Yes, this isn’t our regular style of movie. It has nothing to do with Korea. I just wanted to talk about Iron Man 3, because – even though people are really seeming to love it – I had a lot of difficulty enjoying the video as much as I wanted to enjoy it, and so, for an Open the Happy video, I wanted to talk about why.

Spoilers ahead, obviously:

I don’t want to give across the impression that this is a bad movie. It was enjoyable. I liked it, but I found myself let down a bit. It would have been a great movie if it wasn’t called Iron Man, if it was a standalone movie, but – I think – because of the context of Iron Man, the movie was disappointing. I liked it as a Tony Stark movie, but not as an Iron Man movie, you know?

Look at Iron Man 1. Remember how satisfying that scene was when he puts on the first proper iteration of the suit, and he busts in on the badguise and shoots them all? That was like a “FCK YEAH! MURICA!” moment. It was asskicking awesomeness. Don’t talk to me about Iron Man 2 I didn’t like it. BUT: in Avengers, when he’s flying around New York, and fighting off tons of badguise, that, too, was immensely satisfying as a viewer. Here, we didn’t really get that satisfaction. We saw Tony struggle with his PTSD and talk to a kid most of the time, and then he Macgyver’ed his way into the Mandarin’s headquarters. Meh. Not the same. Just not the same. We got small glimpses of that kind of ass-kicking satisfaction when the Iron Man suits were tag-teaming on the roided out soldiers, but that last scene was so complicated for me that I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to.

Now, I’ve read thousands of Marvel comics over the last couple of years. Seriously, the two of us are hardcore comic nerds. Martina mostly focuses on Wolverine and X-Men comics, but I’ve been going through just about everything since the House of M series. I’ve gone through a bunch of Avengers and Iron Man comics, as well as the whole Civil War and Dark Reign series, so I’m rather comfortable with Tony Stark and Iron Man. I was actually quite pleased with how the movie played with the source material. When I saw pictures of Iron Patriot, I was excited, because Norman Osborne is a badass, but he wasn’t part of it. I wasn’t disappointed when he wasn’t included, though. I chuckled a bit. The best part, though, hands down, was the reveal that the Mandarin, played by Ben Kingsley, wasn’t the exceptionally scary badass that he is in the comics. He was just an actor. Did not see that coming AT ALL. Ben Kingsley looked like him, even with the rings and all. Even when he said he was just acting I was like “Nahh, this is part of Mandarin’s grand scheme! Shit’s about to go down now!” but it didn’t. Really quite hilarious, in fact.

More importantly, I was really happy with how they handled Tony Stark’s PTSD. Not from a scientific perspective, because I’m not sure how accurate that representation was, but simple because there was source material available for them to use that they avoided: Tony Stark is a recovering alcoholic in the comics, and that could definitely have been used instead of PTSD, but it wasn’t. I was happy with that decision, because I think it would be too difficult to tie in. It just turned out that Tony Stark’s nemesis, Mandarin, is the one who was the alcoholic. Brilliant!

Lastly, the inclusion of Extremis kinda confused me. Is there another iteration of Extremis in earlier comics? I’m used to Extremis being Tony Stark’s nanotech armor. He’s got a bunch of nanobots in him that form the Iron Man armor (totally effing awesome, by the way), so to hear Extremis and Iron Man together, that’s what I assumed would happen. Instead, it was the bizarro formula. Maybe in Iron Man 4, Tony Stark will have re-calibrated the formula with his nanobots to make the armor? I’m not sure, but it would make sense.

Anyhow, that’s it. Let me know your thoughts on it. I hope I didn’t come across as angry, though I do passionately talk about movies when they don’t make sense. I don’t want this video to seem like Iron Man 3 isn’t worth watching, because it is. I just found so many things wrong with it. That’s just how I watch movies: analyzing plot details and especially plot pushing. Don’t even get me started on the disaster of the Spiderman movie. Hey: how the hell does a giant gortdamned lizard bring millions of dollars of science lab equipment into the sewers? Did he just smuggle that in his jacket and take the elevator? And, what: he plugged it in to the outlets with free electricity available in the sewers? And Spiderman’s phone gets reception in the sewers? Phones in North America struggle to get signal ABOVE ground, let alone below it. Garbage!

