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We’re Going to Interview ZE:A

June 30, 2012


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So, things are going pretty well for us. Since our Interviews with Sistar, Wonder Girls, and MBLAQ, we’ve been having some more opportunities presenting themselves to us. Some we’re still working on, and we won’t announce until they’re 100% confirmed. Lots of things get cancelled last minute. This, though, is something we got 100% confirmation for, so we’re happy to announce it here!

ZE:A’s making their comeback, and they’ve invited us to their press conference and showcase, and are totally down for us to interview them as well. SWEET! Also, they’re giving us a bunch of signed copies of their limited edition album. DOUBLE SWEET! We’ll announce how to win those once we post our interview with them and our footage from the showcase.

Here’s the thing, though: we’d like you to help us with this interview. You know how much we value your input, be it either in choosing who we review for Music Mondays, or in picking topics for us for TL;DRs. For every interview we do, we always want you to have your voices heard. So speak up! Let us know what you’d like to ask ZE:A! Tell us your name and where you’re from, and we’ll make sure to give you a shoutout in the interview. And, hell, you’ll get to watch an interview with the questions YOU want answered. So ask away! DEADLINE IS MONDAY NIGHT! We’re doing the interview Tuesday, and have to pick our questions by Monday night, of course!

If you’re a really big ZE:A fan, and can’t wait for us to edit the footage after our interview (seriously: editing takes a long time, as you’ll recall with our last interviews), then Follow us on Twitter. We’ll be posting pictures at the event. Maybe we’ll get Kwang Hee to blow you a kiss :D



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We’re Going to Interview ZE:A


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  1. Name: -barbie-

    Country: Perú
    For ZE: A: What country would like to know and give a concert?
    For ZE: A: As called their new puppies?
    For ZE: A: I would like to have girlfriends Latin?
    For ZE: A: A nickname for everyone who want the call?
    For ZE: A: Do They Have plans to come to Peru? Please send a greeting to peru * – *
    For Heechul: I still like jessica (snsd)?

    7 years ago
  2. Miki and Dax in the US ask:
    If you were in a room with a giant cockroach, what would each member’s reaction be? (Would you run away? Try to kill it? Befriend it? Rescue it? Feed it cake?)

    7 years ago
  3. Name: Melany B
    Country: US
    1- What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
    2- Does Kevin help the other members with their english?
    3- To Dongjun: [WHY IS HE SO GOOD AT EVERYTHING loljk] How does he prepare himself before going to Dream Team? any tips on keeping his body the way it is?
    4- Kevin i love your accent omg marry me <3 lol
    Thanks Simon and Martina!^^

    7 years ago
  4. What have been the most exciting part of this comeback?
    What type of reactions are you anticipating from international fans?

    Katie from the United States! (From Oklahoma! Does ZE:A know where Oklahoma is? Probably not.. no one does T_T)
    Teehee!! <3

    7 years ago
  5. Name:Brittany
    #1: how long do u practice dancing in the practice room?
    #2: Are u friends with other Kpop idols who has the same age as you?
    #3: who are u close with who has the same as you?

    7 years ago
  6. Name: Angeles
    Country: Mexico

    1. Do you like to visit Mexico?

    2. Do you identify with a song from his new album?

    3. What is the favorite song of each member of this album?

    7 years ago
  7. #1: How did all ZE:A members contributed to your album “Spectacular”?
    #2: To ZE:A Oppas! Who do you think is the member with the most aegyo?
    #3: How did you come up with your songs is it from experience or did you ever imagine it?

    7 years ago
  8. 1.What would you expect from this new comeback, with all the new looks, better songs and cool dance moves?
    OR 2. If you have the chance to be with your fans, what would you like to do? ;)
    – Novia, Singapore ! 

    7 years ago
  9. Name: Nada
    Country: Egypt, but I live in the U.A.E (Your showcase was awesome~!)

    1. This is a question everyone wants to ask (:P), what are your ideal types like, and what singer/actress would be the closest to your ideal type?
    2. Where would you like to go (you can’t say Korea) if you could have a vacation?
    3. How’s Junyoung?
    4. What are your favorite girl groups and boy groups? (Or solo singers if you prefer that)
    5. Are there any memorable things that happened while shooting any of your music videos?

    Thank you~
    ZE:A fighting!

    7 years ago
  10. Marie from Germany
    Did you ever read fanfiction about yourselve?

    7 years ago
  11. Tuhina, USA
    1. If the ZE:A members could each pick a superpower, what would they choose?
    2. If they could switch places with another celebrity for a day, whom would they choose and why?
    3. How do they feel about the recent saturation of the k-pop market with the influx of so many rookie groups? What do they want to do/what do they feel they have to offer, in order to stand out from the crowd?
    4. If the members could do a collab with any other (currently existing) idol group, whom would they choose?
    5. If they could could pick one aspect of the Korean music industry (and/or the life of an idol to change/enhance, what would that be?

    Have a great time at the showcase guys!

    7 years ago
  12. Heidi / America
    Do you find any differences between how your Korean and Foreign fans act?
    Is there anyone who still feels or acts awkward around fans?
    Who has the shortest attention span?
    What was your reaction towards the new concept?

    Have fun interviewing ZE:A! Maybe I will see you at the showcase ^^

    7 years ago
  13. Name: Nati
    Country: Israel
    This question is for TaeHun:
    ZE:A’s know you’re not a big talker, so instead- can you show us agyo?

    7 years ago
  14. Name: Silvia
    Country: Switzerland
    1. ZE:A plans to make a World Tour?
    2. Do you like Swiss Chocolate?
    3: Do you know that you have Fans in Switzerland?

