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We’re Going to Interview Clazziquai Project!

January 25, 2013


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WOOHOO! We’re going to have our first interview in the Eatyourkimchi Nasty Studio! We’ve been working on this for a while now, and we’ve finally confirmed a date and time that works for all of us, and…TA-DA! We’re going to interview Clazziquai Project! Sweet!

Now, some of you might know that we totally freaking love them. They’re not big on our KpopCharts, but they’re an immensely talented group that has made some of our favorite Korean songs ever. We’ve heard them described often as a gateway into Korean music. They’re super accessible, have great beats and great voices.

Hell. We can gush on over them for hours. But we won’t. We’re just happy that they want to come by the studio. AH! I’m so nervous! I never had to do an interview on my own. It’s usually Martina who does most of the heavy lifting, but she’s away in Canada for a bit, so I have to do this interview solo. I’m usually the awkward one behind the camera. Now I’m gonna be the awkward one IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA! EEEP!

Guise: help me out. Give me some good questions to ask Clazziquai Project. If we like your question, we’ll ask it to them, and even say your name and location, so Clazziquai Project could know just where the awesomeness is coming from.

Otherwise, if you’re not very familiar with Clazziquai Project yet, we made a playlist (but forgot to announce it till the end of the video). You can check out the playlist embedded above, or just their latest song below. Woot!



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We’re Going to Interview Clazziquai Project!


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  1. Maria Eduarda – Brazil

    What’s gonna happen when Horan get married? Will you guys stop for a while or something like that?

    4 years ago
  2. Hi Simon&Martina. Here is a comments from a fan of you guys from China~.
    I really love Clazziquai. The first time I heard about them is from the OST they made for KimSamSoon. That is my favorite OST. Thought I didn’t listen Kpop music I listened Clazziquai. They did great cooperation with M-Flo.I love every version of Love Mode. What I want to ask them is do they still make cooperation or featuring with other musician? What is the different in electronic music making between Japan and South Korea. Thank you Simon and Martina~

    4 years ago
  3. Congratulations Simon&Martina~ The Nasty Studios couldn’t have a better group as the first to sit in the couch!!

    Here’s my question:

    What the pig in the cover of your albums stands for??

    Ana – Mexico City

    Haha sorry is just that I couldnt find the answer anywhere… just love Clazziquai they always make proud showing them off with non korean pop listeners, and also they were one of the very first groups I discoverded, just love them!!!!

    4 years ago
  4. Cessil – California USA

    I immediately fell in love with Clazziquai after discovering “Tell Yourself”. What is your inspiration for your music (from “light” electronic to ballads)? And what compels you all to always come back and do albums together?

    For funsies: who acts the most ridiculous / has the most ridiculous ideas on set?

    4 years ago
  5. Question: There are heaps of rookies debuting lately. What is your impression of this explosion?
    Sahiba – Sydney, Australia
    On a side note i absolutely loved their OST for My name is Kim Sam Soon…that song got me into Clazziquai and i still listen to it coz its just perfect XD
    thank you ^_^

    4 years ago
  6. I like ‘Come to me (remix)’ and ‘Tell yourself’ the most – so unique and dreamy. I like other songs as well!

    4 years ago
  7. Bunny, Vietnam
    If you were in any k-pop idol group which one would it be?

    4 years ago
  8. lamia-Marrakech,Morocco
    hi!my question is:how did you guys first debut or how were you guys picked up?

    4 years ago
  9. Emer, Dublin Ireland.

    What advice would you give to aspiring musicians? :)

    4 years ago
  10. Fresno, California, U.S.A.

    Will you come to the states sometime soon or a world tour?

    4 years ago
  11. I don’t know them so much, but I really like the songs I’ve heard of them. I’ve always wondered one thing when I began to listen tothem… Why a pig as their mascot??
    You guys rock (both Clazziquai Project and you two~)!
    Elina Peyda, 17, Sweden

    4 years ago
  12. Magi from Poland :)
    Do you ever fight over best ideas for the songs? Who decides about the final shape of the compositions? Who is the biggest perfectionist when it comes to creating your music?

    4 years ago
  13. I wanted to ask Horan to marry me but someone was faster,oh well…..

    4 years ago
  14. I’m so excited that the Nasty Studios is getting its first interview! Maybe you should get Simon to make those Ranch Kimpap rolls huh huh? Lol! I’s like to know two things from Clazziquai 1st and most obvious being where do they want to take their music? The 2nd is how do they feel after a track is done? Are they happy, sad, excited, truimphant or just plain ehxhasted?

