try a variety of food at affordable prices. To get a taste of an authentic Singaporean lifestyle, try ordering different cuisines like Satay from the Malay stall and Roti Prata from an Indian stall. I would also recommend visiting the food centres in the late evenings or at night as the temperature may be too warm for your comfort if you visit them in the afternoons (sadly, they are not air-conditioned areas). More importantly, don’t forget to apply lots of sunblock on your skin! The climate here is scorching hot. Or as Singaporeans like to put it in colloquial Singlish: The weather only gets hot, hotter and hottest!

  90. HEY Simon & Martina I so so so excited that you guys are finally headed to Singapore. It would be amazing to see you guys in person. I absolutely love FOOD ADVENTURES FOR AWESOME PEOPLE because, FOOOOOOOD! Can’t wait for your videos of the local food here we have tons of awesome food that will make you lose your pants Rippito Flippito Sippi Slow Motion FO SURE. Hope I’ll get the Golden ticket of awesomeness

  91. “From May 20th-25th, we are going to be in Singapore”

    Dang I’m only coming back from Korea on the 25th LOL.

  92. Hi Simon and Martina! Even tho singapore is pretty small there are plenty of places to go!

    Within Singapore itself, the night scenery is pretty amazing. I would suggest : Gardens by the bay (they have amazingly designed indoor gardens you can go to in the day and ard the evening there are a couple of tree sculptures that light up and its really pretty). Ard the same area there is Marina Bay sands (which is pretty hard to miss) which has laser shows in the evening to night and a skypark where you can get a panoramic view of singapore.

    I would also recommend going to sentosa which is a little island off singapore. There are plenty of activities you can do there. one day is probably not enough if you wna cover all the activities you can do there. There is the adventure cove waterpark which is pretty new and they have plenty of water rides and a wave pool there. I think you guys will enjoy that! A word of warning- don’t go there on the weekends tho! each ride will take about an hour to queue.
    There is also the new aquarium in sentosa which has been hugely advertised!
    For some R&R you guys can chill at the beaches. theres a couple of them in sentosa.
    There’s also the Luge and Universal studios (singapore). Universal studios is nowhere as diverse (in rides) and big as the one in U.S. but still not too shabby for singapore.

  93. I would love to have a ticket! (And yes, I live in Singapore!!) I really look forward to your visit here! For the food, just to let you guys know, there’s actually Gongcha here as well! I’m not sure if it would taste similar to the Gongcha in Korea though… Besides than that, you all should try the Chilli Crab. It’s a MUST. If you don’t, we Singaporeans would cry rivers. It’s just that good! There’s another alternative which is the Black Pepper Crab if you prefer that of course!
    There are so many food options and local cuisine here that I’m too lazy to list out…:P…so…I would just suggest that all you go to a local HAWKER centre or what we Singaporeans preferably know as, ‘kopitiam’ (coffee shop)! You can try whatever that tickles your pickle there! ^___^ I hope you all would enjoy your trip here! Do go sightseeing as well if you have the time! I hope to get a ticket and see you all there!!

  94. YAY! U’re finally coming to Singapore! I hope u’ll enjoy ur time here. Do try our local food at our hawker centres or coffee shops. I think tanjong pagar is packed with good food, like Amoy market. If u’re unsure about which store to try from just follow the queue. Try our local foods like Chicken rice, Chilli Crab (Melben Seafood), Laksa (Katong Laksa), Roti prata and Bak Gut Teh. Singaporeans love to queue for good food. Singapore offers great japanese, western, italian, french etc. food too! You can use websites like http://www.hungrygowhere.com or http://www.ladyironchef.com to find good food in Singapore.
    It’s pretty hot here in Singapore now and i’d imagine it would probably only get worse by the time you guys are here, so be prepared for the HEAT!

  95. I’m thrilled that you guys are going to Singapore!!! WOHOOOOO :D
    i’ve kindda expected this tho since Simon suspiciously pronounce the word “Singapore” in a few livechat back while opening the fanmail kkkkke ;) but now that it’s confirmed, i’m superduperglad! :D

    All right, now that i’ve started typing this i’ll do it thoroughly hehehee. FIRST!
    - bear in mind that Singapore is a very small island but filled with countless number of wonderful things and food to enjoy!

    - The transportation here is super easy; bus,mrt,taxi or even walking is possible(if you have the time or energy)

    MRT & Bus route is really simple, grab a free map of the city at the airport! and if you decided to hop on/out of public transportation lots of time, i suggest buying a card; cause card fare is lower than cash fare(bus)/ one way tickets(MRT).

    - I don’t know if you guys will be given a sim card or other mean of communication, but if you don’t and since you guys need to be twittering/posting stuff for us most of time (hopefully) :p i suggest you to buy a prepaid card in the airport (so you can save time rather than going to convenience stores) but it really is up to you guys :) there are SingTel,Starhub,M1. Ask the clerk about the internet bundles packages.

    (not that you can get lost or anything, it’s comes in handy especially to get transportation directions and stuff)

    THEN! for the attractionss :)

    As the event is taking place around the marina/raffles area, of course naturally you will need to go to

    - SINGAPORE FLYER! like other’s been saying; that’s where the shoot the MV of hands up and stuff, and more importantly it’s the TALLEST FERRIS WHEEL IN DA WORLD! wohooo!

    - Marina Bay Sands(MBS). The building is phenomenal~! that weird building that has a boat on top? yeah that’s what i’m talking about ;) however, you need a ticket to go up to the skypark if you’re not the hotel’s guest. the skypark has that infinity pool and cafes. but the view is really good. Worth the snapshots guiseeee >…<
    even tho it's monday/tuesday i can definitely go to the event! BROHOHOHO!


    but most importantly, i hope you'll have a blast in Singaporeee!!!!
    much loveee
    - Vania G

  96. ALSO! Singapore food courts sell korean food as well, so it’ll be interesting to give that a try and compare it to what you have back home in Seoul!

  97. OMG You guise have to try the local snacks as well, like the pork floss buns from BreadTalk or any other bakery. AwfullyChocolate’s another place to visit! They’re a local chocolate dessert place that sells great chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream and, of course, CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES. There’s gongcha in singapore too! (if you’re missing bubble tea :)) The previous time you opened Singaporean fanmail, y’all tried the grass jelly drink, you should try the authentic one (non-canned one) that is sold here too! It’s usually sold along side with soyabean drinks and that it’s DA BEST. Tauhuay (soyabean curd) is another dessert that is a must try here, especially Laoban Beancurd! Stop by a Peranakan restaurant to try chendol (shaved ice with coconut milk and gula melaka- a type of syrupy sugar or sugary syrup) and bachang (traditional pernakan rice dumpling with meat fillings) too. I can’t wait to see you in singapore!!!!! If I get the tickets I’ll promise to buy you guys loaaaaaaaaaaads of these snacks <3




  101. YES YES YES YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! Gosh your guys are finally coming to Singapore!! Can’t wait!!
    But… But… I have school .___. You guys are coming a week before the holidays start D: Can’t you stay for another week? Heh.

    Anywho, if you guys are looking for places to go, there are many attractions in Singapore you should visit :)

    1. Gardens By The Bay – this is the number 1 location I recommend you guys go to. This place ((in my opinion)) is the most beautiful place in SG. A place where you get to see and admire many types of flora and fauna. Don’t forget to go into the 2 glass domes!

    2. Marina Barrage – ok. so this place has this giant grass platform on the rooftop which is open 24/7. You guys can do whaever you want up there – kite flying, picnicking, take selcas and scenery shots etc. Also, if you want, there are guided tours provided for you to find out more about how SG gets its water. ((yeah coz SG is small and all))

    3. Hawker centres – yup, these places can be found anywhere and everywhere. Its also one of the places you should visit before you die. All the yummy, delicious, sexy food are sold here. Also, its a great place to do your FAPFAPs!

    Food you guys shd try would be local favourites like chicken rice, popiah, nasi lemak and roti prata. They are all infinitely delish.

    Ok then, I hope to be able to see you guys around Singapore! And if you ever have the time, DROP BY MY SCHOOL! Tanjong Katong Girls’, fyi. I have dozens of friends who are nasties as well and we would really, REALLY want to meet you guys. Also it would be an exposure to our educational system. haha. ok then, SEE YOU SOON!!!


    Anyhow, there are loads of good food in Singapore.

    Do try: Pandan chiffon cake, carrot cake (nope, it’s not dessert!), curry puffs, mee siam, nasi lemak, cheng teng, chili crabs, sambal kangkong, sambal stingray, bbq chicken wings with chili and lime, satay, frog leg porridge, bar chor mee (minced meat noodles), won ton noodles (dumpling noodles), kueh lapis (it’s a type of cake made by layers of cake (CAKECEPTION-ish). IT’S SO GOOD), kaya toast with soft boiled eggs (this is singaporean styled breakfast), prawn noodles, nonya dumplings, durian :D and the list goes on and on. Most of the above can be found at hawker centers. And yes, please do not visit touristy places for meals (because they serve sucky food at sucky prices).

    Hope to bump into you guys here :)

  103. Hi simon and martina! I already tweeted and commented and still continuing! i’ll just keep trying. I really hope to see you guys in person, it would also be a great pleasure! i am a really really huge nasty and i really wanted to see you guys! I tweeted to you guys like about a week ago asking wether you guys are coming to Singapore and you guys are indeed coming! I really hope that i would get chosen and win the ticket! Please choose me, Simon and Martina! I really wanna see you guys, take a picture, talk to you guys. Wouldn’t that be an awesome experience?
    Here are some of the local food and places that i suggest!
    -chilli crab (ofcourse!)
    -chicken rice
    and much much more!
    -Adventure cove
    -Singapore flyer
    -Universal Studios Singapore!
    -Clark quay! (for GMAX reverse bungy!) *if you’re brave :p
    Please fufill a 14 year-old boy’s wish :p You guys would, wouldn’t you! Last but not least, you so nasty! Love you guys! Please inform us where are you whereabouts :p ( i know its creepy but i would really love to see you guys!)

  104. I was so stoked to hear that you guys will be coming to sg! It’ll be so awesome to meet you guys ; A ; will you guys do a separate meet-n-greet on one of your free days?? I’m currently saving for college but still really want to meet you guys so I hope you’ll do one please!!! You guise are just amazing!! Simon, I totally want to see you in person because I want to see what it’s like to stand next to you and look like a midget :D And Martina I would sooo love to meet you, I think you’re gorgeous, creative and funny and not to mention you have killer dance moves (unlike Simon lol jk you’re both amazing ehueaheuhe).

    Heres my guide for you guys:
    There’re a few things to know if you’re gonna be coming here! Firstly, sg is hot and really really really humid. Also, nowadays the weather is completely bonkers, it can be hot and sunny then suddenly pour for days. Remember to bring an umbrella!!! Next, transportation! Transport is quite efficient and convenient in Singapore, we have public buses and MRT(train), so its relatively easy to get from place to place. I promise its not as complicated as Japan lol, since Singapore is a small island it’s easy to way your way around. I just checked the website and there is a Singapore Tourist Pass that’ll let you enjoy unlimited train and bus rides at only $10 a day (I wasn’t paid to say that). Heres the link for more info: http://www.thesingaporetouristpass.com.sg/

    Here in Singapore, we speak english as our first language, with our mother tongue being our second. Thus, there isn’t much of a communication barrier. Most Singaporeans speak singlish (our own slang) so it might sound a little strange. Also, if you are going to food centres in neighbourhood places, some of the owners are not very fluent in english (they speak dialect or mandarin) but I think that won’t be so much of a problem.

    Also, compared to countries like Korea and Japan, Singapore does not have specific customs that we need to observe. We are not as traditional compared to our cultural roots (as we are a nation of many races living together) and we are also quite westernized.

    Some people call Singapore a shopping and food paradise. Shopping centres are literally the main attractions in Singapore. Orchard road is a famous shopping district. Most of the shopping centres there have high-end to middle range shops. Maybe you guise can check out far east plaza and scape, they’re hot spots for youths ;) If you guys want you can also check out Resorts World Sentosa, attractions there include Universal Studios, Marine lIfe park, Casinos etc., I think it’s nice for a stroll too. Another shopping place you guys can check out is Bugis street, it’s like a collection of little shops that sell relatively inexpensive clothing/accessories/things. There is even a korean street!! It’s a hothothotspot for youths especially.

    You guys can also visit Gardens by the Bay, you don’t have to enter the main attractions, it’s really nice to just take a stroll and maybe even head to MBS(Marina Bay Sands) for some shopping!!

    If you guys want to visit a park, I would recommend East Coast Park. You can ride bikes there, relax, enjoy the beach breeze. They also have a food centre that has great food!

    You guys will be so spoiled for choice. There is a wide variety of food you can find in one food court. The list of food I think you guys need to try while you’re here include:

    - Chicken rice
    - Chilli Crab (there are loads of seafood restaurants, maybe you can try some at the seafood centre in east coast park)
    - Hokkien Mee
    - Fried Carrot Cake
    - Char Kway Teow
    - Satay (you guys can try Lavender Food Square Centre for dinner, they have great satay there)
    - Laksa (you guys can try Katong Laksa if you’re in the area)
    - Roti Prata

    I could recommend some places for the other food but it’s a bit out of the way if you aren’t very familiar with the place. So for the other food, I think the standard will be okay for most food centres. If you miss Korean/Japanese/Western etc. or any other types of food, they will be many restaurants in any shopping centre and even along the streets. Also, at the basement of many shopping centres there will be many food stalls that sell local or non-local snacks! If you’re looking for a good bakery, visit Bread Talk, they’re literally everywhere from shopping centres to mrt stations. They have some good bread. There is also gong cha and bubble tea shops everywhere.

    I think I’ve said too much sorry, I’m just excited that you guys are coming. There’s so much more I can tell you guys but if you guys are like me when travelling, I’d say just walk around and just explore as many places as you can, visit the shopping centres, food court, supermarket all the usual places like that. I just love the experience of being (in a usual place that I normally go to) in another country. I mean tourist spots are great but just walking (and even getting lost) and taking in all the culture of the place is what makes my love for travelling so strong. Btw, if you want to go to a supermarket you can go to giant or ntuc fairprice (cold storage is more expensive). ANYWAYS, this is way too long, am sorry!! I hope that you’ll enjoy your stay here and have fun!!!! <333333 Hope to see you guys!!<3

    p.s. I heard that psy is going to be in Singapore for the Social Star Awards taking place in Marina Bay on the 23rd of May!!! Maybe you'll run into psy ;)

  105. Hello Simon & Martina! *waves* It’s so amazing to hear that you guys are FINALLY coming to Singapore for a visit!!! I have been waiting for AGES. I’m REALLYYYY excited cos I have been watching your videos since 2009! I really really hope you guys can pick me for this event. Heehee. I hope you guys will have a wonderful trip here ^^
    Ps. Happy birthday Martina! Stay funny & lovely!

  106. go try KOI bubble tea.. the grass jelly milk tea is GOOD! :D

  107. OMG THIS IS GREAT NEWS!! Please Simon and Martina I would lovvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee to see you guys! I’m currently otw to study in Korea~ Please let me have a ticket! And its during my 1 week holiday in SG as well! Yes, I’m Singaporean!

