WOOHOO! We’re going to have our first interview in the Eatyourkimchi Nasty Studio! We’ve been working on this for a while now, and we’ve finally confirmed a date and time that works for all of us, and…TA-DA! We’re going to interview Clazziquai Project! Sweet!

Now, some of you might know that we totally freaking love them. They’re not big on our KpopCharts, but they’re an immensely talented group that has made some of our favorite Korean songs ever. We’ve heard them described often as a gateway into Korean music. They’re super accessible, have great beats and great voices.

Hell. We can gush on over them for hours. But we won’t. We’re just happy that they want to come by the studio. AH! I’m so nervous! I never had to do an interview on my own. It’s usually Martina who does most of the heavy lifting, but she’s away in Canada for a bit, so I have to do this interview solo. I’m usually the awkward one behind the camera. Now I’m gonna be the awkward one IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA! EEEP!

Guise: help me out. Give me some good questions to ask Clazziquai Project. If we like your question, we’ll ask it to them, and even say your name and location, so Clazziquai Project could know just where the awesomeness is coming from.

Otherwise, if you’re not very familiar with Clazziquai Project yet, we made a playlist (but forgot to announce it till the end of the video). You can check out the playlist embedded above, or just their latest song below. Woot!


  1. From Chile
    HEYYYY GUYS! For Eric Nam Who is your ideal type in K pop ? :3

  2. Sarah Haro – San Antonio, Texas
    Who are your favorite international artists? Do you follow/listen to any Latin American artists?

  3. Is there any Idol you would want to work with :-)
    Büsra Germany

  4. I’m a huge fan of Clazzi’s album Infant and I’m wondering if Clazziquai will do more electro songs or perhaps an entire album. I’m positive there are many fans who really loved songs like ‘Love Again’ and ‘PING’ which were great electro songs!

    Can’t wait for that new album,
    – Arvin
    Toronto, Canada


  6. Maria Eduarda – Brazil

    What’s gonna happen when Horan get married? Will you guys stop for a while or something like that?

  7. Hi Simon&Martina. Here is a comments from a fan of you guys from China~.
    I really love Clazziquai. The first time I heard about them is from the OST they made for KimSamSoon. That is my favorite OST. Thought I didn’t listen Kpop music I listened Clazziquai. They did great cooperation with M-Flo.I love every version of Love Mode. What I want to ask them is do they still make cooperation or featuring with other musician? What is the different in electronic music making between Japan and South Korea. Thank you Simon and Martina~

  8. Congratulations Simon&Martina~ The Nasty Studios couldn’t have a better group as the first to sit in the couch!!

    Here’s my question:

    What the pig in the cover of your albums stands for??

    Ana – Mexico City

    Haha sorry is just that I couldnt find the answer anywhere… just love Clazziquai they always make proud showing them off with non korean pop listeners, and also they were one of the very first groups I discoverded, just love them!!!!

  9. Hi, Alice from Vancouver, Canada :D

    What was it like when you first decided to pursue music as a profession instead of just a hobby? Were your parents supportive of your decision to become a musician?

    Thank you Martina and Simon! Can’t wait to see the interview~

  10. How is the recording process of an album? Does DJ Clazzi becomes a perfectionist when it comes to recording or do you interpret the meaning of the lyrics in a more free way? (Questions for Horan and Alex)

    Which other artists be it korean or foreigners would you like to collaborate, be it featuring in a song or producing?

    What do you think of the same kind of sound and monotony that sometimes is visible in K-Pop groups?( For DJ Clazzi)

    Last but not least, would you be interested in collaborating with a rock band, for example Nell?

    Gavi Garcia- Mexico

    Simon, I’m so excited that u r interviewing them, I’ve been their fan for ages, they were one of the groups that introduced me to korean music, I hope you have a great time with them and thank you so much for everything that u guise do for us, nasties!! Lots of Love from Mexico.

  11. Cessil – California USA

    I immediately fell in love with Clazziquai after discovering “Tell Yourself”. What is your inspiration for your music (from “light” electronic to ballads)? And what compels you all to always come back and do albums together?

    For funsies: who acts the most ridiculous / has the most ridiculous ideas on set?

  12. Kim-Seattle U.S
    What is your favorite thing to do as a band when your not on stage preforming?

  13. Question: There are heaps of rookies debuting lately. What is your impression of this explosion?
    Sahiba – Sydney, Australia
    On a side note i absolutely loved their OST for My name is Kim Sam Soon…that song got me into Clazziquai and i still listen to it coz its just perfect XD
    thank you ^_^

  14. If any of you could travel back in time, would you want to fix anything or do anything over again? Or would you leave everything as it was?
    –Bora from Virginia, USA

  15. Whitney – Toronto, Canada

    Hi Clazziquai Project and Simon :)

    Do the three of you have any plans on coming to do a show in Canada or North America? I’d love to see you guys live!
    I was wondering if you could sing a part of a song from “Instant Pig or Mucho Punk”?

