So, things are going pretty well for us. Since our Interviews with Sistar, Wonder Girls, and MBLAQ, we’ve been having some more opportunities presenting themselves to us. Some we’re still working on, and we won’t announce until they’re 100% confirmed. Lots of things get cancelled last minute. This, though, is something we got 100% confirmation for, so we’re happy to announce it here!

ZE:A’s making their comeback, and they’ve invited us to their press conference and showcase, and are totally down for us to interview them as well. SWEET! Also, they’re giving us a bunch of signed copies of their limited edition album. DOUBLE SWEET! We’ll announce how to win those once we post our interview with them and our footage from the showcase.

Here’s the thing, though: we’d like you to help us with this interview. You know how much we value your input, be it either in choosing who we review for Music Mondays, or in picking topics for us for TL;DRs. For every interview we do, we always want you to have your voices heard. So speak up! Let us know what you’d like to ask ZE:A! Tell us your name and where you’re from, and we’ll make sure to give you a shoutout in the interview. And, hell, you’ll get to watch an interview with the questions YOU want answered. So ask away! DEADLINE IS MONDAY NIGHT! We’re doing the interview Tuesday, and have to pick our questions by Monday night, of course!

If you’re a really big ZE:A fan, and can’t wait for us to edit the footage after our interview (seriously: editing takes a long time, as you’ll recall with our last interviews), then Follow us on Twitter. We’ll be posting pictures at the event. Maybe we’ll get Kwang Hee to blow you a kiss :D

  1. ZE:A How u think is the baby of the group and why?
    Carolina of UsA North Carolina

  2. hamda
    from united kingdom uk
    if the world was to end tomorrow what would u do?
    who is the weirdest in the group?
    would you every date a fan and if yes y if no y?
    if you never became a singer what else would u be doing?
    who is the most popular with the fan?
    what other kpop group do u like and what non kpop singer do u like?

  3. Name : ANDY TJHIN
    From : INDONESIA
    i wanna ask u guys…
    1) to all ZE.A member, What is your favourite car brand ? (Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini or something else ?)
    2) to all ZE. A member, if one day u all have a time to go vacation… Which country do u want to go ?
    that’s… it

  4. This is a question for Kevin, WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO AUSTRALIA~?? PLEASE COME HERE SOOON~ I have some other questions too ^.^

    1. Can all of ZE:A speak/say something in another language? (please show us) :DD
    2. (this is not really a question) Can you tell Hyunshik… I LOVE HIM~ <3

    Thats all the questions

    Have fun at the interview~ Simon and Martina.. (and Spudgy HEHE)

    Abigail Lopez~ Australia~ :DDD


    Sorry, I’m a major skinship fangirl >.<
    LOL, but in all seriousness, ask them if there are any International, non-Korean artists that they enjoy listening to :)
    -Caitlin, New York

  6. Darn! It is too late to send a question!

  7. Country:USA (N.C.)
    Name: Elizabeth
    #1: Have you met any fan-boys, if so who has the most? (not a guy but just want to know)
    #2:Do you know or might learn how to speak Spanish?(Spanish speaker)
    #3: Can you in a low raspy voice say Te Amo?(Spanish speaker)
    #4: Who is the naughtiest member?

  8. Can you ask Minwoo or Dongjun to show us their abs! Lol… jk(maybe)

  9. oooh ooooh oooh
    can you ask Kwanghee (my bias) “What made him decide to be so honest about his plastic surgeries, and how does he feel about idols, such as Taemin from SHINee who got a nose job, who get surgeries but arent honest about them.
    Jasmine J.
    New York, NY.

  10. If you didnt become an idol what did you wanted to be?

    Myriam from canada

  11. #1: Did you ever have a fight/ misunderstanding with any of the other members?
    #2: Have you ever been afraid of another band taking your fans? If not did you ever worry of your place in the music industry as of now or the past?
    #3: Which one of the members would be most likely to date/marry a foreigner?
    #4: What member of the band would most likely marry the youngest?
    #5: Did you have any huge problems making your new comeback?