    My part time job was a tour guide in Singapore so I’ll share some facts about my lovely country with ya ^^

    Places you should visit:

    Sentosa! Once called ‘Pulau Belakang Mati’ which translates in Malay, ‘The island of Dead from behind’ It was haunted when I was a kid. Right now it has become a tourist attraction with sandy beaches and recreational places! One place you should visit there is Universal Studios! You’ll have a blast there! You will walk past the Colliesium ; the place where U-KISS performed in Singapore.

    JCube- Located in the West of SG, it just recently opened! At JCube, you can go ice skating, eat some local cousine while enjoying some unique dishes from Asia as well! BTOB and Kim Jong Kook went there for fan sessions as well!

    Lau Pa Sat- You should totally visit here at night! There is no other place better than Lau Pa Sat if you wanna find l=authentic local cousine. Over there, you can enjoy Singapore’s best satay! Its a hawker centre in the middle of the road. You can also enjoy the view of the stars in the night sky while enjoying your meal! There are even Japanese and Korean food as well! There will also be a live band playing popular jazz, indie and pop beats! Requests are also allowed!

    Bugis Street- This is where Singapore’s top fashion is really at! Its like the SG version of Dongdaemun market! The place is filled with teenagers shopping for the newest trend! You can get your tattoo done there as well! But make sure to bring lots of money, because for me $200 is not enough to fill my satisfaction of buying clothes! The clothes range is $10-$30! Cheap right?!

    Arab Street- After a long day of shopping at Bugis, you can enjoy our famous indian or arab cousine here! Home to the first arab migrants the place is full of beautiful ethnic clothes! Don’t miss out the chance to try our Murtabak. Its like ‘prata’ but has either beef, chicken, mutton, deer filling inside complimented by herbs and egg cover! Oh! and Kway Teow too! There are 2 types of Kway Teow in SG, the Chinese ver and Indian ver. Personally, i prefer the indian ver as it more tasty and spicy!~

    Night Safari- Its a must! The first night time zoo ever in the world! You should come visit here during halloween! It was so scary i didn’t even lasted there! The Night Safari holds the nocturnal animals~ Thats not all, you can also enjoy rides and performances!

    You can also visit the Merlion statue, the mascot of SG, Raffles Landing and so on~ Most importantly, you enjoy your stay here aight?

    Food! Singapore isn’t called the food heaven for nothig! If you don’t try our local cousine, your trip would be wasted. Other than the food mentione above, you should try.

    Gongcha- Singapore’s most popular milk tea!

    Nasi Ayam/ Chicken Rice- Hianese chicken rice! My past time fav! you cannot miss this! Its everywhere!

    Nasi Lemak- THIS DISH IS A MUST. You must eat it with sambal, or its not complete! The sambal varies from place to place. The sambal is like a mixture of spice and soy sauce. Singaporean’s are very particular about the sambal. If it is not nice, they won’t eat it at all!
    Carrot cake- MY MOST FAVOURITE DISH EVER! A mixture of white radish, carrot and flour cooked with garlic, chives, fish oil and fried with egg, you can choose the black or white one! The white one is my fave, crispy and tasty. The black one is cooked with sweet sauce. You should try both of them!

    Pisang goreng or Banana fritters- Singapore’s past time! Banana dipped in batter and fried! Traditional malay stalls will most likely to sell this. The best is located at Geylang Serai! ((be careful at night. the place is known for prostitutes and illegal gambling and brother)

    you can visit here to see some recomendations! http://www.yoursingapore.com/content/traveller/en/browse/dining/cuisines-of-singapore.html

    Hope to see you guys soon! I can’t really provide you guys with a lot of info but yea xD enjoy your stay!

  108. Hello Simon & Martina! So excited that you guys are coming to Singapore! I live in Singapore and would LOVE to meet you guys! ^^
    Well though I’ve posted a similar comment earlier on, but it was somehow deleted accidentally? Anyhow, I wholeheartedly wish that both of you can have a great time here in Singapore! So here is my list of the must-tries in Singapore!

    For local delicacies:
    1. Chili Crab (Highly recommended to try ‘Crab Party’: http://www.crabparty.com/ )
    2. Chicken Rice (Highly recommended to try ‘Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice’: http://www.tiantianchickenrice.com/ )
    3. Laksa – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laksa
    4. Popiah – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Popiah
    5. Tutu Kueh – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kueh_tutu
    6. Char Kway Teow – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Char_kway_teow
    7. Kaya Toast – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaya_toast (Try ‘Toast Box’: http://www.toastbox.com.sg/ )
    These local delicacies can generally be found in food centers/food courts/hawker centers/kopitiam! :)
    ~I recommend heading over to Maxwell Food Center or Chomp Chomp to try out different Singaporean delicacies!~

    For other awesome delicacies:
    1. Pancakes (Try ‘Strictly Pancake’: http://strictlypancakes.com.sg/ )
    2. Bar/Diner (Try ‘Timbre’: http://www.timbregroup.asia/timbresg/main.asp )
    3. Swiss food (Try ‘Marche’: http://www.marche-restaurants.com/en )
    4. Brunch (Try ‘Wild Honey’: http://www.wildhoney.com.sg/11/index.html ; ‘P.S. Cafe’: http://www.pscafe.com/ ; ‘Food For Thought’: http://www.foodforthought.com.sg/fft/ ; ‘Paul’: located at #03-16/16A/17 Ngee Ann City )
    5. Tea/Pastries (Highly recommended to try ‘TWG’: http://www.twgtea.com/ )
    6. Taiwan Snacks ( Try ‘I Love Tai Mei’: https://www.facebook.com/pages/i-love-taimei-%E6%88%91%E6%84%9B%E5%8F%B0%E5%A6%B9/180181568059 )
    7. Dimsum (Try ‘Ding Tai Fung’: http://www.dintaifung.com.sg/ ; ‘TimHoWan’: located at #01-29 Plaza Singapura ; ‘Crystal Jade Kitchen’: http://www.crystaljade.com/?locale=en_US ; ‘Wen Dou Sek (126)’: located at 126 Sims Ave ; ‘Mongkok’: located at 214 Geylang Road Lorong 18 ) ~Both 126 & Mongkok are located at Singapore’s Red Light District, feel free to explore the ‘night life’ there when you try out these two awesome dimsum eateries! ^^~
    8. Japanese Collagen Steamboat (Highly recommend to try ‘Tsukada Nojo’: https://www.facebook.com/TsukadaNojoSingapore.ap )
    9. Bubble Tea (Try ‘KOI’: http://www.koicafe.com/en/ ; ‘Gongcha’: https://www.facebook.com/GongCha.Singapore ; ‘Shui Yan She’: https://www.facebook.com/DrinkTeaSingapore ; ‘Share Tea (Xie Jiao Ting)’: https://www.facebook.com/ShareteaSingapore ; ‘Each A Cup’ ; ‘Cup Walker’) ~ Personally I think Share Tea’s Pudding Milk Tea is really good. Highly recommended! The listed bubble tea shops can generally be found everywhere in Singapore.~

    For Martina: If you are looking for budget shopping in the city area, you can try heading to booths outside Cathay Cineleisure. There are booths there every Fri-Sun selling low priced accessories, clothes, shoes, bags. Sometimes you may even find interesting /cute stuffs there! Another place would be Bugis Street.. well since it is one of the tourist attraction spots, you may find yourself squeezing your way around. ~It’s best not to go Bugis Street on weekends..~ =
    You guys can head over to Universal Studio at Sentosa or Casino at Marina Bay Sands! ^^

    So glad that you guys are finally coming to Singapore! Really hope to meet both of you!
    Have fun in Singapore! (remember to bring Sunblock & umbrella~ ^^)

    P.S. How about dancing to EYK Like A Man infront of the Merlion? :P

  109. Hello guys! I would really really love to see you guys in person, it would also be a great pleasure to meet both of you! My exams end at that time too! So if I win the tickets I could really enjoy! We have lots of delicious food and fun places here! Please do wanks and fapfap! I hope you guys would enjoy your stay here! Please tweet about where are your whereabouts and the timee yoy guys would be arriving in singapore and more. ( i know its a lil creepy but I really wanna see you guys!) I really wanna take pictures and talk to you guys! Last but not least I would roll down my sexy windows to welcome you guys anytime! You so nasty!!!

  110. Oh, it just occurred to me that May 24th is a public holiday! Vesak day. =D

  111. ermahgerd you guys are FINALLY coming to singapore :’) yes i’m a singaporean Nasty *rolls down mah sexy car windows* and i’ve been wanting to see/meet you guys for such a long time~ well i could even be your tour guide when you guys are in singapore! OH and guess what? THERE’S GONGCHA HERE IN SINGAPORE TOO AWWWYISSS!! i can’t wait to see you guys!! and maybe you guys could let me win as a form of motivation for my exams *coughs* don’t worry though the fanmeet is after my exam! okay i love you guys xx

  112. oh gawd my thread got deleted accidentally! and I actually spent an hour trying to list the must-tries in sg.. ):

  113. I’m going to be in India from the 11th to the 30th :(

  114. This is a somewhat random question, but, in light of you guys traveling to Singapore, did you guys win a Shorty Award? I just remember hearing that, if you did, you might be able to travel to New York and I was wondering what happened with that!

  115. Hi guise. :3 Please try out the Katong Laksa in the Tanjong Katong area. That’s a must try in Singapore (It’s also really near my school so I might be able to catch a glimpse of you guys and maybe have enough courage to go up to you guys and say hi hehehe) There are a lot of food centres in Singapore; such as ones in Bedok, Tampines, Bugis, but really. My absolute favourite is the East Coast Park food centre. They sell the best stingray and lala (clams I think?) there. And they have satay beehoon there which is totally yumsicles. And then there’s the salted egg crab, tomato crab, chilli crab, black pepper crab…

    AND DIN TAI FUNG. they’re famous in singapore for their xiao long bao, which is like soup and meat combined into this bun. You eat it with fine ginger and vinegar and it’s so good you’ll cry. They have beef noodles and sweet and spicy soup and oh dear god there’s drool on my keyboard.

    All in all, Singapore’s a freaking food heaven. :3 thankeyoo. byebye.

  116. Hi, I am from Singapore and I hope I would be able to meet you guys! (:

    On a side note, I have this fmily business selling famous noodles (Singapore delicacies), it would be nice if you guys would wanna try it, and it would be my pleasure if we could serve you, for free! :D

    Hope you will enjoy your stay in Singapore!!! (:

  117. I WANT A TICKET. Please and thank you:) And yes, I’m a Singaporean.

    You guys should totally try (i) our chili crab(order it with these tiny buns called man tou!),

    (ii)ice kachang(It’s something like a Singaporean version of patbingsu), (

    iii) teh bing(iced milk tea served in hawker centres),

    (iv) chicken rice(with chili and soy sauce!),

    (v) fishball noodles(you can choose from different types of noodles but my personal favourite is guo tiao,a type of noodles that’s white and flat),

    (vi) carrot cake!(not the western kind) and lastly, nonya snacks like ondeh ondeh, kueh salat(!!!) and lapis sagu (this rainbow-coloured cake) that you can get from stores such as Bengawan Solo(it has many stores around Singapore).



  119. Also, if y’all don’t have a video of the first Singapore-ian Nasty as they roll down their sexy window at y’all… I will be brokenhearted. (I sincerely acknowledge that y’all can’t guess or realistically know when your first Nasty is going to approach and roll down their sexy window but my desire to see it remains the same)

  120. I live so far away from Singapore it’s sad BUT… okay Ryan Higa and Chester See (who were both promoted in that video) They are other youtubers that I watch NEARLY as frequently as you guise. I’d love to see you react, interact, etc with them at the event. Much, and all the love.

  121. Chonny is going to be there? Grr! This is the first time I REALLY wanted to live in another country.Oh, and Simon and Martina will be there too. :D


  123. PLEASE I WANT THE TICKET MY 16TH BDAY IS DURING THT TIME AND THIS WOULD BE THE BEST GIFT EVER! I’ve been a fan of you guys for nearly 2 years :’(



    1. POPIAH (of finely grated and steamed or stir-fried turnip, jicama, bean sprouts, French beans, lettuce leaves, grated carrots, Chinese sausage slices, thinly sliced fried tofu, chopped peanuts or peanut powder, fried shallots, and shredded omelette wrapped in a crepe made of flour)
    3. HAINANESE CHICKEN RICE (steamed chicken or roasted chicken to choose from)
    6. BAK KUT TEH
    8. MEE REBUS

  126. Hi Simon and Martina!!! I would LOVE to see you both especially when you guys ARE COMING TO SINGAPOREEE!!! It would be AWESOME if you would give me ONE TICKET to the event.

    *As for the food here in the lion city, you gotta try satay. It is meat (chicken, beef, mutton) on skewers and eaten with peanut sauce gravy. You could go to Satay by the bay or any other hawker centres. It would be best if you try the local food here:
    -Otah (Grilled fish paste wrapped with banana leaves), laksa asam, ROTI PRATA, Nasi Padang (mixed vege rice), Mee Rebus, Mee Soto, Tahu Goreng (Fried tofu with sauce), ICE KACANG (similar to patbingsu)
    *Places to visit: RESORT WORLD SENTOSA (Must) Hehh :’)
    *Places to shop: Bugis Junction, Haji Lane, Far East Plaza, Ion Orchard…and many many moreee

    I really hope I would win the ticket. Nonetheless, have a safe trip and enjoy your stay here!

  127. when you come to Singapore, we speak a lot of languages, but you guys can communicate in English of course, we are a multi racial religious society, Singaporeans usually speak in SINGLISH, that’s right our very own language that is a mixture of English, Malay, Chinese and a couple of dialects. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzTFpaeypQc our singapore is a very unique and special country. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gb9koJlkjNc you can also watch this and burst laughing out loud!!! :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8SPmomI464

  128. Hi there Simon and Martina! OH how glad am i to know you
    guys are coming to Singapore!!! I LIVE IN SINGAPORE, and I REALLY REALLY REALLY
    one of the lucky nasties to win one of the free giveaway tickets from you guys
    :’( i’ve never been to any fan meet or meet and greet sessions or any kpop
    concert shows in my entire 14 years of life! I missed once when BIGBANG came to
    Singapore for ALIVE Tour…. I did not manage to go to the concert and meet
    TOP(the one idol that i want to meet since 2008) and all the other members of
    BIGBANG, and i was extremely saddened, because I was having my exams. And for
    you guys to come to Singapore, i feel so blessed by that because you people
    area also people that I really want to meet up with since 2012 around January
    or March (I think) and the best part is that you guys are so nice to giveaway
    10 free tickets to nasties that wants to meet you guys in YTFF.

