Ok, this was the first time that we had an epiphany while using one of our WTFs. At first we thought this was to cover your arm, so that your arms wouldn’t get darkened by the sun. This we found silly, because – well – if you want long sleeves why not go out in a long sleeve shirt? It’s not like the sleeves are particularly fashionable. Anyhow, it wasn’t until we started using these sleeves that we realized that they’re probably less meant for protecting your arms and more made for cooling them. Holy crap were these sleeves awesome for cooling your arms! Sure, they might not look cool, but they feel cool! Hell, why hasn’t someone made a full-body suit of this? Korean summers would be muuuch more tolerable if you covered yourself head-to-toe in this wristlet. Though, I’m sure people might stare at you a bit…FOR LOOKING SO COOL! Seriously though: we’re still not fully sure what these are for. Anyone? We just guessed that they were to protect your arms, but now we think they’re for cooling them. Does anyone have the official answer? We’d like to know.

Otherwise, WOOHOO! It’s time for another WTF giveaway! Last time we made the mistake of announcing the contest the week AFTER the first four weeks, so there was a bit of confusion. We’ll be doing these giveaways every 4 weeks, rather than every month, which means 13 giveaways a year instead of 12! Sweet! This giveaway is for the Twonkle Cup, Double Eyelid Tape, Ddung Products, and arm covers. All you have to do to enter to win is make your own Twonkle Twonkle Nursery Rhyme! Submit it in the comments here or via YouTube. There’s no line limit, but please don’t write an epic of a poem :D

On a side note, we’re not sure what happened, but within the past week we had something close to 20 emails asking about what camera we use. Why the influx? A lot of people starting film classes recently? Who knows. Anyway, if you’re one of the people who are wondering, this is our camera here. It’s not the best DSLR video camera out there (we’d go for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II if we could afford it), but for what we need to do this camera gets the job done. In fact, we list our full camera gear here, with all our filters and audio recorders and lenses and whatnot, if you’re geeky and interested as well.

  1. Twonkle townkle little starKpop is the best at heartMay it be car windows or pink fartsOr pedobear in the shower nowTwonkle twonkle little starHongki time is about to start

  2. isnt taht what wade and other nba players wear? i am out sure :(

  3. I like how I’m still pissed off that I didn’t win this. XD

    Every time I get a post on facecool from EYKimchi I’m reminded of this giveaway.

    You have to admit those rhymes were legit.

  4. Twonkle twonkle little starWhy are you so fricken far
    All the way in Korea
    Far far far from my home town
    Twonkle twonkle little star
    One day I’ll be where you are

  5. simon u need a shirt that says “like a man” on it!!!! haha btw i love ur videos :)

  6. twukle twukle luttle star im getting really bored

  7. Twonkle twonkle little star
    Sitting over there at the bar

    Hair so silky like a 러시안 사람
    I ma buy you a soju bomb

    I talk smooth, baby you are so fine
    Soju takes us to wonderland where we bind

    When my hand purrs on her like a feline
    She freaks out OMGWTF is that on your arm?

    Twonkle twonkle calm down 러시안 사람
    Its only man stockings for my manly arm

    She says Spandex is a privilege not a right
    Just because you can, doesnt mean you should

    Then baby history will be made tonight
    Without this latex on my wood

  8. Twonkle, twonkle little star,
    You’re on a mug that’s delightfully bizarre.
    It’s such a daebak treasure find,
    How I wish that it were mine!
    So please spronkle me with some magic dust,
    ‘Cuz naneun ottoke if this song’s a bust?!

    (Hey Simon__ you’ll gimme at least one point for incorporating the word “bust” into my ditty, yeah?)

  9. Twonkle twonkle little star
    How the Vikings dream to bar
    Up upon the sea so rough
    Like a brown ëš± feeling buff
    Twonkle twonkle eat kimchi
    How I wonder you in tea

  10. i actually bought these thinking they were for keeping your arms warm. I bought them in February and went for a run in a t-shirt and these with my running pants. They were pretty much like refrigerators for my arms.

  11. Most Koreans wear them? I see only hikers wear them. When young people see that thing being sold on the subway, most of them might think, ‘who buys that kind of stuff? That is really hilarious… OMG that woman just bought it! Why are they buying that?….’

  12. I’d love one of those!!!!! Haha idk y they just look cool…

  13. talkle talkle little pooop how i wish that you all gone up that star i see there is a pooop on there talkle talkle little pooop how i wish that you with me later that time i find you i will poop you out of the cowww

  14. Twonkle Twonkle little star,
    did you see that ajumma?
    I wish I was in Korea, not here,
    but I have to wait until the end of the year.
    So until then I’ll watch your blog
    Because I’m so in love with your dog.

  15. Twonkle Twonkle little star, how I wonder what you are~!
    Up above the worlds so high, Like a russian-saram in the sky~!
    Twonkle Twonkle little star, Hey baby get in my car~! *intense eyebrow wiggles*

  16. Twonkle Twonkle little star
    Korea is so damn far
    I always want to visit
    But the price makes me go “SH*T!”
    Twonkle Twonkle little star
    How I wish it wasn’t so far.

  17. Twonkle twonkle little star,
    Get that Spudy in the car.
    Drive drive drive him to the vet,
    Where little Spudy was first met.
    Once he’s there he’ll get his shot,
    Barking, crying, whine a lot.
    Then you’ll drive drive drive him home,
    Where little Spudy chews his bone.

  18. Twonkle twonkle little star
    why are all the other poems about k-pop stars?
    you know, it’s really pissing me off
    because my creativeness is not on blastoff~
    so do i still have a chance to win?
    or is it just gonna be my dream?
    Twonkle twonkle little star
    don’t steal the cookies from my cookie jar T.T

  19. Twonkle twonkle little star
    Why, oh why are you so far?
    I guess that’s a good thing though,
    Because you’re so freaking chaud, <–means hot in french :D
    Twonkle twonkle little star,
    Please don't give me a big scar.

  20. 1. Twonkle twonkle little star, tried to get to you by car. Public transport costs too much, be it train or tram or bus. Twonkle twonkle little star, would love to visit but it’s too far.

    2. Twonkle twonkle little cup, for drinking soju with gimbap. Hard to walk now, falling down. Waigooks make video of me now. Twonkle twonkle on the road, too drunk to find Engrish rhyming word.

    3. “Twonkle twonkle,” says my mug. Winter’s cold – no Spudge to hug. Ddung on my face makes me smell like gran. Want waigook eyelids – now I can! Flapping wristlets make me fly. Twonkle donkey, in the sky.

  21. Twonkle twonkle my little star
    You ran away and left me a scar
    I only wanted one wish
    But you’re always selfish

    Twonkle twonkle my new star
    Don’t be like my old star
    You’re my new best friend
    I’ll be with you till the end


    Twonkle Twonkle, what did I eat?
    To pronounce you weirdly all week?
    Twonkle Twonkle, whatever you are
    When would my “i” be an “o”, when I say you out loud?

    Twonkle twonkle, what should we do?
    I’m old but you’re still you.
    Twonkle Twonkle, oh just please.
    Be pronounce like a normal twonkle!

    Oh bummer! I said Twonkle. I mean… Oh never mind.. Aisshhh

  22. I wrote 3. Excuse the lameness:

    1) - Twonkle twonkle little star
    Why are you so inexplicably far?
    You shine so bright, just like a dream
    More beautiful than I’ve ever seen
    You “twonkle twonkle”, so I’ve been told
    One day I’ll “twonkle” with you, Seoul

    2) - Twonkle twonkle little star
    The way you shine is rather bizarre
    You “twonkle”, not “twinkle”, what an extraordinary sight!
    Is this a special occasion, or is it for every night?
    Well, continue to “twonkle”, little star
    You’re special to me
    Yes, yes you are

    3) - Twonkle, twonkle little star
    YG forgot Australia
    This isn’t the first time it’s happened, you know
    He’ll take them everywhere except here for “Big Show”
    So “twonkle, twonkle” you, YG
    We’ll get our revenge, just you wait and see

  23. Twonkle twonkle little star
    You don’t know who’s martina?
    Did you forget where we are?
    You hate this love song? Which part?
    Are you on drugs, it’s not that hard.
    It’s Eatyourkimchi with Simon and Martina~
    Oh hey Simon, hey martina.
    We should kick this kid out of the car.
    I think he’s dunk and forgot… WTF??
    Don’t put that ddung stuff on my butt!
    Where did you get that stuff anyway? Korea?
    They do make some weird things, huh?
    Eyelid tapes and arm covers? How bizarre.
    Oh I want~ but I don’t know how much they are…
    I can have them if I win? A rhyme? Wait, what?
    Well I guess I’ll have to try very hard.
    I’m confident to hit it out of the park.
    Better than GD smashing the guitar.
    Imma win me some ddung perfume for my spar.
    I’d be posh and have some cigars.
    But I can’t so wish me luck.

    Oh god, this is sooo long… Bear with me, yeah?

  24. Twonkle twonkle little star, some chick broke gd’s heart.

    GD’s knife looked fairly sharp, I hope She’s Gone very far.

    TOP is a fine piece of art, makes Martina chase his car.

    Simon’s complains were about to start, Until he recieved a greetings card.

    Twonkle twonkle little star, Simon, your videos make me laugh.

    Whether it’s like poo or fart, the idea was kinda smart.

    I really want those double eyelid tapes, I won’t let them go to waste.

    Please keep doing what you do, I’ll always support you.


