In case you couldn’t tell from some of our other videos, we don’t get embarrassed easily. We’re dorky and massively uncool and don’t feel any shame in it. Not only do we not feel any shame in it, we made a job out of being dorks. So, now that we have the chance to do a video with people that are beyond cool, we’re thinking to ourselves, how is this gonna work? We like making our audience uncomfortable, but our interviewees? We can’t do that! But I feel like MFBTY will feel the forcefield of un-cool-ness surrounding the perimeter of our studio and they won’t be able to break through, like that scene from True Blood when the witches made that forcefield around their building and the vampires couldn’t come in. Man, I’ve just remembered how much that season sucked.

Anyhow, HELP US BE LESS UNCOOL! Give us some good questions we should ask them. There’s so much we want to speak with them about concerning the Korean music scene and their place in it, because we’re sure they’ve got TREMENDOUS insight they can provide. But what else? Let us know! Leave your question in the comment section and we’ll pick some of them for the interview. HELLS YEAH!

In case you haven’t seen MFBTY’s video for “Sweet Dream” you can see it here, and start preparing your questions!


  1. Haii!!!! Ummm i recently heard “Sweet Dream” & I was like OH MYYY LORRDDDDDDD I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! Well, my questions are:
    How do you guys come up with the concepts for your flippin’ amazing songs?
    How long does it take you to come up with the lyrics to a song?
    Do all of you come up with the lyrics or just one/two of you guys?
    - Alma from California,CA ^0^

  2. Maybe not a question but more of a thank you to them. Growing up I used to dislike rap and hiphop because of clichés etc. Through JK and Yoon MiRae especially I learned that it can actually be deep and meaningful. Learned once again that I shouldn’t be so judgemental and get to know something much better before creating an opinion on something. Thank you!

  3. question: Could you talk about your new video Sweet Dream? Explain the plot or theme and talk about what it was like making the video? :D

    -River from the U.S.

  4. question 1- How did you guys decide to come togather and create mfbty, what were some of the ups and downs?
    question 2- are you guys ever planning to release an english album and how well can each of you speak english?
    I’m areej from Canada

  5. So cool that you guys are gonna interview MFBTY! My questions are:

    1. (For Tiger and Mi Rae) Is it difficult raising a child with your schedules? Do you two have any hopes for Jordan as he grows up, like do you hope he becomes a famous rapper?

    2. Do you wish today’s kpop sounded more like the kpop from the 90s?

    3. What was the hardest part of filming your music video for Sweet Dream?

    4. What Korean or American artists do you listen to?

    5. Where do you usually go to write lyrics or what mind set are you in when you write lyrics?

    6. Can you show your aegyo?

    Kelly, U.S.A!

  6. This is so awesome.
    Here’s my question, most of the world seems to regard the music scene in the USA as the global stage, do you think that makes it hard for you guys as well as anyone in any other country to have a chance to be taken as a serious global star, especially since most music stations in other countries don’t really give you guys that much airtime? Also how do you approach this so called global stage while to maintaining your own style?

    from Nandwe(Pretoria, South Africa)

  7. To Yoon Mirae: You have been the main person for female k-hip hop for a long time. How do you think female Korean rappers/hip hop artists are doing?

    Shruthi from Georgia, USA

  8. the comments page sure are long and i don’t have time to read all of it so i don’t know if my question already been asked by the others.

    my question is : do you guys ever think about featuring Jordan as a singer/rapper someday in your album when he grow up?
    much love from indonesia!

    Irvan, Indonesia.

  9. Lilian Yang

    What is the concept of music video “Sweet Dream”? Lilian Texas, United States


    What do you hope to see kpop develop into in the future? What are some new trends you really like or dont like? On a global scale, what message do you want kpop to have and what impact do you see it having?

    Crazy question. Bluegh. But thank you all so much for being FABULOUS!

    Georgia, USA

  11. OOOOHHH~~ i really want this interview to be deep and talking about some substantial topics and not just the regular stuff like who smells the nicest or whatever questions like that. i know simon wants to get into the korean hip hop scene and understand it more, well, HELLO SIMON, you’re gonna be speaking to THE KING AND QUEEN OF K-HIPHOP and the awsome Bizzy of course, so make the best out of it and ask some awesome questions! as for me, i’ve read through the thread and basically any and all questions i could think of have been asked by the other nasties so i guess, for my own curiosity, any plans of collaborating with Epik High??? hehehe. i think that’s about it from me. oh, maybe you can ask them what their advice is for the rappers who’re trying to get their message out or any advice to idol rappers of today. thanks simon and martina!!! we wish you good luck! don’t be too nervous! these cool people are so nice and friendly you shouldn’t feel too intimidated by them!^^

  12. This question is for Tasha:

    From what I understand, your relationship with your old agency wasn’t the best.
    As your new none Korean fan, is there a way to purchase your older music like
    album Gemini (2002) without technically supporting your old agency? Much love
    and appreciation for being a fierce and positive female role model :)

    -tenzin, minnesota

  13. When creating a single that you think is really good and is something that is personal or that you can relate to, especially in a music industry predominantly dominated by flashy upbeat pop music that lasts for about a couple of months; what are your thoughts on how fast South Korea’s music industry moves, in comparison to the American music industry(For example an album in American can last for about a year in promoting in comparison to an album in South Korean which lasts for about a month)? Does that affect the quality of your music?

    From Catherine British Columbia, Canada

  14. What is the sweetest dream you ever had?
    -Chantel, U.S.A.

  15. I wanna ask you guys –
    1) what inspires you on the daily baisis that gives ideas for your songs and projects?
    2) Having MFBTY gangs all over the world – what does it fell like? do you feel the support of international fans?
    3) is Jordan already rapping? :) do you want him to be also involved into music world when he grows up?

    with all my love,
    Nadine, Russia

  16. Are there any awkward moments between you guys or between you and your fans?^_^

  17. As being an indie band, I like to know if you guys have worldwide fans, ’cause usually only the pop bands are “famous” on other countries. I love your songs, and like to say that are you guys doing a amazing work. Hugs and kisses. Ps.: I’m from Brazil, sorry for grammar errors ^^

  18. Dyania ハナーフィ

    HOLY FREAKING SHIZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHEN WHEN WHEN??!

  19. To the group please have a short free-style rap battle during the interview about an everyday random object (example: eggs) for the all the fans watching. Saranghae! C-Square from Singapore

  20. So many good questions have been asked. I cannot wait for the interview. I really enjoy MFBTY. They are so good in their own individual way, and as a group they are phenomenal.

  21. Questions^^!!!
    -What made you guys to create this project hip hop group?

    - Will you guys ever do other singles and albums again?
    -Will you guys debut in America with this group?
    -Will you guys maybe collaborate with any American hip Hop Artist? (Like Missy Elliott, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, etc.)

    -Kealii Sanchez, Hawaii

  22. What is the sweetest dream you ever had?

    - Chantel from USA

  23. 1)What do you think about the growing diversity in ethnics and culture in kpop today example being Michelle Lee and others of different race. And what is your advise for people non-asian who wants to get involved in kpop.

    2)Where do you see MFBTY headed in 5-10 yrs

    TO TASHA: when you were little did you ever thought you’d be where you are now and did you have any doubt?
    TO JK:you’ve said many of times who you’d collab with in asia, but who would you like to work with oversea?
    To Bizzy: do you plan on making mixes other artist along with MFBTY?
    TO ALL: do you plann on coming to USA and if so can you PLLLLEAAASE come to Chicago

  24. MFBTY question: Is there another MFBTY album in our future, or was this “Sweet Dream” project (which came out of left field) just a one-off? Also, do you plan on ever touring the world as MFBTY? If you do plan on touring, where are you going to go?

  25. OK, thought of a smarter question after posting earlier, which is: What are the advantages and disadvantages to being in the Korean music industry, as they see it, as opposed to elsewhere?

  26. I wanna know what Korean artists they think are stand out performers, put on a great stage show!

  27. Question for Tiger JK – You seem to have a special connection with Brazil and Brazilian fans. I was wondering if there was a Brazilian artist you like or admire.
    By the way, I’m not from Brazil, I’m from a neighboring country (Colombia), I was just curious, so that’s why I’m asking xD.
    Much love for Tasha and Bizzy <3

    Kelly – California

  28. Who decided the concept of the MV?

    Eizkander Luna, from Mexico

  29. Bizzy your voice is so charismatic. Is there any style or music you personally would like to challenge or pursue in future?

  30. ah snap son is this for reallz? Question
    What are your thoughts on Idol rappers. Do they come to you guys for advice about how to present a strong rapper/hip-hop image?

  31. I have a request; people who know Bizzy B, can you give me songs from him to listen to. I know he does a lot of features, but I like to hear his songs. Also i’ve seen a some interviews of MFBTY and he doesn’t talk much, so can you get him to talk and answer questions.

  32. I can’t express my excitement upon hearing about this interview. Swag! lol…

    It’s not much of a question but a request! Can they do a little lesson on how to be cool? lol.. and maybe a little tip on how to rap. I don’t think everyone can rap and sound “right”… is it just something you’re born with? either you have the voice to rap or not?

    Chloe – US-of-A

  33. this question is for Tasha and Tiger. Do you speak English or Korean to each other or do you speak both?
    this is now just for Tasha “whats it like to be part of the same company and you Husband and have your Husband your boss?”

    Rebecca Patten – Canada

  34. This is SO exciting! And don’t worry, you guys are also very cool in your own way. (Don’t blame you for being nervous though. I would be SPAZZING, no joke. I almost am just vicariously.)

    Hopefully I’m not too late with my question.

    Do you feel that Korean hip-hop has the potential to inspire and/or support movements for social change in Korea, the way it did in hip-hop’s early history in the United States? Do you believe in music as a tool for social change?

    (Anisa, from Toronto, Canada.)

  35. I must admit. I had heard a song or two of Drunken JK, but didn’t really know Tasha or Bizzy, so after seeing your post for MFBTY, I checked out their video. OMG!!! I am blown away! These guys are AH MAY ZING!!! Yes, lots of exclamation points. I’m always looking for Korean groups to introduce to my friends to and I think MFBTY is the group to do it! The Sweet Dreams video is super cool and they remind me of the Black Eyed Peas, except these guys have talent (oops, did I say that?).

    1. It’s already been asked below, but do they plan on releasing any albums in North America (especially with Tiger JK’s past history)? This would do great on the radio and in clubs.

    2. Does Tiger JK plan on collaborating with any North American artists?

    3. Will they be releasing any future albums (with more than 3 songs!)?

    4. For Tiger & Tasha – What language do they speak at home Korean or English? Is their son bilingual?

    5. Now that they are spokespersons for Schneeballen, do they get pastry’s for life?



  36. After being do long in the industry (Tasha) do you still feel discriminated? How does this affect you (Tiger) as a family and as a group (Bizzy)?
    -Marieliz, Puerto Rico

  37. To all – Can we expect anymore music from this subunit? Also will you be promoting ‘Sweet Dream’ on any music programs?