    I am a hardcore nasty, i love all your nasty videos, Music
    Mondays, FAPFAP, WANK, and I even watch your funny bloopers, I also enjoy
    watching Martina does tutorial on makeup, dyeing her hair and various hair
    tutorials, you guys really made me smile. :D And the reason my Mondays aren’t
    blues is because there is MUSIC MONDAYS AND I COULD LAUGH MY LUNGS OUT! I
    EVERYTHING SEEMS SO FUNNY, AND HILARIOUS. I really love the point of views you
    HILARIOUS ALL THE TIME, WITH HIS NASTY VOICE (giggles), and him doing funny
    movements, like “roll down your sexy windows,” “oooh you so
    nasty” and many many more. And I’m sure ALL NASTIES CAN SEE THE EFFORT YOU

    I know you guys are nice and lovely people that cherish all
    your nasties from all over the world, i could tell from all your LIVECHATS and
    you guys really went to view and read every card the nasties gave you, you guys
    also opened their fan mails, and appreciated what’s inside. You people also
    sticked their cards on to walls in the studio and your apartment, that really
    mean alot to us, nasties, ya know? So i would really really want to be the
    lucky one to win the giveaway tickets, it would really mean a lot to me.
    :”) as this will be my first time meeting you guys, also my first fan meet
    to meet someone I really really love, that’s you, SIMON AND MARTINA! and I AM A
    BIG FAN OF YOU GUYS, and for me to meet up with you people, it would be a dream
    come true. :’)

    I would really want to meet up with you guys in real life,
    it will be a BIG dream come true for me, of course, and I wish I could meet
    with Spudgy and Dr Meemersworth too. But I must not be greedy to ask for more.


  129. I want to go so badly! T.T Please let me win the ticket :3 I’ve been watching your videos over and over again while waiting for your new ones to come out, and when I heard you were coming to Singapore, I was so happy that I cried tears of pure joy T.T Please let me win! :D

  130. PICK ME FOR THE FREE TICKET PLEASE !!! omg cries the tickets are pretty expensive T_T
    will you guys be telling us about your flight details ? cause I bet many singaporean nasties who have no money to attend the youtube fanfest would like to see you guys ! ><

  131. please fulfill my dream of seeing you guys IN REAL LIFE. ;__; (someone who really lives in Singapore!!!) #ytff #omgah

  132. I’d already sent you guys two long emails in April about what to do, where to go, and what to watch out for when you’re in SG, so I don’t know what else to write here that other helpful Nasties hadn’t already mentioned.

    But I do want to see you guys try out this reverse bungee ride :
    I think this would be far more exciting than the Singapore Flyer ride;; :’D
    It’s located at Clarke Quay which is near the clubs. I’ll buy you guys a drink. *rolls down windows*

    If you have an iphone, you can download this app : “SG Malls Singapore”. There’s info about every single mall with every store and where they’re located, sorted by their respective category (food, shopping, amenities) Therefore you won’t need to be flustered and get lost finding the directory map in the mall!
    If you’re gonna try taking a local bus, then download “bus@SG” app to see the timing for the bus arrivals.
    And “Gong Cha SG”, which will have the full menu and location map included. Try their milk tea with pudding! :P

    What other helpful stuff… *panics* ..ah! I always call the food stall aunties “da jie” (big sister) instead of just “auntie”, and this usually makes them happy and they give me more food, muahahahahahaha!! (white lie but it makes them happy so…)
    If you miss Korean snacks and stuff, there are little korean supermarkets in SG :
    But that kinda defeats the purpose of going to another country. We have tons of 7-11 outlets scattered around the country in case you’re ever feeling peckish at night. They’re having a promotion now which involves Tokidoki x Hello Kitty figurines! (<- For Martina)

    That's all! Hope you guys will have an enjoyable time in our tiny red dot of an island!
    Any chance of a fanmeet for SG nasties?

  133. oh man~ I live in Malaysia but have fun at Singapore! Eat lots of good foods… XD

  134. Hey guys, I know I commented on YouTube and Tweeted this tread but I really want to get those tickets to see you guys. I’ve rbeen watching EatYourKimchi ever since 2010? That makes me a fan for almost 4 years, HAHA YEA :D The first video I watched was Korean Drunkness xD From there, I explored your channel and fell in love. I remembered Spudy’s hair was green and you guys were living in your first Office Tel. My first music monday was T-ara’s Yayaya! Then, I watched practically every music monday, from Miss A’s Bad Girl Good Girl to G-Dragon’s MICHI GO. I recalled when you guys had people sending in requests for song your guys should review for Music Monday, and one of the songs I requested got reviewed. When I saw my name at the rolling credits part, I literally freaked out and shared it on Facebook. I saw the beginnings of WTF, WANK, FAP and TL;DR. LOL anyways, I love you’re videos and Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays are my favorite because you guys would post a new video and it never fails to cheer me up. I really want to meet you guys, cause you guys make me happy, and you really help brighten up my life whenever I’m sad and down. Lastly, those tickets would be the best birthday gift for my 14th Birthday, since the event is on 20th May, which is my birthday ^^ I REALLY HOPE YOU GUYS CONSIDER CHOOSING ME, I REALLY WANT THOSE TICKETS.

    You guys like Bubble Tea right? PLEASE GO TRY KOI AND TELL US WHICH IS BETTER!!! KOI OR GONGCHA, THE AWESOMENESS OF KOI, ICEEEEEE CREAMMMMMM MILKTEAAAAA, DAYUMMMMM :DDDDD Right you guys should go to the Singapore Flyer, and try out the food at the food court there. It may be a little over priced, but the ambience is just amazing and the food is daebak~ And they have this ice ball thing, it’s like an ice kachang ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ais_kacang ) except you hold it in your hands and eat it LIKE A MAN. Guys you should really try Tiong Bahru Bakery as well. ( http://www.hungrygowhere.com/singapore/Tiong_Bahru_Bakery_/) RIGHT AND IF YOU WANT SOMETHING CLASSY, HEAD TO DEMPSEY HILL, They have many restaurants and wine places there, so yea, there’s like even ben & jerrys so (http://www.dempseyhill.com/main.htm) OKAAYYYY ONE MORE!! TOMS N TOMS AT TANJONG PAGAR. It’s a Korean Cafe like thing as far as I know. It’s like a Korean Starbucks? It’s really awesome they serve food and drink, I love that place so so much!!! To end this long comment, I hope you guys will enjoy all my Singaporean Nasties and mine sunny island ^^


  135. Hi Simon and Martina! I am one of your avid followers since last year when I started learning Korean. I want to know more about Korea through Youtube and I found you guys. I’m hooked ever since. ^_^

    Can I be your video cameraman? I have a Canon 650D w/ 18-55mm kit lens, Zoom H1 Handy Recorder, Wondlan Mini Camera Stabilizer and a tripod w/ Manfrotto video head. Taking full HD videos and editing it in Adobe Premiere Pro is currently my hobby and I just started 2 months ago. I’m more into videography than photography.

    I work full time so advise me on which days will you go around Singapore so I can apply for work leave.

    It will be a great privilege to be your behind-the-scene man and I will give all the raw video clips to you, so you can use it in your future Youtube videos. I’m so excited to see you in person! ^_^


  137. Hope i win the tickets really a big fan of your watch most of your videos totally funny the first video i saw was i totally fell in love with you guys both of your animals are so cute love spudy!! I love SooZee and Leigh too.When you come to Singapore you should definitely try Chili crab,Chicken Rice,Roti Prata(I like cheese and banana),Hokkien mee,and Hope i get to see you too and have a great time here in Singapore :) LOVE YOU <3 <3

  138. OMG! The event starts on my birthday! YAY! Great birthday present! FOR ME! :D Have fun in Singapore, wish I could be there!

  139. you forgot our glorious satay! skewered meat served with spicy sauce with peanut bits inside! :D

  140. Finally!! Simon and Martina are coming to Singapore!!! I would love to win the tickets but it’s all right if I don’t. I just really hope that you will enjoy your stay here in Singapore. There are many dishes you can try here because Singapore is a multiracial country so the dishes will be worth of your FAPFAP ^^; Mee rebus, mee siam, lontong, nasi lemak..Nasi briyani, curry chicken, dosai, chicken rice, roti prata…. and SO ON but I don’t think you will know what’s the food mentioned unless you Google it? Wait I shall go to Tumblr! Post the photos there for you two!!

    But pst… I hope I win the tickets? Hehehehehe my birthday falls on 22nd May and it happens that SAAAAIMON AND MAAAARTINA are in Singapore TT

  141. OMG one of my favorite j-rock groups SID is going to be performing at this too!!!!!!!! So jealous >.<!!!! I wish I was in Singapore!! Hope you guys get to see them, they're awesome~~~ They did an opening song for Bleach & ending for FMA

  142. Carolyn Wood

    First of all, Singapore is awesome! I had such a blast when I went there. Singapore Zoo is absolutely phenomenal, if you have the time I definitely advise checking it out. The zoo is very hands on and friendly. (when I was there I got to feed the elephants and manatees and got my picture taken with some orangutans!) also Clarke Quay was great. The Clinic is a bar that has a hospital theme, golden wheelchairs, and even a drink that is served in an i.v.drip bag (don’t worry you don’t stick it in you :) ). Also the bar called Yello Jello is great. When I went there, there was a live band with a female singer rocking out songs by Heart, Blondie, etc. The people there are super friendly, and I wish I could go too!

  143. PICK ME! :) The best thing ever that you are coming over to singapore! I have tried your care packages, your signed CDs but I never won any :( IT WOULD BE GREAT TO BE ABLE TO SEE YOU LIVE AND I HAVE SO MUCH RESPECT FOR YOU! hehe I am also pure SINGAPOREAN so the world would be safe from explosion!

    PS: EAT chilli crab, chicken rice and learn to use lah lorh leh at the end of every sentence! ^.^ I’m prob not so lucky to be able to win it but hopefully u are even able to read this comment!! ^>^

  144. I don’t want ticket (not in singapore), but you must check out sentosa! I love that place. oh try iFly while you’re there! experience flying for real!!! I think you’ll love it! http://www.sentosa.com.sg/en/attractions/beaches/ifly-singapore/

  145. Isabel Ruby

    happy birthday martina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. I want to see you guuysss!!!! I’ll be in Singapore in May and June :) so this is perfect!

  147. derp, guys I know this has nothing to do with this, but just wondering why you haven’t done that skipping thingy with backround music that sounds similar to shine’s Sherlock. You used to do it just randomly in the old videos and you haven’t cracked much jokes like ‘Inconceivable?!’ or ‘rolling down the sexy window’


  149. Not from Singapore. DO NOT SEND ME TEE TICKETS! Singaporains deserve them! Not me. I am just a perverted Virginian. Quoted from my friend. So do not send me them, I commented before listening to the video. Oops. I do think you guys will have fun at the Ritz Carlton. AWESOME ROOM SERVICE!

  150. My dad actaully used to be in head of the Hospatility of Ritz Carlton. :) I love their hotels. :)

  151. Hey, my birthday’s may 23rd! It’s like you’re coming to see me just for my birthday! Except I don’t live anywhere near Singapore… I’m sure that was just an oversight though, thanks anyway! It’s the thought that counts!

  152. Hi Simon and Martina!! So happy you guys are finally coming to Singapore!! I live in Singapore and I would love to meet you guys again! Again, because I met you both in a CD store in Myeongdong, Dec ’10! I remember my mum teasing me that a k-pop group might be filming because of the film crew and cameras so I turned around expecting nothing……..then I saw Martina then Simon and (embarrassingly) screamed “EATYOURKIMCHIIIIIII!!!!” & you guys were so so nice while I was being all starstruck and took pictures (some derpy ones too heheh) with me :’) Thank you for making my Korea trip so awesome <3

  153. omg…to singapore!! okie thats just amazinnnggg!! singaporean nasties over here **waving hands**..pick me pick me!! lol

    by the way..there’s really a lot if delicious yummy treats already recommended in your comments and its surely not exhaustive cos theres too many good stuff to try..but maybe you guys can also try the Gong Cha drinks franchise here in Singapore…well its you know its more of to kinda taste the difference and to check out assortment of flavours available here… ouh and theres a pretty handful selection of toppings to go along with your drinks too…

    Just a thought!
    Hv fun and also hv a great time while you’re here then… :]

  154. Just a few tips.. Places like Chinatown, Little India and Geylang Serai are rich with culture and history.. Sort of.. And if you see any “night market”s (usually near MRT stations) go and explore.. Tons of things there.. Tons of… FOOODD~ Some might recommend restaurants and such.. Bleh~ Expensive prices for meager-tasting food. And if you really wanna see Singapore, go to the heartlands. Places like Tampines, Simei.. Take the public transport and explore. Don’t take the cab. Singapore is small so even if you’re lost you’ll eventually find your way.. Go to the beach. You can go to Fort Canning Park. It’s at town area but it’s free.. I think..
    And Simon, go to Mustafa Centre. Plenty of large clothes there. I have to warn you first though, it WILL be packed.. Like sardine. You might have to squeeze your way through. Unless you’re going on a weekday..
    p.s. I really love the chicken rice at T-Rex Chicken Rice. =DD

  155. i only knew nigahiga so to me urthe biggest

  156. I’m glad you guys are finally going to Singapore. Sadly, I am not from Singapore, I’m from the US and it kinda sucks. ANYHOO!! I’m excited that Nicko’s Kitchen is going too, he’s like one of the best cooks on YouTube. I hope you guys meet and have fun!!

  157. Hi EYK!

    I am Eugene from Singapore! Great to see you guys in Singapore!

    We are the Cleanest, Safest, Friendliest, Craziest, blah blah blah people in the world.

    I do hope be an invited NASTYs for your event!

    Remember to try a few local ‘food/drinks’ in SIngapore (only in Singapore)

    - Local Kopi O (black roasted coffee beans with margarine) **the best in the world**

    - Chicken Rice at Maxwell Market

    - Roti Prata at Jalan Kayu

    - Laksa with cockles at Katong

    - Mee Rebus at Adam Road Market

    - Rojak at Kallang Airport Market

    - Black Pepper Crab/Curry Crab/Crab Noodles at Ang Mo Kio Melben

    - Banana Leaf Rice at Race Course Road



  158. AHHHHHH OMG PICK ME PICK ME!!!! I live in Singapore!!!!!!!! I would LOVE to win those tickets to go see you guys! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ahhhhhh just found out about this event from a friend today and I’m so excited that you are giving away free tickets for us Singaporean Nasties to gooooo! Welcome to our hot and humid Little Red Dot! :D :D :D


    ⊂⸨❀ ⁍ 〰 ⁌ ⸩⊃ HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA!!!! ⸨ ◐ ▽ ◑ ❀⸩/

  159. OMG!! Singapore?? I hope I can win the ticket!!!! >_< dying to go to this event to meet you guys in real person! are you guys gonna bring spudgy? :D

    and yes, do checkout the food!! don't forget bubble teas, we have gong cha also here <3

  160. CRIES FOREVER I’m from Singapore but live and study in Australia, I normally go back during the summer (December) holidays but this year I went in December/January, recently went during April and I’m going back again during June but THIS IS RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE. FFFFFFUUU.
    : – (
    anyway, have fun and eat a lot! there are so many brilliant places to visit, I hope you’ll have time to explore! :)

  161. Finally, you guises are coming to Singapore, hopefully you will like this little red dot that I call home.

    Truthfully, I don’t think food would be as many as compared to what you guises have in Korea, but I think we still have some pretty dope food, like the local delicacies like Rojak, laksa, chilli crab(!!!), black pepper crab, cereal prawns(!!!!) and desserts like chendol. (Naming all the food is making me hungry~

    Then again, it would be nice if you guys can try all these, and of course hopefully, you guys will pick me as a lucky nasty to win the ticket!! HAHA. Pretty please~ *with puffy innocent cat eyes*

  162. umm there is a lady that cooks with a dog!?@ lol how can you compete with that?!? lol clearly if i were in Singapore i would go

  163. BE CAREFUL WITH MONEY! Western food is VERY expensive! If you go to an authentic mexican place… it’ll cost $26 USD for a one person dish! I’m not kidding!!

