So, things are going pretty well for us. Since our Interviews with Sistar, Wonder Girls, and MBLAQ, we’ve been having some more opportunities presenting themselves to us. Some we’re still working on, and we won’t announce until they’re 100% confirmed. Lots of things get cancelled last minute. This, though, is something we got 100% confirmation for, so we’re happy to announce it here!

ZE:A’s making their comeback, and they’ve invited us to their press conference and showcase, and are totally down for us to interview them as well. SWEET! Also, they’re giving us a bunch of signed copies of their limited edition album. DOUBLE SWEET! We’ll announce how to win those once we post our interview with them and our footage from the showcase.

Here’s the thing, though: we’d like you to help us with this interview. You know how much we value your input, be it either in choosing who we review for Music Mondays, or in picking topics for us for TL;DRs. For every interview we do, we always want you to have your voices heard. So speak up! Let us know what you’d like to ask ZE:A! Tell us your name and where you’re from, and we’ll make sure to give you a shoutout in the interview. And, hell, you’ll get to watch an interview with the questions YOU want answered. So ask away! DEADLINE IS MONDAY NIGHT! We’re doing the interview Tuesday, and have to pick our questions by Monday night, of course!

If you’re a really big ZE:A fan, and can’t wait for us to edit the footage after our interview (seriously: editing takes a long time, as you’ll recall with our last interviews), then Follow us on Twitter. We’ll be posting pictures at the event. Maybe we’ll get Kwang Hee to blow you a kiss :D

  1. ZE:A How u think is the baby of the group and why?
    Carolina of UsA North Carolina

  2. hamda
    from united kingdom uk
    if the world was to end tomorrow what would u do?
    who is the weirdest in the group?
    would you every date a fan and if yes y if no y?
    if you never became a singer what else would u be doing?
    who is the most popular with the fan?
    what other kpop group do u like and what non kpop singer do u like?

  3. Name : ANDY TJHIN
    From : INDONESIA
    i wanna ask u guys…
    1) to all ZE.A member, What is your favourite car brand ? (Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini or something else ?)
    2) to all ZE. A member, if one day u all have a time to go vacation… Which country do u want to go ?
    that’s… it

  4. This is a question for Kevin, WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO AUSTRALIA~?? PLEASE COME HERE SOOON~ I have some other questions too ^.^

    1. Can all of ZE:A speak/say something in another language? (please show us) :DD
    2. (this is not really a question) Can you tell Hyunshik… I LOVE HIM~ <3

    Thats all the questions

    Have fun at the interview~ Simon and Martina.. (and Spudgy HEHE)

    Abigail Lopez~ Australia~ :DDD


    Sorry, I’m a major skinship fangirl >.<
    LOL, but in all seriousness, ask them if there are any International, non-Korean artists that they enjoy listening to :)
    -Caitlin, New York

  6. Darn! It is too late to send a question!

  7. Country:USA (N.C.)
    Name: Elizabeth
    #1: Have you met any fan-boys, if so who has the most? (not a guy but just want to know)
    #2:Do you know or might learn how to speak Spanish?(Spanish speaker)
    #3: Can you in a low raspy voice say Te Amo?(Spanish speaker)
    #4: Who is the naughtiest member?

  8. Can you ask Minwoo or Dongjun to show us their abs! Lol… jk(maybe)

  9. oooh ooooh oooh
    can you ask Kwanghee (my bias) “What made him decide to be so honest about his plastic surgeries, and how does he feel about idols, such as Taemin from SHINee who got a nose job, who get surgeries but arent honest about them.
    Jasmine J.
    New York, NY.

  10. If you didnt become an idol what did you wanted to be?

    Myriam from canada

  11. #1: Did you ever have a fight/ misunderstanding with any of the other members?
    #2: Have you ever been afraid of another band taking your fans? If not did you ever worry of your place in the music industry as of now or the past?
    #3: Which one of the members would be most likely to date/marry a foreigner?
    #4: What member of the band would most likely marry the youngest?
    #5: Did you have any huge problems making your new comeback?


  12. 1. What’s the weirdest thing that has happened to ZE:A?
    2. What are the members’ favorite musical artists? Artists they would like to collab with?
    3. What’s your hobby (apart from music)?
    4.Did ZE:A have a hand in creating their songs? Lyrics/composing/etc. How much influence? Do they want to do more in the future?
    5. What’s your favorite color and why?
    6. What’s your favorite animal?
    7. Who gets along best in ZE:A?
    8. A favorite memory from ZE:A?
    9. What’s your ideal type?
    10. Do a world tour please! Everybody loves you very much and wants to see you <3 Come to Washington, DC!

    Love, Elle from the USA

  13. My Name Is Melissa And I’m From California:D One Question I Want to Ask Is What Was Your Favorite Moments Being On Stage. BTW Please Say Hi:)

  14. Alex,London,England

    *If you weren’t here being a kpop star? where would you be and what would you be doing?

    basically what would you being doing if you werent doing music???

  15. whos the most funniest member and whos the cutest member(one who does the most aegyo) thanks kat from usa…. Please ask them to say saranghae to me :D


  17. Name: Brenda
    Country: Vancouver, Canada
    #1: Who’s the most romantic member?
    #2: Where would you like to go next to meet their international fans?

  18. Name: Grace
    Country: PERU, lima
    hello ZE:A i just want to know wich concept for a song is your fovorite and wich one is the one that you say..”ok this isn’t me”?
    love and support from peru!! hope ypu guys can say HOLA!!

  19. name:Aseel
    country:Saudi Arabia
    waah ! i finally find someone who can interview them after the showcase in UAE ! xD
    #1.what was they’re idea about arab country’s & what is it now ?!
    #2.what’s the first thing catch they’re attention there ?!
    #3.let them tell us a funny story happen to them there ~ (?) kkk xD
    #4.what the things that they don’t like there ?! xP
    & the last not really a Q but did they really fall for arab girls like what they say ?!! o.o
    OMG ! going to die xDD ~ kkkk
    anyways thank you Simon & Martina ^ ^ ~

  20. Name: suebin
    country: USA, Schaumburg IL
    QUESTION: to siwan ” do you plan on actiong on antother drama or siticom again?

  21. Name: Joanna Marie Destreza
    Country: Philippines

    1. Are you planning to come back to the Philippines? (Because we miss you, guys, BIG time.)
    2. If ever you have some free time o let me say days, what do you want to do o where do you want to go?
    3. Who is the person you look up to the most?
    4. Who is your ideal girl when it comes to girl groups? :)

    PS. Hope this gets to the boys. :) Thank you. And I would want to give a flying kiss to Dongjun oppa, chuu~ :)

  22. Name: Andrea
    Country: USA
    To ALL members:
    – If your life was a song what would the tittle be ?
    – If you where a girl and could date any of the other 8 members, who would you date and why ?
    – Do any of you guys have close friends in the entertainment circle outside of ZE:A, and if so, who ?
    – How many pairs of shoes do you guys own all together ?

  23. name: nataly
    Country: Long Island, New york, USA
    question: you guys are amazing keep the up the good work ok now my question hehehehe what was the hardest thing for each member had to go through in your trainee days?

  24. Hi there, I’m from New York and I would like to know:
    #1. which country would you guys like to go and why?
    #2. which member eats the most food?
    #3. do any of you speak spanish, and if so, how much do you like it?

  25. 1. If each of you could describe yourself in one english word to your international fans, what word would that be?

    2. You have a lot of international fans. What do you think about the fact that so many fans listen to your songs, and love them, without even knowing korean? (And maby
    want to learn korean because of you).

    3. What do you think when you see so many foreign fans wishes that you guys will come to their countries?

    4. Did you ever think that you would get so many international fans?

    Camilla from Norway.

  26. NAME: Farihah
    COUNTRY: Canada


    1) Which color best describes your personality? 어떤 색깔이 당신의 개성을 가장 잘 표현?

    2) If you could be any animal what would it be?

