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Winter/Summer Camps Complete Package

December 8, 2009


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Your co-teachers right about now are asking you what you are going to do for your English lessons during winter camps, and they want a full schedule of what you’re going to do by tomorrow. Overwhelmed? Don’t be. I’ll give you mine. Here you’ll get the schedule to print out and give to your teacher, as well as all of the handouts and powerpoints. A note about how to use them, though:

1) The last few days are full of different games. I have loaded a few to fill the time, but you can change that up however you want. Most of the games are available through this page, though some are not.

2) PC users take note: everything here is originally made on a Mac. I have converted it all over to Powerpoint format, but it might not look as pretty, or might even look jumbled. If the latter is the case, then you can probably find how it’s supposed to look with each game’s preview video, found on this page as well. The handouts have been saved as Word files if you want to tweak them, or PDFs if you don’t

3) You can pretty much use this as just a complete package of games, and modify them for the next school year, if you’d like. This package is also good for Summer, which is why you’ll see some of the games with a Summer heading.

Read the Schedule Download for Mac or PC.

If you do decide to use it, please let us know how it works! Oh, and if you really liked this lesson, and it totally made your job and life easier, then – by all means – feel free to click this button here:

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