    With love all the way from. Johannesburg ~ South Africa

    4 years ago
  15. i don’t know, will it be an original question but i want to know=)
    Q: what happend in your life after what you decided to make music?

    from Rita- Saint-Petersburg-Russia

    4 years ago
  16. Heard the news on the live chat but OMG again! I’m so excited for this and you guys are way too awesome to be able to get an interview with them! (well even though only Simon will…feel so sad for Martina!) Anways questions for Clazziquai…
    -I watched Alex on Hello (안녕하세요) and he was really frighten by spiders so i’m curious, what are some of your fears, things you’re afraid of or any pet peeves?
    -How do you guys feel about releasing an album together as Clazziquai Project after so long? Do you still enjoy group activities after working on your own individual style solo projects?
    -Any hints on the new album? Are you guys trying new styles? How do you feel about it? how do you think your fans will respond?
    -Are you guys aware that you have many fans all over the world? Any plans for overseas performances?
    -Overseas fan really appreciate that fluxus transate info into english and constantly keep us updated :D
    Grace (Los Angeles, USA)

    4 years ago
  17. Eric – Sydney, Australia
    What music do you listen to instead of your own?

    4 years ago
  18. my question: will Christina Chu be contributing anything in the future? @ImChal #Hallyu #KPop #Clazziquai

    4 years ago
  19. What do each of you consider your greatest musical achievement?

    Hege Beate – Trondheim, Norway

    4 years ago
  20. Hola , hello Clazziquai, my name is Cruz Ramos from Mexico.

    My question is : What is the message you want to convey through your music? always been the same since the beginning or changed over every album you release?. Muchas Gracias ^^

    4 years ago
  21. Who thought of the name Clazziquai and what does it mean?

    Elizabeth – Brisbane, Australia

    4 years ago
  22. Q: Do you have plans of coming to South America? I’d LOVE to see you perform live!!!

    (Monica – Lima, PERU)

    4 years ago
  23. Lise – Norway

    1 question:
    What “feel” are you trying to express with this album?
    2 question:
    Are you inspired by any foreign artists, and if so, who?

    4 years ago
  24. Alaina from South Dakota, USA What gives you ideas and inspiration for the imagery in your music videos? I have loved watching the music videos and they always have that distinct Clazziquai feel to them. (Btw my family and I all love Love & Hate and they usually don’t understand my taste in music at all.)

    4 years ago
  25. Tracy Vallejo-USA, California
    How do you continue your energy knowing that kpop is getting big and your music is so different from kpop?
    Many people say they get inspiration from looking from afar at life….how do you get yours(all 3of you)?
    Is there anything you guys wanna asks us?
    Can you tell us of a funny moment either within the group or before you guys got together?
    :) And I just want to say thank you for bringing your lovely voices, music and talent to us and sharing it! Goodluck!!!!

    4 years ago
  26. that is what they think of their fans outside of Korea, and North America and Latin America as they also have fans in latin america where people speak Spanish? I’m Alex colocho from El Salvador living in Texas USA

    4 years ago
  27. that is what they think of their fans outside of Korea, and North America and Latin America as they also have fans in latin america where people speak Spanish? I’m Alex and I’m from El Salvador living in Texas USA
    thanks EYK

    4 years ago
  28. that is what they think of their fans outside of Korea, and North America and Latin America as they also have fans in latin america where people speak Spanish? I’m Alex colocho from El Salvador , living in Texas USA
    and i love eyk thanks guy

    4 years ago
  29. Johanna Mendez (SILENT H)–> Chicago ILLINOIS USA

    My first impression of this song, is that I really think its very sweet song , it has a very catchy tune to it, all the words, song, and video go very well together, I really loved it the first time I heard it which most songs are very hard to love the first time, my question is………..

    What inspired you to write/ think of this song and video? Was it love towards someone you love, someone that you are looking to love, or just inspiration of love and having someone/ something you can’t be without!!??????

    4 years ago
  30. Hello! and thank you again for give us the chance to write our questions here for an Amazing band, the fav one for everybody here… maybe I have lucky and you’ll use mine :D

    well, here is my question… If you have 3 wishes, what would you like to ask for? as a group or for each one!

    Best wishes and all My love!

    Sarai Guzmán – Monterrey, México

    4 years ago
    • BTW…. Alex! I love you!!! hahahaha just ask for a greeting or kiss or whatever! :D

      4 years ago
  31. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!It’s an awesome way to make a studio ‘debut’

    I’m freaking out right now!!!! I love Clazziquai and I’m really excited about their come back..Simon you’re sooo lucky!!!! Poor Martina!!!!


    Hello guys…I’m Rafaela from Brazil and I’m a big fan of Clazziquai since 2006~2007, when I heard “NovaBossa” and “Dance/Hold your tears” for the first time, for me both songs was a “Bossa Nova Feelings”, so, are they really influenced by Bossa Nova???! What do you know about brazilian music and do you know some brazilian artists?

    4 years ago
  32. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!It’s an awesome way to make a studio ‘debut’

    I’m freaking out right now!!!! I love Clazziquai and I’m really excited about their come back..Simon you’re sooo lucky!!!! Poor Martina!!!!


    Hello guys…I’m Rafaela from Brazil and I’m a big fan of Clazziquai since 2006~2007, when I heard “NovaBossa” and “Dance/Hold your tears” for the first time. For me both songs was a “Bossa Nova Feelings”, so, are they really influenced by Bossa Nova???! What do you know about brazilian music and do you know some brazilian artists?

