Hi everyone!

As some of you may know, we’ve stepped away from the website and internet activities while we’ve been in Halifax with Martina’s grandfather. We’re coming back to Korea this weekend and we’ll be back to making videos again. Woohoo! Thank you for all your support while we’ve been gone. We’ve missed making videos and interacting with you all.

While we’ve been gone, though, some cool things have happened. The video you see here was just uploaded by YouTube Korea. It’s something we filmed a long time ago (see our old apartment?!? Wow!) but it was just published recently. A couple Saturdays ago we went to a YouTube event in Gangnam and talked about the YouTube program, as well as how to make YouTube playlists. That’s how we made our last Korean Indie Playlist as well.

Anyhow, while we were there, YouTube aired this video, and now it’s online! So…yeah! Here’s us talking about YouTube and how we make videos and stuff. We filmed this a long time ago, and things have changed A LOT since then, in that we’re doing a lot more now than we thought we ever would, but the basic ideas are still the same in terms of creating videos, though our business plans have expanded quite a bit. This was also us, pre-diet. Whenever we look at our older videos we’re shocked at how much…rounder we were. We look (and feel) a lot different now.

Also, it seems rather odd that we reached these two milestones almost at the same time, but we just passed 100,000 followers on Twitter and 200,000 on Facebook. So cool! Thanks everyone for being so social media-ey with us!

We’re gonna start scripting Music Monday as soon as we figure out who wins (you’ve still got some time to vote on the KpopCharts!) and we’re also working on a big project for, you know, end of the year Kpop stuff. Stay tuned! We should be announcing it shortly.

And, lastly, we were recently in Canada and saw this on the parking meter. We had to take a picture and share it with you guise.


To answer your question, yes, we bought Max Time. KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWWWWNNNNNN.

  1. I think your rounder selves were pretty cute ;)

  2. I actually cried a little bit watching this video. All the memories (‘:

  3. When I was first watching the video I was like: What am I watching? Who is this person? Have Simon and Martina been kidnapped on their way back to Korea? dun-dun-dun-dun-duuuuuun But you guys are super cute and I hope that everything is going well with your family! Although it’s a little late, welcome back!

  4. Thank you for mentioning my country, Romania <3 I'm really thankful as you almost never mentioned us anywhere and you really have a lot of fans here who watch your videos regularly <3 Love you!

  5. so THAT’S why I thought you guys looked more chubby xDDD
    I was like ‘…how much did they eat in canada? must be grandma’s doing’ xDDD
    anyways, glad to hear Martina’s grandpa is doing better and my best wishes go to him!

  6. hahaha. loveeee me my max time.

  7. I really missed you guys. It’s hard not having you to here every week. It helps start off Monday with a laugh with the Kpop Music Mondays and makes the week better. I love everything you do. Someday, I hope I can meet you guys in person. I just want to give both of you a giant hug for making lives a bit better every day. Thank you and I hope your grandfather is alright, Martina. *HUGZ*

  8. Welcome back! Ugh I’ve missed you guys so much I’m actually feelin’ some tears comin’ on ahhh what are these feels? Lol, but anyways it’s been so lonely without my favorite youtubers, I’m glad everything is well and that you’re back and safe :3

  9. i know it’s a few days late, but .. welcome back you guys !! and omg you guys you mentioned Romania ! yey !!!

  10. Guise, thats AWESOME!!!! You so totally unlocked the “Online Celebrity” achievement! Gratsies! Keep up the good work, love your fans like we love you, and sic Meemers on the haters!

  11. SIMON AND MARTINA ARE BACKKK! Whoot whoot! *happy dance*
    Oh and we’re so glad Martina’s grandfather is alright! All my Bahai friends and I have been praying for you! it WORKED :D yaaay!
    Also congrats on your dieting success ;) We all know how it feels to look back and see your “round” selves and be like O_o Keep up the hard work!! ;)
    It’s such a relief to have you back now! All of us Nasties were going nuts without you guisee! Feels great to have things back to normality! THANK YOU!! <3

  12. Even though I’m not sleeping yet, I can’t wait to wake up, get to work and come back home to watch the Music Monday video. I was really kinda depress for the last 2 weeks or so and, about 2 minutes ago, I understood that during that time, there was no EYK video to cheer me up. Simon and Martina, you’re therapeutic!

  13. I’m seriously going to go see if Sunha Jung does gypsy jazz because that would be off the hook (I know he can do it…)

    Aside from that, I really missed you guys’ videos in my subscription feed but I’m glad everything is settling down for the moment. You have been a great help to us (believe it or not) as far as learning about Korean culture is concerned and am glad things have taken off the way they have. Also, I love how YouTube Korea included that JYP thing lol I love it. And you guys <3

  14. I saw that video when you guys liked it, and immediately thought; “How can you be filming something so professional, and yet act so darn dorky like they’re doing a TL;DR?” It just shows why I’m so envious of you guys. I just love you guys. I really, really, REALLY hope your grandfather is going to be okay, Martina.
    Oh yes, and I laughed hysterically when I saw the “MAXIMUM TIME” thing, lol, I find a way to put “MAX TIME” into conversation, and my friends look at me like I’m crazy, and then I make it worse by yelling “NAEGA MICHYEO MICHYEO, BABY!”
    Just thought I’d share that little story.