    3) If you were to describe yourself as food, which food would you be?

  27. What’s one place that they would like to travel to? Or perform at
    Mara from Alaska

  28. Did any of the members of pen the lyrics for their upcoming “Spectacular” comeback? Do any of the members have an interest in writing their own songs in the future?

    Sophia, United States

  29. Name: Nam
    Country: USA, Boston MA
    Anyonghaseyo Ze:a, Hope you guys are doing well!

    -Which member in the group will have a better chance of getting marry first?
    -What was your first impression on each other?
    -Who cries easily?
    -Who is the fashionista?
    -Food or Sleep?
    -Kwanghee can you do BAP power move ‘warning’?? How manly can you look?? ;)
    -Who knows how to take care of their skin the best?
    -Rarely any Kpop star goes to Massachusetts, Boston, can you please come? YOUR FANS IS WAITING T^T


  30. Name: Christina
    Country: Canada (Best country ever (; – )
    Q: If Ze:A could visit one place anywhere in the world outside of Asia, where would it be? & why would you choose that particular place? Is it because of fans or is it because you’re just interested in that area.

    Thank you!

    이름 : 크리스티나
    국가 : 캐나다 (최고의 국가 (, -)
    Q : ‘제 경우는 아시아를 넘어 세계 어디 한 장소를 방문할 수, 어디에가 있을까? & 왜 특정 장소를 선택 한거지? 그 때문에 팬들인가 아니면 그냥 그 분야에 관심이 있기 때문에 그것입니다.


  31. name:Jasmine
    country: America
    question: do you guys ever fight or get jealous over each other and if so over what?

  32. Name: Laura
    Country: Spain!

    1. What is your favourite movie? Do you prefer korean movies, hollywood, other coutries, etc? :)
    Thank you Simon and Martina! ^o^

  33. Name: Laura

    Country: Guatemala

    There is a famous orchestra composer called Yanni who said in a live
    performance that he tended to avoid writing songs about initial
    reactions to situations (like anger, sadness or frustration) and instead
    focus on the lesson at the end of everything.

    What do you think of this? Has something like that ever happened to any
    of you? If you were to write/compose a song at this point in time, based
    on an initial reaction (of now) and a lesson (from before) what would
    it be about?

  34. Céline and Junnie from France :

    # Do you still share room / You still do not have your own ?
    # Do you like Nutella ?
    # Recently, we’ve seen lot of band coming to Europe (SM Town & Musik Bank in Paris, Super Show and so on…), are you planning anything ? What about America ?
    # What was the best present you got from a fan ?
    # How much time do you train a day ?
    # We all know that some ‘fans’ are… Extreme… Do you have any anecdote to share with us ?
    # Have your families always been supporting you and the idea of being a singer?
    # Who’s the member who changed the most since your debuts ?

    Thank you so much Martina and Simon. Thank you x100000. Have fun interviewing them. *A*

  35. Hi I´m Karol from Brasil Kevin and DongJun been in BRAZIL and I was wondering what they thought and if they intend to return to Brazil but this time with the whole group to do a concert?
    Hey guys feijoada with farofa kkk was very courageous of you eat feijoada because even though I was Brazilian not have the courage to eat …. kkkk And how beautiful you trying to speak in Portuguese * -. – * Makes my heart stop * -. – *!!! Thank ‘s Oppas

  36. Name: Tara
    Country: Australia
    1. Junyoung are you ok and all better?
    2. Ze:a are you going to do an international tour?
    3. When are you going to come to Australia?
    4. Who is your favourite new group in 2012?
    5. For Kevin can you please do aegyo?

  37. Name: Alex
    from: London, England

    Ask them ‘What are your dreams for international success and What country other than Korea would like to be successful in?’

  38. Name: -barbie-

    Country: Perú
    For ZE: A: What country would like to know and give a concert?
    For ZE: A: As called their new puppies?
    For ZE: A: I would like to have girlfriends Latin?
    For ZE: A: A nickname for everyone who want the call?
    For ZE: A: Do They Have plans to come to Peru? Please send a greeting to peru * – *
    For Heechul: I still like jessica (snsd)?

  39. Name: KATHERINE
    Country: PERÚ

    1. I would like to learn Spanish? Do any of you know any words?2. They could send a message to their fans in Latin America.

  40. 1) What was their favourite part in their new music video?
    2) Will ZE:A ever make world tour concerts? (including coming to Australia? :D if they do, please tell them to specifically come to Melbourne ;] )

    -Jenny, Australia~ :D

  41. For Junyoung: really is improving your injury?

  42. Name: Shari / icefeverrr
    country: Philippines
    For Taeheon
    1. You’ve always been known as the rapper of the group, some fans would like to know what your other abilities are especially in singing. Can you show us a little bit of your singing abilities?
    For ZE:A
    1. Styles do know that ZE:A likes to treat their fans well such as going to the movies, and camping. We would like to know if you wanted to spend some time with international fans as well. If yes, what kind of event/date would it be?
    2. ZE:A has a lot of fans but we’d like to know a memorable moment with a fan or a group of fans. Can you give us one moment that you cannot forget?
    3. If you were given a super power for a week, what would it be and why?
    4. Aside from Kevin, which members can speak in english? Can you speak a few words for us, international Styles?

  43. Name: Shari / icefeverrr
    country: Philippines
    For Taeheon
    1. You’ve always been known as the rapper of the group, some fans would like to know what your other abilities are especially in singing. Can you show us a little bit of your singing abilities?
    For ZE:A
    1. Styles do know that ZE:A likes to treat their fans well such as going to the movies, camping with them and such. We would like to know if you wanted to spend some time with international fans as well. If yes, what kind of event/date would it be?
    2. ZE:A has a lot of fans but we’d like to know a memorable moment with a fan or a group of fans. Can you give us one moment that you cannot forget?
    3. If you were given a super power for a week, what would it be and why?
    4. Aside from Kevin, which members can speak in english? Can you speak a few words for us, international Styles?

  44. 1) Most of the people in the fandom, sees the relationship you guys share as family members. Do you guys really feel like brothers/family towards each other or not so much?

    2) Is there any chance you will be visiting America soon? ZE:A seldom visits America. International fans would like to meet with you one day. c:

    3) ZE:A has grown so popular over the past 2 years. What do you enjoy most about the support from your fans?

    ~Joanna-Kristine, USA :)

  45. Hi! my name is Valeria and i´m from Mexico.
    When ZE:A sang in “Mazeltov” in the chorus part “Latin girl, mexican girl~” it was so amazing, i almost died in that part mexican fangirls are really thankfull for that!!
    And the question is: What about come to mexico one day? since the kpop is extending over the world, would you come? *O*

  46. Name: Shari / icefeverrr
    country: Philippines

    For Taeheon
    1. You’ve always been known as the rapper of the group, some fans would like to know what your other abilities are especially in singing. Can you show us a little bit of your singing abilities?

    For ZE:A
    1. Styles do know that ZE:A likes to treat their fans well such as going to the movies, camping with them and such. We would like to know if you wanted to spend some time with international fans as well. If yes, what kind of event/date would it be?

    2. ZE:A has a lot of fans but we’d like to know a memorable moment with a fan or a group of fans. Can you give us one moment that you cannot forget?

    3. If you were given a super power for a week, what would it be and why?

    4. Aside from Kevin, which members can speak in english? Can you speak a few words for us, international Styles?

  47. Hii
    name: Judith
    country: The Netherlands
    Question: What if you could do a world tour. what would your reaction be? and if you guys could choose the name for the tour what would it be??
    there are already a lot of questions asked hahaha
    good luck with the interview :D

  48. 1. Choose a song from the album and explain the meaning.
    2. What is the concept of this album?
    3. What hardships have they endured making this album?
    My name is Meimei ( say it like Mimi) from USA ^^ ZE:A <3

  49. Name: ximena
    Country: Perú

    #1: What do you think about having so many fan’s in Latin America (Peru)?

    #2: Do they have plans to come to Peru?