  25. Twonkle Twonkle Little Star
    Twonkle Twonkle Kpop Star
    They rub their lips and poke their cheek
    They thrust their hips and wink at me
    Twonkle Stars are so so far
    Kpop artists never are!


    some info about my poem haha…
    rub their lips & thrust their hips = male kpop stars
    poke their cheek & wink at me = female kpop stars

  26. jajajaja you are like kids when u used those sleeves and realized that they are made for cooling, so funny and kind adorable ….lindo en sierto sentido

  27. Twonkle twonkle chalice thing
    With you in hand I would be gasconading.

    My accoutrement and I will reach honorificabilitudinitatibus,
    Through refraining from partaking in abstemious

    Twonkle twonkle incongruous grail
    youll always be a English fail.

  28. Twonkle Twonkle Nursery Rhyme…now this sounds interesting.

    Twonkle twonkle, what the f*ck
    How, I wonder, why you’re stuck
    Up above the world so high
    As ddung gets flung from the sky

    Twonkle twonkle, odd little star
    Oh why are you just so damn far?

  29. Twonkle Twonkle little star
    how i wonder what you are
    up above in simon’s hand
    with the arm in cooling band

    twonkle twonkle little star
    how i wonder what you are

  30. Tonja

    Twonkle twonkle little star
    How I WTF you are
    Congratulations! Here’s some poo!
    I’ll put it on your head for you

    My name is ass! Lets patry time!
    Your popularity can only climb!
    Sure you was be tweeked (its true!)
    All your base are belong to us!

    (Sure you was be tweeked refers to THSK’s Purple Line – Yunho’s rap for those who don’t know)

  31. Zahra the black fangirl xD

    Twonkle twonkle little star
    I love nichkhun and minho
    They’re so sexy yes they are
    Yoseob’s smile brightens my heart
    GiKwang’s abs make me think dirty things
    But T.O.P. is the sexiest of alllllll

    lol <3

  32. Stuck to the space theme ^_^:

    Twonkle Twonkle little star
    NASA’s not sure what you are
    Hubble doesn’t even know
    Are you cousins with Pluto?
    Twonkle Twonkle little star
    Oh how your twonkle shines so far

  33. Twonkle, Twonkle little star, Korea is so bizzare! 0_0
    Swan massagers, ear picks too,
    please don’t dream of Simon’s poo! (Eww…)
    Twonkle, Twonkle, little star, Korea, stay the way you are! ^ – ^

    Eat your Kimchi, I love you!
    Thank you for bringing us so much awsomeness every week!
    I hoped you like my rhyme!
    Oh, and Simon, your poo isn’t that gross…sort of…

    <3 (less than three)

  34. Twonkle twonkle little star

    GD likes to smash guitars

    TOP enjoys a good foam kiss

    Seungri wishes he would miss

    Twonkle twonkle little star

    TOP has really funny harr! (Secret Big Bang for the win!)

    *I fixed the spelling mistake in it from before :P

  35. Twonkle twonkle, oh what a rhyme.
    “Can’t be sold for more than a dime”
    Or so I thought, but lo’ and behold-
    Many a tourist bought them, be they young or old!
    Diamonds, they must be! A girl’s best friend!
    Or perhaps like a Porsche, if you want to be “LIKE A MAN”!
    Twonkle, twonkle, or whatever it may be.
    I still love you atop my money tree.

  36. Twonkle Twonkle… “Mordney Present!”
    How I wonder… “You don’t know me!”
    Up above the world… “so HIGH HIGH!”
    Like a diam- NANANA ITAEWON
    Twonkle Twon- giggity giggity
    *face palm*
    Oh, how… “I hate this love song”

    Not the best attempt, but I just enjoy reading it because I imagine the first person trying to sing the song and the second person keeps interrupting with kpop lyrics and imitating the dance moves at the same time.

  37. Twonkle Twonkle epic mug,
    Mary’s lamb peed on the rug.
    The Ugly Duckling wanted double eyelid tape,
    So people would look at his beauty and gape.
    Jack and Jill wanted to smell grandma good,
    And by using Ddung Products they would!
    If Naruto wanted to be like a real man,
    Then he should use Man Arm Covers if he can.
    Twonkle Twonkle epic mug,
    Martina wants TOP to hug.

  38. Twonkle twonkle little star,
    Eatyourkimchi takes you far,
    Every week they show you K-pop Mondays,
    Find some weird items every Wednesdays,
    Also upload guides about stuff we don’t know,
    That you’d never seen in T.V shows.

    T.O.P from Big Bang is the BOMB,
    Martina and I are similar so far,
    Simon needs a manly shave,
    While Spudgy relaxes and plays.

    Music Mondays are so special to me,
    It is awesome as you can see,
    I really love all of them,
    They’re so funny that I would watch them again.

    Twonkle twonkle little star,
    Simon and Martina are BIG stars!!!!!!!

    An awesome poem for Simon, Martina and Spudgy D

  39. Sirenitagalactica1308

    Twonkle twonkle little star
    I’m so beautiful I like cats
    When I eat my pancakes
    I just wanna sing all day
    Twonkle twonkle little star
    I’m so happy I want pie.

  40. Twonkle twonkle little star
    How much hard I want that bag
    With those blue gloves for my arms
    Just like Rain<3 I want my eyes
    Twonkle twonke litte star
    Just like Big Bang ‘s twonkle cup I want
    when the morning coffee is hot
    my twonkle cup will make you rock!
    My cream of poop will save the day
    Twonkle twonkle grandma smell
    Twonkle twonkle little star
    Please send me the bag
    Because Mexico is so far
    And I love Korea so bad

  41. I’d totally send you guys ranch dressing mix packets for this batch of wtf’s :)

  42. Twonkle twonkle little star
    Creativity will take me far
    In this contest I’ll set the bar
    Twonkle twonkle little star.

    Twonkle twonkle little star
    There in Korea you set the par
    Here I am, I will not mar
    The original greatess,
    That is,
    twonkle twonkle little star

    –a (poor) tribute to Simon, Martina, and sheep everywhere.

  43. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,
    How wonderful is this channel so far,
    ‘Eatyourkimchi’is so fly,
    Like Spudgy’s mohawk in green-dye.

    ‘Music Mondays’ takes my blues away,
    I love the stuff that you both got to say,
    From dance moves, bad English, to the ultimate showdown,
    Your reviews are total PWN!

    ‘Wonderful Treasure Finds’ are super ‘jjang’,
    They never fail to make me go ‘ang ang’,
    As wonderful as they might seem,
    These ‘treasures’ at times makes me cringe.

    Nose roller and Jiahe nose-up seems torturous,
    Lighted ear-pick appear ingenious,
    Double eye-lid tape might work wonders,
    All the above, are so HILARIOUS!

    Twonkle Twonkle is the best thus far,
    The Ddung products, well… I don’t want to smell like a grandma,
    Who needs pantyhoses when we have ‘man covers’,
    Only in Korea can we find such wonders.

    “Congratulations! Here’s poo”,
    Makes me wanna go ‘boo hoo hoo’,
    I might not want to smell like poo,
    The finds are so funny, they make me go ‘WOO HOO’!

    Before I go, one more thing to say,
    Martina could go on about Big Bang all day; makes Simon want to hide away,
    Fan-girling over TOP might seem so cliché,
    But can anyone help it, he is just so suave!

    Twinkle Twonkle Little Star,
    How AWESOME SimonandMartina are!

  44. Twonkle Twonkle Kimchi, YAY!
    You guys always make my day.
    Music mondays, Like a Pro,
    I just thought You’d like to know
    Twonkle twonkle, YOU GUYS RULE!
    CO fan. Vous êtes super cool! <3

  45. Here i go:

    Twonkle Twonkle Youtube Stars,
    Big in Korea not we are. :(
    Finding random korean things,
    Treasure of the week our youtube brings. :)
    Twonkle Twonkle Youtube Stars,
    Soon this whole world will be ours~

    (Viking accent optional)

  46. twonkle twonkle cutie pup
    how i wish my mom bought one
    cause its super duper fun
    and im envious of spudgy

    twonkle twonkle come on now
    mom is going to buy me one!
    oh how im gna take pictures
    of my awesome LE-GEN-DARY pup!

  47. Twonkle Twonkle snores Spudgy
    when he sleeps in his beddie
    dreaming of his admirers
    and of his caring owners

    Twonkle Twonkle wakes Spudgy
    next he goes to pee quickly,
    then drifts through the officetel
    searching for gum, raising hell.
    But only finds ddung products,
    Now rain falls from his tear ducts.

    So I will propose this plan
    to send gum soon as I can
    and take the stuff so Spudgy
    twonkles twonkles happily.

  48. twonkle twonkle spudgy poo
    how adorable are you
    with your little monkey guffs
    eating pens and random stuff
    twonkle twonkle spodgy poo
    I wish I were you

  49. Twonkle twonkle, little star i wish upon you
    for a townkle cup of choco, my eyelids, don’t need
    to be doubled, i can use the tape to make my eyeballs
    be wider, i’m already dark, but to avoid getting darker
    i can sure use, the man arm covers, the ddung products i can
    use, to fix my faulty noose. Twonkle, twonkle little star, i now need
    to go to the bathroom….

  50. Twonkle twonkle, Spudgy dear
    Make my worries disappear
    Though you might be far away
    하지만 널 사랑해
    Twonkle Twonkle, Spudgy씨
    Wish you could be here with me.