    For TigerJK- What was it like filming the parts of the video being strapped to the bed and/or with the bionic tiger?

    P.S. I love all of you soo much! ^ ^

    -Courtney from Pennsylvania, USA

  38. My interpretations of their music video were beyond the ideas I came up for papers I’ve done in university English classes. I’d like to know more about the meaning behind the music video and the song “Sweet Dream”, and also to know why they chose to do the theme that they did. The part of the music video where they’re filmed in a car to the scene on the bed just blew my mind into pieces about the possibilities of the meaning.

  39. After seeing this I immediately bought their mini-album on iTunes but I am a little distraught as to why there are only three songs of their available to purchase through there.

  40. So beyond awesome! My question is…On your Mp3 player what song would you NOT want people knowing you have, that you secretly enjoy? Cinnamon Cappel Houston TX

  41. OMG I’M SO EXCITEEEED! I was literally thinking the other day how awesome it would be if they came to the studio :P
    My question is: What do you think you of hip hop sound and/or culture being infused into mainstream KPop? Are some people getting it right while others are getting it wrong?

    Dalia from Texas, USA

  42. Who decided to go with the name MFBTY and why is it “My Fans Better Than Yours”?
    By the way…GREAT song~!! <3
    -California, USA

  43. Hi! My question is simple:
    What inspired this music video? Could you explain what it is suppose to mean?
    The music video was just so epik that I want to know more about it! :)
    I’m a big fan from Chicago!

  44. I’ve noticed that Tiger JK sometimes uses spanish words or makes references to México in his songs and that you guys often collaborate with other artists (like Sunzoo project), so, would you like to make a collaboration with latin america rappers? Is there a rapper from Latin America or Spain that got your attention?.

    Ale, from Mexico.

    Simon and Martina and team: you guys first interview Clazziquai, now you interview Tiger Jk and Tasha and Bizzy, you guys made a few of my fan dreams come true.

  45. Here’s my guestions! :) I’m btw HUGE fan of Tiger JK and Tasha so if you would ask my guestion I think I would cry of happiness! haha
    Guestions: 1. When you were young did you dream about being rapper/singer/DJ?
    2. This is for Tiger JK and Tasha, if Jordan(their son) begomes singer/rapper when his older what advises will you give to him?
    3. Since your “groups” name means “My fans better than yours” have you been thinking about going to other countries to visit your fans and is there any awesome moment that you remember because of your fans?
    - Emmi, Finland

  46. Hey you guys.. I accidently posted this on another thread so don’t think I am spamming but if you get a chance.. ask MFBTY about the Johnny Depp connection.

  47. Here’s my guestions! :) I’m btw HUGE fan of Tiger JK and Tasha so if you would ask my guestion I think I would cry of happiness! haha
    Guestions: 1. When you were young did you dream about being rapper/singer?
    2. This is for Tiger JK and Tasha, if Jordan(their son) begomes singer/rapper when his older what advises will you give to him?
    - Emmi, Finland

  48. my question : can you talk about the differences between rapping in English and rapping in Korean ?

  49. They recently had a show at the MIDEM Festival in Cannes (France) and I was there to watch them perform. It was awesome (I also have some fancams on my channel ^^). Tasha even gave me they’re CD, I was super excited ! So here goes my question :

    What do you think after seeing the reactions from your french audience ? Was it more than expected ? Will it convince you guys to come back here and have a showcase ?

    To Tasha : Do you remember the tall guy in the brown jacket who you gave a CD to ? :D

  50. I’d like to ask a continuation question from Ana of Romania. Ana asked “How did MFBTY find EYK?” If you guise found out about EYK through one of their videos, which type was it (KMM, WANK, TLDR, etc) and what was your reaction? I found EYK through their KMM on SHINee’s Lucifer and I found it hilarious.

    Brittany A. from U.S.

    • P.S. For Simon and Martina,
      I was also thinking 1) Shut the front door!!!! There are other English speakers out there besides three of my friends who know what kpop is and love it??? 2) OMG!!! They like Sgt. Frog tooo!!!! (totally noticed the awesome Keroro shirt; my fav is Giroro) 3) I must watch more videos these people have made…I love your videos and am happy that you have a studio now!! Jumping and yaying because more people can be exposed to the EYK :)

  51. Awesome video I like most of the videos of mfbty . I have a lot of questions but I’m just wanna ask one , like all kpop idol they have fans all over the world but I’m not just talking about USA and Europe , I’m talking about Latin America because I don’t know if people noticed but right now kpop it’s having a huge explosion in Latin America. My question is. How they feel to have fans in Latin America where most of the singers just sing in Spanish? Thank you eatyourkimchi for made this awesome blog I’m Alex from El Salvador living in Texas USA

  52. To Tiger JK: you said you were falling in love with TOP, can you please leave a message for him? Try to convince him to choose you rather than Martina.

  53. Annie

    Oooh some serious stuffs,

  54. Just watched Sweet Dream – pretty awesome, and I have a question for them.

    The Sweet Dream MV is one of my top favorite videos. How did y’all come up with the story behind it? Were there creative differences when trying to portray the story?

    Btw, from JoBeth (TX, USA. Yeah!)

  55. I’m amused by Simon & Martina’s aside about MFBTY’s “production company”. Well, Jungle Entertainment is run by Tiger JK, so MFBTY is in effect its own boss. Looking forward to that interview because I so love this song… It deserves more success and more YouTube than it is currently getting.

    My question would be what is the symbolism of the tiger devouring the sleeping Tiger JK in the video? I can get the shout-outs to the Brazilian fans (Jaguarticas) and Tiger & Tasha’s son Jordan, and the convulsing about the illness TIger JK endured…

    Manila, Philippines

  56. Do they have an official website or anything? I can’t find band info on them from a Google search…?

  57. Cannot wait for the interview!!! Here are a few questions:

    1. Every one of you have been instrumental in the foundation of hip hop in Korea and have watched it evolve over the past two decades, where do you see the evolution of hip hop going next in Korea? Is the MFBTY project an example of where hip-hop will evolve next or your own personal exploration as artists?

    2. Since all of you were either born or grew up outside of Korea, how do you feel this impacted your musical careers in Korea and do you ever want to return to musical projects outside of Korea?

    3.How do you feel about how Hip-Hop is used in Kpop, do you feel it is a disservice to hip-hop or helps the public to accept the genre?

    4. In the opening it seems to indicate the song is it about a fateful love that for some reason other forces in life will not allow, and rest of the song seems to speak to this kinetic attraction of the two lovers thus ultimately their love is a like a “Sweet Dream?” What was the initial inspiration behind Sweet Dream?

  58. OMG i’m so existed you guys can interview MFBTY. I really look up to Tiger JK and his wife Yoon Mi Rae. I think they would be great people to get to know and have a convocation with. I’m so jealous…. what i would give to be able to talk and share ideas and views points with them. but anyways here are some questions i thought up…

    1. Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae as a married couple is it hard to work together in the same group? How do you separate work and personal life?

    2. What was the inspiration behind this album? is there any personal story behind the album?

    3. What are your biggest obstacles you guys face in the current music industry?

    4. What are your future goals for MFBTY? Do you have any plans promoting over seas or would you rather stay in korea for now?

    i’m from Texas, USA

  59. Super happy this interview is happening! Been in Wondaland since who knows because there is no time in Wondaland hahaha
    my question is for Tiger JK…. Will you ever take a picture with Stacy and show it to us? We love Stacy too ^^

    Keo Arely a proud unnie from Chicago, Illinois, USA

  60. In America it’s not uncommon to hear about beef between rappers, is it the same in the Korean hip hop scene? -Clarissa from Kansas

  61. 1.)To everyone have wore anything bad then thought later what the—was i thinking?
    2.) Do think other shows such as “Show Me The Money” that’s geared towards rappers will caught on?

  62. My question : Why are your fans better than mine ? ( the fact that I don’t have any fans is not a valid point :p )

    From Montreal, Canada

    Oh and can I say just how freaking happy I am that you’re interviewing them!!

  63. my question is a stupid question.. but still..
    Drunken tiger how do u lear speak portuguese and why do u say that Psy is a “biscate”!!!
    Do you know that is a very bad word right??
    Natalia – Brazil

  64. What was the inspiration behind naming the group MFBTY?
    -Ikwo (New York, USA)

  65. Loren, From USA!

    Question, How is it for Tiger JK and Tasha, to work having a son? If you guys travel outside of Korea, do you take Jordan with you? Or does he stays? Do he goes to presentations, whenever is possible? and do you guys think that he might become a rapper when he grows up? He has amazing and talented parents, it runs in the blood!

  66. Simon, I will have you know that Aegyozilla is my second favorite kpop rapper.

  67. Cyber_3

    Another question for MFBTY:
    You spoke in the MIDEM interview about how audiences listen to music in a different way now (more as a backdrop to a movie or video rather than just audio) compared to when you started your careers, do you think that this is why international audiences are now able to enjoy more music where they don’t understand most or any of the lyrics or is it for another reason? (like more access/sharing to different music thanks to the internet and global village? or just more awesome music is being made available lately?)

    Follow up: What were your strategy and goals in marketing yourself/your music internationally (rather than just within Korea) and how is it working out for you?

    Cyber_3 – I couldn’t really find a good way to word these, sigh, late at night, feel free to paraphrase – from Kelly in Canada

  68. Question for MFBTY: I grew up in India listening to music in many styles and languages, and I’ve loved R&B and Hip Hop in the United States. To me, music has always been about melody and rhythm, not language. But rap is a unique genre, with its flow and beat seemingly associated with English. Though Korean language is not as tone dependent as Mandarin, have you experienced any challenges while composing rap in Korean? My experience with rap in Indian languages has been mixed.

    I’m from Cambridge, Massachusetts and I’ve enjoyed your music.

  69. I just realised that in almost all their interviews and articles lately, they get asked questions about Kpop and Gangnam Style or Big Bang or just kpop rapping in general. Do you think they’d be a bit sick of that by now?

    What do you think of having this interview focus more on them and Korean hip-hop instead of kpop?
    ….but then again, talking about kpop and popular idols would give them more publicity, which seems to be what they want.

    How about, before they interview, you ask them if they mind getting asked kpop-related questions? They might not mind, but there’s no harm in asking, right? :)

    *small voice* I also had some ideas to make it more fun – because y’know, being serious just isn’t EYK’s style yo :p Eg:
    - Having a hip-hop instrumental beat playing in the background, and conducting the entire interview in freestyle rap!
    - Print out a map and have them guess which countries the interview questions came from
    - Have them conduct a 60-second KMM on Sweet Dream (I mean, since they voted for it and all :p)
    - Play Settlers of Catan together
    I also like your ideas of competing with them for who can do the best aegyo or animal impersonation (inanimalation?)

