Believe it or not, but we love teaching. Love it. Teaching in Korea isn’t just a job for us. It’s our careers, and it’s something we’re really passionate about. We teach English in Canada, and we teach English in Korea as well. But it’s hard to explain to people why we like teaching so much, especially since teaching can be such a challenging job. So, Simon decided a year ago or so to start collecting clips of why he loves teaching in Korea so much. He’d walk around the hallways with the camera and get the students just being themselves. Now, finally, we’ve finally put together the clips into a video, and we hope it conveys how fun the students are and why we like teaching so much. Really, interacting with our students is the best part of our jobs, and it’s what makes teaching so enjoyable. Sounds sappy, we know, but this video’s really special to us, and we hope you enjoy it. And, if you’re a teacher as well, we hope you can relate.

  1. This video is blocked from the US!!!!!! GAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! *dies from sadness* Is there any other way we can see this???

  2. I can’t watch the viedeo from germany :’(((

  3. It’s amazing how different Men are in other cultures. I love how inocent the boys/men can be in korea! No one calls them gay or bullies them. Right? It looks like so much fun!! I want to move there so bad!! Do you know how physical therapy does in Korea?

  4. This is amazing. The students are lucky to have you as a teacher. Does Martina’s students act like this too? Ir reminds me so much of my middle school days.

  5. Wow this might be how it would have been if I attended the middle school in Korea! I only attended the elementary then moved to NZ with my family. This is so beautiful. I can’t stop watching your videos Simon and Martina! Makes me visit my homeland again and again even though I’ve been there only a few months ago.

  6. <3 I am currently in college for TESOL & would love to teach in South Korea someday. Thanks for the glimpse into life as a teacher ~

  7. <3 how neat to see kids being themselves! I am currently in college for TESOL and would love to teach in Korea. What age was your favorite to teach?

  8. This video is great! I’m a Junior in Highschool and it really inspired me to want to become an English teacher in either Japan or South Korea. Thanks~!!

  9. I really like this video! It is so encouraging! :)

  10. That was Exceptionally Wonderful! You two are a gift to these children and it shows in their faces.

  11. That was super sweet! I have a huge smile on my face :)

  12. HAHAHAH. i have a monkey fan like the hello kitty one ur student had xD

  13. I want to work in this school! It looks WICKED!!

  14. I like how you guys seem to genuinely appreciate and love teaching. I have to say, I get a bit worried that the demand for English teachers in Asia is so high (http://www.teachergig.com has probably 100 new open positions a day) and this is likely to attract laowais/farangs/gweilos not as genuinely interested as you guys seem to be and might not even be qualified – isn’t there a risk of quality of teaching decreasing?

  15. This looks like so muck fun! They’re very um, touchy feely? If that’s the right word. Your students are adorable! I bet you miss them :_(

  16. This looks like so muck fun! They’re very um, touchy feely? If that’s the right word. Your students are adorable! I bet you miss them :_(

  17. This looks like so muck fun! They’re very um, touchy feely? If that’s the right word. Your students are adorable! I bet you miss them :_(

  18. This is amaaaaazing ! 

    I’ve always been frustrated as a student in France by the traditional french teaching style.
    Here, teachers tend to put as much distance as possible between them and the students to the point that it gets ridiculous.
    And it continues in university as well…
    I found studying in the UK really refreshing as a university student. Teachers actually KNOW you name. O.O
    They ask you your opinion about stuff. At first I was even scared that teachers and university staff remembered my name, like “what did I do to deserve this ? Did I say something stupid ! O.O”.
    That’s a good way to build on your self-esteem.
    I also give private english classes, to young french students, and felt really sad and frustrated after some classes. This french system really shatters and demotivates a lot of students. They are treated as if they were all the same, when each one of them has different needs and personalities.
    I found it great that you managed to create this with you students, and that Korea is more open to that kind of approach. ;)

  19. Aww, seems so fun! x3 Great video! Don’t know if you guys will reply, but out of curiosity, how old were your students o:?

  20. truly the imagination of these children is what makes teaching so much fun…although I’m only in university and studying to become a teacher, I still feel like cryign when I leave any of my placements affter being there for a year, because of all the fun I had with them. I know exactly what you mean about this video, it makes you feel proud to have taught such brilliant and enthusiastic students.

  21. I have always wanted to go to Korea, but now I’m really thinking about teaching over there. Looks like I might be changing my Major :) Thanks guys.

  22. This was such a lovely video. It brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face.
    I did a little bit of English teaching in China and this is making me miss the students so much. It’s great to see them having fun. :)

  23. What a nice video … =) I really enjoy it

  24. I wish my students were that cool. I taught at a private high school that was super up tight.

  25. You are a lucky man making a difference in lives of so many. Best of luck for your future endeavors.

  26. I just love it! Kids are so happy!!!

  27. “I’m so fucking future.”
    Brilliant. :D

  28. Boy everytime I see you guys reply to a comment and get really excited — my sister's boyfriend is Korean and I want to go there with them soon. If I do see you, I will probably faint because you guys are so awesome

  29. I love this video the best, you should do more videos with your students, they always seem to be a lot of fun! I am planning on being a teacher in Korea too, I am in grade 12 in Saskatchewan. I can't wait. Please do more videos like this! Also how did you make your own website?