  164. Hi guys! I’m sucha big fan and I’m so stoked that you’re coming here to Singapore! I really hope to win the tickets so I get to watch you guys :D

    There’s so much to eat around here! Different cuisines such as chinese, malay and indian food. The top 10 singaporean food you should try are (in no particular order)

    1)Nasi Lemak

    2)Char Kway Teow

    3)Chicken Rice


    5)Curry Chicken

    6)Carrot Cake

    7)Oyster Omellette

    8)Hokkien Mee

    9)Roti Prata

    10)Ice Kachang

  165. I’m so super excited to hear that you guys will be coming to Singapore!!! ((: I’m really excited about the whole event and I’ll be so glad if I really do get to attend and meet you guys in person, so I really do want to win the tickets! I started with watching your KMMs, but then as you guys started producing more and more videos, I’m now totally addicted to all the stuff you put out and I love all your videos – from the FAPFAPs to WANKs to Live Chats to videos of Meems and Spudgy! I was in Korea in late Feb and I really wanted to see you guys — but then at that time you were in Japan and I left the day you guys came back so it just wasn’t meant to be …

    But I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for you during the five days that ya’ll will be here in Singapore – and hopefully meet you guys at the airport? ((: In any case, I really do hope you enjoy your time here in Singapore even though it’ll probably be really hot and humid and warm hehehe. And yes – Singapore really has awesome food from all the local hawker food to cafes and restaurants which serve all sorts of cuisine, so take your time and try everything! <3 <3 <3

  166. I want the tickets! OMG so stoked for you to come to little red dot Singapore… its going to be real fun… and real hot! haha literally. Cant wait to see you maybe!! hehehe

  167. Wow I can’t believe it !
    I don’t know if it’s luck because I’m currently in Singapore and not in my lost island (I’m dead serious it’s far away … French Polynesia !) and off course I’m a fan (but not during your FAPFAP : I’m starving EVERY TIME) !
    In my humble opinion, you should try :
    - cendol/chendol
    - pandan cake
    - kaya toast
    - balonglong juice
    … okay, maybe I’m a sweet tooth …

    Have fun ! And maybe I’ll recognize you on the street !

    PS. pardon my english

  168. Bourdain is the best, but you spelled his name wrong! He might read this, you should fix it

  169. Omgggggg I want dem tickets!! PLEAAASSSE and how bout johoreans? Are they qualified to win the tickets? I mean, COMEE ONN johor to sg is just few minutes away T^T

  170. So comment here has a chance to win the tix? Well what do I’ve to say? I guess prepare yourselves for Singapore climate.

  171. You guys are coming to Singapore!! of coz i want tickets!!!! I’m in Seoul now….. saw flaxton street and the brick wall from the street opposite the building.. went to the Croquette place u guys recommended and had a failed attempt of finding the soondubu place today :( if u see this.. where is it??!!!!!!

    Time for us SG nasties to return the favour and reccommend good food for u to check out.. kpop stars always talk about trying our chilli crab, that’s awesome!!

  172. Hey guys!! I just wanna let you know that I love the videos that you guys did! I started watching eatyourkimchi cause of kpop music mondays but slowly I got hooked onto your live chats, parody and the draw my life video! Boy, I was really touched by bothof your stories! You guys are the sweetest youtube couple I’ve ever seen and have the cutest pets on the planet! So it will be really cool if I can meet you guys in SG! Don’t worry I’m a singaporean ;)

    … :D :D :D

    I’ve been watching you guys way back when you first started and filming was in that cozy little Bucheon officetel! It’s been a great journey with you guys since then. I’ll camp on the computer to wait for Music Mondays… laugh so hard at the year end dance compilations (and spam replay and show them to all my friends)… commented on a video (and got a reply! yay thanks for making things so personal and awesome (: ) and watched you guys move from place to place, and of course, become bigger and bigger youtube celebrities in your own right! I’m really happy for you guys and so proud of where you’ve come to be (: I remember being awed when you guys first managed to meet and interview kpop celebrities and well… heheh that turned into a regular thing :P (YAY)

    I would really like to meet you guys!
    (please give me a ticket! being shameless because this is something I really want! :P)

    Orrrr… maybe we could have a Singaporean Nasties gathering/ meetup somewhere (: gives those who didn’t manage to snag tickets to still get a chance to meet you (:

    As for suggested places and foods to try… I am kind of oblivious in my own country (haven’t tried some singapore delights –> food outing together? :P)
    but if there is any place I have to recommend, I would say go to the Gardens by the Bay.
    Tickets may be quite expensive, but it’s a really beautiful place with all the lovely plants (:

    PS. Side question – will you be able to bring Spudgy and Dr Meemers along? :D

  174. Congrats Simon and Martina!!! I would totally love to fly to Singapore to see you guise! but sadly I am stuck in Canada……
    but you know what! I get to see you both live anyways right? (*^.^*)b
    Right after I watched your video and freaked in excitement, not even a minute later I read that my favorite band in the WORLD will be there to for MUSIC MATTERS live!!!!!
    OMG~!!! Simon and Martina & SID in Singapore at the same time for the same events (☆。☆)
    Too much nasty feels to handle~~~~!!!!!!!! o(゜∇゜*o)(o*゜∇゜)o~♪

  175. PunkyPrincess92

    well that’s cool!! enjoy your time when you get there!!
    ooohhh~~ MyChonny!! and NigaHiga!!!
    Cooking with Dog……i’ve watched that before….i don’t even know how or why…..

    i hope one day there’s a chance for you guys to come to England!!!

  176. I AM IN SINGAPORE! I AM SO BLESSED and my parent’s are away for a trip during that period! I mean exam’s are over so I’m sure they’ll let me go anyway. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~ I really hope that i can see you guys for real. You never fail to make me laugh/smile in each of your videos. XD

    Where to go:
    Shopping- Go to Bugis because the shopping experience will be better and you can really feel the SG vibe there plus it is cheaper. Rather than going to orchard where everything’s so over the top expensive.

    Beach- Go for sentosa! The beach is a manmade beach but the experience of going to other natural beaches are the same. Just make sure to check the weather forecast because the weather here is crazy. It’s like drizzling but the sun is still way high up the sky.

    Zoo- Go for night safari. It opens at night (duh) and you can walk around the zoo without breaking too much sweat rather than going to the daytime zoo where you sweat like crazy.

    Clarke- go there and take a ride of the boat! It takes you around the Singapore river and it’s really fun.

    Chinatown- full of food restaurants! and some authentic souvenirs (:

    If you wouldn’t mind some journey, try to go to the west where it’s not much of a city like than those in the centre of sg.

    Merlion- Sg’s icon.

    What to eat:

    Go for hawker centres: they are like food courts like Koufu, Kopitiam
    -Laksa —> famous spicy/not spicy sometimes noodles here in singapore.
    -CHICKEN RICE—-> this is a must to taste.
    -for desserts, try ‘agar agar’ it’s like jelly. and try ‘ice kacang’ it’s an sg dessert.

  177. Well, since I probably will never get the chance to visit Singapore, I second the motion of you doing a WANK or FAPFAP while you are there. You’re there for 5-6 days, you can squeeze it in, and then I get to live vicariously through you guys, which I often do. Can’t wait to watch the Youtube taping. Will it remain on the web so that I can watch it later as I might be working? Someone please answer me if they know for sure. Oh, can you film one or two of your meals? That would be awesome!

  178. This is so freakin awesome! Wish I lived in Singapore xD Have fun S&M and fellow nasties! :D

  179. Dyania ハナーフィ

    Singapore?? YES!!!!! I must see you guys <3 CAN'T WAIT!

  180. WTF, I thought this was going to be a big announcement. Singapore is like 8702 miles from my house, with a lot of water in between!!!! I thought this was going to be something big ..like Spudgy getting his own weekly video. Duh…disappointed !! LOL

  181. Simon and Martina! Oh my gosh, you guys are coming here? Can’t wait!!!! Could you guys please have a separate event where we Nasties can meet you both without having to go to the FanFest? Kind of like how idols have fansigns before concerts!

    And yes yes yes like what everyone has been saying on this thread- the first thing you must do is to TRY THE FOOD. There are like, a million cuisines here because of how multiracial Singapore is! And the food is really unique- you’ll never find food as authentic as Singapore’s anywhere else, because ours is kind of a mix-and-mash of all the different cuisines.

    So some of the goodies:


    1. ICE KACHANG. This is a little like patbingsu in Korea! It’s basically a dessert with multicoloured syrups poured over shaved ice, with condensed milk, sweet corn, red beans etc etc. It’s getting really hot in Singapore recently, so you guys can beat the heat with this! Be warned: it’s super sweet. BUT DELICIOUS. You can find ice kachang at any hawker centre (basically an open-air food centre) here, such as Newton Circus.

    2. Chili crab. Okay, this is a must-try!!! Singapore’s seafood is awesome. You guys should try out Jumbo seafood at Dempsey Hill (this place has loads of food, you guys might want to try other things here too!) Or you guys can go to No Signboard Seafood at Vivocity.

    3. Roti prata. This is an Indian dish, and boy does it make the best late night supper ever. It’s kind of like flattened, fried dough (okay ew it sounds weird when I try to describe it) with curry/ sugar. Most of the prata restaurants are open till early morning, so you guys can grab some prata when it’s 1 am in the morning and you’re feeling hungry! And Singapore is incredibly safe at night so you guys can just wander around the streets and no one will come and kachiao (Singlish for ‘bother’) you.

    4. Turtle soup. Basically this is like stew made with the flesh of turtles, and it’s delicious. A little exotic, but tastes awesome.


    1. USS (Universal Studios Singapore)

    It’s our theme park (duhhhh, it’s Universal Studios!) The only rides really worth going for is the Revenge of the Mummy and the Battlestar Galatica: Human and Cyclone (TAKE BOTH RIDES). That’s if you love rollercoasters, of course! If not…um…I really don’t know, sit on the Rodeo (our form of the teacup)? ‘Cause I love rollercoasters. Y’know, screaming your head off with your pals really does bring people together.

    2. Sentosa

    Must go! This has been Singapore’s oldest attraction, ever. But it’s still as good as new. Basically it’s a little island by itself that’s linked to Singapore, and it’s where we have our beaches. But it’s kind of theme park-ish, because we have rides like the Luge (a little like go-karting!) WHICH YOU DEFINITELY HAVE TO GO ON. Almost everyone goes to Sentosa for the Luge, LOL. And then you can cycle around Sentosa, yadayadayada which isn’t really that fun IMHO but is good exercise. Also you guys can catch “Songs of the Sea” at night, which is a musical fountain show (: And you guys can check out Sentosa Cove which are bungalows/ condos by the sea, and they’re gorgeous. Not like anyone can afford them anyway, LOL. They’re pretty much for show, since they are also kind of “ulu” (distanced from the city).

    3. Marina Bay Sands

    Simon, you better be sure to come to SG with tons of money. ‘Cause Martina will burn a hole in your pocket and all the way down your pant leg once she sets her sights on the things here. This is almost like Singapore’s Champs Elysees, where all the uppity brand names converge!

    4. Singapore Flyer
    Kind of like the London Eye. Actually there’s not really much to see, you might as well take an elevator to the 41st floor of a random HDB flat, knock on a random house door and ask to look out of their window.

    Woohoo! I’m so, so, excited! Hope I’ll bump into you guys somewhere. Code word: OOOOH YOU SO NASTY.

  182. OMG!!!! I wanna go!!! Please!!!! I would LOVE to see you guyzzzz!!!! ~NastiestNasty

  183. I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE GIMME THE TICKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN TREAT IT AS A BELATED BIRTHDAY AS IT WAS JUST YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ENJOY YOUR VIDEOS AND WISHED FOR YOU GUYS TO COME EVERY SINGLE TIME I WATCHED YOUR VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE GIMME THE TICKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my youtube name is blubberandlard123

  184. I live in Singapore but unfortunately, I’ll be back to my home country on that day. kinda sad that i know I cannot make it :((
    it would be great if I can meet you guys in person when I hang out with my friends at orchard hahaa don’t forget to eat chilli crab. even UKiss also like it! and try learn to speak singlish. it gonna be fun :D

  185. Btw I think Martina will love shopping at bugis street and I think you two might love prawning! There’s a nice prawning pond here at pasir ris! Come visit pasir ris! There is also a water theme park that just complete its renovation in pasir ris downtown east. If you like some fun with water you guys may come here! Come to pasir ris! Lol. Oh you guys can try a variety of bubble tea in Singapore and maybe do a fapfap on the various brands of bubble tea in Singapore! :D

  186. Please give me the ticket! I promise I’ll roll down ma sexy windows at you! I even trained my pet parrot to roll down his sexy window to get girl parrots. Shows how big a fan I am right? Love you guys give me the tickets please!! :3

  187. You’ll love it over here guys! (Except the heat oh my gosh after the freezing Korean winter the heat might just kill you)

  188. Btw yes I want a ticket to the event because it will be the last time I have any fun before my final semester in university and god knows how much I could do with a couple of days with awesome youtubers and fellow nasties :B thanksssssss


  190. PICK ME! :) The best thing ever that you are coming over to singapore! I have tried your care packages, your signed CDs but I never won any :( IT WOULD BE GREAT TO BE ABLE TO SEE YOU LIVE AND I HAVE SO MUCH RESPECT FOR YOU! hehe I am also pure SINGAPOREAN so the world would be safe from explosion!

    PS: EAT chilli crab, chicken rice and learn to use lah lorh leh at the end of every sentence! ^.^ I’m prob not so lucky to be able to win it but hopefully u are even able to read this comment!! ^>^

  191. I went to Singapore when I was in second grade, and although it was TOTALLY AWESOME :D Too bad I live in Florida -_-

  192. At least chonny is going this time, he didn’t show in japan lol I live in USA so no seeing you guys but have fun!

  193. You love coffee. So I’ll recommend our local Kopi~ ^^ Since many nasties had already recommended so much delicious foods…. Try it and let us know what you think of it! I’m attaching some simple guides to ordering kopi from our kopitiams~ Have a look~ ^^ http://daneshd.com/2010/02/28/a-rough-guide-to-ordering-local-coffee-in-singapore/

  194. OMG It’s so cool that you guise are coming to Singapore!
    Hopefully I’ll get to see you guiseee here~

  195. Hi Simon and Martina. I could consider myself as the biggest nasty fan in Singapore! I would really want the tickets to meet you guys in real life, face to face!!!!!!!! I screamed when i saw the video and i was like “ERMAGOD, SIMON AND MARTINA ARE COMING TO SINGAPOREEEEE!!!!” I really hope i will get the tickets!!! Love you Simon and Martina <3

  196. If you’re looking for cool coffee joints and hip places to go to, I suggest Haji Lane and the Tiong Bahru area. There’s plenty of small cafes and artisanal coffee shops as well as really good boutiques! It’s a more arsty fartsy area than the normal tourist destinations (and at the central area too!).