    Because besides being hip-hop royalty, they also have a sense of humour :D


  70. OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOSH!!!! I’m so beyond excited for this interview. Like, I was screaming like an idiot throughout the whole video. Woah Simon and Martina, I’m so glad you guys are getting the chance to interview so many awesome groups nowadays. (I’m also really excited for the Eric Nam interview!)

  71. Hi my name is Sandra from Chicago. My question is this CD going to be sold in stores, because it hard for us in the U.S. to buy anything overseas from iTunes. Also, I been seeing a 20th anniversary DVD or CD all over the internet, where can I find it. Also, have you ever thought about recording and selling concerts on DVD for those of us who can’t get to see you guys in person. Must say I only found out Tiger JK when my cable company pick up MNET over a year ago, let just say he left a strong impression on me. Went found and bought every CD he made except the one with 8:45 Heaven because it out of print,my favorite song! Fell in love with Yoonmirae after hearing Get it in, still looking for that CD also.

  72. My question is for Tasha,
    Do you parents know how successful you have become and what do they think about it?

    Laura(Florida, USA)

  73. 1. Would you let Aegyo-illa (Martina) rap and be a special guest on your next album?

    2. Do you have any say in the creative process of your music videos and how they express the content of your songs or is that left only up to the opinion and direction of a music video producer or just someone else? Because your recent video Sweet Dreams has alot of intense imagery and I’m curious at how it was inspired or thought up.

  74. i really want know how tiger and tasha feel about working together. I know simon and martina love working with each other, but what are their thoughts about it?
    Emma from Frace

  75. Congratulations!!!! I am so excited for you. I believe you will do a great interview. just be as you are and they will love you and have a great time. I am sure they already know about your awesomely cool uncoolness.

    My Question would be for Tiger JK and Tasha – How does being parents affect your music and your career as a whole?

    - Tara from California, USA

  76. HOLY FREAKING GEESUS!!!! O_O YES YES YES YES!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

  77. We Jaguatiricas are very honored!!! It’s an amazing music video! Thank you so much!! ^_______________^

  78. Hmmm maybe MFBTY could judge your best rapping efforts: Who was a better rapper? Simon in B.A.P Power KMM vs Martina Aegyo rap. Alternatively you could have a rapping lesson 101
    My Q: What are your rapping tips?

  79. How is Jordan doing? His laugh is soooooooo adorable =D

    How do you feel being considered hip-hop royalty?

    Simon and Martina consider English as their love language in Korea, do you (Tasha) and Tiger JK feel the same way? Do you speak English at home?

  80. how does he feel about Psy’s global success??

  81. as a person of a multicultural background I have experienced much racism in the US I believe it has made me a stronger positive person.How do you feel your cultural background has affected your life,artistry and personality?

    1) For Tasha: I think you’re amazing and I love you.
    -Is it hard to be a female rapper in Korea?
    -Most female rappers that I know of are idol rappers. Are there any female rappers that you look forward to that are up and coming? Or are there any idol rappers that you would like to see release an album?
    -Are they’re any artists [male or female] that you would like to collaborate with?
    -Do you plan on debuting in the US or releasing an English album?

    2) For Bizzy:
    -Bizzy! When are you going to come out with another EP or Album? Is there anything, be it features or albums, that we can look for during this year?
    -What is one album that has changed your life? Why did you decided to become an artist? Was there a defining moment for you?

    3) For Tiger JK: You’ve been in the business for a long time. While rap continues to evolve, not only in Korea but all over the world, do you worry about remaining relevant or do you try to stay true to you and the music that you make?

    4) For MFBTY:
    -Who are some artists [from anywhere in the world] that you would like to collaborate with?
    -Who are some of your favorite hip-hop artists? What are some of your favorite songs?
    -What is something that you would like old or new fans to know about Korea? Usually the only things that fans know about Korea are what they see on dramas, variety shows or Korean music videos. Is there something that you deem important to know about Korea?
    -Are there any genres of music that you would like to try that you haven’t already?
    -Do you plan on doing any concerts in the US this year? Also, will there ever be another Movement concert?! PLEASE SAY YES. I WILL MAKE MY WAY TO KOREA SOMEHOW.

    Ciara, Texas USA

  83. Just thought of another one (I knew I was forgetting something)!

    What artists or music producers would each of you like to work with that you haven’t had the chance to work with yet?

    Sierra Rae from IL, USA

  84. I’m so excited about this interview. I love these guys so much and I’m happy you have an opportunity to interview them. XD Congrats, Simon and Martina!!!!! I can’t wait!

  85. HOLY JESUS!!! I have NEVER been so excited for an eyk video >< I effing love Drunken Tiger and of course MFBTY is just as amazing! This is just so rad, I cannot wait XD

  86. For MFBTY,

    1. For each of you (Tiger, Tasha, and Bizzy)…what is your favorite song that you’ve recorded from this group project?
    2. For each of you (Tiger, Tasha, and Bizzy)…who was your favorite musical artist/group when you were growing up and what made them your favorite?

    Raven from Maryland, USA.

  87. Although I’m new to Tiger Jk, Tasha, and DJ Bizzy, I’m a fan of this song. It’s got such a nice feel to it.
    So um, my question…

    For all of them: I really liked the sound and feel of Sweet Dream. Have you already made plans for you next single, and will you change your concept? What may your concept be?

    (Edit- I’m Kiara from the US ^_^)

  88. MFBTY were interviewed at the MIDEM conference in Cannes and Soompi put up the interview. You can watch to get some idea of what kinds of questions they have been asked already. The interview is in English. What happened to Bizzy’s kiwi accent?


    They mention that they actually have a full album in the waiting. This current album with Sweet Dream and BizzyTigerYoonMirae was more like a happy accident.

    • Great interview. Tasha is so well spoken. What a cool lady! (JK and Bizzy aren’t bad either)

    • Bizzy hardly spoke at all….we need to get more questions for him!! And Tasha!! Because Tiger JK will butt in anyway hahahaha. So we already know who they think are the best rappers in kpop, thus there is no need to ask that.

      They seem to like talking about their past – dig a little more there? Personal stories perhaps? Touching stories that stimulated a song, or funny stories about their transition to Korea?

      Maybe Bizzy can be asked about the hip-hop scene in NZ. Hip-hop is rare in Australia, so I’m assuming it’s the same in NZ.

      • IDK anything bout them at all but apparently JK has some disease or somethin? Idk I just read a headline of an article on AKP the other day that mentioned it. If you wanna get personal you could ask somethin to do w/ that, or about their kid… (And either of those could have been in the other interviews, idk, just throwin crap out there.)

        • Yea he has transverse myelitis. And good point, they love talking about their kid. I don’t know what to ask though…. how would you word it?

        • I’d like to know if Jordan saw the MV, and if he did, what was his reaction kkk

  89. This is for tiger Jk: what does the tiger screan in sweet dreams mean. Specifically the part where he ripped out your stomach andbyoustarted to have a spazam.

  90. Aegyo-zilla rocks.

  91. OMG!!!!! I’m freaking so freaking happy, Simon and Martina, you guys are the best!!!!!!!! :D

    My Question:

    (For Yoon Mi Rae) Your song “Black Happiness” talks about the struggles you faced as a half-Korean, half-African American artist in Korea. Over the years, do you think that most of Korea has changed their views towards not only foreigners working in Korea, but as well as foreigners mixed with Korean blood?

    (For JK) A few years ago, you were diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis. From what I looked up about the disease, it seems to be rather painful, but what helps you fight through it? Also, is the meaning of “Sweet Dream” related to your disease?

    Quin from America

  92. Who are your musical inspirations?

    Kelsey from Canada :)

  93. THIS IS DA BEST! I can’t waittttt! Thank you so much Simon & Martina. I love you guys. :’)

    Here are my questions:

    1. To Yoon Mi Rae/Tasha: You inspire me so much! :’) I never liked raps before until I saw you in Running Man. And I have been trying to rap ever since. ._. Can you give some advice, for young girls like me, on how to rap korean/english like you? Thank you!

    2. To MFBTY: What are your most essential accessories before going out of the house or going on stage?

    3. To MFBTY: What makes you confident? (because I think that to be a rapper/hip-hop artiste, you need to be/look really confident. >.
    Love, Haziqah (하지카) (pronounced as ha-zee-kah) from Singapore.


    here r my questions:

    1. Explain the meaning behind the Sweet Dream music video?

    2. How did you come up with the name MFBTY?

    3. How did this collaboration happen?

    -Maymuna (May-Moo-Na) from Michigan, USA

  95. can you tell them Carins Samano from El Paso TX loves them soo much and they are my inspiration to keep going and follow my dreams every day?? lol ok thats weird right?
    1 why MFBTY as their group name?
    2. what is the meaning behind the video? why put Felix in the video?( which was really cool by the way)
    3.if i invite them to my parents wedding will they come? lol jk weird again
    4. if you could work with any artist in the world who would it be and why
    5. would you ever leave korea and breakout in the american music scene?
    6. what wad the original idea behind the movement? how did you all meet?
    7. is this what you always wanted to do?
    if you guys could ask at least one question that would be awesome :)

  96. Explain the meaning behind the Sweet Dream music video?

    How did this collaboration happen?

    How did you come up with the name MFBTY?

    -Maymuna from Michigan, USA

  97. What was your inspiration for the making of the music video Sweet Dream? – Jackson Holland, Canada

  98. QUESTION: How do you feel about being back to the music industry as a group?
    David, CA

  99. FCKKK YEAAHHHH!!!!!! :D :D :D :D!!!!!

    PLEASE, do ask them to do some aegyo!! and also if they could rap or sing a little bit, that would be awesome!

  100. To all of the members of MFBTY

    1) If you were stranded on a deserted island, what are the three things you do you bring with you?
    2) Who is your dream collaboration- whether its a K-Pop, K-Indie, Western, or any artists- and why?
    3) Who inspired you to become the artist, especially in Korea, and why?

    Asela from USA!


  101. For MFBTY:
    1. Who came up with the idea of the concept of this awesome video?

    2. How did you guys film these amzing effects?

    3.Was it fun fliming for this mv?

    4.How do you like Simon’s aka name Moofbooty lol?

    Jazmin from Illinois,USA

  102. Geno From USA

    Where did yall draw inspiration for the direction of the MV, I read somewhere that y’all used tech that has never been used in MVs before. Also, who’s call was it to include Felix in the MV (which is freaking amazing!)?

  103. My question is for all the members of the group.

    Q: You all seem to have your own individual/unique style of rapping.
    Has their ever been a time when you guys had conflicting ideas on a particular song or idea.

    Name: Ann
    Country: Jamaica W.I.

  104. For Yoon Mi Rae,

    How is it to be a multiracial women in the Korean industry change your popularity,music etc.?

    For Everyone,
    Do you plan on debuting in the US? Do you think you have a strong chance because of your very good English?
    Do you think MFBTY will make it far in the US Industry?

