In case you couldn’t tell from some of our other videos, we don’t get embarrassed easily. We’re dorky and massively uncool and don’t feel any shame in it. Not only do we not feel any shame in it, we made a job out of being dorks. So, now that we have the chance to do a video with people that are beyond cool, we’re thinking to ourselves, how is this gonna work? We like making our audience uncomfortable, but our interviewees? We can’t do that! But I feel like MFBTY will feel the forcefield of un-cool-ness surrounding the perimeter of our studio and they won’t be able to break through, like that scene from True Blood when the witches made that forcefield around their building and the vampires couldn’t come in. Man, I’ve just remembered how much that season sucked.

Anyhow, HELP US BE LESS UNCOOL! Give us some good questions we should ask them. There’s so much we want to speak with them about concerning the Korean music scene and their place in it, because we’re sure they’ve got TREMENDOUS insight they can provide. But what else? Let us know! Leave your question in the comment section and we’ll pick some of them for the interview. HELLS YEAH!

In case you haven’t seen MFBTY’s video for “Sweet Dream” you can see it here, and start preparing your questions!


  1. Haii!!!! Ummm i recently heard “Sweet Dream” & I was like OH MYYY LORRDDDDDDD I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! Well, my questions are:
    How do you guys come up with the concepts for your flippin’ amazing songs?
    How long does it take you to come up with the lyrics to a song?
    Do all of you come up with the lyrics or just one/two of you guys?
    – Alma from California,CA ^0^

  2. Maybe not a question but more of a thank you to them. Growing up I used to dislike rap and hiphop because of clichés etc. Through JK and Yoon MiRae especially I learned that it can actually be deep and meaningful. Learned once again that I shouldn’t be so judgemental and get to know something much better before creating an opinion on something. Thank you!

  3. question: Could you talk about your new video Sweet Dream? Explain the plot or theme and talk about what it was like making the video? :D

    -River from the U.S.

  4. question 1- How did you guys decide to come togather and create mfbty, what were some of the ups and downs?
    question 2- are you guys ever planning to release an english album and how well can each of you speak english?
    I’m areej from Canada

  5. So cool that you guys are gonna interview MFBTY! My questions are:

    1. (For Tiger and Mi Rae) Is it difficult raising a child with your schedules? Do you two have any hopes for Jordan as he grows up, like do you hope he becomes a famous rapper?

    2. Do you wish today’s kpop sounded more like the kpop from the 90s?

    3. What was the hardest part of filming your music video for Sweet Dream?

    4. What Korean or American artists do you listen to?

    5. Where do you usually go to write lyrics or what mind set are you in when you write lyrics?

    6. Can you show your aegyo?

    Kelly, U.S.A!

  6. This is so awesome.
    Here’s my question, most of the world seems to regard the music scene in the USA as the global stage, do you think that makes it hard for you guys as well as anyone in any other country to have a chance to be taken as a serious global star, especially since most music stations in other countries don’t really give you guys that much airtime? Also how do you approach this so called global stage while to maintaining your own style?

    from Nandwe(Pretoria, South Africa)

  7. To Yoon Mirae: You have been the main person for female k-hip hop for a long time. How do you think female Korean rappers/hip hop artists are doing?

    Shruthi from Georgia, USA

  8. the comments page sure are long and i don’t have time to read all of it so i don’t know if my question already been asked by the others.

    my question is : do you guys ever think about featuring Jordan as a singer/rapper someday in your album when he grow up?
    much love from indonesia!

    Irvan, Indonesia.

  9. What is the concept of music video “Sweet Dream”? Lilian Texas, United States


    What do you hope to see kpop develop into in the future? What are some new trends you really like or dont like? On a global scale, what message do you want kpop to have and what impact do you see it having?

    Crazy question. Bluegh. But thank you all so much for being FABULOUS!