  12. 1. What’s the weirdest thing that has happened to ZE:A?
    2. What are the members’ favorite musical artists? Artists they would like to collab with?
    3. What’s your hobby (apart from music)?
    4.Did ZE:A have a hand in creating their songs? Lyrics/composing/etc. How much influence? Do they want to do more in the future?
    5. What’s your favorite color and why?
    6. What’s your favorite animal?
    7. Who gets along best in ZE:A?
    8. A favorite memory from ZE:A?
    9. What’s your ideal type?
    10. Do a world tour please! Everybody loves you very much and wants to see you <3 Come to Washington, DC!

    Love, Elle from the USA

  13. My Name Is Melissa And I’m From California:D One Question I Want to Ask Is What Was Your Favorite Moments Being On Stage. BTW Please Say Hi:)

  14. Alex,London,England

    *If you weren’t here being a kpop star? where would you be and what would you be doing?

    basically what would you being doing if you werent doing music???

  15. whos the most funniest member and whos the cutest member(one who does the most aegyo) thanks kat from usa…. Please ask them to say saranghae to me :D


  17. Name: Brenda
    Country: Vancouver, Canada
    #1: Who’s the most romantic member?
    #2: Where would you like to go next to meet their international fans?

  18. Name: Grace
    Country: PERU, lima
    hello ZE:A i just want to know wich concept for a song is your fovorite and wich one is the one that you say..”ok this isn’t me”?
    love and support from peru!! hope ypu guys can say HOLA!!

  19. name:Aseel
    country:Saudi Arabia
    waah ! i finally find someone who can interview them after the showcase in UAE ! xD
    #1.what was they’re idea about arab country’s & what is it now ?!
    #2.what’s the first thing catch they’re attention there ?!
    #3.let them tell us a funny story happen to them there ~ (?) kkk xD
    #4.what the things that they don’t like there ?! xP
    & the last not really a Q but did they really fall for arab girls like what they say ?!! o.o
    OMG ! going to die xDD ~ kkkk
    anyways thank you Simon & Martina ^ ^ ~

  20. Name: suebin
    country: USA, Schaumburg IL
    QUESTION: to siwan ” do you plan on actiong on antother drama or siticom again?

  21. Name: Joanna Marie Destreza
    Country: Philippines

    1. Are you planning to come back to the Philippines? (Because we miss you, guys, BIG time.)
    2. If ever you have some free time o let me say days, what do you want to do o where do you want to go?
    3. Who is the person you look up to the most?
    4. Who is your ideal girl when it comes to girl groups? :)

    PS. Hope this gets to the boys. :) Thank you. And I would want to give a flying kiss to Dongjun oppa, chuu~ :)

  22. Name: Andrea
    Country: USA
    To ALL members:
    – If your life was a song what would the tittle be ?
    – If you where a girl and could date any of the other 8 members, who would you date and why ?
    – Do any of you guys have close friends in the entertainment circle outside of ZE:A, and if so, who ?
    – How many pairs of shoes do you guys own all together ?

  23. name: nataly
    Country: Long Island, New york, USA
    question: you guys are amazing keep the up the good work ok now my question hehehehe what was the hardest thing for each member had to go through in your trainee days?

  24. Hi there, I’m from New York and I would like to know:
    #1. which country would you guys like to go and why?
    #2. which member eats the most food?
    #3. do any of you speak spanish, and if so, how much do you like it?

  25. 1. If each of you could describe yourself in one english word to your international fans, what word would that be?

    2. You have a lot of international fans. What do you think about the fact that so many fans listen to your songs, and love them, without even knowing korean? (And maby
    want to learn korean because of you).

    3. What do you think when you see so many foreign fans wishes that you guys will come to their countries?

    4. Did you ever think that you would get so many international fans?

    Camilla from Norway.

  26. NAME: Farihah
    COUNTRY: Canada


    1) Which color best describes your personality? 어떤 색깔이 당신의 개성을 가장 잘 표현?

    2) If you could be any animal what would it be?

    3) If you were to describe yourself as food, which food would you be?

  27. What’s one place that they would like to travel to? Or perform at
    Mara from Alaska

  28. Did any of the members of pen the lyrics for their upcoming “Spectacular” comeback? Do any of the members have an interest in writing their own songs in the future?

