Yes, this isn’t our regular style of movie. It has nothing to do with Korea. I just wanted to talk about Iron Man 3, because – even though people are really seeming to love it – I had a lot of difficulty enjoying the video as much as I wanted to enjoy it, and so, for an Open the Happy video, I wanted to talk about why.

Spoilers ahead, obviously:

I don’t want to give across the impression that this is a bad movie. It was enjoyable. I liked it, but I found myself let down a bit. It would have been a great movie if it wasn’t called Iron Man, if it was a standalone movie, but – I think – because of the context of Iron Man, the movie was disappointing. I liked it as a Tony Stark movie, but not as an Iron Man movie, you know?

Look at Iron Man 1. Remember how satisfying that scene was when he puts on the first proper iteration of the suit, and he busts in on the badguise and shoots them all? That was like a “FCK YEAH! MURICA!” moment. It was asskicking awesomeness. Don’t talk to me about Iron Man 2 I didn’t like it. BUT: in Avengers, when he’s flying around New York, and fighting off tons of badguise, that, too, was immensely satisfying as a viewer. Here, we didn’t really get that satisfaction. We saw Tony struggle with his PTSD and talk to a kid most of the time, and then he Macgyver’ed his way into the Mandarin’s headquarters. Meh. Not the same. Just not the same. We got small glimpses of that kind of ass-kicking satisfaction when the Iron Man suits were tag-teaming on the roided out soldiers, but that last scene was so complicated for me that I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to.

Now, I’ve read thousands of Marvel comics over the last couple of years. Seriously, the two of us are hardcore comic nerds. Martina mostly focuses on Wolverine and X-Men comics, but I’ve been going through just about everything since the House of M series. I’ve gone through a bunch of Avengers and Iron Man comics, as well as the whole Civil War and Dark Reign series, so I’m rather comfortable with Tony Stark and Iron Man. I was actually quite pleased with how the movie played with the source material. When I saw pictures of Iron Patriot, I was excited, because Norman Osborne is a badass, but he wasn’t part of it. I wasn’t disappointed when he wasn’t included, though. I chuckled a bit. The best part, though, hands down, was the reveal that the Mandarin, played by Ben Kingsley, wasn’t the exceptionally scary badass that he is in the comics. He was just an actor. Did not see that coming AT ALL. Ben Kingsley looked like him, even with the rings and all. Even when he said he was just acting I was like “Nahh, this is part of Mandarin’s grand scheme! Shit’s about to go down now!” but it didn’t. Really quite hilarious, in fact.

More importantly, I was really happy with how they handled Tony Stark’s PTSD. Not from a scientific perspective, because I’m not sure how accurate that representation was, but simple because there was source material available for them to use that they avoided: Tony Stark is a recovering alcoholic in the comics, and that could definitely have been used instead of PTSD, but it wasn’t. I was happy with that decision, because I think it would be too difficult to tie in. It just turned out that Tony Stark’s nemesis, Mandarin, is the one who was the alcoholic. Brilliant!

Lastly, the inclusion of Extremis kinda confused me. Is there another iteration of Extremis in earlier comics? I’m used to Extremis being Tony Stark’s nanotech armor. He’s got a bunch of nanobots in him that form the Iron Man armor (totally effing awesome, by the way), so to hear Extremis and Iron Man together, that’s what I assumed would happen. Instead, it was the bizarro formula. Maybe in Iron Man 4, Tony Stark will have re-calibrated the formula with his nanobots to make the armor? I’m not sure, but it would make sense.

Anyhow, that’s it. Let me know your thoughts on it. I hope I didn’t come across as angry, though I do passionately talk about movies when they don’t make sense. I don’t want this video to seem like Iron Man 3 isn’t worth watching, because it is. I just found so many things wrong with it. That’s just how I watch movies: analyzing plot details and especially plot pushing. Don’t even get me started on the disaster of the Spiderman movie. Hey: how the hell does a giant gortdamned lizard bring millions of dollars of science lab equipment into the sewers? Did he just smuggle that in his jacket and take the elevator? And, what: he plugged it in to the outlets with free electricity available in the sewers? And Spiderman’s phone gets reception in the sewers? Phones in North America struggle to get signal ABOVE ground, let alone below it. Garbage!

  1. …but that aside you have no problem with the premise of nuclear spider bites or humans morphing into lizards…sheesh!!