    4 years ago
  33. Katie J. – Minnesota, U.S.A.

    What artists do you enjoy and/or inspire/admire; Korean or otherwise? What has been your favorite song/album most recently?

    P.S. Can you talk with your label/management/Apple Inc./iTunes and get your back discography on iTunes (more specifically U.S. iTunes)? I really, really love “Tell Yourself” from Mucho Punk (Frankly it’s what got me into Clazziquai Project and Non K-Pop Korean music in general.) and I want to be able to BUY it.
    I’ve filled out the request form on Apple’s website, multiple times, but that’s has apparently done nothing, as far as I know.

    4 years ago
  34. Clazziquai had experienced all different types of music, some are more jazzy, others are more electronic. Even though different, they all come together extremely well and easily identified as Clazziquai. If you the group were to invent a music genre to define Clazziquai, what would it be? And why?

    4 years ago
  35. alexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx *-*

    4 years ago
  36. I´m a huge fan of your music, since seems to reflect different influences that are from so different cultures, what makes sense for people all over the world, Thanks for that, and my question is: if there is a chance to do a world tour will you consider the Latinamerica fans? Since kpop is an increasing movement nowadays we will love to have you around Latin America, just saying… btw i´m from León, Guanajuato México… Best of luck, and SIMON you will do just great on this first interview, Fighting Oppa!!!! :)

    4 years ago
  37. Jennifer from New Jersey USA

    I have been a fan of Clazziquai since your first album. Over the years you have feature more and more artists in your songs, even some from Japan. Is there any artists outside of Korea and Japan that you would love to collaborate with?

    4 years ago
  38. Frida, Sweden
    Your music videos are so creative. Where do you find inspiration?

    4 years ago
  39. Rowie – The Netherlands
    I wonder which of the following items the members prefer ^^
    1- cats or dogs
    2- tea or coffee
    3- pens or pencils
    4- wearing stylish or comfortable clothes at home

    Do you guys ever have clashes in your musical style or are you all on one line?

    What are your goals for your careers?

    Sorry for all the curiosity. I love you guys! Hwaiting! ^^

    4 years ago
  40. Ilze & Arta – Latvia
    The name “Clazziquai Project” is very tricky to pronounce. So the question is – is there some funny story about misspelling the name “Clazziquai Project” ?

    4 years ago
    • I always assumed it was a play on jamiroquai…a lot of (not all) of their songs fall in the same “acid jazz” category.

      4 years ago
  41. Which member of the group procrastinates the most?
    Priyanka – USA

    4 years ago
  42. Oh, I’m sure you’ll do great Simon!

    I’m interested to know: what kind of books do the band members like to read?(if possible name some titles! ) *yes… I’m a bookwarm – . -‘* ~Ana from Romania~.


    4 years ago
  43. Callie (ka-lee; sorry but sometimes people pronounce my name wrong :)) from CALGARY ALBERTA CANADA!!!
    I am a little new to Clazziquai project, and k-pop in general, but i wanted to ask; what are you thinking of for future projects, any big dream collaborations? also any plans on touring? (come to Canada please, we feel neglected) :(

    4 years ago
  44. What would you guys say makes you different from other korean musicians out there? Any distinct sounds or themes?
    Alice, Toronto Canada :D

    4 years ago
  45. Jessica, New York USA. What are some of the strangest things you’ve ever experienced?

    4 years ago
  46. I have to confess I did not know Clazziquai Project before you announce the interview, but I was curious and I heard the songs in the playlist you left and I’m impressed. The vocals are wonderful, the MVs are very artistic, and I loved “Can’t Go On My Own” is the kind of music that would play in my car on a trip with friends!

    I’m from Brazil and I’ll definitely keep an eye on Clazziquai Projetc! =D

    4 years ago
  47. Nurah Elmo-from Somali,but lives in Minnesota,USA

    1)What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever done for you?
    2)How would someone get your special attention?
    3)Would you date a FAN??? ^_*

    Love from Somali <3

    4 years ago
  48. Q: You three have been succesful in your solo projects, how does that changes your work as a group? Do you feel that there’s things as an artist that you can only express working as Clazziquai Project?
    -Alejandra, from México

    To Simon and Martina: Guys, next interview Tiger JK and Tasha¡¡¡¡ Please, make it happen… someday…

    4 years ago
  49. Caitlin again from New York^^
    I had one more question: the music video for Ping was about homosexuality, a very controversial topic in Korea. Was it the group’s idea to put that in the music video or their company’s, and also how did they personally feel putting out a music video like that?

    4 years ago
  50. Rukie from Toronto, Canada.
    To Alex: Did acting in ‘Pasta’ make you more interested in Italian food? What is you favorite type of pasta?