    -Aylin from US

  105. I never can think of questions for these things, but I have one this time! Okay, I’d like to know what Tiger JK’s & Yoon Mi Rae’s opinion is on being called Korea’s Jay-Z & Beyonce. Positive? Negative? Neutral? Don’t care?
    - Raeha (pronounced ra-yah); OK, USA

  106. If you could visit any country in the world and do one thing what would it be?? – Shannon from Ireland <3 Oh and hey and i love you Tiger Jk <3

  107. MFBTY: It looks like you guys had a lot of fun filming your MV Sweet Dreams, Did you have any accidents/incidents or fun stories while filming this MV? Tiger JK you are one of my inspirations in my life doing what you do, living how you do, family love, I respect that a lot. Heather Folsom USA!

  108. This is soo cool!! My question is to Yoon MiRae:

    As someone from mixed heritage, how were you accepted in the Korean music industry at first?

    Amanda, USA

  109. I’ve got a couple quick questions:

    Which artists in Korea and abroad do you find yourselves listening to the most lately?

    Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

    Do you find that having an expanding international audience has an effect on your sound?

    -Sierra from IL, USA

  110. MFBTY! Okayy I have one question, Your name MFBTY means My Fans Better Than Yours. Do you think that your fans are better than fans of others or other fans in general? Please name 1 reason as to why you think so if the answer is yes. Thank You! <3
    Tatiana from Canada! ( Like Simon and Martina ) <3

  111. What inspiration did you have to make the plot of the video?
    Im a BIG fan of yours and im excited for the interview~
    Cielo from the U.S.

  112. this question is for everyone: If you could work with any living person or group outside of your genre (not rap/hiphop) who would you want to work with?
    Thank you for taking the time to do the interview.
    Ashley Schmelzer WI, USA

  113. Ever thought about going to Europe? Especially (The Netherlands) You guys have a lot of fans here~!.

    Aurelina from The Netherlands.

  114. Is it hard for them to work with husband and wife ?? Or is it easy like Simon and Martina Emily- from Quebec, Canada

  115. In ‘Sweet dream’ there is the line ‘two together rather than one, go over the tough/dangerous mountain’. What kind of mountains did you overcome together in your rise to success and your music being acknowledged by local and international fans?
    From Sanjita Gurung, London.

    PS. Hiiii Simon and Martina please do change my question around if sounds weird^^ (Have a feeling it does). I was confused on if it was tough or dangerous mountain T_T. When I went on YouTube and say the title ‘ We are going to interview MFBTY!’ I screamed at my laptop, as I love them so much! Can’t wait for the interview! EYK FIGHTING FIGHTING

  116. Question: Who do you guys think is the better rapper? Simon or Martina?

    Jenna: Wisconsin, USA

  117. Do you ever want to visit Wondaland? If only you were allowed to.

  118. What is the one thing you want people to take away from your music?

    Katie- Oklahoma, United States

  119. So my question would be..As Tiger JK and Tasha (I don’t know much about Bizzy) have
    been in the music industry for a number of years both in the USA and Korea I was
    curious about:

    How has Korea the country /Korean music industry changed a lot since
    when they first debut, in terms of accepting Hip Hop/Rap (non K-pop usage of rap) or has the strict
    censorship laws actually restricted/hindered their ability to spread their
    music and how much has social media helped in promoting themselves.
    (Feel free to re-word)

    Thank you for creating MFBTY (My Fans Better Than Yours) for MFBTY.

    My questions,
    TigerJk: Who do you think is your inspiration is creating music, besides Tasha and Jordan? Are there any special moments, that makes you feel your popularity in Korea or overseas.

    Tasha: What do you think about JK having too much online spazzing? When are you really going to start further developing in America?

    Bizzy: Will there be any solo activities for you in the future?

    MFBTY: Are there more other group activities planning ahead?


    Stacy's MFBTY, xsterois from Hong Kong

  121. Would you ever consider collaborating with YG Entertainment for either a single or just a stage performance??

    Jenny from Liverpool, England

  122. All the other groups you’ve interviewed have been AMAZONG OF COURSE, but this is MFBTY. This is TIGER FREAKIN JK, who is one of my favourite artists worldwide, not just in Korea… That being said, my brain is so fried with excitement that I can’t think up any good questions ㅠ.ㅠ

    • I know right >_< these guys are frikkin legends, every question i think up feels so unworthy

      • I feel like I’m missing out on something here. I only know Tiger JK as that dude that cursed white people for like 10 mins in that one place. But apparently they’re really really big? I feel like I should start looking up mvs. :)

        • Huh was that incident really that big? I only knew about it because I follow them on twitter, and follow their tags on tumblr…

          Yes, these guys are MASSIVE. They pioneered the hip-hop movement in Korea, as part of The Movement Crew, which also includes Kim Jin Pyo, Epik High, Dynamic Duo, etc.

          Here’s a video I found which explains and lists all the members of The Movement Crew ^^b

        • Well, I guess whenever a celebrity does something that has people shouting racism, articles get written about it. The international community seemed to be a bit stirred up over it, though it probably wasn’t that big a deal in Korea.

          Thank you for all the links! *goes to watch videos*

  123. WHOO! Jungle Ent. is one of my fav. companies! Here are my questions:
    1. How do you feel about debuting in the US?
    2. Do you feel that Gangnam Style has made it harder for the mainstream public (not K-Poppers, but other people) to take K-Pop and Korean Hip Hop serioiusly, and how so?
    3. How do you feel about Saesangs, and have you encountered your own, or seen any going about other K-Idols?
    4. What makes you unique from other big (or so it seems) hip hop companies, like SniperSound and YG?
    5. What are your future plans? World Tours? English Debuts? etc
    6. Who do you want to collaborate with most? From another company in Korea or another country?
    7. What do you think about idols and idol groups?

    To Tasha:
    1. How does being of mixed race affect you in Korea on a daily basis?
    2. Did it make it hard for you to become a rapper, or have any influence on what company you auditioned/went for?
    3. How do you and Tiger JK balance working with each other and family life?
    4. What do you think about this generation of female “rappers”(idol rappers) and the women that actually DO hip hop in Korea? (Yourself, Gilme, E.Via…etc)
    I think all of you are awesome, you’re really great. Tasha, you are one of my favorite female rappers in Korea (top 3) I love all you guys, once again, you are amazingly fantastic.
    From Karen aka MsThugBear from Iowa USA

  124. Q: Do you think there is an over saturation of idol pop in the Korean music industry as far as exposure goes (ie: TV & radio)?

    Q: If so, do you think the attitude of the public towered idol pop is changing, in other words are are people primed/eager for seeing and hearing more variety on radio/tv/music-you-hear-while-shopping and mainstream interviews? or is that something that already exists and us international fans (in general) aren’t really so aware of it?

    There was a tweet from west coast rapper Dumbfoundead concerning music artists confronting the darker side of the Korean Entertainment Industry (the trainee rape case by Open World Entertainments CEO comes to mind & the suicides by celebrities), which Tiger responded to by saying ‘artists are confronting those issues, but it doesn’t get much air time/exposure’.

    Q Do you believe there’s a certain amount of apathy involved dealing with these issues (both in the industry and the fan base)? What can fans do to help the change, if anything at all? or should fans even be getting involved?

    Q: Do you believe that if more artists (or industry insiders) came forward to tackle this problem, whether behind the scenes or in front, would it have much impact on other artists/trainee’s thinking the ‘status-quo’ doesn’t have to be set it stone? in other words would it inspire other artists/trainee’s to believe they deserve better then what they’re dealt, and act on working for better?

    Q: Being of mixed heritage, how has that affected the way you see things in the States, in Korea, and in an entertainment industry? Has this view changed from when you were a child to now that you have a child of your own?

    Q: Most people would agree that you’re probably one of the best rappers in the industry, what advice can you give to females who aspire to be emcees? What kind of hardships can they expect vs a male rapper and do you think these issues are going to be different for a female rapper in Korea and a female rapper in the US?

  125. MFBTY~ My fans better than yours!FTW!!!

  126. First off: Best Interview Ever !!! I’m jealous and excited at the same time !!!

    Here’s my questions: I know at least Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae lived in the States for sometime, did your time there influence your music style and if it did in what way. Also if there is anything you would want to see come to the Korean rap scene that you see and miss in the American rap scene ??? P.S love your song and I cant wait till all three of ya’ll drop a solo album !!
    And even though I doubt I’ll be picked….I’m from Ashburn, VA

  127. 1) Will you be making a US debut? Because I personally think that “Sweet Dream” could be almost as popular as “Gangnam Style” was, and still kinda is globally.

    2) You guys say that you’re not in the K-Pop genre, so what would you call your type of music? K-Rap maybe?

    Nathanael from Tennessee!

  128. Nurah Elmo from Yemen,middle east :)

    ay i can’t wait to see the interview lol

    My question for MFBTY are…………..

    1)If you didn’t become a celebrity, what everyday occupation would you have liked?

    2)If I came to your home and looked inside the refrigerator, what would I find?
    3)What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever done for you?
    4)What advice would you give to people wanting to get into the music/acting scene?

  129. are you looking to expand Jungle Entertainment?

  130. Maggie Woodliff from Springfield Illinois USA
    1)Do you guys think you will ever preform in The US? (like some where close to springfield Illinois, Chicago is good)
    2)what got you guys into music and your style music becuse I love your sound and the “inhale exhale” part in your song Sweet dream.
    3) What is the best gift you guys ever got as a group? And what is one you would like?
    4)Tasha: Where did you meet your husbin? I know it’s random but i would love to know!

  131. Even tho it is always asked… why did you get in to music? what inspires you? what is it about music that you love? if you could would you change anything about kpop or would you want it to be more main streem?
    form the usa

  132. Kimmicci

    1. Do you think you would ever come perform in the USA?
    (*cough* like in SEATTLE~ like how Simon D & Dynamic Duo did? bc it was awesome and we’d LOVE to have ya’ll here too!!! *coughs from shouting excitedly*)
    2. Bizzy: Do you ever feel like the 3rd wheel being in MFBTY? LOL
    3. Tiger JK: Why is your twitter display pic of Johnny Depp? Do you admire him?
    4. Mirae: I love you & you inspire me <3
    5. What do ya'll think about the growing number of international fans?
    Name: Micci T. [pronounced like Missy]
    Location: Seattle, Washington, USA

    P.S: Martina is a better rapper than Simon. Her raps are so random and cute it's actually hillariously catchy XP

  133. I’m curious to know how close the original Movement family is these days and if they still have the flexibility to support each other the way they did before. Leessang and Epik High especially have experienced a transition into more mainstream success. How has this affected the dynamics of the Movement’s friendship and does MFBTY think that a some kind of stage reunion might be possible in the future?

    Also, one of the reasons that Tiger’s music is so appealing is that it is so personal. Listening to “Feel gHood Muzik” for example is a journey of both pleasure and pain. “Sweet Dream” is just as potent. You don’t walk away from it unaffected. How does MFBTY keep their inspiration fresh and relevant? Is it harder as they grow older? What sources do they draw from?