    #3: I can do a request? Can you say a word in Spanish? (“TE AMO”) I would love to see them do that!

    #4: Kwanghee. What do you think of his Peruvian fans?

    #5: Please send a greeting to peru *-*

  50. Name: Nicole
    Country: Australia

    My question is:
    Are they going to tour and meet their fans in Australia sometime soon?

    Thank you and have talking to ZE:A!

  51. Miki and Dax in the US ask:
    If you were in a room with a giant cockroach, what would each member’s reaction be? (Would you run away? Try to kill it? Befriend it? Rescue it? Feed it cake?)

  52. Ivy from New Zealand
    1. Do you guys have plans of coming to Australia/New Zealand or having a world tour?
    2. Do you guys look up to any seniors?
    3. What weird habits do some of the members have?
    4. What are your favourite songs at the moment?
    5. Which member is most likely to date a foreigner?
    You guys are so awesome :D <3

  53. Name: Melany B
    Country: US
    1- What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
    2- Does Kevin help the other members with their english?
    3- To Dongjun: [WHY IS HE SO GOOD AT EVERYTHING loljk] How does he prepare himself before going to Dream Team? any tips on keeping his body the way it is?
    4- Kevin i love your accent omg marry me <3 lol
    Thanks Simon and Martina!^^

  54. OMG OMG OMG!!! Simon and Martina you guys are so lucky, I’m so jelly. Anyways I would like to ask Ze:a :
    1. What was the craziest thing a fan has ever done to you?
    2. If you can go to any place in the world, where would you go?
    3. If you guys didn’t become a K-pop idol, what would each member be doing after college/university? (what job would would they have? Marriage perhaps?)
    I’m Cynthia from Los Angeles

  55. Name: Namie
    Country: Peru

    Q: Are you planning to do a world tour soon?
    Q: Do you want to meet your fans in South America?
    Q: Can you say “Hii” to your fans in Peru?

  56. 1- If you were a girl, which member would you marry?

    2- What’s your favorite song from the new album?

    3- If you were’t an idol, what would you be?

    4- Which member has changed the most since your debut? What was the change?

    5- Do you have plans to come to Brazil again, but with all members?
    (I wasn’t in Brazil when Kevin and DongJun came D:)

    6- Which member is the hardest to wake up?

    7- Which member gets angry the easiest? Which one is the hardest?

    8- What do you like the most about the member on your right? And what woud you change about them?

    Paula and Renata from Brazil

  57. Name: Citlali (‘Star’ in Korean~ like ‘Star Empire’ kkk)
    Country: MEXICO
    ZE:A’ songs are heard not only in Asia but around the world. How do you feel to have fans around the world?

    Do you like to learn another language? Or perhaps sing in another language like French or Spanish?

    I love you guys~!!! Remember NO ZE:A NO LIFE ;D

  58. I have two questions for ZE:A (hopefully you’ll pick one of ‘em ;D )
    1. For KPOP fans that don’t know much about you, what is it that defines you ? (Infinite is known for their synchronized dance, BigBang for their involvement in CD production…)
    2. What is your anti-ideal girl? (meaning, the things they would totally HATE their girlfriends or crushes to have, IDK, like ugly feet or an obsession of duck-lips selcas xD)

    My name’s Isabel (or Izzie for short) and I’m from Venezuela (damn, I’d love to see them say my country’s name !!!)

    Take care~

  59. #1. do you guys think you will do a tour and come to the U.S?
    #2. what are some of the members like of stage and off camera?
    #3. what’s the most memorable thing as a group? and as an individual?
    #4. what is the weirdest gift you revived from a fan? and your most memorable fan?
    Sam from Texas ^_^v ZE:A Fighting~

  60. Name: Crisco
    Country: England
    #1. Can you all show your aegyo
    #2. Who feels the most awkward receiving aegyo from another member in the group?
    #3. Will you be coming to England in the near future?

    Have fun with the interview with ZE:A, SimonandMartina :) !

  61. I’m not a fan of ZE:A but, hey I can write here for free.
    I’m Nes Podargo from Ibiza, ask the following:
    nor for work, but for fun, where in the world they would like just spend the free time.

  62. What were the fan’s reactions after KwangHee’s revelation about his plastic surgery?

    Marjorie, France

  63. To ZE:A
    From: Milen
    Country: PERÚ

    1°-What is your favorite song from this album?
    2°-ZE:A knew they fans in Peru? —> Sorry for my english :c
    3°-¡Minwoo! congratulations for your debut in 3Peace☆lovers please dance virtual love or Fighting dance for me … your Fan n°1 ♥

  64. TO ZE:A

    1. If you could be one kitchen appliance, which one would you be?Have fun with the interview Simon and Martina ♥
    Joanne^^ from Maryland

  65. 1-who comes up with the concept for the albums? do you guys get to decide with path to take? what type of music, the hair, the clothing…?
    2- hows the relationship between you ? who most friends with who? and does anybody has an awkward relationship with another member?
    3- what do you miss the met from your non-idol life?

    Bruna – Brazil

  66. TO ZEA : <3 (dont have to ask all 3 of these questions of course xD)
    #1-what was the most difficult hardship you guys faced as a team ?
    #2-what is that one thing you guys miss the most before becoming busy with your idol image?
    #3 which member do you think has changed/improved the most since debut?

    Thank you Simon and Martina for giving us opportunities like this. good luck at the interview yea? <333

    Nazia-from California

    I’m Fatima from Mexico and my Qs are:
    #1: What is their most fave song on the new album and why.
    #2: Dream vacation? would they prefer somewhere where people will recognize them (Asia) or does it matter if they dont have 100% privacy?
    #3: Would any of them consider dating/marrying foreigners w/o light skin?? or their input in Korea as a whole towards dating non-Koreans, seeing as some say Korea is still very ‘new’ internationally^^
    #4: Shoutout to Spanish-speaking fans!! “Animo a todos!” means ‘fighting to all’ and you say it like this (아니모 아 토도스!) i think xD
    that is all! fighting simon and martina, you lucky ducks!! and thanks for all ur hard work!:DD

  68. What do each of the members of ZE:A see themselves doing 10 and 20 years from now? Do they all want to stay in the music business or do they have other dreams?

    Name: Mel
    Country: USA

  69. I’m May from the US, and I want to ask them:

    1) Which member is the most different in real life from their image on camera?

    2) What is your favorite girl group? Or are there any idols that you are very close with?

    3) What was your most memorable time meeting a fan?
    Love your interviews!!!

  70. Hi! I am Alyssa from Canada! My question is: “When did you know you wanted to become a kpop star?”

  71. What have been the most exciting part of this comeback?
    What type of reactions are you anticipating from international fans?

    Katie from the United States! (From Oklahoma! Does ZE:A know where Oklahoma is? Probably not.. no one does T_T)
    Teehee!! <3

  72. Basia, POLAND

    1. Even irrelevant things from the past define who we are in the present. Knowing this, would you like to go back in time and change anything?
    2. I study journalism and I want to become a famous variety show host in South Korea. Can you give me an advice how to be a good one?
    3. Despite our(fans) objection, reality will force ZE:A to end someday. Do you have a plan what to do for a living next?
    4. Do you have driving licenses?
    5. Ha MinWoo, how do you feel about doing activities simultanously with ZE:A and 3Peace Lovers?
    6. What are your dreams?
    7. Are you satisfied where are you now in life?
    8. Which one of you can take alcohol the best and the worst?
    9. In my opinion guys smoking cigarettes are incredibly sexy. Do any of you smoke?
    10. If you could, would you change your debut song? If yes, to which one?
    11. If you wrote a book, what would it be about and how would you title it?
    12. Why you never write your tweets in english?
    13. My favourite ZE:A’s song so far is Heart For 2. What is yours?
    14. What would you like to be asked about?

  73. Name: Thelma
    Country: Sweden
    # Do they have any plans of coming to Sweden or any other country in Europe?
    #How do they feel on coming back in a year when many big groups are planing to have their comeback too??