    Are chewy chocolate chip cookies an acceptable form of bribery for you guys to hold a fan meet? ;D

  197. Hahaaha! Thanks Simon and Martina for replying my post :P

    Now, for the places where you can go,
    1) Universal Studios Singapore – Fun, fun and MORE FUN!
    2) Marina Bay Sands – Top-class facilities~
    3) Downtown East – Affordable and fun too! :D
    4) Orchard Road – I guess this is more suitable for Martina? SHOPPPPPPING!
    5) Eat at any hawker centres that you pass by, so that you can really enjoy a Singaporean lifestyle. :P DAEBAK
    6) School visits? :P
    7) J.Cube! :D – Quite famous shopping centre in Singapore.

    Well, for the must eats, YOU two must taste the chili crab that we have here in Singapore! All kpop artiste who came here all gave positive feedbacks about our chili crab :P Also, try the Hainanese Chicken Rice. The most delicious thing ever!

    I really have no idea. Only 17 this year, and spends most of my time at home spazzing about KPOP and studying. I don’t know what else can I say. I need more experiences! :P

    So u two do make a video after this Singapore trip! It will be fun! xD

  198. I’m technically Indonesian, but since I’m working and living in Singapore I get a chance to win ticket too right? I’m much more excited about Simon&Martina and Cooking With Dog coming to Singapore than NigaHiga, maybe because he came to Singapore before. Hhahaha. Please come to Marina Bay Sands and i’ll sneak off to find you guys! I was so hoping that the conference would be at Marina Bay Sands but I guess Ritz Carlton is close enough! I hope I can take a day off on your scheduled conference day!

    Please try the Pudding Jelly from Gong Cha, I was watching your gongcha FAPFAP and I kind of pity Koreans because Gong Cha’s pudding jelly rocks my world! But go for Koi’s Ice cream milk tea (and only order large! medium is just not enough) and you’ll never want bubble tea from other stalls.

    Lately I feel Singapore is obsessed with altitude dining/bars, so some places with great view you can visit: Ku de Ta or Sky at 57 at Marina Bay Sands’s Skypark, Level33 at Marina Bay Financial Centre, 1Altitude at Raffles Place or Salt Bar & Sky Grill at Ion Orchard. All have lovely views!

  199. OMGOMGOMG! I WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU GUYS IN PERSON! NOT SURE WHAT ELSE TO SAY, JUST PICK ME! HAHAHA Anyway, Singapore’s has really great local food, hokkien noodle, satay, and a lot more. Garden by the bay is one of the few attraction we have in Singapore, basically an indoor green house with many exotic plants? They have this waterfall(man-made) in the Cloud dome, pretty good atmosphere with all the misty air. OMG!!! YOU GUYS ARE REALLY COMING!!!! :D

  200. I’M A SINGAPOREAN NASTY YAYYY HAHAHA. Please send me a ticket, I’ll be really nice (and probably awkward) but really nice to you guys ^^ does being a POOR STUDENT count to having your vote on this? :(

  201. Oh my God!!!!I Want to meet you guys!!!
    I live in Sri lanka, and i said this before if i win the tickets i will be booking my plane ride over there the next day. XD
    I really wanted to spend my birthday there 23rd May but i decided not to go. But now i have more than one reason more self indulgence XD. I know you guys said that this is only for Singapore Nasties, but if i miss this chance here I wont get to see you until i finish my degree 3 years from now T^T.
    So i hope you guys can reconsider on that, for if i win the tickets i will be there…….
    Ps if i dont win the tickets, can you guys give us a link, so we know where to buy the tickets ? XD
    Because either way i think i will be coming, this is way too good of an opportunity to pass out.

  202. Hi! :D I’m from Singapore! OMG i just… JUST CANNOT take in the fact that u are coming to SINGAPORE!!! THIS WHOLE THING SEEMS LIKE A DREAMMMMMM :’))) haha.

    Try Singapore’s Hainanese Chicken Rice and Chilli Crab! :) SO many Singaporean NASTIES are suggesting food for you guys to try out, so i shall not elaborate xD

    And I hope I will be 1 of the 10 winners! :D
    Most importantly, Have fun in Singapore!!! :)

  203. Where to eat in Singapore? COME MY HOUSE!! My 90yrs old gramdma would be more than happy to welcome you guys and cook some awesome home cooked dishes- Singaporean style!!!

  204. Can’t believe you guys are actually coming over hahah have been waiting for it since forever :< hope you guys have a great stay here^^ Can't wait to see you guys either, glad that most exams would be over before 20May haahah See you guys around .. Or maybe at the fest if I can get the ticket^^

  205. OMG!! Me please!!!!! I bet u guys are gonna enjoy your stay here!!

    Food is obviously top of the list!!!
    Fried kway tiao(looks black cuz of soysauce but ohsoglorious),
    Hokkien Mee (also known as fried prawn noodle),
    Fried Carrot Cake(idk how to explain.. but dun expect much carrot taste and this is not a dessert!!)
    Satay (Chicken/mutton on bamboo sticks),
    Roti Prata (thin crispy pancake)
    Laksa(sth like curry with noodles)
    Chicken Rice(chicken with rice.. yeah..)
    Bak Kut Teh(pork ribs in soup) (comes with rice)
    Rojak(cucumber, pineapple, beansprout, cuttlefish, taupok(idk how to explain) mixed in black sweet sauce)

    These are usually found in (non-aircon) hawker centers but obviously worth sitting in the heat. Food in Singapore is a fusion from all over southeast asia, so the choice of food is quite diverse.. cheers!!!

    P.s. I’m a Singaporean Nasty, so pick me!!! ^^

  206. Wow this would be awesome!! Plus I’ve never been oversees, but my cousin is getting married within those days XD

  207. Hello Simon & Martina! I would LOVE to meet you guys in Singapore! ^^
    I agree that you SHOULDN’T visit the tourist attractions for food.

    I do have a list of the must-tries in Singapore (with website links included):
    (For local delicacies)
    1. Chili Crab (Crab Party: http://www.crabparty.com/)
    2. Chicken Rice (Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice: http://www.tiantianchickenrice.com/location.html)
    3. Tutu Kueh (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kueh_tutu)
    4. Popiah (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Popiah)
    5. Kaya Toast – Toast with pandan spread and butter (http://www.yakun.com/)
    6. Char Kway Teow (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Char_kway_teow)
    7. Laksa (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laksa)
    Foods in the list above can generally be found in food courts/food centers/hawker centers. (Try Maxwell Food Center)

    (For other awesome delicacies)
    1. Pancakes (Strictly Pancake: http://strictlypancakes.com.sg/)
    2. Tea/cakes (TWG: http://www.twgtea.com/)
    3. Brunch (Wild Honey: http://www.wildhoney.com.sg/11/index.html ; P.S. Cafe: http://www.pscafe.com/ ; Rider’s Cafe: http://www.riderscafe.sg/)
    4.Dim Sums ( Crystal Jade Kitchen: http://www.crystaljade.com/ ; TimHoWan – located at #01-29 Plaza Singapura ; Mongkok Dimsum – located at 214 Geylang Rd; 126 – located at 126 Sims Ave ; Ding Tai Fung: http://www.dintaifung.com.sg/) ~ Both Mongkok & 126 are located at Singapore’s Red Light District :D~
    5. Collagen Steamboat (Tsukada Nojo – located at #03-81 Plaza Singapura)
    6. Swiss food (Marche: http://www.marche-restaurants.com/en/marche-313somerset)
    7. Timbre: http://www.timbregroup.asia/timbresg/main.asp
    8. Taiwanese snacks (I Love Taimei: https://www.facebook.com/pages/i-love-taimei-%E6%88%91%E6%84%9B%E5%8F%B0%E5%A6%B9/180181568059)
    ~ I highly recommend their Fried Sweet Potato, Fried Tofu Fries, Fried Chicken & milk tea!~
    9. Bubble Tea (Koi ; Gongcha ; Xie Jiao Ting 歇脚亭: https://www.facebook.com/ShareteaSingapore ; Shui Yan She 水研社: https://www.facebook.com/DrinkTeaSingapore ; Each A Cup ; Cup Walker)
    ~Personally, I think Xie Jiao Ting’s Pudding Milktea is really good! Do give it a try! ^^~

    Hehe. If Martina will like to do some budget shopping, there are booths outside Cineleisure mall every Fri-Sun! You can often find cute accessories/clothes/shoes at low prices!
    I hope that both of you can have a great stay in Singapore! Have fun! ^^


    Enjoy your time here!!! Well I guess there should be enough recommendations for food already~

    You know what? Even if I don't win the tickets I'll still try and buy the tickets anyway, I want to see you guys sooooo bad. I love you!!!

  209. I’m so jealous -__-
    I hope you guys have fun there, and manage to get some R&R as well
    Btw, it’s neegaheega, not niggahigga :)

  210. Go here to find awesome reviews and pictures of Singapore’s best food!! So excited for you guys! ——> http://ieatishootipost.sg/ :D

  211. Hi Simon & Martina, welcome to SG! Please dress comfy and be prepared for the heat or sudden downpour.

    For food, here the usuals that I would always recommend visiting friends, and they remain my favorites!

    1. Kaya toast with butter and local coffee/tea and runny eggs (Try Ya Kun Kaya Toast)
    2. Hainanese Chicken Rice
    3. Rojak
    4. Chilli Crab, Butter Crabs, Crab Bee Hoon Soup, order man tou (buns) to dip in the crab sauce
    5. Oyster omelette, Fried carrot cake, Fried hokkien noodles – you should be able to find these dishes in one same stall
    6. Roti Prata
    7. If you are adventurous, try taking durian! You might have heard quite abit about this funky thorny fruit!

    Hope this helps and I’m sure your fans and viewers are looking forward to your visit! I think it’s easy to spot Martina with her link locks :)


    WOW. There are so many places for you to go!

    Okay, here’s the list:

    1. If you are not really interested in finding like more commercialised places, like the tourist-y kind, Singapore has many many cute cafes that only locals know about! You can locate all these cool cafes at http://www.ladyironchef.com/tag/best-hidden-cafes/

    He is a well known food blogger and knows a lot about the Singapore food scene.

    Personal favourites are A Grin Affair and Selfish Gene Cafe.

    2. Roti Prata! You should try the plain one called ‘kosong’ but I personally prefer the cheese one :)

    3. Teh Tarik – MY FAVE DRINK! I love love love it. It’s tea with condensed milk. Goes well with roti prata. You can usually get one (hot or cold) at roti prata shops! :)

    4. Chicken rice – This is kind of a must try in Singapore ^^

    5. Ayam Penyet – Indonesian dish consisting of fried chicken that is then smashed to make it softer, sambal, cucumbers, fried tofu and tempeh. Ayam Penyet Ria (the name of the restaurant) serves really yummy ones and there is one located at Bedok Point.

    6. GONG CHA. WE HAVE GONG CHA HERE. YES WE DO. I personally love the oolong milk tea + pudding jelly ^^ But I think the Singapore branches have our own take of different flavours too!

    7. Wanton mee – this is called dumpling noodles where the insides of the dumplings are stuffed with pork. Hong Lim Centre sells really good and cheap wanton mee! ^^

    8. LAST BUT NOT LEAST – LAO BAN DOU HUA (that is a soya bean pudding-like dessert). It is very very popular in Singapore and I’m sure you two will like it’s milky and sweet-but-not-overwhelmingly-sweet taste!


    Hope I do get tickets ^^

    PLEASE CHOOSE ME! I will be able to show you some nastiness oh yeaa~~~! HEHE Welcome to Singapore in advance! :D

    - the fantabulous Sun Thai from Singapore! :)

  214. OHHHMAIIIGAWDDDD I TOTALLY WANT TO WIN THESE TICKETS AND BE ABLE TO ROLL MY SEXAY WINDOWS AT YOU GUYS AND BUY YOU GONGCHA CAUSE THEY ARE EVERYWHERE HERE IN SINGAPORE. Thank you so so so so much for giving us Singaporeans the opportunity to actually stand a chance to win tickets to see you! You should totally go to Universal Studios Singapore and try like all the fun and thrilling rides and also go to Sentosa and have fun in the beach! The weather here is forever BLAZING HOT so you can wear T-shirts and tank tops and all~ And for food, since you like Gongcha, you should totally try ShareTea, their Signature milk tea with custard pudding is my absolute favourite and definitely worth trying! There is also Koi with their famous ice cream milk tea! OH and of course the classic Singaporean foods that I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about (Chicken Rice, Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Ice Kachang, etc etc etc.) I actually just came back from Korea a month ago and visited the EYK Studio but there was no fate between us :< I will pray and hope I could actually win a ticket! I LOVE YOU GUISE, LIKE NASTILY. KTHXBYE. <3

  215. WAAAAAH Congratz to you people living in singapore !! I wish I could go to see them and Nigahiga !!

  216. Awwww man this is great news!! If you guys ever have time here, it will be super cool to do up a meet up session.. Anyway, places to visit, apart from all the major tourists spots, I recommend Haji lane. Its a lane filled with pretty cool shops, thrift shops and food! Bugis street is also just a stone throw away for some cheap shopping!! These places are a tad different from all the high-rise buildings surrounding everywhere in Singapore!

    Lastly! Hahahha you will never be deprived of your Gongcha fix since it is everywhere here in Singapore!!! Life is meaningless without them bubbleteas :/

    Have a great trip guys!! See ya soon!

  217. I would really really want to see you guys in person. Even though there are youtubers who are more “popular” than you such as nigahiga, I still want to meet you guys. I would really really want to win these tickets just like other Singporean nasties. The chacnce of me actually winng the tickets are like 1% only. Winning this ticket would really mean a lot to me…
    When in singapore, you MUST eat the chicken rice in the hawker centres. Feel the heat of the hawker centres. And if you have some time to spare, visit some tourists attractions such as the singapore flyers or go to universal studios. I doubt that you dont have anytime for that. (Aint nobody got time for that.) And… you must try our chilli crab and satay. These are the foods that tourists like you guys must eat. One does not simply find the exact same food in another country. Last but not least, you must also try our bubble tea. One of the most popular bubbletea shops other than GongCha is KOI. There will always be long queues for their bubble tea… Thats all that I can say. To the rest of the singaporean nasties out there trying to get these tickets… GOOD LUCK!! FIGHTING!!