    Good luck Simon and Martina! I can’t wait for this one :D I’ve been a huge fan of JK and Tasha for ages and am so happy to see them back with a new project!

    Jennifer B. – Dallas, TX, USA

  134. Are they going to have an American tour.

  135. 1) For Tasha, as she is known to be one of the most recognized female Korean rappers – the presence of female rappers is increasing in the Korean mainstream music scene but is still lacking compared to the prevalence of male rappers. Since rappers often exude “tough and confident” images, how do you think the general public views female rappers in relation to the more traditional Korean outlook of women? What would you like to see in the future for female rappers in the Korean music industry?
    2) For Bizzy – How was it working with a married rap-couple? Do you think that this relationship between the two allowed the group to communicate better, or did it in fact do the opposite? I find this work-relationship interesting since Simon and Martina are also in a similar boat.
    3) For Tiger JK and T – How did you two meet? Did you immediately take a liking to each other or did it take some time?
    4) Also for Tiger JK and T – Jordan is adorable and I’m glad to see him growing up so well! I know it’s early, but as his parents are pretty much rap-legends, do you think that he will also pursue the same or similar career? Would you like him to or because you know the hardships of being a musician, would prefer he not (although ultimately it is his decision)?

    (Simon and Martina- you’re free to re-word any of my questions if you use any of them)!

    From Jin – New York, United States.

  136. Questions for MFBTY:

    1. What made all three of you to decide to work together?

    2. Sweet Dream is an awesome song. Are there any future plans for MFBTY?

    3. Please free style for us fans! GO!

    Name: Luthfia

    Country: United States

  137. MFBTY: What do you think of the hiphop and rap in mainstream kpop? Does it feel out of place, annoy you, or are you happy that the genre is getting more exposure?
    - Theresa, Ireland.

    And, oh my! S&M, I’m so happy and excited for you guys! Thank you so much for introducing me to such fantastic artists through your KMM, indie playlist and interview. Happy New Year!


    To Bizzy: What was it like working and promoting in a unit/project group with Tasha and Tiger JK, on a professional level and personal level? Even though you’ve know them for many years, were there times where you’ve felt uncomfortable promoting alongside a couple?

    - Elaine Huang || Toronto, CA

    [Feel free to edit this to make it sound not as... asdlfnaonfksj :) And please make Bizzy talk moar!! He's so camera shy~]

  139. Cyber_3

    Simon and Martina: I think this will be an awesome (MFBTY) interview _because_ it is with you. From other commenters they seem well-known for being candid and upfront and that is something that a lot of people have come to respect you two for the same qualities (among many others). I think that you should try to have a little fun with it because I don’t expect your standard rehearsed speech answers here. Frankly, even though “Sweet Dream” didn’t quite make the top 3 this week, I think that you were deliberately chosen for this interview because a) you have a much more international exposure than Korean tv, b) you don’t have the same cultural prejudices that these artists seem to clash with and c) you’re awesome, funny, and pretty darned honest. When you endorse a group, it means a lot more than just a pre-scripted entertainment interview. Roll with it, you’ve got this.

    Question for MFBTY: With more international exposure lately, what are your plans in moving forward? Who do you see as your target audience?

    Cyber_3 – is Kelly from Canada

  140. Hi my name is Talisha, 21 from Germany. I would like to know if MFBTY has ever waited several hours in line to get tickets to a concert and who they would wait in line for today, no matter how long just to see the artist perform live. Please let Tasha, Tiger JK and Bizzy know that they are my favorite people in this music Industrie WORLDWIDE and that they are giving me hope that real artists still excist. I would like to supply some rhymes xD

  141. To Tasha and Tiger JK, how do you distinguish between work and marriage when you’re making music together? what do you guys do when your ideas clashes? who has the most say?

    All three of you are part of the Movement Crew, who are credit for being the front of the hip hop movement of south korea starting in the 90′s. As time goes, do you see and feel the impacts that you’ve made, and what work do you feel like you still have to do?

    Where do you go to watch new acts? Are you currently mentoring new young artist?

    Superstar K, totally a different stage than American Idols. Please give us (fans from aboard) some insight how this program are helping artists getting into the music industry.
    On top of that, have you thought the program “Show Me the Money” was able to provide the same attributes to participants compare to Superstar K?

    -Vick Noneed, Minnesota, USA

  142. How did you come up with the concept for the music video? It’s briliant!
    Valerija from Croatia

  143. Q: the music video is incredible. where did the concept originate and whos idea was it to have that wicked corpse-like animatronic tiger?

  144. How did you decide to become music artists, and who were your biggest inspirations in the beginning? From the USA ^^

  145. Hello! I am Michelle, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

    I would like to know, and I’m sure many others:

    What does MFBTY think of the growing trend in Korean music that is English speakers and English in general. I know Tiger and Tasha are both fluent English speakers, so it would be nice to hear from two inside of the scene.

  146. Who do you think would suit the spudgy hairstyle best out of you all? :PP
    Amy, Scotland

  147. OMGOSH!
    My question if for Tasha: Did she find it hard growing up in the United States and in Korea because she is biracial?

  148. so excited about this interview…love that y’all will soon be sharing the same air.

    sorry if this rambles a bit..

    i found out about kpop after seeing Rain in a commercial about 3 years ago…did some digging and voila! here i am. i love a lot of kpop music. however, the concept of almost every group having a rapper is weird/interesting to me. plus, many of the concepts, esp the visual, seem to be inspired by 90s American rap.
    1. Do Tiger JK/Tasha/Bizzy know what the reason for this is? Who is styling the kpop rappers this way?

    Several of the kpop idols/rappers have confessed a love for American hip hop/rap music/artists. i love how music can transcend borders and speak to us even when we don’t understand the language. but it’s clear there’s a lot lost in translation. There’s a few kpop idols/rappers that my heart adores because they seem to be making a sincere effort to not just imitate/emulate/simulate(?) what they think it means to be cool in the genre but are really trying to understand the artists/people behind it and use it as inspiration to tap into their own soul.
    2. Since Tiger JK and Tasha have an understanding of both sides, do they ever mentor any kpop idols/rappers? if not, would they please consider it?

    i hope you can understand the gist of my point and can ‘pretty’ it up for the interview (hopefully). :)

    simon/martina/spudgy, fighting! <3

    ladibug–Atlanta, Georgia USA

  149. I’m happy that you have the opportunity to interview such amazing human beings. They have my full respect and love.

    As a group you have done several things for different charities, are there any other charities you would like to get on board with? I find it admirable that you do these works. Many people just donate to charities but you actually started The Wonderers Project to spread awareness about bullying. I commend you.

    -Cheryl US

  150. I heard that they run their own entertainment (tasha and Tiger), how did this happen, why did they choose to do it this way, what are the benefits and what are the hindrance/disadvantage of doing so? I don’t know much about either Tiger, Tasha or Bizzy. Even though they are really well known in Korea, they are not that known internationally so if they could introduce themselves in different languages (especially in Norwegian :D ) that would be awsome, and I think the international fans (including me) would like that :)
    How to introduce yourself in Norwegian: Hei, Eg heiter (name). :):)

    Silje-Mari, Norway


    Q: Often, Hip Hop/Rap artists use the phrase “HH/R belongs to everyone”, and blatantly ignore and/or mock the history of the actual genre and the struggle it has had to actually become one of the most popular styles of music. TJK is often viewed as the Jay-Z of Hip-hop in SK, and Tasha gives off a strong Lauryn Hill vibe to many listeners, but what do you see as your role in the history of HH/R music? And can you compare yourself to other big names in the industry?


    Q: Who were your influences, and who still influences you as an artist, and in the culture of Hip Hop/ Rap music? And what do you see/want as the future for Hip Hop/ Rap music in Korea?

    * Deborah from USA

  152. My question is for Tasha. I’m black and from America, and because of my mom, some people never suspect that I am Black, also because of the way I act. I really want to get into the Entertainment industry, beginning in South Korea. I’m aiming up there in wanting to join the top three industries, but I think YG will be the most accepting of someone like myself. My actual sort of question is What do you think my possible chances are, and what type difficulties have you, personally struggled with?

  153. To Tiger JK:
    What do you think of the newer generation of rappers? Do you have any advice for them?
    Do you have any favorites?

    Michelle from Norway

  154. 1. Do you feel like you had to adapt your styles to fit with the popular culture these days? Do you wish you could do old school hiphop as you used to do?

    2. Since your older albums are not sold anymore, any plans to release masters of your past albums?
    And won’t ya’ll release physical copies of MFBTY’s albums? Is this a going to be so for your future album releases? (I hope not because I’m old skool)

    3. And BIZZY please release your album soon! During Music Matters in Singapore last year, you said you would preview your new song ‘Angel’ but after that small preview there was no news. What happened?

    Martha from SIngapore

  155. wow Simon and Martina, this interview is going to be awesome! okay?!

    1st of all I’d like to ask if they have any plans on doing concerts abroad, like in Europe.( because that would be just great.)

    2nd-> I wonder if Bizzy ever felt awkward or so while working with a couple xD ( because let’s face it: Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae are a pretty cool couple)

    3rd question: Is anyone from MFBTY planning on releasing a solo album right now, in korea or abroad, or would you like to work as a group again?

    Okay that’s it… My questions are a bit weird, but this is all I can come up with right now…sorry guys xD

    Best wishes from MFBTY’s fan: Catarina from Portugal

    And good luck on your interview, fighting!!

  156. Consider myself a very new fan of the rap scene in Korea, i hadnt heard of mfbty before (just Tiger JK ), but now i will be taking a much larger interest!

  157. Simon and Martina, I’ll be honest here, I feel a little star struck that they’re coming to EYK, even though I’m not meeting them myself (it really feels like you represent us, y’know?). I’d be worried about what to do or how to dress or how to act – they’re just so amazing and mature and gangsta!!! Lol I even imagined having you guys putting on a GD gangsta act to try and fit in (cos….it’s the thought that counts right? xD) but that might be viewed as disrespectful by their fans OH WAIT but since their fans are better than yours, they must be AMAZING and have a great sense of humour right? Right?

  158. Ahh this is AMAZING!!! Since i saw them on the indie playlist i have been on a mad internet search TABS EVERYWHERE to find the music from each of them as its a project group (i know Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae are married and are rap royalty) so the past few days i have been thoroughly enjoying their music as i don’t come across much Hip Hop and Rap from Korea. I did catch an interview Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae did on youtube and they were really great interviewees with great humour so i am excited for you guys.
    Questions wise its not really my place to ask anything as i am relatively new to their music as a whole so i am just going to leave that to the fans who have followed their music for a little longer as i am sure their questions are going to be really engaging, but i am so excited about this interview and i look forward to it :D


      • It was actually this one of just Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae
        really funny part where the interviewer must pull a face at the mention of justin bieber and every starts laughing and Tiger JK jokingly points at him and says “You’re not a belieber huh?” which i just found really funny. BUT i have watched the other one posted below or will it appear above me after i post this xD

        • …that is a GREAT interview. I’ve always wondered how the both of them feel about Tasha being so damn talented, umm, even more than Tiger JK in some aspects… definitely more popular and more sought after, anyway. I’m amazed how supportive Tiger has become, especially when he said that thing from the billboard interview –

          So what’s ahead in 2013 for MFBTY after starting with such a bang?
          “Hopefully I can retire and have Tasha [Yoon Mirae] get the recognition she deserves,” says Tiger JK.