  2. Wroah, I’ve always gone back and checked your open the happy channel but these review videos are what convinced me to finally click subscribe. I hope that you guys not only do reviews of movies, but that Martina will also do opinion/reviews on animes and mangas since I believe it’s been mentioned a few times before? I know you guys are uber busy with all of your videos already but these reviews so far are pretty fantastic. :DDD

  3. Overall, I liked the movie, though I do agree with some of the questionable plot lines. Since my only information on Iron Man/Tony Stark comes from the movies (at the moment), I don’t feel the PTSD bothered me. The man almost dies saving the world, that would indeed have some sort of impact on him, leaning towards the negative (perhaps for lack of a better word).
    I recall reading a review, the author of it asking how these basically fire soldiers managed to not burn their clothes off. Their clothes did look normal, nothing specifically designed to withstand high temperatures. Good question mate, I’d like to know that too.
    Not only was I thinking, at the end of the movie, why would Tony blow up his literal flight back home, but why so soon because in my mind I was worried the annoying villain would somehow pop back up. Hm, then again, if he STILL didn’t die by then, that’s just unnecessary and unwanted overkill, if that makes sense. Yup.
    Maybe someone can answer me this, because I don’t recall the answer from the movie: why did villain man want the vice president to take control? Besides doing evil things, was it explained what sort of evil doings? I just may need to watch it again.

    I must say though, having watched Thor, all three Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America and the fantastic The Avengers, I finally feel inspired to read the comics. I say finally because I think The Avengers was the icing on the cake for me… *pushes up glasses*

  4. Oh man Simon do more movie reviews!! I loved it!

  5. I have to say that I love this movie so much but I agree a lot with Simon but im not going to diss RDJ because I love him.

    There should be a fan name for GoT already… Get to it, S&M!

    #teamHodor #teamDaenerys #ohmahgerdnessTheRedWedding

  7. WHY DID THEY NOT SAVE THE MANDARIN?! That was not hilarious having him be a nobody. They just wasted what could have been a very interesting bad guy. They should have at least had some end clip of him breaking out of jail or something random instead of just killing off the whole Mandarin plot. What a waste. They might as well have used some nobody as the face of the terrorist group and saved the mandarin plot for later. Alright, I’m done.

  8. Love it! Simon! MANLY NASTIES UNITE!

  9. What about when he blows up all the iron men, and the one supporting the whole ship doesn’t cause shit to go down?
    Yeah, continuation…

  10. I love that simon is getting his own place in open the happy! Have you ever thought of doing video game lets plays? Wheezywaiter does his on the xbox.

  11. I actually agree with this review. There were a lot of things wrong with Iron Man 3. I mean it was a good movie but I would have loved to see more violence and action. Him in the Iron man suit. Also in Iron Man 1 he was an awsome bad ass playboy that slept with all these sexy girls. In Iron Man 3 he is all serious and listens to everything Pepper says. I mean he is whipped.
    Out of 10 start I would give this a 6 and 1/2

  12. I agree that the main villain didn’t really have a part or a motive in the movie. When he first showed up, I thought that “hey, this might be like pixar’s The Incredibles and the main villain is a guy who idolized his hero but the rejection caused him to be bad” but it didn’t really work that way and this villain just wanted to be rich and successful (I guess) while the Incredibles’ villain wanted to prove a point that anyone can be a hero.

    There was just a lot of unnecessarily complex situations revolving around this villain that was pretty confusing.

    I also didn’t understand how the botanist survived when she was shot since there was no one around to save her.

    And it was just stupid how he gave away his home address and was so surprised when his house was attacked. Really? haha

    Overall, though, I really liked the movie. The best part is when the guy with the truck said, “I have to go, mom. Something magical is happening” hahahaha. I have yet to see Ironman 2 and the Avengers so I don’t have much to compare this movie to.

  13. Just watched Iron Man 3 tonight. Totally agreed with everything you said in this post. The movie was okay but it could have been better if the villain was more believable. Haha the bad guy was pretty lame. It was hard to take him seriously…Simon you should do more posts like this. I absolutely love Martina‚Äôs make-up tutorials but its nice to hear about your interests as well. Keep up the great work. Love you both! I feel like I know you both just from watching your videos. Thank you for all of the hard work that you put into everything :)

  14. from nerd to nerd, have you guys seen Stan Lee’s World of Heros: Bad Days? they’re Super funny and take stuff from the movies and comics. the “Disassembled” one is my favorite. i’ll just put that here ->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kollv82D2ns
    and the first episode here :) ->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjS6e9_F7B0

  15. i wanted disagree with you but most of what you said was kinda true. bout the villain and stuff except for tony stark vs iron man thing. as a lot have said, tony stark IS iron man. i thought that his talent for tinkering is the essence of what created Iron Man in the first place. and they wanted to show that tony stark is a master tinker-er(?) and that was the whole point of the walmart weapon arsenal was to show exactly that. tony stark the MAN in iron man and what he’s like sans suit.