  51. twonkle twonkle on a T.O.P star
    im still loving big bang from afar
    theyre so awesome I listen to them in my car
    big bang has fans no matter where you are
    G.D is so cute you’ll never find another
    Daesung is so sweet he could be my brother
    Taeyang is so hot that he can meet my mother
    Seungri is so nice he would never hurt others
    Music is my life
    I want to be T.O.P’s wife
    dont give me any strife
    just make things right and give me cool gifts
    what rhymes with gifts? im not in tokyo drift!

  52. Twonkle Twonkle twonkeling thing/

    What kind of treasure will this week bring/

    Wonderful Korean Treasure Find/

    Spreading happiness to all mankind?/

    What they are and they do

    Simon and Martina will give you a clue

    (All WTF to me;DD)

  53. Twonkle Twonkle twonkeling thing

    What kind of treasure will this week bring

    Wonderful Korean Treasure Find

    Spreading happiness to all mankind

    What you are and what you do

    Simon and Martina will give you a clue

    (Aaaaand as a Swede I probobly do sing this in a Viking accent)

  54. Twonkle twonkle look at TOP/
    He’s so manly he always tops./
    Up so high with looks so good/
    Even other men want his wood./
    Twonkle twonkle TOP’s so great/
    GD and Seungri wish they weren’t straight.

    Twonkle twonkle Simon’s manly/
    But when he looks like TOP it’s scary./
    All his t-shirts are so sick/
    But we all know he loves Slick Rick./
    Twonkle twonkle Martina’s in a trance/
    So we’ll just give Simon his ranch.

    Twonkle twonkle too bad I’m not done/
    Those wristlets look like so much fun./
    Don’t even get us to rant/
    About those awful pastel colored pants./
    Twonkle twonkle sorry this makes no sense/
    It’s all basically just a bunch of mess.

    Twonkle twonkle it’s disgusting/
    All that nasty raunchy thrusting./
    Too bad I’m a fangirl Simon’s just jealous/
    At all the fangirls that are overzealous/
    Twonkle twonkle TOP take a big bow (big bow)/
    Don’t forget to Eat Your Kimchi now!!

  55. Twonkle Twonkle little star
    Donkey needs to cover arms
    Come on down, don’t land in ddung
    Open your eyes, your in Itaewon!
    Double eye lids may help you see
    My love to Eat Your Kimchi

  56. Twonkle Twonkle little star,
    why are you just up so far.
    Up above the kpop sky,
    SHINeeing like a butterfly.
    Twonkle Twonkle onew star,
    how I love you just so arr. <3

  57. Twonkle, twonkle, little star
    SHINee like a T-ara
    Your INFINITE light at 2AM I see
    F.Cuzed from the BIGBANG’s energy
    Twonkle, twonkle, little star
    2NE1 your f(x) are H.O.T.est by far

  58. Twonkle Twonkle little star
    Eatyourkimchi is best by far
    To visit Korea is my dream
    Why can’t i see your shining gleam?
    When i see you i will wish to make me fly across the sea.
    Twonkle twonkle little star, i will wait for you to shine.

  59. Twonkle Twonkle
    Where the fat have you gone?
    Did you take my Ddung Products?
    Coz if it’s yes , I will POOP on you
    If you don’t want, come and give me back.

  60. When I watch your video, I feel that.
    ” You’re so hilarious. ”
    Thanks to you, I laugh. :)

  61. Twonkle Twonkle Little Thing,
    How I Wonder Where You Are?
    Searched All Day,
    And Searched All Night,
    But Still You’re Out Of Sight,
    Twonkle Twonkle Little Thing,
    How I Wonder What You Are?
    Still Don’t Know,
    Kind Of Still Care,
    If You Come Out I Promise I’ll Share,
    Twonkle Twonkle Little Thing,
    Can’t You See My Heart Stings?
    I’m Running Out Of Air,
    Losing All My Hair,
    So Let’s Get Together And Sing.
    Spudgy! Spudgy! Spudgy!


  62. Twonkle twonkle little star
    GD trashes his guitar
    Whenever Big Bang sings “Tonight”
    Me: Ayyy girl lets make a love / Girl: Alright!
    Dont want to go into detail
    Now send me that damn winning E-Mail

  63. Twonkle twonkle little star
    Met twinkle at a bar
    Partied hard all through the night
    Parted ways into the light
    Twonkle twonkle little star
    Twinkle’s brother from afar

  64. Twonkle twonkle little star
    Please don’t think this as bizarre
    Martina likes the color pink
    Simon likes shirts that think
    Music Mondays are the best
    Also, Spudgy beats the rest!

  65. Twonkle Twonkle Little Cup,
    How I wonder how your made?
    Like a normal mug from stores,
    Usually found on wooden shelves.
    Twonkle Twonkle Little Cup,
    When will I see you again.

    :D hahaa so random!

  66. Go with D7000 instead! :P

  67. Twonkle Twonkle little star,
    why is Korea so far?
    Study Korean every day,
    wasting teenage years away….
    It’s actually fun, and fights boredom!
    YONSEI UNI HERE I COME!!! <333333333333

  68. xxAmiChanxx

    Twonkle Twonkle Little Spudgy
    How I wonder how fluffy you are
    In a strawberry bed oh so cute
    Like a mochi nom nom nom
    Twonkle Twonkle Little Spudgy
    How I wonder how fluffy you are <3

  69. Twonkle Twonkle Lottle Stor
    How O wondor whot yoo or
    The end :D

  70. It can be anything right?
    This came to mind, lulz.

    EatYourKimchi had a farm
    and on that farm they had a Twonkle Donkey
    With a “twonkle-twonkle” here, and a “twonkle-twonkle” there
    Here a “twonkle”, there a “twonkle”
    Everywhere a “twonkle-twonkle”
    EatYourKimchi had a farm

    I wanted to try, and damnit, I tried. lolol and I’m so shy/nervous, never commented here before. D:
    -Runs away-

  71. Martina had a Twonkle Donkle,
    Its fleece was white as Spudgy,
    It ate so much kimchi that
    It became a little pudgy.

    He followed her to Music Monday,
    “HELLO,” he said, “JUMPING HIGH HIGH,
    BEFORE YOU GO I want to say
    CAN’T NOBODY see Korea’s so BEAUTIFUL I want to CRY.”

  72. Twonkle Twonkle little star

    This rhyme will be very bizarre

    Up above that persons eye

    Is that eyelid tape I spy?

    Red, blue, orange, yellow , white

    Pants and hairstyles worn so bright

    And now to end my twonkle song

    I’ll eat my kimchi all day long

    Mar-ti-na had a fly shaped smudge

    And Simon laughed at his blond love

    W-T-F (said like double-you-tee-eff) makes me scream with glee

    And I want a Twonkle Twonkle cup for my tea!

  73. Twonkle Twonkle little donkey
    i think of nothing but eatyourkimchi
    all week i wait for a w.t.f.
    and maybe a BIGBANG music monday
    Gd and top help me fly
    and eatyourkimchi gives me laughs
    oh how i love eatyour kimchi

    사랑해!!! you guys are the best!!!

  74. Twonkle, twonkle, little star,
    Your logography is really bizarre.
    In Korea on a mug,
    I would rather give Spudgy a hug.
    Twonkle, twonkle, little star,
    Maybe the donkey should play a guitar!

    When I try double eyelid tape,
    I hope my eyes won’t misshape,
    The my life would be really hard,
    Twonkle, twonkle, I will take you to the graveyard.
    Twonkle, twonkle, little star,
    Maybe double eyelid tape won’t make me look like an ape.

    Living in Korea must be so cool
    Even when drinking from a cup with a mule
    For you see here in Ontario
    I spend my time in the park walking throw a furrow.
    Twonkle, twonkle, little star
    How I wish I could drive someplace in a Jaguar.

    Twonkle, twonkle, little star
    It is true that Eat your Kimchi is so much better then you are.

  75. Twonkle Twonkle Twonkle
    Daddy had a donkle
    Donkle lied
    Daddy sighed
    WTF is a donkle?

  76. Sorry before I didn’t get to finish >.> my bad…

    Twonkle Twonkle little star
    What are you doing so damn far
    G-D and TOP say I can fly
    But there’s no hope, I am too sly
    Twonkle Twonkle little star
    Oh why this is way to har har harrrrrrrr

  77. Twonkle Twonkle little star
    What are you doing so damn far
    G-d and TOP say I can fly
    But there is no hope, I am too sly

    – ^.^

  78. Did Simon do somethign to his eyebrows?


    well theirs my poem i ddint want it to be like twinkle twinkle lil star just put my luvv for bigbang in it

  80. twonkle twonkle little star
    i love to eat kimchi
    people say it tastes like crap
    but i dont care cuz i luv it
    twonkle twonkle little star
    eatyourkimchi is the best

  81. Twonkle Twonkle Little Star

    I check my youtube everday

    just to watch simon and martina

    argue about top and snsd

    twonkle twonkle little star

    simon, give up, it’s top all the way.

  82. twonkle twonkle, little star
    Kidnapped Big Bang by bike, cause I don’t have a car
    To bring offerings to Martina, and Spudgy, my master,
    Got intercepted by G.na, shoot! If only I had cycled faster.
    So now I come to thee, empty handed and sad
    Please master Spudgy, please don’t be mad!

  83. Twonkle Twonkle Little Star

    Do hairy arms go that far?