    4 years ago
  51. to Horan,, Congrats on your wedding in March! Is your fiance musically talented like you? How would you rate your fiance’s singing? – Esther from Pennsylvania USA

    4 years ago
  52. Caitlin Byrnes from Binghamton, New York(you can just say Upstate NY or just NY to be honest, cause Binghamton is kind of middle of nowhere-.-)
    What are some of their hobbies, or things they enjoy doing besides music, either as a group or individually? Also, I think someone may have already asked this, but do they ever get into arguments, and if so, how do they resolve things?

    4 years ago
  53. my name is daniela im from colombia ^^… and my question is for alex… *spazzz a little bit XD* whats your ideal tipe of girl (what do you look for in a woman) kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa sdasdsdfg{olkg-nzljrg{nnhieñsi *dies* !!!please rask him my question!!!

    4 years ago
  54. Hey, i’m Joey Wiekiera from belgium my question is why did you decide to start a music career and how long would you like to keep making music?

    4 years ago
  55. Ezra from the Philippines

    Clazziquai Project was my gateway to the more under-appreciated sector of the Korean music industry. I am so glad that I found their band through their song She is from the My Name is Kim Sam Soon ost! :)

    * Since Horan is about to get married, would there be changes in the group’s future activities?
    * When is Alex getting married? ;)

    4 years ago
  56. Ariadne from Brasília, Brazil.

    I’m a huge fan of your electro-bossa songs. The first time I ever listened to one of your songs I was like “OMG THIS IS KOREAN AND THIS IS BOSSA NOVA” because the bossa nova style was born in Brazil and you guys represented it in a new way yet you can certainly say that it is the real bossa. So I’d like to know how you got into bossa music and why you chose it to work with. Also, if you listen to any brazilian bossa nova music. I’m glad I’ve found the Clazziquai Project! Much love from Brazil! Thanks!

    4 years ago
  57. On your earlier CD covers/ jacket designs and in your music videos, a common motif comes up often, the pig. Can you tell us what it symbolizes, it’s importance to you, and if there are any stories related to it?

    David Pham from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, US

    4 years ago
  58. Samantha Thierry (Mexicali, México): What song would you recommend to Simon, now that he feels all sad & lonely to cheer him up?

    4 years ago
  59. Samantha Thierry (Mexicali, México): Do you listen to any foreign music?

    4 years ago
  60. Samantha Thierry (Mexicali, México): What are your musical influences, or what groups do you identify your music with?

    4 years ago
  61. Hi my name is gemma roe from London, England. Im a new fan of clazziquai project and i already love your songs, i wanna ask what got you guys into music and was it always your dream to become musicians?

    4 years ago
  62. LR

    What is your favourite song from the albums you produced?:)
    Can’t go on my own is a beautiful song ^_^
    Lisarose England ^_^

    4 years ago
  63. ‘Tim Hortons’

    4 years ago
  64. My question is for Alex:

    When did You decide you wanted to be a singer and what singers influenced your music? Are you going to continue acting?

    From Luz Camacho-Phoenix, AZ

    4 years ago
  65. Sabine – The Netherlands
    1 = What do you guys like to do in your free time? Any hobbies??
    2 = What where your first impressions of eachother?
    3 = Did it take long for you guys to become comfortable?
    sorry, I’m just really curious xD

    4 years ago
  66. Christina – Stuttgart Germany
    Do you plan to make your music more populare to europe and america like the kpop groups? Many german fans have the same problem like me: its hard to find our fav music

    4 years ago
  67. Sabine – The Netherlands
    What do you guys like to do in your free time? Any hobbies??

    4 years ago
  68. Most of Clazziquai project songs I’ve heard are more electronic music based. “Can’t go on my own” took a different direction and had different sound. My question is, is their new album going to be less electronic heavy and are they experimenting with new sounds?
    Seti Tesefay from Dallas, Texas USA

    4 years ago
  69. Kika – Gent, Belgium
    What inspires you (Clazziquai Project members) the most?

    4 years ago
  70. believe it or not, I started listening to clazziquai in 2008 when i was playing DJ Max Clazziquai. (that was before i even started watching simon and martina lol). Anyway, my question is: how was it working with pentavision on the game and has the game gave them more international recognition and will they do another game project if the opportunity arises?

    HirOnyx, from Singapore

    4 years ago
  71. If just one of your songs would become a hit around the world, like Gangnam Style, which song would you choose? Nyla -Tampa Florida

    4 years ago
  72. Why pick some elements of Bossa? Where you found the passion to use this music style? I live in a country with a lot of it, and the first thing I notice is this elements (I love btw)

    Eduardo, Brazil.

    4 years ago
  73. Did you guys ever experience difficulty being a co-ed group? Hi from the US by the way!
    – Rose (new fan as of a couple of months ago).

    4 years ago
  74. Note to Simon! She Is was actually not a Clazziquai Project song and only featured Horan and Alex, just in case you were going to reference that as the start of their popularity.