    and about this being a standalone movie, well it technically IS. most people i know who was disappointed with Iron Man 3 is exactly like you, in that they kept comparing it to the awesomeness of the Avengers when, Avengers is a completely separate entity than any of the other superhero movies. Avengers was a convergence of worlds and with that many kickass superheroes in a single move, who the eff could top that? as awesome as tony stark is. Avengers was amazing because it had a plot that combined all the personalities of the heroes and their backstories so it was awesome. a lot of people thought Thor was boring, but bring him and Loki to interact with the worlds of other superheroes and boom, action packed and yet still has a fulfilling storyline. coming down from that high, of course everyone’s expectations were gonna be up there and so disappointing people would be way easier as a result.

    as for me, i thoroughly enjoyed it. and it makes perfect sense that it’s called Iron Man. the villain thing, i guess they just created him to create a conflict for tony to deal with and to show how he deals with that threat alongside trying to overcome his illness. minus points for that because it wasn’t well thought out and written but tony’s parts were really true to the character. he was still that cocky funny guy but vulnerable at the same time.

    more of simon on open the happy!!! how bout the new xbox one reveal eh???

  16. I’m not a man but I still enjoyed watching this!! I love you Martina, so very much and your off-the-wall-quirky make-up videos are lovely, but I really enjoyed watching this Simon! I’m not a big comic book fan, I love manga though, but I still watched the movie, and also didn’t love it very much… So this was refreshing! :) I hope to see more Simon videos, but I also hope to not see less Martina videos!! You guys are both so very lovely, and I thank you guys endlessly for constantly changing my life, in little and big ways <3
    Always and forever a Nasty,
    Nikki <333

  17. FYI Chicks read comics too . . .

  18. I totally agree with you Simon; I thought Extermis had to do with the nanotech armour and that is what I was expecting to happen, but then it didn’t.
    I felt the movie had a very good build up until the very end that just tried to wrap everything up all neat and tidy with a bow on top but it just did not work for me
    I felt like the movie was MISSING a piece.
    You can’t just end an Iron Man movie with the thought that Iron Man is OVER. I mean. Come on! Geez!!!
    But yes, I felt very similar to you (even though I haven’t read those two comic book arches, I hope to soon).

  19. Nasty comic loving men AND women, Mr Simon. So sexist :P

  20. It’s so excited that you made this video. I’ve wanted you to do some “Marvel” video since you’ve mentioned that you like such kind of things. I think the whole idea of the movie that Stark is not only a superhero but a simple man…sexy, rich and famous but just a man.
    However, we’ll get some new alien invasion with Thor 2 *___* It will be the biggest comeback ever=)))

  21. Yo, it’s not the Open The Happy channel, it’s Open The Whup-Ass!

    I found I didn’t enjoy IM3 as much as The Avengers. I found it too contrived in much of the same way that Simon noticed.

  22. First off, I love Simon’s Mr. Brohoh Movie Corner.

    Marvel Movies are like their own stories away from the comic world (the cinematic Marvel universe). They aren’t going to be like the comics because well you can get away with a lot in comics. That little thing call a budget really does cut those stings on those CGI effects. Not to mention not all of Marvel’s owns all their characters in the Cinematic Marvel Universe (Spiderman, X-Men).

    With that being said, Simon I think your being to hard on the movie. Iron Man is Tony Stark. Sure he isn’t in the suit a lot but it is the man that makes the suit not the other way around. I was actually happy the writers didn’t cheat the viewers on Tony not being messed up over almost drying in an alien worm hole. Which by the way Simon, we are not suppose to talk about what happen in New York. Anyways, Iron Man 3 shows a Tony Stark completely without his suit. Which means he is expose and his cocky and invincible attitude isn’t on much like his Iron Man suit.

    As for the villain, a cheesy Bond-like villain was fun and very fitting that Tony created him. But remember not everything is as it seems. A nice dark twist is used in this film for the villain or was it really a twist inside a twist (BRRRRRRRAAAAAWWWWRWRRRMRMRMMRMRMMMMM!!!). In the cinematic Marvel universe, we are still getting to know the players, villains, and what is to come. Iron Man 3 was actually a great movie for after Avengers. Now I am really for Thor!!!

    Can we expect to see a Star Trek Mr. Brohoh Movie Review soon?

  23. Wonderful. This was such a great idea. I agree with you, but at the end of the day i was entertained. My husband and i cant wait to see what you say about Star Trek.. Unless thats not your thing. Nasty out.

  24. How refreshing, this video! I really liked it, like all the open the happy videos :) Besides, I suck at doing make-up :

    About the movie:
    I get that the whole blowing up all the suits was symbolic for a new start (right?) but I was like NOOOOOOOOOOO all the moneyz in the suits, all the coolnessness and the awesomeness, destroyed. T_T What a waste. Btw, did you see the after-credits? XD I thought they were funny and worth waiting for, although it seems like we were the only ones waiting. To all the people leaving: Y U leave marvel movies before the credit end?! :O

  25. As much as I wish nothing but good on all the make-up enthusiasts and don’t want to deny them their fun; as a manly geek-man I would love to see more videos like this. Moar movies, moar comics and moar games!