    7 years ago
  15. ZE:A in Peru x3

    7 years ago
  16. Name: Race Lee

    I Love ZE:A very very much since 2009!!!!! and wish to meet them so so much!!! ZE:A ZE:A FIGHTING! Can ZE:A say hi to Malaysian ZE:A’S?^^
    I would like to ask ,which song do each member of ze:a prefer in this latest album?
    I will visit korea on this coming october and really wish to meet ze:a >_< I miss u all so much!!

    7 years ago
  17. even my mom left a couple of questions :) i’m Esther from a ZE:A’Style family!!! fighting!! thanks Simon & Martina for this opportunity!!

    • how do you sleep? (position, clothes, hugging the pillow etc)
    • who do you miss the most when you’re on a tour?
    • what have you learned from your fans?
    • what’s the animal that represents you the most?
    • do you know mexican food? do you like it?
    • if all of you were born again as a family, which position would everyone have?
    • any particular memory you have of your first pet?
    • what do you want to do before you die?
    • geography test! how many countries from latin america can you list?
    • i’m an artist – what do you think about me (and other artists) doing draws of you?
    • i’m studying for being a teacher, so i want to hear a memory about your most hated or loved teacher!!
    • for those who read the bible, any favourite bible quote?

    Name: Esther D.
    Country: Mexico

    7 years ago
  18. Hi…My Name is Roxana…I´m From Peru…. I Love ZE:A…

    My Question is: Do You Know Latin Fans in Special Peru Style Fans?
    Would you like to visit Latinoamerica?

    Sorry My English is Bad…TT.TT

    I Love U Boys…Don´t Forget Peruvian Fans…Thanks ♥♥

    Moon I LOVE U….♥♥ Please Say I Love U Too..Please…Thanks…

    7 years ago
  19. If you could star the lead role in any musical, what would it be?

    Jane, Australia <3

    7 years ago
  20. okay…2nd comment cuz i thought of some more questions..xD (clearly i’m too excited for this..omg!!!)

    6. ZE:A members(Junyoung and Heechul) appear as cameo in Kwanghee’s sitcom, Vampire Idol, will ZE:A members do cameo for Siwan’s sitcom, Standby, too? Please~ :)

    7. If the members have to choose another ZE:A member to date, who’d it be? (just for fun)
    8. Are ZE:A members interested to have an album with each member having a solo song, and if yes, what genre would each member like to sing as their solo track?
    9. If you can choose another ZE:A member to release a duet track, who would it be? (to each member)

    Farina, Malaysia :)

    7 years ago
  21. name: Cecilia
    country: Mexico
    1.- what do they think about havin Mexican ZE:A´s?? we were captivated for the Mazeltov’s “mexican girl” and we would love to having them here!!
    ZE:A fighting we are going to support them a lot for their comeback :D

    7 years ago
    1. From debut to now, how has being an idol changed your life?
    2. Which girl group do you like the most?
    3. (@kevin) What do you miss the most from Australia and how is Australia different from Korea.

    @simonandmartina – i know you’re not from Australia, you’re from Toronto (BIG FAN), but can you please ask the last question. I’m from Australia and i really want to know about the cultural differences. As well as the signed album ^^

    7 years ago
  23. 1: if you weren’t a singer and could be any thing you wanted no matter how crazy, what would be and why?
    2: is there any specific music genres that you have not explored that you would like to in the future?
    2: out of all the members which one do you think is the best husband material

    Jenna From Saskatchewan, Canada

    7 years ago
  24. MoA

    Name: MoA
    Country: Chicago, USA

    1) Did your parents support you when you decided to become a star?

    2) Would you ever date a foreigner

    3)Are you more like family members/ co-workers/ or both

    ^_^ thx so much for reading this

    7 years ago
  25. Name: Andrew

    Country: US

    1. How have you guys been doing during your year long hiatus??
    We really haven’t herd any of you guys in a very very very VERRRRY Long time….

    2. Is Kwanghee still the funny guy with a lot of plastic surgery or has he changed his concept??
    3. Would ZE:A like to release albums in the United States as they progress??

    7 years ago
  26. Tassia from Brazil

    Was it harder to debut or do you think that a comeback is harder because of all the fans expectations? When do you guys think you got more nervous? Love from Brazil

    7 years ago
  27. Name : Selena

    Country : USA/New York :D
    1. Who inspired you all to be come Idols?
    2. Will any of you date foreign fans/ why or why not
    3. Any mishaps on stage/set/show recording that you will always remember and love to share ;)
    4. If there is any helium balloons around can you give a shout to people in New York while high on the squeaky voice gas? I think everyone will get a kick out off that. I mean its not their first time inhaling the stuff :p
    And lastly 5. If you ever had a 2 weeks off and you all could go to another country where would you go?

    7 years ago
  28. Name: Tyler
    Country: USA

    1. Have there been any outfits that you all have been really reluctant or thought were silly to wear?
    2. Who would you say is the charmer of the group?

    7 years ago
  29. Wow you guys are on fire well done!! You’ve come back with a bang, daily vlogs it’s great to have you back! You’re both so dedicated keep it up :) I don’t know ZE:A but now thanks to you I do, looks like there will be plenty of qs too

    7 years ago
  30. Name: Denise
    Country: Australia; but I’m from the Philippines
    Question #1: What are your ideal girls? I’ve been DYING to know!
    Question #2: What do you think of your Australian fans?
    Question #3: What about your fans in the Philippines?
    Question #4: How did you guys come up with each other’s nicknames?
    Question #5: Can you pleas do aegyo? I’d love to see you guys do that!
    Hope you visit Australia soon! Saranghae~! ZE:A Hwaiting!

    7 years ago
  31. Name: Nikki
    From: Gold Coast, Australia
    Question: Kevin do you miss Australia? Do you want to visit soon?
    Will you come to Australia for a concert because your Aussie fans love you!!!
    Can all the members show us aegyo?

    7 years ago