Hi everyone!

As some of you may know, we’ve stepped away from the website and internet activities while we’ve been in Halifax with Martina’s grandfather. We’re coming back to Korea this weekend and we’ll be back to making videos again. Woohoo! Thank you for all your support while we’ve been gone. We’ve missed making videos and interacting with you all.

While we’ve been gone, though, some cool things have happened. The video you see here was just uploaded by YouTube Korea. It’s something we filmed a long time ago (see our old apartment?!? Wow!) but it was just published recently. A couple Saturdays ago we went to a YouTube event in Gangnam and talked about the YouTube program, as well as how to make YouTube playlists. That’s how we made our last Korean Indie Playlist as well.

Anyhow, while we were there, YouTube aired this video, and now it’s online! So…yeah! Here’s us talking about YouTube and how we make videos and stuff. We filmed this a long time ago, and things have changed A LOT since then, in that we’re doing a lot more now than we thought we ever would, but the basic ideas are still the same in terms of creating videos, though our business plans have expanded quite a bit. This was also us, pre-diet. Whenever we look at our older videos we’re shocked at how much…rounder we were. We look (and feel) a lot different now.

Also, it seems rather odd that we reached these two milestones almost at the same time, but we just passed 100,000 followers on Twitter and 200,000 on Facebook. So cool! Thanks everyone for being so social media-ey with us!

We’re gonna start scripting Music Monday as soon as we figure out who wins (you’ve still got some time to vote on the KpopCharts!) and we’re also working on a big project for, you know, end of the year Kpop stuff. Stay tuned! We should be announcing it shortly.

And, lastly, we were recently in Canada and saw this on the parking meter. We had to take a picture and share it with you guise.


To answer your question, yes, we bought Max Time. KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWWWWNNNNNN.

  1. I really missed you guys. It’s hard not having you to here every week. It helps start off Monday with a laugh with the Kpop Music Mondays and makes the week better. I love everything you do. Someday, I hope I can meet you guys in person. I just want to give both of you a giant hug for making lives a bit better every day. Thank you and I hope your grandfather is alright, Martina. *HUGZ*

  2. Welcome back! Ugh I’ve missed you guys so much I’m actually feelin’ some tears comin’ on ahhh what are these feels? Lol, but anyways it’s been so lonely without my favorite youtubers, I’m glad everything is well and that you’re back and safe :3

  3. Even though I’m not sleeping yet, I can’t wait to wake up, get to work and come back home to watch the Music Monday video. I was really kinda depress for the last 2 weeks or so and, about 2 minutes ago, I understood that during that time, there was no EYK video to cheer me up. Simon and Martina, you’re therapeutic!

  4. AHHH!!! Sungha Jung + Simon and Martina!! I love all three of you! Glad to see you both are doing fine.

  5. I recently put in prayer requests for you guys, I hope everyone is well. We would like to know what came of your time in Canada and how everyone is doing.

  6. //saw sungha jung at the very beginning and was like “Did I just miss something?” o.o
    Then I read the blog post. xD

  7. Woo-Hoo! Glad that you’re coming back this week!

  8. MAXimum time!!! KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN!!! Now Max doesn’t have to feel bad about MAXstep lol :P

  9. OMGosh!! M so glad u guys are back!!! LOL to the max-time thing!!!

  10. I Love you guys! I hope you continue to make videos~! You let me embrace my KPOP Fangirlness~!:)

  11. I think the people at Youtube Korea could use some tips on editing from you two, they didn’t lower the volume of their background music when they were showing clips of Sungha Jung playing and drowned him out. lol

  12. I can’t wait to see what that special project for the end of the year will be :D ~~I’m so curious YEAH!
    And I liked that fingerstyle guy. Makes me want to listen to Miyavi.

  13. We really missed your videos in our house! My 21 month old little girl came running over to my laptop when I started playing your video and pointed to Martina and I said, “Martina” and pointed to Simon and I said, “Simon” and then she leaned in and gave the screen a big kiss! We always enjoy watching your videos. :) Glad your grandfather is doing better and that you got to spend time with family!


  15. Was the meter thing at the QEII?

  16. Yes, all over the world :-) *fan from Slovakia here* :D
    glad you are back :-) love you ;-)

  17. “the wonderful video which i hope you never see..” -plays video immediately afterwards-

  18. The video gave me warm, fuzzy feelings inside. I don’t know why… but I feel good now.

  19. Glad you’re back and all is well :)
    And I totally didn’t know about the YouTube tools thing (where you can tell when people lose interest or whatever), so cool

    And you two are hilarious and I love both of you and miss you a lot ♥

  20. Wow, I did not realize how your diet transformed you both untill now! WOW Keep up the good work!

  21. I was watching a video of you Simon eating pancakes on your birthday and BOY have you changed! You should go back and look at it. It is amazing! You did an awesome job of getting healthy!

  22. MAX TIME! :D But this is such a good video. It really is educational. :D

  23. Martina, I love the shirt you are wearing in the vid :) Where’s that from?

  24. LOL, Simon, i think you missed a-some spots on your chin… that had some uhm, food stains? cough*beard*cough.

  25. Ahhhhh…it’s quite old thats why. I noticed Simon looks a little…..round there….. (compare to how you are now), But welcome back to Korea guys! I miss watching you guys videos.. My monday has been so empty

  26. please come again here sometime for a vacation~~~

  27. You guies were in HAlifax???? arghhhh, we were in the same city, but so close…. yet so far. X(

  28. lol love the MAX TIME! This is a great video, I’m happy your grandfather is OK Martina! I hope you and Simon are well rested! Its getting to be cold and flu season over here, so I hope you guys are in good health. I am very looking forward to seeing the next K-Pop Music Monday, and whatever end-of-the-year surprise you guys have planned for us!

  29. Glad you’re back, the last 12 days have been too boring/quiet.

  30. Aaaah….it’s an older video huh. That makes sense.

    I was surprised at how much you’d changed in only 2 weeks xD
    Was also wondering about the Korean hardsubs.

    *off to watch*

    PS. Welcome back :D

  31. ahahahah MAX TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how uttterly awesome!!!
    aaaww i miss you guys!!!

  32. You’re back! I’ve missed you guise so much :’) But I’m glad Martina was able to be with her grandfather and I hope he continues to get better! <3

  33. Glad you guys are coming back :) Hope you review Humanoids!

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