    4 years ago
  75. ooooooooooooohmagod

    1. All members have done some solo work -acting, featuring, solo albums etc. How does working by yourself compare to working in the group? Do you have a preference?

    2. How do you think the group’s sound has evolved from when it first began, to your latest songs? And do you have any ideas about how it will sound in the future?

    From Bella, New Zealand. ^^ (Oh, and say congratulations to Horan on her upcoming marriage!)

    4 years ago
  76. Hi! I’m Shruthi Santhanam from Georgia, USA

    I was wondering: What are your inspirations around the world?
    And when will you guys do something big and international?

    Thank you!

    4 years ago
  77. How often do you meet up with each other to create music?

    Yi Jern, Malaysia.

    4 years ago
  78. Vee

    Vicki – Miami FL by way of Jamaica asks:

    Any plans for performances in the US ?

    Future or “wish list” collabs ?

    4 years ago
  79. Whaaaa! I’m usually just a lurker and never comment, but I just have to on this! Ping is my theme song. For serious, it’s even my wake up theme tune. Oh, so many feels! Okay, enough fangirling.

    Question: Can’t Go On My Own seems like a bit of a different direction from your other music (but I still love it!), are there any other genres you’re planning on exploring in the future? Or do you just make the music as inspiration hits?

    San Fransisco, CA

    4 years ago
  80. :3

    So my question is why are only some of your albums on iTunes? Like I believe Mucho Beat isn’t on iTunes. This has always confused me greatly.

    Also, any North American tours ever? lol

    –Krystal (Georgia, USA)

    4 years ago
  81. My name is Jessica Nilsson, i’m a HUGE fan of k-pop. But when I heard Clazziquai project for the first time.. I was a fan! I love their music! its uniqe ^^ !! But here is my questions! : If you could choice a country to do a concert in, which country would you choose? :) AND What do you guys think of Simon and Martinas new studio? ^^

    I hope Clazziquai get much awards and attention in 2013 and in the future! :D CLAZZIQUAI FIGHTING !! :D

    From Jessica Nilsson, Norway.

    4 years ago
  82. OMG SO EXCITED FOR EYK! Clazziquai is definitely one of the top korean bands for me. And it’s your first interview in the new studio! Yayyy!

    Okay so I have 2 questions:
    1) What do you think about International fans becoming interested in your music (or Korean pop or indie etc in general)?

    2) DJ Clazzi came to Singapore for Music Matters Live last year, does Clazziquai have any plans to come back again? :D

    {Bina Surya / Singapore}

    4 years ago
  83. That’s odd, my question disappeared :(

    4 years ago
  84. Yay, i love Clazziquai Project!!!

    All the good and serious questions that i thought of have already been put down so here is my non-serious question:

    How does it feel to be the first band/artists to christen the Eat Your Kimchi studio with an interview? How is the couch – is it comfortable and do you like the colour?

    Emma From Brisbane, Australia

    4 years ago
  85. The music styles they adopt are quite diverse. What is the trigger to start on a particular genre for an album?
    Love the funky MVs!
    -Ashlyn, Malaysia

    4 years ago
  86. omg Simon! Don’t be too nervous! IT’S CLAZZIQUAI~ They’re amazing people and speak English quite fluently! Don’t be nervous, just be yourself :) I’m sad Martina won’t be able to be there to meet them though :( I would love to meet them personally! So lucky and fortune to be able to interview one of the best korean music groups, as Clazziquai is a very unique group based in a bunch of fused types of music genres.

    Here are my questions!
    Clazziquai’s music videos are always so creative and abstract! Where do you guys get the ideas to create such artsy creative music videos and incorporate them with the lyrics to the song?
    And also, Clazziquai has a very unique sound, how does the fusion of electronic, novabossa, house, jazz, etc, come about when trying to put the music and lyrics together in harmony?

    -Linda D., CA, USA

    4 years ago
  87. Glenda from Adelaide, Australia (originally from Singapore)

    What were your parents’ opinions on you pursuing a career in the entertainment and music industry?

    4 years ago
  88. OMG THEY HAVE A SONG COMING OUT ON MY BIRTHDAY!?!?!?!?! one of the best birthday present ever!!!!!!

    Ok, before I ask my question first a short story….so I left myself logged onto my youtube account on my tv back home and one time I was at home and found my dad on my youtube account listening to Clazziquai Project…lol how awesome is that and when I asked him if he knew what he was watching he said “No but I like the music…..”

    Ok question time: Where do you guys get your inspiration for your music and do you guys have any special places you like to go to when you write music?

    From Judith, much love from California, U.S.A.!!!!!!

    4 years ago
  89. I have a question for them!
    What kind of music do you listen to? Do you have a particular artist or band that you listen to all the time?
    Krista Gibbs
    Florida, USA

    4 years ago
  90. Have you ever experienced something which made you doubt yourselves and your choice to become musicians? If so, what was it and how did you overcome it?

