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WANC – Wonderful Adventure Now Canada

June 21, 2012


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Hey everyone! It’s been a while since we’ve been in Korea, but we landed back here on Tuesday afternoon, and we’re ready to get back into the thick of things. While we were in Canada, we didn’t post as many videos as usual. Namely, we skipped out on our WANK and FAPFAP videos, though not because we wanted to. We just can’t have Korean adventure videos while in Canada. That’d be misleading. While we were in Canada we did get some footage, though, for a different video: a Wonderful Adventure Now Canada video, aka a “WANC,” which we’re not sure how to pronounce. Is it like, “vonk” or maybe “wance” or something. I’m confused!

Anyhow, this video isn’t in our traditional explore-and-do-silly-challenges kind of deal, either. We just wanted to kind of show some of the stuff we really miss about Canada. We often have people ask us if we like Korea more than Canada, seeing how we’ve lived here for over four years now, but we can’t give a straight answer to that question. It’s not a matter of liking one more than another. Each country has different things that are awesome about that, and they also have some things that suck about it. What we’ve found about Canada, though – and we think this holds true for other countries as well – is that there are a lot of things about your home country that you don’t appreciate while you’re living there, because you haven’t experienced living any other way way. Coming to Korea made us appreciate a lot of things about Canada that we just never really thought about before.

Now, in our video you’ll see a lot of food stuff. Ha! Yes, there are a lot of food things we miss from Canada, but that’s not all. There are things you can’t really do videos about. For instance, we really appreciate Canadian driving now. OH BOY! We felt so much safer crossing the streets and driving than we do in Korea. But we can’t make a video for that, now, can we? That’d be lame.

Other things we missed and couldn’t/forgot to make videos about: the smell of fresh cut grass, houses with gardens (rather than Korea’s endless expanses of apartments), video game shops, Queen St W and Downtown Toronto culture (though, sometimes the hipsterness level was overwhelming), not feeling like a foreigner/outsider aka Toronto’s awesome multiculturalism, seeing lots of tattoos, finding clothes that fit, seeing kids play sports after school rather than studying at hagwons.

I don’t want that list to be taken as a “OH YOU HATE KOREA!” kind of thing. Not at all. All we’re saying is that these are some things that we never actually appreciated before living in Korea, because it was just the norm for us. Korea’s got a lot of things that Canada should have as well, like better customer service that comes WITHOUT tipping, great infrastructure, a subway system that doesn’t suck tremendously and cost way too much (on that note, there’s lots of stuff in Korea that doesn’t cost WAY TOO MUCH), uncapped internet and phenomenal internet speed, busy nightlife (seriously: Canada felt like a ghost-town!), a great feeling of personal safety, people that really take care of themselves and their fashion, the ability to go somewhere without needing to drive to get there.

So, long story short, Canada and Korea both have their pros and cons. We can’t say that we like one more than another, or that one country’s better. We just feel like living in Korea now :D One day we’ll not be living here, and surely in whatever new country we’ll be living in we’ll be making videos about that country as well, and we’ll think about the things that we miss about Korea and Canada.

Otherwise, we don’t have any bloopers for this video, but we do have a bunch of pictures from our trip. If you’re a picture kind of person, you can check out our Canada/California vacation photo gallery. Yay!



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