    Hairy arms here and there

    That is the thing you should wear

    Man arm covers you should buy

    on 4/20 we’re all high…

  84. Twonkle Twonkle little star
    Seungri, GD, Taeyang, and TOP
    GD and TOP sing “HIGH HIGH”
    Like a spudgy I am slye
    Twonkle Twonkle little star
    Now I want to be a superstar


  85. My other one >.<

    Twonkle twonkle kpop star
    Make CFs for candy bars
    Star in dramas, MV's too
    Your fans will surely thank you
    Twonkle twonkle kpop star
    Spreading love, both near and far!

  86. I came up with a few… are we allowed to come up with more than one? I’ll post this one for now… /is embarrassed by it

    Twonkle twonkle SHINee star
    Onew’s gags won’t make you bore
    Taemin likes to prank Minho
    Key umma is Jonghyun’s ho
    Twonkle twonkle SHINee star
    Make the Shawols scream OPPAR!!!!


  87. Must be said in fake russian accent – like the Cate Blanchett in the Kingdom of the Crystal skulls

    Twonkle, Twonkle little star,
    Mordney Presents KPOP stars
    Give me mug and wristlets too,
    Ignore this ddung-flavored rhyme, cuz i know it smells like poo..

    Meenu …. http://www.facebook.com/meenu.da.werebunny

  88. Twonkle twonkle little star
    I’ve never win a giveaway so far
    All I want is that custom-made box
    The ninja in the post office gave me a mindblock

    PS: yeah I don’t care if I don’t win the giveaway, but it’d be awesome if you post me a custom-made box even if it’s empty. The ninja in the postoffice is awesome~ I meant this guy: http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/boxing-like-a-boss

  89. ****Viking voice on***

    Twonkle twonkle little star
    Now I want to kill afar
    Little children sleep all night
    My dog is killing all their sheep
    Twonkle twonkle little star
    Now I want to kill afar

    Twonkle twonkle little star
    How I wish you would drop dead
    As I kill and plunder all day
    As I bury you still alive
    Twonkle twonkle little star
    How I wonder where you are

    ~ Alessandra

  90. Twonkle Twonkle little star ~~
    How i want those manly arm covers ~~~
    Up above in the sky…i see spudgy jugs~~ { XD }
    Like DBSKs ~~ diamonds in the sky ~~

    Twonkle twonkle little star
    How i want that cup ~~
    when the Blazing DBSK is gone~~~
    RISING SUN comes along ~~
    When there is nothing to shine upon~~
    You can always trust your double eyelid tape to score you a date~~

    Twonkle twonkle all night long~~ DBSKs singing along ~~
    Twonkle twonkle Little Ddung ~~
    How i know you smell like my grandmother ~~

    Then the traveler in the dark comes and opens a spark
    Thank you for your Ddung Ddung smell ~~~
    For he could not see which way to go
    and your Iris Ddung lead him straight to my grandmother ~~
    and i got a new grandfather ~~~

    Twonkle twonkle little star~~
    i see the kpop girls tearing up
    up above in the sky…i stalk simon and martina all night O_o
    like little angels in the sky i try and sneak a view of DBSK~~~
    SHINee SHINee little star oh~~ why dont you get a manly cover to cool down ~~

    Twonkle twonkle little star
    i scored a date because of my twonkle cups and double eyelid tape~~

    twonkle twonkle little star ~~
    my friends call me grandmother and hug me all night long~~
    because……~~~ i smell like my grandmother~~ and they give me foot rubs with Ddung cream~

  91. ♫Twonkle twonkle, rittle su-tar
    How I want a cover for-my-arms
    I would wear it eberyday~
    Put it on and shout “Hooray!”
    Twonkle twonkle rittle su-tar
    Cover my arms like-a-kpop-su-tar♫

    (Su-tar = star :3)

    (C) Alicia! :DDD

  92. Twonkle twonkle litte star
    ESL classes were too far
    thus my rhyme is not correct
    Do my Engrish you respect?

    Ugh, sorry for the fail!

  93. Twonkle twonkle little star
    Stars are in the BIG BANG’s song
    IF you see in tonights MV
    you will see stars above me
    hot like chocolate cold like hair
    Their voices make you scream
    HAHA haha little star
    now its time to wee in your pants
    LETS SEE who win


  94. twonkle twonkle little star
    w.t.fs are really bizarre
    Ddung Ddung products on display
    eyeRID tape is “rong rong” play
    twonkle twonkle little star
    wear cool wristlets [pause here: like a man], helps so far :)
    eh. i tried =]


    :D Tadaaa~

  96. (Please activate Viking mode before even looking at my Twonkle song.)

    Twonkle twonkle little star
    Now I murder baby sheeps
    In the night my family creeps
    The baby skulls we plan to keep
    Because little twonkle cups
    Cost too much, recession sucks.

    (The second half starts with the melody “up above the world so high”)

    Pillage village defenseless (My Viking accent makes defenseless sound like defenseleece)
    Twonkle cup will bring world peace
    If twonkle cup we have not won
    Then viking job never be done. (Yes, the Vikings are holding world peace hostage)

    (I am simply the messenger, but I will accept the cup on their behalf and whatever else you wish to lavish our Overlords with. Attached is a photo of your beloved master.)

  97. Ahem…
    *Insert double snap here*

    “Twonkle, Twonkle, little star, I hope someone knows C.P.R.
    Eatyourkimchi makes me laugh,
    sometimes so hard I pee my pants,
    Twonkle, Twonkle, little star, maybe its pronounced mir-are?”

    *Snap snap*
    You guys are awesome, and I hope you liked my rhyme!
    (And I don’t actually pee my pants, btw, but I get pretty close.)

  98. twonkle twonkle little star
    kpop is been number one
    since your youtube page came out
    many kpop fans came out too
    i just want to thank you guys
    for spreading the kpop love…:”)

    simon,martina and spudgy=DAEBAK!!!

  99. Twonkle twonkle little _____
    how you make me_____(burp)
    This is really awkward
    Dadadadada~ I want the arm things
    (insert kpop rap)
    Twonkle twonkle~

    Hope you liked it :)

  100. Twonkle Twonkle Rittle Star
    I really really want your cup
    Share it with my friends to gloat
    Arm Covers are the way to go.
    Ddung Products are just my style
    Double Eyelids I need them now.

  101. We have those in Japan too! But here they are for women, they have girly patterns, and they don’t keep your arms cool at all! They are simply meant to protect you from getting a tan… no idea why not simply wear a long sleeve shirt then? Maybe leaving that small opening between the armpit and the sleeve works for better air circulation? I wish there were some with cooling gel over here as well!

  102. Just because i felt like it, i decided to make a rhyme for each WTF. Enjoy! :D

    Twonkle twonkle little mug
    oh i wonder what to chug
    on the top shelf way too high
    like GD up in the sky
    twonkle twonkle little mug
    you made me go what the fu….g :)

    Twonkle twonkle d-lid tape
    had to shorten your long name
    you make chinky eyes go B00M
    turning almonds into moons
    twonkle twonkle d-lid tape
    you do wonders to eye shape!

    Twonkle twonkle ddung beauty
    for smelling like patootie
    a viewer sent this to you
    so you smell like grandma too
    twonkle twonkle ddung beauty
    reviewed by eat-your-kimchi! :D

    Twonkle twonkle namja sleeves
    changes Simon’s first belief
    Martina loves the cool breeze
    as much as she loves spudgy (not)
    twonkle twonkle namja sleeves
    to not show off all your beef :P

    I hope you guys enjoyed them, since I spent a lot of time on them :] I love you guys and your videos and I can’t wait for each one to come out! Keep it up- I’m really thankful :)

  103. Twonkle Twonkle Rittle Star
    K-pop fan girls are scary
    They rip out hair and scream loudly.
    They’d tear of chunks of the K-boys.
    TOP and G.D. can create their own army..
    Let’s not forget all the K-girls.
    Like G.Na, BoA, what the hell.
    They both have three letters in their name.
    Anyway, my bad, off topic.
    Who can forget the drama girls.
    Who glue themselves to watch all night.
    Though they all have the same plot lines…
    Cry in raining sets, get sick.
    Miss their lovers by an inch.
    Hot guys from left to right.
    Fall for one girl who SEEMS just right…
    Anyways, please let me win.
    I really want that twonkle cup!
    As well as the other stuff.
    You two are really great
    Thanks for all your music Monday.
    As well as all the other things.
    I’ve been watching you two since I’ve been…. 13?
    I’m not sure how to end this….

  104. Twonkle twonkle little star
    In Korea, oh so far
    Twonkle over those so rare
    As Simon, and Martina there
    Spudgy, I love your cool green ‘do
    Kogi, Nogi, Pogi too
    Twonkle Twonkle “Like a MAN!”
    Eatyourkimchi, I’m a fan!

  105. Twonkle Twonkle, ball of burning gas in outer space that appears miniscule to the naked eye, but in actuality is a thousand times larger than our Sun,
    I wonder to myself, exactly what matter are you comprised of?
    O, how many light years you are away from the Earth.
    Your surface is exceedingly luminous and reflects light just as the minerals underground that, under intense heat, harden in to precious gemstones do.
    Twonkle Twonkle, ball of burning gas in outer space that appears miniscule to the naked eye, but in actuality is a thousand times larger than our Sun,
    I wonder to myself, exactly what matter are you comprised of?

    *snap fingers* *beats bongo drum* Thank you, thank you. ^^

    Loved the video!

  106. Twonkle Twonkle Little Star

    De ze nu dum ba num dah.

  107. Twonkle Twonkle Little Star
    SM and JYP has bad ‘engrish’ too
    Don’t be surprised if donkey sprays his new Ddung perfume

    Twonkle Twonkle Little Star
    Most asians want bigger eyes
    double eye-lid tape? no surgery what a surprise!