    Sophia, United States

  29. Name: Nam
    Country: USA, Boston MA
    Anyonghaseyo Ze:a, Hope you guys are doing well!

    -Which member in the group will have a better chance of getting marry first?
    -What was your first impression on each other?
    -Who cries easily?
    -Who is the fashionista?
    -Food or Sleep?
    -Kwanghee can you do BAP power move ‘warning’?? How manly can you look?? ;)
    -Who knows how to take care of their skin the best?
    -Rarely any Kpop star goes to Massachusetts, Boston, can you please come? YOUR FANS IS WAITING T^T


  30. Name: Christina
    Country: Canada (Best country ever (; – )
    Q: If Ze:A could visit one place anywhere in the world outside of Asia, where would it be? & why would you choose that particular place? Is it because of fans or is it because you’re just interested in that area.

    Thank you!

    이름 : 크리스티나
    국가 : 캐나다 (최고의 국가 (, -)
    Q : ‘제 경우는 아시아를 넘어 세계 어디 한 장소를 방문할 수, 어디에가 있을까? & 왜 특정 장소를 선택 한거지? 그 때문에 팬들인가 아니면 그냥 그 분야에 관심이 있기 때문에 그것입니다.


  31. name:Jasmine
    country: America
    question: do you guys ever fight or get jealous over each other and if so over what?

  32. Name: Laura
    Country: Spain!

    1. What is your favourite movie? Do you prefer korean movies, hollywood, other coutries, etc? :)
    Thank you Simon and Martina! ^o^

  33. Name: Laura

    Country: Guatemala

    There is a famous orchestra composer called Yanni who said in a live
    performance that he tended to avoid writing songs about initial
    reactions to situations (like anger, sadness or frustration) and instead
    focus on the lesson at the end of everything.

    What do you think of this? Has something like that ever happened to any
    of you? If you were to write/compose a song at this point in time, based
    on an initial reaction (of now) and a lesson (from before) what would
    it be about?

  34. Céline and Junnie from France :

    # Do you still share room / You still do not have your own ?
    # Do you like Nutella ?
    # Recently, we’ve seen lot of band coming to Europe (SM Town & Musik Bank in Paris, Super Show and so on…), are you planning anything ? What about America ?
    # What was the best present you got from a fan ?
    # How much time do you train a day ?
    # We all know that some ‘fans’ are… Extreme… Do you have any anecdote to share with us ?
    # Have your families always been supporting you and the idea of being a singer?
    # Who’s the member who changed the most since your debuts ?

    Thank you so much Martina and Simon. Thank you x100000. Have fun interviewing them. *A*

  35. Hi I´m Karol from Brasil Kevin and DongJun been in BRAZIL and I was wondering what they thought and if they intend to return to Brazil but this time with the whole group to do a concert?
    Hey guys feijoada with farofa kkk was very courageous of you eat feijoada because even though I was Brazilian not have the courage to eat …. kkkk And how beautiful you trying to speak in Portuguese * -. – * Makes my heart stop * -. – *!!! Thank ‘s Oppas

  36. Name: Tara
    Country: Australia
    1. Junyoung are you ok and all better?
    2. Ze:a are you going to do an international tour?
    3. When are you going to come to Australia?
    4. Who is your favourite new group in 2012?
    5. For Kevin can you please do aegyo?

  37. Name: Alex
    from: London, England

    Ask them ‘What are your dreams for international success and What country other than Korea would like to be successful in?’

  38. Name: -barbie-

    Country: Perú
    For ZE: A: What country would like to know and give a concert?
    For ZE: A: As called their new puppies?
    For ZE: A: I would like to have girlfriends Latin?
    For ZE: A: A nickname for everyone who want the call?
    For ZE: A: Do They Have plans to come to Peru? Please send a greeting to peru * – *
    For Heechul: I still like jessica (snsd)?

  39. Name: KATHERINE
    Country: PERÚ

    1. I would like to learn Spanish? Do any of you know any words?2. They could send a message to their fans in Latin America.

  40. 1) What was their favourite part in their new music video?
    2) Will ZE:A ever make world tour concerts? (including coming to Australia? :D if they do, please tell them to specifically come to Melbourne ;] )

    -Jenny, Australia~ :D

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