  30. this is awesome! :) i'm actually a korean, born in america and i'm in college trying to study to become a teacher…. i've also been thinking about teaching in korea. but i'm not sure what I should/want to do yet.

    PS: i LOVE your videos! :) keep up the good work! :)

  31. So many people need to see this. It's absolutely beautiful the love you have for your work and for your life in this country. Thank you for all your work. You deserve all the fortune you find here.

  32. i think i've seen pretty much every video you guys have ever made, but this is my favorite. Can't wait to teach in Korea :)
    -by the way, what is the song to the vid????

  33. Honestly the kids are great, not always the most behaved or motivated but they are kids and you can change that a bit. The prob that people run into in Korea is with the adults(who pay you) and socially. I have had my share of "horror stories" which would've made me think thrice(more than twice) about coming here and I am in EPIK's public school program. You can have a blast with fresh minds if you are creative though. I'm glad to see someone enjoying themselves with their work.

  34. Simon, this video is great…as lame as I may sound, it brought tears to my eyes…makes me think of my kids and how much I'm going to miss them!!!

  35. Awwwwww wow, this video made me so emotional. I have to leave my elementary kids after this school year because of budget cuts TT_TT So this really hit home for me. I'm glad you saved video clips from the past yrs. Hope a lot of happiness to you two.

    ~ Rita *^^*

  36. Love love love this video! It's so nice to see you two enjoy your job so much and adore all your students! Fantastic!

  37. You're video is great ! I wanted to talk to you guys because I was thinking of being a teacher in Korea too! ^^ Since I'll be finishing my high school studies(?) next year and I have to think about what I'm going to do in the future… I went last month to an exhibiton(?) on studies and careers, and finally decided what kind of dtudies I'm going to do : Translation studies (in English and Spanish) but I was wondering, since I'm not a english speaker but a French speaker, is it going to be harder for me because I really want to be a theacher in Korea !
    I'm so happy I finnally got time to ask you guys !
    Ps: tell me if there's any mistakes ^^

    • I don't know of Korea hiring anything but English teachers, and the English teachers must be from a Native English Speaking Country as well. I'm sure that somewhere in Korea there must be French teachers: I'm just not sure how or where.

  38. Hello! I just wanted to say that I absolutely love this video and all of your other videos as well. I found your videos when my husband was in boot camp back in March and ever since, my two year old son and I watch you faithfully. He laughs and tries to dance along with you. Anyhow, my main reason for commenting was to thank both of you for putting up these videos of your students in Korea. When I was in High School, I decided I wanted to become a teacher and teach in Korea and/or Japan. However, fate has shown me a different route and so now I am a Navy Wife and Mother. I will hopefully eventually fulfill my dream of teaching abroad but until then, I think its just wonderful to get a glimpse of that world. Teaching is not always the easiest job to have because if you have no passion for it, you just can't teach well. I can see all of your passion for teaching your students and it just proves that there are still amazing teachers out in our world. Thanks again!

  39. (cont. from above) I seem to be having a problem with that. Are there any tips you can give me to help me gain the respect that I need to teach properly? Should I back down and agree to whatever is said to me and be a "yesman" ?(which actually I do anyway, I may be to agreeable just to get along). Or be more assertive? OR should I just make this my last year in Korea? I notice you respond to people's comments quite often so I thought I would just ask your opinion about this. I'm really sorry to send such a long comment (with questions mind you) but as of now I don't have any English teacher friends to ask or get their opinion. Keep up the good work and take care!

    • Jennifer,

      Don't worry about the long comments :D We're cool with them.

      As for our camera, we list our gear in the blogging section of our FAQ: http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/korea-faq

      As for how to get respect to teach properly, I think you might be wording it incorrectly. I'd focus on ways on making yourself more interesting so that the students are interested in your classes and what you're saying, rather than finding some way of making yourself more respectable, so that they pay attention to you out of respect. I think students are more effective when they're interested than when they're respectful, because there are plenty of people that I respect that I wouldn't necessarily want to listen to for an entire class.

      Our main goal as teachers was always to make our classes fun, so that students want to come to them and want to see what they're doing for the class. Apart from that, in Korea, we focus a lot on incorporating pop culture references in our classes. Sounds cheesy, I know, and it's not something we'd be doing a lot of back as teachers in Canada, but in Korea they work quite well, which is why we started doing Kpop videos in the first place :D


  40. Your videos and ideas are really great. This is my first time teaching in a Korean middle school (though Ive taught elementary school for two before now) so I need all the help I can get. I wanted to know what kind of camera did you use? just a normal digital camera or something similar to a camcorder? Because I want to try this, maybe the students will open up to me more, right now they are not that responsive (except for some) and at times can be very disrespectful. My Korean guy friend says they don't respect me as much because of the way I look (I'm a bi-racial overweight woman from the states). I know very well the mindset of Korea as whole, and I noticed a lot of Caucasian teachers really love their jobs, are well respected and given ample amount of resources to teach.