    Twonkle Twonkle Little Star
    Summer weather is very hot
    So why don’t you give those arm pantyhose a shot

    Twonkle Twonkle Little Star
    Wtf wednesdays prizes are all set
    Simon and Martina your the best ! <3

    Twonkle Twonkle Little Star
    Can I win the prizes this week
    please please please
    and don't forget I like eatyoukimchi

    Simona and Martina I love your videos I learning something new about korea everytime! Keep up the great work!

  108. Twonkle Twonkle Little Star
    Big Bang drives by in a car,
    Fan girls scream and chase and at the lead…
    Simon sighs at this event,
    His energy already spent.
    He pets Spudgy and asks “Why is my wife such a geek?”
    He goes to edit and wonders, will happen again next week?
    Twonkle Twonkle Eat Your Kimchi Stars,
    I wonder how you REALLY are~ (BUM BUM BUUUUUMMMM)

  109. (Can be sung with or without viking accent)

    Twonkle, Twonkle, little star,
    Martina says girls have boob-arms!
    Simon laughs and sprays Ddung.
    Now it smells like great-grand mum.
    Twonkle, Twonkle, little star
    Martina says “Anyone have a kettle? Swiss Alp water? No?”
    Simon winks with double eyelids taped “Oh, sweetie!! Heck no!!”
    Spudgy watches them and is pleased drinking a mug of coffee
    Twonkle, Twonkle, little star,
    Korean gifts are so bizarre!!

  110. Twonkle Twonkle little star
    Do you know how dumb you are?
    You see all the other stars saying Twinkle Twinkle
    Why are you being such a freakle? (yes i just made up the word freakle to rhyme with twinkle ^^)

    Twonkle Twonkle little star
    Haven’t i seen you at a bar?
    Oh yeah I have….
    Now I’m sure you are just drunk like funny Choom T.O.P….*whispers Chooooomm T.O.P*

    haha yeah tht’s my rhyme thingy…..oh and one more thing…

  111. 5 am, waking up in the morning
    Gotta watch that video, gotta go to my labtop
    Gotta have that new song, gotta have it right now
    Seein’ every video, the time is goin’
    twonkle twonkle, but my mind’s not rushin’
    Gotta get down to youtube
    Gotta watch hello baby, with my friends (My friends)

    Martina in the front seat
    Spudgy and me in the back seat
    Simon make your mind up
    Which seat can you take?

    SO we can see SHINee SHINee
    twonkle twonkle shinee
    wake up and listen to them every day,
    and watch their videos today.
    it’s SHINnee SHINee
    twonkle twonkle SHINee
    listening to my ipod as they sing
    then go watch hello baby

    Replay, Jullete (yeah)
    RIng ding dong, Hello (yeah)
    Fantastic, elastic
    Love like oxgen weekend.

    2:45, we just got out of school
    Korean Bookstore, WE wanna ge there real soon
    key, key, think about key
    You know we can make it there
    we got this, yeah we got this
    My friends are by my right
    we’re ganna get it, gattta get it
    Now that the cd’s out

    Martina in the front seat
    Spudgy and me in the back seat
    Simon make your mind up
    Which seat can you take?

    SO we can see SHINee SHINee
    twonkle twonkle shinee
    wake up and listen to them every day,
    and watch their videos today.
    it’s SHINnee SHINee
    twonkle twonkle SHINee
    listening to my ipod as they sing
    then go watch hello baby

    Replay, Jullete (yeah)
    RIng ding dong, Hello (yeah)
    Fantastic, elastic
    Love like oxgen weekend.

  112. reading these poems is so fun! lol seunghyun rapping star! you guys are great. imma think of a poem..

  113. Twonkle Twonkle little star
    Spudgy broke into my car
    Green fur all over the seat
    And paw prints showing his little feet
    Twonkle Twonkle- holy shit!
    Spudgy’s stolen my wallet T_T


  114. Twonkle Twonkle Spudgy dear
    I want to hise inside your ears
    Moertiy’s Present is after me
    He turn my life into a dream
    Twonkle Twonkle spudgy dear
    How awsome it would be to see you there ^_^

  115. Twonkle Twonkle Little Star
    How I would like to travel far
    Across the sea, to Kor-e-a
    To meet Genius “Simon and Mar-tin-a”
    Twonkle Twonkle Little Star
    Thanks for being Who You Are

  116. The arm covers are useful if you have a removable cast for a broken bone. Much more stylish than the skin colored elastic bandages and no wrapping required.

  117. Twonkle Twonkle, give me stuff.
    ‘Cause Martina is pretty, and Simon is buff.

  118. Twonkle twonkle go-kpop,
    eatyourkimchi never stop!

    Asians put math into song,
    So we love them all day long.
    Twonkle twonkle go-kpop,
    eatyourkmichi never stop!

    Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri,
    I love you less than SHINee.
    Twonkle twonkle go-kpop,
    eatyourkimchi never stop!

    TOP dances in their Love Song,
    I could watch him all day long.
    Twonkle twonkle go-kpop,
    eatyourkimchi never stop!

    Simon, Martina, Spudgy,
    Thanks for this activity.
    Twonkle twonkle go-kpop,
    eatyour kimchi never stop!

    (referrences are to:
    0330 by U-Kiss
    BigBang and their Love Song
    and finally, eatyourkimchi.com)

    =^.^= kitty

  119. well i was going to come up with a nifty twonkle song but um I read all the other ones and I can’t compete =( Twonkle Twonkle too bad!

  120. These actually aren’t particularly Korean. I see them all them time when racing in the States. Generally just 5ks and up. I see them a lot more frequently in Korea by everyday ajummas and ajosshis, but they aren’t uniquely Korean. Then again, maybe Nike got the design from the ROK.

  121. The arm covers look like they’re the same thing as Under Armour, maybe they serve the same purpose? Too cool you off and whip away sweat while you work out.

  122. Twonkle Twonkle Little Star,
    Seunghyun is a hot rapstar,
    You know the one from Big Bang,
    The one that ate my meringue! :(
    Twonkle Twonkle Little Star,
    I hope they will come this far =(

    -catherine america =(

  123. [Twonkle Twonkle T.O.P
    I hered your wispers in my dreams
    Beside simon's poo, all I here was ChoomTop
    I think simon's poo was the police cop.
    Twonkle Twonkle T.O.P
    I hope when I wake I don't have to pee.]

    Twonkle Twonkle little star
    SHINNee in Arm Pentywhoes were you are
    Yes they left the rainbow pants
    They heared Maerina Hates them to death
    Twonkle twonkle little star
    To bad eatyourkimchi is not were you are

    ~Love you Guys :D~

  124. Twonkle Twonkle little star
    How did you guys get so far
    Making videos of your find
    They are totally worth my time
    All these Wonderful Treasure Finds
    I can’t believe it, just blowing my mind
    Too bad this song cannot fit
    More than 500 character limit
    So now it is time to go
    I’ll be waiting to see your next video!

    I posted this on youtube but wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be here or there… >.<

  125. Twonkle, twonkle little star
    How I wonder what this (sic) are
    Coffee cup with words misspelled
    They write “Engrish” really well
    Twonkle, twonkle lid tape for your eyes
    look permanently surprised

    Twonkle, twonkle Ddung products
    your name’s funny, but kinda sucks
    the fragrance smells like granny and iris
    and it makes a happy virus
    Twonkle, twonkle arm pantyhose
    Comes in handy when I shoot my bow and arrows

    Twonkle, twonkle wonderful treasure find
    I’d really like to win this prize
    Cup with donkey, star and bird
    A-well-a don’t you know about the bird?
    Well, everybody knows that the bird is the word!
    A-well-a bird, bird, b-bird’s the word

  126. Twonkle Twonkle Little Star,
    Donkey Get Hit By Car.
    Piano Boy Shot in Head,
    We hope that he not Dead.
    Bad spelling on cup,
    Poisoned grammar without stop,
    Twonkle Twonle Little Star,
    This cup is bad.

  127. Twonkle Twonkle little star,
    your spelling sucks just like ‘Sistar’.
    Your colors stink just like SHINee,
    but like Big Bang you make me squee.
    Twonkle Twonkle, you’re awesome
    just like Itaewon Freedom!

    By Kenney Knisely and Isabel Villa :3

  128. twonkle twonkle little star
    this song is ultra bizarre
    but i like……………, W.T.F!!!
    and my mom is……….. such a good chef!!!
    now im gonna go eat curry
    and needing the toilet in a hurry!
    :) :) :)
    hope i win :)

  129. Twonkle Twonkle Korean Stars,

    Big Bang makes my heart go RAWR!

    Several hours of Oh My School!

    Then listening to B2ST’s hit song Soom!

    Twonkle Twonkle Korean Stars,

    Us fans just wish to steal you’re hearts.

    Shinee, Suju, ZE:A,

    I could listen to K-Pop all day,

    Twonkle Twonkle little star,

    How i adore my Korean Stars!

  130. Twonkle twonkle eatyourkimchi,
    I want your prizes please please please…chi.
    Yes, I know I can not rhyme,
    And If I win i’ll be suprised!
    Twonkle twonkle goodbye now,
    I hope you had fun anyhow. (wahey! I rhymed! :D)

  131. Twonkle Twonkle little star
    I’ll like my coffee with sugar
    powder with some fairy dust
    cream and kimchi and such..
    Twonkle Twonkle little bug..
    what is a Twonkle Twonkle cup?