    Georgia, USA

  11. OOOOHHH~~ i really want this interview to be deep and talking about some substantial topics and not just the regular stuff like who smells the nicest or whatever questions like that. i know simon wants to get into the korean hip hop scene and understand it more, well, HELLO SIMON, you’re gonna be speaking to THE KING AND QUEEN OF K-HIPHOP and the awsome Bizzy of course, so make the best out of it and ask some awesome questions! as for me, i’ve read through the thread and basically any and all questions i could think of have been asked by the other nasties so i guess, for my own curiosity, any plans of collaborating with Epik High??? hehehe. i think that’s about it from me. oh, maybe you can ask them what their advice is for the rappers who’re trying to get their message out or any advice to idol rappers of today. thanks simon and martina!!! we wish you good luck! don’t be too nervous! these cool people are so nice and friendly you shouldn’t feel too intimidated by them!^^

  12. This question is for Tasha:

    From what I understand, your relationship with your old agency wasn’t the best.
    As your new none Korean fan, is there a way to purchase your older music like
    album Gemini (2002) without technically supporting your old agency? Much love
    and appreciation for being a fierce and positive female role model :)

    -tenzin, minnesota

  13. When creating a single that you think is really good and is something that is personal or that you can relate to, especially in a music industry predominantly dominated by flashy upbeat pop music that lasts for about a couple of months; what are your thoughts on how fast South Korea’s music industry moves, in comparison to the American music industry(For example an album in American can last for about a year in promoting in comparison to an album in South Korean which lasts for about a month)? Does that affect the quality of your music?

    From Catherine British Columbia, Canada

  14. What is the sweetest dream you ever had?
    -Chantel, U.S.A.

  15. I wanna ask you guys –
    1) what inspires you on the daily baisis that gives ideas for your songs and projects?
    2) Having MFBTY gangs all over the world – what does it fell like? do you feel the support of international fans?
    3) is Jordan already rapping? :) do you want him to be also involved into music world when he grows up?

    with all my love,
    Nadine, Russia

  16. Are there any awkward moments between you guys or between you and your fans?^_^

  17. As being an indie band, I like to know if you guys have worldwide fans, ’cause usually only the pop bands are “famous” on other countries. I love your songs, and like to say that are you guys doing a amazing work. Hugs and kisses. Ps.: I’m from Brazil, sorry for grammar errors ^^

  18. HOLY FREAKING SHIZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHEN WHEN WHEN??!

  19. To the group please have a short free-style rap battle during the interview about an everyday random object (example: eggs) for the all the fans watching. Saranghae! C-Square from Singapore

  20. So many good questions have been asked. I cannot wait for the interview. I really enjoy MFBTY. They are so good in their own individual way, and as a group they are phenomenal.

  21. Questions^^!!!
    -What made you guys to create this project hip hop group?

    – Will you guys ever do other singles and albums again?
    -Will you guys debut in America with this group?
    -Will you guys maybe collaborate with any American hip Hop Artist? (Like Missy Elliott, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, etc.)

    -Kealii Sanchez, Hawaii

  22. What is the sweetest dream you ever had?

    – Chantel from USA

  23. 1)What do you think about the growing diversity in ethnics and culture in kpop today example being Michelle Lee and others of different race. And what is your advise for people non-asian who wants to get involved in kpop.

    2)Where do you see MFBTY headed in 5-10 yrs

    TO TASHA: when you were little did you ever thought you’d be where you are now and did you have any doubt?
    TO JK:you’ve said many of times who you’d collab with in asia, but who would you like to work with oversea?
    To Bizzy: do you plan on making mixes other artist along with MFBTY?
    TO ALL: do you plann on coming to USA and if so can you PLLLLEAAASE come to Chicago

  24. MFBTY question: Is there another MFBTY album in our future, or was this “Sweet Dream” project (which came out of left field) just a one-off? Also, do you plan on ever touring the world as MFBTY? If you do plan on touring, where are you going to go?

  25. OK, thought of a smarter question after posting earlier, which is: What are the advantages and disadvantages to being in the Korean music industry, as they see it, as opposed to elsewhere?