  218. I VOLUNTEER AS TOUR GUIDE :D And I do know where all the best places for all types of food are at~

    • i WANT TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! btw singapore food is awesome!

  219. Many people have recommended what to eat, so I won’t repeat.Not sure where u r staying, bu since the conference is at Ritz Carlton, the nearest hawker centres (with good food) u can go to are Maxwell, Hong Lim & Tiong Bahru food centres (in order of distance). Since Ritz Carlton is near the Circle Line MRT, u can also travel to Old Airport Road Hawker Centre at Dakota station. I’m more familiar with Hong Lim since it’s near my working place. U can see this website http://sg.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/fave-five-hong-lim-food-centre-112234959.html for what’s good to eat there.

    As for drinks, you can try Milo Dinosaur (a chocolatey drink with lots of chocolate powder on top), Bandung (a lovely pink colour rose syrup drink), Grass jelly with soya bean milk (or soya bean milk alone is good too), barley (made by the hawkers, not the can type), Chrysanthemum tea (buy from Chinese medical halls – antidote for the hot weather), & sugar cane juice with lemon. If u like Taiwanese bubble tea, Koi, GongCha & ShareTea are good. If coffee or tea are your kind of thing, u might want to learn to order it the Singaporean way at kopitiams (coffee shops). Refer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singaporean_cuisine#Local_terms_for_coffee_and_tea

    BTW, I’m not writing this for the free tickets (I think I’m too old … hahahah), just want to welcome all of u to Singapore. Have a great time!

  220. YAY! you guys are finally coming to Singapore!!! :D I’d like a ticket xD (since I’m free and all.) Try the food at hawker centres! :D Cheap and nice. -nomsnomsnoms- Hope you guys have fun! ^^

  221. PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME *SCREAAAAAAM AND RUN AROUND* i really wanna go see YOU GUISES! i’m from singapore. REALLY! i can cook you CHILI CRABS!! :D

  222. I cannot believe this day has come!As a dedicated nasty I would love to be able to meet you both in person and show you around our small but lively country! I have been watching you’re videos since your’Korean Ice-cream” video and I haven’t stopped since!You both are coming at the perfect time!On the 20th it will be my birthday^^and the 25th I will be graduating from school!You could not have come at a more perfectly nasty time! I would love to get to know more about korea before I go during this summer! There’s an endless list of thing to do in Singapore <3

  223. this is brilliant! I can’t wait for you guys to come. Hopefully I will be able to hang out with you and introduce you to some local food that is cheap and good! I concur with hironyx, the tourist-y places are terrible. You could give Orchard Road a really quick glance, I doubt you guys will like it there. I suspect you may enjoy places like Tiong Bahru Bakery a bit more! http://www.tiongbahrubakery.com/ there are lots of quaint cafes that have a Singaporean twist, or you could just stop by any coffee shop and get some toast and kopi o! (black coffee!) Going to stop talking about delicious food here, you can find lots of reccommendations from my fellow nasties. Most important point of message, hope YOU have fun! (:

  224. Hi Simon and Martina. Im like your most die hard fan of yours. and I’m not even kidding. me and my friends always do your nasty jokes in class while the rest stare at us. Its ok. Coz OOOOO WE SO NASTY!
    I really hope to meet you guys. Just right, That period of timing is my school holidays so it means I will definitely be able to go. Pls give me the tickets. I really really really really really really want to meet you guys! >.<


  226. choose me please, from lucky draws to fan Signed Albums, i’ve Never Won Any Of That In my Whole Entire Life So pleaaaase, I can perform lots Of Kpop Raps for You Two You know T.T

  227. Hahahaha they picked the best possible clips to advertise you guys. Also, PLEASE do a skit with Ryan Higa! You guys are hilarious, and he’s hilarious, and I think youtube might explode from the awesome combination of your powers.

  228. AYO! Haha hi. I’m really over-joyed you guys are going to Singapore! How freaking awesome is that? Haha. I hope you guys pick me:3 I literally did everything you told me to to win the tickets. I seem desperate aren’t I? Sorrry~:( I just really want to meet you guys but I’m sure I’m no difference because there are so many Singaporean Nasties out there who wanna meet you guys too. :o . I really hope I win. Please? I’ll tour you guys around Singapore xD Hahaha. I really am a Singaporean btw:3 Stalk me on twitter or whatever;) Haha jokes.

    I really wish I could go. Anywho, you guys should seriously check out Marina Bay Sands (Casino and other many many stuff for you nasty couple), Orchard Road (Food, shopping, cinemas, a whole lot more), Night Safari [Seeing animals openly... at night;) ], Singapore Zoo (PANDASSSS. Oh and other animals.), Singapore Flyer (FERRIS WHEEL!! Awesome view of Singapore at night<3 Daytime, the view is really pretty too). For food, Chilli crab is a definite MUST. Daebak. Chicken rise is a must too. Roti Prata is a must too. Oh every local food is a must haha.

    Lastly, I hope you enjoy your stay in Singapore. Enjoy everything. Singapore is a great country. I'm praising my own country xD . I really hope I win. I'm trying my best here. Have a nasty time in Singapore!

    TAEMANNN. SOY UN DORITO. I'm random. Okay byebye.
    Many, many nasty love and smiles, (Doesnt that seem wrong.)

  229. hey Simon and Martina! c: all the Singaporean nasties welcome you with open arms.

    Food-wise: chilli crab, rojak, chicken rice, durian, char kway teow, mee siam, nasi lemak, satay, milo dinosaur (or godzilla, your choice), barbecued stingray (unless you’re allergic to seafood, or hate stingray, you have GOT to try this), otah and SO MANY THINGS. EAT ALL THE THINGS. Try going to Chomp Chomp Food Centre because let’s face it; anywhere that has Chomp Chomp in its name has standards to live up to.The only problem is that finding food that has no rice might be a little difficult because for some dishes, the rice IS the highlight. :C

    For places to go that are scenic, try Gardens by the Bay. It’s pretty new, and really easy to get to. Sky Garden and Botanical Gardens would also be good options.

    For shopping though (sorry Simon ;w;), definitely Bugis Street (whatever you do, don’t go on a weekend) and just the entirety of Orchard Road. It’s specifically for shopping, so Martina’s going to have a bit of fun.

    On an ending note, Gong Cha outlets are aplenty, along with other bubble tea stores like Koi. Would love to be able to meet you guys so, here’s hoping! c:

    There’s bubble tea chains here. 2 more popular ones are Gongcha (which Korea has too) and Koi. They are almost everywhere. They’re both heaven on earth 8) Anyways, you can try our local food. As what hironyx said, don’t go to the tourist areas. I suggest you go to our Chinatown and try our local Chinese food. Pretty good food there. Or you could go to Little India to try the Indian food and Geylang serai to try the Malay food. Its pretty cheap i would say,and its a great deal cos its cheap and tastes great. :D Also, its easy to get around Singapore as it is a small country and easy to navigate :) MRT (subway) is also conveniently located :3 Reminder that our weather can get a little bit bipolar, one moment being really sunny and hot, and the next, it’ll rain. :-) As for shopping, bugis street is a good place to do so. :D
    Hope you guys will pick me :D Enjoy your stay here! <3

  231. I want to meet you guys!!!!

  232. OHMYGOD YES I would love to go the event! be sure to check out our awesome food over here (we ain’t called food paradise for nothing)
    we have great stuff but you’ll have to eat them at “food courts” or “hawker centres” some of them are in more local areas like Clementi or Newton etc. Check out our asian cuisine as well, Chao Kuey Tiao, Hokkien noodles, this list goes on.
    the weather is really humid and hot, be sure to hydrate and drink our specialities too.
    but dammit coughimaystillhaveschoolcough

    If you want any food recommendation is would be – chill crab
    Most of kpop idols went Singapore and they totally love it !! But it could be very spicy !!!
    As for places it would be -Orchard Road
    It is the most popular place !!

  234. Awee I wished I could win this time, I’ve entered different contest thread and didn’t win *cries* But I’ve been a SUPA NASTIES since when you brought Spudgy which made me cried XD… Maybe maybe.. I could give you my present that I’ve been keeping since last year XD

    I really suggest you tried out roti prata , nasi lemak , satay , and chicken rice. it’s really popular in singapore

  235. If I could, I would travel all the way down to Singapore (Malaysia Represent!!) just to get that 100 won.
    Seriously guys…IT’S 100 WON!! 100 WOOOOOOOOOOON!!

  236. YOU GUISE ! I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU TO COME TO SINGAPORE FOR LIKE FOREVER (not literally but you get my point) ! I’d like to win the ticket because I’d really like to be able to see you in person and thank you for making videos that make me laugh even when I’m really down and didn’t think I could . I missed the chance to see you guise when I was in S.Korea for a holiday last year when I visited Hongdae ):
    But of course , even if I don’t win the ticket , it’s okay and I really hope that you’ll enjoy the time you’ll be spending in Singapore . It’s really warm here , just so you know , so be prepared to sweat like a … I don’t know what sweats a lot . But yeah :D I LOVE YOU GUYS ! SIMON AND MARTINA , YOU SO NASTYYYY <3

  237. Ahhh awesome i am made up for you guys :D
    One suggestion though wrap yourself in bubble wrap or put yourself into a giant protective bubble because you know one of you if not both of you always get ill when you guys go anywhere xD TAKE ALL THE VITAMINS
    Well i can’t enter from where i am but Good Luck to all those who enter from Singapore :)

  238. Good luck Eat your kimchi :) I’ll be rooting for you guys :)

    I ultimately, utterly, really wanna meet you guys here in Singapore! I am not really a big k-pop fan but somehow you guys managed to hold my interest into the kpop scene!!! I really admire you guys and I hope hope hope I’ll be able to meet you both!!!! SPUDGYYYYYYYYYY :D

  240. SINGAPORE REPRESENT! Hi Simon and Martina!!! i’m so psyched for you guys to visit our country! Can’t wait to meet you guys here (ી(΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵)ʃ)♥ You should definitely try our local fare, like Chicken Rice, Prata, or Laksa!

    But some of my favorite places to go to are:
    - Strictly Pancakes

    - Food For Thought

    - Standing Sushi Bar

    Or if you want to try hawker centres you could go to Old Airport Rd/ Maxwell Centre!

    Hope you’ll have a great time here! And hopefully i’ll bump into you guys to pass you *fan-art* /wink/

    Sending lots of nasty love your way,

  241. HI SIMON AND MARTINA!!! I would really want a chance to meet you guys here in Singapore because you guys are just SO AWESOME AND NASTY AND And and…….*runs out of words due to excitedness and nervousness* You’re KMMs are so hilarious and Simon, it’s because of you that I fell for the song “what is love’ by exo. (so much that its the first song that i know all the lyircs to even though I’m not a big fan of Exo and that I kept singing it so much at home that even my non-kpop loving sister starts singing to it as well. XD) I think that what you guys do is amazing and you’re funny and awesome and I’m repeating myself again because I don’t know what else to say. GUGUMAS!! PLUS, I really want to meet you guys so that I can ask more about Korean Food. Your FAPFAPs makes me want to buy a plane ticket to Korea just to try out the food there!! I especially love you’re Korean Meat Soup and your Hapjong Croquettes episodes. So, before I get out of topic, I just wanna say that I REALLY WANT THAT TICKET (XD) and hope you guys can consider. (I sound like I’m writing an ending for a proposal. oh ye good ole highschool days)

    PS: I really am Singaporean and I am living here, so if I get a ticket it won’t be a waste. :D

    PPS: My birthday is on the 25th of May, so, uh well, ya know. *eyebrow wiggle*

    PPPS: Roses are red, violets are blue, you may not know this, but SOYUNDORITO, RIPPITO FLIPPITO SIPPI SLOW MOTION. (because a rhyming ending is too mainstream XD)

    • we have the same birthday!!! (i never comment but i got sooo excited that i had too!)
      ps i hope you get to see them! so jealous that im sooooo far away!


    ok. so. KASLHFSKJDHFAKSHJASF damnit! half of the list are my favourite youtubers! but hey wait, isn’t ChesterSee going? :OOOOOO he’s so hwat. but simon, you’re hotter. :B

    anyways, i would LOVEEEE to see you in real life, but i’m still a student and i iz notz richz. I guess i’m going to wait for the free tickets! xD AHAHAHA if i don’t get to win, i’ll just probably scrimp and save.

    sooooooooo, i realised alot of nasties are introducing food. so i’m going to introduce sites for visitings!

    1. Sentosa (Resorts World Sentosa. CASINOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) i’m still underage OTL
    2. Adventure Cove!
    3. USS duh
    4. Gardens By the Bay (if you loveeeeeeee flowers)
    5. Clarke Quay (at night. for the scenery and ahem cheap clubbing ahem)
    but you might want to go zouk/future/platinium for clubbing?
    oh and it’s pronounced as Clarke KEE* not quay hahahahahah
    6. Bugis (i have no idea why it’s a tourist attraction but somehow it become one ToT)
    7. and srsly…. never go chinatown. it’s boring. although it’s historical but it’s boring.
    8. Botanic Garden LMFAO
    9. Singapore Flyer (hmmm not really recommended if you are active. cuz you’ll only see the landscape and nothing else LOL)

    1. Orchard Road
    2. Marina Bay Sands!
    3. Somerset 313
    4. Actually tbh, from orchard road, you can go ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE in town.
    5. Haji Lane
    6. Scape (it’s near somerset 313 but it’s more for teens though)
    Basically the whole stretch of orchard
    from Novena to Marina Bay. Just google “SMRT MAP” and see the subway track. you’ll know what i’m saying.
    It’s at REDLINE. near clarke quay btw

    hehe that’s all i can think of right now actually. mmmmmmmm
    oh wells there’s gonna be more nasties introducing sites and food. so i’ll just end here. ^^

  243. No better way to find out about what makes a country tick than to visit its national history museum (www.nationalmuseum.sg/NMSPortal/). And, ahem, no better person to go with than me! (Er ok, maybe abt 50 other more qualified persons, then me). I used to be a volunteer guide there for a year and during that time took many tourists through my specially tailor-made 1hr tour of the museum’s history gallery. The museum itself is excellent, with state-of-the-art features designed to make the visit an interactive and engaging experience. Highly recommended! So, grant me a free ticket, and I shall whisk you off to the museum. Geeky Nasty.

  244. OH MY GOSH ME I WANT TO MEET YOU GUYS :DD To be honest there’s nothing much to do in Singapore, so it’s either shopping, or just eat anything that comes your way >:) You have to try laksa, bak gut teh (go to the one in Balestier, it’s crazy good) and chili crab!

  245. Hi!!!!!!!!!!! I would LOVE to be able to win tickets to attend this event! It’ll be great to see you guys hang out with the other Youtubers and I’m sure it’s gonna be really really fun! :-)

  246. i’m singaporean i rly love all ur viDeos and also i would rly luv it if i win tickets juz to see u guys^^ u guys shuld go to UNIVERSAL studios singapore and have fun there..if i see u guys i would roll my window down:3

  247. I’m A Singaporean . I Want To Meet You Guys ! Awesome Youtubers !! And I Should Get The Free Tickets Because My Birthday Is 28 May ! My Wish Is That I Want To Meet You Guys ! So Hope You Guys Can Give Me ! I’m Really A SG !