  1. Oh man Simon do more movie reviews!! I loved it!

    There should be a fan name for GoT already… Get to it, S&M!

    #teamHodor #teamDaenerys #ohmahgerdnessTheRedWedding

  3. WHY DID THEY NOT SAVE THE MANDARIN?! That was not hilarious having him be a nobody. They just wasted what could have been a very interesting bad guy. They should have at least had some end clip of him breaking out of jail or something random instead of just killing off the whole Mandarin plot. What a waste. They might as well have used some nobody as the face of the terrorist group and saved the mandarin plot for later. Alright, I’m done.

  4. What about when he blows up all the iron men, and the one supporting the whole ship doesn’t cause shit to go down?
    Yeah, continuation…

  5. I’m not a man but I still enjoyed watching this!! I love you Martina, so very much and your off-the-wall-quirky make-up videos are lovely, but I really enjoyed watching this Simon! I’m not a big comic book fan, I love manga though, but I still watched the movie, and also didn’t love it very much… So this was refreshing! :) I hope to see more Simon videos, but I also hope to not see less Martina videos!! You guys are both so very lovely, and I thank you guys endlessly for constantly changing my life, in little and big ways <3
    Always and forever a Nasty,
    Nikki <333

  6. Nasty comic loving men AND women, Mr Simon. So sexist :P

  7. Wonderful. This was such a great idea. I agree with you, but at the end of the day i was entertained. My husband and i cant wait to see what you say about Star Trek.. Unless thats not your thing. Nasty out.

  8. As much as I wish nothing but good on all the make-up enthusiasts and don’t want to deny them their fun; as a manly geek-man I would love to see more videos like this. Moar movies, moar comics and moar games!


  10. I thought it was a good movie, but it doesn’t stand on it’s own. I am one of the rare people who didn’t see Avengers before seeing this one and all through the movie I was like WTF is up with Tony freaking out every few minutes. Now I that I saw the Avengers on DVD, it makes a lot more sense. But for those of you have haven’t seen Avengers yet, skip this one until you do.

  11. Simon … you need to start a new channel for this kind of vid .. OPEN THE RAGE!!!! I really enjoyed Iron Man 3 … the banter between Tony and the Kid were classic .. also Ben Kingsley … hilarious

  12. Sigh. I’m sorry but I have to disagree with you on this Simon.

    I’ve heard people saying how much they disliked the movie and I’m not going to defend it s this peace of art but it was good. The plot made sense. I think people just have an issue with letting this be its own thing. Its NOT Avengers 2! Its Iron Man. I went to see a good Iron Man movie, and I did. I liked it even though it wasn’t perfect but I don’t think its as flawed as you make it out to be.

    This reminds me that there is just no pleasing everyone. People hated that in the previous movie there was too many suits fighting, and shooting at each other and whatever. Then they give Tony outside the suit and SURPRISE: people are still unhappy. It was a welcome experience to see Tony being a hero outside of his suit. It’s one of those aspects that needed to be seen and I’m glad they did that. I do agree that they handled his PTSD really well. (also not from a scientific standpoint b/c I don’t know anything about that.)

    Spiderman on the other hand, I could on and on with how bad that was and let’s just say I’m going into the second movie…not expecting too much.

    P.S.It’s so cool to hear about you and Martina being huge comic fans, so please, more comic/superhero related posts in the future!!