  27. there’s also the fact that, in the final fight scenes, tony call for
    “igor” the pseudo “i tried making a hulkbuster but failed” armor, to keep
    the frigate structure up as one of the beams’ footing was destroyed,
    but then he makes all the suits self destruct…shouldn’t the whole
    thing have crashed on top of them since “igor” was no longer supporting
    that thing?…

  28. I think I have the wrong gender because I fcking love this and make up isn’t really me. I’m so addicted to Iron Man and its tech porn and I honestly am with Simon 50%. I love the movie but I have to agree that I didn’t get A LOT of the tech porn that I’m expecting plus the movie focused more on TONY rather than Iron Man. I think that’s what they wanted it to be because he and pepper are in a deep relationship and like I think they wanted to focus on that…

    Please make more of this so we can have Nerdgasm and I deeply apologize for my terms aka (Tech Porn and Nerdgasm)

  29. Thanks for doing this Simon!

    I am going to move to South Korea in August to teach (mostly inspired by you guys!), and I was worried I would have to give up my comic reading hobby. How do you get comics in Korea? or do you just download them all digitally (or illegally :o), or are there comic shops that sell comics?

  30. I thought it was a good movie, but it doesn’t stand on it’s own. I am one of the rare people who didn’t see Avengers before seeing this one and all through the movie I was like WTF is up with Tony freaking out every few minutes. Now I that I saw the Avengers on DVD, it makes a lot more sense. But for those of you have haven’t seen Avengers yet, skip this one until you do.

  31. Simon … you need to start a new channel for this kind of vid .. OPEN THE RAGE!!!! I really enjoyed Iron Man 3 … the banter between Tony and the Kid were classic .. also Ben Kingsley … hilarious

  32. Sigh. I’m sorry but I have to disagree with you on this Simon.

    I’ve heard people saying how much they disliked the movie and I’m not going to defend it s this peace of art but it was good. The plot made sense. I think people just have an issue with letting this be its own thing. Its NOT Avengers 2! Its Iron Man. I went to see a good Iron Man movie, and I did. I liked it even though it wasn’t perfect but I don’t think its as flawed as you make it out to be.

    This reminds me that there is just no pleasing everyone. People hated that in the previous movie there was too many suits fighting, and shooting at each other and whatever. Then they give Tony outside the suit and SURPRISE: people are still unhappy. It was a welcome experience to see Tony being a hero outside of his suit. It’s one of those aspects that needed to be seen and I’m glad they did that. I do agree that they handled his PTSD really well. (also not from a scientific standpoint b/c I don’t know anything about that.)

    Spiderman on the other hand, I could on and on with how bad that was and let’s just say I’m going into the second movie…not expecting too much.

    P.S.It’s so cool to hear about you and Martina being huge comic fans, so please, more comic/superhero related posts in the future!!

  33. Iron man 3 was a friggin great movie. it dont all have to make sense- its awesome so just go with it. Over analyzing to this degree kinda takes the fun out movies. besides its pretty much already understood that most aspects of superhero stories are not realistic.. Thats what I think anyway:)

  34. Dear Simon, this the Open The Happy channel!!! It’s not Open The Disappointment Chanel. However, I do agree with you. Iron Man 3 was meh.

  35. Praise The Lord, Simon (*0*)/ I totally agree with you! I liked the movie way more than Iron man 2 but it lacked that ‘umph’ that the Avengers had. I was really confused at the whole final battle part as well and I had the exact same thought as you when he blew up the suits xD then I thought they just wanted an “aww” moment with Pepper and Tony for the disinterested part of the female audience dragged by boyfriends. Lastly, about these movie reviews with Simon, I want MOAR!!!!

  36. I’m playing snake while watching this and it is very entertaining to make it pass simon’s chicken hair as if i’m chopping it off O_O

  37. first thing first, Tony stark and Ironman is one! I think the point that the director tried to make is that tony stark can still be a hero without the help of sophisticated technology or his suit. and wasnt the reason those Extremis turned bad was because theyre addicted to the metal-thingy?? i dun think they choose to help kill ironman, if they could make a decision…
    look, i loves this movie but i also dun think its perfectly well done like the avengers. i agree with you simon on certain points… but my biggest dissapointment in this movie wasnt the point you made; its when pepper kills killian at the end… it just TOTALLY stole the spotlight away!!! i wish tony is the one who did tat…. -.-

  38. Simon not that i don’t love the makeup and the animels i would like more videos on this. I happen to like random rants they make me laugh and we don’t get to see you enough on open the happy.

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