  248. I’m actually going over to Seoul for the summer (and made plans to stalk y’all ba ha ha) but omg I’m REALLY EXCITED that y’all are coming over to Singapore!!! You have to get some chicken rice, bak gut teh and Katong laksa while you’re here. Maybe some chilli crab too. We have Gongcha! Also, please try some Milo/Teh Tarik (milk tea, the traditional way) at the local hawker centres – not sure if Seoul has those drinks.

    Can’t wait to see y’all :-)

  249. omg I really wanna meet you guiseee Singaporean NASTY hereee

  250. I’m from Singapore!! Please pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  251. Another reason why I love to be Singaporean WAKAKAKAKA YAY SIMONANDMARTINA!

  252. HELLO from Singaporeeeeeeeeee!!! :) Glad to have you guise here… you gotta try CHILLI CRABS and CHICKEN RICE. :D

  253. wait i’m in Korea. but… I want to meet you guys too.

  254. I feel so happy for you guys! :D
    I’m a Youtube addict and I have so many subscribed channels and seeing you work with Ryan Higa, David Choi and etc.
    Makes me so happy!Also from an officetel to an apartment to an studio such big growth over the times!
    (P.S Please ask a few Youtubers to do some ‘Can I buy you a drank.’)


  256. You guys have to have a deep kpop chat with Chonny – interrogate him about his Jessica obsession – would be great hehe :) and Ryan’s going to be there cool!!! Love nigahiga ^^^

  257. You guys are going to be rubbing elbows with Ryan Higa and David Choi!! Oooouuuu those elbows! It’s like I’m watching you guys grow up :’) From vlogging about kpop songs and Korean culture, to major youtube icons! Waahoooo~~ Congrats! Actually if I had known about this back in March, I probably would have changed my travel plans accordingly so I could hop threw Singapore instead of Hong Kong (I fly out from Taiwan on the 20th) Ahhhhh poop~~~!!!!!

  258. OMG I want the ticket !! I’m so gonna do everything listed there to get it haha ^^ Or maybe even buy the ticket ! :D Hmm .. most of the kpop idols that came to Singapore went to try out Singapore ‘s chilli crab ! If you can take spiciness , maybe you should try JUMBO SEAFOOD ? ^^

  259. ME ME ME ME ME ME!!! eyk i have been a nasty since 2011 and ive watched
    most of your videos. it would be the best present for a fan like me to
    see u guys up close!! i would like to go with my fellow nasty friend so
    we would be so honoured to meet u guys if we won the tickets. and oh
    yeah u guys got to try our chilli crab and durians. they are
    finger-licking delicious and my favs. see ya <3

  260. OMG !! Nigahiga !! Chester !! SIMON AND MARTINA !!! I WANNA GO !! Sadly, my cousins live there and My family is stuck in Philippines. T.T Guise, good luck .. :””(((( Simon and Martina, have any plans on going to other countries as well ?? PHILIPPINES WELCOMES YOU TOO !! So jealous of singaporeans .. :(

  261. Awesome that you will get to go this event! I’m pretty far away from Singapore (Norway), but hey! Youtube stream! Stay safe and healthy, and have lots and lots of fun!!

  262. i am from Singapore but I will be in Seoul during 20May to 25 MAY!!! Sobs!

  263. I WANNA TAKE PICTURES WITH ALL OF YOU GUYS! I hope I can! See you guys soon! :)

  264. So close yet so far!!! I’m in Malaysia!! >.<

    Sigh…I hope you guise have fun there! :D I wonder if Cooking With Dog will bring Francis there. Hahaha~

  265. You should go to the Night Safari. I went there when I visited Singapore and thought that it was great!!!!!!! (and scary but when I went I was young and still a scaredy cat at that time)

  266. Melody

    i hope to meet both of you!!! XD hope to see you around!!

  267. i can’t believe you guise are coming here! mini anxiety attack, not kidding hahaha. pick me!!!

  268. Dying to meet y’all :)) We’ll bring a nice bubble tea for y’all and a whole list of foodie places you can check out ^^

  269. omg can’t wait for u gaiz to be in singapore!!! :)

    ok so for things to see and do:

    touristy places (for sightseeing and shopping):
    1. chinatown

    2. little india

    3. thieves market at sungei road

    4. ann siang hill

    5. holland village

    6. orchard road (for shopping!!!)

    7. bugis street or bugis village (even more shopping!!!)

    8. sentosa (there is a universal studios theme park there!)

    food places:

    1. newton circus

    2. chomp chomp at serangoon gardens

    3. old airport road

    4. maxwell market

    hope this helps!!! :)

  270. Doralyn Lim Hui Ying

    Please pick me to get the tickets!!!! I would love to meet you!!! Please pick me!!!! I’m from Singapore!!!!! I <3 you guys sooooo much!!!!!!

  271. Yay!! You guys are really coming!! Well, I’m studying here so I might get a chance to see both of you even though I’m not Singaporean :D

  272. OMG! You guys coming to Singapore would make the happiest 21st birthday present ever! I hope I can win those tickets :) Definitely it will be a good start to my summer holidays :) Can’t wait to meet Hikakin, mychonny, ryan and Nicko~

  273. Omggg please lemme see you guys!! I commented on all your social platforms. And reblogged, and liked. EVERYTHINGGG PLEASE CHOOSE ME T_T

  274. I’m a Singaporean and i wanna meet you guyssssssssssss.

  275. Hi there! So happy to know that you guys are coming to Singapore! As much as I want to attend the YouTube Fanfest, I am afraid I still have school on that day :/ but I am really really really looking forward to meeting you guys in Singapore so I hope you will update us on the dates and approx the time and places you would be visiting soon! Singapore Nasties welcome you guys with warmest hearts! XD

  276. You two should also take extremely touristy (and silly *ahem*) photos at the airport. Hahaha, but truth to be told, there’s nothing much to do in Singapore… So just keep eating!

    I’m just afraid that these good food are pretty much scattered around, some even at heartland places, e.g. Bedok 85 or Old Airport hawker centres.

    There’s yummy soupy meatball noodles, fried chicken, prawn noodles (with amazing broth) etc. *q*

  277. How much are the tix?I am a broke ass student X_X

  278. DAMNIT! If it’s just about 2 weeks later I can at least attempt to fly to Singapore since I’ll be done with uni :( (Not that I have money to spare but I need some vacation as well xD ) I’ll be watching via youtube then. Have fun guise :3

  279. Gabriel Shallsaur Enlightened

    By the time u are here, I’m done with my exams…… wooohooo… unemployed university graduate lolz…

    There is just too many Singaporean foods to recommend… Just eat everything…. Singapore is a food heaven and our tongues are spoil by daily good food .

    (By the day, there are 2 days for the event. May I know which day you will be there for the meet and greet? Or will you be on both?)

  280. I would suggest you guise to do what Singaporeans do! And that’s to eat, eat, and eat! I would say go to hawker centres. As for places of interest, it’s just those few – MBS, Sentosa, USS, SG Flyer, Gardens By the Bay, Zoo, Night Safari. And maybe the newly opened River Safari and the largest aquarium in the world, which I myself haven’t been to too. And just strut down Orchard Road, there are tons of shopping mall down both sides of the road. Hope to see you guise in SG!!! :D:D

  281. One thing for sure- when u just land on SG, don’t get out of the airport yet! (unless you are truly jetlagged), try exploring the airport terminal a little too!( there’s like 3 terminals) There’s lotsa stuff, but the meals served in the restaurants there would be a little pricey.
    The weather here is truly bipolar- its so hot u can’t stand it, but the next minute it will suddenly rain meemers and spudgy. I hate the heat:p

    I agree that the most authentic SG food would be in hawker centres- not the ones in malls, or air-conditioned. Its open spaced. If u want to go try some by- the- beach- food, go to East Coast park, there’s actually a huge food court there which sells delicious bbq food. I especially rly love the bbq stingray with sambal(chilli paste).
    Anyway there’s quite a huge number of kpop followers here in SG. There’s actually some days when kpop fan teens come down to Scape at Orchard to have a k-dance off. Really fun. https://www.facebook.com/KPOPDanceoff U can check it out if u want! Im not exactly sure of the timing and days though
    :) Have fun!

  282. Prepare clothes that are suitable for summer because its oooh laa laa warm in here!! Yes there’s many attractions you guys should totally visit. I hope you have fun in Singapore!!! Ah can I have the ticket please? :’)

  283. I have school :’( But nevermind I don’t care cause exams are gonna be over and this would be a great chance for me~ IF YA KNOW

  284. OMG I would love to meet you guiseeee ahhh * U * (And Nigahiga and Cooking With Dog!!!) Ahhh omg! It’s finally happening!

    Anyway, there are tonnes of food you guys should try.. Chilli crab, satay, and indulge in our crazy food fads like cupcakes, silky beancurd and many more.. So much good food around muahahaha! (evil nasty who’s trying to make you guys put on weight)

  285. Hello Simon and Martina! I was insanely happy when I saw that you guys were coming to Singapore! I’ve lived in Singapore all my life and I’m really happy that you’re visiting Singapore! I’ve been watching your videos since a long time ago and I love all your jokes and I love watching your videos. Sometimes I find myself rewatching all your old videos late into the night because they are just so interesting I can never get tired of them. I’ve always wanted to meet you guys and I really really wish that I’m able to win tickets to this event because I’m a huge fan of yours, though I’ve never tweeted you guys or commented on your videos, because, well, I’m shy. >.< Anyhow, welcome to Singapore and I wish you guys have great fun in this small city!!! :D

  286. Ohmygosh I AM SO EXCITED! GLAD THAT YOU GUYS ARE COMING T O SINGAPORE! I am sure yall will have loads of fun and also try out all our awesome local food (:

  287. I wanna meet you guys I want the ticket Im commenting to get the ticket I WANNA MEET YOU GUYS :’D

  288. kpopfan123

    Please suggest healthy foods places for Simon and Martina :)

  289. Oooooh I really wanna meet you guys! Pretty pretty please? With a cherry on top? :)
    But anyway, I hope you have fun in Singapore! it’s gonna be really warm and humid so do remember to dress for the weather!
    Please please please pick me!!!

  290. The lovely lovely SIMON AND MARTINAAAAAA ! I have been a fan since you guys first started your channel!!! Please let me meet you both in Singapore! <3 I really really really wanna meet Spudgy and Meemersworth's parents! (Even though they can't come to nasty Singapore D: ) Hope to get the tickets!

  291. OMG I really want to meet you guys ahhh!!! There’s a wide variety of food to eat and places to go haha! Damn I have school on the 20th and 21st ;-(

    • I don’t know if this is a Westerner’s thing, but if I was living in Singapore (and had no major tests/exams to prepare for) I would totally skip school to go! (if it wasn’t too expensive either…..) Not that I’m encouraging you to skip school….. oh no….

  292. Simply Rojak!! If only you guys were to visit the different estates in singapore! There’s more interesting and cool attractions near this neighbourhoods!!!!!!

  293. Shop for all your electronic needs seriously best buys ever, bought my netbook and camera in SG, they reimbursed the tax in the airport had some extra money for duty free yay!

  294. Hey guise, it’s way too awesome that yall are gonna be in Singapore (note: THE HEAT IS CRAY CRAY RIGHT NOW)!! This announcement made me do a Martina-esque victory run/dance! :D Will roll down my window anytime for you two, even if I’m not the first; so gonna roll it down in ripito fipito sipi slow motion~ Really hope to bump into you guise when you’re here!

  295. I AM FROM SINGAPORE AND I AM DYING TO MEET U GUYS! Try going to maxwell or even to the heartland hawkers to taste the awesome yummys that our little island has to offer. Take a swim at our infinity pool or go for a romantic walk at our mega gardens by the bay. Want some night life, head over to Clarke Quay and roll down some windows and buy someone a drank. IF YOU GUYS ARE REALLY FREE…. CHECK OUT OUR ZOO AND NIGHT SAFARI. We have pandas, just sayin.

    • YES! maxwell hawker center! there are plenty of really good local food stalls there, its a must try. if u guise want to save money, dont go tourist attractions, they cost a bomb! hawker center food are the cheapest you can find in singapore.

    • i third the maxwell hawker center!! and definitely visit gardens by the bay, and that whole area really, but dont eat there its all expensive tourist crap, except maybe din tai fung :)

      in singapore food shouldnt cost you more than 7 or 8 sgd a meal,including a drink,unless youre in a proper restaurant setting(and not so much even in some asian food type restaurants like din tai fung where you can get an amazing bowl of noodles for like 6sgd), and thats considered expensive already, i remember getting the same amount of food for like 4sgd as a kid 5 to 10 years ago, thats how cheap food is, that even a margin of a few dollars would be considered expensive lol

  296. I’m from singapore!! It will be awesome if I meet you guys personally!! Cultural dancer wants a ticket <3

  297. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh finally! I’ve been so stoked about this and I’ve been saving up hahahxD

  298. man, i live in singapore! i would love to go to the event… BUT i am currently still recuperating from my injuries, i dont want to win and ticket and then not make it there. so i’m gonna give this a pass and give the singaporean nasties 1 more chance at winning the tickets =)

    as for where to go to for food, i’m not really sure… but NEVER, and i said NEVER to go tourist attraction for food. places like Newton Circus, Clarke Quay/Boat Quay or any restaurants for that matter, becos the food is crazily expensive! the best food can be found in places called “hawker centers” or “coffee shops” or “kopitiam” =p i’m not really a foodie but its easy to spot a stall with good food in singapore, becos singaporeans will queue for that sh*t!!

    as to what kind of dishes you guys should try..

    1. chicken rice – the most common dish in singapore, its rice cooked in chicken stock served with chicken.

    2. bak gut teh – pork ribs soup cooked with alot of spice and herbs

    3. laksa – noodles with a broth similar to curry but much more nasty (in a good way).

    4. roti prata – “indian” pan fried dough, served with indian curry (or u can have it with just sugar)

    5. mee rebus – noodles with curry-ish (but sweet) gravy.

    all those i’ve listed have no greens, so if you guys really want vegetables very badly, you can try:

    6. rojak – its a traditional fruit and vegetable salad, mostly sweet

    7. popiah – a chinese spring roll stuffed with vegetables, also mostly sweet.

    have fun in singapore, and dress skimpy because the weather here is freaking hot! LOL hopefully u get to give out the 100 won.

    • Oh Em Gee, your food list has made me ravenous! *runs off and books flight to Singapore*

    • I know everyone keeps saying don’t go to restaurants, but I really highly recommend you guys try Jumbo Seafood Restaurant’s Chilli crab (hands down the best chilli crab in Singapore, they use huge, juicy Sri Lankan King crabs)!!! And their Drunken prawns and scallop rings! And if you can really make your way into the heartland, I’d recommend Melben Seafood’s crab beehoon. The crab is served in this savoury, milky broth that is oh-so-flavourful, and the beehoon (a kind of noodle) just soaks up all the goodness from the broth.