  13. first thing first, Tony stark and Ironman is one! I think the point that the director tried to make is that tony stark can still be a hero without the help of sophisticated technology or his suit. and wasnt the reason those Extremis turned bad was because theyre addicted to the metal-thingy?? i dun think they choose to help kill ironman, if they could make a decision…
    look, i loves this movie but i also dun think its perfectly well done like the avengers. i agree with you simon on certain points… but my biggest dissapointment in this movie wasnt the point you made; its when pepper kills killian at the end… it just TOTALLY stole the spotlight away!!! i wish tony is the one who did tat…. -.-

  14. I have to say if everything happened like the way you said it should it would have been, the fight scene would have been very boring and quick. In these types for movies they had to put in numerous explosions and violence just for it to be more action pack. The movies never really can compete with the comics, but they are fun to watch :)

  15. I think you need a channel more suited for your reviews. Keep Open the Happy for make-up, hair and sickly sweet videos of Spudgy and the Meems’. Then you can have a channel dedicated to either Geekness or Dothraki Manliness!

    As for the movie, I appreciated the laughs and the vulnerable side to Tony, however I agree with some of your concerns. As for your passion… I get it completely. I am a closet Trekkie… Don’t get me started on this “alternate timeline” that JJ Abrams directed. Errrrrrrrr.

    Last thing…. It’s Joss.

    Love you guise!

  16. I totally agree with mostly everything you said Simon! I thought Killian was a weak character who could have had a more coherent motive behind his actions. They could have done better with him. I was prepared, as a fan, to see a lot of Tony Stark because I pretty much stalked the press tour online and robert downey jr has been saying that it was a lot about Tony’s journey as a person more than fancy explosions. I can see how this works, in the grand scheme of things, to have him come back as an entirely re-made man who’s worked out a lot of his issues will work well when he shows back up in future avengers movies but perhaps as a stand-alone it wasn’t that great.

    But forget that, let’s talk about theories for the Avengers 2 (which is when we’re gonna be seeing Tony next because IM4 isn’t announced, at least not in phase 2). I don’t know how much you’ve seen tossed around online so far so here are some popular fan theories at the moment!

    People are brainstorming that Tony is going to have the nanotech suit set up in the future like you were speculating and I’d love to see it! Here’s why I think it might work: first off, he put those ports under his skin to work with the Mark XLVII and some people have said that they could act as a basis for integrating that suit! More than that though, it’s how they warped the ending. In the first screen-cut of the movie, they had an extra scene in there where Tony said he was going to fix Pepper and she said she didn’t want him to remove Extremis so he bargained with her and said he’d get his reactor removed if she let him remove Extremis from her. Working off of the idea that Tony has a near eidetic memory, (which I can jive with because in IM1 he counted and remembered the steps out of the cave 3 months after he arrived) when Maya flashed him the Extremis formula, he should have remembered it. So he’ll have it, it’ll be easy to remove it from Pepper but the directors decision to take that bit OUT makes it seem like they might play with the idea of him perfecting it in her rather than removing it outright and then using it on himself. Why would he use it on himself? Well, for one, he’s going to have a gaping hole in his sternum even if the skin heals over where the reactor had been and it could fix that. And FINALLY at the end, where he has his whole sappy I am Iron Man thing, you could read further into that and assume that he doesn’t just mean that he as a person is finally Iron Man as in he improved himself yadda yadda, but that he’s actually going to become Iron Man. He’s always said the suit and I are one! So hey it could happen! I think it would be really freaking awesome if they went this direction AND I HOPE YOU READ THIS even though it’s not all that coherent because it could be awesome. And I’m excited that you love Iron man because I love Iron man so much!!!!! You don’t even know!!! (Or maybe you do now because of all that obsessive crap I just wrote out)

    So! Hope is not lost. Tony has already been written into the Avengers 2 so Joss has plans, hopefully they’re awesome ones!

  17. Hahahhah this was great!!!! I just saw it yesterday and i completely agree it wasn’t as followable and just bloody awesome as Iron Man 1. The little details in though were HIL-ARIOUS! Like the one guard being like totally done with all the crazy crap!