  74. Name: Brittany
    #1: Who are you close with who has the same age as you?

  75. My name: Charlotte
    From France ! But exactly in Reunion Island (i know it’s really far …)

    First I’m one of their biggest fan ! Really ! It’s through them that I liked Kpop now !

    #For Kwanghee : Can you do alone the “FIGHTING DANCE ?

    And I just want to say them that I’ll support them forever and please come to France !
    Kwanghee … I LOVE YOU ! ♥

  76. Name:Brittany
    #1: how long do u practice dancing in the practice room?
    #2: Are u friends with other Kpop idols who has the same age as you?
    #3: who are u close with who has the same as you?

  77. how long you u dance in the practice room?

  78. Alexandra from Hungary ~~~
    Have you ever visited Europe? If not, is there any chance on it?
    What special european /or other/ dishes have you heard of, that you didn’t have the chance to taste yet?
    Any similar experiences between Kevin who came from Australia, and Simon & Martina from Canada?
    Do you have any plans after releasing this album? Showcases/concerts locally or globally?
    And.. maybe a message for your international fans? ^-^
    Also, good luck on your album, ZE:A’s will always support you !

  79. Name: Angeles
    Country: Mexico

    1. Do you like to visit Mexico?

    2. Do you identify with a song from his new album?

    3. What is the favorite song of each member of this album?

  80. #1: How did all ZE:A members contributed to your album “Spectacular”?
    #2: To ZE:A Oppas! Who do you think is the member with the most aegyo?
    #3: How did you come up with your songs is it from experience or did you ever imagine it?

  81. Tonja (pronounced like Tonya) , Washington state, USA

    With so many members do they ever feel like they lose their individuality?

  82. 1.What would you expect from this new comeback, with all the new looks, better songs and cool dance moves?
    OR 2. If you have the chance to be with your fans, what would you like to do? ;)
    - Novia, Singapore ! 

  83. Name: Nada
    Country: Egypt, but I live in the U.A.E (Your showcase was awesome~!)

    1. This is a question everyone wants to ask (:P), what are your ideal types like, and what singer/actress would be the closest to your ideal type?
    2. Where would you like to go (you can’t say Korea) if you could have a vacation?
    3. How’s Junyoung?
    4. What are your favorite girl groups and boy groups? (Or solo singers if you prefer that)
    5. Are there any memorable things that happened while shooting any of your music videos?

    Thank you~
    ZE:A fighting!

  84. Marie from Germany
    Did you ever read fanfiction about yourselve?

  85. Tuhina, USA
    1. If the ZE:A members could each pick a superpower, what would they choose?
    2. If they could switch places with another celebrity for a day, whom would they choose and why?
    3. How do they feel about the recent saturation of the k-pop market with the influx of so many rookie groups? What do they want to do/what do they feel they have to offer, in order to stand out from the crowd?
    4. If the members could do a collab with any other (currently existing) idol group, whom would they choose?
    5. If they could could pick one aspect of the Korean music industry (and/or the life of an idol to change/enhance, what would that be?

    Have a great time at the showcase guys!

  86. Heidi / America
    Do you find any differences between how your Korean and Foreign fans act?
    Is there anyone who still feels or acts awkward around fans?
    Who has the shortest attention span?
    What was your reaction towards the new concept?

    Have fun interviewing ZE:A! Maybe I will see you at the showcase ^^

  87. Name: Robin
    Country: United States

    - ZE:A members are often pulling pranks on each other. I am wondering what the funniest and most memorable pranks are.
    - The new Album has a track called “Dirty Cat”… I am really curious to know more about it.
    - What is a quality they admire about the member sitting to the right of them?

    I hope that your interview goes well ^^ And maybe I will see you at the show case. Have fun!

  88. Name: Nati
    Country: Israel
    This question is for TaeHun:
    ZE:A’s know you’re not a big talker, so instead- can you show us agyo?

  89. Name: Silvia
    Country: Switzerland
    1. ZE:A plans to make a World Tour?
    2. Do you like Swiss Chocolate?
    3: Do you know that you have Fans in Switzerland?

  90. Name: Fiorella
    Country: PERU
    1) You know the importance of Kpop in South America?You have any plans to visit a country in South America?—– “PERU” is waiting for ZE:A ♥
    2)You will do some gift for your International Styles?
    3)Please send a greeting to PERU ♥

  91. Name: Race Lee

    I Love ZE:A very very much since 2009!!!!! and wish to meet them so so much!!! ZE:A ZE:A FIGHTING! Can ZE:A say hi to Malaysian ZE:A’S?^^
    I would like to ask ,which song do each member of ze:a prefer in this latest album?
    I will visit korea on this coming october and really wish to meet ze:a >_< I miss u all so much!!

  92. Name: Joana
    From: PERÚ
    1.For Heechul: has plans in the future as an actor?
    2.For junyoung: Remember, send greetings from your fans twiitter for PERÚ
    could send greetings, personally with the other members?
    3.For Kwanghee: For me you are the best so keep encouraging us you could sing” Chris Brown – With You”?
    4.PERÚ wants ZE:A come soon and give a wonderful concert they think about it?

  93. even my mom left a couple of questions :) i’m Esther from a ZE:A’Style family!!! fighting!! thanks Simon & Martina for this opportunity!!

    • how do you sleep? (position, clothes, hugging the pillow etc)
    • who do you miss the most when you’re on a tour?
    • what have you learned from your fans?
    • what’s the animal that represents you the most?
    • do you know mexican food? do you like it?
    • if all of you were born again as a family, which position would everyone have?
    • any particular memory you have of your first pet?
    • what do you want to do before you die?
    • geography test! how many countries from latin america can you list?
    • i’m an artist – what do you think about me (and other artists) doing draws of you?
    • i’m studying for being a teacher, so i want to hear a memory about your most hated or loved teacher!!
    • for those who read the bible, any favourite bible quote?

    Name: Esther D.
    Country: Mexico

  94. Hi…My Name is Roxana…I´m From Peru…. I Love ZE:A…

    My Question is: Do You Know Latin Fans in Special Peru Style Fans?
    Would you like to visit Latinoamerica?

    Sorry My English is Bad…TT.TT

    I Love U Boys…Don´t Forget Peruvian Fans…Thanks ♥♥

    Moon I LOVE U….♥♥ Please Say I Love U Too..Please…Thanks…

  95. Name: Susan
    Country: Australia
    1. After being away from the korean music industry for almost a year, how do you guys feel returning? And how do you feel about your members branching out individually?
    2. Before your official debut, were any members awkward with eachother or were there any interesting first encounters? How did you overcome this and what happened?

  96. Hi…My Name is Roxana…I´m From Peru…. I Love ZE:A…

    My Question is: Do You Know Latin Fans in Special Peru Style Fans?
    Would you like to visit Latinoamerica?

    Sorry My English is Bad…TT.TT

    I Love U Boys…Don´t Forget Peruvian Fans…Thanks ♥♥

    Moon I LOVE U….♥♥ Please Say I Love U Too..Please…Thanks…

  97. Name: SHARON
    Country: PERÚ
    1.ZE: A have in mind plans to come to South American this year or next year what country would you choose?
    2..ZE: A thinks of his fans from Peru?
    3..ZE: A plans to come to Peru?
    4.Heechul that thinks of his fans of south american?

  98. Hi…My Name is Roxana…I´m From Peru…. I Love ZE:A…

    My Question is: Do You Know Latin Fans in Special Peru Style Fans?
    Would you like to visit Latinoamerica?

    Sorry My English is Bad…TT.TT

    I Love U Boys…Don´t Forget Peruvian Fans…Thanks ♥♥

    Moon I LOVE U….♥♥ Please Say I Love U Too..Please…Thanks…

  99. If you could star the lead role in any musical, what would it be?

    Jane, Australia <3

  100. okay…2nd comment cuz i thought of some more questions..xD (clearly i’m too excited for this..omg!!!)