  26. I wanna know what Korean artists they think are stand out performers, put on a great stage show!

  27. Question for Tiger JK – You seem to have a special connection with Brazil and Brazilian fans. I was wondering if there was a Brazilian artist you like or admire.
    By the way, I’m not from Brazil, I’m from a neighboring country (Colombia), I was just curious, so that’s why I’m asking xD.
    Much love for Tasha and Bizzy <3

    Kelly – California

  28. Who decided the concept of the MV?

    Eizkander Luna, from Mexico

  29. Bizzy your voice is so charismatic. Is there any style or music you personally would like to challenge or pursue in future?

  30. ah snap son is this for reallz? Question
    What are your thoughts on Idol rappers. Do they come to you guys for advice about how to present a strong rapper/hip-hop image?

  31. I have a request; people who know Bizzy B, can you give me songs from him to listen to. I know he does a lot of features, but I like to hear his songs. Also i’ve seen a some interviews of MFBTY and he doesn’t talk much, so can you get him to talk and answer questions.

  32. I can’t express my excitement upon hearing about this interview. Swag! lol…

    It’s not much of a question but a request! Can they do a little lesson on how to be cool? lol.. and maybe a little tip on how to rap. I don’t think everyone can rap and sound “right”… is it just something you’re born with? either you have the voice to rap or not?

    Chloe – US-of-A

  33. this question is for Tasha and Tiger. Do you speak English or Korean to each other or do you speak both?
    this is now just for Tasha “whats it like to be part of the same company and you Husband and have your Husband your boss?”

    Rebecca Patten – Canada

  34. This is SO exciting! And don’t worry, you guys are also very cool in your own way. (Don’t blame you for being nervous though. I would be SPAZZING, no joke. I almost am just vicariously.)

    Hopefully I’m not too late with my question.

    Do you feel that Korean hip-hop has the potential to inspire and/or support movements for social change in Korea, the way it did in hip-hop’s early history in the United States? Do you believe in music as a tool for social change?

    (Anisa, from Toronto, Canada.)

  35. I must admit. I had heard a song or two of Drunken JK, but didn’t really know Tasha or Bizzy, so after seeing your post for MFBTY, I checked out their video. OMG!!! I am blown away! These guys are AH MAY ZING!!! Yes, lots of exclamation points. I’m always looking for Korean groups to introduce to my friends to and I think MFBTY is the group to do it! The Sweet Dreams video is super cool and they remind me of the Black Eyed Peas, except these guys have talent (oops, did I say that?).

    1. It’s already been asked below, but do they plan on releasing any albums in North America (especially with Tiger JK’s past history)? This would do great on the radio and in clubs.

    2. Does Tiger JK plan on collaborating with any North American artists?

    3. Will they be releasing any future albums (with more than 3 songs!)?

    4. For Tiger & Tasha – What language do they speak at home Korean or English? Is their son bilingual?

    5. Now that they are spokespersons for Schneeballen, do they get pastry’s for life?



  36. After being do long in the industry (Tasha) do you still feel discriminated? How does this affect you (Tiger) as a family and as a group (Bizzy)?
    -Marieliz, Puerto Rico

  37. To all – Can we expect anymore music from this subunit? Also will you be promoting ‘Sweet Dream’ on any music programs?

    For TigerJK- What was it like filming the parts of the video being strapped to the bed and/or with the bionic tiger?

    P.S. I love all of you soo much! ^ ^

    -Courtney from Pennsylvania, USA

  38. My interpretations of their music video were beyond the ideas I came up for papers I’ve done in university English classes. I’d like to know more about the meaning behind the music video and the song “Sweet Dream”, and also to know why they chose to do the theme that they did. The part of the music video where they’re filmed in a car to the scene on the bed just blew my mind into pieces about the possibilities of the meaning.

  39. After seeing this I immediately bought their mini-album on iTunes but I am a little distraught as to why there are only three songs of their available to purchase through there.

  40. So beyond awesome! My question is…On your Mp3 player what song would you NOT want people knowing you have, that you secretly enjoy? Cinnamon Cappel Houston TX

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