Okay! It’s my first eyeshadow tutorial and honestly, I’m so scared of the responses that I’ll get because I am in NO WAY trained to do make up. I’m sure you’ll be surprised to know that I only started wearing make up about two years ago in Korea. In fact, I was a real tomboy growing up. I was hanging out with all male friends, playing video games and sports, and breaking a million bones (actually more like, 5 to 6 bones: my poor stressed out parents!). The point is, I didn’t have time for make up, nor did I care for it. My longtime friends and family are just floored that I have so much make up now, ironically, only AFTER I met my dream husband, back when I was completely make up free. Isn’t it supposed to be the opposite? You take off your make up once you’re married and your husband is like, WHOA! WHERE ARE YOUR EYELASHES!!! Hahahahhahaha…I digress…

I used to be one of those people who judged people for wearing a lot of make up, like, “Why is she doing that? She’d be so much prettier without make up!” But then, after my first year in Korea, I became really inspired to get in touch with my feminine side. I realized that make up isn’t just about covering up your face or hiding something, it’s also an expression of yourself, it’s like fashion for your face!

So how did I get to this drastic change of heart? Well, the women and men in Korea dress impeccably, for starters. In Toronto, people are very stylish too, but not in a Korean way, you know what I’m saying? Korea (and I think a lot of Asia in general) is very okay with girls embracing their girly side. I’ve never seen so many pretty, frilly, dresses, or billowy fitted coats with giant buttons before. I was really amazed and felt like I could never dress like that, but then one day I was like…wait, I’m a girl! I can wear a frilly dress too! I can do it! After a big pep talk, I finally started to unleash the inner Hello Kitty within me, and it was like an explosion of cute. Soft dresses, hair accessories, and pink! I realized there was a whole new world of fashion expression out there that I was avoiding due to my rock/metal/gothy/tom boy side.

So, after that I started playing with make up, having fun with BRIGHT colours and sparkles! Things that expressed my happiness for life through my vibrant eyeshadows or giant watermelon earrings. I received a lot of encouragement from my viewers, who noticed small details, like my earrings, or matching colours, or eye shadow. All the comments made me feel like, “wow, Martina, you can be a girl too!” So exciting for me…but I still can’t and won’t do heels. Sorry, I’m like a drunk newborn baby deer.

WHOA that was a long story! Can anyone relate? I hope you can forgive my lack of technical knowledge and enjoy my little eyeshadow tutorials on the random and crazy colours schemes I come up with! If you have any suggestions or ideas for colours ideas, please please let me know!

Back to the video (yeah, that was the whole point of this after all!) the first video is my makeup box and the stuff that I use. I don’t know all of their proper names. Sorry! The second video is my Girl-Verine Eyeshadow tutorial. Not sure if it’s really a tutorial, but, oh well. Open the Happy! (I need a new kick phrase)


  1. It’s a super old video, but I just needed to write it out : I can relate to the “sudden discovery of femininity”. I just started getting interested in make-up and cosmetics in general (’cause whaddya know, taking care of your skin is good for you) and wanting to dress more, um… prettily ? Not necessarily girly with bows and frills, but like being more classy in my everyday look. And I never was the type to take care of what I was wearing so it was new. A weird thing is that I feel a bit embarrassed of this ? Not that I’m not enjoying these wonderful discoveries but I think I had some pride in being completely “make-up free” and not being a girl who needed an hour to prepare for going out. Now I don’t really take more time either since I’m such a disorganized dork (so I’m too much in a hurry to put on some make-up), but I would… given I’m locked in a room with a mirror, make-up, brushes and make-up remover (I’m so bad at setting my mind on doing stuff >_<). But yeah, I'm trying to shake off that embarrassment I might have in front of others. Because it's not good for me, will make me more anxious than I already am, and, well, if I want to look good I can, can't I ?

  2. I know this post is super old, but I just wanted to second someone else’s mention of Sugarpill cosmetics. Seriously, you guys were made for each other.

  3. OHMYGOD! So THAT’s what that Velcro bow is for! I recently ordered a bunch of Korean makeup, (Lioele, to be precise. LOVE that brand.) and when I was done spazzing about it arriving and after I had opened the box, I noticed that there was a plastic Velcro bow among the makeup, (exactly like yours, Martina, only mine is blue with white polka dots) and I was like, “Aww, CUTE!……What is it?” I couldn’t wait to try out my new makeup, so I slapped the bow in my bangs to keep them out of my face, and it worked really well. Waddaya know! I used it right! XD Lioele couldn’t have sent a more perfect freebie, since I struggle a lot with bobby pin kinks in my bangs after I’m done with my face. (Kinda sounds like I’m doing a review for Lioele, lol.)

