Weather and Future Tense


Students talk about the weather, the future, and play an intense game for both. This was a lesson used for an open class, so if you have any open classes coming up in front of your school or the entire city, then you can use this: it worked great, and had everyone impressed.

Read the Lesson Plan; Preview the Game Presentation; Download for Mac or PC.

If you do decide to use it, please let us know how it works! Oh, and if you really liked this lesson, and it totally made your job and life easier, then – by all means – feel free to click this button here:

  1. Heeey! just like to say thanks for this lesson plan. I used it but with a few alterations. I used picture cards instead of cards with word. And my students had to describe the weather on the picture. The twist was they got more points for using more difficult phrases. For example, easy words such as ‘rainy’ and ‘sunny’ got one point, then medium difficulty words like ‘overcast’ got 2 points, the difficult phrases like ‘scattered showers’, ‘strong winds’ etc got three points. I found this to be really effective as the class I used it with tend to stick to the safe vocabulary that their confident using, but this encouraged them to use new and more difficult vocabulary. It made me very popular. So much so that when my co-teacher couldn’t take the class and I had to stand in for her they started cheering and shouting ‘really teacher?! You teach us again?! Yaaaaay!!’. You can imagine my surprise as usually when I walk into the class their all sleeping…

  2. This slide is a big mess on the pc. Previous text doesn't disapear and it says I need quicktime to view some image, but I already have quicktime. My os is windows 7 and using office 07.

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