    Twonkle Twonkle little star
    beauty has gone pretty far
    they have tape for your two eyes
    put them on, suddenly you’re fly
    Twonkle Twonkle little stars
    with huge eyes you should be from mars.

    Twonkle Twonkle little star
    Ddung you’re so cute, yes you are
    You have lotions for our feet
    Perfumes that smell very chic
    Twonkle Twonkle little star
    …. What a minute.. You’re name means poop?
    I don’t think I can watch your show while eating my food.

    Twonkle Twonkle little star
    I like those sleeves for your arms.
    Do they really keep you cool?
    But in sports I’m a total fool.
    Twonkle Twonkle little stars
    I just want them to hide my scars.

    Twonkle Twonkle little star
    Never will I have to search so far
    I really want those treasure find.
    Pick me and make them mine.
    Twonkle Twonkle little star
    eat your kimchi and you’ll never starve.

    the end.

    Yes it’s all one poem.. and ..I’m.. not cheating.. (o___o) … hopefully.
    Anyways, looking forward to more WTF. I love discovering new weird things in Korea.
    Keep it up Simon and Martina =)
    -Have a good day ^^

  132. Twonkle Twonkle
    Little Spudge
    Now Simon needs to clean the rug

  133. Twonkle tonkle Farmer’s tan
    Now you drive.. LIKE A MAN!
    Spudgy likes to have his noms,
    Ddung makes lip STAIN not lip balms.
    Twonkle Twonkle little Donkeys
    Now give me the prizes please.

    Pretty please? With a Cherry on T.O.P?

  134. Twonkle Twonkle, Asians Speak
    English With Some Bad Technique

    Maybe Asian Stars Don’t Twink?
    They “Twonk”, and Put It On Your Drink

    Twonkle Twonkle, Sing This Song
    Your Pride Won’t Be Around For Long

  135. twonkle twonkle
    little prize
    i want my wtf things
    please please give me
    one or two
    i just one to win something

  136. Twonkle twonkle little star,
    How cold and chilly I wonder you are.
    Take half my shirt, I’ll keep the rest.

  137. Twonkle Twonkle Little Cup
    I could use you to hold my stuff,
    and when I’m tired in my class
    double eyelid tape would save my ass.
    When people ask my perfume’s name
    I would tell them why dung, the very same!
    And when Houston weather gets too hot,
    I’ll sure give those arm pantyhose a shot.

    So Simon and Martina, you are the bee’s knees…
    All i have to say is “PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE”

    Also, Ya’ll are awesome :D

  138. Twonkle twonkle little star

    Give me dung inside a jar

    Triple eyelids would be fly

    And arm covers for a guy

    Twonkle Twonkle little star

    If i don’t win I’ll run over you with my race car (2NE1 STYLE!)

    [ps. read that last line fast and read the 2NE1 part manly-like]

  139. Twonkle twonkle eye make-up
    You were stirred inside a cup
    Mblaq’s eyes begin to cry
    How come you wont tell me why? (Y)
    Twonkle Twonkle eye make-up
    Spudgy peed inside that cup

    Get it? ;D

  140. twonkle twonkle little star,

    typing this poem with my arms,

    fingers hurting when in place,

    i need to learn how to type with my face,

    twonkle twonkle, i hope i win,

    if i do, i’ll do a backspin.

    jk. ill never do that. hahaha.

    i also posted on youtube under summercheng :D

  141. twonkle twonkle little dung.
    how i wonder what you are
    Tape thats on my eyelids,
    make them bigger.
    Comment: i wish TOP would wear those… they would show his muscular, toned, smexi, arms XD TOPP ILY!

  142. ~VIKING ACCENT!!!~
    Twonkle Twonkle little star
    I don’t know why this is so bizarre.
    Double eyelid tape is so “o.o” <–(awkward face)
    Also Ddung products are bad when homade
    Also when Martina wore man wristlets
    Probable make TOP really wet..

    (or hard… which ever your prefer)

  143. Twonkle twonkle little star
    I want TOP in a jar

    Keep him all to myself
    Maybe sitting on my shelf

    Twonkle twonkle little star
    ‘tina you can come by car

  144. The Llama (in the car)

    Twonkle twonkle little star
    Mordneys gift will get you far

    If you don’t like Mordneys gift
    FIREMURDER…get my drift

    Twonkle twonkle little star
    I’m a llama in a car

  145. omggggggg simon has a tattoo never woulda thought

  146. Twokle Twonkle sing a song
    Of furry coats, white and long
    Though walls of toilet paper run
    A cutie booty in snow and sun
    Twonkle Twonkle dance and sing
    For Spudgy comes a cantering

  147. Twonkle Twonkle little star,
    Simon lifts a heavy bar.
    Spudgy runs in between his feet,
    to go lay on his favorite sheet.

    Simon juggles the bar in response,
    fell on his head and now speaks like he was part of the renaissance.
    Critiquing Martina on her pronunciation of ‘mirror’,
    Martina goes hulk, and puts him in terror.

    Simon is scared and runs away,
    he leaped for a corner and started to pray.
    Seconds later he opened his eyes,
    it was just a hallucination, Martina in disguise!

    Everything was normal, back to the way they were.
    Simon won’t critique Martina again, that’s for sure.
    It was time for bed, they called Spudgy to sleep,
    and they drifted off without a peep!


    Wow that was rushed haha XD I won’t win with that but it was fun!! :D ^^b I love the videos! Keep up the good work ;)

  148. Twonkle twonkle little star
    Eat Your Kimchi is the hottest webiste by far
    You guys are now part of my heart
    I fell in love with you right from the start
    Twonkle twonkle little star
    You guys are my superstar

  149. Twonkle Twonkle little star,
    Please don’t murder baby sheep
    No more monolids to hate
    Just use double eye lid tape
    With trendy wristlets and grandma spray
    So for the poor sheep, stay away!

  150. Twonkle Twonkle What The Fish??
    Are those thingys that you have?
    Twonkle Twonkle they are weird.
    But you gotta admit they are useful.
    Twonkle Twonkle it doesn’t matter.
    Because they are so cool anyway.
    Twonkle Twonkle yeah yeah yeah
    I hope this is good enough.
    Twonkle Twonkle I’m speechless now.
    So I’m going to say bye bye bye~~ :D

  151. Twonkle twonkle little store,
    WTF, what are you selling these for?
    With ddung and tape and wristlets galore,
    used for ones benifit, for sure.
    Twonkle twonkle little store,
    Please! Tell me what these are for!

  152. I’ve actually seen some of the guys at my school wear those man wristlet things during PE =D
    hahaha and i live in the US

  153. Twonkle Twonkle little star.
    TOP is sitting in a car,
    Driving towards whichever place
    He can see Martina’s face.

    At the studio in Seoul,
    Seungri’s stretching on a pole.
    GD’s practicing his moves
    Taeyang heartily approves.

    All the way across the street,
    Daesung’s getting a receipt
    For the flowers he just bought
    So he can win Martina’s heart.

    But oh poor Simon, don’t you fear
    Martina always will be here.
    For BIGBANG’s small when they’re compared
    To Spudgy’s warmth or your cool hair.

    Twonkle twinkle little star.
    In Korea’s where you are.
    What a perfect place to vlog
    And raise a tiny green-ish dog.

  154. Twonkle Twonkle little star…

  155. Twonkle Twonkle little star,
    We wonder what some things are for
    Poop perfume is really great
    All the girls will wear it on their date.
    Twonkle twonkle little star,
    we wonder what some things are for!

  156. Twonkle twonkle little star,
    I can sell ddung grandma from way off far,
    Namja wristets make me look anime awesome,
    Double eyelid tape WTF must of been invented by a drunk possum!
    Twonkle twonkle little star~

  157. Twonkle Twonkle Little Star
    Why are Korean things so bizarre?
    Double lidded tape for your eye
    Ddung products to apply
    Twonkle Twonkle Little Star
    Why are Korean things so bizarre?

  158. these twonkle poems are epic. they all deserve wtf packages


  160. i think they DO have full body ones. I think thats what i’ve seen people wear in jimchilbangs in the mega hot room. ( seen on shows) People on Happy Together Show wore some.

  161. Twonkle Twonkle little star,
    A Korean guide to take you far,
    Smelling bad? Then spray some Ddung,
    Namja wristlets are lots of fun,
    Out with the wax with your light sabre,
    Massage with a hook after tough labour,
    Squishy nose? Then roll it out,
    Ddung lip tint for that perfect pout,
    Eyelid tapes enhance your look,
    Donkeys ears are so off the hook!
    WTF, what is up next?
    If I win, just gimme a text ;)

  162. Im offended i have boobarbs







  165. I just realized there’s a website for ddung products! and animations as well

    So I found out that ddung didn’t really refer to poops but rather as ddung ih. So I guess the baby girl is supposed to be ddung ih becuase she is chubby? like ddung ddung hae? 뚱뚱해. so 뚱이

  166. Twonkle twonkle little star
    Stay in sky and I stay in car
    Oh look a dove up so high
    Wait look there’s a hot guy
    Twonkle twonkle baby star
    Oh You look so cute so far :)

  167. Twonkle Twonkle little star
    Look how my day went so far
    Had two tests in a row
    Wanted to finish and go run home
    Got stopped by friends and had a chat
    Reminisced about our teacher’s pet rat
    Then went home to have a surprise attack
    My big bang poster came at last
    Giggled in a dorky way seeing GD’s face
    Oh how I wished I was at his place
    So that I can take his accessories and put them in a suitcase

    Twonkle Twonkle little star
    Surprised how good my day went so far
    Hope that more good will come my way
    Oh look my mom is serving my favorite food hooray!