  18. I’m a chick, I enjoy the makeup and hair tutorials, but I’m a huge geek, so this is super awesome to hear/see. The movie, for me, was nothing but tony stark being a crybaby and then suit pr0n.

    **Possible spoilers**
    I didn’t know most of the Extremis plot when I first got in there, so I was hoping to hear about all the awesome stuff with it in the movie, well I didn’t, and I was really REALLY pissed that they didn’t use this movie to introduce Rescue (Pepper Potts’ armor). Yes, Tony becomes a big alcoholic to deal with the ptsd in parts of the series, but they could have used that as a teaching point for kids in the movie, instead of just having him break down. Also, Pepper never gets extremis, Tony injects himself with it so he can actually fight the bad-guy with it, and the bad-guy is the only dude he kills (instead of movie-tony who kills everyone he comes up against). I also didn’t like what they did with the Mandarin, that’s supposed to be Iron Man’s biggest threat, not a druggie actor.

  19. I only watched iron man 3 a few days ago but I don’t really remember it… still remember like every detail of Avengers and Iron Man 1 but this just didn’t really do it for me either.

    the vilian thing really confused me and I don’t know if I’m the only one that read the comics (this was also in the first movie but they didnt make a big thing of it) but Manderin had a set of 10 rings and the rings tied him to the bad guy in the first movie but then the Manderin wasn’t a real vilian he was just a stand in so it didnt really…. make the senses(~??~) and it annoyed me. feels like a missed opportunity

  20. I completely agree with everything you said, and its been bothering me how much people have been absolutely raving about it. It wasnt a bad movie, but it wasnt on the same level as The Avengers, and as a fellow fan of Marvel I was slightly disapointed with the same things that Simon pointed out. But I will say I loved how absolutely bad-ass Pepper was in this movie. She was amazing.

    ALSO, did it bother anyone else that the whole movie was based around chistmas time…. but they released it in spring. Like I dont want to even think about christmas right now because of all the snow that FINALLY melted. So the christmas thing…. I was not feeling it. I might have, had the movie been released around christmas…. idk.

  21. I think we need more videos like this from simon although i love the make up videos to but i am such a nerd i love comic books. so on that note have you guys read the runaway series from marvel it is awsome i love it and i highly recomend it and do you guys also read dc comics to if so what do you read.

  22. i have yet to watch any of the iron man movies, and, even though it’s gotten rave reviews, i probably won’t be seeing iron man 3 either. i’m also a comic book geek, and have been since i was 11 years old. (do you remember marvel cards?) but, like martina, i mostly read x-men and wolverine comics, but i also like spiderman. i absolutely loved the idea that they were putting out films based on marvel comic books, actual good films, not the poo fest that was the punisher back in 2004. i loved the idea of watching relatable characters on screen dealing with emerging super powers. i just found it to be fascinating how they evolved into the characters we know and love today.

    like simon, i disliked the amazing spiderman, not really any technical complaints, i just really didn’t like andrew garfield as peter parker/spiderman. sure, he was thin, and twig-like, just like spiderman in the comics, but he really just bugged me. something about him annoyed me. maybe with the second spiderman coming out, i might change my mind. i’m kinda excited to see jamie foxx and paul giamatti as the villains.

    overall, i’m really glad that the world has embraced the comics i grew up with, and still love as an adult, and they continue to be successful for years to come.

    ps, if you haven’t seen the trailer, you guys should check out the wolverine coming this summer. i’m a little “meh” about it. but who knows, it could be awesome.

  23. Simon, you should do more videos/blogs like these!

  24. I finally know why I wasn’t happy with this movie. I left the movie theater greatly disappointed but I couldn’t put my finger on why…thank you Simon!!! And I would like to see more of these type of videos as well!

  25. I totally agree with the Extremis part. That just knocked a whole point and a half off for me. I was like come oooon you’re supposed to be iron man. I was ok with not so much actiony scenes. plus im a girl so thats probably normal but i cant stand too much action and too little story or too little action and too much story in an action movie so I understand.