    I feel the same as a lot of us fans. I seriously love Hello Kitty stuff (that Hello Kitty line in Sephora? LOOOVE IT!), but I feel a little embarrassed about liking Hello Kitty/cutesy stuff in an environment that perceives such things to be immature and frivolous. I’m not changing who I am, though. ^_^ 

  4. I love your tutorials! Like me, I never really got into make-up till recently. MY GOD THE COLORS. I love anything to do with colorful eyeshadows. I would like to suggest you check out BH Cosmetics (bhcosmetics.com) they have HUUUGE eyeshadow palates (I have a 120 palate from them) and they work sooo well! They even have a red that is.. *gasp* RED and not some pinky tone. 

    I love your brush names too. I have blendy, line-y, POWdah (for my loose face powder), and bitchbrush (cause it does most of the work lol) I can’t wait for your next tutorial!!

  5. hey are u gonna do some videos of your hairstyles? i realy love how u do your hair!!

  6. You should do hair tutorials too, I love the many ways you wear your hair! There always fun and cute and I would love to try them out.

  7. LOL funny like aways.  I didn’t know you wear BB cream and all eye base and shadows and stuff.  I guess that’s a good thing right?  Your make up looks so natural that I couldn’t pin point? lol ;)  Anyways, I like your new channel! <3

  8. Amazing! i always thought “whoah she’s so pretty and stylish”, I thought your were always like this. I love your tuto x)

  9. ok, you pronounced bourjois right, i speak french.  I believe it is a play on words because joie is joy in french.  but the word itself is bourgeoi ( ihope i spelled that right) which refers to those of a higher class, like the entrepreneurs in the industrial revolution.  Yeah… can you tell I’m a history nerd? 

  10. OMG u mentioned SHINee so much <3 <3 <3 love u even more than before. thanks 4 this!!!

  11. Martina, if you want to do more make-up tutorials, I’d love to see how you did your make-up for the Music Mondays about IU’s You and I. That was a particularly great look for you. And I can relate to your story. I wore very little if any make-up for years and years and now I’m 25, a total amateur, and just discovered what the big deal is about primer. Better late than never I guess!

    • Same story here. 23 and just began using make up on a regular basis. (Though, I use only bb cream, eye liner, eye shadow and mascara.) I didn’t know what primer was till u mentioned and had to google! lol.

  12. Hey ! I can totally relate to your makeup story. I am also into videogames and I guess working in a geeky environment with almost no women doesn’t help… Well, in my case I started makeup when I got married, 2 years ago, so that my make up would match my raspberry wedding dress .Then I ended up with the same conclusion as yours : that is some kind of extended wardrobe , but for your face.
    However, my husband doesn’t see any difference, except if I put LOTS of it “OMG WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?” XD. He is working in chemistry, ingredients in makeup are much more than names for him and he knows exactly what the effects on your skin are… Hum hum …

  13. Did you get your velcro hair bow in Korea? I definitely need one for my bangs, too! 

  14. well one question goes around my head for quite a long time now… and i think it’s finally the place to ask it xDD
    watchin variety shows, it’s not hard to notice that stars has a really nice & smooth skin, also they talk quite much about it. so question to martina: is it that asians have such a great genes & that kind of skin is natural to them, or the diet/cosmetics/environmet helps to keep their faces like that? for ex do you martina see any difference in ur skin quality since u’ve moved to korea…??


  15. Could you type all those products in some list form as well in the video info box for quick reference?

  16. Martina,can I ask for a video related to products  you use  to clean and moisturize your face  skin?Is it true that asian purification products are better than western ones ? Have you tried asian and western ones or keep using products from Canada?
    Thank you very much

  17. This palette looks quite pastel-y! I think it would suit you beautifully (is that english? sorry if it’s not!!) if you’d wear more pigmented eyeshadows, like MAC, Urban Decay, or even Sugarpill products!
    Or, you could wet your brush a little, and the result would be a little more dramatic. I like bright, bold colours, and I think that’d definitely go along with your kawaii look!
    Oh, and I definitely think you’d look great with your hair all pink!! :)