        • Yeah i totally loved the interview as a whole funny but really engaging and interesting which is why i think S&M’s interviews is going to be amazing because of the questions i’ve seen in the comments here are really great. Ahhh Tiger JK what a guy i have read so much about him recently including his controversies but i love the honesty, the heart on the sleeve philosophy its so refreshing to see from a Korean artist.
          OMG such an amazing thing to say :)

  159. what are some of the obstacles you come across when working on music (either the coming up with the concept, lyric writing, the mv filming, etc)? How do you overcome those obstacles?

    Do you think the growing popularity of K-pop is helping underground rappers and mainstream rappers get a bigger audience, or do you think it is making it difficult for them to break free from the label of “K-pop” since they do not create “pop” music ?


  160. Ok, I don’t have a question, but I do want to thank you guys for your hard work. I want to thank you for introducing an otherwise clueless me to awesome music like this. You guys are the bridge connecting us to Korea. I think it’s just a matter of time before Big Bang comes knocking at your door. (No, tho, seriously. I wanna see them in the sticker booth so bad!)

  161. As some of the pioneers of hip-hop in South Korea, what are the biggest challenges you’ve all faced, and how do you feel about the growing acceptance of the hip-hop scene in Korea?

    -Brigid, U.S.A.

  162. Q: are you fan of some k pop groups? If yes, what is the group that you are looking forward before each release?
    Q: I found out about you guys thanks to EYK and I really love the craziness of your song and mv!! is it you guys who gave ideas for you mv? would you to try a different genre for your next release?

  163. PunkyPrincess92

    OHHHHHH MYYYY GOOOODDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MFBTY!!!!!!!!!!!! how freakin’ awesome and amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *spazzes to the max*
    dunno what ask…….
    oh! hehe well i loved watching Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae on Infinity Challenge and RM!!!
    have they thought about going on a variety show recently as a whole?

    T_T lame question!!!! i dunno what to ask!!!! my brain is too excited to think right now!!!!!!!!
    i should calm down….have a think….and then come back with a better question!!!




  165. What is it like working with/as a married couple?

    Mirae, what’s it like being the only girl inthe group?

    Freya from Belgium

  166. Do you guys have any intention to release an album in America ? cuz i think you guys will kill it

  167. Oh my God I’m so excited O.O
    Question for Tiger JK and Tasha: How does beeing parents influence your music? – Ina from Germany

  168. Do you feel like you had to adapt your styles to fit with the popular culture these days? Do you wish you could do old school hiphop as you used to do?

  169. Aline from The Netherlands asks:

    How did you three get together and what is the funniest memory you have since working together?

    They are great musicians and I think also really awesome down to eart people :D! So really, awesome job for getting this interview, Simon and Martina! You guise are the best! Have fun :D!

  170. Any chance of a world tour happening soon??? :D Zily from the Maldives!

  171. My question(s) for MFBTY are:

    1. Is home-grown hip-hop popular in Korea (does it have a comparable following to pop music?)

    2. Did you ever expect for you guys to be popular overseas?

    MFBTY 파이팅!

    - Josh from Australia

  172. Random questions!
    which season is your favorite?
    What’s your favorite food?
    If you could meet anyone…dead or alive, who would it be??

  173. irritablevowel

    Who do you think is doing really interesting and creative work in hip-hop right now?


    What interests you creatively? In other words, what would you like to do next musically?

  174. Congrats!!!lCan’t wait see my fav dorks and my fav rappers together!Relax,you guise will do great!Any plans to do an international tour?If so,wich countries they’re plainning to visit?

  175. Bizzy’s birthday is on Feb 29th but that date is not exist in 2013 calendar. lol ask him what he wants for his birthday. And this is a question for three of them : What do you like about yourself the most? .

    Nisa, Malaysia.

  176. Hi guise! :)

    Here are my questions:

    1. If I’m not mistaken. You did a collaboration song back in 2010 called “Run”. Was it this song that made you come to the final decision of building MFBTY?

    2. What do you think is your place in the Korean music scene?

    3. How did the three of you get to know each other?

    4. How did you find out about “EatYourKimchi” and get to know Simon and Martina?

    Lots of support from Ana, Romania! :)

    ♥♥ ♥ ♥

  177. I’m really curious as to the meaning of the name MFBTY? How did it come into existance?

  178. Question:How do you combine family life with your rather amazing careers in music? Hege – Norway

  179. Im not sure if this has already been asked or answered but – ‘How was MFBTY created? Was it planned or did you happen to make awesome music together and then want to release it together?’

    I know they already have quite a following internationally and are leaders of the Korean Hip Hop scene But my other question is
    ‘Do you have further plans/hopes for the international scene?’

    - Philippa, UK

  180. irritablevowel

    I will mail you $20 if you call them moofbooty in the interview. Twenty American dollars. Mr. Andrew Jackson. Oh yeah, I’m ballin’.

  181. Arta & Ilze, Latvija

    A rap challenge for MFBTY: Can You do an aegyo rap? (using such words as muffins, rainbows, unicorns, etc)

  182. I haven’t watched the video yet or read the article yet (I will, I promise). This is based solely on the title of this post. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Is it weird to say how much I’ve been thinking how awesome this would be? Anyway. Yay (!!!!!!!!!!!)

    • Great questions, I think it was a good idea for me to scroll through the comments before posting my own – most of my questions have already been asked, in one way or another!! Haha great minds think alike? :D

      Especially #2 – How on earth does Tiger JK get away with the things he says and does? I mean, I totally respect him for it, as I do Simon and Martina – who gives a crap what the haters say – but how do they survive in such a heavily censored Korean culture? Jay Park and any other random idol can’t say anything without getting shot down by netizens instantly.

      • I agree. Of course, living in America, we’re pretty used to being able to say whatever crazy crap we want to say. Korea is vastly different from this. I was actually following Tiger JK’s Twitter feed the other day when he was talking about having trouble getting MFBTY’s stuff onto shows (as well as needing a publicist in case anyone knows somebody). Maybe this is the trade-off. IMO (for whatever that’s worth), I think they have a very mature/authentic/rich sound as opposed to many of the IDOL groups where their music seems more of a marketing tool than an actual art.

      • Does Tiger JK feel at all hypocritical after his white people rampage? You don’t want racial generalizations made upon yourself or you family… what makes it okay for you to do so? A few ignorant, probably drunk, jerk-offs shouldn’t speak for people as a whole. Racisim can go both ways.

        • The way I understood it (if I’m thinking of the same incident) is he was yelling at the specific people who were telling him to do the horse-dance, not at the entire crowd. He just happened to be using his mic, so everybody heard it, but the people in the back couldn’t *see* what was going on or *hear* the assholes being assholes, they could only hear Tiger JK’s response.

        • Everything that yahnati said. JK was responding to the racist and orientalist comments of a specific group of white people. He was generalizing which is not necessarily a good thing but is not even close to comparable to what those white people were perpetuating.

          Also racism is discrimination + societal power. Groups in a position of no power in society (e.i. people of color) cannot be racist for the simple fact that they have no power in a white oriented system. Reverse racism does not exist. Rudeness and generalizing does exist but should never be called racism until it is accompanied by a system and society wide innate disadvantage for the victim.

          And I think it’s hilarious that you’re dismissing the centuries of orientalism resulting in what those white people wanted JK to do as simply “ignorant drunken behavior” but lampooning JK for his visceral and emotional response to being treated like a dancing monkey and calling it “hypocritical racism.” Stop. No. Sit down.

        • There was no reason for you to be rude. None of us know the whole story. But don’t tell me to “Stop. No. Sit Down.”

        • There was… because you made a statement without full knowledge of the facts.

        • I really hope that JK Tiger gets to have his say, so to speak. Of course, I wasn’t there. Everything I read pointed to the fact that some cretin acted like a cretin, and JK called him on it in a colorful way. Raven, your point about reverse racism is valid, although the argument could be made that a few white people in a crowd of Koreans in Korea have very little power and so racism wasn’t at play. It was morons being morons. Not coming in on one side or the other because I wasn’t there. Just saying.

        • It wasn’t a concert in Korea though… http://www.allkpop.com/2012/09/tiger-jk-2ne1-and-others-perform-for-the-creators-project it was in the good ol U S of A

        • Actually it was in Korea…in Seoul. If you read the article Creators Project had several stops, including one in Seoul. I went to Creator’s project in SF last year and the musical guest was the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

        • irritablevowel

          This is not on the topic, but I am a person of color, and I think it’s really important to point out that this statement “Groups in a position of no power in society (i.e. people of color) cannot be racist for the simple fact that they have no power in a white oriented system.” leaves out the definition of “race prejudice”. Saying people of color can’t be racist by pulling out that definition of racist (which not everyone agrees on) but not acknowledging the definition of “race prejudice” isn’t playing fair. People of color can be very race prejudice. I love my grandma, but she has said some messed up stuff in her time. That guy who runs the shop around the corner, nice guy, but he can say some messed up stuff about other races sometimes. I think it’s really important that we, as people of color, not give ourselves and others a free pass to say jerky things by saying it can’t be racist. It CAN be, and is, race prejudice.

        • From my experience, we all have a tendency toward xenophobia since people, in general, are afraid of what they don’t understand, and when people fear something they generally want it to go away (etc.). The question is whether or not we’re willing to stare our own prejudices down, call them what they are, and change our own perceptions.

        • My thought Exactly.. I too am a “Person of Color” and I DO NOT believe its alright to say messed up things about another person not of your own color because you’re not white, so its not racist. It is just as Racist!

        • Preach, honey!! I think racism is racism, no matter who is perpetuating it; it’s ridiculous (to me, at least) to think that since us people of color (I’m black) don’t have substantial power means that we can’t be “racist”.

        • One of the worst argument i have ever heard! Racism is simply any discrimination of people based on their cultural traits e.g skin colour and beliefs. It does not matter if the person belongs to a group in power or not, racism goes both ways, be careful!!!

        • Sicknastygnarnar

          You’re “definition” of racism is completely false and sounds like a justification for being a racisist yourself. Racisim evolves from a person’s ignorance and has nothing to do with either their own race or the race they’re prejudice against. Come on, societal power? Are you implying that minorities have no power in society? And which society are we talking about? Where I grew up I was the minority, would it have made me (white) not racist for calling a black person n******? I think not.