    6. ZE:A members(Junyoung and Heechul) appear as cameo in Kwanghee’s sitcom, Vampire Idol, will ZE:A members do cameo for Siwan’s sitcom, Standby, too? Please~ :)

    7. If the members have to choose another ZE:A member to date, who’d it be? (just for fun)
    8. Are ZE:A members interested to have an album with each member having a solo song, and if yes, what genre would each member like to sing as their solo track?
    9. If you can choose another ZE:A member to release a duet track, who would it be? (to each member)

    Farina, Malaysia :)

  101. name: Cecilia
    country: Mexico
    1.- what do they think about havin Mexican ZE:A´s?? we were captivated for the Mazeltov’s “mexican girl” and we would love to having them here!!
    ZE:A fighting we are going to support them a lot for their comeback :D

    1. From debut to now, how has being an idol changed your life?
    2. Which girl group do you like the most?
    3. (@kevin) What do you miss the most from Australia and how is Australia different from Korea.

    @simonandmartina – i know you’re not from Australia, you’re from Toronto (BIG FAN), but can you please ask the last question. I’m from Australia and i really want to know about the cultural differences. As well as the signed album ^^

  103. Kwanghee, have you been practicing your american dance? I really liked your version on Happy Together. Your the best! Saranghaeyo!

    Lisa from Florida

  104. 1: if you weren’t a singer and could be any thing you wanted no matter how crazy, what would be and why?
    2: is there any specific music genres that you have not explored that you would like to in the future?
    2: out of all the members which one do you think is the best husband material

    Jenna From Saskatchewan, Canada

  105. Name: MoA
    Country: Chicago, USA

    1) Did your parents support you when you decided to become a star?

    2) Would you ever date a foreigner

    3)Are you more like family members/ co-workers/ or both

    ^_^ thx so much for reading this

  106. Kerry Vang: USA
    omg i am so excited for this! i LOVE ZE:A and cannot wait for their comeback!
    1) What are your goals for this comeback?
    2) How do you guys feel about finally making a comeback after a hiatus?
    3) Do any of the members have weird sleeping habits?
    4) Were there any inspirations for this comeback?
    5) Did any of the members partake in producing the songs?
    I LOVE YOU ZE:A!! Keep up your awesome work ♥

  107. Name: Andrew

    Country: US

    1. How have you guys been doing during your year long hiatus??
    We really haven’t herd any of you guys in a very very very VERRRRY Long time….

    2. Is Kwanghee still the funny guy with a lot of plastic surgery or has he changed his concept??
    3. Would ZE:A like to release albums in the United States as they progress??

  108. Tassia from Brazil

    Was it harder to debut or do you think that a comeback is harder because of all the fans expectations? When do you guys think you got more nervous? Love from Brazil

  109. Name: Mika
    Country: USA, WI
    #1 I watched Kevin in the drama ‘Kpop The Ultimate Audition’, are you planning to act in more dramas?
    #2 You guys have been given a lot of love and support, fan mail gifts with that too, what was your favorite fan mail gift ever given?
    #3 There are fans, but there are also haters and antis, how do you dealt with the hateful comments?
    #4 If you were to marry someone in your group, who would it be?

  110. Name : Selena

    Country : USA/New York :D
    1. Who inspired you all to be come Idols?
    2. Will any of you date foreign fans/ why or why not
    3. Any mishaps on stage/set/show recording that you will always remember and love to share ;)
    4. If there is any helium balloons around can you give a shout to people in New York while high on the squeaky voice gas? I think everyone will get a kick out off that. I mean its not their first time inhaling the stuff :p
    And lastly 5. If you ever had a 2 weeks off and you all could go to another country where would you go?

  111. Hi I’m Chia Lia Xiong . I live in the United States ( Minnesota ) My question for Z:EA is : ” Whats your greatest ACHIEVEMENT this year ? & What is one GOAL you plan to succeed within this year ? ” ;D

  112. Name: Tyler
    Country: USA

    1. Have there been any outfits that you all have been really reluctant or thought were silly to wear?
    2. Who would you say is the charmer of the group?

  113. Wow you guys are on fire well done!! You’ve come back with a bang, daily vlogs it’s great to have you back! You’re both so dedicated keep it up :) I don’t know ZE:A but now thanks to you I do, looks like there will be plenty of qs too

  114. Name: Denise
    Country: Australia; but I’m from the Philippines
    Question #1: What are your ideal girls? I’ve been DYING to know!
    Question #2: What do you think of your Australian fans?
    Question #3: What about your fans in the Philippines?
    Question #4: How did you guys come up with each other’s nicknames?
    Question #5: Can you pleas do aegyo? I’d love to see you guys do that!
    Hope you visit Australia soon! Saranghae~! ZE:A Hwaiting!

  115. Name: Nikki
    From: Gold Coast, Australia
    Question: Kevin do you miss Australia? Do you want to visit soon?
    Will you come to Australia for a concert because your Aussie fans love you!!!
    Can all the members show us aegyo?

  116. You could ask the members… if you had to identify yourself with a vegetable, what would it be and why? :L

  117. Name: Erin
    Country: US
    1. What is your favorite english word/ what is the funniest sounding one to you?
    2. Do any of the members have weird habits?

  118. Hiya! :D
    My question is: Do the boys prefer performing sweet slow songs (like Here I am <3) or fast, more upbeat, dance songs (like Mazeltov)?
    P.S. Could you tell us about the notorious falling off the boat incident? xD
    My name is Casmira!
    Love from Chicago, U.S.A.!

  119. Ask about unreached goals or where do they see themselves in, let’s say, 10 years.
    -Tamara, Serbia

  120. I’m Kasia,and I’m from Poland :)

    1. How started your career as singers and who supported you the most?

    2. What do you think about international fans? And are you aware about your popularity over seas?

    3. Can you say something in other languages? Like: english,
    polish(pretty please, just ‘Dzień Dobry’ is enough) and some more? It
    would be really nice :)

    4. Do any of you have funny stories from behind scenes and can you share it with us?

    Have a nice interview with them ^^

  121. Cheryl from California, USA
    I love ZE:A – Good luck with your comeback promotions!

    1. Is it difficult to perform a Japanese version of your songs? Like, when performing the japanese version of All day long do you ever get the korean and japanese lyrics mixed up?
    2. For Minwoo , how did the 3PeaceLovers group come together? Are there any plans to release more songs? And what do the other members think about it?

  122. Stephanie Yang from California,USA (:
    ZE:A hasn’t been to American much & i know they love going to amusement parks, if you got the chance to go to Disneyland/California Adventure, what would you look forward to most?
    A. watch the fireworks infront of the castle
    B. ride the roller coaster & ferris wheel
    C. ride as many rides as you can
    D. walk around the park & enjoy leisure time with friends
    E. other(explain)
    PS. TO KEVIN: eunhye unnie says hi TO Dongjun: i’ll pay for your disney ticket (:

  123. Eleysha
    From New York

    Question: Siwan’s been making
    a name for himself in the acting department (I loved you on The Moon
    that Embraces the Sun!). Do you think that you have a future in acting?
    Also, have you received any “love calls” for any future dramas?

  124. Would they date a non-Asian person? Do they prefer not to? And how would their family’s feel about it?

  125. How do you guys act around each other? (example: Friends, brothers, family, aquaintances, workers etc.)

    What are some of the greatest moments offscreen that you’ve all shared together?

    Mara from Alaska(:

  126. Who’s the most hyper in ZE:A? :)
    -Jessica from the U.S.

  127. 1. Would ZE:A please say hello to their German fans? It’s just ‘Hallo’. That would be awesome ♥

    2. Would they date foreign girls?
    (please excuse my bad English T_T)

  128. Question: What country would you like to visit and perform in the most?

    Emilija, Lithuania

  129. Ahh.. for some random reason my question is not here anymore.. my computer sure loves me..
    Anyway.. I just wanted to say that this is some awsome news!! I can’t wait for the interview!!