  41. This is my second year also and I love the children<3; they are totally awesome :D !!!

  42. I'm glad I found this site and this video. Some of the horror stories were starting to get to me. ^^ Thanks so much!

  43. Wow! I got goosebumps watching that! Thank you Simon for sharing that.You teach at a PARTY School… must be real fun. Your students and yourself are very lucky!

  44. OMG i love thiss :D
    korea ftw

    btw does anyone know what the name of the song is?? cause it kicks ass

  45. If I didn't look at soompi tonight and if they didn't feature your review about SNSD's Hoot, I wouldn't have found your website. :) It was fun watching the kids have fun on camera. It's pretty evident how much you love teaching. Here's to more years for you as a teacher! Cheers!

  46. wow a really great video ^_^

    i love ur videos on youtube =)
    감사합니다~ <3

    greeting from germany =)

  47. Wow. Looks like fun~! I want to teach in Korea!!!! Did you use a recruiter?

  48. I love this! It's really all those little moments that make teaching here such a memorable experience. Thanks for all the videos, and keep up the great work!

  49. Really nice video, I'd like to teach now ^^

  50. really cute students…!!

  51. I love your videos!! This one is the best i've found so far. May I ask what camera are u using? They're amazing!

  52. whhaaa! amazing this video make me want to be a teacher someday, right now i want to be a translator so im learning spanish, chinese, korean, and japanese :) …. i want to live in asia someday so ur videos help to give me hope for that. did your love for teaching give you the courage to live all the way in Korea?

    p.s. please why is your dog pudgy is it? why is he green? lol

    • Thanks! We were interested in Korea before we came here, so that's what really drove us to come. As for our dog, he's green because being green is pretty awesome. There's really no better answer than that!

  53. looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove all your videos…every single one of them. soooo inspirting and so….touching… I can really feel it that you guys are not only doing your jobs but also making lives of others and of course, yours so…. worth living. keep it up! for both you and for your students and as well as mine!!!

  54. argh damn it i can't watch the video T___T

  55. you guys are making korea a better place. be happy always!!

  56. 당신들이 한국을 더 나은곳으로 만드는 사람이라 생각듭니다. 항상 행복하이소. keep up the good work. and love your videos.

  57. Jessica 이규리

    i'm Korean middle high school student
    Do we look CRAZY?
    littlebit? ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹

  58. The world needs more teachers who care for their students as much as you do. You seem to make a positive impact in their lives.

    Your videos are very charming as well as informative for someone like myself who would like to move to Korea!

  59. Great Vid ^^ When you show it it really looks lika a lot of fun, and it makes me wonder what kind of a teacher I would be. I think I understand to some extent what is so great about theaching (although my job is something different than teaching), and why people can love it. If only there was a way… Well, enjoy you time in Korea ^^

  60. Seems to be a big divide between the boys and the girls in your vid. The boys are a lot more dynamic and engaged, the girls seem distant and not interested on the whole. And then the boys seem to be acting like girls half the time.

    • What a great observation! You know, I think that's partly my fault: the girls are usually lots of fun, but point a camera at them and they hide. Kind of like Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle. Man, that was such a nerdy comment!

  61. Love the video! makes me want to teach here in Korea!

  62. Testing this to see if it works

  63. wonderful. I just started teaching yoga to the youth here in Brooklyn. I am staking memories in my head similar. Love it.

  64. how funny thats vidio. i live in bucheon and high school student :) i think that many foreigner teachers feel boring about korea studnet but my opinion is wrong :) hhh really thank U and i luv Lisztomania!! :)

  65. Loved the video, I teach at an all girls middle school in Incheon so I can relate. I'm leaving after a year, I can't commit to another one year contract but I am so sad about leaving. These students are great. You did an awesome job capturing the essence of middle school.

  66. I LOVE that you posted this video. Teaching ESL, especially in Korea, gets such a bad rap from some people that it's pretty heartening to see stuff like this :)

  67. Thanks everyone! And, yes, we are fans of Air. We haven't used them for a video yet, but want to do so.

  68. great music for the vid. Enjoyed it, well done simon!

  69. BTW do you like Air? I love there unique sound and at some point listen to them and nothing else for months before going to bed or waking up.

  70. My students are the best thing about my job too. The song you played is awesome too. I've looked them up since I want to listen to more good music. Good vid. Hope all is well.

  71. Thanks you guys! You are so right these kids are awesome! Even when you get frustrated with things about Korea they are the ones we are here for and are totally worth all the hard work! Love the video : )

  72. Glad you're enjoying having such a great time teaching! Here's to another fun-filled year.

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