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What Makeup Does Martina Use & Wolverine Eye Shadow

January 26, 2012


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Okay! It’s my first eyeshadow tutorial and honestly, I’m so scared of the responses that I’ll get because I am in NO WAY trained to do make up. I’m sure you’ll be surprised to know that I only started wearing make up about two years ago in Korea. In fact, I was a real tomboy growing up. I was hanging out with all male friends, playing video games and sports, and breaking a million bones (actually more like, 5 to 6 bones: my poor stressed out parents!). The point is, I didn’t have time for make up, nor did I care for it. My longtime friends and family are just floored that I have so much make up now, ironically, only AFTER I met my dream husband, back when I was completely make up free. Isn’t it supposed to be the opposite? You take off your make up once you’re married and your husband is like, WHOA! WHERE ARE YOUR EYELASHES!!! Hahahahhahaha…I digress…

I used to be one of those people who judged people for wearing a lot of make up, like, “Why is she doing that? She’d be so much prettier without make up!” But then, after my first year in Korea, I became really inspired to get in touch with my feminine side. I realized that make up isn’t just about covering up your face or hiding something, it’s also an expression of yourself, it’s like fashion for your face!

So how did I get to this drastic change of heart? Well, the women and men in Korea dress impeccably, for starters. In Toronto, people are very stylish too, but not in a Korean way, you know what I’m saying? Korea (and I think a lot of Asia in general) is very okay with girls embracing their girly side. I’ve never seen so many pretty, frilly, dresses, or billowy fitted coats with giant buttons before. I was really amazed and felt like I could never dress like that, but then one day I was like…wait, I’m a girl! I can wear a frilly dress too! I can do it! After a big pep talk, I finally started to unleash the inner Hello Kitty within me, and it was like an explosion of cute. Soft dresses, hair accessories, and pink! I realized there was a whole new world of fashion expression out there that I was avoiding due to my rock/metal/gothy/tom boy side.

So, after that I started playing with make up, having fun with BRIGHT colours and sparkles! Things that expressed my happiness for life through my vibrant eyeshadows or giant watermelon earrings. I received a lot of encouragement from my viewers, who noticed small details, like my earrings, or matching colours, or eye shadow. All the comments made me feel like, “wow, Martina, you can be a girl too!” So exciting for me…but I still can’t and won’t do heels. Sorry, I’m like a drunk newborn baby deer.

WHOA that was a long story! Can anyone relate? I hope you can forgive my lack of technical knowledge and enjoy my little eyeshadow tutorials on the random and crazy colours schemes I come up with! If you have any suggestions or ideas for colours ideas, please please let me know!

Back to the video (yeah, that was the whole point of this after all!) the first video is my makeup box and the stuff that I use. I don’t know all of their proper names. Sorry! The second video is my Girl-Verine Eyeshadow tutorial. Not sure if it’s really a tutorial, but, oh well. Open the Happy! (I need a new kick phrase)



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What Makeup Does Martina Use & Wolverine Eye Shadow


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