      And now imma go sob because i’ll be away when you guys are visiting my sunny island T_T

      • yeah i know, chili crabs are 1 of my favorite dishes, but crabs in singapore are freaking expensive. i purposely listed the cheap dishes becos i think simon and martina does not want to spend a few hundred dollars for a meal, but if they do, HELL yeah! chili crab is great!

        i have never paid for a meal of chili crab in my life, becos the only time i had them, were treats from frens XD yes i am a cheapo LOL

        • borborygmus 5000

          Yup true that, I only get my fix at Jumbo on very special occasions. If I’m craving some, the ones at tze char stalls at Old Airport Road Hawker Centre are great alternatives that are much much cheaper. I guess if Simon and Martina go with a big group, it will cost less per head? Heehee, I just couldn’t help but butt in under your list coz chilli crab is my favourite local dish, and most of the time I’m more into dipping the fried mantou buns into the gravy than actually eating the crab itself.

        • aw man, u r making hungry! u so nasty….. LOL
          simon and martina should ask HP or youtube to pay for the meals, then u can have as much chili crab as u like =)

        • They can go to those coffee shops with zichar and order chilli crab too!!! More affordable and some just as good or even better!!!!

        • Crystallised

          I don’t get the thing about chilli crabs lol but I LOOOOVE pepper crabs WAAAAAY more seriously.

    • oh 1 more thing. simon, martina, though most people in singapore speaks english, but if you happen to go to the hawker centers for food, the stall owners are mostly elderly people and some of them speak minimal english, so here’s a small guide on how to communicate with them.

      1. address the stall owners “uncle” or auntie”, we all do that when the person is older than you.

      2. speak to them with simple english, if you can, with singlish!

      3.if you want to compliment their food, dont say “delicious!”, say “shiok ah!” or “sedap!”

      4. if you show up with a camera and tell them you are filming their stall and going to post a video on the internet, they are most likely to let you do so, some might even give you free food because they like free publicity.

      • the video abit “buay jun” (incorrect) try this instead.


      • Singlish! That’s what its called? I must learn it right now. What are the best basic phrases to insert into my basic life?

        • sakinah jumaat

          just add “lah”..like okaylah…whateverlah..thats what SGeans did..

        • really that sounds like so much fun

        • Oh, that’s stereotypical.
          Some of the phrases in Singlish are borrowed from different languages and even Chinese Dialects.
          Simple ones include:
          Makan: Eat
          Shiok: Awesome, relaxing
          Kopi-o: Black coffee with sugar
          Walao: Curse word, probably shouldn’t be teaching you that.
          (FYI, we don’t only add “lah”. We also add “leh”, “lor”, “hor”, etc. And that can really change the meaning of a sentence. E.g. “don’t liddat (like that) lah.” and “don’t liddat leh”. I could go on forever, but you have to live in Singapore to really get the hang of it. Singlish not pray pray only hor. Ang Moh Lang learn, we think they very steady arh!)

    • Omg that foood list makes me want to book a ticket back home right now. Overseas singaporean food just don’t taste the same!!

      here’s some more to add on

      Ice kacang: a dessert, common dish in Singapore, base consists of jelly, attap seeds, corn, and topped with shaved ice covered in various syrups

      Bak kwah: our beef jerky! so yummy! get it from mei zhen xiang!

      Also, Highly recommend going to bengawan solo (famous bakery place) and getting pandan cake, kueh lapis and pineapple tarts!!

      • “Overseas singaporean food just don’t taste the same!!” Agreed. And it’s terribly expensive. Reading all the food recommendations I think we’re gonna make them ‘softer’ than ever xD

        Did anyone mention Katong Laksa here yet?

        Also, there’s Egg Tart, Love Letters, both kinds of Kueh Lapis (the ‘kueh’ Kueh one all sticky and sugary, and the cake one), Mee Siam, Ban Mian, Fish Head Curry, Teh Tarik, Milo Dinosaur, Chee Chong Fun, Kangkong Belacan, I can’t think anymore… too much food.

        Simon and Martina you should just write these all down on strips of paper, put them in a jar, then draw out 10… or 20… and then eat to your hearts desire.

    • I vote for laksa! I read about it in a book not long ago and have wanted to try it ever since. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance (yet).

    • The food you suggested are absolutely delicious!!!!!!!!!!! also do try the different drinks available at the kopi tiams or the coffee shops

      and also try our different types of coffee and tea
      ah huay = chrysanthemum tea
      kopi o / teh o = black coffee (kopi) or tea (teh) without milk.
      kopi c / teh c = coffee (kopi) or tea (teh) with evaporated milk.
      kopi peng / teh peng = iced coffee (kopi) or tea (teh)
      kopi / teh siew tai = coffee or tea with less sugar
      kopi / teh kosong = coffee or tea without milk or sugar
      kopi / teh kow = very thick coffee or tea
      kopi / teh poh = light coffee or tea
      kopi / teh kar tai = coffee or tea with more sugar.

    • ahhhh! drink all the teh tarik, eat nasi lemak, hokkien mee, different types of roti, apam balik, and anything else you can find!

    • http://ieatishootipost.sg/

      i think this is the most popular singapore food blog, you can check the blog to find where to eat and what to eat =)

      there is a post “top ten things to eat in singapore” complete with where to find that dish, would be perfect for you guise. he even has an iphone app.

    • If you guise are going to Gardens by the Bay, check out Satay by the Bay (aka Satay Club)! Awesome satays are served there — look for the first stall in the open air area, right opposite a Japanese stall. It’s also the one with the longest queue :) Beside the BBQ Seafood stall is a very yummy carrot cake (Singapore style) stall! Along that same row is a super popular Chicken Wings stall, where the uncle cooks the chicken wings over charcoal. Worth the wait! Drinks – Sugar Cane juice is a must at such places. Have it with lemon for a more refreshing taste :D

    • all good suggestions- as a singaporean who married a korean (and lives in LA), a singaporean could go on forever naming hundreds of different food dishes- you’ll be spoiled for choice and won’t get thru’ a lot of it in 5 days. i love korean food and there’s really a selection but there’s no food, in taste and variety, like singaporean food (maybe ‘cos it’s many cultures in one- chinese, malay, indian etc.)- gotta say we’re the biggest foodies out there, and the tragic thing is most of it can’t be cooked well at home… =( which reminds me- gotta try to lose some weight before my trip back- there’s really too much to eat… XP

    • Oh, what about the mouth-watering Black Pepper Crab? Or Curry Fish head?
      Walao, hungry alr leh…

  299. Welcome to our lovely home! Bring your tees, berms/shorts and flip-flops ’cause Singapore is hot!

    Food-wise, definitely the local hawker centre food, best if you can even step into an actual hawker centre to have them! Cheap and good, that’s how we like him. :p Chicken rice, sambal stingray, crabs (black pepper, chilli blah blah, the kpop stars always talk about them), bak kut teh, prawn hokkien mee, fishball noodles… Oh and you can probably drop by Ya Kun and try our traditional toast with kaya (this green jam made from coconut). Don’t forget to have some teh (milk tea) there too.

    And the list goes on… What else do you want to do here?

  300. kpopfan123

    Huzzzaah!! *_______* I’m so excited for you guise!! > . < (maybe you'll take some pictures while you're there :3 ) For me you're the best youtubers!you'll get to more views later *____*

    Is Martina feeling ok? She looks kind of pale… :s


    P.S: Tell Ryan Higa, one of the Nasties said "hi" :D

  301. OMG! Please pick me. It must be divine intervention that I am spending the last two weeks of May at Singapore! Great timing for me! Please pick me! I will roll down my sexy windows for hours and hours if you need me to. >.<

  302. I wanna meet you guys!!!!!!!!! pls!!!!!!!!!!!! can i bring my friend along too!!!!!!!!!! Jebal!!!!!

  303. Grilled/BBQ Stingray from Newton Circus Food Centre. We had it with just lime juice and it was sooo good but apparently you can get different versions of cook stingray there.

  304. ☆pallavi☆

    YOU’RE GOING TO MY HOMELANDDDD ;D Have fun there without meeee

  305. guess we know when EXO’s comeback is going to be. ;p just kidding.

    Have fun and have a safe trip.

  306. OOOOoo I’m a SINGAPOREAN! Please pick me pick me pick me pick me for the free tickets! :D :D :D

    BTW I recommend going to Universal Studios Singapore, because it is seriously my favourite place is all of SG!

  307. When you’re in Singapore, I’ll bring you guise for DURIAN and chilli crab!!!

  308. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG I WANNA SEE YOU GUYS SO BAD i can totally imagine both of you bickering on stage omg ;___________; you must definitely eat the crabs and roti prata and chicken rice and actually pretty much everything else hehehehe ^___^ have fun!!!

  309. Its rainy. Rains a lot now

  310. I cant believe I am finally meeting you guys T^T /crying tears of joy~ soooo eggcited~~~!!! you guys are going to be showered with love AND FOOD when you are here, so dieting before that will help :PP and Simon, WARNING. Singapore is extremely warm and wet, I remember you saying that warm air affects you, so erm i dunno how to help you D:?! maybe bring a small portable cute aircon? :D


  312. I want the tickets! I’ve been waiting forever for you guys to come to SG! Been big fans of you guys since you guys were in your old office appartment! Hope to see you guys in SIngapore soon!

  313. woohoo!! finally able to see you both in SG!! together with Ryan Higa too!! awesome people at awesome event.. I so wanna go!! .
    Let me meet ya’all~

  314. FINALLY! Welcome to Singapore! You HAVE to try all our local food. You have to try pandan cake, it’s so soft and fluffeh and it disappears so quickly. There’s also noodles dishes like char kway teow, hokkien mee, LAKSA, bak chor mee (minced meat noodles you can’t get anywhere else).. and of course chicken rice… bak kut teh.. chilli crab!! OH you have to try BBQ stingrays too. it isn’t gross to eat and you’ll love it! We still have a lot of malay/indian/peranakan food that are also drool-worthy (rendang! roti pratas! goreng pisang!). That’s just a few I can think of. If you love shopping at supermarkets (I love doing that when I travel), grab some kaya (coconut jam), Nissin cup noodles (i love the tom yum & chilil crab flavour), Calbee potato chips (hot & spicy!)… oh yes we have indo-mie here too.. There are a lot more that I could tell you about IF I GET TO MEET YOU GUYS! hahaha. great. I’ve made myself hungry.

    • oh yes, and the best place to eat local food will be at hawker centers! Hawker centers are non-airconditioned but that’s where you are likely to find hawkers who have been cooking and selling the same thing for decades. I hope you’ll have some nice singaporean guide who will bring you to try all the yummy food. There are also kopitiam (“coffee shops”) that sell local food, but less variety. Food courts are airconditioned and are mostly in shopping malls and it is a hit & miss there. Sorry, I am rather passionate about food in singapore i guess. lol.

  315. Simon Martina I want one :((

    How to register?

  316. NOOO!!!Im frm Singapore but currently in Australia studying!!>.<

  317. SIMON AND MARTINA! Will you guise also have an informal fan meeting from the 22-25? :DDD

  318. Dang it! I have school from Mon-Thurs!!!! I really want to meet you guys!!! Oh well… at least I hope you enjoy the singaporean food! We have chinese, malay and indian food! Do try hainanese chicken rice (a must!), nasi lemak or roti prata! Btw, if you’re craving bubble tea, try KOI. It’s just as famous as gongcha here! But I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay in singapore! ^_^

  319. Welcome to the red dot my friends ;)

  320. ERMAHGERD I WOULD LOVE TO WIN THE TICKET! I’ve always dreamt about going to Korea to meet you guise but I’m too broke for that. T_T Now that you’re coming to my country.. *I LOOOOOST MY MIND* Please give me this chance! <3

  321. Jealous. Singapore is awesome! :D


  323. Omg so much food you should try, but at the top of my head: Laksa, Chicken rice, kaya toast, rojak and KOi BUBBLE TEA. Lol that last one isn’t really Singapore food but you should try nonetheless.


  325. Start warning your fans about the Music Mondays you’re going to skip, to pychologically prepare them!!! :-p

  326. If I had the $$ to fly over I so would go and see you guise. Hmmm maybe Singaporean Nasties can help you better than I can, but here’s what I recommend you do:

    1. Get on the Singapore Flyer.

    2. Go eat Singaporean food, not at some fancy restaurant, but some hardcore hawker centre food – Singaporean Nasties, if you’re lucky, fill them full of Nasty goodness that is Chicken Rice, Roti Prata, Bakkwa, Ice Kacang, etc., etc.

    3. Skypark at Marina Bay Sands at night.

    4. Universal Studios (Granted, it’s not as big as the one in the States, but it’s got the Battlestar Galactica ride and the Transformers one too) and Sentosa in general.

    5. Jurong Bird Park or Night Safari.

    6. Shop for electronics/camera gear.

    7. Explore the airport.

    Enjoy your time over there!!

  327. argh !! i knew it!! nothing ever happens in singapore and the one awesome thing happens i could afford happens while im overseas…

    anyway just one tip, whenever you get the chance to eat out, just head to any of the food courts!! get your dirty sweaty nasty on and head out to the public hawker centres(different name, same thing as food courts), pretty much any one will do to blow your mind, im sure youll get lots of specific suggestions on what to eat before the trip so ill just leave it at that :) unless i cant resist…which i probably wont

    p.s. this is the girl who sent you that crazy ginormous junk food package from singapore a couple months back

  328. NOOO I’m going to singapore in the beginning of june T_____T WHYYY please extend the event :3

  329. You forgot Chester See in your list of people coming! But ahhh, why is this not in HK? D:

  330. It’s times like these I wish I lived where you were going and I drove cause I would love to do a drive by roll down ma sexy window…aaahhh one day it will happen :)

  331. I find it kinda sad that I actually know all those YouTubers you listed ._.
    (including Mighty Car Mods – they’re pretty cool)

    I have no life OTL

  332. OMGGGGG SINGAPORE SO NEAR YET SO FAR >< and was the Singaporian spelling intentional….?

  333. So proud of you guys! Been a subscriber for ever! Simon and Martina fighting!

  334. simon, martina, i really hope i can see you guys. i’ll be crying if i don’t </3

  335. I want the tickets! I so wanna meet you guys in Singapore! And yes, I’m from Singapore and I’m so free and available! Such a huge fans of you both and really honestly I wanna meet you in person!

  336. Very excited to meet you guys! Count me in!!!! :D

  337. It was sooooooo close to Indonesia… How about taking a vacation in Bali after your conference. LOL. You will be welcomed with the hottest weather ever. Be sweaty and nastey with us! XD

  338. I want the tickets!! Hehe Me and my sister really want to see you!! HAHAHA. You can do a FAPFAP here!! HAHA we really want to meet you in person. You can do a FAPFAP and WANK HERE!! I know there are any others who want it too so…. GOOD LUCK CHOOSING FROM THOSE FLOODING COMMENTS AND STUFF

  339. Oh .. thats so cool !! … im glad you guys get to finally go ~ make sure you spread the nastiness around XD

  340. OMG! I want to meet u guise! (:

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