  18. Aww I can definitely relate~ Actually Martina, you were a big part of me embracing my ‘inner hello kitty’ lol

    I’ve always really liked Asian fashion but I was REALLY awkward and hesitant in attempts to adopt it mainly ’cause a) I’m not Asian for starters and it always suited them so well and I felt I would come across as a wannabe trying to dress that particular way and b) Never felt like I could pull it off without drawing some negative feedback especially since I live in Australia: it’s seems a lil’ out of the social norm…

    After I started watching Eat Your Kimchi videos I was surprised by how amazing you always looked and how similar our interests were, and to see you comfortably expressing such a style and always complimented on in comments… It really inspired me, “Martina ALWAYS looks amazing…. Why aren’t I just trying it? >.<"

    … I'm now labeled the 'cute one' amongst people I know lol XD And sure I probably get looked at really weird sometimes behind my back but I try to shrug it off and just be my hello kitty self lol

    Sooo~ I just want to say thank you, you really did inspire and encourage me to not shy away from my interests and simply be myself and be happy *^^* You guys definately 'open the happy' in my life and have taught me to embrace styles and cultures I'm interested in regardless if its the norm here or not *hugs* Thank you guys~

    Annnnnd I'll stop writing this creepy sounding fan essay now, I hope I don't come across as strange lol XD

  19. Hey Martina! The velcro bow is such a nice touch! I’m getting one for my girlfriend who also has issues keeping bangs out of her face.

  20. i relate! i think i’m in the transition period right now, and this is giving me a lot of encouragement.
    “i was really amazed and felt like i could never dress like that, but then one day, i was like… wait i’m a girl! i can wear a frilly dress too! i can do it!”
    thank you for opening my happy today ^-^

  21. omg martina i would have never expected that u were completely different before than what we see in the vids. i thought u were ALWAYS that extremely cute & colourful person P: but it only means that ur recent image suits u perfectly i guess :D hmmmm now when u mentioned it… thinkin about myself – well before i aknowledged k pop/k dramas/korean culture, i was different too. now i prefer more girly stuff, i started to act more cute (well it’s ur impact as well xD i sometimes catch myself doin somethin and then i’m like ‘wow this expression is so martina-like’ XDD) and overall i became more bright & happy person xDD omg asian culture has such a big impact on our lives it seems xD (well i was fascinated by japan long before korea, but my attention was more focused on anime/manga than hmmm lifestyle, so i think korean culture changed me the most).

    ok back to the point… XDD i really like the idea of this new chanel :D i’ve already subscribed it :D and this make up tutorial – well i was also always soooo curious how u do it xDD and after watchin the vid – i have a new dream – waaah it’d be sooo nice to wear a make up made personally by u :D it looks like so much fun :D

  22. I luv the products that you used! :) but u could had showed us the process of you putting on your makeup!! ^^ haha would like to see it~~

  23. Hi, just wondering whether you bought the pallet online or whether it’s available in Korea? I’m moving to Busan in a couple of weeks and don’t know whether to order it to the UK beforehand! x

  24. I love you Martina!!! Thanks for opening the happy for me! I wished you would do make up tutorials because I was sure they were going to be so much fun!

  25. I really would never have guessed about your tomboy side! Once I started watching your videos, I was really inspired by you to start fooling around with how I did my makeup! ^^

  26. Martina, you have inspired me to start playing with makeup again! Just bought that eyeshadow palette you have; here’s to hoping I don’t end up looking too much like a clown…

  27. Oh Martina, you describe myself perfectly. I was a huge tomboy, I never wore dresses or anything floral, and then I became pregnant and I was stuck wearing horrible ugly maternity clothing for almost 2 years. Whilst pregnant I become obsessed with asian fashion, browsing YesStyle.com for hours, vowing to embrace my more girl side once my body returned to normal proportions. 3 years later and I’m wearing skirts, dresses randomly, and I have a make-up box! I’m looking to step further into my girly side soon and buy some more dresses, headbands with bows (bows are huge step for me),frilly tops and funky chunky earrings. You should do a Open the Happy video titled “A Tomboys Guide to Girly” about how to ease oneself into the world of all things cute and girly. I started with buying 1 skirt and I started to wear it randomly and slowly I got comfortable with the idea of looking girly. What was the first girly thing you bought?

  28. Wow, I’m in love with your new channel! I’m looking forward to those promised cupcake recipes ^^ also, I have a question, have you ever tried to make your own kimchi?? To Martina, you’re such an inspiration, I just might have copied your hairstyle (when it was cut short on one side), must say it’s an awesome summer haircut. It’s great even now, when it’s below 0 degrees here in Sweden. If it wasn’t for you I would never have thought of cutting my hair this short, but now when the deed is done I’m happy that I did. I feel like I’ve found myself.
    Good luck with future videos! And hurray for spontaneity, creativity and epic comments (shinee’s pants- hehe)!