    Whitney – Sydney, Australia

    4 years ago
  91. 1. Where is their favourite city in the whole world? (to visit, be inspired, relax) Why?
    2. Do they have any plans to tour outside of South Korea? Where?

    Lucille – Toronto

    4 years ago
  92. Who is the most ticklish member out of the group?
    Andini, Australia

    4 years ago
  93. Simon! Martina! Be sure to take a pic with them! Then get their autographs! And put in on an empty wall!! It’ll be awesome and gold! :D
    PS.. I’ve actually never heard of Clazziquai Project.. and OMG THEIR SONG IS AWESOME!! ><

    4 years ago
  94. That’s awesome you guys are going to interview clazzi again!

    in the first interview you asked clazzi what artist, living or dead, he would like to work with. He said Michael Jackson, which a great answer. Im curious what answers the other two band members would give to the same question.

    -from Jackson Wy

    4 years ago

    please choose this question to ask them!
    USA California

    4 years ago
  96. FANTASTIC BABY XD (Couldn’t help~)
    My Q: Do they plan their collaboration like a “schedule” or do they just come together “whenever their mood feels like so”…for example…. “Oh, we try to work on an album together every two-years.” OR “Hey we totally miss each other, let’s make an album together!”
    [‘cos I’d looooove to know/ IF THEY DO SCHEDULE IT/ when their works come out…so I can MARK A DATE XD]

    From Florence (Hong Kong)
    *Simon FIGHTING*

    4 years ago
  97. What did they think about their own silly video xD And filming it?
    USA California

    4 years ago
  98. No questions…just wanted to give you a word or two of encouragement.
    Of course, Simon & Martina *together* are the shizz-nitzz~
    but in this case….it’s your guests who are the focus.

    The two of you have always done *interviewee aware* vids…meaning you give the proper screen time and moments-to-shine….to your guests. (as it should be)
    I’ve no doubt you’ll impart this same courtesy… as a solo act. Plus you’re seriously improv funny.

    You’ve got a warm (and professional) studio to greet them —- and depending on the time of day…perhaps some snacks & sodas —- or evening ~soju.
    It’s not enough to say, “hey, feel free to raid the frig.” Just having a small side table with bottled water and crackers/chips….SAYS ~ Welcome! (sorry, it’s my corp.PR years speaking here.) :)

    Keep ém hydrated…Keep ém talking……let your natural, charming humor flow ~……..You GOT this one, Simon. (hug)

    4 years ago
  99. Hey:) You guys should take a picture with all the idols that you interview and put them on a wall. So it will be like a wall of interviews, and it will be cool to look back at them and stuff. Yeah, just an idea. Also I’m so excited that you’re interviewing Clazziquai Project, you’ll do great Simon:)

    4 years ago
  100. How did Clazziquai Project first came about?
    Who thought of the name “Clazziquai Project”? Is there any meaning to the name?

    – Chloe (Missouri, USA)

    4 years ago
  101. I am a senior in high school. I am planning on starting college in the fall and tried to pick something that has 100 percent chance for sucess as a career for me.
    I already posted a question but I would also like to ask…
    What made you want to persue a career in the ever changing music industry as opposed to choosing something more stable and ordinary? Also, were there any points at which you felt like giving up on doing so?
    -Chelsea from Queens, New York, NY
    P.S. Sorry I posted like 3 times, my laptop is acting kinda janky, I’m new to commenting though I’m a long time nasty, and it’s like 2am here. >_<

    4 years ago
  102. Since it’s been said that this upcoming album will be your last as a group, what is everyone’s plans for the future? Will you continue making music? Also, will Alex be doing any more drama projects? =3

    Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

    4 years ago
  103. Adriana from Chicago USA

    Your video styles are always unique, what is your inspiration or influence for the creation/thought process of your videos?

    4 years ago
  104. It’s so hard to think of a good question…One I have been wondering about is who designs the concepts for the music videos? They are all so fabulous and funky and artsty and just plain fun! Also, how does it feel for Alex and DJ Clazzi being “foreigners” in the Korean music industry? (They’re both Canadian, right?!) – and I am South African, but currently studying in the US.

    4 years ago
  105. Question:
    I really liked the video can’t go on my own. Who thought of this concept and what do you, as the band self, like or don’t like about this video.
    From Tanja – The Netherlands

    4 years ago
  106. Paulina from Poland. I’m curious about Horan’s plans after getting married. If she will still perform on the stage? I hope so! ^^ Please Simon, tell them they have huge fanbase in Poland! We absolutely love them!

    4 years ago
  107. Ask Alex if I could marry him… XD
    No, seriously, I just want to know how come it took so long to finally get them three back together?
    I love all their solo works, but clazziquai is like… heaven!
    And do they plan to have concerts in other countries in near future? We miss them so much.
    Chloe from Taiwan

    And don’t be nervous Simon, I’m sure you’ll be great :D

    4 years ago
  108. been a big fan of these guys for quite some time now. Totally agree they are super accesable to people who have never listened to Korean music before. I gotta say Im more of a fan of their older stuff as the beats and vocals are much more funktastic and gitty. I know know maybe it just me. I’ll post a link of my favourite song by them here called BEAT IN LOVE


    (EDIT) BTW can anyone tell me how to embed youtube vids into the comments? i posted the embed link and it didnt work. im missing a step

    4 years ago
  109. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! Clazziquai! I’m excited!! Okay question now: Zeus from France: What was your feeling for this album? It seems that your new album is “less” electro as usual, why?