  26. a)The movie only worked because of Robert Downey Junior, because we all like him and like watching him do random stuff. Anyone else in that role and nobody would like it.

    b)Tony spends most of the time in a not working Iron Man suit. I know it was all symbolic of how broken Tony is and shit, but that is just stupid.

    c)Remember that PTSD he had? That was interesting, that showed him as a human. Well good for you, because the movie makers sure forgot about it. That plot point just gets cast aside as a funny little quirk Tony has. PTSD is not funny and Tony doesn’t even get over it in the movie.

    d)They pretend Avengers didn’t happen. Sure they mention the wormhole, the aliens, the other heroes, Mark Ruffalo makes an appearance. But the rest of the movie ignores Avengers. US government didn’t want Iron Man going against the Mandarin, I get that. But you know who they could have asked for help, a super hero whose whole shtick is protecting USA and it’s people? Someone who has the AMERICA in his name? Yeah, no, of course not. They could have brought up SHIELD, they could easily track the Mandarin, sick Widow on his ass. Or the Hulk. Why doesn’t Tony ask Bruce for help, wouldn’t that be great in trying to save the life of the PRESIDENT, especially since Bruce lives in Tony’s tower and they are friends. But no.

    e)Nothing was stopping Tony from calling his other suits immediately after he got JARVIS back. They say there was debris on the basement, but any of those suits could have blown a hole through the ceiling or the sides.

    f)Destroying the suits made sense. Sure, he was a new man, no longer Iron Man, just Tony Stark (which is so so stupid) and Tony is a billionaire, but those suits are effing expensive, each costs more that a billion. And a lot of promotion went into those, but we see them for like a second each before they go boom. Also, no fighting variety. All of them just fired blasters. You know how his first real suit, had rockets and guns and lasers and lots of other shit? None of that here. And wasn’t the giant suit, Igor, holding up the platform WHERE TONY WAS ON when he blew up?

    g)Pepper. Oh I like Pepper, we all like Pepper, but she was completely ruined in this movie. In the previous ones she was just human, yes, but she did stuff. She got information from Stane, she blew Stane up, she got Hammer arrested. But here she just gets captured. Woopie. And she steals the killing blow from Tony, which is a big boo, but whatever (seriously, Tony gets the guy blow up, blasts him plenty of times, but Pepper hits the guy with a pipe and blasts him once and he dies)

    e)Pepper’s “death”. Tony sees Pepper fall to her death, he fails to save her (since he is just Tony, not Iron Man, great job protecting her without your suits) and he is completely fine two minutes later, making jokes. Hey Tony, the love of your life just dies, the one person who you want to protect, BE DEVASTATED. In fact, this would be the time his PTSD comes in, but no, that would just be silly.

    Still love the movie. Even if I hate it.

    • I definitely agree with most of the things you said, especially about the continuity of the final battle scene being weird. The suits were all over the place, the platform should have fallen when Igor blew up, but 2 things!
      1) I think it’s fairly implied that Bruce isn’t living with Tony. Tony was drawing up the plans for their floors in Stark Tower, sure, but after everything that happened it seems to be that Bruce would have wanted to get away from it all again. He doesn’t just seem bored in the end scene, he seems jet lagged hahaha which led me to believe that Tony flew him in from somewhere. I could be wrong though of course.
      2) Just like the events of phase 1 sort of took place around the same time, it seems like phase 2 is going to be dealing with that too. The directors of all the movies had to work around ‘well why wouldn’t Tony just call Steve for help, or why wouldn’t Steve come running when he saw Tony dead on the front page of a newspaper’ but Cap 2 is yet to be released. I don’t know how much you’re avoiding spoilers but I figure they’re going to have Cap more or less occupied during IM3, caught up in things he couldn’t leave no matter what. He’ll have his own shit going down. I guess we’ll have to wait and see on that one too, but it seems most likely as to what happened there.