  168. Twonkle twonkle donkey mug
    your smooth texture I wish to hug
    Wrapped around my snuggie here
    ddung ddung products make the air smell clear.
    double eyelid tape on my eyes
    Help scare away these horsey-flies.
    “I’ll walk around my school with fishnets,
    Oh no wait I’ll wear my arm wristlets.”
    Twonkle twonkle donkey mug
    Let me drink my Yuanyang. (:

    (Yuanyang, sometimes also called Ying Yong, is a popular beverage in Hong Kong, made of a mixture of coffee and Hong Kong-style milk tea.)

  169. Twonkle twonkle little star
    my little brother just threw a fart
    he keeps coming in my room
    hiding,creeping,sneaking in
    when i’m sleeping I dream of
    beans and pizza.. omg i’ma throw up…

    Haha my little brother loves your videos :D & he loves to bother me with his farts also -___-”


  171. Twonkle twonkle little star
    Korean donkeys all say Rawr!
    They wear double eyelid tape
    with sparkly arm wristlets and a silver glitter cape
    They don’t deny their R Squared Pi
    because Mordney would hunt them down and make them cry
    They wear a splash of Ddung perfume and have foot cream rubbed on their hooves
    See them dancing in the street, showing off their K-pop moves
    Twonkle twonkle little star
    Is that Korean donkey playing the guitar?

  172. i am by no means a writer but those are things look amazing and i would love to get a pair just so i can wear them in the summer and keep cool without getting sunburned or slathering myself in sunscreen. so here we go:

    twonkle twonkle, engrish stuff
    oh how weagookins buy it up!
    drop a verb and switch some vowel
    for a mug or on a towel
    mess up words and hear them howl

    twonkle twonkle, eat your kimchi
    i think this blog is really nifty


  173. Twonkle Twonkle donkey pet
    I think you’re my only friend
    Lame we live here on a mug
    and Simon make fun of us

    Twonkle Twonkle donkey pet
    Eat your Kimchi is the best

  174. I’m a runner and we call them compression arm sleeves or arm warmers. They wick away moisture from your arms while running or doing sports and they keep blood flowing for good circulation. The sleeves are convenient because you can remove them easily while running whereas a long sleeved shirt is sort of hard.

    They can keep you cool (which you guys already figured out) and some can keep you warm. The warm part is good because if you are running and have these, you won’t overheat.

    *The more you know.*

    • That’s awesome! I’m a runner also, I def have to buy some :D

    • Wow! Thanks for the info!

      I (Simon here) used them once while playing basketball, but they were a lot thicker than the ones we tried here. They were really tight. These ones here are just really thin…really like pantyhose, honestly. I didn’t think they did the same thing…

      • They probably made them thinner for general public use and used the sports images for a selling point (I see what you did there Korean wristlet company!), but I’ve seen them in all types of thickness for running.

  175. Twonkle Twonkle little twankle
    What a little twonk you are
    You twonkle everywhere you go
    Your kind of like a star
    But twonk your the twinklest twonk
    That I ever did see
    Twonkle twankle twonk
    Only twonk for me

  176. Twonkle twonkle little star
    those arm wristlets are quite bizzarre

    one those litlle things i might just buy
    wonder it’ll fit my fat thigh ^^

    twonkle twonkle little star
    eat your kimchi ROCKS! so far

    have you seen B1A4?
    a rookie group you will ADRORE!

    twonkle twonkle little star
    why do i have to live so far :(

  177. Twonkle Twonkle little cup
    Get some coffee, fill it up.
    Be it donkeys, be it not,
    Just make sure the coffee’s hot.
    Flap your arms into the breeze,
    but don’t spill on my arm covers please.
    Double eyelids guaranteed.
    Free of plastic surgery.
    A piece of tape is all it takes
    to make your eyes look realistically fake.
    Ddung ddung products I love you too,
    Cause you don’t truly smell like poo.

  178. Twonkle twonkle little star
    Sadly korea is oh so far
    Eat your kimchi like a man
    Going to korea is my plan
    Twonkle twonkle little star
    Coffee mugs are just so cute
    Just like chopsticks wi-ith fruit

    I like nom nom just like you
    Those arm covers are nice and blue
    Wish we had them in holland
    But we don’t and this is the end.

  179. twonkle twonkle, awesome bro’
    you be pimp and i be ho’
    give me dung and give me mugs
    all those wonderful treasure ffff-inds
    triple eyelids, wristlets too
    then simtina i’d love youuuu! (even more) >:D

    (<- simtina, my new OTP. *O*;)

  180. 1 little 2 little 3 little Twonkle Stars
    4 little 5 little 6 little Twonkle Stars
    7 little 8 little 9 little Twonkle Stars
    10 Little Twonkle Stars!

  181. Artgirl0215

    Twonkle Twonkle little mug,
    How I want some hot cocoa.
    Drinking out of you with joy,
    And spread it all around the room.

    Twonkle Twonkle treasure finds,
    Maybe I’ll put on some tape,
    That will make my eyelid strange.
    Put on some of that cool poo,
    That smells like old ladies scent.
    Cool my arms off with some weird stuff,
    I really wish my wish came true,
    Now it’s all up to you.

  182. Twonkle twonkle little star
    Harry has a lightning scar
    He defeated Voldemort
    Uses brooms for transport
    twonkle twonkle little star
    Harry is a superstar

  183. Twonkle twonkle little star
    I am pirate I say ‘arr’
    I ride pony I am cool
    TOP’s a pimp he makes me drool
    twonkle twonkle little star
    now I go to the gay bar

  184. Twonkle Twonkle little star
    How I vonder vat you are
    Shining down on my long boat
    Now i eat the billy goat.

  185. twonkle twonkle star is on a coffee mug,
    you guys are funny and it makes me feel so snug,
    please keep making videos, i really en-joy them,
    and simon i really think you should buy martina a gem!

    by the way, read this with eencey weency spider :D

  186. Twonkle Twonkle little star
    BIGBANG just blew up a car
    It made no sound, that’s really weird
    Worse than Taeyang with a beard
    Actually that might look hot
    BIGBANG always, no matter what ♥

  187. Twonkle, twonkle, little star
    In Korean there is no ‘R’.
    The wonder of a kimchi high
    Is better than a wise man’s sigh
    Twonkle, twonkle, little star
    Spudgy says mung, and Pirates say ARR!
    Though the manly men have brawn,
    They need arm hose to put on,
    So their arms can be alright,
    To twonkle, twonkle, all the night. (LIKE A MAN)
    Twonkle, twonkle, little star,
    All your base are in a jar!

    Spend your day out in the park
    Dancing with a great white shark;
    They would think you were a crow,
    If you did not twonkle so.
    Twonkle, twonkle little star,
    Now I’m going to a bar!

  188. “Twonkle, Twonkle”-eevee91.

    I heart Big Bang records.

    written by eevee91.

    Twonkle Twonkle Idol star,

    you’ve enticed me from afar.

    Your five sides have me entranced,

    we’ll each do the humpty dance.

    Twonkle Twonkle music biz,

    GD “ya’ll ready know what it is!”.

  189. Twonkle Twonkle little star
    I have seen you from afar
    When I think I’ve seen it all
    You come back from the mall
    With a new Treasure find
    I have kept an open mind
    but the finds are to great
    to miss a chance with this fate

  190. Twonkle twonkle little star!
    Being all like “har har harrrrrr”
    Seeing all those W. T. Fs.
    I’m so glad that I’m not deaf.

    Twonkle twonkle little star!
    Simon and Marti-ina.
    And that awesome spudgy too.
    You really should die his hai-air blue!
    Or maby something like bright red?
    So it matches his cutie bed~ C:

  191. Twonkle Twonkle little star
    I just farted in a jar
    It was very loud and clear
    It killed everyone I held dear
    Twonkle Twonkle little star
    Please don’t let the smell spread far.

  192. Twonkle Twonkle little star,
    These strange things are what they are,
    To a 미국사람, cool
    To a 한국사람, null
    Twonkle Twonkle little star,
    Korea seems oh so far.

    // Simon & Martina, sorry if my poem’s weird (I know you can read the hangul: fighting!)…but as the mighty chicken says oh so well:

  193. Twonkle Twonkle Mister Spock
    Simon’s arms are like a rock
    Eating Kimchi all day long
    That is why i made this song
    Twonkle Twonkle like a man

  194. ♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫
    twonkle twonkle funny dudes
    you put me in a good mood (XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD)
    i wish i could live with you (in Korea, not your home)
    then i’d have cool clothes too
    please let me win this contest
    so i can feel the the BEST!

  195. Twonkle Twonkle little star,
    I wonder who your siblings are.
    Other stars, like Park Jung Min?
    Kim Jaejoong and Lee Taemin?
    Twonkle Twonkle little star,
    Show me where your brothers are ;)

  196. Twonkle twinkle little star
    가 나 다 라 마 바 사 (ga na da la ma ba sa)
    Simon’s shirts are totally awesome
    아 자 차 카 타 파 하 (a Ja cha ka ta pa ha)
    Martina’s fly attacked her
    Lucifer’s dance is hard to master

    Big Bang, SHINee and Super Junior
    All have fans even over here
    Thank you eatyourkim~chi
    For bringing Kpop to me
    Now I cannot leave you out
    So Spudgy please do not pout

  197. Twonkle Twonkle little star
    In Korea that’s so far
    Simon and Martina find
    Treasures that will blow your mind
    Twonkle Twonkle little star
    Why are these things so bizarre

    (i don’t really find these things bizarre but it rhymes :3)

    PS. I posted this on youtube aswell

  198. Twonkle, twonkle, have you any twonks?
    Yes sir, yes sir, three twonks full.
    One for the master twonk, one for the maid twonk,
    And one for the little twonk who lives down the lane.

