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LiveChat: What Should We Do in Cali?

May 23, 2014


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Hey guise!

If you missed this week’s LiveChat, it was awesome! We didn’t have technical difficulties! We’re so happy! And we had a lot of fun filled packages that we opened this week. Special thanks to:

Lauren from Texas
Annette from Sweden (thanks for the socks!)
Laurence from Lithuania

Importantly, Lauren: we just checked your video, but it cut out at 1 minute. It’s all black and soundless from then on out. The first part was lovely and moved me to tears. Thank you. I wish we could have seen the rest of it. And you made Leigh very happy today

Also, because we’ve fallen behind on our live chats, we had to open some packages off camera because we’re worried things are going to start melting in the summer heat. So a big thank you to the following wonderful people:

Nicoll living in Australia AKA the EYK Dictionary MASTERMIND: You wonderful guy, you! We opened your package as soon as it arrived…hahahah couldn’t wait! Leigh actually screamed when she saw the Violet Crumbles and ran away with them like a crazy person. :D I will fight her for them. Thank you so much for yet another package. *hand hearts about the head and BILASA style sprout dancing*

Marianne (from Germany) living in Austria: Whoa this package would have melted into a a solid box of chocolate if we didn’t open this in time. Also, I read the NO HOGGING THE GOODIES to Simon out loud but he ate a box anyways.

Yen from Singapore: thank you so much for the awesome necklace!!! I hope you saw that I wore it in the live chat!

Kayliegh from Texas: Thank you the drawing and awesome glass and bandana! I’m sure you’ll see me wearing them in upcoming videos!

Kristina from Czech Repblic: OMG the package smelt so good because of all the soap! Thank you! Although I can’t read Czech we used our noses to divide the soap according to your letter. YAAAAA!!!!

Yohanna from Estonia: What an adorable card! I’m so sorry that this was a Christmas packaged *sobs* but the chocolate was still delicious.

HirOnyx from Singapore: You lovely woman you. Thank you for the storyboard clapper! We seriously need one. We checked out your Facebook page, Motion Graphics Artist WOOT WOOT!

Ash and Adora (the lovely kitten) Michigan: Dreamcatchers for the whole EYK Crew! Thank you so much! Did you make them yourselves? They look very delicate and homemade and they made them here in perfect condition! Say hello to your fiancé for us.


Sandara from Illinois: GO GREEN NASTIES!!! Say hi to Tish and Sharon for us too! The green M&Ms are now gone. Hahah!

The Hester Family from Illinois (Todd, Deron, Andrew, Tish): Juliet…OH! Great SHINee name for a city! :D

Jamie from Minnesota: LOVE the Facebook banner! Did you seriously draw it yourself? We’re going to need to make a jar filled with green M&Ms and gum balls cause Green Region is rocking the studio! Hahah!

Amanda from New Zealand: That L&P chocolate was amazing! I didn’t expect the popping candy because I didn’t read the packaging in advance…party in my mouth.

Yeah! So that’s it for this week! Hope you all had as much fun as we did. Make sure you check us out on SBSPopAsia tonight at 7PM, Australian Eastern Standard Time. We’re nervous! Let us know if we sound alright. Otherwise, make sure you click on this pretty button here so you don’t miss out on any of our LiveChats!



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