Eat Your Kimchi

Speakers Corner: What Basic Skill Do You Lack?


This is a much more light hearted question for this weeks Speakers Corner. The question was, “what is a skill or talent most people have that you don’t have?”

This is a pretty easy one for me to answer since I think a lot of people have already seen it in our videos. I can’t seem to tear open plastic bags, even when they have that “tear here” line. I also can’t open milk cartons that are made from cardboard. If I try really hard and concentrate as hard as I can I can do it (sometimes) but it’s like I’m defusing a bomb. So much concentration! Hahah! Why did someone invent such a difficult thing to open when children usually get tiny cartons of milk? It’s like you’re trying to make life difficult for children. THINK OF LITTLE MARTINA AND HERE STRUGGLES!!!! THEY WERE SO REAL!!!

Simon lacks the ability to plug his nose when jumping in a pool. Seriously. I tried to teach him how to blow air out his nose while he lands so that water doesn’t go up, but he just splutters to the surface with all the pool water up his nose. I tried to teach him how to plug it while jumping in, like with his hand, yet still he manages to get water up his nose. Simon blames it on the fact that he has very large nostrils and that he can’t properly close them up but…I think he’s just adorable. He splutters to the surface all frazzled and trying to get the water out like a little kid. Hahhahhaha!

So, think hard…or maybe you don’t have to, and let us know what talent or skill you lack!