Hey guise!

WE ARE FINALLY IN SINGAPORE! WAHOO! We arrived late last night, and didn’t get a chance to film that much, so this vlog is a bit short. Sorry guise! I’m sure we’ll have more fun videos of us adventuring around Singapore soon. Today I’m not sure how much we’re going to be able to do for filming, because today’s the day we go on stage and do our thing. If you want to see us on stage, being awkward and shy and scared (we’re so weird with public events) you can watch us here at 7:40PM Singapore time. It should be live streaming from there. Woot!

Wednesday, though, we’re going to try to get around Singapore and eat all of Singapore’s foods. All of it. Widespread food shortage in all of Singapore come Thursday. Biggest fatties we will become. Yoda speaking like we will continue. OH GOD WE’RE SUCH FOODIES! We stepped outside of our hotel and saw these delicious fruit juice stands and we want barrrrgghghhhllarrggl but it was hot so we ran back inside. Singapore: why you so hot? Damn this place is hot. HOT! We came at night last night and it was FREAKING HOT!

Ok, more news: on Thursday we might have our own LiveStreaming event here in Singapore. We’re trying to do something cool that you guise might like, so stay tuned! If it doesn’t work out, then we’ll still do the LiveStream, just with less coolness. Still equal amounts of awkwardness from us, though!

Oh! We didn’t even talk much about our video or day yesterday. Hi, Chester See. You don’t know me. Well, you didn’t know me until yesterday, but now you know I’m hacking into your puter. Actually, we met him last night and I confessed right away. He looked at me like I’m crazy. I don’t think that’s a good way to start a conversation “Hi I’m Simon you have a Macbook and I saw when I connected to the innernets and I tried ChesterTheMolestor as a password but it didn’t work.” I think I might have ruined a potentially beautiful friendship there. He laughed about it though. Said his password was ILUVBOOBEES. Didn’t try that yet. David Choi was really nice as well. He was just in Seoul performing. We spoke with him about seeing if we have any dates that we will meet each other in our respective countries. Maybe we’ll be going to LA soon? We also met MyChonny. Really nice guy. I think he was pretty tired, though. I was expecting him to yell at us while in a wig. Though, I’m not sure why I thought that. Do people expect us to Soy Un Dorito them when we meet? I hope not. I don’t want to throw Doritos at people. Anyhow, Chonny was super cool as well. Everyone is really nice. This whole place is nice, and we’re just expecting to have a wonderful time here. We’ll keep you posted with more videos. YAY!

Also, thanks to all the wonderful Singaporean Nasties who met us at the airport. You guise were so warm and welcoming. I can’t write more about how nice you are because Imma cry and I have to prepare for tonight and I don’t want to go on stage with red eyes and make it look like I’m smoking something when I’m not smoking I’m just emotional. Our taxi arrived late, and you all were really fun to be around. I feel bad for signing your phones. It’s your phones! Why would you want me to ruin it?! Also, turns out your Nastiness was so overwhelming that they had to call the police. I hope that doesn’t mean we got into trouble. I don’t want to be blacklisted from this lovely country. We might be coming back later this year, maybe. Can’t say yet, though!


    Personally, I just found that hilarious. hehem. But no one else did. So I’ll leave now…

  2. From being oegugin in a new country- make a right to hardworking, dedicated teachers- turn left on to Youtube sensations- arrive at being TOTAL STARS!!! How wickedly awesome has your path in life been so far. Congratulations are definitely merited! So happy for you both <3

  3. holy shit that is insane. you guys are gonna have to start hiring security. you’re like celebrities. lol.

    seriously though. i don’t understand why some Nasties gotta be all screaming and crazy when they see you… (us Japan Nasties were all perfectly respectable when we met you ^_-) same thing and k-con and people acting crazy and then you guys couldn’t move around. i mean, is it not possible to be like “Hey, Simon and Martina!!” without squealing like a pig getting gutted?? i mean you guys are dealing with it REALLY well… i’d be irritated. lol.

  4. I have to confess. i thought youtube sent out airplane ticket for all youtubers to arrive in same days, and that all the girls screaming outside was screaming for chester see who arrived before you…..i’m sorry

  5. Ahh, the cheers for Spudgy in the Fan event video were so cute :)

  6. I was moved and overwhelmed just watching this…*_*…congrats guys! Have fun!

  7. OMG HOLD EVERYTHING IS THE EYK CREW COMING TO VIDCON? Is that why you said you might go to LA?! Anaheim is like right there!! OMG I am having a mini heart attack.

  8. I wanted to cry!… that was so wonderful!…. yeah! nastys.
    simon you shoulda said : ” guys on my count all scream EAT YOUR KIMCHI !!” or something like that haha xD
    greetings from México


  10. I got the feeling that they were screaming at nigahiga… I heard that so…

  11. lol you two are celebrities ^_^

  12. My hopes of seeing you guys whenever you would visit Canada were dashed when I found out you were from Ontario, I’m from Manitoba xD so close, yet so far.