    Twonkle twonk sat on the wall
    Twonkle twonk had a great fall,
    All the important twonkles and all the twonks,
    Had to put twonkle twonk together again.

    3 twonks were living in a house,
    Daddy twonk, mummy twonk, baby twonk.
    Daddy twonk was big and twonkable,
    Mummy twonk slim and twonks,
    Baby twonk was really twonkering.
    Enjoyy :)
    And gl to everyonee

  199. Umm how do I work this site, first time visitor :) I wish you had some tour vid, it would be helpful ^^

  200. sooo that was what that guy was selling on the train when we visited seoul… was kinda tempted to buy one for kicks but i felt really awkweird in such a silent subway car.

  201. When is the deadline for the peom to be submitted to you?

  202. Twonkle twonkle little star.
    I have glitter in my car.
    Wolf Boy helped me out a lot,
    Seducing Sparkles on the spot.
    It was easy; fan girls know the steps…
    Pecs, Abs, and Biceps…
    Who needs Bella, she’s a hoe.
    Fanfics are the way to go.


  203. ♫♫ Twonkle Twonkle little SHINee
    Why is Jonghyun oh so tiny
    Minho is a huge hyungwhore
    Taemin’s cute and Onew’s a dork
    Key’s our shining supa diva
    SHINee time
    fantastic FIVE ♫♫

  204. Twonkle twonkle little star,
    Now is time to crush big buildings,
    Like godzillas little kid ,
    As Mr ass supervises so,
    Twonkle twonkle little star,
    Baby G to crush it please ,

    you know how hard it was for me not to write twinkle twinkle ?

  205. Twonkle twonkle little star
    Spudgy needs no double eye tape
    More than Ddung spray or Ddung cream
    Spudgy should try those arm wristlets
    Twonkle twonkle little star
    Spudgy in wristlets LIKE A MAN!!

  206. Me and my brothers always called it just an Indian Burn……anyone else ever call it this??

  207. Twonkle Twonkle little eyes,
    ‘I love them’ but that’s a lie.
    Pray to God and wish on stars,
    Give me eyes less far apart.
    Everyday I go to school,
    Attacked with names worst than fool.
    ‘Cover your hideous fat elephant arms’,
    ‘You’re an animal that belongs in farm’.
    ‘You ugly piece of deceitful ddung’,
    ‘Want to shoot you with a gun’.
    What have I done to deserve such hate,
    Is this a dream or just my fate?
    Skinnier arms and bigger eyes,
    Is this what I need, to live in lies?
    My mother say ‘be strong my dear’,
    ‘Don’t swell those eyes with anymore tears’.

    A blink of the eyes and twenty years flew by,
    Lived life with my head held high.
    Prejudice and judgment is hard to face,
    But being happy with yourself is all it takes.
    It has been a difficult and complex game,
    But this is who I am, and I will never change.

    :D I hope this rhyme had helped someone be happy with who they are

  208. On the side of the road vendors on the major highways you can buy all different colors and some with thumb holes too! I like to wear them as a punk-ish statement. Very cool.

    I think their just for the sun. The same with the Aguma visors and the towels everyone wears on their head. Or umbrellas (parasols) for the sun. I think it’s all lumped into the same category as “Why Korean people go swimming fully clothed”. Uh….. The do feel sexy though…. :)

    Twonkle, Twonkle Oh the sun,
    Shining down on everyone.
    Burns your arms, burns your face
    But don’t worry now
    Korean skin protection will help your case!
    Twonkle, Twonkle, Oh the sun
    My arms are so white!
    The last thing I need is sleeve-lets!!!!!

  209. Twonkle Twonkle Ddung Ddung STAR!
    Y u no?!, eyelid tape
    Forever alone with those Wristlets
    Makes me want to TROLLOLOL
    Twonkle Twonkle HAPPY VIRUS!
    Engrish here, there, EVERYWHERE!!

    The ending really didnt give off an ending feel -_- XD

  210. twonkle twonkle, little spudgy
    how I wish you’d play with me
    your green tail and nose so cute
    I’ll play with you, but please don’t toot
    twonkle twonkle, little spudgy
    tell Simon and Martina “Hi!” for me


  211. twonkle, twonkle little star
    Pedobear is watching you ~~~
    he is so cute but with pervert eyes ,
    that make you want to commit a suicide
    do you know why he is looking at you ?
    to remind you what he did ON YOU~~~~

    I’m not a pervert XD
    ( Sorry if my english is bad , FRANCE LOVES YOU ~~ )

  212. Twonkle Twonkle little Donkey
    Why is your poo on my head?
    Maybe it’s because of ddung perfune
    Then why it smells like my old granny?
    Because I know your name is Ass
    Twonkle Twonkle little Donkey
    Play your song with poo on your head
    I think I have to win these funny stuff
    That Simon and Martina give for us!

    It’s not a good rhyme but it’s actually my first time when I write a poem ^^ Hope you like it ^^

  213. Sorry, I mean:
    twonkle, twonkle little star…
    isn’t it supposed to be Chinese burn instead of indian sunbuuuurrnnn…?

    Well that rhyme didn’t make sense. :-/

  214. Haha the tongue at 2.02 :) Sticking your tongue out or just wanting to lick Simon ^^?

  215. Isn’t it a chinese burn instead of a indian sunburn?

  216. “Twonkle twonkle little star!
    How can i talk with the cool man there?
    He is wearing the man arms cover!oh so hot!!
    and im here smell so sexy with ddung products~~
    ~~~~~~~SMELL~~~~~~ (daesung’s style)
    Twonkle twonkle little star!
    Wink2* OH NO i dropped my eyelid tape

  217. “Twonkle twonkle little star!
    How can i talk with the cool man there?
    He is wearing the man arms cover!oh so hot!!
    and im here smell so sexy with ddung products~~
    ~~~~~~~SMELL~~~~~~ (daesung’s style)
    Twonkle twonkle little star!
    Wink2* OH NO i dropped my eyelid tape

  218. Twonkle Twonkle little star
    How I want that WTF stuff

    It’s so cool, it’s so chic, send them all~~ to meeee!!! pretty pleaseee!!

    Twonkle Twonkle little star
    I bow to Simon and Martina that are so far 8D

  219. Twonkle Twonkle little cup,
    You’re so cute I could eat you up.
    Your the cutest coffee bag,
    I plop you in and watch you sag.
    You are the handiest of them all,
    So convenient and small.

  220. Twonkle, Twonkle, Woof Skort Quack.
    How I wonder how I am twonkle!
    I like cake, Candy as well.
    Friday, Friday Manly day!

    Twonkle Twonkle, Tweekle tweek.
    Like a mushroom on a cloud.
    How I wish to be there too!
    Black and yellow, black and yeeeeeeah.

  221. Okay, what is the official name for those. I need a pair here in the Texas heat and when I am driving. One arm is always darker than the other and those arm covers would work better than a towel. And I am not creative enough to come up with a Twonkle Twonkle poem, so I will just by the arm covers :)

  222. Twonkle twonkle little star,
    Taemin had a little donkey.
    It pooped all night, it pooped all day,
    making ddung products, yes! hurray!
    now I smell of old grannys,
    and maybe this month you will too. ♥

  223. Twonkle Twonkle little ddungs
    How I miss you with every gong
    Monday and Wednesday are the best
    Without you my life’s a mess
    Twonkle Twonkle little ddungs
    How I miss you with every gong.


  224. twonkle twonkle ittle shtar
    how ai wonder wat u ar
    wonju sav som nom for MEH!!!!!

    ok i tried ã… ã… 

  225. Twonkle Twonkle Little Star Martina Sings Itaewon The Best By Far<3

  226. Twonkle Twonkle little Bom
    When will YG let you sing?
    Please Yang Hyun Suk ca~n you
    release that so~ng now?
    I can’t wait here in BorÃ¥s
    Please please please Yang Hyun Suk
    Twonkle Twonkle little Bom
    How I love you 2ne1

    ok explanation
    Borås is my hometown in Sweden and the pronunciation somewhat fit this twonkle rhyme, and Bom is Park Bom of 2ne1 but I think you already got that XD

  227. Twonkle Twonkle Little Star Spudgy Is really the cutest by far<33
    Twonkle Twonkle Little Star MOO FOO ~

  228. Twonkle twonkle my little
    you will love me anyway
    do as I say cause you know
    I am the best singer in the world
    Twonkle twonkle little star
    Vient me voir dans mon monde

    Have a nice week and keep your hard work


  230. Twonkle Twonkle little star, how I wish you weren’t so far,
    Lol whut?

  231. Haha pantyhose for arms! No it’s like when you want to protect your arms fro the sun in the car but you don’t want to wear a long sleeve cuz it’s hot…and you can take them off any time you want my parents have some when they drive

  232. “Twonkle twonkle bulgogi
    give me kimchi i zejdź z drogi
    I would like to eat something
    Give me please anything”.

    That is all I can do for now. Sorry, I’m hungry. Please, notice that my poem is in three languages, isn’t it great? :D

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