    Question: 1) If you had the chance to work with any artist/singer/band in the world, who it would be? and why?
    2) Is’t a request actually… please say HI to your Brazilian fans!! We love you guys very very much ^^

    Livia Maria
    From Brazil

  130. I’m Pam from MEXICO <3 1. ZE:A If you could, what day would you like to live again ?? <3 <3 .. Kisses from Mexican ZE:A's <3
    2. If you weren't Kpop Idols what were you doing right now?

  131. If you had to do a collab with 1 boy group and 1 girl group, who would they be and why?
    Name: Donika
    Country: Bulgaria

  132. Have the other members (aside from Kevin, of course) been working on their English? Could we hear some English from everyone? :)

    I’m from the USA!

  133. -How do you guys feel about your comeback and coming back on the stage to perform for your fans?
    - what have you guys been doing during the time your guys last comeback?
    -Are you guys going to tour in other countries like in the US, Mexico, in Europe, etc.?
    -(A question for Dongjun) Since you guys have your comeback coming up and you guys are going to be performing a lot, have interviews, touring, and being busy with other activities. Are you still going to continue to be on ‘Lets Go! Dream Team 2′?

    -Keali’i Sanchez, Fan from, Hawaii!

  134. Maitha
    Q:ZEA have been visit UAE and they did a showcase and a fan meeting,So any of the member can say any Arabic words for Arab fans in UAE and we like to know that they like to visit UAE again?
    And say to minwoo to say for me *i love u maitha and all fans in uae* cuz I’m really crazy about him♥♥♥♥♥ and tell them that uae fans send a lot of thanks to them for that they tried to visit their Arab fans .

  135. Anastasia kircheva from Canada :
    1) what is the most uncomfortable question that u were asked to answer ?
    2) how many times have u changed your hair colour since debut ?
    3) which janre of movies do you like to watch. ?
    4) how many songs do u have in you mp3′ s or iPods each ?
    5) if u had powers would u choose to control water,fire,air or earth ?
    I choose to ask more randome questions bcz a lot of ppl have more sofisticated one :) can’t whait for the interview !!!!!! Whoot Whoot

  136. Hey Simon and Martina (I seriously think you guys are awesome) !!!!
    My name is Dianne Lynne and I am a Filipina living in Dubai, U.A.E (United Arab Emirates)
    You see ZE:A has been here in Dubai ( it was on the newspapers ) and unfortunately for me I wasn’t able to go see them :( , I just wanted to ask how did they feel when they arrived here, how did they feel when they found out that they had fans here in the Middle East??? And what are we to going to expect in their comeback???

  137. Name : Amandine
    From : France

    1° : For you, who is the most popular for internationals fans?

    2° : What’s your best memory about the group?
    3° : Which of your songs do you prefer?
    4° : If you can, did you like to go to France to do a concert? (If you do it, I want my V.I.P pass! :3)

    Please Simon & Martina, tell Tae Heon that he’s my biais and that I love him *0*

  138. Name: Jule
    From: Missoula, Montana, US
    1. What’s it like to be a member of a fairly large group? 9 members is quite large for K-Pop.
    2. How do you feel about non-Koreans listening to K-Pop, now that it has spread globally as a popular genre?
    ZE:A Hwaiting!

  139. Isabelle Lee from California, USA
    1. When you were little(elementary school, middle school, high school.), were your dreams and future predictions on how your life would be different? Or did they waver as you were presented by different modern world news?
    2. Were there times in which you wanted to do something other than your own dances or songs and you couldn’t because it would damage your image or your company would be displeased?
    3. What do you think will happen if you debuted in another country other than S. Korea?
    4. Are there any special times during the hardships in training that were the most memorable?

  140. Nitzia from Mexico
    What do they think about the latin fans?

  141. HI SIMON AND MARTINA ! and Spudgy ^^ First of all : I love you guys !
    Please ask them to act agyeo :3
    name : Nicole
    from : Poland

  142. Name: Aiji
    Country: Denmark

    This question is for Kwanghee; How do you feel about All the hate people have on you, because of the plastic surgery? By the way, I love you!

  143. Shelby, Texas, 15 ^^ how did Hyungsik and Ryeowook meet? Also, tell Hyungsik (can’t you tell he’s my bias?) to wish me luck in figure skating xD haha I’m a competitive figure skater and all k idols are sort of like role models in a way because they have to train so hard to be good, just like I do. Tell all of ZE:A that TEXAS LOVES THEM!!! Haha I love you Simartina <3 thanks!

  144. If someone wrote a book about your lives, what would they title it? (United States)

  145. 1) Besides Minwoo, Kwanghee, Siwan, and Kevin, are any of the members planning on having individual activities?
    2) What is a concept that you’ve always wanted to try out?
    3) Who is the laziest member?
    – Ana from Mexico :)

  146. Name: Chelsea
    From: USA [Michigan]

    Hello! Big fan! I was wondering what is each members [or the majority vote] favorite song and/or dance they like to perform and why? :] Thanks!

  147. Marsha from Oman
    - wanna ask Ze:A are they planing to visit Dubai any time soon?

  148. is there a possibility that one of them is going to marry a fan?
    And can you ask Dongjun to give a shout out to me^___^
    Xinnie (pronounce zennie) America
    Thanks soooo muchh!!

  149. Name: Samantha
    From: Kentucky, United States
    Question: What do the members think of their fan nicknames, specifically Hyungsik whose nickname is ‘Gremlin’?

  150. What is or is going to be ZE:A’s favourite part of their come back?Alexandria from Canada

  151. hey Martina & Simon ^^ hah you guys are awesome and funny and cool ^^ Im Daisy from The U.S and my questions are
    1. What were your first impression about each other?
    2. What was there funniest fan experience at a fan meet?
    3.Was their ever a time when they felt jealous of each other?
    4. What is there favorite song they like to perform?
    haha well good lucky with your interview guys!! hope you guys have fun ^^

  152. Who has the most friends? Who has the least friends?
    Name: JaeHwa
    Country: USA

  153. Name : Angel
    From: America
    Question: Which one of you uses their aeygo to get what they want? Does it it work most of the time? Or do you fail?

  154. Who was the most memorable fan you’ve ever met?

    Mye, Brazil

  155. Name: Marta
    From: Poland
    Q: (To all members) What pet do you maybe want?

  156. OMG that is soooooo cool!! i can’t wait for the interview..

    Question:1) If you had the opportunity to work with any singer/artist in the world who would it be?
    2) Actually is a request..could you guys say HI to your Brazilian Fans?

    Livia Maria
    From Brazil

  157. 1. Do you know about fanficton? have you ever read one? if so, how was it and what was the reaction?
    2. After all the concerts of the Fighting Project, which location was your favorite and why?
    3. Favorite and least favorite hairstyle era for each member?
    4. Who complained the most about these new hairstyles?
    5. Is still Dongjun the one who wakes up the rest of the group and even their manager?

    Lots of love and support!!
    Henry, Colombia :)

  158. WOW awsome!!! I like ZE:A a lot, and they aren’t really recognised even though they are in the K-POP scene for a long time already …I’m glad they can get a little bit of attention through you guys! ^_____^~

    I’m Leyla from Germany and my questions are:
    1. Are there any interesting and funny moments that you remember about a Fan that you met?
    2. Are there any fun episodes that happend while preparing for this comeback or shooting the MV?
    3. Who was your mentor or your role model that persuaded(?) you to be a Singer/Idol?

    I’m sorry, my grammar sucks T-T…
    Good luck and I wish you a lot of fun with your interview! It would be awesome if you could do another little skit like the one with Mblaq! :D (If they allow it!)

  159. Hello Simon and Martina! First I wanna thanks both of you for everything! Making fans to have an opportunity to ask question to them, whereas we’re far away from them. So~ I’m Tatiana from France and my questions are: First: What were your first impression about each other? Second: Who is the most different when he is on stage and off stage?
    Thank you a lot, and even if you’re not going to choose my questions I’m really happy to be able to ask them.