  29. hehehe, the makeup is like SHINee’s pants… *fangirl squeal* 
    Anywho…. I can sooo relate to you, except that I never really was a tomboy, I just never had a high self esteem and didn’t ever think I could look good in makeup… until I got REEEAAAALLY into Asia (Korea and Japan in particular).

  30. Martina only you can pull a makeup tutorial with out me been bored  Love you keep the videos coming <3

  31. This is awesome! I never identified myself as a tomboy, but I also never got in touch with my girly side. I was just kind of plain for a long time, and then I started to admire pretty clothes, hair, makeup, etc. but I always thought “oh, that looks so good on her, but I would never wear it because it wouldn’t look good on me”. Basically, I thought I was simply too ugly to look pretty or that it didn’t suit my personality… so I would pass by heels, purses, jewelry and just ooh and aah but never buy any for myself. Now I’m 21 and I’ve just started trying new looks (tentatively for now) and it’s so fun! I’m definitely a girly girl at heart and I don’t want to be afraid of that anymore. I’m really glad we can be smart and deep but still have a love for more shallow and frivolous things. Just because I’m not talking to you about the manifestation of gender neutrality in modern literature (or something like that I guess) doesn’t mean I’m stupid. I simply think it’s fun to get excited over sparkly and pretty things or to talk about the relevance of my favorite tv show to daily life.

    It’s funny, because I have noticed that change in you through your videos. You’ve always looked really nice but I feel like both of you have gotten so much more confident and that’s amazing to witness. Plus I always love your hair, clothes, headbands, jewelry, makeup… everything lol. It really does brighten up my day. ^_^

    And I also just want to say I like your style in these videos, it’s fun and random but informative. Many makeup videos feel boring and long and make me feel like an idiot because I’m not well-versed in makeup, but not yours. Cheers!!! Can’t wait for the next one!

  32. I can totally relate Martina! I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy, I believed that makeup was hiding your face and not revealing the true you!! I also thought that the type of dresses I wanted to wear were to ‘kiddish’ or ‘cutesy’ and since I live in Australia I feel that that is sometimes frowned upon as the masses of teenagers tried to look older I wanted to look my age and dress cutely. However, when I went to Seoul I saw people were dressing exactly how I wanted to! I realized that it’s ok to dress in an unboganish manner and I didn’t have to care what other people think!! Also I really admired the lengths they went to to look after there skin and appearance.  So I guess like you I had a light bulb moment and now I believe that makeup is a way for me to look my best and be the me that i always wanted to be!!  I still feel a bit out of place with my sense of fashion (given that most teens here wear singlets and short shorts) but I’m happy with the way I am!! Time to give Australia the fashion injection that it needs LOL

  33. Wow, your even beautiful without makeup on. You always look so sexy hey! Love the new channel! :D Cant wait to see what you guys show us next!

  34. Martina! dammit! you have created a monster!!! i knew nothing about coastal scents, and now after having browsed the website and having several makeup-gasms (that’s a word, right?) i am about 100 bucks poorer (damn you shipping) but the proud owner of several new makeup palettes!! i can’t even describe how giddy i am! lol.

    i loved this video, and i love this video idea! something for the girls! yay! poor simon though, he has nothing to do while you play around with girly stuff, eheh… oh well!

  35. So I’ve just started watching your videos relatively recently (this is my first time commenting) BUT I felt like I could relate because I have always been a bit of a tomboy while also simultaneously loving girly things like dresses and make up.  Who says you have to be girly or a tom boy…I want to be both! Does that make me multi…sexual? Oh well I do what I want and I love that you do too!

  36. I liked the tutorial i want to try it since those are my school colors haha :D

  37. I’m so glad you made this post! I totally identify about the whole not-wearing-makeup-until-after-being-a-married-adult thing. :)

  38. Really liked the makeup tutorial Martina! I can also relate too…I kind of consider myself as a tomboy especially growing up when I was little. To this day I hardly wear skirts and usually stick with flats instead of heels. When I was 16 I got in touch with my girly side and started using makeup and I didnt use eyeshadow until I was 17. Now Im 19 and I wear makeup (when I have the time due to university) and more brighter colors than just black or gray lol. Keep it up though I cant wait to see more tutorials and other random videos lol :]

  39. Boy was that the best makeup tutorial ever or what?! Keep those coming Martina! :D

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