        • So, spurred on by this conversation, I’ve been reading back through the stuff on the internet about this incident. Thanks to Jo for reminding me that it wasn’t in Korea. I’m pretty sure this is all a dead issue as far as it goes with Tiger JK. Yeah, he went on a rant after losing his temper with some hecklers. Maybe if that was where it ended, there’d be something to talk about. The thing is, he apologized….on his own…without being prodded by management or whatever. And, quite frankly, it was in America. And let’s face it…one of the cool things about America is you can say dumb ass things with a lot less fear than you can other places in the world. Thank goodness – because I say some dumb ass things pretty regularly. So, in my mind…apology accepted…rant forgotten…keep makin’ great music and bringing it to America…even if we may accidentally send out some dumb asses in the greeting party.

        • Amen

        • His rampage stems not just from white people, but of American attitudes towards Asians that most likely stems from a very racially charged time period In America (it seems like when is there not a racially charged time period). He grew up in LA during the 1992 LA riots…and for those who do not know all the components of the LA riots, there was significant warring between African Americans and Asian Americans at that time and Koreatown was greatly affected by the riots. This most likely impacted Tiger JK in a manner to have a somewhat negative attitude about American’s perception of Asian-Americans…and rightly so as demonstrated by the ignorant drunk attendees. After years of suffering hate how does one not lose their cool?

          In fact, this warring still occurs today, my very good friend grew up in Oakland having to deal with African American and Asian American gang wars and the constant stereotypes that African Americans pushed on her. She told me, she was tired of the violence and belittling she witnessed/experienced everyday. She started to yell and even physically push back from the various verbal and physical taunts she endured. As she said “They believed I would just be another quiet asian who would just take the abuse quietly and not stand up for herself. I went out to prove that stereotype is wrong.” She still holds onto these grudges to this day (keeps her guard up when meeting new people and lets it down when she realizes the person is not racist), and understandably.

          I honestly have no idea how she endured that time period in her life and I feel the same for Tiger JK. I do not feel he is being a hypocrite by any means…just may have not gone about this incident in the most constructive manner but sometimes taking the issue head on in aggressive manner is the only way to get the point across. Honestly, all he used is words…isn’t that better than fists? How does one push back on blatant racism? Can anyone keep their cool in that situation?

        • As a white person (read as “glow in the dark”) having grown up in the middle of America, I’ll be honest that I hear a lot about racism but don’t really experience it for myself. That’s not because I’m great, but because I just happened to be born to the regional majority. Thankfully, I grew up in a neighborhood that was poor and filled with every flavor of humanity. Thankfully, I also had parents that never made an issue about race one way or the other – people are just people. As MLK Jr. dreamed about, we actually learned (as did the people around me) that is was the content of a person’s character that mattered. All the other stuff – skin color, facial features, country of origin, language, musical taste, fashion preference, religion, orientation – was window dressing. So, I think, for me, I got to grow up in a state of blissful ignorance to the racial strife in so many other parts of America and around the world. Yes, I knew about Rodney King and the L.A. riots, but it was so far away. I even knew about Detroit (in my home state), but it was WAY over on the east side and the world of my childhood was still huge. It wasn’t until I moved to Indiana that I learned there were real people (not just the ones in history books) that hated other people because of their skin. It wasn’t until I got a little older and a little wiser that I learned that it wasn’t only white people doing the hating. It never occurred to me that a black person would hate an Asian person or vice versa. It never occurred to me that a Native American would hate a Mexican…

          Honestly, I thought that we white people cornered the market on hate – not a good feeling when you grew up not realizing that skin color mattered to people.

          At this point in my life, I still don’t have the experiential capacity to understand what it was like for Tiger JK to grow up in L.A. at the same time when all this race madness was going on (does it still go on? that’s like another world to me). I think that’s one reason why when I read about his rant, I didn’t get ticked off. How can I judge a person based on a news article for something that I’ve never had to deal with? Have I mentioned that we were born on the same day (that didn’t help the initial crush either)? So a lot of what I remember hearing about on the news, he was actually living at the exact same age. It’s easy to imagine that I would have said more, and possibly worse.

        • Yes…unfortunately racial tension still exists all over the world. I’m glad you and many people responded to Tiger JK’s rant not with anger or thinking he is hypocritical, but tried to understand why he expressed himself in that manner and realized what cultural ignorance he was so upset at.

          The time period my friend told me about was when she was in high school in the early 2000, and I am sure is still occuring today. I consider myself from a very progressive area, the SF Bay Area, which is very culturally diverse and rich. In fact, I grew up in community where white people were the minority, and I felt unaware as a child of cultural differences. However, as I grew older I realized despite the fact the bay area was culturally diverse…we still remained somewhat culturally segregated, and it was difficult to break through the misunderstandings of the different cultural groups. I only have anecdotal evidence, but I honestly feel we are sadly far from MLK Jr.’s dream.

          My first experience with racism is when I moved to the north bay into more biracial community: white and latinos. It was apparent a good portion of the community disliked latinos for one reason or another and their inability to speak english…the things I have heard overtime in school and workplace are to horrific to repeat here. Because of this apparent hatred a good portion of the latino community built a wall around themselves against white people. In middle school, I began to befriend someone from that community and learned her parents were illegal immigrants. Her parents were the nicest folks I have ever met and I felt so welcomed in their home as they introduced me to their culture. However, her friends disliked her hanging out with me and sent a letter saying “If you continue to hang out with that white girl, you will no longer be welcome in our group and we will make sure to cut you off from our community.” This was really heavy stuff for me to understand as a middle schooler, and I learned fast why they felt that way. Even if I personally was not racist, the majority of their interactions with “white” people were very negative and unwelcoming, thus in turn they had to have their defenses up. Once I realized my overtures to try to make peace with her friends were not welcomed and why they could not change their minds about me, I felt really torn my friendship with her was causing her to be ostracized from her community. There was no happy ending with whatever choice she made. This was just beginning of some of the racial tensions I personally experienced growing up.

          No mater what, we should still try to understand where someone is coming from, then we can better understand and accept one another. Tiger JK stands against racial discrimination, and I feel his comments still exemplify this stance, even if not said in the most eloquent manner. I actually hope this issue is not discussed during the interview with S&M, I hope they focus on the music since that is what MFBTY really is about…a project for these artists to evolve and express themselves to the world. I really love all their music previous to MFBTY, and feel they have broken so many boundaries in music and shared so many positive messages.

        • I doubt he meant to generalize on an entire race or people. I’m positive he was dead on his generalization of the people that were heckling him. As far as them being drunk that’s never an excuse to be ignorant. Sometime you have throw back the garbage that’s being spewed on to you, it might not always be the right thing to do. But when your are being hurt it’s sometimes instinctual to want to hurt back. You can’t really judge anyone till you have walked in their shoes. I doubt he is a perfect person. and on that day anger got the best of him.

    • Really good questions! I wanna know too ~~!

    • poodle

      These are great! Ask these!

  183. When/Why did you decide to become a rapper/singer instead of having a normal office job?
    You guys are my biggest rolemodels, love you!!
    - Prijanga (pronounced as Pri-yanga) from The Netherlands :)

  184. Question: What type of music did you guys listen to when you were growing up, and did this said music help mold the person you are today. Nehal London

  185. When and why did you guys decide to become rappers/singers instead of having a normal office job?

  186. yaaay!! finally MFBTY interview :’)

    Q : i’m curious about The Movement Crew, is this amazing Korean Hip Hop Artists still exist?

    puji, Indonesia

  187. Are they going to promote more awesome music in the future in this group or are there any specific purpose why do they want to form this group? Della, Malaysia.

  188. Hello! 새해복 많이 받으세요 ^^
    My question(s) are:
    1. Who do you look up to?/Who are your inspiration?
    2. How did you guys get the name ”MFBTY’? Hehe
    3. How’s Jordan?
    4. This is a request but I would like a freestyle rap? :)
    Thank you! Hwaiting~
    Brisbane, Australia!

  189. To Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae, being a husband and wife team, does it sometimes get in the way of working on a song or video together? and Bizzy; do you have any moments to share when working with them?

  190. Questions for MFBTY: Are you happy with what you are doing at the moment? I think you guys are pretty awesome :) Where, who and/or what do you get inspiration from?
    from Lauren, Australia :D

  191. Ohmygod I cant believe this is happening ;__;
    Okay here are my questions:

    - Are you guys thinking of an english album?
    - Are you guys thinking of a world tour? (if yes, please visit The Netherlands hehe)
    - What does Jordan think of his legendary parents?
    -Who inspires you to make music?
    - With which artists (worldwide or korean) would you like to make a song?
    - What is your favorite song from an non-korean artist?
    - I write songs aswell, and I was wondering how do you get inspirations for song writing?
    - Do you have any goals?
    - For Tiger JK & Tasha: Would you like it if Jordan became a rapper too?
    - How did you come up with this group; MFBTY?
    - Is there a special meaning behind ‘Sweet Dream’?
    - How do you feel being so long in the korean hiphop industry?
    - If you could be a fruit, what fruit would you be?
    - Any advice you would give to people who want to become a rapper?
    - What do you think of Hip Hop nowadays?
    - Who is the best dancer out of you guys?
    - For Tiger JK & Tasha; Any plans for a baby brother or sister for Jordan?
    You guys are my biggest rolemodels and I wish you guys the best~
    Prijanga (Pronounced as Pri-yanga) from THE NETHERLANDS! :D

  192. Q: How did you guys get into the industry in the first place – doing HipHop? Most KPop nowadays seem to have a touch of HipHop in it, but was it difficult to get Koreans to like HipHop back in the 90s? [from Florence ~ Hong Kong]

  193. My question is: how do you feel about the category ‘K-Pop’ being applied to music all music from Korea, even when its clear there are many musical genres in Korea other then ‘Pop’?

    From Australia

  194. To Tasha: Coming from a Blasian background, what was the hardest thing to adapt to and what advice would you give to anyone with similar background to start their music career?

    To Tiger Jk: Nowadays.. Hip-Hop has been more acceptable in Korean entertainment rather than in the 90′. What do you think rappers of today lack?

    To my Kiwi, Bizzy: In 2011(correct me if I’m wrong) you said that your new album will drop in early 2012…. What happened? and what do you miss the most about New Zealand?

    It’s so freaking amazing that you guys are gonna interview them!! I hope that Jordan will follow them to the studio! ♥

    • Ohhhh, I hope Jordan is at the interview, too!!

    • Hareem Siddiqi

      It would be TOTALLY awesome if Jordan could come!

      • He is a fire ball of a kid!! and wouldnt let them talk at all :P hahahahaha – We need a Jordan interview (which Im sure his parents will disagree with anyways!)

        • Oh I would love a Jordan interview!! I mean, his name is in the MV, so he’s an honourary member of MFBTY too yea :p

          “How does it feel being a child of two of the most talented rappers in the world? Do you feel pressured to become a rapper against your will, or do you actually enjoy being born into the middle of this hip-hop world?”