  160. Which memeber thinks about fanservice the most?
    Also, can you say your uniqueness and advantages as Ze:A?
    Indre from Lithuania~
    {I hope that they know or want to know where my country is xD }

  161. wooooii okey

    question: did you ever have a huge fight that then you didn’t talk with each other?
    : can you greet your southamerican fans saying something in spanish??, (hola fans de latinoamerica un beso , gracias )
    ahahaha those are my questions :D

    Carla from Chile :-*

  162. Christina from Colorado
    1. What qualities of the other members do you wish you had?
    2. Who is the messiest?
    3. Who takes the longest getting ready in the morning?

  163. how is heechul’s relationship with his father?
    could they greet fans from Poland?
    - Kinga, Poland.

  164. Where would you want to visit most in the summer?? Stephanie From Canada

  165. Which member has changed a lot since debut and was there a member that turned out absolutely different from your first impression of them before?
    Leanne Yeung from Vancouver, BC, Canada

  166. Q:- Were ZE:A surprised with the amount of fan that came to the sign-meeting and showcase they did in the UAE?! :) I really want to know their personal opinions on the matter and if they would gladly come again?
    Name: Shahid
    From: UAE

  167. Which is the weirdest gift that they had recieved from a fan?

    Denise, Argentina

  168. Q1: Does They Know How To Speak Filipino ? Q2:Do they go here in
    Philippines For There Comeback? Q3:Do They Have Concert Here ? Q4:Do
    they Know The ZE:A
    Philippines ? cu’z That Is A Group On Facebook
    :”> Q6:Who Wants To HAve A Filipina Girlfriend? :) Q7:Why You Need A
    Interpreter If Kevin Is There ? Q8:Do They Love The Philippines? Q9:What
    Are The Food They Love in The Philippines ? Q10:Is The Maknaes Are
    Matured ? Q11:Is The ZE:A And Ukiss Are Friends Like There Brother ?

    Q12: Who Loves To Aegyo ? Let Us See There Aegyo .

    Lhordy From Phil.

  169. first time here^^..hi…and OMG!!! ZE:A is my fav boygroup. n i’m totally excited for the comeback. (n the limited edition CDs of course…xD)
    actually, i can’t think of any questions because i’m too excited but i’ll try.

    Name: Farina
    Country: Malaysia
    Questions(feel free to choose any of the questions, i’d be honoured)

    1. Which song is your personal favourite from Spectacular album? (for each member)
    2. Do the members participate in composing music/lyrics/etc for Spectacular album, such as in previous single?
    3. This is more like a suggestion, since ZE:A is so good at singing English songs,
    why don’t you guys form an English sub-unit that sings new English-language songs and perform in Korea, it’d totally be something new xD. And who’d you guys pick to be in the subgroup? (i’d say Kevin,Siwan, and Kwanghee, and maybe junyoung, n heechul/taehun) and since Minwoo’s promoting in Japan with 3PeaceLovers, is ZE:A interested to have a Japanese subunit like Minwoo’s subgroup?
    4. Can ZE:A pleasee come to Malaysia again? (they came 2 yrs ago n i missed my chance T^T)
    5. Which girlgroup would each member of ZE:A want to have a stage collaboration with and why?

    can’t really think of good questions :( but i hope i could let them know how spectacular and precious each of them are. Kevin,Kwanghee,Siwan,Junyoung,Taehun,Heechul,Minwoo,Hyungsik,Dongjun.
    These guys are freakin’ hardworking and i love how they n their company approach and give back to their fans actively since predebut till now and i wish them all success.

    Thanks for this. will be looking forward to the interview! Fighting!

  170. Q; Are you planning any overseas concerts?
    Ann from Estonia.

  171. What’s their most memorable mistake on stage? or What’s their favorite dance move in the choreography of their songs?

  172. Questions to all the group members in general:
    Q(1):Who are the singers/idols that inspire/inspired you the most? (whether it’s in your daily life, or that made you want to become a singer/rapper, or even that make you feel better after a hardworking day)
    Q(2): Have any of you felt like giving up( of being a singer/rapper), just because of an uncomfortable/ sad/ horrible situation you were in? If Yes, what was it?
    Q(3): Do you have any plans of going international ( like doing concerts in europe, america or so)?
    Q(4):Have you ever looked at one of the ZE:A members and thought ” waaaa I wish I was like him….”
    Hope one of this questions in chosen :D And feel free to correct any bad construction of the questions!!!! Seriously, sorry about my english.. :/
    With love to Simon, Martina, Spudgy and ZE:A, From: Lisbon, Portugal :D

  173. Name: Dasie
    Location: Georgia, USA
    Question: If you could chose an ideal concept, as far as fashion, style of music, set & music video theme, etc, what would it be?

  174. Name: Jenn – Toronto, Canada
    Question: Which country would you guys like to perform in the most, and why?
    Or: What has been your favorite country/city to perform in so far, and why?

  175. Name: Giovanna
    From: America
    Quetion: What is your favorite song that you produced?

  176. #1: Did any of the members personally pen down the lyrics in the new album? If so, share with us how was it!
    #2: It’s been about a year since their last comeback. If they were to compare themselves a year ago and now, what will be the difference now and then?
    #3: Since their title track is, “Aftermath”, did ZE:A experience any disastrous happenings after an event? How did ZE:A overcome it?

    Enjoy your interview with ZE:A, Simon and Martina!

    Lene, Singapore.

  177. What were their first impressions of each other?
    What did they think of their group name at first?
    Who is the most popular Zea member in their opinion?
    Does anyone have any hidden talents?
    Does any members have strange habits?
    Who is the neatest member and who is the messiest?
    Who acts different around girls (fans and girl groups)?
    Is there anyone who is friends with members of other idol groups?
    What’s their ideal girl like?
    Who is the biggest fan of girl groups?
    How do they feel making a comeback after so long?
    Who is the cutest member who is the manly one?
    Was their ever a time when they felt jealous of each other?

    Name: Sania
    From: Ireland

  178. Name: Nelli
    From: Poland
    Question: Do you guys know that polish fans singing “mam żel taft” instead of “mazeltov”? It’s sound really close and it’s funny because in english, polish version means ‘ I’ve got a taft gel”

  179. I’m Ram/Hyunki/Siwanderboy from the Phillipines.
    1. I would like to ask ZE:A How do they treat their Fanboys? Is it different from how they treat their Fangirls? (*coughs* ZE:A’s number one fanboy here).

    2. What are their dreams aside from being successful idols and winning awards?

    3. For Siwan and Kwanghee: What happened to Siwan and Kwanghee BFFs? Cause we fans rarely see you together unlike lovability and watch out days.

    4. For Junyoung: You always get involve in an accident and causes a lot of worries to fans. What are you going to do to prevent such accidents to occur again?

    THANKS ^^

  180. 1.if they could visit any place where would they go?
    2. if they didn’t become singers what kind jobs would they be doing now?

  181. Q: ZE:A has 9 members in the band, how does rooming work out at their dorm? Do they get to pick their roomates??

    Texas, USA

  182. What were their first impressions of each other?
    What did they think of their group name at first?
    Who is the most popular Zea member in their opinion?
    Does anyone have any hidden talents?
    Does any members have strange habits?
    Who is the neatest member and who is the messiest?
    Who acts different around girls (fans and girl groups)?
    Is there anyone who is friends with members of other idol groups?
    What’s their ideal girl like?
    Who is the biggest fan of girl groups?
    How do they feel making a comeback after so long?
    Who is the cutest member who is the manly one?
    Was their ever a time when they felt jealous of each other?

    Name: Sania
    From: Ireland

    • Is there any county they would like to visit on holiday if they get the chance and why?
      Favorite food?
      Favorite colour?
      Favorite place in Korea and why?
      Their favorite Zea song?
      Favorite season and why?
      Favorite hair colour on themselves?
      Favorite memory and scariest memory?
      Do they believe in ghosts and why?
      Do they mind that I call them “Zee-ah” instead of each”jee-ah”?