  13. Chester.. the molester HAHAHAHA and Simon’s commentary throughout the whole nasty mob experience “Oh god! Hi! Hi! Hey! Thank you so much! Whoa! Oh God! Oh God! Is this our taxi? Passport information? Hold on, oh god! Oh god!”

  14. Crap! i nearly got a heart attack when they started screaming, that’s so cool you guys have fun!

  15. You have to meet Hikakin, too!! He’s the insanely talented beatboxer from Japan!!

  16. Time to start concentrating on your “airport fashion”! XD Did you guys take into account that you would be photographed as you arrived into your airport fashion? Do you think you will in the future? XD

  17. OHMAGAWD!!!!!! I love RYAN HIGA n im a super big fan since a long time ago but now i will officially say that I LOVEEEEEE you guys so MUCH MOREEEE than him!!!! Thank you EYK! you guys r such inspiration n i can always relate to all your videos… Keep up the good work!!!

    PS: you guys who miss the live stream on youtube please go rewind back around 1hour 17 minute plusss to watch it! trust me you wont regret it! it has some behind the scenes stuff *hint* kpop stars *hint* u sure will regret if u dont watch….

  18. That’s totally what happens to meeeee when I travel! teehee! So amazing to see the unbelievable number of NASTIES there for you! Now… GO EAT ALL THE AMAZING FOOD!!!!

  19. That was absolutely awesome to see! And you guys handled the attention so well. If I had a mob of people start screaming at me, my first instinct would be to dive for cover and hide. XD

  20. yes singapore is really just hot. especially this time of the year. dress light when you guys are going around tmr!

  21. Wow. You guys are really… Like celebrities! x) I don’t really think of you that way…. You just feel like people to me. Weird

  22. Ahh this makes me smile so much! I can’t wait to see more singapore videos :D

  23. Man there were a lot of people at that airport that had no clue what was going on. You could see them looking around like “man I wonder for who all these people showed up, were we on the plane with a famous singer or movie actor?”.

    And I like to imagine that you bodychecked Niga Higa to get to the food stuffs. I know it didn’t happen, but in my mind it did.

  24. the crowd in the airport was so shocking. i feel soooooo happy for you guys… Please come to Malaysia!!!! We love you too…. oh u nasty!! xD

  25. Holy moly, even as a hardcore nastie I’m shocked at that reception, lol. Looks like Simon was pushed around or something. O.o Oooh Singapore, you’re so nasty!

  26. I just watched you live on youtube, that was awesome, thank you! :)

  27. Holy shhhhmokes….singapore is sooooo nasty!

  28. It happens to kpop idols who come here but that doesn’t top them from coming here, aye? *winkwink* you can visit here anytime!!

  29. Thanks for sharing the beginning of your adventure in Singapore! Holy Nasties! I know you answered this before in a TL:DR, but does it ever just become overwhelming? I know at the one con you couldn’t simply walk around and take video of stuff because you were swarmed. I struggle between whether my reaction would be screaming/crying/fangirling or pretending like I didn’t see you so you can go about your business if I ever do see you guise.

    Actually, I would probably run up, hand you my resume, bow, roll down my sexy window, and then run away arms flailing wildly making a high pitch keening noise. Yup.

  30. whoa!!!!!!!!!!!! so cool to see so many Nasties!!!!

    ahahahahha Simon trying to hack into the account!!!!
    and what a way to start a convo with the guy!!!

    cool!! MyChonny!!!!

  31. Come to boss barbq!!!!! :D It’s in Clarke Quay too! :D

  32. Murray, the tiniest member of the EYK crew is back! Hello Murray my little bug friend!

    When I saw that crowd I laughed and laughed. That must have been an equal combination of awesome and terrifying.

  33. The weather here in Cambodia is SSOO much hotter than in Singapore. Hope you guys have fun there and eat all the chilli crab!!

  34. LOL! Poor security. They were prolly wondering what’s the chaos was about. XD I wonder if other YouTubers experienced such awesome level of NASTINESSS~!

  35. Singapour’s airport was so not prepare for that nastie wave ^^

  36. OMG you guys are in Singapore!!! I wanna go watch you guys but the tickets were too expensive and I had exams… :( anyway enjoy your stay in Singapore!!! :D

  37. OMG you guys are in Singapore!!! :D I wanna go see you guys but the tickets are too expensive and I have exams now… D: Oh well, enjoy your stay in Singapore!!! :D

  38. I want to be in singapore RIGHT NOW.

  39. So insane!!! Brought a tear to my eye. That was amazing.

  40. seriously! you guys need body guard. SERIOUSLY. o_o

    also, i miss my motherland, and i’m so jealous you guys get to visit and i don’t! >_< you must eat pandan cake, and kaya toast, and chicken rice, and mee goreng, and and and and and and EVERYTHING!

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