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Smiling is just so contagious.

Looking back at all this amazing footage to create this video just had me smiling from ear to ear. As I searched through all the footage from every single fan meet, I got to see everyone listening, smiling, and laughing to our silly stories. It was wonderful! So we wanted to share with all of you the feelings of happiness we had when getting the chance to meet all of you wonderful smiling Nasties. For those of you that couldn’t make it, I hope to infect you with the contagious feeling of happiness that you get when you watch other people laugh and smile. Not to mention, the wonderful and glorious feeling of watching Simon lose multiple times at the panty hat challenge. BUAHAHAHAH! (Simon interjection here: you should be cheering for me when I win! Not when I lose! You’re rooting for the wrong side!)

Now a lot of people have asked us what goes on when we do tours and meet ups. We don’t want to give everything away (gotta leave some things as a surprise) but we’ll give you a little taste of it in this video. We usually play with some of our favourite WTF items, answer Q&As, tell stories, and of course, get hugs and pictures with everyone. Well, actually, we just gave everything away. Ha! But there’s more to it than just that. There’s a feeling in the room. It’s not just what we do on stage. It’s also about how you are when you’re there. It’s not an us on one side and you on the other side. We’re all there together, chatting together, telling our own stories and listening to yours. I don’t know how to describe it. It feels less like an audience we’re presenting to and more like a family reunion we’re partaking in. Thank you all for being part of our big, Nasty family!

Also, we really want to give a big thank you to all of the volunteers that helped out with the events. You helped keep everything organized. Helped keep us from passing out! You could have just watched the event and that was that, but instead you poured so much effort into helping out and we really, earnestly appreciate it. Thank you to Yours Truly and UBC KWave for helping out in Canada. Thank you so much to the US Nasties. I’m sorry if we were underwhelming off stage. We’re very nervous before we go on, and we’re totally exhausted afterwards. I hope that seeing us between these two awkward states didn’t spoil your image of us. Touring is scary!

Lastly, we really want to thank all of you who came to our events and waited in these terribly long lines for the chance to say hi and to get a picture. I’m sorry to those of you at the ends of the line who might have been rushed because the stages were kicking us out because we went way over time. To those of you that we spoke with, however, and you took the time to tell us how our videos have helped you…hot damn I’m getting all emotional thinking about it now. You’ve shared with us how we’ve impacted your lives. We can’t begin to tell you just how strongly you’ve impacted ours. Thank you for making us feel warm and loved on the inside!

So here’s our small happy feeling video! Thank you for putting smiles on our faces when we were doing the tour, and thank you for putting big smiles on our faces now when we’re looking over this video. It felt great putting it together. Thank you all for bringing this joy into our lives :D