        • michiehaha87

          Exactly!! but we might have to save his interview for when he gets older xD – cause now they wont get anything out of him besides mom and dad ROCK! or rap..whichever goes xD hahahaha.

    • YES! I really hope Bizzy talks a lot in this interview. I love see interviews with them and I look forward to Bizzy speaking, but it happens….very rarely…lol!

  195. - how did the name “MFBTY” come about? who thought of it (my guess is Tiger JK =P), why did y’all choose it and such?
    - will there be anymore future projects for this group? (oh please say yes! xD)
    - and this is more of a request but, could y’all bust out a freestyle? about anything! ;D

    Melanie B. (USA)

  196. why did they put ‘jaguatirica’ – which is the Brazilian fanclub – in the video?
    and why is ‘my fans better than yours’ the name of the group?

    love from Brazil :)

  197. Q: Directly for Tasha, how difficult would you say it is the overcome such prejudice as you faced when debuting? You’re an absolute queen and I adore you! Charlotte – Great Britain!

  198. Oh my gosh! I’m so excited for this! I have heard a lot about them, but never really looked into their music cause I’m not into hip hop too much. But I watched an episode of running man with them recently and I really loved them! They are such cool, nice people, and I loved seeing Tiger JK and his wife Tasha, they are so cute and I admire their relationship! :D

  199. Q1: Do you guys ever plan to come to europe and give some concerts?
    Q2: Have you ever watched some EYK Videos?

  200. Q: How do you feel about the trend of having to have a rapper in every kpop group these days? Sarah from England!

  201. This question is more for Yoon Mi Rae:

    How is it to be a female rapper in a field that is dominated by man, and there are very few good female rappers (or maybe there are but they,re not as popular a male ones.)

    Gosia, Poland

  202. Q: When did you guys first started rapping? who influenced you to start rapping?
    From Singapore ^_^

  203. Q: How much does your life influence the music you make and the lyrics you write?

    From: Malaysia.

  204. Since their fans are better than others (FACT) two questions:

    1. What’s the coolest thing a fan has ever done for them or, alternatively,

    2. What’s a not-so-cool thing that a fan has given to them?

    - Molly

  205. How to be less uncool? Try wearing one of those profanity hats from ㅈㅈㅇ! It would be an interesting experiment

    • Yea, plus those outfits from some of Big Bang’s/GD’s KMMs would work perfectly here! Don’t forget to say “A-YO!!” :p

      (lol look at us, setting them up for their doom)

  206. Question: Who are all of y’alls favorite hip-hop artists and have they influenced you in any way?
    From Jasmine in the US :)

  207. more of a wish than question…. i want to see a bizzytigeryoonmirae vs aegyozilla rap battle

  208. MOGEF is known to ban songs and music videos containing inappropriate content(references to alcohol, drugs or sex). Do you think it affects on freedom of speech?
    - Julia (Finland)

  209. I don’t want you to talk a lot about kpop with them, but I really wonder…:

    Who would they rate as the best idol rappers out there? *remembering some comments on a certain akp article…*

  210. How did you come up with the name MFBTY?

  211. So excited for you guys~!!
    Q:Is it hard sometimes to work together as a couple?Do they bring their work home?
    Anastasia from Israel

  212. Why are your fans better? J from Sweden

  213. My question is would they be willing to do an improv rap based off of a subject you picked? Would be interesting to see their silly side!

  214. Guise, why didn’t you put here the link of Sweet Dreams in the KPop charts? It still stands a chance! http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts/mfbty-sweet-dream/

  215. Q: Did you get any reactions on the video? Were they more positive or negative? Greetings from Germany! ^-^

  216. Yaay, I’m so happy for you guys that will be able to to the interview, it’ll be so great. And I’m really happy for myself that I’ll be able to watch the interview later :D

    QUESTIONS: Well, since they are all so cool…what kind of things do they consider to be cool, and what is the coolest thing they’ve ever experienced?

    Because they have the better fans…what are their reflections on their own celebrity lives, how does it differ from other kpop-idols, in terms of the attention they get and their fans a.s.o…?

    And finally…are they nasty?

  217. My question: Which boy and girl group’s rapper they find good in rapping.

  218. A question for Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae, with your (ADORABLE!) son Jordan, as you both have strong American and Korean backgrounds, is his bringing up more of a Korean-style bringing up or a western-style bringing up? i.e. the language you speak around him, education etc.

    Carli, Australia!

  219. Tell us some more about ‘The Wanderers’?

  220. These days, it seems like the Korean underground hip hop scene isn’t as underground as before; many artists are collaborating with more mainstream acts and the world is becoming more exposed to Korean hip hop. What are your feelings on the current K-hip hop scene, its development over the years and its place in Korean pop culture. ^^ 새해복 많이 받으세요!

    -from Alia Jones (USA/대구)

  221. Hmmmmm… Simon, the way you dressed today, remind me of William Dacry from The Lizzie Bennett Diaries. Am I only one thinking this way?

  222. Congrats on the amazing interview get!!!
    My question for MFBTY is do you see yourselves as Korean artists influenced by American culture or American artists influenced by Korean culture?
    I love this song and I hope it is picked up in the Western music markets because it is amazeballs!
    Melbourne, Australia

  223. Q:Do you have any inspirations for your music? ^-^

  224. This is seriously so cool! ;3; Hope you have much fun with them! ♥
    Q: What do you think of K-Pop / the popularity of K-Pop worldwide? Or How do they think of the Rapper in K-Pop? Is their son a fan of a Group? :3
    One of these questions.. like.. I would like to know their point of view / opinion about this whole craze.. XD
    Jenny, Germany

  225. Q:How would you call your music style? ^-^

  226. What was the inspiration for the video? Who came on the idea to do the video like that? ^-^ I really really love it,even tho it was confusing the first time I saw it! x3

  227. Q: What do They think about their own Video~And what did anything funny/funky/weird happen when they were filming??

  228. Would you like to do a world tour with the jungle family? Hope to see you in Paris

  229. I just have to ask if you did this video in front of the window so you could get the School Food sign in the shot in hopes of wooing YG artists for interviews? ;)

  230. waaa! So exciting! Can’t wait for the interview. *flails around*
    Now to think of some interesting questions… umm…. umm…

    • I’ve actually been thinking up questions for over a week, hahaha I was that hopeful xD but it seems most of them have been asked by someone else ^^;

      I’ll add some anyway~

    • I think I had exactly the same reaction as you. :D
      Gosh, I can’t think of anything interesting and original enough to ask. Maybe it’ll come to me… And now, off to vote up the ones I like. :)

  231. Thank you so much EYK to make this interview!! I have a LOT OF questions to ask ke ke ke
    1. You’re in the musical industry since a long time now, what do you think about the fact that K-pop is spreading all around the globe? What do you think about this artists?
    2. Tasha: you said that you’ll make your debut in the USA, are you ready? How your husband support you? And in the clip MAMA 2011 for the official musi,c you are accompanied by a gorilla / Rabbit, where did this creature come from and how did you meet :P?
    3. As Simon and Martina, you work together, isn’t boring?
    4. Why did you choose this name for your group? Do your really think that yours fan are better than the others?
    5. Have you some Sasang fan? What do you about this crazy girls/boys?
    6. Bizzy: we don’t know you a lot abroad, can you present you by rapping or singing :D? And how is it to collaborate with Tasha and Tiger?
    7. Do you go to club? What are your best dance move?

    Voilà~ Charlotte from France !

    PS: Thx again!!

  232. Q: Has Jordan seen the MV and what did he say about it?

  233. How do you feel about Korean music breaking to the West? Is it ok for you to be associated with the whole “KPop” trend in the eyes of foreigners, or do you wish the public could listen to your music without any prejudice regarding the country you’re from?

    (To Simon and Martina: feel free to reformulate the question, I didn’t manage to make it sound good)

    Question asked from South Africa by Nawak from France!

    • Oooooh good question. Remember when Tiger JK flipped out after someone in the US asked him to dance Gangnam Style?

      • That was the time I thinking of..I think? Honestly, when I read about that I was thinking “Good for Tiger JK! What kinda [insert colorful name] asks an artist to do such a [insert colorful adjective] thing? [insert colorful mumbling after the fact].” It only takes one douchebag in the crowd to make the entirety of white people look like xenophobe morons.

        • I think Tiger JK was totally justified in doing that, he just shouldn’t have called out all white people like that; almost every white person I know (because some just don’t care XD) is disgusted by any kind of racism and they’d be ready to tell off those hecklers as well.

        • Yeah, I agree…maybe a little over the top. But I think about the times that someone has really and truly pissed me off (it doesn’t happen real often), and in response I’ve said some crazy crap that didn’t necessarily represent my true beliefs or feelings in a saner moment. Having never had someone treat me as crudely as I think he was treated, I think it’s a little unrealistic for me or anyone to say how he (or anyone) should act in that moment. I suspect that the “problem people” in the crowd probably had no idea how offensive they were being – another problem of not thinking before we speak.

        • I don’t think he *did* call out ‘all white people.’ It was a couple of people in the front of the crowd being jerks, he called them on it with his mic, so *everybody* heard his response, but most of the crowd was too far away to hear or see what set him off.

        • If he didn’t, then I apologize for not getting my facts straight; I read about the situation from an article (editorial?) on Seoulbeats (link below) that spoke about the situation.


      • It happened in Seoul, not the USA, but he was dealing with white hecklers….hence “american” association. Good article to read by seoulbeats on that whole issue: http://seoulbeats.com/2012/10/why-tiger-jk-isnt-racist-shouldnt-have-apologized-and-how-psy-factors-in/

    • voting closed…

      • Now it is, unfortunately! But I wished Simon and Martina had included a link for the voting when they published this article! When they interviewed U-Kiss, they pushed us to vote for their video!

  234. Whats your religion? -Danielle Austrailia

  235. daaaaayum that’s amazing!

    Question to Tiger and Yoon Mi Rae:

    Does your prince rap yet?

  236. Oooooh~~ What an opportunity!! ^O^ I’m curious as to why you guys chose this music career pathway, what inspired you guys to become what you are today? OuO I’m from Australia BTW.

    I also want to see Tiger JK doing his aegyo. >:3

  237. Q:-What inspired you to make this kind of music and MV?
    Its really amazing the way they use the Computer Graphics in this MV!! and the song is REALLY catchy~! :D

  238. wowwwwwwww this is awesome…can’t wait for this interview
    here’s my question: what’s the story behind the music video and the concept for your song “Sweet Dream”?

  239. Where do you get your inspiration from? What artists have influenced you and what got you interested in music in the first place? Also, what’s your favorite color and favorite flavor of ice cream? You know, just to keep things interesting ;D

  240. the song and the video especially is totally freaking awesome, loved it soon as I saw it,, showed it to my friends.. they were all left with the same “waaaa-” state as I was. What was the concept based on? what was their inspiration?

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