  183. How did ZE:A come about? Like as in how did the members audition? Also is it possible for an overseas person like me Join Star Empire?

    Sir Vanity, Singapore.
    I’m singapore’s self proclaimed biggest ZE:A fan!

  184. I’m Ram/Hyunki/Siwanderboy from the Phillipines.

    I would like to ask ZE:A How do they treat their Fanboys? Is it different from how they treat their Fangirls? (*coughs* ZE:A’s number one fanboy here) Thanks ^^

  185. Q- what is the concept of the new song and did y’all had a great time making this song ? :)

    Elllyssa – (Malaysia)

  186. If you could be any other member for a day who would you be and why?
    Has any member been developing a new personal talent? Can you show us?
    What has been your favorite gift from a fan/fans so far?
    -Charissa from Illinois

  187. Can you ask ZE:A to tell us some of their hobbies or what they do at home? xD & I share the same birthday as Siwan~ thankyou c: love ZE:A ~ <3
    Name: Lisa & From: New York ~

  188. Q: Dongjun and Kevin! we are curious if you are planning to make twitter accounts :) if so, when? kkkk~
    ZE:A! what is your dream destination/country to perform on in the future? :))

    -Chinnie from Philippines

  189. Have you ever read fanfics, which told about you? And what you think, when fans write fanfics about you? :)
    - iitu – Finland

  190. Q: Where does the song Mazeltov come from? I don’t think Korea is a really jewish country. Is it?
    Marion (from France)

  191. Myriam from canada
    For a concert wich country do you dream of?

  192. Ask them what their favorite ZE:A song is and why.
    from Raleigh, NC, USA

  193. Has Hyungshik improved his flexibility? Show us~

  194. are there any memorable international fan???

  195. Q: What influenced each of the members most to become a singer/rapper?
    Offer the members some Vegemite and ask for their reaction, since Kevin is from Australia ^^

    From: Sydney, Australia

    PS. Haven’t literally spazzed since the Kpop Fest in Sydney until hearing this glorious news of ZE:A’s comeback and the interview ^^

  196. Q: Did you guys love your stay in Dubai/Abu Dhabi despite the scorching heat? xD Will you ever come back again? but this time, a concert?

    Dubai, UAE. :)

  197. Questions:
    1. What is your personal favorite album/song concept? Cute and nice, sexy and cool or something else, anything really.

    2. What is your perfect video concept? Where would you want to film it, would you like to be just you guys in the video or others? If others them who?
    Looking forwards to the interview! Cheers from Elisabet from Oslo, Norway.

  198. Do you ZE:A have any funny nicknames in group ?

    Adam, Poland.

  199. Hey!! :D
    Name: Gabi
    Question: Since I’m a brand new fan, could you pleeeeaaaassse tell us you’r favourite non korean songs? I’ve always wondered about k-pop singers’ tastes…

  200. What is the most beautiful place you’ve ever been to?

    - Siiri from Finland ♥

  201. Questions:
    1) What is the most memorable thing a fan has ever done of given to you?
    2) Did you have any hardships as trainees?
    3) If there any concept that you havent done yet, but would like to do?
    4) What concept did you like/dislike?
    5) Were there any costumes that you didnt like or thought were awesome?
    -Anna (Toronto, Canada)

  202. My question are:
    How do you think about the new album?
    Do you like it better than album before that?
    Some fun moment when you guys like in dorm?
    So that all. And my name is Chau Nguyen, from USA.
    Ze:a hwaiting!!! :)

  203. Questions: Keelie ( member of the trans community in Florida )

    1: As a new fan, what are some of the selling points I can ship to some of my friends to try and pull them into this awesome music. – as in How would I describe your music and style?
    2: Where is everyone from?
    3: Who is the most ” Aegyo ” ?
    4: Do any of the group members plan on doing the cutesy Korean drama style stuff like Big Bang did – Example : ( Big Bang did a drama where the boys were super flirtatious with one another ) –
    5: How do the boys feel about homosexuality in the kpop industry and is it a big thing?
    6: Out of the group, who does the group think is the CUTEST boy!
    7: Who has the most soulful voice?
    8: Do any of the boys have solo music?
    9: Who is the most stylish?
    10: Could they all do a super cute face on the count of 3? Any face, just what they think is cute!

  204. OMG, the best news ever, guys really! PLEASE ask them:
    1. which foreign country they would like to visit the most and why?~
    2. Do they have any plans to go to Europe?
    I’ve been wondering for quite a long If you asked them at least one of these questions, that would mean a lot to me :) ZE:A is one of my favorite bands and I’m super excited to see the interview!!!! Their European fan #1 Greta is sending the best wishes to them ^^
    by the way, you, Simon and Martina, are awesome too! Thanks for making amazing videos, interviews and making us laugh! :)

  205. i have some questions:
    - is there a story behind this concept?
    - has anything happen recently that really strikes you? [memorable]
    - are there any people that you would like to collaborate with either personally or as ZE:A?
    - who among the ZE:A members lighten up the mood the most? [like the mood maker]
    - is there a powerful dance to this comeback?
    - can heechul say i love you to his international fan in the most charismatic way possible cause he is my bias :3

    i would be honoured if you guys chose any of my questions! but of course haha the last one would be my favourite! thanks guys, my name is limmy and i’m from malaysia ^-^

  206. i wanna ask them this “zea have been to malaysia before,have any thoughts on coing back here for a show??”

  207. with filming which MV had they the most fun ?

    Adam. Poland.

  208. Malene – Denmark

    Question 1: What was the most funniest moments while hanging out with each other?

    Question 2: Will you guys ever consider to come to Europe – Denmark, Copenhagen?

    Good luck with your comeback! fighting! :)

  209. In their opinion , is debuting in big group easier or harder than in ,let’s sa,y 5 or less members group

    Adam, Poland.

  210. Questions:

    1. What has been your favorite MV to film?

    2. What do you enjoy most about being an Idol?

    3. When do you plan to come to America?

  211. I would like them to suggest to Star Empire that they come to the US-midwest, midwest, midwest! I so enjoy them but they don’t get the attention here that they deserve. But you asked for questions. Kwang Hee talks frankly about having surgery & he downplays his abilities. I’m sure he wouldn’t have been signed if he had not already been a decent looking young man with potential but he is a total flower boy now! I would love to know why he was interested in the entertainment industry. Was there a special instance, or a person who inspired him to follow this route and make the sacrifices & supreme effort that comes with the job.

  212. Question/s:
    1. Any plans on going international (Australia, America, Europe) in the near future?
    2. Best fan service you could give?
    3. Scariest memory of a fan (encounter or something received – fanmail).
    4. Ideal holiday destination? (if you had unlimited money and transportation)

    From Anna, Australia ^^


  213. For Kevin: Do you ever think of visiting Australia again?

  214. I want you guys ask them : If they want have a travel and concert in Europe? Where ? and what about comming to Poland? please ask them :) !

  215. Hi I’m Maryam from UAE ^-^ plz ask them about their thoughts of UAE and it’s fan

  216. The one question I will forever want to ask anybody, be it ZE:A or anybody else (though I do love ZE:A). Are there any songs you see other groups performing and you think to yourself, ‘Hot damn I /wish/ our group was given that song.’ Edit: Peta from Australia! Kevin’s homeland. ;)

  217. Q : When do you guys plan to come back to UAE? How was your stay and reaction to UAE Fans when you saw us in fan-meet and what was the mos memorable thing you saw? xD
    And oppa? Do you remember me? I was wearing pikachu kigurumi costume, the same as Minwoo in one of your dance practice video. c: :3


    Saranghe. <3

    -Aika from Dubai, UAE

  218. lol cool, can’t wait for the interview to come out!!! :)

  219. Name: Mel
    From: Australia
    QUESTION: Can you boys do aegyo for us? ;)

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