  27. *pats simons back* i feel you bro i feel you

  28. Yeah, I had some of those same thoughts. True, it was enjoyable but I kept thinking things like “where’s SHIELD during all of this, or the other Avengers?” and “not sure this is the smartest strategy here…” Had some epic battle scenes with tons of explosions, but they weren’t exactly intelligent battles in my opinion. That’s why I actually liked the part when Tony made tons of stuff because it was a bit of a reminder that Tony Stark is Iron Man because he’s a freakin’ genius. No one handed him that suit and said, “Have fun!” He built the first freakin’ one in a cave.

    But, yeah, knew before they revealed the Mandarin as not the Mandarin that things were not as they seem. Still can’t remember the real bad guys name either… Things did not go as expected with the whole regeneration formula either. I think that stuff just causes insanity, because none of the AIM guy’s actions made all that much sense in the end.

  29. Can you guys do these kinda of things for every superhero movie? Or at least Game of Thrones?

    • lol please don’t. I’m currently in denial of all of GoT’s plot holes and unnecessary bits and trying to enjoy it regardless :p

      ……but that would be interesting. GoT from the perspective of our favourite Dothraki Man Warrior.
      “Why did I have to die in such a lame fashion?”

  30. finally a manly video i was wondering if simon was ever gonna make one now its here thanks so much you guys love all your vids

    -Richy <3

  31. i want another one of these at the end of season 3 of Game of Thrones Simon.

    Whenever you’re feeling ranty about movies or TV shows or even video games get out the camera and go forth and rant. you don’t have to upload it that day just upload it whenever you want.

  32. <3

    This was awesome!
    I love all the girly video's, but i an a huge comic book reader.
    How about some video's about your favorite video games? :D yeah? yeah?!

  33. loved it Siimon. And btw I like comics. i’m a gurl. Booyah-ka-sha! more of these would be awesome! i love Martina, but more of you on Open The Happy would be awesome to!

  34. we need more of these kinda vids!!!!!!!

    “The best part, though, hands down, was the reveal that the Mandarin, played by Ben Kingsley, wasn’t the exceptionally scary badass that he is in the comics. He was just an actor. Did not see that coming AT ALL. Ben Kingsley looked like him, even with the rings and all. Even when he said he was just acting I was like “Nahh, this is part of Mandarin’s grand scheme! Shit’s about to go down now!” but it didn’t. Really quite hilarious, in fact.”
    this is exactly what i thought!!! i thought that in any second the dude would attack Tony and then talk like his normal self again!! ah~ it was freakin’ hilarious!!!!

    i liked Iron Man 3 but it did leave me feeling a bit ‘empty’?
    and watching this i kinda did realise that there are weird parts in the movie i never realised ahaha!!
    and yeah there was not enough badass fighting!!

    whoa Iron Man 2……………………the ending boss fight…….it ended so quickly i was left confused!!!

  35. I like to think of the “space worms” as giant ugly-ass space wales.

  36. I liked Iron Man 3 way more than Avengers and it was the best Iron Man out of the trilogy for me…I actually loved how they showed Tony in more human side

  37. Here is one more thing, one article released just few hours ago in Korea, Iron man 3 will be second movie that more than 10 mil people have watched(FYI, first movie is Avatar, and 10 mil people means there is significant success in Korea where more than 50 mil people live in

    but in this case, Meanwhile there is no another interesting movie and monopoly in movie theater market is also one of the reasons

  38. Damm!! This video is absolutely what I felt!!!!! Eventhough My friends said that movie was awesome, I had no idea what they were talking about. In fact,Iron Man we usually expect is just destroying everything, flying in the sky, rich, no dark and deep deep mind compared to Spider man and Batman (and it can be stereotype, but American). In addition, Most important thing in Iron man movie is Wearing that Iron man suit, not being freaking remote control!!

    I believe that sympathy must exist between movie and audience although character is just eating a piece of pizza or hamburger so, In this move, I can say “NO”


    We don’t need to talk about Mandarin, do we??

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