    4 years ago
  110. awesome! hehehe
    my question would be:
    do you guys thinking about doing other genre than what you’re doing so far? what would it be?
    what job will you choose if you guys aren’t musician/singers?

    thank you simon and martina
    and good luck to simon for the interview…
    you can rock this! we know that :)
    fighting! :)

    4 years ago
  111. I was wondering what was the inspiration behind Chocolate Truffles. The lyrics are very whimsical, with references to Bambi and Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. Do these figures hold special significance to the members of Clazziquai Project? Thanks, Isabel from California

    4 years ago
  112. Q: How do they get their creative juices flowing? Do they first start with the “sound”/ melody or do they first write their lyrics and sort of have jam sessions where they start piecing the song together?
    -Claudia from Yucatán, México :)

    4 years ago
  113. Siiiiiiiiimonnnnnnnn!! I don’t have a specific question…. More of a request … u see they were the first group that got me into Korean music. I had their stuff on heavy rotation… Very happy to see them back and hope nothing but good things for them!! So if they can just know at least that I said thanks for being awesome that would be sweet! -Alex (Alejandra) from Chicago

    4 years ago
  114. OMG so exciting! I love Clazziquai project after hearing She Is from Kim Sam soon and have a couple of their songs on my iTunes.
    Actually I want to know if Alex, or Clazziquai is planning to sing on any of his future movie/drama projects, and feel free to correct me if this was done already – Rachelle from CA

    4 years ago
  115. I’m a huge fan of both Clazziquai & Alex’s solo work. My question is for Alex. I’m wondering about the Korean/Korean-Canadian experience of having lived in both places. What were the transitions like for you? Do you feel bi-cultural (?) or mostly like a Korean who lived in Canada for a while? How does this impact you in Korea? Does this impact your music, acting, life? For the group…future plans? tours? Northern California/San Francisco anytime soon? I live in Davis, California, a college town in Northern California. Is there a full album coming soon? (I hope so!)

    4 years ago
  116. I’ve been waiting for this! You guys keep up the good work! Btw, I’m Stephanie from NYC, US.

    4 years ago
  117. KTV

    My name is Kim Nguyen. I am currently studying in the States but originally, I am from Vietnam. I fell in love with Clazziquai Projects’s music for quite sometimes. I was lucky enough to see Horan and Alex performing in a concert few years ago.
    So here is my question
    I read online, which said that Alex was a chef before becoming singer. Not sure about Horan and DJ Clazzi. But I wonder what makes them pursue music, instead of a more stable career? How do they feel about the current Korean music scene since their music is different from kpop idol music. Thanks. And last but not least, Clazziquai Projects, hwaitinggggg!!!!! ;)

    4 years ago
  118. Being in the industry for several years now, what are some of the changes that you’ve seen regarding your unique style of music and it’s reception? Do you think you’re style of music is becoming more popular with listeners?

    Thanks! Henry from Sydney, Australia.

    4 years ago
  119. 1. Have there been major arguments as a group? 2. To Horan: How is being the only female feel? 3. Who is the most playful amongst you?

    4 years ago
  120. What are some troubles that you have faced as a group? Did you guys have any creative differences? And what is your favorite song in the album?

    Sylvia from California

    4 years ago
  121. I’d like to know if Psy’s success in the international scene and more specifically his success in the U.S. with getting airplay on the radio has this gotten you thinking about trying break into markets outside South Korea? Were you thinking along these lines that before Gangnam Style? Do you prefer to just focus on the South Korean market?

    4 years ago
  122. i think i’m spazzing out toooo much that i can’t even think of a question! DX nooo!

    4 years ago
  123. What do you guys see yourself in 5 years?

    Penny Nguyen; Perth, Western Australia

    4 years ago
  124. I suck at thinking of questions, so I’ll just thumb up the ones I like XD I can’t wait for the interview!

    4 years ago
  125. KTV

    HOLLY COW!!!!!! That’s just awesome. You guys just made my day. The most exciting news I’ve heard for awhile. Yahoooooo!!!!! ^_^

    4 years ago
  126. Here’s my question :)

    Are they gonna do any more collaborations? And who are some artists they would like to collaborate with in the future?

    Christine, Phoenix Arizona.
    (Love this band, I have “You never knew” on my playlist love the whole Spanish feel and Alex’s voice Delicious~)

    4 years ago
  127. They’re my fave korean artist >.<
    Susie, San Diego, CA, USA – Artists they'd like to collab with in the future?

