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Weird Japanese Pizza

October 29, 2017


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YES! We finally did it! We finally did a video about Japanese food that wasn’t entirely positive! See! We’re fair and balanced with our videos.


We didn’t really do a video that said anything all too bad now, did we? We wanted to be disappointed and actually found the Caramel Sugar crust to be shockingly good. We were kinda disappointed by the non-weird-yet-still-weird pizza instead. However, I did pose this theory to Martina and she didn’t agree. Perhaps we didn’t like the second pizza because we weren’t hungry anymore. Eh? That seems like a good theory. My guess: if we were still hungry, that sausage stuffed crust would have been realllllly good, and we’d be even more upset.

Is there a word for happy upsetment? You’re disappointed but have been given positive results. There’s gotta be a word for that. Ah. “Kpop.” That’s the word!

Sorry I didn’t mean that last joke but I couldn’t hold back.

Anyhow, the moral of the story is that you shouldn’t be afraid to try things even if they’re weird. Try them, especially if they’re weird. You might have a great experience. And if you don’t you still have a story to tell.

We’ve got a bit more of a story to tell in the bloopers. Check em out and you might get in an extra chuckle or two :D



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Food Adventure


Weird Japanese Pizza


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  1. This video brought back so many good and bad memories. One of my first group meals in Korea was at a pizza place near my student accommodation. My vegetarian friend convinced me to split a veggie pizza with her. Worst tasting thing in my life – full of pumpkin, some sort of sliced nut, corn, and other ingredients I have since blocked out of memory because this thing made me sick. Luckily, later on my friends and I discovered Pizza School and the bulgolgi pizza <3

    On another note, the best pizza in the world is Danish doner kebab pizza covered in salad and french fries and drizzled with something like a salad dressing. This is essentially the only reason I want to visit Denmark again.

    12 months ago
  2. I must say I love this sort of wtf/ hey lets try something weird and see what happens. Made me miss the old WTF segment.

    1 year ago
  3. The weirdest pizza I’ve had is Donair pizza in Nova Scotia. Think gyro meat (or doner kebab) on pizza…with a bizarre sweet sauce on it. Bleach.

    1 year ago
  4. I do agree that pizza is so expensive in Japan. It is such a rare treat and only affordable if you split it between friends D: You also have to be really good at looking for coupons to get great discounts. Domino’s is pretty good with coupons, and sometimes they have some for up to 50% off of a large pizza (usually on the weekends). Don’t have a Pizza Hut out in my tiny town, so I can’t say if they do the same style of coupons.

    As for the quattro fromage pizza…it probably came with honey, which is actually delicious when eaten on the cheese pizza. So good. Japan does weird combos like that sometimes though XD

    1 year ago
  5. You guys should do a video in Pizza Hut China someday. Pizza Hut there is considered 4 star dining with wine and steak as well as pizza.

    Weirdest pizza…would be when I was a starving university student and I made one with ranch dressing, broccoli and kraft dinner toppings

    1 year ago