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What are Weddings Like in Korea?

January 15, 2013


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This was such a fun and easy TL;DR to film! We’ve been to quite a few weddings in Korea (but we have yet to go to a super traditional wedding). This TL;DR wasn’t too opinion/reflection on the meaning of life based, so we didn’t rack our brains over it at all, we just hopped in front of the camera for this one and told our stories while acting silly…because we mightttt have had too much coffee and chocolate milk. BUT YOU CAN’T PROVE ANYTHING!!!

Anyhow, there’s not much more for us to say about this TL;DR topic via our blog post. We covered a lot of what makes Korean weddings special in the video itself. We’re really quite torn about what side we prefer, though. Korean weddings are a bit too short and lack that specialness, but Western Weddings are sooo long and sometimes too much “specialness” is placed on making the wedding day itself perfect…OR ELSE! I mean, we could go on about how sucky some Western weddings are, especially when a bridezilla is involved, but I think we all already know about that. So let’s talk about things we don’t like about Korean weddings!

The extreme rushedness of it all kinda sucks. We’re not joking when we said that the wedding hall staff would start cleaning up while the wedding is still finishing up. It’s so rushed that it feels extremely impersonal. What we find especially shocking is that people will talk on their cell phones or chat with each other during the wedding ceremony, but at the same time food is also being served. I just feel like it’s weird to eat or talk while my friend is exchanging wedding vows. Plus, it feels like some of the things that are deemed important in a Western wedding like, for example, catching the bouquet, are used in Korean weddings but stripped of all meaning. For example, every Korean wedding I’ve been to so far, the bride threw the bouquet to just one planned person who is standing alone. I was like…umm…what? Shouldn’t there be a hilarious battle between all the single ladies to try at catch it? And the cake cutting I also found odd, because it should be at least EATEN. I’ve yet to see the bride and groom or anyone at the wedding actually eat the cake! It was just literally cut for pictures, and then wheeled away. Besides the quickness of the ceremony, the wedding day pictures are actually taken months before in advance in a studio. Now this might be my old fashion weddingness talking, but I still like the idea of the groom not seeing the bride in her dress, but in the Korean case, the groom and bride both see each other all dolled up way in advance. That kindof takes away the specialness to me, but then again, the specialness is really the wedding dress, and if you aren’t buying a wedding dress, I guess it really doesn’t matter if your groom sees you in a couple in advance, right? I do like how once the ceremony is over, the now married couple will change into traditional Korean outfits, right down to those lovely rubber shoes!

Now the more traditional parts of the Korean wedding are awesome, but we have yet to see it in person! If you’re really close to the family, you might get to experience 폐백 (pehbaek) which is a more traditional ceremony involving lots of cool symbolic things, like greeting elders and exchanging chestnuts and other foods which are symbolic of the couple’s union. It can occur right after the wedding (once everyone else has left) or on a different day all together.

We might be biased (just a little) when we say that we still like our wedding story the best. Not too personal, not too small, and ended off with partying with celebrities. MUCH BETTER STORY, IN MY OPINION! Here it is below, if you haven’t seen it yet:

Also, like we said before, we haven’t been to a super-traditional Korean wedding, only the fast wedding hall style. We have no idea what those are like. Are they longer than the ones we went to? Has anyone been? Let us know in the comments!

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