    4 years ago
  128. Very awesome~! Can’t wait to see this one and so many more! ^^

    Question: Your videos tend to have very artistic approaches. Is there a favorite art style/artist (whether it’s illustrations, painting, photography/videography, etc.) you get a lot of influence from?
    – Vicky; IL, USA

    4 years ago
  129. What inspired them to be a group? Were you friends before this?
    What inspired their music style?
    Why are there pigs in the videos?
    Have you ever experienced something super awkward during a concert/interview?

    Who are YOUR favorite artists?
    Ms. ThugBear, USA

    4 years ago
  130. Hi Clazziquai Project! :) How much has music from all over the world influenced your own music? -Christina from Texas

    4 years ago
  131. Chelsea Chapman: Queens, New York, NY…What inspires each them the most during the process of making their songs and videos? …like where do they pull it from?
    P.S. I realy love them together. Their sounds go together so well. <3

    4 years ago
  132. Chelsea Chapman: Queens, New York, NY…What inspires each them the most during the process of making their songs and videos? …like where do they pull it from?
    P.S. I realy love them together. Their sounds go together so well.

    4 years ago
  133. Eileen, Sydney australia,- Where did you guys all meet

    4 years ago
  134. Is there a possibility of working with Christina again? We love Horan too :)

    Mason from Canada!

    4 years ago
  135. OMG YAY~!! I love clazziquai!! :D so glad eatyourkimchi studio will finally have guests over eekk!!! :D
    Thanks Simon and Martina for arranging this and always allowing us viewers put in our opinion/input :D
    My favorite song by them of all time is tell yourself…
    I would like to ask them what their favorite clazziquai project song of ALL TIME is?? :P

    Michelle – USA

    4 years ago
  136. camila paz santiago chile

    why you think that korean music of any type( indie-pop-rock) has reach big part of the world

    4 years ago
  137. I’ll make sure to check out Clazziquai Project’s songs ^^
    OMG Simon you’re making me nervous already >-< Good luck on the interview!
    I'll ask my Korean friend (I'm sure she likes them) if she has a question for them :)

    4 years ago
  138. Question: (Other than yourselves!), who do you think is currently making the best music in South Korea? And what do you generally think of the current Korean music industry?
    From Amy from Scotland :DD

    Happy for you guys! Hopefully you can get more artists to come for interviews with you! :D

    4 years ago
  139. I love the subliminal Timmys thrown in there!

    4 years ago
  140. Congratulations!!!~ D
    Don’t worry Simon.. you will do great! :) Martina and the rest of us will be cheering on for you!~ :)

    4 years ago
  141. Samantha- Georgia, USA

    What is your biggest inspiration when you’re creating your songs?

    4 years ago
  142. I tend to get incredibly starstruck when I think of things I want to ask people I really admire. So just let them know that they (as I mentioned on reddit to the post in r/kpop) that they are my sneakiest way to persuade people to listen to music from Korea.

    I suppose my only question(s) would be: What fun things would you like your international audiences to know about the group and/or individual members? Since our only exposure to any news websites like Naver and so on are translated and biased one way or the other (allkpop, netizenbuzz) we don’t get a pure outlet to learn! I also wonder how they feel about the fact that they have a huge fan base all over the world (even if they don’t necessarily see how far their music impacts the rest of the world!)

    Much love from Kansas City, MO in the United States <3 ALSO: safe travels, Martina!

    4 years ago
  143. Favorite album or song that you guys have released?

    Nicole, CA

    4 years ago
  144. I absolutely love the song “how we feel”. I was wondering where you got the inspiration for that song?
    Carol, USA

    4 years ago
  145. If you were stuck in a deserted island what idol would you choose to join you?
    Fatima, U.S.A

    4 years ago
  146. What is the most unusual or different concept for one of your songs/albums?

    -Daniel from Washington D.C.

    4 years ago
  147. What kind of things inspire you when creating your music? Would you say other musicians, nature, life experience, ect?

    Jordynn USA

    4 years ago
  148. OMG THIS IS SO EXCITING. I love Clazziquai Project so much! I’m spazzing too much right now to think of any question right now (other than, Alex, will you marry me? lol). Poor Martina, I feel your pain. :(

    Thank you eyk for being so wonderfully nasty. And congrats on your first interview being so ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

    4 years ago
  149. Maybe… the reason they got into music? Their favourite musical memories?

    4 years ago
  150. Angelika -Chicago, USA
    What was your first impression of each other?

    4 years ago
  151. Awesome, so will you be doing the same format as the last one? Also I’m guessing Martina has to buy Ranch and other good North American junks when she’s down there.

    4 years ago
  152. If you could be any Korean Idol,who would you be and why?
    -Tatiana from New York

    4 years ago
  153. I love Alex!! :D

    4 years ago
  154. so excited for you guys!! looking forward to the interview! =) I don’t really know them but i am interested in how they came up with the name?

    4 years ago




    4 years ago
  156. YAY!!!!

    4 years ago