    Those are my favourite albums of yours :3

  16. I like ‘Come to me (remix)’ and ‘Tell yourself’ the most – so unique and dreamy. I like other songs as well!

  17. Bunny, Vietnam
    If you were in any k-pop idol group which one would it be?

  18. Do Clazziquai Project planned to have a concert overseas in 2013 ?

    Farah Zamri – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  19. lamia-marrakech Morocco
    how did you guys first debut or how were you picked up?

  20. lamia-Marrakech,Morocco
    hi!my question is:how did you guys first debut or how were you guys picked up?

  21. Are there any plans being made about visiting fans overseas? :3
    -hannah, California USA

  22. Juanita from The Netherlands.
    The very first song I heard of Clazziquai Project was Lover boy, since then it has been my favorite.
    My question is:
    Which of the songs that you have made through the years is your favorite and why?

  23. Emer, Dublin Ireland.

    What advice would you give to aspiring musicians? :)

  24. What inspires you to make music? -Amber, Georgia, USA

  25. Fresno, California, U.S.A.

    Will you come to the states sometime soon or a world tour?

  26. I don’t know them so much, but I really like the songs I’ve heard of them. I’ve always wondered one thing when I began to listen tothem… Why a pig as their mascot??
    You guys rock (both Clazziquai Project and you two~)!
    Elina Peyda, 17, Sweden

  27. Magi from Poland :)
    Can you tell us about your creating process?. What is each individual member’s role in it? Is the final “product” something always all of you agree on?

  28. Magi from Poland :)
    Do you ever fight over best ideas for the songs? Who decides about the final shape of the compositions? Who is the biggest perfectionist when it comes to creating your music?

  29. Tamar – NYC, USA

    What song do you think is the definition of Clazziqaui? Meaning, you have a lot of different sounds, so if you had to have one song remembered as the epitome of your sound, what would it be?

  30. Anna – Kiev, Ukraine
    Clazziquai Project’s music in my opinion varies a
    lot from the K-pop trend there is now and I’d even say there’s this
    european feel to it. So how would ech member charactarise their music:
    “korean like”, “american like” or “european like”? ^^

  31. Anna – Kiev, Ukraine
    Clazziquai Project’s music in my opinion varies a
    lot from the K-pop trend there is now and I’d even say there’s this
    european feel to it. So how would ech member charactarise their music:
    “korean like”, “american like” or “european like”? ^^

  32. I wanted to ask Horan to marry me but someone was faster,oh well…..

  33. I’m so excited that the Nasty Studios is getting its first interview! Maybe you should get Simon to make those Ranch Kimpap rolls huh huh? Lol! I’s like to know two things from Clazziquai 1st and most obvious being where do they want to take their music? The 2nd is how do they feel after a track is done? Are they happy, sad, excited, truimphant or just plain ehxhasted?

    With love all the way from. Johannesburg ~ South Africa

  34. i don’t know, will it be an original question but i want to know=)
    Q: what happend in your life after what you decided to make music?

    from Rita- Saint-Petersburg-Russia

  35. Heard the news on the live chat but OMG again! I’m so excited for this and you guys are way too awesome to be able to get an interview with them! (well even though only Simon will…feel so sad for Martina!) Anways questions for Clazziquai…
    -I watched Alex on Hello (안녕하세요) and he was really frighten by spiders so i’m curious, what are some of your fears, things you’re afraid of or any pet peeves?
    -How do you guys feel about releasing an album together as Clazziquai Project after so long? Do you still enjoy group activities after working on your own individual style solo projects?
    -Any hints on the new album? Are you guys trying new styles? How do you feel about it? how do you think your fans will respond?
    -Are you guys aware that you have many fans all over the world? Any plans for overseas performances?
    -Overseas fan really appreciate that fluxus transate info into english and constantly keep us updated :D
    Grace (Los Angeles, USA)

  36. What was one of the reasons you deiced that you want to make music as a career?
    Alexandria–Virginia Beach, USA

  37. Eric – Sydney, Australia
    What music do you listen to instead of your own?

  38. Leah Shaw Calgary Alberta Canada.
    If you could pick one race from the Following what would you be , Wizard’ Elf, Muggle, High Elf, Human knight, Healer, or a beng from Pandora?

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