  15. Will you guys ever do B1A4’s Tried to Walk? They won the votes for last weeks Kpop Music Mondays. :] I know you have been away and busy, so if you can’t it’s okay. :) It’s just that if it wasn’t for that week, they may not ever be voted first again.

  16. Wait, did someone seriously put a picture of Max on the meter or did you guys add that in? Also, ya’ll really need to review Humanoid! Catch Me didn’t make it and I fear neither will this epicaly amazing video. I’m glad that you’re back and all is well.

  17. Wow! So..that MAXimum time parking block was just randomly in Canada ?Hanging out..? I wish KPOP idols or groups could be popular like that in America. Aside from Psy.. :33 Everyone here has never heard of it until him XD Most people I know even think he’s Chinese, lool

  18. Woww, this video was really great! And that Korean boy was so cuteee xooo <3 Ah, Its so wonderful to see you back :)) I'm glad you two are really passionate about your videos. I'm really passionate about watching them :3 EYK Fighting!

  19. Oh my how I’ve missed you guys!! I loveee your video’s! I found your videos online by accident one day when I was looking for information on moving to South Korea and becoming a teacher there and since that day I have seen almost ALL of your videos! I don’t know if I missed some but you four (Spudgy and Dr. Meemersworth included) are AWESOME! :D Thank you!

  20. Yay!! you guise are back! I’m hoping your grandfather is feeling better and will continue to get better :)
    This video was pretty awesome and i loove the picture XDDD
    MAXimum Time!

  21. You guys are awesome! nd its good to see that you take breaks too!!! *looks at photo* LOOOLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Congratulations for the interview guys!!!! thank you for Kpop music mondays! you really do my life happier! :) LOS AMO!!! what i love the most about you is that even though you are worldwide famous you keep so humble! :D I’m from NICARAGUA by the way. Have you ever heard about it? LOS AAAAAAAAAAAAAMO!!! GRACIAS!

  23. AHHH!!! Sungha Jung + Simon and Martina!! I love all three of you! Glad to see you both are doing fine.

  24. I recently put in prayer requests for you guys, I hope everyone is well. We would like to know what came of your time in Canada and how everyone is doing.

  25. I’m watching everything you guys are uploading! Sometimes multiple times over. I used to watch your videos just to become a little more informed about Korean culture, but overnight, thanks to KPop Music Mondays, I’ve become a super fan of all things Simon and Martina. You guys have really taken your blogging to a higher level and I really appreciate it. Sidenote: Spudgy and Meemers are my 2 favorite YouTube pets now!

  26. Hi ^^ you also have russian subtitles and thank you for helping me improve my english.

  27. Yeeeeeeyyy…. Romania!!! I’ve just realised that there are a lot of romanians watching you. You guys just make my day. Keep it up! I’m looking forward to your next videos. :D

  28. Aww, my fangirling went though the roof when you mentioned Romania. Congrats on the partnership and good luck from now on guize! I love you

  29. Heeey, you mentioned Romania. We love you! Btw, yesterday it was Romania’s national day :)

  30. psssst i watched your first video long time ago

  31. I was just wondering, will you still do a review on B1A4’s Tried to Walk? It’s just that while you guys were away, B1A4 has topped the charts for like, two weeks? I just wanted to know if you will, because I really wanted to watch a review about Martina hating on turtlenecks xD Haha, no harm intended here :)

    I love BILASA♥
    I love Simon&Martina♥

  32. Omg I can’t believe you mentioned Romania.Iove you guys(Are there a lot of Romanian fans?)

  33. OMG guys!! You mentioned Romania :DD

    I’m so glad I found you! <3 Really~
    You always make my day brighter :)

  34. Am I the only one who feels s&m have changed since the donation thing and kcon something?! I really miss their old videos. They were a lot better than ones they seldomly make these days.. Just saying..

    • I think you’ve got to consider that part of the change is just how busy they’ve been recently. Finding a studio, travelling around the world, and taking care of personal family matters takes a lot of time and energy. And they do a lot of it just for us fans. :)

  35. OMG Max Time XD!!!!!! thats the best thing ever, every city should have those!

  36. Aw, missed you guys! I hope you and your family are all well. :) Lol the Max parking meter is cute and hilarious. Every city should be required to have one at least.

  37. I’m glad you loved Halifax! Hopefully next time you get to visit under better circumstances!

  38. Awesome! I love how you guise were in the same video as Sungha Jung! Two of my favourite Youtube channels in one video!

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